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Runelords Arena WiKi: Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Runelords Arena is an addicting role-playing game from C4GAMES where your team will fight in PvE and PvP modes, including in real time. You have to prove to the whole world that you are a great warrior and deserve to possess powerful runes. Gather a team of heroes and go on a journey in search of runes to unite the world and end endless wars.


  1. CD key (Codes)
  2. Top Heroes (Tier List)
  3. Hero Leveling Guide
  4. Rune Leveling Tips
  5. How to start the game correctly?
  6. A Beginner’s Guide
  7. All The Ways To Get Resources For Free
  8. Combat Tips
  9. Story Campaign Walkthrough Guide
  10. Tips for completing basic game activities
  11. How to fight other players?
  12. Should I Join a Guild?
  13. A Guide for Donators
  14. Is It Worth Playing?

Runelords Arena: CD key (Codes)

The gift code is a secret combination of letters and numbers, the use of which allows you to get additional resources for the development of heroes. You must apply the code immediately after receiving it, as many of them have a limited period of validity.

Where to find? You can receive your first gift code after installing the game by checking the news on the initial download screen. Also, codes often appear in the official groups of the game, where users exchange information with each other.

Entering the code. It is quite easy to apply the gift code. Go to the account menu, then to the settings section and click the Gift button. After a special window appears, enter the desired combination and click Confirm. All resources will be credited to your account automatically.

Gift codes:

Gift codes often change and the use of previously known ones becomes impossible, so we try to update the information and post only valid codes for you.

Runelords Arena: Top Heroes (Tier List)

Choosing a hero. The creators of the game paid great attention to the development of heroes of different classes and ranks, so it is difficult for a beginner to navigate among this variety. Of course, the SS heroes Coroner Astrid and Nightwing Gaken have the best characteristics, but they cannot be obtained and pumped without donation. Therefore, we have prepared tips for you on choosing the most accessible heroes of each class.

Murderer. An excellent representative of this class is the Reaper Wakaro, despite the fact that this is an A-hero, his skills allow him to become indispensable on the battlefield. Also, Wakaro is quite easy to pump, so he will strengthen the team, both at the initial stage of the game and at high levels. Quite good heroes of the Assassin class are Horned Worm Dyorn and Silent Assassin Agali, but since they are representatives of S-heroes, it will be a little more difficult to pump them.

Tank. At the very beginning of the game, you will receive the S-hero of the Holy Knight Berlus, who is indispensable in the team as a hero of the Tank class. The hero is able to restore both his own health and the health of team members. Berlus also creates a shield for heroes and reduces damage from enemy attacks.

Warrior. At the very beginning of the game, for a small donation, you can get an excellent S-hero Fire Devil Alicia, which will help you easily go through the first stages of the game, but in the future it is difficult to pump it without donation. A good representative of the Warrior class is the S-hero Burning Sword Odoser, who can not only deliver powerful attacks, but also protect the team’s heroes.

Magician Of the representatives of this class, S-heroes Halo’s Dead Soul and Goya the Frost Maiden work well in conjunction. The characteristics and skills of these heroes allow you to destroy enemies in several turns. At the same time, the heroes are easy to get and pump to a high level.

Archers. You can meet heroes of this class from C to S rank, but none of them won the love and respect of top players. Archers are rarely included in the team, giving preference to the Assassin and Mage classes.

If you were unable to get the recommended heroes, study the information about the characteristics of the heroes in the tables below and choose the most suitable one for the team.

Hero SSClassOZ / Speed ??/ ATK / PROTECTION / M.ATK / M.ZASCH
Coroner AstridWarrior3017/211/742/1406/0/0
Gaken NightwingMagician2233/219/0/801/991/1159
Hero SClassOZ / Speed ??/ ATK / PROTECTION / M.ATK / M.ZASCH
Fearless General RockyTank4343/201/641/660/0/0
Burning tree EyeTank4336/192/570/676/0/0
Stoneskin CamerdiTank4298/194/627/636/0/0
Holy Knight BerlusTank4237/216/589/612/0/0
God of the summit MeljiTank4229/197/594/608/0/0
Sandpiper giant JerziusWarrior3156/202/721/1553/0/0
Stone Guard TrutarWarrior3123/201/736/1172/0/0
Burning Sword OdoserWarrior3104/211/769/1172/0/0
Fire Devil AliciaWarrior3003/207/738/1088/0/0
Goya the frosty maidenMagician2281/226/0/683/1030/1191
Stormbreaker TrishMagician2281/226/0/683/1030/1191
Wild god VarkanMagician2218/220/0/667/947/1162
Celestial Healer LeviniaMagician2194/229/0/683/1041/1181
River god RoikaMagician2142/223/0/635/991/1123
Halo’s Dead SoulMagician2117/230/0/740/1030/1084
Djörn horned wormMurderer2368/239/946/1480/0/1848
Thunder Ranger RyanMurderer2300/231/940/1512/0/1865
Silent Assassin AgaliMurderer2271/246/977/1447/0/1743
Mechanic VT86Archer2352/213/820/930/0/832
Warrior from the future AlbaArcher2303/219/864/887/0/818
Jungle Lord RaphaelArcher2233/219/867/801/0/762
Dragonhead MalvernArcher2217/221/890/801/0/748
Forest Druid TornatoreArcher2187/219/881/801/0/762
Hero AClassOZ / Speed ??/ ATK / PROTECTION / M.ATK / M.ZASCH
Draco LodiTank4391/192/580/627/0/0
Ax Master LoisTank4361/194/580/602/0/0
Zimbutto’s hidden fearWarrior3136/200/724/1144/0/0
Dolly’s Storm ClawWarrior3134/201/721/1188/0/0
Nun KarinaMagician2147/221/0/601/932/1140
One forest of FelitoMagician2094/218/0/618/990/1120
Eagle Pygmy BeijingMagician2081/217/0/601/1002/1100
Reaper WakaroMurderer2306/237/935/1419/0/1760
Horned dragon AndyMurderer2183/230/891/1316/0/1650
Vicious CrabMurderer2183/229/888/1281/0/1650
Musketeer AbelArcher2211/210/789/842/0/772
Neanderthal JohoArcher2122/211/829/812/0/743
Hero BClassOZ / Speed ??/ ATK / PROTECTION / M.ATK / M.ZASCH
Spirit Bear LoganTank4220/211/562/576/0/0
Coboso Wolf SpiritTank4200/215/586/552/0/0
Barbarian SpikeWarrior2941/197/637/980/0/0
Sly knight AaronWarrior2926/198/651/894/0/0
Niall’s Jade IllusionMagician2082/214/0/615/904/1116
Toxic Dragon CroweMagician1953/217/0/566/915/1027
Fast Rat FelizMurderer2117/225/818/1292/0/1599
Hook Master TafiMurderer1998/219/769/1242/0/1564
Lurking spirit of PikuArcher1991/206/759/758/0/692
Fire Breather TigiArcher1980/201/768/758/0/706

Runelords Arena: Hero Leveling Guide

Types of heroes. All heroes differ in rank, class, normal and star levels. Depending on this, the hero has certain indicators of basic characteristics. In the information card, you can study the main indicators of the hero, pump him over and get acquainted with the history of each hero.

Main characteristics:

Hero rank:

The rank of the hero cannot be increased.

Hero class:

Receiving. To get a new hero, you need to collect the specified number of shards. You can also win a hero in events or purchase a hero when buying a promotional pack. To get a random hero of a certain class, you will need:

Duplicate heroes will be used to improve skills, level up and merge other heroes.

Hero Summons. With the help of summoning a hero, you can get fragments of heroes and items for pumping. Standard and Improved summoning is carried out with the help of special scrolls, an excellent summoning - with the help of companion points. You can also get an additional reward for every 20 calls made and a chest with an S-hero for 200 calls.

Types of summoning:

Do not forget to make free summons, and also keep a stock of summon scrolls for daily quests and additional rewards.

Pumping. You can increase the characteristics of the hero by increasing his normal and star level. To increase the normal level, you need to use an elixir, the higher the level, the more elixir is required for pumping. The maximum level is determined by the rank and number of stars of the hero.

Promotion. The star level of the hero must be pumped to improve the combat characteristics and increase the maximum level of the hero’s development. The maximum level of stars is 6, the maximum level is 120. To implement the increase, you must pay a certain amount of gems and use other heroes of a certain rank.

Skills. Each hero has certain skills that he uses in battle to attack, defend or restore health. To improve a skill, you need special books with which you can increase the level of skill development. In the skills tab, you can study the level of development of each hero’s skill.

Resetting the hero. With this function, you can turn an unwanted hero to ashes. The created ash can be used as in-game currency for making purchases in the specialized tab of the store.

Merging. With this function, you can create heroes of a higher rank. To do this, you need to collect a certain set of heroes in compliance with the conditions of the normal and star level.

Limited hero improvement. During the event, you can use an unnecessary hero, pay extra 700 diamonds and get a chest with a unique hero. To get an S-hero, you need to donate two heroes and 1800 diamonds. This way you can get good heroes on your team.

Whom to pump? The battle team includes 6 heroes, it is necessary to evenly pump them. When a new hero is included in the team, he must be immediately pumped to the level of the rest.

When replacing a hero, be careful, the total power of the team of heroes should not decrease. Better to pump a potential replacement in advance.

Runelords Arena: Rune Leveling Tips

A rune is an item for enhancing a certain characteristic of a hero. You can open the list of runes through the tab at the bottom of the screen. They differ from each other in type, level and number of stars.

Application. Each hero can be equipped with 6 runes. Each cell is designed for a specific type of rune. You can use the Equip All button to automatically select a set of runes for the hero and then make your own adjustments.

Set. When using several runes of the same type, you can get a bonus, which will also have a positive effect on the characteristics and skills of the hero. The effect of a set of runes can be found in the information tab.

Tips for using sets:

SetNumber of runesthe effect
Isa2+ 8% damage
4+ 18% critical chance
Nautiz2+ 8% damage
4+ 20% rage regeneration
Gifu2+ 10% health
4+ 15% damage reduction
Dagaz2+ 10% defense
4+ 12% health
Hyera2+ 10% Magic Amplification
4+ 15% to vampirism
Teyvaz2+35 attack
4+ 8% damage
6+ 50% rage on active attack
Uruz2+ 8% critical chance
4+ 10% damage
6-15% Enemy Health on Damage
Kaun2+40 Regeneration
4+ 8% damage
6+60 Damage
Berkana2+ 10% chance of tyranny
4+ 15% defense
6+ 15% recovery on critical health
Perth2+ 12% critical chance
4+ 8% damage
6+ 40% actual damage
Ansue2+ 16% to crit efficiency
4+ 12% damage
6+ 70% actual damage
Algiz2+55 defense
4+ 10% health
6+15 Defense on Critical Strike
Hagalaz2+90 to penetration
4+ 10% damage
6+ 40% damage while decreasing enemy health
Raido2+ 10% healing
4+ 10% health
6+ 20% healing
Eyvaz2+ 5% damage reduction
4+ 12% health
6+ 50% chance to reduce damage
Fehu2+ 10% Rage gain
4+ 15% defense
6+ 50% chance to gain rage at the beginning of the battle
Vunyo2+ 65% Initial Rage
4+ 10% damage
6+ 50% chance to gain rage at the beginning of the battle
Odal2+ 12% Magic Amplification
4+ 15% hit efficiency
6+ 50% Magic Amplification
Turisaz2+ 8% damage reduction
4+ 15% to the effectiveness of resistance
6+25 chance to stun attacker
Kenaz2+ 10% Magic Amplification
4+ 15% Magic Amplification
Laguz2+ 6% healing
4+ 12% healing
Sovilo2+ 10% to vampirism
4+ 15% to vampirism

Runes level. To increase the bonus of a rune, you need to increase its level through the Strengthening button, using rune dust and crystals. The highest level of the runes is 15, however, the runes must be pumped evenly in order to correctly distribute resources and receive the maximum bonus to the characteristics of the heroes.

Merging. To increase the star level of a rune, you must use the Fusion function. Use 4 identical runes by type and number of stars to start the merge and create a new rune of better quality. To merge, you will need runes of at least 3 stars.

The strongest runes. During this event, you need to spend rune dust in order to receive an additional reward. For example, for 500k rune dust, you can get a set of runes of 3 stars. Therefore, before the onset of this event, it is better not to waste rune dust and save it for the possibility of obtaining additional rewards while pumping runes.

Runelords Arena: How to start the game correctly?

Free time. You will need a lot of free time to get started right, so it’s best to start the game on a weekend and give it your full attention. Thanks to this, you can quickly master all the basic activities, get bonuses for pumping heroes and creating a strong team.

New server. You can start on an existing server, but the difference between experienced players and newbies is enormous. Therefore, it is better to start the game by opening a new server in order to take high places in the ratings with the help of active play and receive high rewards.

You can change the region and server at any time and start a new game.

Authorization. Go through the authorization at the very beginning of the game, because often there are difficulties with linking a guest account. If you do not register through the game center or Facebook in time, you will lose your game progress and miss the opportunity to take the first lines in the ratings.

Active play. It is important to take part in all events, both for a beginner and for more experienced players, as this is the main way of obtaining resources for the development of a team of heroes. It is also worth paying special attention to tasks and quests, since the reward for completing them is a daily source of resources.

Growth path. Especially for beginners, the developers have come up with tasks, the completion of which allows you to quickly develop a game account. As a reward, you can get game currency, companion points and scrolls for summoning heroes, elixir, gems, crystals and rune dust for pumping heroes and runes.


Runelords Arena: A Beginner’s Guide

Gameplay. Moving through the game activities takes place through the buildings on the main screen of the game without direct control of the heroes. Your goal is to gather a strong team of heroes, join battles, complete tasks and earn rewards for further development.

To find out information about new activities, click on the New icon. The screen will indicate which activity will open after you reach a certain level.

Start screen. After downloading the game, the initial screen appears, where you can familiarize yourself with the latest news of the game, get a gift code, contact support. This is where you can go to a new server and start a new game, or change your game account.

Main screen. The interface is presented in the form of a city fortress with a castle, arena, dungeon and other buildings. At the top of the screen is information about the account, the amount of resources, on the right side of the screen - promotional offers, on the left - daily tasks and gifts. In the lower right corner there are buttons for switching to the main sections of the game.

Pay attention to the red dots next to the name of the activity, they appear if you are able to perform a certain action or receive a reward.

Account. By clicking on the avatar, you will be taken to a special information section. Here you will find your title, current level and the amount of experience earned, the composition of the team of heroes, the number of victories and unlocked heroes. You can change the name and avatar by selecting the image of any received hero.

If you want to stand out in the leaderboard from other players, win a special avatar frame or purchase one in the store.

Settings. In this section, you can turn on / off music and sound effects, as well as adjust the volume. Choose the language and flag of the country you are playing for. Also in the settings you can enter a gift code and link your account to the game center or Facebook.

Mail. In the upper right corner there is an envelope icon, this section receives messages about sweepstakes, promotions and prizes earned. Be sure to check your email at least once a day so you don’t miss out on your reward.

Chat. You can chat with game users in one of the chats. To do this, click on the dialog box in the lower left corner. There is no translator in the game, so for more comfortable communication it is better to look for players with the flag of your country.

Basically, players use chat to find active friends. Send the message Add me to the world chat and wait for the invitation.

Rank. In the lower right corner there is a cup icon, in this section the rating of the players is displayed. Achievements of users are taken into account according to several indicators:

Friends. The maximum number of friends is 100, they are needed to get companion points and make a call. You can send and receive up to 30 Companion Points throughout the day, so you need to have at least 40 active friends to be sure to get the most benefit.

Adding. The game displays a list of recommended players for adding as friends, but most often these are inactive players who have not logged into the game for a long time. If you see a message about friendship in the chat, then immediately add it as a friend without leaving the chat through a special button. Applications from other players will appear in the Candidates tab, add everyone.

Track player activity and remove inactive ones to make room for new friends and get more companion points.

Runelords Arena: All The Ways To Get Resources For Free

Game currency. To pump heroes and runes, you will need in-game currency, as well as special resources that you can not only win, but also purchase in the store. The indicator of the amount of your funds is located at the top of the main screen.

Main currency:

Market. In this section of the game, you can spend the earned game currency in the respective stores. Game currency is not worth saving, it must be invested in the development of heroes and the creation of a strong team.

Types of shops:

Entrance. The daily reward for logging into the game allows you to get diamonds, shards of heroes and scrolls of summoning. In 30 days, you can accumulate a large amount of diamonds, discover and pump strong heroes.

Present. During the day, you can receive a reward several times for being online. As soon as the gift becomes available, a diamond icon will appear on the left side of the screen. In 10 minutes online, you can get 50 diamonds or a call scroll.

The reward can be activated even when you are out of the game, so keep an eye out for the icon to appear.

Quests. There is a parchment icon on the left side of the screen, clicking on which will take you to the list of daily tasks. For completing the quest, you will receive items for developing your account as a reward, and for completing 8 quests - an additional 150 diamonds and an item of experience.


Success. This section contains a list of achievements for which you can receive a reward in the form of gold, diamonds, adventure coins, rune dust and soul ash. To move to the required activity and proceed to the task, press the Go button.


Ziggurat. To participate in the lottery and make the throws, you will need the draw and luck coupons. For every 3, 6, 18 and 30 throws per week, you are entitled to a gift in the form of items for pumping heroes and runes. You need to play the lottery at least 2 times a day to complete the daily quest and get an additional reward.

Skip. Your task is to complete weekly challenges, earn experience tokens and receive rewards. Receiving tokens, you move along the river, along which various gifts are located. Having reached a certain point, you receive a regular reward, or an improved one after purchasing a special pass.

In a week, you can earn up to 550 tokens by completing tasks, the rest will have to be purchased for diamonds.


Tavern. A special section of tasks to complete which you send your heroes. The list of challenges is updated over time, but you can update it yourself for diamonds. If you do not want a certain task to be reset, then block it with a lock and complete it later.

Tests. Tasks differ in complexity and time to complete, the more difficult the test, the more rewards you will receive. To complete each task, there are conditions for the participation of a hero of a certain rank and class.

Perform light tests first, and leave longer ones for rest or sleep. If necessary, you can speed up the task for diamonds.

Quest book. For the appearance of an additional challenge in the Tavern, you can use the Main Quest Book or the Improved Book for the appearance of a task of a high level of difficulty. Books must be used after discovering strong heroes that can pass the test and bring you an additional reward.

Global Union. During this event, you can receive a reward for inviting 6 friends to the game. Your friend must register, log into the game for 2 days and reach level 15, then you will receive a reward in the form of diamonds. After completing the assigned tasks, your friends will receive 300 diamonds, 3 super summon scrolls and 20k gold.

Share your code on chat or social media to catch the attention of new players and receive a reward.

Breakthrough. Depending on your progress during the month and progress in the standings, you can receive a certain reward in the form of a set of runes and crystals. In the Hall of the rating, you can study the composition of the team of top players and adopt the tactics of other users for faster progress.

Repost. Every day you can get an additional reward for spreading information about the game. After the team of heroes wins the battle, the Share button will appear, you post to your Facebook page and get 50 diamonds.

Runelords Arena: Combat Tips

Line-up. It is necessary to assemble a team of their available capabilities, rank and class of open heroes. Try to include pumped S-heroes in the team, however, many top players also include A-heroes in the team. Heroes of this rank are easy enough to pump and can become much stronger and more useful than the SS-hero of the minimum level of development.

Class. All heroes are divided into 5 classes according to their main characteristics and skills. The team must include different heroes, since each has its own advantages in the battle with the heroes of other classes.

Hero benefits:

Arrangement. At the top of the screen, the strength of the fighting teams will be indicated, drag the necessary heroes onto the battlefield to surpass the strength indicator of the enemy. Heroes with a high health indicator are best placed in the first lane. When moving, try not to group heroes so that the enemy with long-range attacks deals damage to fewer heroes.

Main screen. In the upper left corner, the round number and the order of the heroes’ moves are indicated. In the upper right corner there are buttons for increasing speed, switching modes and exiting combat. At the bottom of the screen there is a joystick for moving heroes and a panel for choosing the blows to be delivered.

Rounds. Most battles take place without a countdown, so the number of rounds played matters. The maximum number of rounds is 80, every 25 rounds healing decreases and the opponent’s damage increases. After 80 rounds, victory is awarded to the defending side.

The battle. The battlefield is divided into cells along which heroes can move. Your task is to attack in turn and then destroy all opponents. The area of ??effect and the attack zone of the hero will be highlighted. You can also use the automatic combat mode, but when fighting with a strong opponent, it is better to give preference to the manual mode.

In case of defeat, you can try to increase your strength with the help of summoning, additional pumping of heroes and runes.

Super hit. Only S-heroes and SS-heroes have such a blow. A special energy scale appears on the screen, which is filled during the battle. The accumulated energy is common for all heroes, so you need to understand which hero’s super hit will be more useful in battle.

Runelords Arena: Story Campaign Walkthrough Guide

The campaign is the main game activity, during the passage of which you will learn the history of the game world and the conflict of heroes. Before each battle, the heroes will communicate with each other, the plot of the game is revealed in dialogues.

Levels. Each level is a battle of a team of heroes in a certain location. For completing a level, you will receive gold and diamonds reward, as well as increase the size of the rest reward. The levels can be passed repeatedly, several times.

Difficulty level:

Rest reward. Over the course of 10 hours, the reward you owe is accumulated. Its size depends on the passed level of the campaign, the further you managed to go, the larger the prize. To get a reward, click on the chest icon in the castle on the main screen, you can do this at any time.

Do not forget to collect the reward for the rest, as only here you can get experience for pumping the main account.

Growth path. As part of the passage of the story campaign, you can also receive a reward for your progress. For completing 16 tasks of growth, you can get the hero Holy Knight-Berlus and use him for pumping.

Runelords Arena: Tips for completing basic game activities

Tower of illusions

Gameplay. Game activity is a tower, in which each floor is a separate level. Battles take place as usual, you get a reward for completing each floor in the form of gems.

Floors. Each level can be completed only once, so you need to pass the Tower of Illusions gradually and without haste. It is best to go through 3 floors a day in order to complete the daily quest at the same time and receive a super summoning scroll.

In case of defeat, you have to re-pass the floor, the player has 5 resurrections daily to try again.

Growth path. For beginners, there is an additional reward for passing the floors in the form of diamonds, summoning scrolls and gem. After completing 50 floors of the Tower of Illusion, you will receive a random set of runes with 3 stars as a reward. Sets of Isa, Nautiz, Kenaz, Gifu, Laguz, Dagaz, Sovilo, Hyera are available for obtaining.


Description of the activity. There are islands on the map, which open one after another as they pass. The reward at each subsequent level is better than the previous one, but the enemy is also stronger. The health of the heroes is not restored between levels, so the team must include healers to restore the health points of all heroes.

Adventure Coins can be used to purchase Hero Shards and Rune Sets from the Shop.


  1. Port Neptune.
  2. Snake Island.
  3. Treasure Cove.
  4. City of fog.
  5. Hal village.
  6. Ice island.
  7. Iceberg.
  8. Summer island.
  9. Tomb.
  10. The island of birds.
  11. The land of vagabonds.
  12. Prison.
  13. Blackstone.
  14. A city near a volcano.
  15. The gate to hell.

Reset. When it becomes difficult for you to pass the subsequent levels, you can use the Reset progress function and start the passage of the islands anew. The reset ability is restored after resetting the progress of the Adventure.


Epics. Depending on the type of dungeon, you can earn an elixir of experience or runes, the higher the level, the greater the reward. Every day you have 3 challenges available to complete the levels in each dungeon. To start the battle, click on the Challenge button; in case of a loss, the number of attempts does not decrease.

Go through the levels of the Dungeon every day to get the necessary resources for pumping heroes.

Dissection. After successfully completing a level, you can replay it in express mode using a challenge. There is no need to enter the battle, the reward will be immediately credited to you. The dissection should be used when you cannot complete the level.


Runelords Arena: How to fight other players?


Contest of Champions. You can take part in the battle with another user 5 times a day, additional attempts are purchased at the expense of special tickets. For a victory, you get points, on the basis of which the rank and your place in the rating are calculated, for a defeat, points are deducted.

The choice of the enemy. You can fight one of the three suggested players. The list of candidates can be updated an unlimited number of times and find a worthy opponent. It is best to engage in a battle with a player who has much less strength, so with a small difference in points, you can lose.

Battle. Immediately after starting the battle, you will see the composition of the defending team and will be able to put heroes on the field that can defeat the enemy. In advance, you need to determine the composition of the defense, so that when other players attack you, you can maintain your position in the rating.

A placeDaily rewardWeekly reward
11250 Champion Coins7,500 champion coins and 105k gold
21145 Champion Coins6,000 champion coins and 84k gold
31000 Champion Coins4500 champion coins and 63k gold
4-10845 Champion Coins3370 champion coins and 47k gold
11-50725 Champion Coins2,530 champion coins and 35k gold
51-100610 Champion Coins1,890 champion coins and 26k gold
101-200505 Champion Coins1420 champion coins and 19k gold
201-400410 Champion Coins1060 champion coins and 14k gold
401-600320 Champion Coins800 champion coins and 11k gold
601-800240 Champion Coins600 champion coins and 8k gold
801-1000180 Champion Coins450 champion coins and 6k gold
1001-1200130 Champion Coins330 champion coins and 4k gold


Gameplay. Every fight takes place online. The opponent is selected randomly after pressing the Start button. The time for deciding on the hero’s action is limited. For killing at least one enemy hero, you get 1 crown, for winning a battle - 2 crowns.

Battle. The priority is the manual battle mode for applying your own battle tactics. However, decisions need to be made quickly, within the allotted time. If you want, you can send emoji stickers to your opponent for a more lively game.

If you are constantly losing, exit the game and come back later, perhaps this time you will find a weaker opponent.

Reward. For winning the arena, you will receive arena points, which will affect your place in the ranking and the size of the reward at the end of the season. If you manage to rank high, you can get an exclusive avatar frame. For every 3 crowns you earn, you will receive a Bright Chest, and for 18 crowns you will receive a Mythic Chest.

Runelords Arena: Should I Join a Guild?

Guild. An important game activity that allows you to receive resources for the development of heroes and runes. Guilds differ from each other in terms of level, number of members and conditions of exclusion. It is important to be an active player in order to stay in the guild longer.

Introduction. Depending on the order of entry , guilds are divided into open and closed. Anyone can join the open guild, subject to the availability of free places, the closed one only after the approval of the leader. It is better to join open guilds, so players are more often monitored for activity. Joining a closed guild can take a lot of time, which you might already be spending on quests.

If you leave a guild, then for the next 24 hours you will not be able to join a new one.

How to choose? Strive to get into a guild with active players in order to get more resources. According to statistics, most active players are members of multilingual guilds. Check the activity of guild members in the list of participants according to the indicator of the last entry into the game. If most of the players have not entered the game for a long time, then you urgently need to change the guild to a more active one.

Add active guild members as friends to get companion points.

Quests. For each completed guild task, you can get technology points. For completing 6 quests, you will receive an additional 50 points, and your allies will receive a gift. You can get a gift by clicking on the chest icon next to the player’s name in the list of guild members.


Guild Technician. Here you can spend the earned points to study the technologies of the Tavern, Dungeon and Tower of Illusion. Technologies operate during the allotted time, the timer is located in the upper right corner. Technologies are opening up one after another.

TavernIncrease the number of quests by 1.
-15% of the upgrade time of the free super call.
The daily number of quests in the tavern is +2.
Rest reward bonus + 5%.
-25% free super summon refresh time.
Rest reward bonus + 10%.
DungeonsIncrease the number of free daily approaches to the Dungeon of Gold by 1.
Increase the number of free daily approaches to the Experience Dungeon by 1.
Increase the number of free daily approaches to the Dungeon of Gold by 1.
Increase the number of free daily approaches to the Titan Dungeon by 1.
Increase the number of free daily approaches in the Dragon Dungeon by 1.
Increase the number of free daily approaches to the Titan Dungeon by 1.
Tower of illusionsIncrease update time by 1.
Increase the number of free daily Champions duels by 1.
Increase update time by 1.
Increase the number of Adventure free resets by 1.
Increase the number of free daily Champions duels by 1.
Increase update time by 1.

Hunters. During the event, all members of the guild fight the Bosses and receive rewards for each battle fought. At the end of the event, the player receives an additional reward corresponding to the damage inflicted on the Boss. The number of available Bosses depends on the level of the guild.

Runelords Arena: A Guide for Donators

Shop. It is in this section that you can study all the offers for donators and choose the most suitable promotion for you. You can purchase diamonds, take advantage of daily, weekly and monthly offers, or opt for a temporary promotion.

You can get a free gift in the store, so make sure to check it daily.

First purchase. After making your first purchase in the game, you will receive a nice bonus. You will get the S-hero Alicia for free and many different runes to improve your heroes. The gift includes 80 hero shards, 75 gems and 35k elixir.

Subscription. You can purchase a special game subscription for a week or a month. After that, you will receive an exclusive frame for the duration of the subscription and + 50% increase in the reward for the rest. A trial period of 3 days is also available to players.

Do not forget to turn off payment in the settings so that after 3 days the game does not automatically issue a paid subscription for you.

Monthly card. This offer allows you to receive diamonds on a daily basis. You will receive 300 diamonds immediately, and then 90 diamonds each within 30 days. You can also purchase an improved offer and learn 750 diamonds at once and 375 diamonds daily.

Campaign fund. After purchasing the fund, you need to go through several tasks in order to receive a reward in the form of diamonds. For completing quests, you can get 40k diamonds. The promotion is available for newcomers to the game and allows you to profitably purchase diamonds.

Runelords Arena: Is It Worth Playing?

Runelords Arena is a good RPG for fans of PvE battles. Nice graphics, the absence of intrusive ads and the development of the storyline attract their audience of users, which you can join.

Some pluses of the game:

The main disadvantage of the game is a slow connection to the server and a very long transition between game tabs, both when using the network Internet and Wi-Fi. Also, the game lacks built-in help and users have to figure out the game themselves.

Article author: Maria M., Yaroslav I.