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Runestrike is a strategy card game from Making Fun company, which became famous for its legendary game Eternium for Android. In Runestrike, you have to collect your decks of runes and pump your champion. Battles take place step by step in both PvP and PvE modes. The game has a fascinating and well-developed storyline company, where you have to fight with the powerful gods and their minions.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. How to Choose a Champion?
  3. Runes Guide
  4. Building the Deck Right
  5. Using Collections Right
  6. How to Win in the Arena?
  7. Story Campaign Walkthrough
  8. Terms
  9. A Guide to Things and Values
  10. Account Setup

Runestrike CCG: A Beginner’s Guide

What is Runestrike’s backstory?Once upon a time, one world was ruled by the gods. As they were forced to share their divine authority, many of them became jealous of each other. This soon led to an open war between the gods. It was incredible when God collided with God. Humanity was agitated and very scared, because such titanic battles were definitely supposed to lead to massive destruction of the empires of ordinary mortals. This terrible conflict situation tore the veil separating the realms of humans and gods, resulting in catastrophic destruction. Magic began to rule the world, transforming everything around it. In distant lands, creatures unknown to the world began to appear, about which people had heard only in legends. And the animals began to turn into powerful beasts. Even the earth itself came to life. People have learned to use mana,creating spells of incredible devastation. Cities were destroyed, people sought revenge. At the moment the gods fell to Earth, powerful champions rose and challenged them. And so, people are calling out to you as a champion, you must defeat your opponents.

What are the champions? The main unit of battle is champions. Each of them has access to specific types of magic. This allows champions to cast spells from different realms. Also, each champion has three unique abilities, the so-called blood abilities. They are activated during the battle.

What are worlds? There are 6 different types of magic in the RuneStrike universe: Order and Chaos, Nature and Myths, Light and Shadow, each with its own history and characteristics. There is also a neutral kingdom for the minions. Champions of any kind can use them.

By ordering, you strengthen the minions: increase their strength, endow them with shields and grant additional opportunities to strike. There are many classes of units in the game, but for the effects that the units of the Order give them, they are considered to be one of the most useful. Minions of the Order give the champion the effect of divine blood and add the Leadership parameter when using other units. The champions of the Order are driven by only one goal - to restore the rule of law after the fall of the gods, which is why they can be distinguished in battle as well-organized warriors, because each champion pursues the same goal.

The Champion of Chaos can’t get enough of the battlefields turning to cursed, smoking ruins. Even against his own minions, who help him in destruction, he uses chaos magic for fun and entertainment. Champions of Chaos love the panic that follows the fall of the gods.

Natural magic helps restore health and protects against damage, it includes such minions as wild beasts and healers. Minions that are natural, practically not killed, many simply do not have enough strength, but in other areas of magic it will be enough. After the rift, between the realms of mortals and immortals, the defenders of nature try to preserve the natural kingdom. They work to prevent the destruction of their kingdom.

With the use of mana, the magic of myths will soon go beyond their realm, thereby distorting reality. And they support mana - the minions of myths, at the same time control the battlefield and the resources of the enemy. The defenders of myths are already ready to sacrifice the natural world, they are ready to unleash magic on the empires and kingdoms of their enemies.

The magic of light provides protection for champions and minions, and it also enhances divine blood. Such minions are very difficult to destroy, as they often resurrect after defeat. To all who despair of the debris left behind by the collapse of the pantheons, champions of hope give a higher purpose.

Shadow magic corrupts the divine power of opponents. For this he uses necromancy and stealth. If the shadow minion really dies, then he can deal damage to enemies and resist death. The empire of light awaits collapse and plunder from shadow champions who will envelop the land in gloomy despair.

What is this deck? Each champion has a deck of 24 runes. Runes are of two types: runes of minions (can call a minion to fight for you) and runes of spells (have many abilities). The player can change runes by going to the deck editing screen. During the battle, the user can draw any runes from his deck, summon minions and apply powerful spells, which will allow him to defeat the enemy.

What are minions? Minions are small units that help and accompany your Champion, in other words, your character, in battle. Ordinary minions have any rarity, but the most powerful in battle are legendary minions.

What is a Campaign? Campaign is a single-user mode in which the user fights against various gods and goddesses, their wards, and ends this series of battles. To fully explore the magic of the gods of the ancient world, you need to fight them. To raise your Champion to divinity, you need to defeat Venus, Ra and Morrigan. You can meet them in every campaign.

What is Arena? The Arena has 2 game modes. The first is Versus Arena, here you fight one-on-one with a bot, with each victory rewards accumulate in your chest. The second is the Solo Arena. Here you will have to fight with seven different champions. Some of them are generated by the game, and some are real players.

What is the Path of Glory? Each player earns fame in a different way. Fame can now be gained by completing campaign missions, as well as playing Versus and completing quests here. Players start their Path of Glory in the prologue. After players have completed the Prologue, seasons are opened for them. After the season has passed, the next season opens. The prologue needs to be completed only once, before the opening of the first season. Players earn rewards as they go their way. To unlock premium top rewards, you must earn the Season Pass.

Runestrike CCG: How to Choose a Champion?

What should I know about champions? You have a collection in the store, add new Champions to it. They will help the minions win the battle by casting spells and using the powers of blood. And also Champions attack the enemy along with minions. There are six spheres of magic, but each Champion only gets access to two of them. A champion can only use spells that match one of his worlds.

What does it mean when my Champion rises? With each passed level, your Champion gains strength and goes to a new god tier. There are 5 levels: Acolyte, Immortal, Avatar, Demigod and God. Every Champion starts out as an Acolyte. The next level for the Champion is the Immortal. This level unlocks a new minion spell, only for that Champion. To unlock a new blood ability for your Champion, you need to climb to Avatar and God.

What is strength? The Champion’s Strength is a numerical value that shows how much damage he deals when attacking. Many abilities and magic spells also depend on Strength. During the game, you can increase the Champion’s Strength above the original value using spells and abilities of the blood.

What is health? A champion’s health indicates how much damage he can take before being defeated in battle. Just like Strength, a Champion’s health can affect sorceries, bloody abilities, and minions. Using certain spells can increase the Champion’s health.

What is Mana? For each turn during the battle, players receive the following amount of Mana:

This pattern continues for 10 turns, after which champions continue to gain 10 mana per turn. There are spells and minions that allow you to gain additional Mana at the beginning of the turn.

What is divine blood? Champions start the battle with 0 Blood and gain 1 Blood each turn. You can use it to activate the Blood’s abilities. The blood accumulates until it is used up. Some champions have ways to drain your blood. So be careful.

What is the power of blood? Blood Power is a unique ability of the Champion’s blood, which is activated during battle with the help of Divine Blood. Each blood power can be used once per turn, as long as you have enough Divine Blood.

How can I add Champions to my collection? Champions can be purchased from the Store.

Runestrike CCG: Runes Guide

What are minion runes? Minion spells summon a minion into battle. As soon as you summon a minion, he will attack the enemy every turn while he is alive. After being removed from battle, minions are discarded, when the number of spells reaches zero, minions will appear in your stack. All minions belong to the realm of magic. A champion can only use minion spells that apply to his realm. A unique frame and realm icon represent the minion’s realm.

What rarity stones do I see on spells? The color and cut of the stone determine the rarity of the minion. Black is basic, white is common, blue is rare, purple is epic, and red is legendary. The higher the rarity of the minion, the more powerful and unique it is. Each novice player has two copies of each spell. These spells cannot be created or broken.

How can I add minion runes to my collection? Minion spells of different rarity can be found in different sets, as well as as a reward. Using the essence, you can create minions.

What does mana mean for minion runes? When you use minion spells, mana is expended. When summoning a minion to the battlefield, be prepared for its mana cost to be deducted from your champion’s mana pool.

Minions have power. What does it mean? A minion’s strength is a numerical value that indicates how much damage it will deal when it attacks and hits its target. Minions can also gain strength in combat through sorcery spells, blood abilities, and minion abilities.

Minions have health. What does it mean? A minion’s health is a numerical value that indicates how much damage it can take before being killed in combat. Minions can gain health through various sorceries, blood abilities, or other creatures.

Some minions have abilities. What is it? Most minions have abilities. They are designated by keywords. Each ability has a description with an explanation. These abilities have many effects in combat. By clicking on a spell or minion, you can see the description of the ability.

What are spell runes? To win the battle for mana, you need to cast spell runes. They work immediately and then disappear. Each kingdom of magic has its own spell runes. A champion can use spells that match one of his worlds. A unique border and area icon represent the spell’s realm.

Runestrike CCG: Building the Deck Right

What is a deck? A deck is a set of 24 runes used by Champions in battle. You can have up to 50 decks. Decks can contain up to 2 copies of any rune, except for legendary runes, the number of which is limited to 1 copy.

How do I edit a deck? To change the deck, click on the "Collection" button on the main screen. You need to open the deck on the right by clicking on it and then, from the spell book, you can put or remove spells to add or remove. Or click on the left mouse button to remove them or add a spell. It is also possible to apply runes in several decks.

How do game elements affect deck building? When a leader owns certain areas of magic, he can collect runes with the same magical properties and neutral ones in his deck. For example, Crowe owns areas related to nature and shade. Therefore, he can only collect and use Nature, Shadow and Neutral runes.

Runestrike CCG: Using Collections Right

What’s in my collection? On the main game screen, find the "Collection" button and activate it by clicking the mouse, a button on the keyboard or touching your finger (depending on the device). These actions will take you to the location where you can view and manage your runes and decks. Please note - on this page you can still create new and break existing runes. The collection also includes your champions, who can be systematically reviewed and updated.

How do I filter and sort my collection? In the "Collections" menu, you can organize your runes based on their relationship to a certain world or the amount of mana. You can also use the View Options icon for other rune sorting types.

How do I use the text search feature? In order to quickly find the runes there is a search bar. If you click search on the search bar, then it will search for any text that you enter to search for the rune. Let’s say you enter a magician in the search, you will see all the runes in which there is a magician in the phrase, or those that belong to the magician class. So it is with other words. If the entered text is only in a phrase, then the phrase will be displayed immediately.

Runestrike CCG: How to Win in the Arena?

What is Versus Arena? A multiplayer project with exciting battle elements in which the player will have to fight with other players. Before opening multiplayer, the player will have to go through a series of tests, and to open the Arena, you need to overthrow Apollo in the "Trials of Olympus" campaign. Since the game is in Early Access, the ability to fight against a bot is present and becomes available after 10 seconds of searching for a match.

By participating in the game in the Versus arena, players gain Glory. A, Glory contributes to the path of Glory. Purchase the Season Pass and earn Renown, currently up to 50 per day or 100 per day. Brings glory and leads to the Path of Glory, also completing quests in the game. When the player completes the prologue, the seasons of play will open.

What is Solo Arena? The Solo Arena has free admission every 84 hours. Seven different champions are waiting for you, played by bots. These bots use decks from players, including you, that enter the Arena. When you have seven wins or two losses, you can get rewards in the single player arena. Additional records can be purchased with gold.

Runestrike CCG: Story Campaign Walkthrough

What are campaigns? Campaigns offer two modes of play: Normal and Fearless. Fearless Mode is especially challenging and unlocks after players finish the campaign normally. Campaigns provide you with single-player content that immerses you in the world and history of Runestrike.

The war between the deities, which destroyed the line between the world of mortals and the gods, is presented in the first Campaign - Trials of Olympus, available for passage. The legendary Jupiter, who imagines himself an invincible war, challenges you. Earn rewards by winning victories successfully. Campaigns in the game are presented in the form of in-app purchases, which are purchased separately, however, the Trials of Olympus are given to players already at the training stage.

Runestrike CCG: Terms

AnchorThis minion cannot be handled.
BlitzThis minion attacks as soon as it is summoned.
BuryWhen this minion dies, the ability is triggered.
ChooseWhen you use this rune, choose one of the options provided.
ConjureChoose one of the three runes that you want to take in your hand.
ConsumeThis minion can be played over an existing friendly minion. If so, destroy this minion and activate any indicated ability.
CorruptedThe corrupted minion attacks a random friendly minion. If none of the minions are in play, they attack their Champion instead.
CounterActivate the ability to survive after an attack.
CurseChoose one of the three cursed abilities to add to your target.
DangerousDeals double damage to champions.
DrainRestores the health of your Champion in the amount of damage dealt by him.
EvadeAvoids one attack.
FatalDestroy any minion if its health decreases when attacking.
FlightThis minion is only blocked by other minions with Flight or Space.
FrenzyThis ability triggers when that minion attacks and kills another minion.
FuseWhen summoned next to a minion of the same name, they combine to form a single, more powerful entity.
GuardMinions unopposed should attack that minion, not the Champion.
InvulnerableCannot be damaged, lose health, or die.
KeepAs long as this rune remains in your hand, something happens at the end of your turn.
LethalDeals double damage to minions.
ProtectedImmune to damage.
RallyActivate this ability at the start of your turn (until she dies).
ReachWhen dealing damage with an attack, this minion also deals damage to nearby enemy minions.
RebirthWhen this minion dies, it comes back to life in a different form.
RecoverActivate the ability at the end of your turn.
ResurrectThe first time this minion dies, it is summoned again.
SeekActivates an ability when your Champion draws a rune.
ShieldBlock damage equal to the Shield value.
SpeedAttacks more than once.
StartActivate this ability at the beginning of the game.
StealthThis minion cannot be blocked or blocked. Enemy champions cannot target this. After a minion attacks or takes damage, it loses Stealth.
StillThis minion never attacks.
StrikeActivate this ability on a successful attack.
StunnedThe target cannot attack.
SufferHe loses health at the start of the attack phase.
SurfaceActivate the ability when it is taken from your deck.
TrainChoose one of three abilities to add to your goal.
TrampleDeals any extra attack damage to the enemy Champion.
TransformRemove target minion and summon a new minion.
UpkeepReduce the amount of mana available to you at the start of your turn.
VastThis minion can block enemies with Flight.
VeilCannot be targeted by spells or abilities.
WarcryThis ability triggers when summoned.

Runestrike CCG: A Guide to Things and Values

Interesting tab. Special offers periodically appear here. These deals are shown in the "Interesting" item and remain hidden until the moment when the deal is not available. Adding a champion to your collection will unlock special deals for a set of game worlds specific to that champion. A special guide is offered for new players. This bundle offer is often limited to a limited time period, so take it while it’s available!

Are there packages in the game? Yes, you can use the "packages" tab in the store and purchase the basic packages. For your convenience, there are individual basic packages that are paid for in gold, and bulk basic packages that add value - for emeralds.

Can you buy champions? Of course! With shards or emeralds, you can easily do this. It is during the game that shards are earned, which are spent only on champions. Be sure to check out the "interesting" tab to take advantage of the bundle that unlocks all the features of your newly acquired champion.

What are emeralds for? Runestrike has its own special currency, so to speak, an elite one. Emeralds can mostly be purchased with real, real money. Thank you very much from the developers of the game for helping us work on it.

Why then the fragments? They are used to pay for champions by earning them in the course of the game.

Runestrike CCG: Account Setup

Runestrike is an addicting turn-based strategy game where your skill as a caster will lead champions to the podium. Read the rules of the game and get answers to your questions in our article. The game was developed by Making Fun and Kef Sensei.

What is Making Fun Platform? It is used to process your credentials in the games catalog. Let’s say your Runestrike account can give you access to Eternium. But remember that it’s not enough just to have a Runestrike account. To enter the Eternium game for the first time, you will have to register a username and password. Thus, the Making Fun platform is the repository of your credentials for accessing your games in the game directory. Enter them only once in each game and the platform will remember you.

How do you recognize you? In the settings, you can easily find your user ID. To do this, find "settings" on the main navigation bar and click the gear button. If you need to contact support, be sure to include this personal identifier.

What platforms can Runestrike be played on? Runestrike is available on: Windows, Mac, Android (currently in some regions). In the near future, this game will be available for devices on the IOS platform.

What if I forgot my password? To recover your password, you need to reset your old password. To do this, on the login screen, click "forgot password" and follow the step-by-step instructions. You can change the password if necessary. To do this, you need to leave the game through the settings, then go into it again and press "forgot password" in the login menu, the system will prompt you for further steps.

What if the purchased item does not appear? When buying virtual goods in the app store, you need to remember that the waiting time for some purchases can be up to 4 hours (this depends on the server latency). If after the specified time you still have not received your purchases, then contact support to get help. Provide any information: the email address associated with your account in the game, the email address associated with the app store, or the purchase number.

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