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Walkthrough Stack Ball: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

STACK BALL: BREAK THE PLATFORM - an Android game with the release date 03/21/2019 from the company CASUAL AZUR GAMES. Game Genre: Arcade. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Game Overview
  2. Gameplay Guide
  3. Leveling Tips
  4. Item Guide

Stack Ball: Game Overview

How to play? Here is a new entertaining arcade game with very simple rules, but an interesting task that will certainly make you go through the level to the end and start the next one. So, your goal is to help an object jumping on rotating platforms, smash them and reach the bottom. An important condition: it is impossible to run into the black sectors of the platforms. In this case, your item will fly apart, and you will have to replay.

Platforms. They can be of different colors and even shapes. There is one similarity: they all rotate and have black sectors that threaten defeat. The higher the level, the more cunning the arrangement of these sectors will be, and it will be harder and harder for your subject to get to the very bottom.

Advertising. There are a lot of ads in the game. Sometimes with a defeat, you get the opportunity to continue the game by watching ads. Advertising appears after passing the level, and even for watching the advertisement you will be offered to buy other punch items in your collection.

If you do not want to constantly watch ads - turn off the mobile Internet or Wi-Fi during the game.But remember that in this case, you may not get the offered bonuses.

Disabling ads. The game has the ability to disable ads for a fee. To do this, click the "No adds" button on the game screen and select a payment method: bank card, PayPal, promotional code. We recommend our readers to use the above advice: just turn off the Internet. Do not overpay.

Stack Ball: Gameplay Guide

Punching platforms. To make the object rush down and pierce the platform, hold your finger on the screen of the device. So it will fly either to win, or to a collision with the black sector - it all depends on the attentiveness and skill of the player. To stop the item, release your finger.

Acceleration When an object flies down, a colorless circle outline appears on the screen. It shows the speed of acceleration. The faster the object accelerates, the more intensively the contour fills with white. And vice versa - if an object slows down its speed or even stops punching a platform, the outline disappears.

Fiery penetration power. If you manage to accelerate the object to the maximum, the circuit is filled completely and turns red, and your object receives fiery power - it begins to burn. A burning object becomes capable of piercing even black sectors on platforms. But be careful - the fiery power is not unlimited, and disappears over time. Follow its ending by the diminutive red color on the contour, otherwise you will lose.

Level progress bar. At the top of the game screen is a bar - it shows your progress in passing a specific level.The current level is indicated at the beginning of the scale, and the next one at the end. As punching platforms and the subject reaches the bottom, the scale is painted in saturated color. Filling it out means that you have successfully completed the stage and moved on to the next.

Glasses. For punching platforms at levels you get points. At the first defeat, your score is reset, and you start collecting points first. The level remains the same. You can also see your best score at the time of loss.

Stack Ball: Leveling Tips

Here we will collect some tips that will be useful to Stack Ball players for a successful game.

1. No need to rush. There are no "time trials" in this game, so you should not just rush down, trying to slip all the platforms in one fell swoop. Will not work. It is much more important that your points are reset to zero with each defeat, and this is insulting. Therefore, do not rush, act carefully, carefully lead the subject down. Sometimes it’s better to just wait until the black sector of the platform scrolls and clears your way.

2. Do not take chances. Obtaining fiery power is not so simple. If you specifically disperse an object, believing that it will begin to burn right in front of the black sector, then you are likely to lose. The game focuses on dexterity and attentiveness, so it’s not easy to complete the level. Conclusion: use advice number 1.

3. Control the fire power . Punching platforms with a burning object is, of course, fun. But do not forget to let go of the item in advance, before the fiery power ends. Do not flirt.

4. Set the vibration mode. Click on the gear icon on the game screen, and then on the image of the mobile device (second icon on top). The vibro mode allows you to fully plunge into the game and "feel" the gameplay. It is very interesting.

Stack Ball: Item Guide

Items. The game features a set of different items with which you can punch platforms. The first one is the ball, the last is the strawberry. The player can, at his own request, choose the item that he will play.

Availability. To select an item, press the button in the middle of the screen. Before you open a store with images of all items. Each of them is outlined in a circle. By coloring this circle, you can judge the availability of the item for the player:

  1. Green circle: item available for selection;
  2. Transparent circle: the item is not open;
  3. Incomplete red circle: the item has not yet been opened, but some conditions for opening have already been met.Filling the borders of the circle with red shows in this case the opening progress.

Opening conditions. For each subject they are different. By default, the ball is available to the player, but to open other items you must fulfill the conditions:

Getting random items. Random items are those that you get for viewing ads. There are three such items in the game: knife, dart and fork. To get one of them, click the "Random" button at the bottom and watch the video.

Buying for real money. If you want, you can open all the items at a time, but by paying real money for it. To make a purchase, click the "Unlock all" button below.

Authors of the article: Nadezhda D., Yaroslav I.