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ROBOT WARFARE: MECH BATTLE 3D is an Android game with release date 08/31/2017 from Azur Interactive Games Limited. Game genre: Action. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Tips for Newbies
  3. Combat Secrets

Robot Warfare: A Beginner’s Guide

Robot Warfare is a product of Azur Interactive Games Limited. Here you will run and control a fighting robot. The game resembles War Robots in many ways, but it has some unique moments. The game is under development, so the developers are always in touch with their users. In the official VKontakte group, contests are often held, for winning in which you can get good prizes https://vk.com/robotwarfare .

There are many types of various robots in the game, there are very weak ones, and there are quite powerful ones. All vehicles can be equipped with heavy and light weapons, of which there are also a lot (which is especially pleasing). The robots are drawn in a very high quality and professional manner, they are pleasant to operate.

Game mechanics

The game has several types of combat modes:

  1. Battle with bots - here you can practice before the battle with real players. Bots are robots controlled by artificial intelligence. With each update, they become smarter and more versatile. In this mode, you can test new robots, or those cars that are given to you for free before buying.
  2. Team battles - battle in 5v5 mode. 2 teams of players participate in the battle. You can collect your team in random order (through automatic search before the match) or invite friends.
  3. Mortal Kombat - Self-explanatory mode. Here you fight other players without allies.
  4. Capturing points - 2 teams of players play. The task of each squad is to capture and hold as many points on the map as possible for a certain time. The victory is awarded to the group that captures the most points.
  5. Own game - a mode in which you can fight your friends without other players.

Matches take from 3 minutes at the initial stage of the game, and at a high level up to 5 minutes. This is very comfortable, as it does not force the user to sit on the map for a long time. In 20 - 30 minutes, you can complete the minimum number of daily missions, for which you will be given gold and silver. Currency is needed to buy and improve robots and their equipment.

Control. The mechanism should be moved by pressing the left joystick and swiping it in the desired direction. In the lower right corner are located: the aiming button, as well as the keys for using the main and secondary weapons. Here you can apply the skills of your robots.

Attention! Aiming is carried out only in manual mode, so you should be careful and prepare for an attack in advance, and not at the moment when the enemy comes close to you.

Another button on the right panel is the car height control button. Yes, in Robot Warfare, your mechanisms can be lifted into the air and fire at the same time. This fact distinguishes Robot Warfare from similar games. It helps, for example, when they are attacking you, you click on the screen and ascend up, avoiding enemy fire. With the help of vertical movement, you can quickly change your location, quickly occupy tactical heights, and move over obstacles. After the "jump" the engine needs cooling, which lasts 2 - 3 seconds.

Improvements to cars. The game provides a wide range of robot upgrades:

  1. Armor.
  2. Travel speed.
  3. Jump height.
  4. Impact power.
  5. The number of health points.
  6. Improving the characteristics of weapons.
  7. Equipment modification.

Strengthening occurs both for in-game currency (gold, silver, gears) and for real money.

If possible, it is recommended to buy a drone that gives additional slots for weapons.

Robot Warfare: Tips for Newbies

At the start of the game, you get a starting car for free - Mantis. This mechanism will help you in the first battles. But against the background of other mechanisms, it is not very good: weak and small. With each subsequent level, new robots will open up for you, which have more health, weapon slots, and they are more interesting than the previous ones.

Experienced players recommend ignoring these robots. If you play on them, then only without improvements. It is not advised to pump them not a level, not a weapon. You just have to play on them, and accumulate gold for strong robots.

Echo - this guy will help you to conduct matches at the start of the game, which you will receive at level 5. The car is quite nimble, develops a speed of up to 50 km / h. You are advised to put in a lightweight Separator slot. These are melee machine guns (400 meters). In the heavy slot, it is advised to take him Mjolnir (500 meters). The build works well on maps where there are many hiding spots (like a city).

Hoplite - it is for this robot that it is advised to save gold. It is recommended to put a machine gun and shotguns on it. Plus, if you want to buy a drone for a car, then you need to pay an additional 3500 gold for it. Its advantage is that all weapon slots are on the right side of the vehicle. And you can safely hide the body of the car behind any cover, while exposing its weapon and inflicting damage on the enemy. If the trunks were positioned differently, then the robot would not be anything special.

It is recommended to put Hummer and Mjolnir shotguns on this mechanism (you can buy it for 50,000 silver). It is not advisable to put other weapons on it, as it will be a waste of currency and time.

You can pump a guy up to level 14. This is one of the optimal pumping in the game. Upgrading robots to level 15 is very expensive, and not many stats are added. For these funds, it is cheaper to pump another robot than to spend money on one not particularly good level.

In short, we advise you to purchase this robot. Often newbies try to buy up many other cars, thinking that they will smash everyone on a crowd of ten-level cars. Better to buy 1 good robot, upgrade it, and only then buy the next one.

If it is difficult for you to fill up silver, then the optimal level of pumping for beginners is 12. In this case, you should pump 2 - 3 cars to level 12. And play with these mechanisms.

Yamabushi - It has better stats than Hoplite, but is less stable. Therefore, we advise you to pump it second. It is very difficult to get into it due to the ability to enter stealth mode during the dash. Invisibility turns on for 12 seconds. We recommend buying it, but maximum pumping is important for it. Up to level 13, it does not really work at all, since 50,000 energy shield is not enough for him. This amount of shield is enough to somehow react to incoming damage. When the energy shield is lower, you cannot have time to reflect the attack.

At the start of the game, it is better to pump 1 Hoplite car: make a quick battle (until the robot is destroyed). If you cannot withstand the entire time of the fight, you should leave the battle, then enter the next match, gaining the maximum amount of damage.

If you have 1 Hoplite and 2 any weak robots, then it is not advised to drag out the time of the battle, weak machines will not give you normal damage and will quickly die. Better to play on 1 robot, exit, and start the next battle (without waiting for the end of the previous one). The awards will be sent to the post office. Thus, you will not be wasting time for no reason.

It is optimal to have 5 pumped robots in the game. At the start of the game, it is not advised to look at new mechanisms. And from weapons you can also buy Plasma at 350 meters.

How to make gold fast? The level reward system will help you with this, that is, when you get each level, you will receive 50 gold coins. The maximum in the game can be pumped 35 levels. With an active game, as experienced players say, this can be done in a week. For increasing all levels, you will receive 1750 coins. You will also receive additional gold for battles and completing daily tasks.

Robot Warfare: Combat Secrets

Hoplite - since it appears first for many players, we decided to start with it. Has conveniently located weapon slots. Together with the drone, he has 3 heavy guns and 1 light one. The epic modules recommended by the system will suit him. AND 1 Droppod DP1.

You don’t have to install a droppod on all robots. It is recommended to put it on snipers in order to immediately take the most advantageous position. Ordinary cars do not need to fly high.

At the beginning of the battle, after landing, you should carefully look around, and choose the right position, hiding behind cover. Then select the target on the right side (since it is on this side that the robot has a weapon) in order to look out minimally. If you are using natural cover, it will be difficult to damage you. In this case, it is recommended to install a module for increasing the firing range. It is necessary so that you do not let opponents close to you.

If you need to walk in open areas to change positions, it is advised to use a shield. It is always advisable to beat the far right opponent. If you shoot at the enemy a little to the left, you will open completely. Using this tactic, you can be in the ranks for a long time on the Hoplite. Even if you run out of energy and physical shields, you will still continue the game on it.

Rampart - it is recommended to take it if the map is well-shot and there is not enough natural cover. He should supply 5 machine guns. For a comfortable game, you need to install a module for increasing the firing range on it. You should choose for landing (if possible), a small hill, and stand in the siege mode. This mode activates 5 machine guns at once indefinitely. You should also choose a place from where the entire map is viewed, and you can see opponents approaching you. After that, you need to choose an opponent and water him from all the trunks. It is necessary to beat the closest opponents so that they shoot less at the car. On this robot (since machine guns with the module shoot through almost the entire map), you can simply stand on the edge of the map.

At Rampart, the cannons are located at the top, so it is advised to stand behind some kind of hill and shoot at enemies. This advice can be applied to all gears with all slots in the upper body.

Legioner - it is recommended to put flamethrowers or plasma on it, and from modules - movement speed and firing range. It should be equipped with a repair drone that will heal the car after serious damage. The advantage of a warrior is instantaneous movement several tens of meters ahead, which gives control over the distance. This guy is good at melee, as he has a very high physical shield.

Bastion - it is recommended for him to place artillery. He needs to put a "rammer", which increases the reload speed, due to which the clip is quickly filled. On the warrior, you should put a weapon in 1 slot for shooting at close targets, so that during reloading it does not allow enemies to come near you. After landing, you need to choose a place on the edge of the map, better behind cover. It is best that you cannot be approached from one side. Artillery is good to destroy those rivals who are in one place or behind cover.

Twister - it is advised to put all shotguns on it, because it does not turn on all 5 slots at the same time, and the drone of these machines has a shotgun. Shotguns have a small attack radius, so he should take a repair drone and install a movement speed module. Moreover, the mechanism itself has a lot of health. In war, you can crash into the very heat of battle.

All weapons should be learned in order to properly turn on, against it, a physical or energy shield. If you turn on energy protection during a physical attack (for example, artillery), then the enemy will pierce you, and you will quickly die.

The tips given by us can be used not only for the machines presented here. These robots are often found among players, so we decided to give them an example. If you have other mechanisms of this type, then you can apply the knowledge to them.

How to distinguish a live player from a bot?

While the game is still at a development stage, and there are not many players, bots (artificial intelligence) can often be found on the battlefield. It is very important to immediately determine who on the map is a real threat, and to whom you can not pay special attention. You should know if there are real players in your squad in order to understand whether help will come to you, or if you will stand up for yourself. Factors that distinguish players from AI:

  1. Remember the machines that bots usually play on: Behemoth, Heavy, Paladin, Hunter, Bison, Patrol, Titan, Hoplite, Legioner. If you see any other robot on the map, then it is controlled by a living person.
  2. All AIs have only the recommended weapon builds installed.
  3. AI don’t use plasma weapons.
  4. AIs on Hoplite will not be colored yellow. If you want other players not to consider you a bot, you should paint your Hoplite mechanism yellow.
  5. Only real people can jump long distances. AI jump in place or slightly forward.
  6. Players often impersonate themselves by shooting from behind cover, a sharp change in direction.

General tips for battle

  1. The interaction between the robot and the weapon that the player puts on it is very important. Ranged weapons are recommended for slow and unwieldy vehicles. But guns for close combat (for example, a shotgun) are better given to mobile mechanisms.
  2. At the start of the game, the player’s main task is to kill as many opponents as possible. Since you need to earn gold for your 1 good warrior.
  3. It is necessary to distribute modules to vehicles after choosing the main weapon. Since the modules complement the advantages of weapons and mechanisms, you should first decide on the guns. For example, the machine gun needs to increase the attack range, and the artillery area of destruction (to hook more enemies).
  4. At the beginning of the game, it is recommended to hide behind cover more often. At the moment when they fire at you, you should get away from the bullets. This way you will live longer and collect more currency.
  5. If the robot is quickly running towards you, then you should immediately attack it.
  6. It is advised to attack those machines that do not pay attention to you. If you have a mobile robot, then you need to quickly run from the rear to the mechanism and fire at it.
  7. For beginners, it is better to choose targets that are not covered by shields. So you take off more health, and you will be able to destroy the enemy, higher in level than you.
  8. You should constantly monitor the battlefield so that you are not bypassed, on the other hand.
  9. It is recommended to memorize all the cards so that when disembarking, you can immediately determine a safe location and start the match from there.
  10. You should not immediately rush into the thick of events, it is better to wait a little and assess the situation.
  11. If you have a lot of robots, then when you enter the map, you need to choose a robot that will be most effective on it. For example, if the map is shot through, then it is better to take a hardy warrior (with a lot of health), if there are many shelters - a mobile car. If there is a hill on the ground, then it is advised to put a machine gunner or a sniper on it.
  12. If you are in a team battle, then it is recommended to learn how to interact with allies.
  13. All the pros and cons of weapons and robots should be explored.

Article author: Evgeniya G.