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Passing the Rise of Kingdoms: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

RISE OF KINGDOMS: Lost Crusade - is a fresh breath of air in the genre of high-quality global multiplayer online strategies on the platform of mobile devices. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

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  1. Which nation (civilization) to choose in the beginning?
  2. Gift codes (10 characters)
  3. Heroes: pumping and the best bundles
  4. How to teleport in the game Dawn of Civilizations?
  5. How to change the kingdom (server)?
  6. How to start a new game?
  7. Alliance: we get maximum benefits
  8. We build the city correctly
  9. General review

Rise of Kingdoms which nation (civilization) to choose in the beginning?

China is the most balanced nation.

At the very beginning of the way you have to decide on the specific strategy of your preferred style of conducting the game. For example, Japan has expansionist tactics: from the start, the attack of troops increased by 2%, and the speed of reconnaissance on the march by 30% exceeds the baseline value. It is not difficult to guess that the unique commanders of the Land of the Rising Sun will be samurai. Playing, for example, for Rome, you will receive bonuses to the building-defensive style of pumping: the protection of the infantry base is increased by 5%, and the collection of food has a ten percent bonus.

The most balanced nation is China. Protecting all troops 2% is better than defending or attacking 5% in only one army. And all in the game 4 types of troops and all of them will have to throw in the attack. The rate of collecting all the resources from the Chinese is 10%, and all types of resources are needed, not just one. Finally, a build rate of 2% is an important feature. Since the construction you will not stop for a minute. But in general, the initial characteristics do not give overwhelming advantages to either side. For they are small compared to what research or buildings provide.

In any case, at the start you will have only a small village that you have to rebuild and improve in every possible way. In general, to consistently carry out all historical milestones, indicators and access to the technological tree of which, in the Rise of Kingdoms, are directly tied to the presence and level of the respective buildings. The main basic resources, as standard, are stone, wood, gold and food.

Naturally, wood and stone are needed for the construction and upgrade of new buildings. Without a well-established gold industry, you will never build a strong army. And without numerous farms, not to feed the current civilian population.

Build mine. Complete initial quests, getting rewards and additional resources for them. Hire the first commander in the tavern and with a couple of soldiers break the surrounding gangs of barbarians - this is enough to initially fixate in the game.

In addition to civilization, you will be given a hero of epic quality. Each of these characters has its own characteristics and features. But do not be upset if you like one nation and the hero from another. After playing a few weeks you can get the desired character and use it in military campaigns.

Also, when choosing a civilization, you choose the design of future buildings. You can change the nation for rubies, but it’s not so cheap.

Rise of Kingdoms gift codes (10 characters)

Gift Promotional Codes

Despite the voluminous starter pack and the generous administration of gifts, for especially nimble "flexers", tricky teasers or professional gamers who, before starting the active passing phase, always test the game offline, publish cheat codes that greatly simplify the initial leveling for you :

As for me, a real advantage over other players should be created at the expense of legal means, and not from "inflated" resources, otherwise it’s just "unsportsmanlike", and humanly embarrassing. Legal gifts from developers can be obtained by participating in promotions of the game or the activities of the official game page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/riseofcivilizations/

Where to enter gift promo codes in the game Dawn of Civilizations?

To enter the gift code you need to click on the character icon in the upper left. Then go to the settings and click on the icon "Atonement" (the game has a terrible translation). In the window that appears, enter the required code.

Heroes of Rise of Kingdoms: pumping and the best bundles


There are many heroes in the game, most of them can be obtained by opening chests in a tavern or passing a company. It is important to note that all of them are divided into 4 levels of quality:

Fighting with the barbarians on the map or using the folios of knowledge can increase the level of the hero .When you increase the level of the hero, you can discover talents that give a good gain to the characteristics. For example, increasing the rate of collection of resources by 50%. Also, increasing the level increases the size of the army, which he can command.

At 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 levels you need to get a star , which opens up additional skills and allows you to pump levels further. Reaching level 20 and opening the 3 star, the Hero can form bundles with other heroes. Read about the effectiveness of such bundles below. Stars can be opened by spending the star sculptures. Spending sculptures of heroes on raising stars is not profitable at all, it is expensive and ineffective. The more heroes have stars, the more sculptures are needed to open a new star. And the higher the quality of the hero, the harder it is to find for him the sculptures of stars.

As it was said, the heroes’ skills open up when they receive stars. Each skill is pumped through the sculptures of these heroes. That is, they are personal. But there are universal sculptures. Each new skill has 5 levels, a total of 20 levels for 4 skills. Each improvement in a random way raises one of the skills.

Thus, the green (advanced) is faster and easier to pump, as they require the least experience, and the resources for pumping them are cheaper than the legendary heroes. However, their skills are far less powerful than the legendary ones. Therefore, in the first place you should download the epic and legendary heroes to the maximum, so that it would not be excruciatingly painful for the wasted resources.

Where to get elements for pumping (folios of knowledge, sculptures of stars and heroes) :

  1. The battle with the barbarians on the map, the more difficult the enemy, the more it will give folios. Especially many bring the barbarians forts.
  2. At the mysterious merchant on the switchboard.
  3. In the chests of taverns or from the chests of the cave.
  4. In the expedition store.
  5. For participation in promotions.
  6. In the gifts and store alliance.
  7. For the performance of tasks.
  8. For precious stones and real money.


All heroes have a special role: attack, defense, support, collection of resources. But the greatest value both at the initial and at the high levels of the game is represented by resource collectors. Since you will receive the lion’s share of resources for the development of your city from the fields on the map. The pumping and use of these heroes will allow you to fully provide yourself with all the necessary raw materials. Such heroes are not very effective in combat, but as miners they are indispensable. To pump their talents should be as shown in the screenshot of talents and already at level 26 you will have + 50% to the collection rate of any resource.

picker development

These heroes include :

  1. Cleopatra VII (yellow)
  2. Jeanne de Arc (purple)
  3. Guy Mari (blue)
  4. Sharka (blue)
  5. Constantia (blue)

Starting at level 20 of the hero, you can form bundles of 2 heroes. But one should not fall into euphoria - with a bundle from the second hero, ONLY skills are added, everything else is taken from the first hero. In battle, the active (first) skill of the second hero works after the similar skill of the first one works. The remaining 3 passive skills just add on.

An effective bundle is a bundle of pumped heroes. So, if you have a attacking and defensive hero in the bundle to attack - this is better than a bundle with weak attacking heroes.

The best bundles:

purpose Heroes for the bunch
Attack of the Barbarians Cao Cao, Lohar, Boudica
Attack of holy places, passages and cities Julius Caesar, Frederick I, Hannibal Barca, Scipio Africanus,
Protection of holy places, aisles and cities Sun Tzu, Karl Martell, Kusunoki Masasige, Ylchi Mundok, Lee SonGe, Hermann
Expeditions Any attacking heroes
Resource mining Cleopatra VII, Joan of Arc, Guy Marie, Sharqa, Constantius

There are not only communications of heroes with each other, but also bundles of heroes with certain troops. We are talking about the ability of heroes to strengthen different types of troops.

Strengthening troops Heroes
Infantry Sun Tzu, Karl Martell, Ylchi Mundok, City Guardian, Richard I
Arrows Shelter, Sid Kampeador, Kusunoki Masasige, Tomoe Gozen, Lee Sung Ge, Hermann
Cavalry Lancelot, Dragon Lancer, Cao Cao, Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Pelaio

How to teleport in the game Dawn of Civilizations?


The game has 4 types of teleport:

Target teleport

Teleport through the kingdom is quite simple. You need to go into the items and find a teleport there, if you have one. Teleports are in the "Other" tab. Selecting a teleport and clicking the "Use" button you get to the kingdom map and choose a new place for your city. But there are a number of restrictions: you can not teleport to the mountains, rivers, forests, barbarians, other players, etc. You can only get up on a free flat terrain.Depending on whether there is a new place on the territory of your alliance or not, either the teleport through the territory or the target teleport is consumed. When a new place under the city is free - the circle glows green, when busy - red. Using a random teleport new place is selected without your participation.

How to change the kingdom (server) in the game Rise of Kingdoms?

change kingdom (server)

You can change your own kingdom (server) only by using a newbie teleport. This teleport disappears some time after the start of the game. We recommend using this time with maximum efficiency. Requirements that must be met when teleporting to a new kingdom:

  1. Town Hall level 8 or below.
  2. At least one teleport starter in the property.
  3. All march queues are inactive.
  4. You can not participate in any battle.
  5. Not a single reinforcement in the city.
  6. After teleportation in no kingdom should be no more than 2 characters.
  7. Cannot be in any alliance.

If the teleportation is successful, the game will be automatically restarted, and your city will appear in a random place of the selected province.

After the start of the game, try to pump to the maximum with the level of the town hall 8. That is, to rebuild all the buildings to the highest possible level, to produce a large army, complete all available research, pump the heroes, stock up with a large amount of resources. This is necessary in order for the new server to immediately get into a good alliance and be one of the strongest players in the kingdom. To do this, you must teleport to the newest kingdom, using a novice teleport!

How to start a new game in Rise of Kingdoms?

start again new game

You cannot delete a character in Rise of Kingdoms! However, you can start the game again. To do this, allowed to create new characters. Go to the ruler profile (icon on the top left)> Settings> Character control> Create a new character. Select the server on which you want to play (as in the screenshot) and go! The game will reboot and you will start by selecting a race.

Create a third character in the same territory within the same account will not work. To change your account you need:

  1. Remove the game from your device.
  2. Create a new Google Play or Facebook account.
  3. Install the game again.
  4. Link the game to a new Google Play or Facebook account to sync data.

Alliance: we get maximum benefits


The alliance has enormous advantages. Join the alliance as early as possible so you will speed up your development many times over. Strive to get into the strongest and most active alliance in the territory.

First, the players of the same alliance help each other in the construction of buildings, research and treatment of troops. The higher the level of your building "Center of the Alliance" the faster you will do everything in the game.Based on percentage (building level) +4. For example, at the 10th level of a building, your fellow soldiers are able to reduce the construction of a building by 14%. For daily help, you can get individual loans that can be spent in the alliance store.


Secondly, in the Alliance, you can make joint attacks on barbarians, forts, other players, sanctuaries, etc. For the victory over these enemies give excellent rewards. For example, the rewards for the first occupation of the sanctuary can be viewed in the screenshot. Collect joint attacks can be after the construction of the "Castle". The higher his level, the more lads you can collect to hit enemies. And the rewards for joint attacks will be received by all participants in the attack. An attack on a member of the alliance is regarded as an attack on the entire alliance, therefore, only noobs dare to such adventures.

Thirdly, the territory of the alliance accelerates the collection of resources in the fields located on its territory.Only members of the alliance can teleport to the territory of the alliance - this will protect you from unpleasant neighbors. Resource points located on the territory of the alliance provide resources to all its participants, only they need to be periodically collected. To collect alliance resources, click on Alliance> Territory> Capture.

More awards

Fourth, alliance research extends to all its members. And such studies provide excellent positive effects on speed, attack and defense of troops, construction of buildings, collection of resources, pumping commanders, etc. etc.Just do not forget to participate in these studies. Commanders receive good rewards every day for active participation. See screenshot.


Fifth, when alliance members acquire a kit, destroy the barbarian fort, or defeat Lohar, all members receive a gift from the alliance. Alliance gifts contain various items, gift points and key points. Gift points can increase the level of the gift of the alliance, and key points reveal crystal treasures.

As you can see, the alliance gives not only the opportunity to communicate, but also greatly increases your chances of success in the game.

We build the city correctly


You should never stop building. There are a lot of buildings in the game and already at medium levels they start to build for many hours. Total levels of buildings in the game are 25. We recommend putting up the longest buildings at night. After the start of construction, do not forget to ask for help from the alliance, so you will greatly reduce the time to upgrade buildings. Constantly use the second turn for construction and quickly try to get VIP-6, which opens this queue.

Town Hall - the main building of your city and the center of civilization. This is not only a magnificent landmark, but also an important institution in its functions, controlling construction, resource collection, technology research, training of troops and the work of other structures. This is the main building in the game and it has been built the longest. The level of this building determines the maximum level of other buildings.Therefore, its improvement should be started as soon as possible, otherwise the construction queue will be idle.

Mining buildings

Farm - hunting and gathering our intelligent ancestors preferred sedentary life, aimed at raising livestock and the cultivation of crops. That is how 12 thousand years ago, in the Neolithic era, the first agricultural communities appeared.

Sawmill - forests donated to us by nature itself. And sawmills help us make manmade wonders out of wood.However, due to intensive logging, this valuable property of a person quickly disappears.

Quarry - stone is mined in the quarries. As is well known to all, in the so-called Stone Age stone was widely used to make tools with piercing, cutting or impact surfaces. These products allowed to open a new chapter in technology development.

Gold mine - for us it is not possible to find out exactly when people began to mine gold. But brilliant artifacts for many thousands of years have been a symbol of nobility. From the oldest gold mines known to us, discovered in Georgia, to modern mining combines. Gold still attracts everyone!

It is necessary to collect resources from mining buildings at least once every 10 hours, otherwise the production of resources will stop. The collection is not tedious, as it is enough to click once on the building to collect this resource from all the buildings. In total, it is possible to build 4 mining buildings of each type.

Troop training

Royal guard

Barracks - previously barracks were built for elite troops - such as the Roman Praetorian Guard. Judging by historical sources, over the course of many thousands of years, the way of life of military camps has hardly changed.

Archery shooting range - bows and arrows invented in the late Paleolithic era. Archers existed back then, but the appearance of shooting ranges - special places for archer training - was caused by social and militaristic ones.

The stable is the secret to growing strong horses and powerful cavalry. The oldest stables were found in ancient Egypt.

The siege workshop produces siege machines - these are devices.

designed to destroy or overcome the city walls and fortifications during a siege. The earliest similar devices were rams.

Training in each of the military buildings should never stop. The only exception is the improvement of this building, during which the training stops. Low-level troops, it is important to upgrade to the last level, spending the difference in resources and time to upgrade.

Alliance buildings

Battle of the barbarians

Center Alliance - is used to receive assistance in reducing the time of construction of buildings, treatment of troops and research. The higher the level of construction, the more help. War is the continuation of politics. Only good diplomatic relations can serve as a guarantee for the long-term development of civilization. The Alliance Center will allow you to find a union that you can join to conquer new lands.

Castle - serves as a gathering point for Allied forces to jointly attack the enemy. The higher the level of the castle, the more troops you can collect. Castles appeared in the 9th century, after the fall of the Carolingian empire, which led to the division of its territory between numerous lords and princes. These titled persons built castles to control the territories adjacent to them. Locks at the same time served as both offensive and defensive structures.

Trading post - is needed in sending and receiving resources from friends and allies. Taxes are insane here!Trading posts have existed since people started trading. Some of these posts are available daily, while others open less frequently, on strictly certain days. But they all play an indispensable role in the daily lives of people. The beaten roads to a trading post or between several posts are called trade routes.

Military and defensive buildings

Wall defense

Walls - serve to protect the city from enemy attacks and assign heroes to them. There are several rules of defense of the city:

  1. The ruler may direct the garrison commander to the garrison service on the wall. When a city is attacked, the garrison commander will lead the troops to defend the city.
  2. Garrison Commander Buffs are stacked with City Buffs.
  3. If the garrison commander is not selected or is outside the city, the wall automatically assigns the highest-level commander to the post of interim garrison commander in the city until the selected garrison commander returns or the governor replaces him.
  4. After the victory of the enemy over the garrisons and watchtowers, the wall lights up. The strength of the wall also gradually decreases. When the strength indicator of the wall drops to 0, the city is forced to be transferred to a random place.

Watchtowers automatically attack attacking enemies. When a garrison or city is attacked, watchtowers absorb a certain percentage of damage dealt by the enemy. When the watchtower has less than 10% health, it can no longer attack the enemy. The health of the watchtower is automatically restored at a rate of 1% per minute. The attack of the watchtower and the protection indicators of the troops depend on the state of the watchtower. The worse this condition is, the lower the level of attack and defense indicators are.

Hospitals are used to treat seriously ill patients. The fate of the seriously wounded soldiers varies depending on the situation (in the battles with the barbarians, your troops will suffer only small losses, and therefore are excluded from this list):

  1. During the defense of the city from enemy attacks, all seriously wounded troops will be sent to the Hospital.
  2. During the defense of the city or the construction of an ally from enemy attacks, half of the seriously wounded soldiers will die instantly.
  3. During the battle with the enemy in the wilderness or at the Resource Points all seriously wounded troops will be sent to the Hospital.
  4. During the battle with the enemy near the Shrines, Altars or Passages of the 1st level, all seriously wounded troops will be sent to the Hospital.
  5. During the battle with the enemy near the Chapels or Passages of the 2nd level, half of the seriously wounded soldiers will die instantly.
  6. During the battle with the enemy near the Lost Temple or the Passage of the 3rd level, all seriously wounded troops will die instantly.
  7. During the attack of the city or the construction of another alliance, all seriously wounded troops will die instantly.

If the Hospital is full, it will not be able to accept seriously wounded soldiers, and therefore they will die instantly due to lack of space. For this reason, do not forget to improve the Hospital to avoid possible losses.

The tavern serves to open chests and get heroes, their statues and other resources. Heroes are not born. But the owner of a pure and noble heart is on the shoulder any obstacles. In the tavern you can meet very different people - maybe even a commander, who is destined to help you rewrite history.

The warehouse protects your resources from being robbed. In an effort to preserve grain and food remnants, representatives of early civilizations relied on storage pits, rather than impressive buildings. Later storehouses, like Roman warehouses, were rectangular stone buildings with elevated lower floors and a roof with an overhang that protected walls from heat and moisture.

Trading buildings

Mysterious merchant

The shop of a mysterious tradeswoman is the most profitable for building purchases. True merchant appears at times and only 2 hours, but this is enough to buy cool goods for the usual resources (food and wood), or for the crystals with huge discounts.

Buy necessarily resources if they are in your surplus. So they get into your bag and reliably protected from robbery. With that, you often exchange them with good discounts. Be sure to buy here other necessary things for ordinary resources.

The store gives you the opportunity to buy any resource for precious stones. Including such exclusive things as VIP glasses, teleport and second stage of construction. Items with discounts can be purchased, depending on the VIP level. Once, one entrepreneur said that the store will eventually become a place where buyers can buy anything they want and this has become a reality.

Research and other buildings


The Academy allows you to conduct various studies, giving you a constant increase in the basic indicators (attacks, defenses, loot), as well as to open the best troops. There are two branches of research: economic and military. In the economic branch all the research to metallurgy can be obtained from the ancient tribes on the map. Studies often run into the level of development of the structure. Therefore, to accelerate research is not worth it, anyway, the Academy often stands idle.

The scout camp is the residence of our scouts in this city. These brave trackers gladly go into the unknown, delving into the mysterious mists and even getting close to enemy bases. Thanks to their work, we can receive valuable information that is crucial for our development. Intelligence dispels fog on the map and allows you to discover ancient tribes and mysterious caves. For cave exploration you can get excellent rewards. Scouts are also able to scout enemy cities and other structures. The higher the level of construction, the faster and better explore your wards.

Scene tasks

The monument contains tasks for all players and alliances of the kingdom, for achievements of which are given good rewards and new buildings for attack (altars, barbarians forts and aisles).

Builders’ hut is a place where hardworking builders live and the only building from where you can manage construction queues. You can spend gems to add an extra line, or you can use items to accelerate to shorten the construction time. With VIP-6, the second construction phase will be available all the time.

Bulletin board - a place where there are ads, for example, about selling or buying items, the beginning of events, as well as other information. Bulletin boards are made from materials such as cork wood to make it easy to add or delete messages. It is given initially, it cannot be improved.

General review of the game Rise of Kingdoms


Since we are still playing strategy, the main focus of the game’s development is focused on two key aspects: the rebuilding of the head and the base of the side settlements, as well as the recruitment and development of the armed forces, which is carried out with the help of the appropriate buildings of the barracks and various heroes .

The hero is one of the main units in the game. You can hire him in the tavern, get as a bonus for performing various tasks, get together with the purchase of various donator packages.

I feel straight at the word donat, many gamers have creaked teeth - he is one of them, but to great joy, the situation on this matter in Rise of Kingdoms is not critical. Of course, Donat has a place to be, but it only slightly simplifies the gameplay, for example, in the speed of resource extraction or the small weight gain from performing tasks, but it does not give the bourgeois any exclusive advantages that cannot be compensated for by frequent online. In addition, the price of crystals is not predatory. They can also be farmed (knocked out from mobs or received as a reward for the task) in the game. So from time to time, and every active, but not investing real money player, can please himself with a small bonus.

In addition to all this, we must pay tribute to the local administration, which does not skimp on the generous (in my opinion, even too much) gifts to new players. Also, the developers are constantly inventing some in-game events and other events related to something in both the real and the fictional world.

Returning to the heroes, I would like to note that they are classified not only in various categories (archer, swordsman, etc.), but also in quality: from the green - the simplest and weakest, to the elite gold. At the moment, the quality of the hero determines only its basic indicators on the damage and speed of gaining experience for the discovery of new, common to all warlords, the perks of the development tree. But the developers promise soon to supplement the heroes with individual unique auras and talents.

As your settlement improves, starting at level five, you will be able to send scouts. They are needed to compile accurate maps and checks surrounding the island of familiar terrain around your settlement, Terra Incognito (unknown land).

This is one of the basic moments of the entire gaming company, since it is scouts who will find for you new settlements of other players, independent villages, whose inhabitants, with sufficiently high skill and availability of appropriate technology, you can always attract to your side. Also, the scouts are looking for other varied and rich in loot and technology interesting places: by the type of barbarian camps, shrines, etc., that will not let you get bored while waiting for the upgrade of the next building.

Yes, like all online real-time strategy, Rise of Kingdoms, is demanding on the frequency and duration of online gaming.

But do not immediately give up if you are not ready to spend the day and sleep in the game. A flexible and developed system of building alliances, with a head on your shoulders, will allow you, with a competent strategy, to quickly catch up in terms of the indicators of the most notorious zadr ... active players with an abundance of free time. And the friendly shoulder of a fellow in the alliance will always help defend the native Vaterlyand (German for Fathers’ Land) from the bloodthirsty bots of hordes, and sent by real hostile or just aggressive players, invaders.

It is necessary to mention the loot system. The game came out just a couple of months ago, and despite the resounding success, it is still in beta testing. Therefore, the loot in the Rise of Kingdoms, right now, is not very diverse: in addition to the bonus resources and temporary amplifying perks for mining and production, you can get different tablets of knowledge, gold, maps opening individual squares of the area, parts of artifacts, as you gather You can download the skills of the hero and other similar small things. Also, donate crystals and keys can sometimes be found separately, for opening bonus chests in a tavern.

But soon (the developers solemnly assure us of this) just an enormous amount of individual things will be introduced, from which all the chests of your treasury will break. Moreover, in addition to the traditional fan collections, which give "buns" only with the complete set, for even greater variety and interestingness of the gameplay, it is planned to introduce at times more separate weapons and gear (things and armor), unique artifacts that are tied to the individual hero will definitely raise the Rise of Kingdoms to a higher level. Keep for updates.

Of course, for each individual gamer there is his own, purely individual scale of the "buns" of a project, but based on the comments from Google Play - Rise of Kingdoms, you can determine its main advantages:

And this I have listed not all of what is actually in the game. But ahead of Rise of Kingdoms, the upcoming large-scale updates!

Well, in general, what I want to say about the game: if you are a fan of well-thought-out strategies that are intuitive in the gameplay, and you also have a modern smartphone on hand, you should definitely take a look and Rise of Kingdoms will not disappoint you. Now, due to the availability and multiplatform development, there is a huge number of various games, including strategies, but rarely any of them, can objectively boast such an optimal balance between the internal gameplay content and the ability not to bother, even hundreds of hours later.

I really hope that the Rise of Kingdoms, as it develops, will not drop the current high bar and grow into an event of the gaming industry, similar to World of Warcraft in 2004.

Author of the article: Yaroslav I.