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Rogue Land WiKi: Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Rogue Land is an action game from the well-known company Huuuge Games. A new product that delights users with colorful locations and interesting characters. You have to go on a journey to free the land from monsters, help the locals and find treasures.


  1. Hero Guide
  2. How to upgrade a hero?
  3. Equipment Guide
  4. Monster Destruction Tips
  5. A Beginner’s Guide
  6. Adventure Tips
  7. All Hero Skills
  8. How to Participate in Events?
  9. How to Complete Daily Quests?
  10. A Guide for Donators
  11. Is It Worth Playing?

Rogue Land: Hero Guide

Heroes are the main playable characters with which you will destroy monsters and go through the story campaign. Each of them has basic characteristics and skills that you can apply in battle.

How to get the? You will begin the passage of the game with Reina, to get other heroes you have to collect a certain number of tokens that can be obtained after passing the levels or buy them in the store. As soon as the required number of tokens is collected, you can hire a hero to complete the company.

How to choose? Each hero has basic characteristics that will change as the level rises and the hero learns. It is best to pump elite heroes, but they are quite difficult to recruit, so try to open Nuru or Bianca for the campaign. The table shows our ranking of heroes from strongest to weakest.

HeroHealthMelee DefenseRanged DefenseTravel speed
Mr N.750251535

Basic skills of heroes:

Elite. Heroes of this class have increased indicators of basic characteristics and can easily destroy monsters at levels of increased difficulty. To open and hire an elite hero, you need to collect 20 tokens.

Mr. N. With his formidable appearance, the giant instills fear in the monsters. He was born in the vicinity of the Coal Craters, where, after birth, parents left their newborn child to die. Burnt, but alive, he was found by a mysterious old woman who healed the child’s wounds and protected his burnt skin with heavy armor.

Unique skills:

Gina. The snow sorceress grew up in the Polar Valley, where her parents took her because the girl could not stand the city heat. She soon discovered the ability to manipulate snow and ice, which became her loyal soldiers. Gina had her own snow fortress, but she was forced to move out of there and now she wanders through the valley.

Unique skills:

Humana. She was born into a poor family on the Sinking Shore and was raised only by her mother. As a child, she was trained by the magic snake to hypnotize animals and people. The girl, nicknamed the snake-temptress, uses her gift exclusively for selfish purposes, some townspeople have outlawed her, while others are hired to destroy enemies.

Unique skills:

Adepts. Heroes of this class have standard indicators of basic characteristics that will allow you to complete levels with little difficulty. To open and hire such a hero, you need to collect 10 tokens.

Nura. An experienced hunter was born in the vicinity of the Great Forest. Nura was the only one in her tribe, whose strength and dexterity made it possible to catch a rare animal - a blue hog. Her numerous tattoos speak of the girl’s fearlessness and greatness.

Unique skills:

Bianca. The girl was born in the vicinity of the Wasted Woods and was raised to be kind, obedient and disciplined. Helping her mother, she mastered the craft of a baker, but after awakening chaos in her blood, she ran away from home and became an excellent demolitionist. She no longer bakes pies, but she knows a bunch of recipes for powerful pomegranates.

Unique skills:

Sarsalor. Born and raised in the vicinity of the Great Forest. Since childhood, he dreamed of becoming a traveler like his father and wandering with him around the world, but he was forced to take care of his mother and younger brothers. Sarsalor gravitated towards nature and after the death of his mother went in search of fate. The Wanderers called him the Gray Deer.

Unique skills:

Reina. A descendant of kings, she was born and raised in the vicinity of Lenividia. Reyna loved hiking in the forest and always felt a connection with nature. It is alone with nature that she can find answers to all her questions.

Unique skills:

Orius. The apprentice of a powerful magician grew up on the Sinking Shore and was nicknamed the Thunder Fox. After living with a teacher for 10 years, Orius realized that there was nothing else to teach him. He left the master and went north in search of the legendary mad wizard to become his apprentice.

Unique skills:

Rogue Land: How to upgrade a hero?

Level. The level of the hero determines the indicators of his characteristics and the ability to resist strong monsters. The maximum level of the hero’s pumping is 20. To increase the level you need experience points, which can be obtained after passing the levels of any test.

Tokens are a special item for getting the maximum level and training the hero. The main way to get tokens is to participate in events such as the Trial of the Hero and the Trial of the Assassin.

Potion of experience. By opening the hero’s information card, you can see how many experience points are not enough to reach the next level. A potion of experience can add 400 points and increase the characteristics of the hero faster.

Education. Each hero can be trained in 3 individual abilities to fight better. For training you need gold coins and hero tokens. Abilities allow you to discover a unique skill of the hero and increase his characteristics. Each ability has 4 levels of development, the higher it is, the more expensive training is.

HeroCapabilitiesIncrease in characteristics
NuraClaws of the beastCritical Hit Chance
Predator reflexesRanged Defense
HuntressTravel speed
BiancaPowerCritical Damage
Armor from head to toeMelee Defense
ArdorStrengthening Healing
SarsalorStrong heartStrengthening Healing
Thick skinHealth
The strength of the beastCritical Hit Chance
ReinaAgilityAttack speed
A strong beatCritical Damage
Quick legsTravel speed
OriusNimble fingersAttack speed
Sight of the magicianCritical Hit Chance
NimbleMelee Defense

Element. Each element increases the attack power against the opposite element by 25%. However, if you use the same against the element, then the attacks will become weaker by 25%. You can unlock an element and get a sphere for pumping it during the passage of adventure levels, events, when you start the wheel of fortune and purchase special offers.

Elemental types:

Rogue Land: Equipment Guide

Equipment. Each piece of equipment increases the characteristics of the hero and makes it possible to use a certain skill during the battle. To open a new weapon or armor, you need to get at least one of its elements.

Pumping. Each equipment has its own level of development, which determines the indicators of characteristics and available skills. The maximum level is 20. To increase the level, you will need gold coins, weapon elements and scrolls.

Weapons are your main tool in the fight against monsters. All types of weapons have different basic characteristics and methods of attack. The choice of weapons is necessary depending on the style of play, so it is best to try each of them, for example, in the Weapons Expert event, and decide on your preferences.

GrenadeLong-range bombs can fly over obstacles.Damage 45, attack speed 115%, critical chance 7%, range 60 feet, area of ??effect 13 feet.
Spell bookSlowly but surely hits enemy clusters from afar.Damage 40, attack speed 100%, critical chance 5%, range 45 feet, area of ??effect 10 feet, knockback 10.
CrossbowA balanced weapon that will come in handy in any battle.Damage - 30, attack speed - 140%, critical chance - 2%, range - 60 feet, knockback - 20.
SwordMelee melee weapons.Damage 80, attack speed 130%, critical chance 10%, range 13 feet, knockback 10.
StaffRapid-fire long-range magic weapon.Damage - 20, attack speed - 200%, critical chance - 1%, range - 75 feet.

Armor is a hero’s equipment that allows you to enhance the indicators of basic characteristics. It is better to wear equipment of the highest level, since the rest of the characteristics can be enhanced with the help of skills directly during the passage of the test.

Plate GlovesMelee armor for critical hits.Melee defense - +20, critical damage - + 50%.
Storm GlovesProtection from ranged attacks with a critical hit chance.Critical hit chance - + 5%, ranged defense - +20.
Haste GlovesHigh attack speed, increased range.Attack speed + 2%, range - +5 feet.
Gloves of StrengthSpeeds up projectiles and increases their attack.Damage - + 2%, ammo speed - + 35%.
Winged bootsAccelerate movement, chance to dodge enemy attacks.Movement speed - +1, dodge - + 5%.
Plate bootsHeavy melee defensive armor, slows movement.Melee defense - + 20%, movement speed - -10%.
Ranger’s bootsWalking boots for dodging ranged attacks.Ranged defense - +20, movement speed - + 15%
Vitality BootsIncreases the health of the hero.Health points - +100, healing amplification - + 50%.

Rogue Land: Monster Destruction Tips

Enemies. During the passage of locations, you will find a huge number of diverse monsters that will seek to destroy the hero by any means. The most powerful of the monsters become Bosses and await you at the most inopportune moment, when the hero’s strength may be running out.

Bestiary. There is no bestiary in the game with a description of monsters, their characteristics and types of attacks. Some are easy enough to defeat, while others, when united, can destroy you in a matter of seconds. Since the main task of the game is to defeat monsters, we have prepared tips for you to destroy them.


Mouse. Slowly moves after the hero, leaving behind large pools of green poisonous slime. Small mice also appear on the battlefield, which are much more agile than their master and attack the hero faster. It is best to attack from a long distance.

Boar. Has a high movement speed, but moves only in the specified trajectory highlighted in red. After stopping, it immediately blows up everything around and calls for the help of small boars. Do not stand in the way of the Boss and you will easily defeat him.

Knight. Has several types of attacks, either launches a hammer at the hero, or starts bombarding the area where the hero is. Moves only along a given trajectory and summons knight monsters. Try to dodge all attacks and attack the Boss step by step.

Goblin. Not the strongest Boss, he attacks with a hammer, which sends him to the hero. Before starting the attack, the trajectory of the throw is highlighted in red, so be careful. Goblins-masons also appear on the battlefield, whose attacks also need to be monitored.

Goblin Mage. An agile enemy attacking with fiery projectiles in a circle, or pointwise at the hero. It is difficult to attack due to the ability of the Boss to shrink and move quickly across the field, additionally summons boars.

Goblin Mason. Within a few seconds, he quickly catches up with the hero and begins to follow him, then blows up everything around him. Summons goblin archers for help, so it becomes more difficult to keep the hero’s health. Actively attack the Boss at the moment of rest, and the rest of the time run from him faster.

Lava monster. One of the most dangerous enemies with high health, defense and movement speed. Attacks powerfully in melee combat and summons snakes to help. Possesses the skill to block the hero in stone walls, so it is best to use Bombs to organize the dodge space.

The Dragon. A slow but dangerous enemy, attacks in melee, splashes lava at a distance towards the hero, calls for help from snakes. Watch the attacks and move out of the zone of their impact to minimize the damage done to the hero. It is best to attack from a long distance.

Spider. Attacks in melee with an exploding web, can also jump on the hero and inflict damage. After the jump, it leaves behind puddles of purple poisonous slime, spider monsters appear on the battlefield. Try not to get close and dodge jumps.

Frog. Moves across the battlefield using jumps, the landing site is highlighted in red. Attacks with projectiles made of poisonous slime in a circle, or pointwise at the hero. Summons small frogs for help. It is necessary to avoid the points of landing of the monster and strike during the point attack of the frog.

After the boss is destroyed, all his minions are automatically killed.


Goblin. The monster does not have special combat skills, so it can only inflict damage in close combat. Has average speed and low health.

Goblin Mage. The monster is armed with a magic staff and directs several fiery projectiles at once towards the hero. The trajectory of the projectile’s flight is not highlighted, so you need to be very careful and dodge attacks in time.

Goblin archer. Moves across the field after the hero, but does not come close due to the high attack range. Fires one arrow at a time, the flight path of which is highlighted in red. It is necessary to dodge arrows and attack the archer from a long distance.

Goblin Mason. The monster has low movement speed and attack speed. He attacks with the help of large boulders, which he throws at the location of the hero. The affected area is highlighted in red, you have a few seconds to leave it and keep the hero’s health.

Mouse. Moves quickly across the battlefield and deals melee damage to the hero. Dangerous in large numbers, can be destroyed using weapons with high attack speed and range.

Frog. Moves across the battlefield by jumping and thereby deals damage. The landing site is highlighted in red. Leaves behind a puddle of poisonous slime that deals damage if the hero steps on it. The mucus disappears after a few seconds.

Snake. Moves slowly across the battlefield, but has a long attack range. Deals damage with the help of projectiles made of poisonous slime. Defeating the monster is not difficult, you need to dodge projectiles and use ranged weapons.

Bat. Moves around the field in flight and deals melee damage to the hero. High speed, but low health. Dangerous in large numbers, can be destroyed with long-range weapons.

Cat. A cunning monster that quickly jumps to the hero and attacks him. The trajectory of movement is highlighted in red, but before the start of the jump, the monster can change it depending on the movements of the hero. Watch the brightness of the red color, if the trajectory is transparent, then the monster is still in thought, and if it is dark red, then it is about to attack you.

Spider. Moves across the battlefield using jumps, the landing site is highlighted in red. Deal damage to the hero in melee and when jumping. Sometimes leaves behind a puddle of purple poisonous mucus, which disappears after a set time.

Boar. An aggressive monster whose attacks have a high range. He quickly approaches the hero, and then undermines the area of ??defeat highlighted in red. Since the monster has a low health indicator, it can be destroyed even before it has time to get close to the hero.

Skeleton. It moves slowly across the battlefield and has a special shield that increases its defense rate. To quickly destroy a monster, you need to use a ranged weapon and apply the Pull Through skill. When entering melee combat, you need to dodge the attacks of the monster.

Skeleton mage. A monster with a powerful high-radius attack. When casting a spell, the monster causes a meteorite to fall on the hero. You need to run out of the area highlighted in red and then attack the monster.

Skeleton Archer. Practically does not move across the battlefield due to its high attack range. Fires several arrows, the trajectory of which is highlighted in red. It is necessary to avoid hitting the hero with arrows and take cover behind obstacles.

It is most effective to destroy the shooter monsters by throwing bombs from behind cover.

Knight. Has a high attack range, which is of two types. The monster launches several rotating hammers at the hero at a short distance from each other, or the hammer falls on the hero from above. In the first type of attack, you need to move the hero between the flying hammers, in the second case, leave the area highlighted in red.

The Dragon. A very slow and clumsy monster. By biting, it deals damage to the hero in melee, can also attack from a short distance with fiery breath, the affected area is highlighted in red. The monster is easy to destroy from a long distance.

Lava monster. A large and dangerous monster that will trample the hero in an instant. The most reliable way to minimize the damage done to the hero is to hide behind an obstacle and, from behind cover, attack the monster with projectiles with a high radius of action. The trajectory of the monster’s movement is highlighted in red, with a high speed of movement of the hero, you will be able to dodge the attack.

Shark. The hero will have to dodge the powerful jaws of the monster, which quickly enough go in his direction. The monster only attacks melee. By tracking his trajectory in red, you can dodge his attacks in time.

Octopus. It moves around the location under the sand, at this time the monster cannot be attacked. It attacks slowly but powerfully with a tentacle that you can observe above the ground. It is necessary to strike the enemy immediately after he attacks you, it is at this moment that you can fight the monster.

Snowman. The monster is rare, only in the snowy locations of the Polar Valley. Inactive, attacks from afar with snowballs. It is necessary to dodge projectiles and attack with weapons with a high firing range, or attack the monster from the back.

Rogue Land: A Beginner’s Guide

Account. At the moment, the game does not have an account link to social networks or a game center, which increases the risk of losing progress at any time. Also, there are no player ratings in the game, so individual information, battle statistics and hero pumping are not recorded.

Main screen. The main screen displays a world map, where you can go to one of the Adventure levels, or complete a Side mission. At the bottom of the map, you will find islands with temporary events. On the left is the button for switching to daily tasks, on the right - promotional offers. At the bottom of the screen, there are buttons for navigating to the Store, Heroes, World and Events.

Settings. At the top right of the main screen, you can find the gear icon to navigate to the game settings. You can turn on / off sound effects, music, customized ads and choose the language of the game.

If necessary, you can contact the support service by filling out a special contact form.

Notifications. Set up notifications to receive messages when events start or side quests are opened. There is no this item in the game settings, so notifications must be connected in the phone settings, allowing the game to send you messages.

Resources - in-game currency that is required for pumping heroes, equipment and passing tests. Information about the amount of accumulated resources can be found in the indicators of the top line on the main screen of the game.

Energy. This resource is required to start the passage of the Adventure level, Side quest or Event test. The maximum number of units of energy is 12, each is restored within 5 minutes. For watching a commercial, you can get 2 units of energy for free, and by paying 60 diamonds - 12 units.

Gold. Coins are needed to train heroes and increase the level of weapons and armor. You can get them by completing any challenge or in the Wheel of Fortune. Also, gold coins can be purchased in the Store section Sets:

You can get 1,000 gold coins for positively evaluating the game.

Diamonds. This resource can be used to make in-game purchases in the store, in Event stores, Wheel of Fortune and to acquire skills from the Fairy. You can get diamonds for completing daily tasks and passing challenges.

Present. Do not forget to go to the Promotions section of the game Store every day to receive guaranteed gifts. Every week you can get 1,500 coins and 50 diamonds for free. And every day for watching a commercial, you will receive 20 diamonds.

Fighting. The hero is controlled with the joystick, put your finger on any point on the screen and move it to move the hero. The hero attacks automatically when the monster hits the weapon’s radius. Your task is to move the hero to dodge enemy attacks and damage monsters.

The hero cannot make attacks while moving around the location and the battlefield.

Death of a hero. If a hero dies on the battlefield, you can use the resurrection function. By paying 30 diamonds, you will restore 100% of your health by watching a commercial - 40%. The decision must be made within 5 seconds.

When passing a level, the resurrection function can be used only once.

Fairy help. When passing any test, you will encounter the Lake Fairy along the way. She is ready to help you for a small fee and offer one of three skills. Buying an item will cost you 25 diamonds. You can also get Health Boost for watching a commercial.

Rogue Land: Adventure Tips

Adventure is the main story campaign, during the passage of which you have to discover new locations and destroy monsters. To start passing the level, you need to spend 2 units of energy.

Level. There are 8 locations on the map with 5 levels each. During the passage of the level you have to take part in several battles with monsters and defeat Bosses. After passing level 40, the map is reset, and you start passing level 41 from the initial location.

Level difficulty:

Location. Depending on the region of the game world in which you complete the level, a certain terrain and landscape will await you, for example, the chilly lands of the Polar Valley or the lava fields of Coal Craters. The road may have forks and hidden corners where treasure is hidden.

Study the location carefully to collect all the awards and destroy as many monsters as possible.

Obstacles. The main obstacle on the hero’s road is the thorns. They can be both static and retractable. If the hero passes through them, he will lose part of his health points, while the monsters do not receive any damage from the thorns.

Choosing a hero. Before starting the passage of the level, choose a hero with which you will destroy monsters. Then check the equipment, choose the right weapon and the best armor to maximize the characteristics of the hero. If there is an opportunity to pump the hero and equipment, you will see a green arrow.

When using the Bomb as a weapon and enhancing it with many different skills, it becomes difficult to control the battlefield and the movement of monsters, since due to the animation they cannot be distinguished.

Battle. You can only attack a monster in a static position. After defeating monsters, blue balls and hearts fall out of them, with which you can restore health and fill the skill bar. The more enemies you defeat, the more skills you can open.

Open fight. The battle with monsters takes place in a location in a direct collision. If you wish, you can take a risk and quickly run past the monsters to get to a closed area of ??the location and avoid minor skirmishes. Skill points and health are collected immediately after the death of each monster.

Use the available location space to retreat and destroy monsters one at a time.

Closed fight. The battle with monsters takes place on a fenced-in area, you can leave it only by dealing with all the monsters or by destroying the Boss. Avoid thorns and use cover to preserve the hero’s health. Skill points and health are collected only after the destruction of all monsters.

Be careful, sometimes monsters from behind the gate react to you earlier than expected and start attacking prematurely.

Completion of the level. The level is considered passed after opening the last gate and receiving a large chest with a reward. Passing levels will allow you to receive hero tokens, items of equipment and basic resources for pumping. The level reward is indicated in the information tab before starting the location.

Additional gold coins can be earned by breaking clay pots, trampling grass, and opening chests.

Side quests. You can get access to side quests after completing Adventure level 5. A side quest opens on the map and is only available for a certain time. Completing such challenges is a great way to get rare resources for pumping.

Rank. By completing a certain number of side quests, you increase your rank, for example, to get 3 rank you need to complete 25 tasks. The higher the rank, the greater the reward for completing the level.

Reward. During the passage of the level, 3 chests await you: bronze, silver and gold. Each chest contains several scrolls necessary for pumping equipment.

Rogue Land: All Hero Skills

Skills are additional abilities that both increase and decrease the basic characteristics of the hero and weapons. The skills available for selection during the passage of the level depend on the selected hero and his equipment.

Skill points. To obtain an additional skill, you must fill the skill points scale. They are collected automatically after defeating a monster in a location, or after the end of a closed battle.

Watch the commercial to update the skill selection list.

Fast pumping. To get more skills during the passage of the location, you must use this skill. The scale will fill up much faster due to the faster scoring, which will allow you to choose additional skills more often.


A deadly volley. Fire 4 additional arrows with deadly precision using your crossbow. The critical hit chance is increased by 25%, the diagonal is increased by 2.

Multi-shot. The hero gets an additional shot, which, when hit, deals double damage to the monster. Applies to any type of small arms.

Fire in a straight line. Each shot fires an additional projectile, which, when it hits, deals additional damage to the monster. Applies to any type of small arms.

Ricochet. Each shot of the hero who reaches the target ricochets from the monster into neighboring enemies. Allows you to deal damage to more enemies in one shot.

Right through. Projectiles pierce through enemies. Allows you to attack monsters with a high defense rate. Applies to any type of small arms.

Headshot. The hero gets an increased chance to instantly kill the enemy with a direct hit to the head. Applies to any type of small arms.

Ice storm. The ability to unleash 2 additional projectiles on enemies. Can be used with Spellbook. Diagonal increases by 2, knockback increases by 10.

Dance of Death. The hero gains 2 additional deadly arrows. Critical hits give a 50% chance to instantly kill an enemy with low health below 15%. Used for weapons - Crossbow.

The affected area. The affected area on hitting is increased by 30%. The skill allows you to simultaneously attack a group of monsters and destroy them faster.

A vine with thorns. Used for weapons - Staff. The directional beam becomes more powerful and diverges, which allows you to attack two additional monsters.

Magic volley. The hero gets the opportunity to defeat monsters with 2 additional bolts, enhanced by spells. Used for weapons - Spellbook.

Master Demoman. Used for weapons - Bomb. The skill increases the attack distance and allows you to inflict damage on any monster on the battlefield. Damage increased by 20%, range increased by 10 feet, area of ??effect increased by 60%.

Dispersion of shells. It is used for small arms and allows you to attack several monsters at the same time. When firing a projectile, the hero receives 2 additional projectiles flying diagonally.

Death bomb. Upon death, the enemy will explode and cause additional damage to all monsters in the vicinity. Used for weapons - Bomb, Spellbook, Staff.

Spectral beam. Used for weapons - Staff, Book of Spells. Guided shots diverge and hit more monsters.

Range. The skill increases the range of the blows inflicted by the hero. The damage indicator is increased by 20%, the range is increased by 15%. Used for weapons - Sword.

Bundle. From each launched projectile, another small one breaks off, thus, the bundle increases by 1. It is used for weapons - Bomb.


Maghacrite. The hero’s attacks inflict increased critical damage. Critical damage is increased by 100%.

Crit Master. During the attack of the hero, the chance of critical damage increases. Increases your critical hit chance by 20%.

Strengthening attacks. Each attack of the hero deals increased damage. The damage indicator is increased by 30%.

Powerful spells. The hero is slower to cast spells, but they hit enemies more painfully. The damage indicator is increased by 40%, the affected area is increased by 40%, the attack speed is reduced by 20%.

Afterburning. When you hit a monster, it ignites and takes Fire damage. Requires the element of fire to use. Damage against ice is increased by 25%, and the damage indicator is increased by 40%.

Bombardment. Each bomb launched at the enemy splits in two and deals increased damage. The skill allows you to increase the attack area and destroy more enemies in several attacks. Used for weapons - Bomb.

Ice grip. The hero gets a chance to freeze the enemy during the attack. Requires ice element to use. Damage against fire is increased by 25%, and the damage indicator is increased by 40%.

Kiss the snake. With a 10% probability, the hero’s attacks weaken enemies, reducing their health by 2 times at once. Requires death element to use. Damage against life is increased by 25%, and the damage indicator is increased by 40%.

Hit below the belt. The unique ability of Sarsalor to strike at the weak spots of monsters. The critical hit chance is increased by 20%, and the critical hit rate is increased by 50%.

Skullbreaker. Nura’s unique ability to deliver powerful blows, with the help of which you can instantly destroy the enemy. The damage indicator is increased by 40%, knockback by 10. It is used for weapons - Sword.

Heavy bolts. The hero attacks slowly, but with very powerful bolts. Damage is increased by 40%, knockback is increased by 10, and ammo speed is reduced by 30%.

Right in the heart. The weapon fires high-speed projectiles with high critical damage. The chance of critical damage is increased by 5%, critical damage is increased by 100%, the speed of ammunition is increased by 30%.

Steel limb. The hero attacks more slowly, but much further and more powerful. Damage increased by 50%, range increased by 10 feet, and attack speed decreased by 20%. Used for weapons - Sword.

Measurement strength. The skill increases magic damage. Damage increased by 20%, range increased by 10 feet, and ammo speed increased by 30%.

High concentration. The hero gets the opportunity to inflict increased damage in the affected area of ??the spell. The damage indicator is increased by 120%, the attack speed is reduced by 20%, the affected area is reduced by 50%.

Pulsing fire. The hero’s attacks become slower, but much more powerful. Damage is increased by 80%, attack speed is reduced by 20%, ammo speed is reduced by 30%.

Beam beam. The beam directed by the hero pierces the armor of any monster. Damage increased by 10%, critical chance increased by 30%, range decreased by 15 feet. Used for weapons - Staff.

Reverse polarity. The hero sends a weak beam with increased critical damage to the monster. Damage is reduced by 20%, the chance of critical damage is increased by 20%, critical damage is increased by 100%.

Deadly blade. The hero gains the ability to deliver powerful blows at a distance. The critical damage indicator is increased by 75%, the range is increased by 15%. Used for weapons - Sword.

The finest steel. A sword of exquisite work sings in the hands of a master of its craft. The damage indicator is increased by 35%, the attack speed is increased by 10%. Used for weapons - Sword.

Razor blade. The sword itself finds vulnerabilities in the armor of monsters. The critical damage indicator is increased by 15%, the critical hit chance is increased by 35%, the attack speed is increased by 10%.

Catalyst. Explosions are more powerful and more likely to critically damage monsters. The chance of critical damage is increased by 10%, the area of ??damage is increased by 40%.

Heavy bombardment. It becomes harder for the hero to throw bombs, but they do more damage to monsters. Damage increased by 80%, attack speed decreased by 20%, range decreased by 10 feet.

Volatile component. Guided projectiles result in powerful explosions with increased critical damage. The damage indicator is increased by 30%, critical damage is increased by 50%.

Massive fire. Each projectile fired becomes much more powerful. The damage indicator is increased by 20%, the speed of ammunition is increased by 30%.


Juggernaut. The hero gets the opportunity to defend himself from monsters in melee and receive less damage. Melee defense is increased by 50%, critical damage is increased by 50%.

Warrior’s blood. When you take damage, you become stronger. More dangerous and hardier. Damage is increased by 30%, melee defense by 50%.

Charge of magic. Orius’s unique ability to charge with magic for increased power and additional protection. The damage indicator is increased by 20%, the protection in ranged combat is increased by 40%.

Storm Shield. The skill allows you to disperse enemy projectiles with storm magic, and also increases the hero’s accuracy. Ranged defense is increased by 50%, critical hit chance is increased by 10%.

Resourcefulness. The hero becomes faster and increases the chance to dodge the attack of the monster. The dodge rate is increased by 20%, the movement speed is increased by 10%.

Bastion. The skill increases the effectiveness of armor in melee, the hero becomes faster. Melee defense is increased by 75%, movement speed by 10%.

Try to hit. The hero becomes faster, and his armor better protects against long-range projectiles of enemies. Ranged defense is increased by 50%, movement speed is increased by 10%.


Agility. The hero moves faster and dodges attacks with ease. Movement speed is increased by 15%, dodge is increased by 10%. Applies to Reina only.

Increased attack speed. The hero attacks monsters much faster, which allows him to inflict more damage on the enemy. Attack speed increased by 30%.

Quick fire. The speed of fire from small arms increases, while the range decreases. Attack speed increased by 50%, range decreased by 10%.

Perfect somatics. The skill increases the effectiveness of spells. The damage indicator is increased by 10%, the attack speed by 40%.

Concentration. The skill significantly increases the speed of attacks with the Staff. Attack speed increased by 35%, ammo speed increased by 25%.

Compactness. The skill accelerates the hero’s throws and increases their range. Attack speed increased by 25% and range increased by 10 feet.

Explore. The skill allows you to speed up the attacks of the hero. Attack speed increased by 40% and range increased by 3 feet.


Steadfastness. Hero’s health is restored by 50%, defense is also increased. Health increased by 10%, ranged defense increased by 30%.

Treatment stand. The skill heals the hero and restores 50% of the maximum health. Healing after the battle is increased by 100%, red hearts heal the hero 2 times more.

Healing. After the end of the battle, 75% of the hero’s maximum health is restored. On difficult levels, it allows the hero to stay in the ranks longer.

Increased health. Fully heals the hero and increases the maximum health. Hero’s health points are increased by 25%.

First aid. Red hearts of monsters grant 100% more health. The skill allows you to restore health after a hard fight.

Rogue Land: How to Participate in Events?

Developments. You can get access to temporary events after completing Adventure level 5. In the course of passing the tests, you can earn hero tokens, experience potions, items of equipment and game currency. Events are repeated, so if necessary, you can track the time of the desired event in the Calendar.

Be careful as the dates and times of the events may change.

Weapon expert

Weapon expert. During the event, you have to master all types of weapons and go through various tests. 10 levels await you, on each of which the hero will have to use a certain weapon to fight monsters.

In order to cope with all the tests without any problems, it is necessary to pump all types of weapons as much as possible.


Reward. After successfully completing a level, you will receive challenge emblems that can be used to purchase weapon items from a special store. Every 5 weapon elements cost 250 emblems. Also, for completing tasks to destroy monsters, you will receive 1,000 gold coins and 2 items for pumping weapons.

Uncharted lands

Uncharted lands. Adventures, unknown dangers and untold treasures await you in a godforsaken land. In 5 days you have to go through 50 levels of the event. To take part in the test, you need to spend 2 units of energy.

Tasks. To complete the task, you need to defeat a certain number of monsters, for example, 500, 1,000, 1,500, and so on. As a reward, you will receive a potion of experience, gold coins, items of equipment, and hero tokens.

Reward. As a reward for completing a level, you can get gold coins, experience potions, energy units, elements of weapons, armor and tokens of adept heroes. A number of restrictions have been set to obtain upgrade items:

Be sure to take advantage of the exclusive gear items and leveling scrolls available in the Event Store.

Hero’s Challenge

Test of the hero. The event includes only 5 levels, for the passage of which you can get tokens of a certain hero. Levels can have preset conditions for passing - a specific hero and weapon. As an example of a Hero’s Challenge, consider the conditions for obtaining Reina tokens.

1ReinaCrossbowAgility, a deadly volley.
2AnyCrossbowMultishot x2, Megacrite x3, Critical Master x3.
3AnyCrossbowStraight fire x3, Multishot x2.
4AnyCrossbowMultishot x2, Ricochet x3.
5AnyCrossbowThrough, Headshot x5.

Magic dew. To complete the level, you must spend one or more units of magic dew as a payment for opening the level. One unit of magic dew is restored within an hour.

Reward. For completing all levels, you can get 9 tokens. You can also take advantage of the special offer to buy hero tokens for diamonds.

If you go through challenges with the help of a hero whose tokens are sold in the store, be sure to make purchases with diamonds in order to pump the game character faster.

Weapon wheel

The weapon wheel is a type of mini-game where you can try your luck and get the necessary items to upgrade your hero and equipment. To start the wheel, you need to pay 50 diamonds, but it is much more profitable to make 5 attempts at once for 225 diamonds.


Guaranteed reward:

Visiting merchant

Visiting merchant. During the event, a store opens where you can make bargain purchases for diamonds and real money. There are 5 types of offers in the store, the number of sets available for purchase is limited.

Set compositionProbability of gettingPriceNumber of sets
Sack of armor, 5 units of energy.10 items of random boots or gloves have a 13% probability.150 diamonds3
Weapon bag, 5,000 gold coins.10 items of random weapons can be obtained with a 20% probability.250 diamonds2
A bag of hero tokens, 10 experience potions.10 tokens of a random Adept Hero can be obtained with a 20% chance.500 diamonds1
30 experience potions and 12 energy units.-Real money.2
10 blue scrolls, 10 red scrolls, 10 green scrolls and 150 diamonds.-Real money.2

Rogue Land: How to Complete Daily Quests?

Quests. In the upper left corner there is a book icon with a quill, here is a list of daily tasks. To get the maximum reward, all quests must be completed within the allotted time indicated on the timer. Tasks are repeated daily, the progress of the passage is reset every 24 hours.


Reward. Each completed task brings points to fill the indicator of receiving chests. You can open the chest after accumulating 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 points. The best rewards await you in the last chest.

Strategy. Such tasks as improving an item of equipment and pumping a hero at a certain point in the game may become unavailable to you. To prevent this from happening as long as possible, choose unnecessary heroes, whom you will pump one level daily. Do the same with equipment, do not strive to pump at a time those elements that you definitely will not use.

Rogue Land: A Guide for Donators

Shop. Unfortunately, the fast pumping of heroes and equipment in the game largely depends on the donation. In the store, you can take advantage of various offers for the purchase of additional resources and pumping items.

Offers. Depending on the progress of the Adventures and Events, the level of pumping of heroes and equipment, you will receive lucrative offers for the purchase of promotional sets. The duration of the promotion is always limited, so if you have a desire to invest in the development of a certain hero or equipment, then you should take a closer look at such offers.

Master Rain’s set. Upgrade Reyna and unlock her strongest skill - Fatal Barrage. Crush enemies with the help of improved armor and elements of life. Includes:

Hire Gina. Hire a battle mage and freeze enemies with ice. The offer includes:

Hire Orius. Hire a strong hero and stock up on fire spells and go into battle. The offer includes:

Armor set. Put on the Tank armor and make the hero much more resilient. The offer includes:

Stock. In this section of the store, you can familiarize yourself with offers for the purchase of small sets of items. Some of the promotions are updated daily, some - once a week. Each offer can only be used once during the allotted time.

Examples of promotions:

Sets. In this section of the store you can purchase one of the sets with diamonds. The offers vary in the amount of diamonds and the cost of the set. The higher the cost of a set, the more profitable is the cost of one diamond.

Rogue Land: Is It Worth Playing?

Rogue Land. The game was released relatively recently, and therefore, there are a number of problems and significant shortcomings. However, it should be noted that the gameplay is simple and understandable for any player, and the bright drawing of locations is always pleasing to the eye. If the creators continue to develop and improve the game, it could become one of the most popular in the action genre.

Pros of the game:

Cons of the game:

Article author: Maria M.