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STORMBOUND: KINGDOM WARS is an Android game with a release date 09/18/2017 from Paladin Studios. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Best decks
  2. Best Maps
  3. A Beginner’s Guide
  4. How to Build the Perfect Deck

Stormbound: Best decks

Deck "Poisonous Dragon"

This is a simple deck consisting of a few dragon cards and a few cards that will poison your enemies. Race - Neutral and Tribes of the Dark Marsh.

Post accurate shotDeals damage to the frontmost enemy at the start of your turn. If the enemy has units that are far from the front line, then Post will target them and deal damage
Stray snakesWhen playing with friendly dragons, then deal 3 points of damage to the strongest opponent
Raspberry SentryDeals huge poison damage to nearby enemies. Can kill an entire cell at once
Outbursts of felGood at finishing off weak enemies after being damaged by stronger units
Copper RangerPoisons an enemy during its turn
Vengeful TengorWhen killed, it gives 1 of the effects at random: it gives 6 strength to the rest of the units, deals 5 damage to a random enemy, spawns 4 units in its place
Ridiculous matriarchsSpawns dragons near friendly units
Police callSummons a Knight to a random cell on the field. It can be operated as a separate card
Call for helpSpawns units next to friendly units
Crazy bomberCan deal massive damage when close to a single enemy

The deck consists of several cheap units, as well as several fighters that deal damage to other opponents with poison or direct damage. The most important card that should be in the deck is the Acute Shot Post.

You can’t have a bad start with this deck. If you start first, then you can play Gifted Recruits, summon the militia or azure incubators at the start. It’s unwise to play Copper Rangers, Fel Outburst or Spare Dragons because of their abilities, but if you have no other choice and want a unit on the board then play one of them. These are 6 possible cards for the first move.

If you go second, then it’s even better. If you are playing Azure Hunter, then most likely you will be able to send Fel Flares to damage enemy units. If not, then you can always go with the classic Gifted recruits and call the Police Help.

This deck is incredibly weak against Bladestorm and Needle Blast. Any cards that can damage your Markshot Posts will interfere with controlling enemy troops.

Iron dragons

The deck consists of Neutral and the Union of battleships.

Spare dragonsWhen attacking and dying, increases the strength of allies
Conflicting drakesDeals damage to all types of troops (except dragons) in front of him
Green snakesWhen attacking, increases the strength of friendly units and yourself
Beasts of TerrorDeals damage to all type 1 enemies (except dragons)
Dangerous admirers (suitors)Gaining strength for another dragon on the board
Elot ignitedFlies up to the first enemy in front, knocks them back and deals damage
Siege assemblyDeals damage to the first enemy it hits at the start of the turn
Ridiculous matriarchsSpawns dragons near friendly units
PH03-NIX projectRevives as long as it is near allies or a tower
Siren of the seasDeals 3 damage to enemies

The deck has some interesting combinations:

Eastern flock

A very aggressive faction that focuses on just getting to the player base and dealing damage as quickly as possible. They can deal damage to the base health of cards without being near them. The deck contains cards that spawn more units. They also have a variety of low mana cost cards and cards that move twice.

Restless goatsCauses great damage to the enemy base
Swarm of aboriginesGains strength while playing near a friendly unit
Shady ghoulJumps up to the enemy unit, knocks it back, dealing huge damage
Hymn of HeraldGives strength to 1 team of units by moving them forward
EvilDeals direct damage to enemy base
Forgotten soulsMoves all units forward 1 space
Avengers (Defenders)When attacking, damage the enemy tower

Stormbound: Best Maps

Best of class Neutral

Cards with different abilities. Among Neutral, there are many very powerful cards that form the basis of a deck.

Needle Burst:

First Rebel:

War Veterans:

Sailors from the blue sail:

Hunter Ubass:

Sailors of the west wind:

Gifted Recruits:

Best of Class Winter Pact

Use control over the enemy and freeze, convert additional mana. But it does not have units that spawn other units, and cards for the early game.

Gift of the wise:

Lady Frost:

Cold beards:

Snow Masons:

Best of the Union battleship class

Has a lot of ranged maps, structures and increased durability.

Chaotic pupil:

End loopers:

Update point:

Mechanical workshop:

Best of the Darkflesh Tribe class

Cards have the ability to weaken opponents by poisoning or sucking power, sometimes turning enemies to their side.

Azure Incubator:

Ministers of Blood:

Wild witches:

Rain of frogs:

Best of class Eastern flock

Swarm of the East uses techniques such as unit generation, high movement and direct damage to the enemy base.

Broken truce:


Lunar Azri:


Stormbound: A Beginner’s Guide

As in many similar card games, here you can go through different quests, create your own deck of cards, buy cards or books to get new ones and pump old cards. The game has a kind of campaign. There are 4 locations in total, 4 chapters each. During the passage, players undergo training and receive new cards.

The cards themselves can be pumped, increasing their strength. This can be done by accumulating the same cards or using another currency called "fusion stones".

There are 5 classes of cards in the game:

  1. Winter Pact.
  2. Eastern flock.
  3. Union of battleships.
  4. Tribes of the Dark Marsh.
  5. Neutral.

It is noteworthy that you can create a deck from one class and neutral. For example, if you create a squad from the Winter Pact, then you can add cards of only this race and neutral to the deck. Cards of a different class, it is impossible to add. This adds variability to the gameplay, because it is impossible to create an ideal deck, each nation has its own chips.

In addition to nationality, classes are divided into ranks:

  1. Regular.
  2. Rare.
  3. Epic.
  4. Legendary heroes).

There are cards with special skills. For example, if you release the Miners onto the field, they will create a fortress near them. And if you put Laser flares, then it will damage an arbitrary enemy. There are a lot of such cards, which makes the game even more interesting.

Battle. At the start, only 3 units of mana are available. But with each move, its number will increase. There can be only 4 cards in your hand. But on each of your turns, 1 of the cards can be replaced. After placing your troops, you should click "End move". Now it’s the enemy’s turn.

Stormbound is a turn-based card game, because of this, each step and move must be carefully thought out, look at possible combinations or threats, and not just throw out troops as soon as mana has accumulated.

Frontline - You cannot put your card in the center of the field if the frontline does not allow it. It is necessary to expand it with the help of your troops. If your last unit at the edge of the line is killed, then this line will drop to the end of the field or to another warrior behind, and you will have to expand it again.

To win, you need to lead your troops inside the enemy building, thereby destroying it. This can be done in different ways: with an aggressive attack, good tactics, or simply not letting the enemy build their troops.

When you win PvP, you will receive 1 star. And when you receive stars, your rank will increase. For new ranks, you will be given a reward.

Stormbound: How to Build the Perfect Deck

Eastern flock

This realm is popular with players. While this deck set is extremely formidable in the hands of experienced players, it does have its weaknesses. The class consists of undead, satyrs, and dragons. These cards specialize in quickly moving around the board and dealing direct damage to the enemy base.

Cards range from 1 to 6 mana and are usually of low strength. They benefit from their abilities and the amount of space they can move around when installed. You must build your deck with the thought of completing the game as soon as possible.

It is advised to build a deck with high movement cards and low mana costs so that you can defeat opponents within the first 10 turns. If you keep your opponent from advancing, you retain control of the board.


  1. You need to quickly move forward, and establish Fort Eben Rock near their base to keep enemies close and contain them.
  2. The Execution spell is great for quickly destroying any opponent.
  3. The Needle Blast spell deals direct damage to the base, as well as single damage, so it’s best to keep it close at hand.
  4. The Herald’s Anthem can be easily used for instant victory if you have a strong enough unit (s) bordering the enemy base.
  5. It is recommended to use the Call for Help spell on a unit adjacent to the enemy base in order to quickly limit the opponent’s space in order to play more cards.

Weaknesses of the race. The only weakness is the poison and the swarming nature of the Dark Marsh Tribe cards. Poison breaks through low-powered units, and can cripple you when you are poisoned every turn. Therefore, first of all, you should destroy cards with poisoning. The Post Marks and Sage structures can be very dangerous for your team if you can’t get your opponent to defend in the first turns. Be careful when opponents use decks with Alliance of Armadillos.

Winter Pact

The Winter Pact is a collection of decks that focus on mana and stopping power. This set is great for players who don’t like aggressive playstyle. Unit cards for the Winter Pact tend to be very expensive, with over half of the cards costing over 5 mana.

It is not advised to start a match using this deck unless you have a lot of free time. The Winter Pact is a race that builds strength like a snowball rolling down a hill. The longer you live, the harder it is to beat you.

The Winter Pact is made up of frostlings, gnomes, and a wide variety of spells. Frostlings use freeze spells to stop and destroy enemy units. Gnome cards are based on giving strength to other units. Most players base their decks around frostlings rather than gnomes, which gives drgim gnomes more mana. Along with unit types, spells consist of freezing enemies, destroying (damaging) frozen enemies, and gaining mana.

The most successful strategy is the constant use of freezing and damaging. You can easily remove enemies from the board in one move with the right combination of cards. It is recommended to place units where they cannot be damaged the next turn.


  1. You should calculate your potential damage, and think in advance what you can use for the next turn.
  2. It is worth placing useful structures right in front of frozen enemies so that they receive as little damage as possible on the next turn.
  3. Keep Freebies in your tactical deck when you have more mana than you can actually use.
  4. Freezing is a great way to stop the Mechanical Workshop.
  5. Freezing can stop the progress of an entire column.

Weaknesses of the race. The Winter Pact is vulnerable to rapid attacks from the Eastern Pack. Mobility is not the forte of the winter class, so if you have a chance to try to outlast your opponent, even if you have to defend for a while. Units End Loopers, Shadow Ghoul, and Azure Incubator are sworn enemies of any freeze effect, as they spawn an extra block on death, so don’t spend a freeze on these cards specifically.

Union of battleships

This is a great type of starting deck due to the fact that it contains useful cards. The Armored Alliance is a race that makes full use of construction and unit placement manipulation. This deck is easy to use, but it takes a good strategy to beat more difficult decks. It is a well-balanced class for both attack and defense, making it difficult to win at higher levels.

The class consists of buildings and rodents. An alliance is difficult to defeat if there are a lot of structures in the deck. Structures are necessary in order to stay alive as long as possible, constantly being on the offensive. On the other hand, rodents are designed to push or pull an opponent. This will keep your opponent on the defensive while you continue your merciless attack.

Your ace up your sleeve is the Machine Shop, a structure that spawns new units every turn. You will be insanely difficult to defeat if you are on the defensive.

It is recommended to push your opponent back to base and when you know they cannot reach you, place the Mechanical Workshop for a dodging strike. After this point, your opponent will be fighting a tough battle.


  1. The construction of Fort Eben Rock is insanely valuable for defense.
  2. Do not cover more than 3 cells near structures. You need space to spawn units if needed.
  3. The Perform spell is useful for creating the start of an offensive attack.
  4. Several structures should be placed in one column to receive massive damage.
  5. In order not to be pushed back, it is recommended to use structures that spawn units.
  6. Crazy Bombers are your best friend when you attack or defend.

Weaknesses of the race. Execution is the biggest threat to your buildings. Low-powered units spawned by toads can weaken your advance and block the Mechanical Workshop for several turns. The most deadly threats are the conversion effects of Blood Ministers and Curse of Strings, which can turn the tide of an offensive back into defense.

Darkflesh tribes

These are pretty tricky cards. Tribes are a set of decks that are not recommended to start with because their most useful cards are not effective at low levels. This race is the only one that uses poison and transformation to their advantage, creating many different types of strategies that can be used.

The class consists of toads (which use poisoning) and ravens (which can steal power from enemies and sometimes allies). Transformation effect is limited to one spell and one unit.

Toads are best used to quickly fill up the board to restrict enemy movement, and to move forward quickly at the start of a match. Ravens are great for taking on strong opponents and using their own power against them. Even a weak raven unit can be very effective when faced with strong enemy units.

Poison, while effective, takes time and is best used at higher level units. Then you need to release Amberhides. The transformation mechanic is best used when facing multiple low-level blocks or one high-strength unit.


  1. You should pump your cards to get the most out of them.
  2. Poison (if not specified) does not deal damage until the next turn of your opponents, it is worth paying attention to.
  3. Poisoned units with strength 1 will not move forward or deal damage to troops in front of them.
  4. Converting poisoned units does not cancel poison.

Weaknesses of the race. The Tribe lacks core strength, so you need to have some neutral cards to fill in the gaps. Cards with random massive damage such as Bladestorm and Needle Blast can cripple your troops. Stopping Eastern Pack decks can be difficult, especially if you are stuck with low strength cards.

Article author: Evgeniya G.