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Shining Nikki WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Walking the Game

SHINING NIKKI is an Android game with a release date of 07/05/2021 from Papergames. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek site is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Gift Code
  2. A Beginner’s Guide
  3. Main Story Walkthrough
  4. A Guide to Nikki’s House
  5. Mind Maze Walkthrough
  6. Tips for the Ark of Memories
  7. A Guide to the Design Center
  8. Style Battle Tips
  9. Guild Tips
  10. Frequently Asked Questions

Shining Nikki: Gift Code

Where to enter the promo code? To do this, go to the player’s profile, then go to the "Settings" section (the button in the form of a gear in the lower right corner). In the window that opens, at the bottom there is a button in the form of a gift "Redeem Code", by clicking on which you will open a window with an active line for entering code symbols.

Gift codes:

Shining Nikki: A Beginner’s Guide

Shining Nikki is a dress-up game with RPG elements. You play as yourself, and Nikki has been called into her inner world by the power of the Heart Gate. You use Nikki as a model in a variety of Style Battles, donning a variety of outfits obtained during gameplay. With Designer Reflections and Designer Reflection (these are set builder based cards that you can upgrade, rank, and awaken to enhance the power of the cards in stylistic battles). With Reflections, you can unlock a variety of clothes, personal information about designers, and designer stories associated with the creation of the set.

The main idea of ??the game is the time travel of the main character in the world of Myrland with the help of the Sea of ??Memories. Nikki travels to age 0 in a car called the Ark. Her mission is to stop Leonidas, the legendary designer who she believes is responsible for the destruction of Miralend.

There are four types of adventures :

In each chapter of the Main Story (except the first), you receive recipes for clothing items for completing the stages that are used to create the R set (normal clothing), and during the Labyrinth of the Mind stages the player receives recipes for creating the SR / SSR set (improved clothing). To unlock the next chapter of a story or Labyrinth of Mind, you must create these sets. Other common methods of obtaining wardrobe items and kits are shopping at the store, attending the Diamond Arena, researching various designers for Shining Pictorial magazine through the Designer Hub.

Main menu

The Main Menu (Home Screen) is the central area where you can access various modes, functions, stories and locations in the game. The various in-game currencies and the current server time are displayed at the top of the screen. There is a plus sign next to each currency shown, allowing you to increase the amount of this resource (usually by spending other in-game funds, or by purchasing with real money).

Major currencies:

In the upper left part of the screen, the player profile is displayed, where basic information about you is concentrated. The Events and Benefits icons are located under the profile. Other event-related icons may appear on the upper left side of the screen, including a seven-day login event and the Beginner’s Stylist’s Guide (a small game guide from Momo).

What are the tickets for? The game has a kind of gacha, where you get attempts to win wardrobe items for certain in-game items (for example, tickets). The gacha is called the Gate of the Heart and is divided into several shops:

The Event Center (Events) is the main place where you can view the latest events in the game. Each event lasts a limited amount of time. Many events require you to log in daily. There are permanent events that, after completion, start again. The Benefits Center rewards you with various prizes depending on your actions in the game (a kind of in-game achievements).

On the right side of the screen is a vertical list of icons leading to various important functions of the game. Each option has its own tabs and serves for your game development.

Inventories Ark (Ark Supplies) - an event in which you can earn points Endurance. Events take place periodically on certain days of the week. In a round 2 event:

  1. First round - you have 6 hours to collect 30 units of Stamina (this can be difficult and the collection will depend on your time zone).
  2. Second round - gives 30 units of Stamina, which must be collected within 3 hours from the beginning of the round.

On weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and holidays, you can get an additional 30 units of Stamina in 1 round. Unclaimed Stamina will be saved and spent at any time if you have a Privilege card (purchased with real money).

Stylist competition. This event starts every week on Saturday, and it lasts until Friday of the next week. The event gives you the opportunity to uniquely dress Nikki on the topic presented, take a photo of her and send her through the event section. Here you can also see the work of the last week of other players who took part in the competition.

For participation, special medals are given, which can be exchanged for unique items in the event store. The assortment of the store is updated every Monday. You can create your work on weekends, and on weekdays vote for the images of the main character you like.

A Close Friend is an activity that can be found in the Benefit Center. Participating in team battles with friends will increase your Affinity with them, this gives you access to rewards (gold, upgrade materials and exclusive accessories).

What is Proximity? The intimacy increases between friends to give more rare gifts. To increase Proximity, one should jointly participate in activities such as:

Pass authorization - for registering your game account on a social network or otherwise, you will receive a prize in the form of several pink gems. Authorization will help restore your account and development process in case of an unforeseen situation. This can be done through the Player Profile.

The 7- day login is a one-time newbie event where you can collect the individual pieces of the Blooming Poetry kit and its Design Reflection. To receive rewards, you need to log in within the first 7 days from the start of the game. After the end of the promotion, this function is no longer available.

Rare Event Rewards:


This is a menu where you can add each other as friends and get game benefits. Each player has their own identification number, which can be used in a companion search engine. There is a list of currently recommended friends that are updated periodically. The number of friends is limited, but this number increases with each level.

Why do we need friends? Players send and receive 2 units of Stamina every day. You can send a courtesy not only to friends, but also to members of your guild. The limit for obtaining Stamina is 30 units per day. Together with your comrades, you can participate in Team Battles together if they are in the game at the time of gathering.

How do I find friends in the game? To do this, go to the "Friends" section, then enter the "Find Friends" tab:

  1. Recommended is a list of players (shown below the tabs) that you can add as friends to play the game together.
  2. Find a player by ID - if you have a friend in real life who plays Shining Nikki, you can find him by his ID number. To do this, the active line in the center of the "Friends" screen is highlighted.
  3. Accept the application - you, like other gamers, can be included in the recommended list, and other stylists will send you friend requests. By tapping on their avatar, you can view the applicant’s profile. If a player suits you, feel free to add it to yourself.

How do I find my ID? At the bottom of the Player Profile in the lower left corner is the Player ID inscription, opposite which your ID number is indicated. Below there is a button that allows you to copy the ID and send it to anyone.

Mail (Mail) - the system displays announcements, alerts and reminders using a mailbox. Some in-game rewards are mailed, including reimbursement for server maintenance. If you have an unread email, no warnings will be displayed on the mail icon. Therefore, you must check the contents of the mail yourself.

Index (Index) - or Index of memory, in other words, this is your inventory, where you can find all the resources and items you have. The index is divided into several tabs for the convenience of finding things.

Tasks are available quests in the game at the moment, they are necessary to achieve certain goals. After completing the task, you receive a reward. There are several types of quests in Shining Nikki:

Moments is a kind of Miraland’s social network used by numerous characters in the game. The player can comment on the messages of the heroes and receive replies. For these actions, you do not receive rewards, just have a good time in the game. Each post shows the character’s icon, his name, the publication date, the post itself, the total number of comments and likes.

The different profiles of Highlights users can be seen by clicking on their profile picture below the post. Characters can tag other heroes in their comments, including players. If you are flagged, unfortunately, you will not receive a special notification about this.

In the lower right corner there are two main tabs: Ark and Home (we will look at activities below). The bottom left corner of the screen displays current notifications, which can also be seen under the Notifications tab on the right side of the screen. Below it there is an icon showing 2 speech bubbles, this is the Message System. The bottom of the screen is reserved for 5 main activities:

Each icon and tab can display a red dot indicating an update and possible rewards that you can collect at the moment. The only exception is the Mail icon.

Shining Nikki: Main Story Walkthrough

The main story is the main item on the Travel menu. At the time of this writing, there is only 1 adventure volume, which consists of 6 chapters. Each chapter has several stages that vary between stories, photographs, style battles, and style issues. Beginning with chapter 2, additional summoning stages appear, telling side stories that branch off from the chapters.

For the photography, battle and style challenge stages, you should create an outfit associated with the scene’s theme that maximizes its stylistic power. You can also equip the Designer Reflection (if there is one) during the Combat and Style Call stages, which gives an additional bonus to his score. Sometimes it may be necessary to obtain the necessary wardrobe details from the Center.

After passing the stage, awards and marks are awarded according to the following criteria: FCBAS, where F is failure, and other marks are admission to the next stage. The assessment of the passage depends on the overall score. If you are rated A or higher, you will be able to replay the scene one or more times (up to 10) without having to dress up and play on stage again, thus making good use of the scene’s rewards. Each chapter also has a requirement that must be met before moving on to the next chapter.

Choice of answer option. There are moments in history when the further development of the plot will depend on your choice of answer. But do not be afraid to answer incorrectly, as if you receive a high mark for completing a stage, you can replay it. Also, the passage of the game itself or the development of the plot will not depend on the choice of the answer. At the time of this writing, there is only 1 travel path in the game, and there are no moments that could lead to a different ending. As a result, the ending will always be the way the developers planned it.

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

Stage nameStyleRecommended power
1-1 HistoryNoNo
1-2 Time TravelSweet taleNo
1-3 HistoryNoNo
1-4 Dream MemoriesFreshnessNo
1-5 Designer ReflectionSweet taleNo
1-6 HistoryNoNo
1-7 Doomed OblivionSexuality719
1-8 FlickerSweet tale2096
1-9 HistoryNoNo
1-10 Gates of the HeartElegance1245

Chapter 2 - Sadness of the Stars

Stage nameStyleRecommended power
2-1 HistoryNoNo
2-2 Old HendrillFreshness1245
2-3 Who is AshleyElegance1245
2-4 Broken mirror imageSweet tale2456
2-5 Under the starry nightSexuality1635
2-6 Old fireSweet tale2785
2-7 Who is the Pyro?Freshness1653
2-8 Lonely FireSteep1635
2-9 Unworthy stageElegance1780
2-10 HistoryNoNo
2-11 Meteorite FeatherSexuality2018
2-12 FarewellFreshness1014

Chapter 3 - Heroic Journey

Stage nameStyleRecommended power
3-1 PhotographyFreshness2384
3-2 Strange diseaseEleganceNo
3-3 Above the River of ShadowsSweet tale3575
3-4 Monument to the War of IndependenceSteep2418
3-5 The danger is approachingElegance2905
3-6 Incredible styling powerElegance2649
3-7 Sly EnemySexuality2825
3-8 Alone on the battlefieldSweet tale3765
3-9 Infinite DeterminationNoNo
3-10 HistoryNoNo
3-11 Defense MachineSteep3066
3-12 HistoryNoNo
3-13 I don’t want to goFreshness3816

Chapter 4 - Pale Spring

Stage nameStyleRecommended power
4-1 CloudcrestSweet tale5550
4-2 HistoryNoNo
4-3 An Unexpected CrisisSweet tale3521
4-4 Cint Yi ProblemEvening dress for theater4085
4-5 Winter hot potSteep4843
4-6 Magnolia SecretSexuality4843
4-7 HistoryNoNo
4-8 Flowers and springSweet taleNo
4-9 Start performanceFreshness4415
4-10 Reflection of the new designerSteep4487
4-11 Plot reversalElegance4640
4-12 HistoryNoNo
4-13 HistoryNoNo
4-14 HistoryNoNo

Chapter 5 - Heart of Machines

Stage nameStyleRecommended power
5-1 An uninvited guestSteepNo
5-2 FarewellFreshnessNo
5-3 Law of SurvivalSteepNo
5-4 Factory CaprichoEleganceNo
5-5 Forest of machinesSexualityNo
5-6 The nightmare dissipatesSweet taleNo
5-7 HistoryNoNo
5-8 My own strengthFreshnessNo
5-9 Find the Heart of MachinesEleganceNo
5-10 Once again, good night!Sweet taleNo
5-11 The Secret of CaprichoSexualityNo
5-12 HistoryNoNo

Chapter 6 - Scarlet Lodden

Stage nameStyleRecommended power
6-1 HistoryNoNo
6-2 Judgment of the StrongCool12931
6-3 Black cat and rosesCool13495
6-4 Plan in motionElegance13692
6-5 Prompt in the DarkSteep14573
6-6 Mystery roomSweet tale18709
6-7 New warningFreshness15465
6-8 The Last CollectibleSexuality15465
6-9 HistoryNoNo
6-10 Real PowerCool17644
6-11 HistoryNoNo
6-12 HistoryNoNo

Looking for additional chapters in the Main Story? You have 6 attempts per day to complete additional stages. Their adventure rewards you with various wardrobe items and materials to improve items. But in normal mode, you won’t be able to find these stories. In order to find them, you need to click on the magnifying glass icon "Investigaring".

After the completed action, a green bubble will appear in the form of a dialogue on the map screen of the Main Story chapter. Clicking on it will open the adventure description. These stages are equivalent to the main ones.

Shining Nikki: A Guide to Nikki’s House

Link with Nikki. Home is a location where you can visit Nikki at her house and chat with her. This is the main place to strengthen the player’s bond with Nikki. Communication is essential for enhancing the performance of wardrobe items. The higher the bond, the higher the parameters of the clothing. Connectivity can be enhanced through a relationship with Nikki. For example, giving her gifts. Each level of communication opens up new opportunities for interaction.

In the house, you can interact with Nikki, engaging in conversations with her, to get an answer, you should click on her. Depending on what Nikki is doing at the moment, she may have different dialogues and reactions to you.

Nikki almost always rests in Nikki’s Homewear. She may occasionally take off her slippers when doing random activities such as exercise. She may change her clothes during certain situations, for example, wearing the Voice of Desire, established when she first spoke to you.

Nikki moves around the house and even leaves from time to time, so catch her at certain times to interact with her.

Nikki’s home offers a variety of activities, including shopping for gifts and snacks, checking old souvenirs, and working with design notes. You cannot access other areas of the house, unless Nikki moves there, which she does at her leisure.

Living room. By default, you can see Nikki’s living room whenever she walks into the house or during conversations. Nikki’s house can be seen from slightly different angles depending on whether Nikki is present and is engaged in any activity, such as eating ketchup chips or reading a novel. The TV may show what Nikki is watching right now. If Nikki is not using the TV, it is turned off.

Bedroom. She is connected to her living room and can sometimes be seen in the background when you zoom in on the living room. The windows let in lots of light and have a muted purple outline with sheer curtains drawn. Outside, greenery partially obscures the view behind some windows, while other buildings are dimly visible in the background. There is a small potted plant between the two windows.

Random actions. Nikki can be found doing random activities throughout the house. Most of these activities often do not involve the use of any gift or snack, and do not give you any benefit. However, some items found in the store trigger these random actions, such as a bag of ketchup chips that allows you to see Nikki watching a variety show while eating.

If you wait long enough, Nikki can automatically talk about what she’s doing.

Most sessions last about 30 minutes. After the action is over, Nikki can immediately do the same thing again. A magnifying glass icon may appear above Nikki’s head, indicating that the player can magnify her image. If Nikki is watching a horror movie, then you can scare her with your touch, which will reduce your connection with her by a certain number of units. The girl will just get scared.

Conversation is one way to increase sympathy. They are unlocked during a random relationship with a girl in the House. When the heroine is ready to talk, a corresponding icon appears above her head. To start a dialogue, just click on the symbol. Conversations are usually one-on-one between Nikki and you with a few rare Momo’s.

Souvenirs are items that can be collected by participating in certain conversations with Nikki. Not all conversations will provide memorabilia, and some conversations do not initially award prizes. There are currently 25 conversations in the game, after which you get a memento. The same conversation can give different gifts (depending on the answer you choose in the dialogue). Memorabilia cannot be used, only viewed.

Gifts - you can buy gifts for Nikki in the shop of her house using in-game currency (gold, pink gems or guild coins). Each item for a girl can be purchased a limited number of times. Some gifts can take away the Heroine’s Cheerfulness, while others, on the contrary, increase it. When a girl’s cheerfulness decreases, she can take from 5 slots for gifts in any random way.

Snacks - when Nikki’s Awakening drops below 60 units, she will take any snacks available from the slots to restore her strength. If the heroine does not have any scheduled events (they can be viewed in the Schedule section of the House), then Cheerfulness will be restored over time.

All Nikki’s actions affect the relationship with the player or other functions of the game:

Shining Nikki: Mind Maze Walkthrough

This is a platform game where you will learn the stories of designers. Adventure is needed to obtain various elements for making Designer Reflections. The Labyrinth of Mind is divided into chapters, each of which contains a set of stages. Before moving on to the next chapter, you must complete all the stages of the challenge and complete a specific task (located at the bottom of the map). Each chapter has a corresponding Clothing Set to craft. On the map of each chapter, the button in the lower left corner allows you to check the information about the creation of the corresponding set of clothes.

Each chapter also has a "Chapter Pack", which is a set of tasks for you. You need to complete them to get additional ones. There are two types of stages: story and challenge. Plot scenes do not require stamina and have no stylistic component. The stages of a challenge consist of both plot parts and a stylistic challenge based on a specific type of style.

Chapter 1 - Memory Railroad:


Chapter stages

Stage nameRequired style
1-1 HistoryNo
1-2 To the spirit worldElegance
1-3 Strange notificationSweet tale
1-4 Surprise ImpactFreshness
1-5 Verdict of JusticeSteep
1-6 Disappeared partnersFreshness

Chapter 2 - Mist and Stars:


Chapter stages

Stage nameRequired style
2-1 HistoryNo
2-2 A grand celebrationSweet tale
2-3 Memory of the lakeElegance
2-4 Behind the FamilyElegance
2-5 FloorNo
2-6 Ashes of DespairSteep
2-7 Forces of DarknessSexuality
2-8 Eternal FantasyFreshness
2-9 Queen’s CoronationSexuality
2-10 HistoryNo

Chapter 3 - Eternal Regret / Mirage:


Chapter stages

Stage nameRequired style
3-1 HistoryNo
3-2 Weeping stanzaFreshness
3-3 The Unspoken PromiseSweet tale
3-4 Weeping SobsSteep
3-5 FloorNo
3-6 HistoryNo
3-7 Vengeful VowSexuality
3-8 Vain CurseElegance
3-9 Mournful lonelinessSteep
3-10 HistoryNo

Mirage stages

Stage nameRequired style
HappinessSweet tale
A wishSexuality

Shining Nikki: Tips for the Ark of Memories

The Ark of Memories, or the Ark of Memories, is an in-game feature that gives access to Designer Reflection and design concepts. Here you can also perform other actions to improve wardrobe items.

Reflection (Thinking) of the designer

This is a feature of the stylized battles in Shining Nikki. Each Reflection has a specific type of style. When choosing styles for battle, Reflection will increase the styling power by a certain percentage, along with an additional bonus that depends on the Reflection you choose. Some of the Reflections will increase the bonus to modeling skill, while others will further increase the strength of the style when used in the specified round.

Reflection information is available through the Index. Stylists can see detailed information about the skills, the personal profile of the designer and associated decorations depending on how much Reflection has been improved. The Art and History of Designer Reflection can be found in the Index.

A designer’s reflections can be obtained using various methods (events, creation of objects, Sea of ??fantasy, and elsewhere). The method for obtaining a specific Reflection can be found in the Index by choosing unknown Reflection. Each Reflection has its own rank, that is, R, SR, CCP, or UR (listed from lowest rank to highest).

Raising the level - increases the strength of the Reflection style, increasing all characteristics by a specified amount. The main parameter will receive the maximum number of boost units. Leveling up increases the number of Concepts that can be integrated into an item and allows you to earn additional rewards.

All resources, except gold, will increase the experience scale (EXP), the necessary resources are placed under the scale, which will increase the experience after pressing the "Quick Upgrade" button. Under each material, it is indicated how much 1 piece increases the experience of Reflection.

Rank ups are an increase in the number of stars on Reflection. Each star is divided into 5 sections. To get a new star, you first need to fill in 5 sections. For example, you have a Reflection that has 2 stars and has 4 sections filled (Star 2-4). To get a new star, you need to fill in 1 more section. But after increasing the star rating, the scale with sections will reset to zero, and will have the designation Star 3-0 (as in the picture above).

To complete the sections, you need R-grade silver keys, and to get a new star (after filling 5 sections), you need to have SR-grade gold keys. Keys can be obtained in various adventures at any stage of the game.

Passive Effects - Reflection can have up to 3 passive effects (activated automatically at the start of the battle). Each ability is enhanced with Equipment Crystals. Crystals can be obtained for dismantling objects in the Dream Cube.

The call of reflection is to become available at high levels of the account. The call gives good bonuses in battle, and can be upgraded to level 5. To increase the level, you must have an Echo of Memory. If you have several of the same Reflections, then they are automatically converted to Memory Echoes.


Concept is an item that can be equipped with Designer Reflections to enhance their style power and function in Style Battles. Similar to Designer Reflections, Concepts can be manipulated in the Ark.

Each concept focuses on improving one parameter, and can be complemented by Designer Reflections that have the same attribute.

Like other elements, the Concepts have R, SR, SSR and UR ranks. Concepts can be upgraded and improved. The upgrade increases their base bonus. Improving Concepts increases their core skill that they focus on.

Concept Update - Uses Frozen Hearts (R, SR, SSR and UR) as well as other Concepts. A player cannot use one instance of a Concept to update another Concept. To enhance a Concept, Concept Crystals are required, but a duplicate of this Concept can be used to enhance it.

The main Concepts skill is certain properties of an item or its parameters, which are applied during the Battle of Styles. Each element of the game has different skills that are used at specific times. Several Concepts can be installed on an item, but only 1 skill will be beneficial in battle.

The concept can be selected as the main skill (which is used in Battles) by setting it to an item (as shown in the picture above). Each Concept can be upgraded up to 5 times.

Concepts Sets - Some Concepts are part of their own set. If the Designer Reflection is on the Concepts that are part of the set and placed in the correct order, they will receive a Resonance Bonus. The related Concepts will be connected with the words "Resonance inspired!"

To place the Concepts in the correct order (as shown in the picture above), place the first Concept on the left and the next ones on the right. The first Concept does not have to be in the first slot, it can be located in other slots, and still achieve Resonance if there is enough room to the right of it for other Concepts in the set.

To arrange the sets correctly, you need to pay attention to their brief description. Their correct placement is indicated by clue numbers I, II and III. The first concept would be the designation "I", for example, "Midnight Streets I" (as shown in the picture above). Kits can contain up to 3 Concepts.

All Concepts in the set have the same rank. Concepts within a set have imagery that can be better understood if arranged in the correct order. For example, the Cloud Designer debate set includes 3 different concepts. The image of each individual Concept complements the overall picture.

To open slots for Concepts, level up Reflections:

Slot 3 - opens automatically at the start of the game. This is the only slot that allows you to use the basic Concept skill. It is recommended to put the best Concepts here.

Ladder to the heart of the Ark. This is a competitive event. The main task of the players is to dress the heroine as best as possible. The season of the event changes on the server approximately every couple of months. But Nikki must be dressed in accordance with the tag. The style will change every week. At the end of the week, all players are rewarded according to their rating.

Ladder levels:

  1. Normal - Proceed like a normal Battle of Styles. After completing stage 8, access to the final level and the Challenge will open. These levels can be passed as many times as you like, since the number of attempts is not limited.
  2. The final is held in automatic mode. Here it is necessary to complement Nikki’s wardrobe with Designer Reflections and Concepts.
  3. Call - there are 2 types of call, each of which opens on Tuesday and Thursday weekly. Here, the scoring is carried out according to the parameters of the items.

The Ladder has its own shop where you can spend Ladder Coins by purchasing rare collection items and crafting recipes. These recipes are needed to create clothes (the section is located in the Ladder) for the current and next week of the event.

Shining Nikki: A Guide to the Design Center

The Design Center is one of the primary locations for obtaining and producing various game elements. The center has several locations that are unlocked under certain conditions. To find out how to open access, click on the name of the location.

Apple Apparel is a store where you can purchase items of clothing. It belongs to the Apple Apparel Federation Group, located in Flowerland, and runs the Helz store (one of the playable characters). In the store, you can purchase rare wardrobe items of various ranks and categories.


Becomes available after completing Chapter 2 - 1 of the Main Story. Here you can create items from the available sets. Subjects are divided into 3 categories:

Apparel crafting requires collecting a variety of clothing items from other locations, including the Apple Apparel Store, storylines, summoning stages, and the Labyrinth of Mind. Once you’ve crafted and obtained all of the items in the set, you can summon the Designer Reflection. Calling again will provide the player with a Designer Memory Echo. After completing the creation of a set, you will receive a certain reward, which depends on the set made.

Calling Reflection. Each individual set of clothing available in the Workshop has a corresponding Designer Reflection, which is called after completing the creation of the set, as well as when another requirement is met. A repeated challenge requires the purchase of a certain number of clothing items (will be written in the description of the challenge), as well as a large amount of gold. All Reflections can only be recalled a limited number of times. For example, calling a Storm Reflection (pictured above) requires 12 set pieces and 5 assembled Reflections from the designer.

Creation kits

Where to find set itemsSets
Main storyMeteorite Feather, Snowy Hawk Night, Nostalgic Dreams, In Ruins, Street Storm
Labyrinth of MindGlittering Vines, Kiss of Telos, Get Out of the Phoenix Palace
Thematic AlbumFirst snow

Intel Designer Hub

Unlocks after completing Chapter 2 - 3 of the Main Story. The hub consists of several columns of the Shining Painting magazine. Columns become available as you complete the stages of the Main Story.

Investigations - You get 10 investigation attempts per day. Unlike other game modes, you cannot purchase additional attempts. Every chance is used to initiate an investigation in any of the available columns. Each mission consists of 6 separate search stages, which are located on the available maps of the Main Plot.

After searching, you will receive rewards:

Also, for investigations, you get additional and special prizes. You can share special (Mysterious) rewards with your friends or guild members.

Academy of the brilliant stylist

This is a school in the game that teaches you how to improve the strength of clothing attributes by improving the items associated with each category of clothing. The location opens after completing the Main Story stage 2 - 12.

There are 5 basic courses and 1 advanced. Each course requires a certain number of items of clothing to level up. For various courses, materials are required that can be obtained from the stages of the Challenge, or from the Labyrinth of the Mind. Each course can be upgraded up to level 9, where the player must pass a test to proceed to the next stage.

Stages of training:

During the course of the course, you are given a certain percentage bonus for some categories (depending on the course). Each course is taught by 1 character (usually Nikki) with whom you enter into a dialogue, and the courses have some features:

Qualification exam questions (you have 30 seconds to answer; in order to pass the test, you must answer at least 3 questions that contain information from all courses).

QuestionCorrect answer
What is the passing score for the Stylist Academy exam? (What is the passing score on the exam of the Academy of Stylists?)60 points - this will be enough
Which of the following geometric shapes is the most stable? (Which of the following geometric shapes is the most stable?)Triangle
What is the approximate value of pi? (What is the approximate value of Pi?)3.14159
How many peoples live in Miraland? (How many people live in Miraland?)7
Which nation’s fashion style is close to the modern Earthly one? (Which nation’s fashion style is close to the modern Earthly one?)Apple Federation
What national fashion style is close to China? (What national fashion style is close to China?)Cloud Empire
In Miraland, intricate lace is most often found in which country’s clothing styles? (In Miraland, intricate lace is most often found in the clothing styles of which country?)Pigeon Kingdom
Which plant only grows in Miraland? (What kind of plant grows only in Miraland?)Night Orchid
Which of them has never won the Starry Sky Swan Competition? (Which of the following has never won the Starry Sky Swan Contest?)Loen
Where do you go to find your gifts of Stardust? (Where are you going to find your gifts of Starry Snow?)A stocking made of Starry snow
Which of the following is not Nikki’s photographic pose? (Which of the following is not a photographic pose of Nikki?)Super-confident
What is Nikki’s signature color? (What is Nikki’s signature color?)Pink
Which dress will make you sexier? (Which dress will make you more sexy?)A heady night
What is the correct name of the Dress in the picture? (What is the correct name of the Dress in the picture?)Almond milk
What is the correct name for the bottom in the picture? (What is the correct name for the Bottom in the picture?)There are several pictures with different options for the correct answer: The Killer’s Legs Are White, Snowshoes, Star Trek
What is the correct name of the hairstyle in the picture? (What is the correct name of the hairstyle in the picture?)There are several pictures with different options for the correct answer: The girl from the Cloud Empire, Glow, A vain hope
What is the correct name of the coat in the picture? (What is the correct name of the Coat in the picture?)Blue sky

Color News Department

Unlocks after completing Stage 3 - 3 of the Main Story. The newsroom contains several volumes of magazines in which you can compete with some of the characters in the game. After completing the individual stages, you are given a reward. The volumes are made up of 30 stages, and each of them is centered around mastering one parameter to complete the volume. You compete in Style Battles with different judges. All judges can comment on you, including a short text before the start of each stage.

Main volumes:

Shining Nikki: Style Battle Tips

There are several activities in the game in which you will have to fight for the right to be the best stylist:

When getting into battle, you must first transform the heroine. To do this, you are transferred to the Wardrobe. In the upper left corner is the Styling Power tooltip, which contains the requirements for the outfit:

To see a detailed description, you need to click on the exclamation mark icon. If by some parameters you are not suitable for the battle, then you should better pump over the elements of the wardrobe.

If you do not have enough items to win, then you can buy some items in the store without leaving the preparation mode. Remember - the store does not always contain the wardrobe items you need.

Selection of subjects. On the right side of the screen, there are several icons with items of various categories (hairstyle, clothing, accessories, and others). By tapping on one of them, you can pick up elements for the battle. Items range from strongest (has more points) to weakest. By keeping your finger on an object, you can view information about it (as in the picture above). For some stages of the Battle of Styles, special elements are required. They are written in the tooltip and highlighted in red. By clicking on the name, you will open the description of the item, where the location of its search is indicated.

Why is it important to view item descriptions? This is necessary to increase the likelihood of winning. In some battles, in addition to the main attribute, it is required to select outfit elements according to secondary indicators, such as: the name of the set and additional attributes. In the picture, the hairstyle "Astronomer" with the main attribute - sexuality, was chosen, but to complete the stage it was required to select items with the "Romantic" parameter.

To maximize your chance of victory, carefully read the descriptions for the stages of the adventure, where the main tips for victory are given.

If you have items with Reflection and Concepts, they must be worn first, but you should be careful, as some indicators cannot but correspond to the battle style.

When everything is ready, simply click on the Next button and you will enter the scoring mode. If you were equipped with elements with Reflection, and they have skills with bonuses, then they will work at the start of the battle. Then 4 symbols will appear at the bottom of the screen - these are parts of Nikki’s body that will be shown in the next moment (hairstyle, fast paced, and others). The big symbol is the Reflection of the designer, by clicking on which you activate the bonus.

Sometimes in battle, you are given a mini-game. 3 numbers appear on the screen, which you must click in order (1 - 2 - 3). But this must be done quickly, since the numbers disappear a few seconds after they appear. This action gives you extra style points.

Shining Nikki: Guild Tips

Guilds are player-driven communities that provide you with various benefits and unlock new gameplay features. Becomes available at player level 17. You can enter the alliance through the "Friends" menu, the tab for the transition is located in the upper right corner.

Each guild has a leader, a limited number of members, and an ID. The leader can give the name of his guild, change the icon of the union, use the funds of the alliance for the construction of guild buildings. The construction of buildings and their pumping gives additional bonuses to all members of the community.

Contributions. A guild can have a certain number of members, which increases with the level of the union. Community members must make certain contributions to the Guild Fund. The union can accumulate a certain amount of funds. Once resources reach their limit, most players will not be able to donate to guilds (which will prevent them from receiving additional bonuses).

In the daily tasks there is an item in which you need to make a certain amount of contributions to the Guild Fund, so it is important to complete this quest, as it will bring additional rewards and activity points.

Benefits - for the contributions you donate to the union, you earn points. As soon as the number of points reaches a certain value, you can pick up the guild package, which is located in the "Benefits" tab.

Makeup research. There are various brands of cosmetics in the game, each with their own signature style (these are the attributes they focus on). All brands include items (they become available after reaching certain conditions, for example, the required level of the player). The makeup categories are identical to the clothing categories. Makeup, accessories and outfit can all belong to the same set.

Correctly chosen makeup (by style and category) increases the number of points in the battle. Study the attributes of each subject carefully to get more points and win the competition.

There are also various items within the Brand that you can learn to increase one of your attributes. This is achieved by choosing different resources to research, and paying a certain amount of Guild Coins.

The "The result of the study" button at the top of the screen shows the results of the makeup study, including any attributes you have upgraded. The counter shows the amount of each makeup category collected from the Brands you have, including foundation, eyebrows, eyelashes, contact lenses, and lips.

Party guild (Guild Party) - is available 2 times a day, but you can take part in it only 1 time. During the Party, a quiz will be held, if you want to get good gifts, then you should answer as many questions as possible within 10 minutes. Total quiz contains. You have 1 minute to answer a question, then another question appears on the screen.

But if you just want to receive awards, then you can join the Party and skip all the questions. If one of the participants answers the question correctly, then all members of the Party receive 2 guild coins, 1000 gold and 1 Poetry of Time. The reward is calculated based on the total number of correct answers. Even if the player is late for the party, he will still receive the final reward. However, they will not receive any prizes for answering the questions correctly, unless they have attended the questions.

Party Questions

QuestionCorrect answer
What is Nikki’s natural hair color? (What is Nikki’s natural hair color?)Pink
What’s Nikki’s favorite drink? (What is Nikki’s favorite drink?)Bubble Tea
What is Nikki’s favorite chip flavor? (What is the taste of chips that Nikki likes the most?)Ketchup
What is Nikki’s position on the football team? (What is Nikki’s position on the football team?)Goalkeeper
What is Nikki really doing? (What does Nikki really do?)Student
When is Nikki’s Birthday? (When is Nikki’s birthday?)December 6 (December 6)
What time of year was Nikki born? (What is Nikki’s birthday season?)Winter (Winter)
What is the zodiac sign NikkiSagittarius (Sagittarius)
What set do you get during 1 visit to Nikki’s house? (During the first visit to Nikki’s house, what is the name of her kit?)The voice of desire
What is Momo’s rank? (Momo’s Moments ID - "Master ....")Barbecue
What color is Momo’s cloak? (What color is Momo’s raincoat?)Yellow (Yellow)
What food did Yexiao, Nikki, and Momo meet for? (What kind of food did Yosho, Nikki and Momo meet for?)Dumpling
Who is the strongest stylist to create Designer Reflection? (Who is the strongest stylist who created a Reflection of the designer?)Leonid
What did Loen do before becoming a mercenary? (What did Loen do before he became a mercenary?)Was a soldier (Soldier)
How tall is Loen? (How tall is Loen?)183 cm (183 cm)
Who is the designer of Nostalgic Dreams? (Who is the designer of Nostalgic Dreams?)Qin Yi

Minor issues

QuestionCorrect answer
What is the shape of Qin Yi’s mole under his eye? (What is the shape of Qin Yi’s mole under his eye?)Butterfly
What is the code for Capricho in the Wasteland? (What is the Capriccio code in the Wasteland?)219
Whose moment identifier is Summerview? (Whose moment ID is Summers?)Major Snowhawk
What’s the name of Susan’s little brother? (What is the name of Susan’s younger brother?)William
Who is Marina’s older brother? (Who is Marina’s older brother?)Eon
Who is Eon’s younger sister? (Who is Eon’s younger sister?)Marina
Who is Marina’s favorite designer? (Who is Marina’s favorite designer?)Leonid
Who Wrote The Diary of a Suicide Seal? (Who wrote the "Diary of a Suicide Seal"?)Peppermint
What type of clothing does Peppermint create most often? (What type of clothing is most often created by Peppermint?)Home clothing
Who is the founder of the Design Hub? (Who is the founder of Designer Intel Hub?)Vivian
What is Jiang Basi filming in the Wasteland? (What is Jiang Beixin shooting in the Wasteland?)Miranda Geography
Who Invented Artificial Intelligence, The Ideal Figure? (Who invented artificial intelligence, the Perfect Figure?)Charmonrow
What is the name of the AI ??designer of the Apple Federation? (What is the name of the AI ??designer of the Apple Federation?)Ii (Ii)
Who is Yuki’s roommate? (Who are the roommates?)Jax
Who is Xiaoyu’s roommate? (Who is Xiaoyu’s roommate?)Crimson
Where is Zoe’s hometown? (Where is Zoya’s hometown?)Northern Kingdom
Who does the Vulture work for? (Who does the Vulture work for?)Mercury Group

Gameplay questions

QuestionCorrect answer
What is the VIP level of Mercury in Moments? (What is the VIP level of Mercury in moments?)VIP-5
Where does Lolori serve as an administrator? (Where does Lalori serve as an administrator?)Guild
Ambassador of Elegance Lolori from which country? (Which country’s ambassador of Elegance is Lalaurie?)Kingdom of Ninir
Who is the Queen of the Kingdom of Ninir? (Who is the queen of the kingdom of Ninir?)Lilith
Which country does Star Harbor belong to? (What country does Star Harbor belong to?)Kingdom of ninir
Which country in Miralenda is famous for its technology? (Which country of Miralinda is known for its technologies?)Ruin Island
Social media in Miraland? (What are social networks in Miraland?)Moments
What is the name of the Helz clothing store? (What is the name of the Heltz clothing store?)Apple Clothing
Most Popular Site in the Design Center (Which of the following sites is not in the Design Center?)Laboratory of Ideas
What is the name of the 1st issue of the Flower range? (What is the name of the Flower range of the 1st issue?)Sweet fairy tale
Where can you find the Reflection of the designer you previously owned?
(Where can you find a Reflection of the Designer you owned?)
Highest level in the Diamond Arena (What is the highest level in the Diamond Arena?)Eternal Legend
Which stage is not the Nevirfall Curtain stage? (What stage is not the stage of Nevirfall Curtains?)Opera House

Also in the guild there is a section "Heart Gift", in which you can get rare rewards by fulfilling certain conditions. These prizes can be shared with any member of the guild.

Perform all of the actions listed by us in the guild daily, as this will help you progress faster and achieve high success in Shining Nikki.

Shining Nikki: Frequently Asked Questions

How to play in your native language? The game, although it was released globally, was only translated into English. You can download Shining Nikki and play on the Taiwan server. But in general, everything is written on it in hieroglyphs. To translate content, take a screenshot. Then go to Google or Yandex translator, you can upload photos to them, and the translation will be made from the image. If you are playing on iOS, then the translation of the screenshot can be done using the Live Photo option.

My Nikki is often absent at home, and my energy does not rise, what should I do? Nikki’s energy in the house is restored automatically 1 unit in 6 minutes. The girl often changes her actions, so they are difficult to track. If the energy is not restored, it is just busy with something important. After about 19 hours (user time), the heroine can go to her room and watch the phone on the bed or sleep.

What is the player’s experience earned for? Experience is given for almost any action in the game (unless specified in the activity description). Most of all experience you get during the passage of the Main story and the Labyrinths of the Mind. Some tasks reward you with a lot of experience points.

How do I change my player profile avatar? To do this, go to the Dressing Room, dress up Nikki to your liking, and take a picture of her (the camera icon is located in the lower left corner). You can save the picture in any mode (selfie or from the side). To make Nikki look pretty, choose an interesting pose. Then, in the right-left corner, you need to click on the pink button, this will put the picture on the avatar. The blue button (next to it) saves the photo to the smartphone.

I cannot enter the Main Story stage, what should I do? To enter the adventure stage, you must meet the necessary conditions. For example, reaching a certain level of the player, the number of communication units with Nikki, and others. To view the conditions, click on Momo (in the upper left corner of the history entry window). After this action, a window will open with a description of the stage requirements.

How do I change the server? This requires restarting the game. As soon as the inscription "Tap to start" appears (at the bottom of the loading screen), an active line with a server selection will appear above the inscription. Click on it to go to the server selection window. 2 items will appear in the window:

  1. Recent is your current server.
  2. All Servers - available servers. The picture shows the global version of the game, where there are still 2 servers (at the time of this writing). There are many more servers on the Taiwanese version.

Can you help find the codes for the Night of Luden event? The event is held periodically, in order to close all tasks, you need to carefully read the instructions for them, hints may be hidden there. For the picture above - code 398812, for the picture below - code 0109.

The author of the article: Evgeniya G.