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STATE OF SURVIVAL - Android game with release date 05/29/2019 from the company KingsGroup Holdings. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

Better State of Survival download to computer via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Heroes Guide
  2. TOP Heroes
  3. Beginner’s Guide
  4. Union Guide
  5. Explorer Trail
  6. Bunker
  7. Advisor Trap
  8. The Fastest Survive
  9. Tank Raid
  10. Infection Zone
  11. Donate Secrets

State of Survival: Heroes Guide

State of Survival is a classic post-apocalyptic strategy game where you need to fight off crowds of zombies. An interesting storyline is traced in the game, surviving people tell about it. The main character is Sergeant, a brave warrior. The plot is twisted around the camp, which must be built and developed. The main characters with which the player interacts are commanders.

Commanders are divided by rarity, which affects the initial strength of the heroes:

  1. Blue - rare heroes, initially have low parameters.
  2. Violet - epic heroes, initially have higher strength than rare characters. This affects survival and impact power. For example, if the rare have a conditional strength of 1000 units in the rank of "Junior Lieutenant", then epic wars have a strength of 1000 units immediately after the call.
  3. Gold - the legendary heroes, the most powerful. After assembly, they have the highest strengths.

There are 15 commanders in the game. Each hero has his own unique skills. It is skills that determine the type of commander and his usefulness in battles. The most useful abilities are the ability to put additional equipment on the field for damage (for example, a sergeant can put an additional machine gun that hits enemies). Also useful is the ability to stun the enemy for a while or to cause long-term damage (for example, burning).

Each commander is distributed according to the type of troops:

  1. Rider - commanders specialize in rider squads.
  2. Hunting - specializes in hunting squads.
  3. Infantry - accordingly, these are commanders of infantry units.

When leveling the title of a hero. Each new title adds indicators to the main characteristics of the character (attack, health, defense). This is necessary for passing the Explorer Trail and some game temporary events. In addition to this title, military performance is increased:

  1. Attack of this type of troops.
  2. Defense of this type of troops.
  3. The speed of collection of resources (depending on the profession of the commander).
  4. The speed of movement of troops.

In addition to the fact that the commanders are divided according to the types of troops, they have specializations:

  1. Patrol - increases the performance of troops in protecting their settlement from attacks by other players. If the character has this option, then they are effective in protecting the city.
  2. A raid is any attack on the World Map (on an opponent’s city, on a bunker, on a camp of scientists and more).

If the characteristics contain the indicator "attack by the troops of the settlement" - this means that the indicator gives a bonus during the defense of the city, that is, Patrol (transfer minuses). A "attack in the raid" - shows a bonus to troops during any campaign.

  1. A siege is directly an increase in the characteristics of troops during an attack on the settlements of other players.This hero reduces the protection of the city of rivals.
  2. Infected - this means that this commander is effective in battles with evil spirits (infected). At the same time, the indicator of "protection of the infected + 15%" in the characteristics of the hero, this should have been translated as "protection against the infected" (given to all troops that participate in the campaign with this hero).
  3. Harvesting - increases the speed of gathering resources in the Wildlands.

Hero leveling

The call. Heroes are assembled from fragments (puzzles). In the future, using these fragments, you can increase the rank of commanders.

Level up. The level can be raised for the heroes during the passage of the story campaign, as well as with the help of books. The level limit depends on the title of the hero. You can also increase the level with the help of special books "Textbooks on tactics", which are obtained in the trail of the researcher, given for completing daily tasks during certain events.

Promotion of rank (rank). To increase the rank you need to collect 2 ingredients: these are the puzzles of the heroes themselves and the character of the hero. Signs are distributed by rarity. They can be obtained in various activities, in the search for heroes, in the VIP store, their VIP sets. The maximum rank limit is determined by the level of the Hero Base. The higher the title of the hero, the more ingredients for leveling it up.

There are special puzzles that are distributed by rarity. These fragments do not belong to a specific character. But they can be exchanged for the necessary puzzles of the heroes during the promotion.

But here a problem arises - this is the "sign of an excellent hero" (epic). In the game there are a lot of such characters, the desire to pump everyone. But the signs are difficult to get, so at the start you need to select several main commanders and pump them, and then take on the remaining characters.

Where to get the puzzles of heroes? There are several places where you can get fragments of characters:

  1. Chapters - this is the main storyline, which reveals the player’s process, gives tips in development. The chapters menu is located in the lower left corner of the screen. Chapters are divided into missions. Upon completion of all quests in the chapter, players receive rewards that include hero puzzles.
  2. Explorer Trail is the main storyline campaign in which heroes are pumped, increasing the level. For victory you can get signs and fragments of commanders.
  3. Temporary events - they are different, take place periodically. For example, the event "Hunter Hunter" will provide an opportunity to collect Travis puzzles, and in "Survive the Fastest" will give an opportunity to get fragments of Nikola.
  4. Daily missions - the menu is located in the lower right corner. Here, in addition to daily missions, for which good prizes are given, there is a scale for scoring points. As you fill it, you can also get additional buns. In the tab "Tasks" quests are given, which are performed 1 time for the whole game. For completing the quest, players receive rare items.

Hero skills are skills that help to go through the story campaign and some events. There is an active ability that activates in battle. And there are 2 passive skills that accompany the commander throughout the game and work constantly, or are activated under certain conditions. The player cannot control passive abilities. Skills increase the strength of commanders. They are unique.

Equipment of the hero - equipment is made in the workshop and is distributed according to the type of troops. The manufacture of items takes place in several stages. First you need to research this type of clothing.For this we need materials. If you click on each ingredient, information appears on where this component can be found. After that, you can make improvements to items.

Equipment consists of:

  1. Footwear.
  2. Glasses.
  3. Clothing.
  4. Weapons.

The distribution of characters in the battle takes place according to the combat arms. That is, you can take 3 commanders into the squad, but all of them should specialize in different types of troops.You can take 1 rider, 1 hunter and 1 infantryman in the squad. But 2 foot soldiers or 2 hunters cannot be taken.

State of Survival: TOP Heroes


This guy can only be obtained during the Hunter Hunt event. The event takes place regularly, so it can be assembled without much difficulty.

Main characteristics:

  1. Researcher - increases his attack, health, and the use of stamina.
  2. Warfare - increases attackers, defenses, lethality over infected people (increased attack), speed of troops in campaign against infected in the Wild Lands, use of stamina. Plus, it reduces the use of chef’s stamina (this indicator, which is located under the player’s avatar, allows you to perform certain actions in the game, if it drops to 0, then you can’t fight).


Skill NameResearcherWarfare
Bear trap.Places 5 traps in the specified location. Once trapped, infected people will not be able to move and attack for 2 seconds, taking a certain amount of damage every second.The troops under the command of Travis are very likely to set bear traps, immobilizing enemies for 1 second.
Falling forest.There is a chance that the strike trap will work and cause significant damage and stun the target for 2 seconds.Troops with a certain percentage set shock traps that, when triggered, cause damage to enemies.
Reinforced armor.Increases hero’s armor.Attack wars have a chance to critically strike.


Given at the start of the game. A very good hero with good useful skills. It shoots from a rifle at a decent distance.

Main characteristics:

  1. Researcher - increases attack, defense and health of the character.
  2. Military - increases the attack on hunters, defense, endurance, reduces the protection of those infected in battle.


Skill NameResearcherWarfare
Punlemet.Places a machine gun in your chosen area that deals significant damage to enemies. Will stand on the field until it is destroyed. You can put several guns at the same time.Increases damage to hunters.
Quick trigger.Increases the shooting speed of the hero and machine guns delivered.Gives a chance to inflict critical damage.
Old warrior.Increases damage from a shot by a certain percentage.Increases health of troops.

Lady Luck

It can only be obtained by purchasing a special kit for real money. She has a wonderful bear that shoots fire, after its destruction - explodes. But all the fragments that Lady Luck needs are bought only for real money.

Main characteristics:

  1. Researcher - increases the attack, defense and health of the character.
  2. Military affairs - increases the attack, the protection of hunters, reduces the protection of enemy settlements during an attack, improves the health of soldiers in a raid.


Skill NameResearcherWarfare
Plush terror.Seats a teddy bear with a machine gun. The bear inflicts significant damage to enemies, after destruction it explodes. Explosion deals area damage.Reduces allied damage.
"Friendship".Throws a saw blade, the blade does damage.Wars have a chance to inflict repeated damage.
Hugs.Teddy gets studded armor, which increases his health and damage.Increases soldiers health.

Maddy and Frank

Very interesting character. The lady with the dog is a very effective fighter. The dog runs forward and bites opponents, causing a good crown. At the same time, Frank does not spend skills. Before he is killed, he runs back to Maddy’s feet and is treated automatically. Then he goes into battle again. The hero can be collected for free.

Main characteristics:

  1. Researcher - Increases attack, defense, and health.
  2. Military - increases the attack of riders, as well as their defense. Increases the attack of all the troops of the city, and the attack of units in the raid.


Skill NameResearcherWarfare
Homemade bomb.Throws a bomb at a chosen location. Within 5 seconds, the sound of the timer attracts the undead, then the bomb explodes, causing huge damage.Warriors drop a makeshift bomb that distracts enemies and reduces damage to enemies.
The girl’s best friend.Increases attack and health of the dog.Increases damage to allies.
Biodrotik.Special Arrow - Increases enemy damage taken by 2.5 seconds.Warriors have a chance to do critical damage.


This is the first hero you collect from puzzles yourself. He is a melee fighter, has good skills. Very fat and lives on the battlefield for a long time.

Main characteristics:

  1. Researcher - Increases attack, defense, and health.
  2. Military affairs - increases the attack of infantrymen, as well as their defense. Increases the speed of collecting resources on the cells of the Wildlands.


Skill NameResearcherWarfare
Impulse charge.Releases a pulse charge in the selected direction, which deals good damage and knocks enemies back, while stunning them for 3 seconds.Warriors of his squad release a pulse charge that paralyzes enemies for 1 second.
Back!Repels approaching enemies with the foot, inflicting significant damage.Increases damage to soldiers.
Toughie.For every 10% of damage spent, incoming damage is reduced by a certain percentage.Reduces allied damage taken.


This character can be collected for the event "Surviving the fastest!". An interesting hero who will help in many activities.

Rarity is legendary.

Type of troops - infantry.

Specialization - infected, raid.

Main characteristics:

  1. Researcher - Increases attack, defense, and health.
  2. Military affairs - increases the attack of infantrymen, as well as their defense. Reduces the defense of the infected and increases the defense of your troops in raids.


Skill NameResearcherWarfare
Tesla Tower.Places a tower in a selected area that deals periodic damage. You can put several towers at the same time.Increases allied health.
Voltage surge.When Nicola attacks the target near the tower, there is a chance to release a destructive wave of electricity. Deals damage to an area.Increases damage to allies.
Paralyzing charge.Enhances the attack of the tower, which can paralyze opponents on impact.The tower paralyzes enemies.

State of Survival: Beginner’s Guide

The goal of the game is to develop a base and an army in the post-apocalyptic world, where after an accident in one of the laboratories a virus broke loose and infected most of humanity (classic story). At the start, you are introduced to the gameplay and given a great hero - Sergeant, who will clear the remains of the destroyed military base. A girl with a dog Maddy will help him. Then she will go camping and disappear. In the future, this hero must be collected.

At the start of the game, every gamer - chef receives rewards for entry. This is a one-time event that brings the boss small, but valuable gifts.

Base construction

The player at the start will build on his base resource buildings:

  1. Farm - provides food to the inhabitants of the base. Food is also needed for the construction of buildings.
  2. Sawmill - gives wood for construction.
  3. Metallurgical plant - gives the metal necessary for the preparation of equipment for the boss and commanders.
  4. Gas station - gives the gasoline that is required on hikes.

Several times a day it will be necessary to collect the produced resources. But you can still get resources where:

  1. Robbery of other players.
  2. Mission reward.
  3. Quest reward.
  4. The reward for defeating monsters.
  5. Collection of resources on the world map.

With the increase in the level of resource buildings, the capacity of the internal warehouse increases, as well as the speed of collection. All resources are necessary for training troops.

The game has military buildings that train and train troops. Buildings are distributed according to the type of troops:

Barracks - here infantrymen are trained (hired). The game does not realize the level of troops, but new types of soldiers. For example, the 1st level of infantry is infantrymen, 2 are thugs, 3 are attackers and so on.

Garage - riders are recruited here.

Polygon - is being trained by hunters.

The higher the level of construction, the higher the level of troops you can hire. If you have opened new levels of troops, then the old units remain in the barracks, and they can be improved. Moreover, the improvement of old soldiers takes less time. But the new warriors are stronger.

Training camp - increases the speed of training of soldiers and their limit during the defense of the city.

Exchange - there is a VIP store where you can purchase items for biocapsules. But products in the store open as you receive VIP levels. Biocapsules can be bought for real money, but you can earn during the game. There is a Market Kiosk tab in which resources are exchanged. That is, you can exchange one resource for another.

Helicopter - at the very start of the game you are repairing a helicopter, which will be the main intelligence headquarters. Rather, the radio of the machine periodically receives different signals, engineers decipher them.Once in a while, a helicopter gives a valuable bonus to the player, and also gives tasks for clearing the Wildlands.

It is recommended that you complete all helicopter missions, as after a successful mission you can get a valuable reward.

"Helicopter data" periodically arrives in the helicopter - these are additional tasks that must be completed. Quests are simple, and the reward is very good - do not ignore these missions.

Bulletin board - duplicates tasks and daily quests, which are shown in the "Tasks" menu in the lower right corner. By the way, there is an icon near the player’s avatar, by clicking on which you can hide all the buttons - the menu from the screen.

The base of heroes is the main building in which you can improve the characters. Has 3 active tabs:

  1. Examination - through this button you can get to the Explorer Trail.
  2. Search for a hero - here you can start the search for fragments of heroes for special tokens. There are Advanced Search and Legendary Search. Several times a day you can search for free. But puzzles do not always come across, often textbooks for leveling, boosters and other items fall out.
  3. Heroes - the tab duplicates the main menu of heroes, which is located in the lower right corner. This is where commanders improve.

Laboratory - here studies of various sciences are carried out that help in the development of the camp and account. There are 3 areas of science:

  1. Development - science is located here, which can be used to study the speed of treatment, training, increase the number of beds in the infirmary, increase the number of trips, increase the speed of moving fees and more.
  2. Fight - here the indicators of soldiers and heroes in the battle increase, the reload speed increases, the speed of movement on the World Map increases.
  3. Economy - here you can increase the speed of construction, increase the productivity of resource buildings, increase the collection of resources and more.

Warehouse - when the warehouse level rises, there is a certain percentage of resources that cannot be taken away when flying to the base.

Observation tower - collects data about an approaching enemy and reports an attack. The higher the level of the tower, the more data about the opponent can be obtained. Also, with its help, you can reduce the intelligence received by enemies.

The hospital is a place of treatment for warriors after raids. With the improvement of the building, the number of berths increases. Also, places can be increased in the Laboratory by studying the appropriate technology. One clinic is enough for you for a long time.

Headquarters is the heart of your settlement. Collects and provides all information about the army and buildings. With new levels, more opportunities are opened for the construction and improvement of buildings.Also, with an increase in the level of the Headquarters (and other buildings), the welfare of the player improves.

Chef Talents

The boss is you. Your menu opens when you click on the autark in the upper left corner. Here you can choose your gaming appearance, see the server and the name of the territory. The chef has 2 scales:

  1. Yellow is the player’s experience, which is given in various activities and events.
  2. Green is endurance that allows you to perform actions. If it drops to 0, then it will not be possible to fight. Stamina is restored very slowly.

If you liked the game, then you need to attach it to the social network "Facebook". This will make it possible to save the game process (for example, when changing the phone). For binding, 500 biocapsules are given.

Chef can wear equipment that gives reinforcement and bonuses to the entire army and heroes. Also in this menu you can explore the chef’s talents, which give a good bonus to troops and buildings. Talents are improved for talent points, which give a new level of player. Talents are divided into:

  1. Economic - if you prefer to equip the base and collect resources slowly, then you first need to improve this branch.
  2. Military - if you often go camping or rob neighbors, then you need to pay great attention to this thread.

Talents can be discarded if you suddenly decide that you are pumping the wrong branch or incorrectly started to open science in one of the branches.

It’s better to pump talents evenly so that everything develops the same way. If you pump only the Economy, then when you attack you, soldiers will not be able to fight back and will be robbed.

State of Survival: Union Guide

One of the advantages of a guild is its assistance in building other players. When you build or improve a building, train warriors, research sciences in the laboratory. You can make a request for help. Of course, the help of the Sogildians will not greatly speed up the process, but you can also help yours. There are 3 ways to help:

  1. Go to the Union menu in the lower right corner of the screen, then go to the "Help with timers" section.
  2. If you have a Union building - a meeting place, then a handshake icon periodically appears above it. Just click on it and wholesale help everyone who is thirsty. Also, this building makes it possible to call for reinforcements if an enemy attacks your settlement.
  3. If your base is located on the territory of the alliance, then you can go to the World Map and see who needs help.Next, click on the camp guild. Thus, you will move to the city of a friend. Here you should find the buildings above which the help symbol is lit. Next, click on the icons and get a reward. So you can get enough useful things.

Alliance Territory

On the World Map, the head of the guild places the central tower - the Capitol, around which a piece of land is given. Within a given territory, guild members can settle. The capitol can be improved, thereby increasing the strength of the union and increasing the size of the guild lands. Observation towers can be set up at the edges of the settlement, and troops can be sent there to protect the territory.

Beehive benefits:

  1. The general reflection of the attack - the allies will be able to help faster.
  2. Protected area.
  3. The ability to access the card to help the guilds (they are nearby and you can immediately see who needs help).

Minus the hive - when attacked by a very strong player, all members of the alliance will burn. The fire will be beautiful, and the cities will burn bright and colorful.

Union menu

You can enter the union through the button of the same name on the panel in the lower right corner. There are several tabs here:

  1. War - all raids created by guild members are displayed here. Alliance temporary events are also displayed.
  2. The battle for the fortress - this event takes place at a certain time. This is a battle for the bunker or leadership over the State. In the center of the state is the Capitol. Whose alliance will withstand the defense, become the ruler of the entire territory of the State, and will receive additional bonuses and rewards.
  3. Donations - here is a study of guild technologies, bonuses from which apply to all members of the union. Science for research is chosen by the head of the guild. To improve technology, resources must be sacrificed.
  4. Help with timers is help in accelerating the development processes of guilds.
  5. Store - for any action in the guild, players receive honor points that can be exchanged for items from the store. The range of shops is increasing with a new level of union.
  6. Territory - here you can choose a building for construction on the territory of the alliance. Players above 4 ranks can do this.
  7. Hero of support - here all the members of the union put their best players, thereby helping the weaker guilds to pass the trail. It is also important to put your fighters so that other players can develop faster and bring more benefits to the union. If your hero was used in battle, you will receive honor points.
  8. Accelerators - here you can take advantage of the acceleration of the development process for free several times a day.
  9. Kits - periodically the head of the guild gives its participants a compliment in the form of a box. In the box are good prizes.

It is very important to find a good active guild and participate in the guild life yourself. Together, you can quickly develop, take place events, thereby occupying high places in different ratings and receive good rewards. If the guild is dead, then there will be nothing good from it.

State of Survival: Explorer Trail

Explorer Trail is the main Story Campaign that you can enter through the Heroes Base - the Survey section. If you have successfully passed some stage of history, and you have been given the necessary items, then you can return to this mission for new rewards.

The level of difficulty passing increases with each stage. Not only the zombie forces are increasing, but also their number. At the moment, the game has only 11 chapters for passing.

Stories open as you progress. But sometimes you can come across closed chapters, although you have gone through all the stages. What is this talking about? It is necessary to increase the level of the Hero Base.

During the battle you can collect various items. They are highlighted by a yellow rhombus. In the battle itself, an infantryman stands in front and defends his friends. It can be moved around the map.

If the infantry hero is chased across the battlefield, then the zombies will follow him until they kill him. When the infantryman dies, monsters run to the riders, and lastly eat the hunters.

The bosses. Each chapter has stages with bosses. These stories are indicated on the map by buildings. That is, in the battle you have to fight not only with ordinary zombies, but also with very strong enemies - the bosses who wait for the player at the very end of the stage.

Heroes in the battle must be selected carefully. For example, the Ghost throws paint, and the Chef shoots with a flamethrower. At the same time, the paint burns very well, therefore it causes long-term damage, and monsters die faster.

If you decide to assemble a new squad, then you can check it at the low stages of the Trail to know how the fighters work in conjunction.

How to get through the chapters of the Explorer Trail faster?

For quick and easy passage, first of all, the player needs a good active alliance, since all players must constantly swing commanders. In the union menu there is a tab "Support Heroes". Characters that you or your co-guilds will be able to take to complete the Explorer Trail are displayed here. Therefore, it is advised to put your coolest character here. For using your warrior you will receive union honor points. Points can be exchanged at the alliance store for good rare items.

At the start, the trail runs normally, but difficulties may arise in the future. Therefore, it is recommended to go through the adventure gradually, without rushing. In this case, it is necessary to pump over the heroes.

Each story in the Trail can be completed with the help of more pumped heroes, which were put up in support of your guilds. In the window in the line "Forecast" there can be values: intense, difficult or light-weighted. If the forecast for the mission is stressful or risky (with a high probability you can lose), then you need to make it easy. To do this, in the window for viewing mission information, the commanders of your squad will be shown in the upper right part of the window. It is required to click on one of them to change the character. A list of warriors available to support appears.

You can only change the hero for the commander of the same unit specification. For example, the sergeant is the leader of the hunting squad, so it can only be changed to a hunter. Accordingly, it can not be exchanged for an infantryman. The hero you take, after completing the mission, you will not be available for a certain period of time. When the rollback time passes, then you can use it again.But you can take another support hero (if you have a choice) for the next battle.

The explorer’s path can be completed automatically after a certain mission level. In the battle settings, you can set the visibility of the shooting zone:

  1. Yellow circle - the radius of the hero of the first row will be shown, mainly infantry commanders. They do not hit very far, but can move around the battlefield, go over obstacles.
  2. The blue circle is the radius of fire of the warriors of the back row. It is significantly larger than that of the infantryman, but the heroes cannot move.

It is worth noting that each boss in the story campaign has its own specifics. That is, some are very fat and difficult to kill, others call an additional crowd of zombies with them, while others are very painfully beaten. It should be during the gameplay to remember the behavior of monsters and build the team on this.

State of Survival: Bunker

A bunker is a military structure that is located on the World Map of Wild Lands. The bunker is captured by the Alliances. The battle for construction has seasons for which rewards are awarded to the winners. Rewards are also given by the number of points received in the battle. The awards are divided into several types:

  1. Rewards for participation - receive all the unions that entered the battle.
  2. Member rewards - all members of the alliance receive prizes.
  3. Special rewards - given to guild leaders and commanders of 4th rank.

The control. One season consists of 8 events, during which points are awarded for control of the fortress.Control over the bunker gives 1 point, and control over the control gives 2 points.

Within 2 hours after the episode begins, the alliance needs to seize control of the bunker. Control is considered implemented if the union held the structure for 30 minutes. If not one of the participating guilds can not hold out for this period of time, then the union that occupied the fortress at the time the event ended was considered to be the winner.

Registration. Before each season, an alliance leader or member of rank 4 can choose the level of the bunker that they dare to attack. Bunkers are divided into levels 1 and 2. After the start of the event, members of the registered guild send troops to besiege the building.

If the union in the previous event occupied a fortress, then in the current season it will attack the same fortress.During registration, leaders can select 3 episodes of the attack from 5. Alliances that are registered will automatically be able to attack 2 more additional bunkers.

When choosing a bunker, one should take into account the strength of its defenders - the monsters that live in each fortress. Information about enemies can be seen by clicking on the structure. It is best to attack the fortress with troops above level 6, otherwise your campaign will end in failure.

State of Survival: Advisor Trap

The adviser trap is the main event for the entire guild, during which all participants can send their troops to battle with infected advisers. For this event, all commanders participating in the battles receive rewards. Rewards are distributed depending on rating points. The higher the place in the table, the better the prizes the commander receives.

A trap is an alliance building that activates after a certain time.

In order to open traps, all members of the union must donate energy cells. This resource can be obtained by attacking the camps of scientists (located in the Wild Lands). But in order to attack scientists, you must use the special keys that players receive from daily rewards.

After the scale of the contribution level of energy cells is filled, the Advisor Trap event will be available. Players who are in the guild for less than 48 hours will not be able to participate in raids. In campaigns, players earn various items. For participation in the event you can get equipment of a hero of epic rank.

Trap tactics

The participants are distributed by the leaders of the alliance. Guild members of rank 4 and above are selected. It is they who will attack the structures. As a rule, several strong players with good squads are selected.

Important: unit commanders must have additional Military skills that affect attack power, defense and healing of all types of troops. You can distribute roles before the raid.

The event lasts 30 minutes and takes place on certain days of the week. If your State is protected (the server has recently opened), then events of this level will not be available. Participants need to destroy the boss, who is waiting for the troops in the building and actively resists the attack to win. Each boss has his own army.

Since the raid is allied, the general rules apply here: the troop bonus for all participants is calculated from the bonus of the raid leader (the participant who created the campaign). Each boss has his own increase in attack power or defense of the army (for example, + 200% to attack all types of troops). This bonus will be given to all raid participants.

A team of the allied raid should be made up of strong players, and the leader should be the person who will give the largest increase to the attack of the fighters.

State of Survival: The Fastest Survive

The fastest will survive - this is an event that takes place regularly. A certain amount of time is allocated to the event. The main prize that a player can get is fragments of commander Nikola. He is an infantry commander. In the given parameters of the character shows his maximum performance.

During this action it is necessary to improve the heroes to a certain amount of strength. For each segment of the event, the player receives intermediate rewards.

Event rating - shows the results of the server players. The table shows all the rewards that a gamer can receive for each stage of the event. Depending on the place taken in the ranking, the player’s share reward will depend.

How can I get event points?

  1. The rotation of the wheel "At Ray" is a kind of roulette - an event that is held in parallel "Surviving the fastest." For 1 rotation you get 46,000 points.
  2. Using fragments of elite heroes - for 1 use (summoning a character, raising a rank) 14000 points are given.
  3. Use fragments of legendary heroes - for 1 use, 35,000 points are given.
  4. Harvesting 50 units of food - 3 points.
  5. Harvesting 50 units of wood - 3 points.
  6. Harvesting 10 units of metal - 3 points.
  7. Harvesting 2 units of fuel - 3 points.

You can go through all the stages during the game process: improving and summoning the heroes, raising the level and skills, collecting resources, capturing the base of another player. In total, the event has 5 stages of missions that need to be completed as much as possible. This event will be a good impetus in the development of the database and account.

State of Survival: Tank Raid

A tank raid is a guild event. Union leaders or rank 4 members can register for the raid. The raid takes place once a month and lasts several days. Registration begins a few hours before the promotion.

Players, after the start of the event, fall into the desert, where the battle for fresh water will be held. There is a blue landing point - through it you and your alliance appear in the location. Teleportation of your rivals takes place through the red dot.

Objects The central reservoir is located in the center of the canyon. Near the central building are several water treatment centers. They are necessary to collect clean water and maintain a strategic position in the canyon.There are also catchment areas in the canyon, from which participants will receive purified water. They appear on the map randomly 3 times per battle. There are other important buildings:

  1. Military Plant - gives military bonuses to the team that occupied it.
  2. Solar power station - reduces the time of control over the object.
  3. Landing pad - reduces the time of movement (landing points). That is, the more often your teleport appears, the more guild members can join you.
  4. Base scientists - sent to the enemies of the infected.

Tactics - it is necessary to capture as many buildings as possible, which provide the most drinking water. If warriors remain, then they must capture the remaining objects on the map. The more water a team receives, the more likely it is to win the battle.

State of Survival: Infection Zone

The infection zone is an event for guilds and for players who like to play alone. Upon entering the event, the player is invited to find the zone of infection. After the search, the zone on which the Zone Matriarch and the boss level live is displayed on the screen. After selecting a region, click the "Go" button. As soon as you move to the Zone, you will be transferred to a card with monsters. There will be several bosses with different threat levels, and infected individuals will stagger next to them.

To kill the matriarch, you must destroy his assistant. But to get to the assistant, you need to cut all the zombies.You can kill enemies in a group, or you can kill monsters alone. The difficulty level is shown when highlighting the enemy. The information window also shows rewards for winning. To destroy opponents, you can create a squad (the limit of raid participants is written near the create button). You can also join an existing group. There is also a rating table.

Killing a zone matriarch - attack is divided into 2 stages. First, the player sends warriors to weaken the enemy. This stage lasts 90 seconds. This consumes an attempt to battle. Each damage dealt takes the boss’s health. As soon as the matriarch’s health drops to zero, the player can send an army to destroy the monster’s support units. Each attack reduces the strength of the zombies. The matriarch will be considered annihilated as soon as you destroy all opponents in a given area.

How to get points in the zone of infection? Points are given for every attack on monsters. The level of the walking dead is divided into 3 types:

  1. Zone gangs are idly staggering zombies that are located around bosses. Only 1 gang can be fought at a time.Victory will reduce the total number of enemies, defeat will not affect the number of gangs. You can send your army.
  2. Threats to the zone - this is a large monster, to combat which requires the participation of only commanders. This attack lasts 90 seconds, and attack attempts are expended. After defeating the threat, you can go to the main boss and his legions of support.
  3. Matriahr of the zone - when destroying the main boss of the zone, the same rules apply as when killing a threat. For killing the boss, the player will receive the highest score.

Only the head of the alliance or members of rank 4 can initiate an attack. The number of attempts to attack is limited, so you should choose the level of infection that is suitable for your level.

State of Survival: Donate Secrets

Donut is the introduction of real money into the game. From here came the expressions: donator - a person who invests in the game, donate (character, for example) - an element of the game that is bought only with real money.

In State of Survival, you can develop without making a donation. But, as usual, for money you can buy certain advantages that are not available to ordinary players. For donat you can buy:

  1. Madam luck.
  2. The second builder.
  3. Biocapsules (rare game currency).
  4. Different accelerators.
  5. Game cases with buns.
  6. Development map.

That is, there are still advantages. Promotions are held periodically, there is a monthly subscription (you can buy it at the Laboratory), which gives daily replenishment of biocapsules.

VIP levels

VIP status gives the biggest advantage, the higher it is, the more opportunities a player gets. VIP points can be obtained by buying sets for donat, you can buy with bio-capsules earned in the game.

VIP1 - 1 free chest is given daily.

VIP2 - increases the production of basic resources + 10%, instant construction time 2 minutes.


Privilege nameBonus Amount
Resource Protection.+200000.
Instant construction time.3 minutes.
The production of basic resources.+ 16%.


Privilege nameBonus Amount
Resource Protection.+300000.
Instant construction time.4 minutes.
The production of basic resources.+ 20%.
Construction speed.+ 10%.


Privilege nameBonus Amount
Resource Protection.+400000.
Instant construction time.5 minutes
The production of basic resources.+ 22%.
Construction speed.+ 10%


Privilege nameBonus Amount
Resource Protection.+500000.
Instant construction time.6 minutes
The production of basic resources.+ 24%.
Construction speed.+ 10%.
Backpack capacity (in battle)+1


Privilege nameBonus Amount
Resource Protection.+600000.
Instant construction time.7 minutes
The production of basic resources.+ 26%.
Construction speed.+ 10%.
Backpack capacity (in battle)+3.
Troops (which can be sent to the campaign).+1


Privilege nameBonus Amount
Resource Protection.+700000.
Instant construction time.8 minutes
The production of basic resources.+ 28%.
Construction speed.+ 10%.
Backpack capacity (in battle)+5.
Troops (which can be sent to the campaign).+1
Camping places.+1


Privilege nameBonus Amount
Resource Protection.+800000.
Instant construction time.9 minutes
The production of basic resources.+ 30%.
Construction speed.+ 20%.
Backpack capacity (in battle)+6.
Troops (which can be sent to the campaign).+1
Camping places.+1
Defense of the troops.+ 10%.


Privilege nameBonus Amount
Resource Protection.+900000.
Instant construction time.10 minutes
The production of basic resources.+ 32%.
Construction speed.+ 20%.
Backpack capacity (in battle)+8.
Troops (which can be sent to the campaign).+1
Camping places.+1
Defense of the troops.+ 12%.
Attack of troops.+ 12%.
Fast production of equipment.Open.


Privilege nameBonus Amount
Resource Protection.+1000000.
Instant construction time.11 minutes
The production of basic resources.+ 34%.
Construction speed.+ 20%.
Backpack capacity (in battle)+9.
Troops (which can be sent to the campaign).+1
Camping places.+1
Defense of the troops.+ 14%.
Attack of troops.+ 14%.
Fast production of equipment.Open.
Health of the troops.+ 14%.


Privilege nameBonus Amount
Resource Protection.+1100000.
Instant construction time.12 minutes
The production of basic resources.+ 36%.
Construction speed.+ 20%.
Backpack capacity (in battle)+10.
Troops (which can be sent to the campaign).+1
Camping places.+1
Defense of the troops.+ 16%.
Attack of troops.+ 16%.
Fast production of equipment.Open.
Health of the troops.+ 16%.
Fast talent switching.Open.

What can be set at the start? This is the purchase of a second builder to speed up the construction of the base.

Donating should start after 1 - 2 weeks of play. If you like it, and you intend to spend time in the game for a long time, then you can periodically deposit money. But if you get tired of the game on the 5-7th day of the game, is it worth it to spend money on it?

Author of the article: Evgenia G.