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Passing Space Justice: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

SPACE JUSTICE - a game in the genre of space arcade shooting, was released on September 12, 2018 by the company of Sergey Zhukov - IT Territory and a subsidiary of Mail.ru Group - My.com. Game Genre: Arcade. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Сodes and promotional codes
  2. What ships are better to swing?
  3. How to effectively pump ships?
  4. The secret of pumping drones?
  5. Tactics passing game
  6. Free methods for obtaining crystals and prizes
  7. Feats and missions for the squad
  8. What to buy in the store, and what is not?
  9. Tips for leveling ships, drones and technology
  10. Passage of the story company
  11. Secrets of doing daily tasks
  12. PvP and Attack Protection Guide
  13. How to get Bro-points and make friends in the game?
  14. Other tips and secrets of the game

Space Justice: codes and promotional codes

promotional codes

The code entry panel can be found in the game settings. The gear-shaped settings button is located on the upper right of the main game screen. The code can be entered in any register without spaces or dashes. At present, the following codes are known:

Codes quickly become obsolete. Do not forget to visit our site - Wise Geek. Here we will, if possible, add new gift codes to the game. Do not miss, as some codes are valid for a limited time!

What ships are better to swing in Space Justice?


The best ships are those that have self-guided weapons!

Why the following conclusion was made:

  1. In battle, you will have to solve several tasks at once: dodge bullets, kill enemies and catch buns. Using ships that shoot only in front of you, you will be forced to constantly leave the firing position because of the threat of death.Homing weapons allow you to fight from almost anywhere on the screen.
  2. The possibilities of our brain are limited. It often happens that keeping track of all threats is problematic, and yet you need to fire. Homing allows the brain to concentrate and effectively solve only one task - to dodge enemy bullets and shells.
  3. Moving enemies can create a lot of trouble, especially for turrets in PvP battles. Ships that shoot only in front of themselves constantly have to adjust to the movement of their enemies and this is not always effective.
  4. With the passage of simple missions you will be enough to stand at one point to win the battle.

At the moment, there are only two ships in Space Justice with homing weapons: Scorpio and Batty. However, it is not worth much to rejoice - these ships have only a few guns homing. The rest of the shooting is traditionally straight.

Scorpio shoots 4 homing missiles. They are almost 100% likely to hit the selected target. In addition, they explode, damaging nearby enemies. Rockets are effective against clusters of enemies and turrets. When the target is close to the ship, then 2 missiles departing from the side can not get into it, so when flying this ship you need to keep a distance. The ship is easy to pump up to the rank of SS for Bro-points. Of the other drawbacks, I would like to point out not so good bonuses, like other ships.

Batty has one rapid-fire weapon, which is homing only at the time of aiming. For fast moving targets, it often misses. I would like to mention the magnificent bonuses that open when pumping a ship to S rank. Especially valuable will be the skill "Space Hunger", which resurrects a ship with 40% health after a deadly hit in it.

Other ships can also be quite effective in capable hands. The ship Strela has phenomenal firepower and it is better to pump it in the early stages of the game when the other ships are blocked. Ship Sonar is loved by many for good protection, and restoration of armor for killing enemies.

How to effectively pump ships into Space Justice?

ship evolution

Ships have 2 possibilities for leveling: level and rank. The maximum level of the ship depends on its rank.

The rank of the ship increases when collecting a sufficient number of evolution maps and crystals. When evolution not only opens up new abilities of the ship, but also significantly increases the performance of armor, damage from weapons and skills.

Rank Max. level Evolution maps Crystals
C 40 - -
B 60 80 100
A 80 160 300
S 100 240 500
SS 140 320 800

The level of the ship rises for loans. However, it can be enhanced for crystals. But we do not recommend to do this, since the credits will be very useful for increasing the rank of the ship. As the level increases, 3 ship indicators increase: armor, weapon and skill damage.

First you need to pump your main strike ship. The remaining ships need to be pumped evenly, as using a zero ship in story missions or exploits is not a good idea.

The secret of pumping drones in Space Justice?

pumping drones

As with ships, it’s better to choose drones with homing weapons . These drones are Sherman, Lancer and Thunder. At rank S, they get the skills they need. Sherman neutralizes fatal damage 1 time per departure, and Thunder helps a lot in PvP combat, reducing the anger of the turrets by one level.

Pumping drones is very similar to pumping ships, but there are a few nuances. Raising the level of a drone does not cost as many credits as ships. As the drone level rises, the experience of drones is spent. Personal experience is spent first, then universal experience is spent. Personal experience can only be obtained in missions using this drone. Universal experience fits all drones, you can buy it in stores, win when you open a container or receive it as a reward for a mission.

Increasing drone rank consumes drones and crystals. However, cards and crystals are required in much smaller quantities than for ships. As the rank increases, new abilities open up and the maximum level available for pumping increases.

Rank Max. level Evolution maps Crystals
C 40 - -
B 60 20 50
A 80 50 100
S 100 120 200
The personal experience of drones is easy to get; it suffices to remain in battle as long as possible.There are story missions in which you can be almost endlessly in combat, as some points on the screen do not shoot bosses with bosses. We will not say what these missions are - you will find them yourself. And it does not matter whether you win or burn through, you will still get experience. It should be borne in mind that personal experience is charged only the first 40 minutes of the battle.

Tactics passing game Space Justice

There are many activities in the game, but sometimes there is not enough time to play it, and there is not enough energy (verdium). It is not clear what to play, what to do for fast pumping. We will give a sequence that will allow you to pump as efficiently as possible. Here we will list everything briefly, and below we will tell about each item in more detail:

  1. Free receipt of crystals and prizes.
  2. Passage of feats and missions for the squad.
  3. Shopping in game stores.
  4. Pumping ships, drones and technology.
  5. Passage of story missions.
  6. Perform daily tasks.
  7. Attack on other players. Protection from attack.
  8. Getting Bro points. Friends in the game.

This sequence of actions will allow you to spend your playing time with maximum efficiency. Each of these points will be discussed in more detail in the following sections.

Free methods for obtaining crystals and prizes

Space justice secret

Crystals - the rarest currency in the game, you only need to spend it on pumping ships and drones. We recommend ignoring other ways of nesting crystals, since they are replaced by other easily accessible resources in the game. Get the crystals from the first days of the game. So you will have strong ships without investing a single penny of real money. There are the following methods of obtaining crystals:

  1. Getting crystals for viewing ads. For each view give 7 crystals. You can watch ad a limited number of times a day with an interval of several hours between views. This feature is available in the tasks of the game.
  2. Buy 20 crystals in the store for Bro-glasses. On the day you need to make at least 1 such purchase.
  3. Getting crystals for passing story missions on heroic difficulty. Such gifts can only be received once in the game. But they allow you to quickly make a solid sum.
  4. Passing the most difficult mission for the units gives 20 crystals a day.
  5. Violet skulls appearing on protective platforms - 2-3 crystals.
  6. Performing 3 daily quests can bring you 12 crystals per day.
  7. Selling unwanted security platforms will bring you 5 crystals each.
  8. Search for a small golden chest (easter eggs) on an aircraft carrier can, among other things, bring you 3 crystals.The place and time of occurrence of Easter eggs is constantly changing. See screenshot above.
  9. Buying a premium for 30 days will allow you to gradually get 1500 crystals. Premium is the most profitable way to buy crystals.
  10. Buying crystals for real money. The more you take, the more profitable the course.

The opening of containers is also carried out for viewing ads every 8 hours. Or for crystals without limits. In containers you can get different currencies and consumables. Especially valuable prizes that can be found only in containers are the ship Aurora and the turret of the rank of SS.

Feats and missions for the squad


Feats are daily dungeons for the passage of which only ships of a certain type and rank are allowed. For the successful completion of missions are given medals that can be spent in the appropriate store. Evolution maps of many ships and drones can only be purchased at this store. In the exploits there are a number of rules and restrictions:

  1. In this mode, you can not use any drones or technologies.
  2. The more difficult the feat, the more medals given for his accomplishment!
  3. A ship of a specified rank or higher is required for departure.
  4. Required ships will change at 3.00 Moscow time.
  5. Exploits are recommended to take place in a cooperative mode!
  6. Each attempt to pass costs 5 energy (verdium).
It is very important to have as many ships as possible of the highest possible rank (optimally rank S).So you will make more feats and earn a lot of medals needed for the further pumping of ships and drones.

squad missions

A squad is a story mission for two players. For the passage of which are given an increased number of Bro-points and 20 crystals. Missions are updated daily and can only be completed once a day. The further you go through the story, the more missions will be available for you to complete.

Passage of exploits and missions for the squad does not take much time, but give a lot of valuable prizes. Therefore, it is necessary to pass them every day without fail and as a matter of priority!

What to buy in the store, and what is not?


In the game there are 2 stores in which you can shop for Bro-glasses in one and for Medals in the other. How to earn these currencies, we told in the previous section of the article. A set of goods in them is fixed. Each purchase can be made once a day. But you can reset the number of purchases and go shopping again. In the shops a lot of different products. About what to buy and what not, we will describe below.

  1. Crystals - you need to buy them first and foremost.
  2. Maps of the evolution of ships . Ships of a certain rank are needed both for feats and for the passage of plot tasks.First of all, you need to buy maps of the ships necessary for the passage of plot tasks.
  3. Evolution maps of drones - as they enhance the combat power of your squadron.
  4. Platforms should be bought ONLY when you have completed the last mission in the story company, otherwise you will waste money. As the level of platforms in the store grows as the story progresses.
  5. Free experience drones can be bought when you can not normally earn individual experience. Hack how to earn a lot of individual experience has been described above.
  6. We do not recommend to buy credits, techno-glasses and a verdium , as they are easy to earn in another way.
  7. It is necessary to update the store assortment when there is enough currency to re-purchase the necessary things.

Tips for leveling ships, drones and technology

technology pumping

We told about how to pump ships and drones correctly in the first sections of the article. Here we will give some more tips:

  1. First of all, you need to pump your main strike ship. It is useful for passing story missions and in PvP tasks.
  2. Secondarily, you need to pump the rank of the ships necessary for the passage of individual story missions.
  3. In the third place, the rank of the remaining ships should be evenly increased, even to the detriment of increasing the rank of drones. Since ships of high rank are needed for feats.
  4. Drones also need to download in the first place those that you use in battle.
  5. Try different ships and drones, read descriptions of their abilities. It is possible that a particular ship and drones will suit your style of combat and become more effective for you than others.
  6. Do not rest and swing all the ships to the maximum level. Otherwise, you will not be able to perform the daily task of pumping ships, giving 4 crystals. Leave some ships unfinished.
  7. If possible, save unique. They are rare and expensive. Better save them in case of emergency. But without fanaticism, use them wisely.
  8. The fastest way to get hold of credits for pumping is to perform plot tasks and robbing other players.
  9. No need to save loans, it is better to immediately invest them in pumping. So you not only become stronger, but also save yourself from robbery.

Technochnych and the study of technology in the laboratory is an important addition to pumping ships and drones. You not only increase the ship’s armor and increase the damage from the main and super-weapons, but also open up the very necessary abilities. For example, treatment, free overdrive, rate of fire, accelerated reloading, etc., are very important combat skills. Moreover, the technology increases the overall characteristics of your squadron in battle, no matter what ship or drones you choose. We give some tips on learning technology.

  1. The cost of learning technology is constantly increasing, but the result is almost constant. Therefore, a uniform study of all technologies - this is the best way to quickly pump.
  2. Techno to get the fastest, robbing other players (PvP).
  3. No need to accumulate a large number of techno glasses, it is better to spend them immediately. A large number of techno points and credits in the account is a direct way to be robbed.
  4. Save and waste techno as soon as possible. As long as you save them - you are an ideal target for robbery. After studying the technology, take a pause, save up energy (verdiuma) for the next series of robberies.
  5. In daily quests you can earn a certain amount of techno points for destroying the reactors of other players. But remember this task has stages in 3, 4 and 5 reactors. Until you take the prize for the previous stage, the next one will not start.

Passage of the story company

Completed story company

Pass the storyline campaign as far as possible. Better to the very end. To make it as comfortable as possible, we recommend the following strategy for passing story missions:

  1. Do not start the next mission until you complete the previous one for all 3 stars. Passing gradually, you will memorize difficult moments in battle and it is easy to overcome them. If you ride the plot like a flea around a dog, you will often make mistakes and waste your time and energy in vain.
  2. Always choose the type of game - 2 players. So you call on the help of an experienced companion who can actually go through the battle for you. And for the help he will be awarded Bro points.
  3. Received awards are recommended to immediately spend on upgrading the ship, drones and technology research.Flying on a low-powered ship, even with an experienced partner, will often suffer a fiasco.
  4. After the end of the battle, you should invite your partner as a friend. Do not forget about it, friends are important in the game!
  5. To open the following missions need to improve the core of the main ship. Improving the core in addition to access to the following missions gives tremendous advantages: increases armor and damage to turrets - your defenders in PvP; Increases the capacity and performance of the generators; Expands laboratory capacity; Opens new skills, turrets and platforms.
  6. Some missions are designed for passing certain ships of the desired rank. Therefore, you need to swing such ships as a matter of priority.
  7. When you repeat the mission, you will receive only what you have filled with enemies. Big rewards can only be received at the first passing.

Passing story campaigns gives a lot of advantages compared with other activities:

  1. Lots of crystals.
  2. Maps of the evolution of ships and drones.
  3. Getting powerful security platforms.
  4. Evolution of the nucleus for the stars.
  5. Lots of credits.
  6. Universal experience drones.
  7. More opportunities for earning Bro Points.
  8. Many other gifts.

Therefore, the passage of the storyline company to the end is more important than PvP battles.

Battle Bonuses

Battle bonuses

After the destruction of enemy ships, in the wreckage of some of them you can find various bonuses that help you in completing the mission or contain an additional reward. On the image you can find the visual symbols of these bonuses, and below you can read about each of them.

  1. Repair . Restores part of the ship’s armor within seconds.
  2. Container After winning the mission gives an additional reward. Inside can be credits, experience of drones, crystals, charge of overdrive or cards of drones.
  3. Overdrive charge . Gives an additional charge overdrive, which burns after the mission. When using overdrive, this free charge is primarily consumed.
  4. Power amplifier . Increases the damage of the aircraft and its rate of fire for the duration of the bonus.
  5. Shield This bonus gives invulnerability to one hit. Small bullet or collision with a large ship - it does not matter, but only for one hit.

Secrets of doing daily tasks

daily tasks

Although the daily tasks do not bring so many resources, it is still recommended to fulfill them. With the passage of the storyline campaign part of the daily runs automatically. We will give a list of these assignments and ways to accomplish them when all the story missions are exhausted.

Daily rewards are given once a day. To get them you just need to enter the game. Every 7 day you will receive crystals.

Refueling gives the main energy in the game - Werdum. There is nothing to do here. Just go into the game from 12 to 15 hours and from 19 to 22 hours to get 50 WDs. But remember, if the energy is greater than 100, then it ceases to accumulate every 7.5 minutes. However, if the reserves of the verdium exceed 300 units, then you will additionally receive 8000 credits.

Commercial break . For viewing the commercial you will receive 7 crystals. The task appears at intervals of several hours a certain number of times a day.

Improve drone . You need to improve the drone 2 times and get 4 credits. Always have drone experience in stock for quickly completing this quest.

Aircraft mechanic . You need to improve the ship 2 times and get 4 credits. Leave unused ships not pumped, so that there is always something to improve.

Investor You will receive 4 crystals for spending 10,000 credits. It counts: improving drones, improving ships, buying overdrive.

Aces Hunter . You need to defeat 6 plot bosses and get 2000 credits. Faster and easier to do it on the 10 missions of the story company. This 10th mission is better to go along with other players to immediately complete the 2 tasks "True Bro".

True Bro is a series of 3 tasks in which you can get 10, 20 and 30 Bro points for passing together 3, 6 and 10 story missions with other players, respectively. PvP, feats and missions for units do not count. You need to pick up a reward for each of these tasks - go through all 10 missions and pick up 3 rewards right away.

Fighter is a series of 3 missions in which you can get 2000, 3000 and 4000 techno-points for destroying 3, 4 and 5 aircraft carrier generators of other players in PvP, respectively. Here, too, you need to pick up a reward for each of these tasks. Destroy 12 generators and pick up immediately 3 rewards fail.

PvP and Attack Protection Guide


PvP mode in the game is an attack on the defenses of another player’s aircraft carrier. Robbery is the most profitable way to get techno points in the game. Credits in PvP are harder to earn than in story missions, but after passing the plot, the robbery will also throw a decent amount of credits into your piggy bank. Rob others is much harder than going through the plot, but if you stick to our advice, then everything will go like clockwork.

Rating with a successful robbery increases, and with the defeat, he falls. Rating is very important precisely because of it, opponents are selected for your attack. Only players with a rating higher than yours can help you in robbery. Accordingly, you can only help players with a rating lower than yours.

Lower your rating from time to time so that your opponents can get through your teeth, get help quickly and not be robbed often.

The button "Search for more" allows you to find a victim with an acceptable level of complexity and a high reward. The victim rating may be higher and lower than yours. If you beat a strong opponent, the rating will increase more than for the weak. However, if you lose to a strong player, then the rating will fall more than if you lose to a weak one. When selecting players, you can see his platform. Lilac (rare) platforms are much harder to beat than normal - keep this in mind.

Playing together is better than one. However, one is better to lower the rating. When your rating is too high, you may have difficulty finding the second player. Even when you are killed - do not rush to leave the game, another player can successfully complete the battle and you will take away all the reward due.

Before the start of the battle, choose the platform that is easiest to win as the reward and rating vary depending on the platforms covered:

Learn the manner of shooting various turrets and how to protect against them. The danger of turrets increases when it remains last. So try to shoot the turrets evenly, if possible. Overdrive and other abilities use when really necessary.

Focus on dodging enemy shots in the initial stages of combat. Because of the high accuracy of turrets, most of your bullets will hit the target. When the turret becomes 2 or less - then you need to think about the accuracy of shooting. But if you used our advice and took the ship and the drones with homing into battle, then you can forget about the aimed shooting, homing will do its work.

main ship protection

There are many ways to protect against robbery. You’d be surprised, but strong turrets and platforms are a good, but not the best way to protect your aircraft carrier. So, we present you the TOP methods of protection against looting:

  1. A zero or low amount of credits and techno points almost 100% protects you from robbery. Who wants to suffer and attack the aircraft carrier, and in the end to get a hole from the donut. Therefore, after a series of your robberies and pumping, you need to have a minimum of credits and techno points on your accounts.
  2. A low rating will severely limit the number of worthy opponents who can overcome your defense.
  3. Bleeding the core of an aircraft carrier and passing story missions will not only give you new protective platforms, but also increase their security and effectiveness of the cannon fire.
  4. Install only the best platforms. Buying new platforms in the store is only necessary when you have completed the last of the possible story missions. Otherwise you will waste Bro-glasses for nothing.
  5. Platforms increase the damage of certain types of guns. See screenshot.
  6. Platforms have an energy limit within which you can install turrets. The better the turret, the more it consumes energy. Use the limit in full.
  7. There is a defense test - it’s free, and with an unlimited number of revivals. The test allows you to identify opportunities to protect your aircraft carrier. Remember: the effectiveness of the fire is achieved by its massive!
  8. When installing a trill, by clicking on the i icon, you can get complete information about the turret (class, armor, damage, energy) and how it is fired.
  9. After an unsuccessful defense, you need to restore the generators and platforms by simply clicking on them.Otherwise, your generators will not make more techno points.
  10. Any defense field (successful or not) turns on the shield for 3 hours. During this time you can not rob.
  11. On the aircraft carrier screen all defensive battles of your ship are reflected. By clicking on it you can see detailed information about it. And also about your attacks on other players.
  12. Within 24 hours after the robbery, you can take revenge and return all the resources stolen from you. And revenge passes unnoticed by the robber, the robber loses nothing. In fact, stolen resources are simply blocked and returned to you in the event of a successful attack on an enemy aircraft carrier.
  13. Friends can not attack you. Therefore, expanding the list of your friends will narrow the list of your enemies a little.
  14. The skull icon that can appear on the platform indicates that it was she who killed the attackers.
  15. When you click on the green skull, you will receive a verdium, on yellow - bro glasses, on purple - crystals.

platform layouts

The screenshot contains all the symbols that you can find on the diagrams of various platforms.

1. Static cell. The turret placed in it does not move and does not rotate.

2. Rotary (swinging) cell. In it, the turret can rotate along a unique trajectory for this cell.

3. Guided cell. The turret installed in this cell monitors the player and all the time tries to visit the ship.

4. Hangar. This unit releases small drones that attack the enemy.

5. The hammer. Installation, moving horizontally on the platform in a given range and tracking the enemy’s plane. After a certain time, the installation releases a hammer that destroys the aircraft in case of contact.

6. Plasma gun. Generates a huge stream of hot plasma, which is also able to destroy the ship after one hit.

7/8/9. Rocket. Installation, which produces large missiles at regular intervals. The rockets themselves are similar to those found in PvE missions. Variations 8-9 affect the point from which the rocket will fly and at what angle it will fly.

10/11. Destructible shields. Physical protection covering the turret, which can be destroyed.

12. Unbreakable shields. The energy dome, which is impossible to destroy, covers the turret under it. These shields periodically disappear and reappear, and your task is to destroy the turret before the dome reappears.

13/14/15. Ordinary rails. Turrets are mounted on them, which move along a unique trajectory.

16. Track rail. The turrets mounted on it seek to line up with the enemy’s ship.

How to get Bro-points and make friends in the game?

Bro-glasses friends

Friends in the game are needed to get Bro points. Only a day you can get no more than 20 Bro-points from friends. In total you can have no more than 50 friends.However, you need to keep track of this list: delete inactive friends and add new ones. There are several ways to get a friend:

  1. When completing a mission with a companion, you can click a button and send him an invitation as a friend. If he accepts it, you will become friends. This is the fastest way to make friends. In the screenshot below, the button of the invitation in the form of a plus sign is replaced by an icon with 3 people, since we already have 50 friends, and invite is no longer possible.
  2. Accept invitations from other players. Invitations are displayed in the list of friends. If you already have 50 friends, then accept the invitation does not work.
  3. Invite a friend by his nickname in the Friends tab.

Friend request

Another and most common way to get Bro points is to help other players. Requests for help appear in the form of a tab on the left in the center. Green bookmark - PvE, yellow bookmark - PvP. But you need to have time to take them, because You are the only one who shows such an invitation. The nature of PvE invitations depends on how far you have climbed the story tree tasks. The nature of PvP invitations depends on your PvP rating.

Bro points are awarded only in case of successful completion of the mission in PvE. The number of Bro points in a joint PvP depends on how many enemy generators you have destroyed. Bro-glasses are spent in the corresponding shop on your aircraft carrier.

Other tips and secrets of the game

Space Justice tips and secrets

Space Justice game is really exciting. She does not even get bored with the repetition. Dynamic battles with quality music will not leave anyone indifferent. Thanks to this game you can fall in love with the Action genre.However, there are annoying bugs in the game, which we hope will be fixed soon. There is no plot, screensavers, dialogues, stories and other information that would allow more to plunge into the world of the game. Beautiful landscapes can be observed only in battle, when absolutely not up to them.

By following our advice in the game you can quickly pump your fleet without investing a single penny. In conclusion, I would like to share some more tips that will be useful to you in the game.

In battle:

  1. In battle, first and foremost, dodge enemy bullets, and only then watch where you shoot. From the dead you will not have any proc.
  2. Collect different bonuses in battle, they can change the course of the battle.
  3. On the collection of money in battle, think last.
  4. Overdrive and drones abilities use when really pripret.

On the aircraft carrier:

  1. Look in the event there are marked important days with bonuses.
  2. On the bridge you can change your avatar. Some of them are opened when pumping individual ships. To find out the conditions for opening an avatar - click on it.
  3. On the bridge, you can change your name and the flag of the country, and absolutely free.
  4. The bridge contains statistics on various aspects of the game.
  5. Also on the bridge you can get very important information about open bonuses and ship characteristics.

Description of characteristics:

Author of the article: Yaroslav I.