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Walkthrough Summoners War: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

SUMMONERS WAR SKY ARENA - Android game with release date 02.06.2014 from the Korean company Com2uS. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Summoners War download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Promotional Codes
  2. Accounts: Sell, Buy, and Create
  3. WIKI and beginner’s guides
  4. Overview of the Main Buildings
  5. Walkthrough
  6. Kairos Dungeon Secrets
  7. Monster Guide
  8. TOP of the best monsters
  9. Runes Guide
  10. Hero Level Up Guide

Summoners War: Promotional Codes

Where to enter the promotional code? On the main screen of the game, go to the "Promotions" menu, scroll down the list, find the line "Enter promotional code". After you click on an item, a window will open in which you must enter the existing code. If you have several codes, they are entered and confirmed in turn (it is not necessary to exit the menu).

Remember that each promotional code is one-time. If you have accounts on several servers, then enter the code only on 1 resource. Therefore, you must choose the account on which the receipt of additional profit and free buns is most necessary.

Developers often delight their users with new promotions and promotional codes. Often they play out after the Champions tournament. We found for you several codes that will help you at the start of the game:

  1. 2019ASIALEGED - 50 crystals.
  2. Mj3A073M - a set of heroic runes.
  3. W96jo94SU3 - 3 mysterious scrolls.
  4. 8102swceue0107 - 100 energy.
  5. 8102SWCEUC0150 - 50 crystals.
  6. SCWUE2002C2018 - 2 Scrolls of the Wind.
  7. 100ACSWC2018 - 100 energy.
  8. SWCAC50C - 50 crystals.
  9. S2aC2018 - 2 Fire Scrolls.
Codes quickly become obsolete. Do not forget to visit our site - Wise Geek. Here we will, if possible, add new gift codes for the game. Do not miss, as some codes are valid for a limited time!

Summoners War Accounts: Sell, Buy, and Create

The game has been over 4 years old. During this time, many started and quit the game, and some beginners do not want to pump up an account from scratch. Such newcomers began to create communities in which they offered to purchase a good gaming account. And since there is demand, then offers began to appear. There are so many groups and communities on social networks that offer to buy or sell an account. In this case, the seller will need to change the details in the game.

Very often, when changing details, buyers deceive sellers, and vice versa, after receiving money, sellers themselves were lost. Therefore, some players began to act as a guarantor. That is, the seller transfers the account to him, and the buyer transfers the money. When the guarantor receives both, he transfers the funds to the merchant, and the newcomer can rejoice at the acquisition.

It is worth noting that not all guarantors are honest people, even in this case you can run into a swindler. Therefore, it is important that the person guaranteeing the security of the transaction has good reviews, takes a percentage of the transaction (from 10% to 20%). Yes, you will pay him money, but the trading operation will be successful. You can search for a guarantor on the recommendation of an experienced player.

The cost of an account varies from 1000 to 20,000 rubles. Therefore, it is important when buying or selling not to run into a scammer and not rush into the deal. You can buy an account through Yandex.Money using the protection code.

Summoners War: WIKI and beginner’s guides

Server selection. At the start of the game, that is, when you just installed it and logged in for the first time, they suggest choosing a server. There are 6 servers in the game. If you live in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, then you are automatically invited to play on "Europe". But you can play on any server.

Most Russian-speaking gamers are on the European server. The Russian language interface is on any server, so no matter what server you choose, there will be no problems with the gameplay (in terms of translation).

First steps in the game

At the start there is a demonstration of your island on which your buildings will be located. At first it is small, but in the future it can be expanded. Then the girl Irene greets the player.

Contact Irene as often as possible. She will notify you of some promotions, tell you about upcoming updates, tell you what you are missing on assignments. It is recommended to click on a gift over her head more often, and then you will know more about this game.

Then they will give you the first building - the Mana Fountain. It will bring the player a valuable resource - mana, for which you can perform a lot of operations in the game.

It is worth noting that there are no exchanges in the game, and it is impossible to pump at the expense of another character. Pouring real money into the game (donat) will help you get some worthy monsters at the start (as your game heroes are called in the game), but birthright (characters that are immediately called up by 5 stars) in this game can start and help develop, but do not solve most of the issues. There will always be some TOP hero of 3-4 stars, which is easy enough to get, and they will be better in TOP runes than the firstborn in runes of 3-4 stars.

The first characters that the player will receive are Cerberus and Fairy, suitable only for training a beginner in the game process. In the future, they can be sent to improve other monsters.


Before each battle, the player enters the squad selection window. Here on the far side are shown the slots for your heroes whom you want to take into battle. And on the left you can see rivals. At the bottom of the window there are 2 lines:

  1. The top one is all your available heroes.
  2. The bottom one is the line where the most powerful monsters of your friends are displayed. You can take them into battle, they will help you pass difficult levels, while not taking away the experience of your champions.

Above the slots for selecting a hero, the Leader Skill (leader) can burn. This is a special monster skill that strengthens the team in addition to the basic skills. If the skill parameter works, then it will light orange.

What does the leader give? Some fighters have leadership skills (a blue square in the lower left corner lights up on the hero’s icon). The leadership abilities of the heroes are individual: for some, it works only in the Arena, for others - only in the Dungeons, in the Tower, for others it is activated during the Guild Wars.

For every battle energy is consumed. The game consists in the submission of one element to another. The interaction of the elements. Thus, bonuses are distributed on the characters in the battles. If a hero attacks a monster with a green arrow, it means that his element dominates the enemy’s element and adds a bonus of 20% to the monster’s attack. For example, you fire and beat the Wind, you will be added 20% and the level of attack in the Wind will be 120%. But if the Wind will beat the fire, then it will be taken away from 100% 20%. That is, Wind on Fire will do less damage. This is important to consider when going through the story company and other activities.

The yellow arrow indicates that the monster hits the enemy with a normal (without bonuses) attack. The red arrow indicates that the fighter will deal damage less than 20% of the actual attack power.

In order not to get confused, you should pay attention to 2 scales above the warrior’s head during the battle: these are health points and the progression scale. Next to them is a circle with numbers - this is the level of the character. Each element has its own color, in which the level icon is painted:

  1. Fire is red, stronger than Wind.
  2. Wind is orange, stronger than Water.
  3. Water is blue, stronger than Fire.
  4. Light - soft - beige.
  5. Darkness is purple.
Light and Darkness oppose each other, and always beat the basic elements by 100%. These elements are always easier to fight with the rest. But the basic elements beat them with a 100% attack.

Combat skills. Each monster from your collection (players call the collection a zoo) has active and passive skills.Active skills are displayed in the lower right corner of the battle window. If the stage is manual (not on an attack), then you can choose the skill to strike. Some abilities have a skill rollback time (lasting several moves), at which time the skill cannot be used.

It is best to complete missions and difficult Dungeons manually, because in automatic mode, warriors use the skills of their choice. Often their vision of the battle does not coincide with the experience of the player, and the heroes die. This game is made for people who can think. If you think and analyze each process, you can achieve high levels quickly and without investing real money.

In the lower left corner of the battle window, you can select the battle speed (x1, x2, x3) - this affects the animation of the battle and drawing skills. You can also put an auto attack here.

In battle, you should constantly think about the move. For example, if the enemy has little health left, then you should not finish him off with a fighter with a high level of attack. It is better to injure an enemy with a large margin of health, and to choose a monster with a weak attack. Your mind and tactics will be able to decide the outcome of the battle.

At each stage of all activities there are several waves. Therefore, the best skills should be left to stronger opponents. Or so: you know that in history there are three waves, the last wave has a mini-boss that hits painfully.But on the way to it you can meet rivals who will not allow to reach the 3rd wave. Therefore, it is worth looking through how many moves the most powerful skill rolls back. If you feel that the battle on the 1st - 2nd wave will drag out, it is better to use strong skills at the beginning of the round so that the abilities have time to roll back to the 3rd wave. It often happens that 2 to 3 powerful skills of each hero are spent on intermediate waves. This must also be taken into account.

Most importantly, at least 1 monster should survive, then the whole team will gain experience. There are no potions for experience in the game, you need to pump heroes with pens.

Battle designations

Attack indicator - during the battle, the monster with the highest attack speed is the first to go. The higher the speed, the faster the indicator (scale) of the attack is replenished.

Critical strike chance - attacking an opponent, each character has a basic 15% chance of critical strike. The chance of crit depends on the elements of the warriors, their abilities and runes.

Critical Damage - Critical strike deals 50% additional damage. This damage may increase depending on the elements, skills and runes.

Powerful strike - if the opponent of the dominant element failed to deliver a critical strike, he has a chance to perform a powerful strike, which deals 30% additional damage.

Sliding strike - when attacking an enemy with a dominant element or under the influence of a negative skill, there is a chance of delivering a sliding strike, which deals 30% less and cannot impose negative effects (debuffs).

Persistence and accuracy - the chance to resist a debuff depends on the durability and accuracy of the overlay.Base durability = 15%.

Debuffs are negative spells that prevent the hero from fully utilizing his abilities in battle. Up to 10 different debuffs can be applied to an enemy. You cannot cast 2 identical debuffs at the same time. If the monster already under the effect is superimposed the same on top, then the previous one is canceled. The exception is long-term damage: each subsequent effect is added to the already applied ones.

Effect namethe effect
Stun (funnel).The target will be stunned and unable to attack.
Freezing (snowflake).In a state of freezing, you cannot attack and restore the attack indicator.
Weakened defense (broken shield).Enemy defense is reduced by 70%.
Weakened attack (broken sword).Reduces attack power by 50%.
Long lasting damage (skull).At each turn, deals 5% damage from maximum health. The blow ignores the defense and stacks.
Decrease in attack speed (tired man).-thirty%.
Sleep (zZz).Culls a target that will not attack. The target wakes up from a repeated hit on it.
Increased chance of a glancing strike (lightning).Increases your chance to glide by 50%.
Healing (broken cross).The target cannot restore health (from skills and buffs).
Bomb.Called after a certain number of moves. Deals damage (even if the enemy has already died) and enters into a stupor for 1 turn. Ignores protection.
Provocation (evil smiley).Attacks only the provoked monster.
Block of buffs (wings).Prevents beneficial effects.
Silence (STOP sign).Blocks skills with rollback (except passive).
Stigma (bonfire).Damage taken is increased by 25%.
Oblivion (question mark).Blocks passive skills.

Buffs are the positive effects that monsters cast on members of their squad. They help to use combat skills more effectively. There are buffs that remove negative sorcery and give immunity to debuffs.

Up to 10 buffs can be applied to a single target. Identical effects do not add up, the last of them remains.
Effect namethe effect
Strengthening the attack.Attack power is increased by 50%.
Increased attack speed.Attack speed increased by 30%.
Strengthening protection.Increases your base defense by 70%.
Immunity.Gives immunity to debuffs.
Reflect damage.When attacking the enemy, the monster counterattacks the enemy with damage at 30% of the received.
Increased critical strike chance.+ 30%.
Cure.At each turn, restores 15% health.
Shield.Absorbs a certain amount of incoming damage.
Counterattack.When attacking, the monster responds in response and deals 75% of the damage received.
Invulnerability.Immunity to any damage.
Resistance to critical hits.The chances of getting critical damage are reduced by 50%.
Vitality.When attacking an enemy, health does not fall below unity.
Defense.Reduces the damage of an ally under Defense to 0, taking 50% damage from this and controlling the opponent.
Armor.Creates a shield equal to 15% of the champion’s maximum health over the team.
Protection of the spirit.Upon death, the hero is reborn with 30% of maximum health.
Threat (agr).When attacking, an adversary can choose the target of only a monster in a state of threat.
A vampire.Recovers 20% of the damage done.

Shopping guide

The store (located in the lower right corner) has very useful things, but there are items that are not worth buying.We will tell you what products and why the player needs them, and which ones you can save on without buying them at all.

Buildings Tab:

  1. Extension - in the store you can purchase the expansion of the island. They will be necessary to build the necessary buildings.
  2. Secret Tower - protects a squad in the Arena. As soon as the tower’s progress bar is full, it inflicts massive damage to the enemy.
  3. Crystal titanium - it is recommended to build it at level 29, if you liked the game, and you will go into it daily. It costs 300 crystals. Titanium brings 3 crystals per day. Pay off in 100 days.
  4. Crystal Mine - Requires level 10 to build. Brings 1 crystal every 10 hours.
In this tab, you should buy all the buildings (mine and titanium at the discretion), the benefit at the start of mana will be enough to build and improve them.

Medals Tab (Medal Store):

  1. Scrolls - do not buy, because of them food falls.
  2. Crystal Stone - Can be placed at level 40. Adds attack power to Arcane Tower +1 per level. This building is not in a hurry, it can wait. She does not give a special effect.
  3. Guardian stone (defense + 2%) - this building will need to be rocked.
All buildings that give protection, attack (or other bonuses) - they all belong to the heroes, I add them bonuses to the parameters (they are not displayed in the statistics and are added to the base indicators). Other objects (if not indicated) do not apply to such structures. The increase from buildings gives a bonus in all activities. To make the effect more you should swing buildings and monsters.
  1. Ancient sword - attack + 2%.
  2. Crystal Altar - Health + 2%.
  3. Sky Flame Totem (Speed ??+ 2%) is one of the key buildings that needs to be pumped. The higher the speed of the monsters, the faster they will walk, the more they will cause damage to the enemy.
  4. Secret Tower: Haste - gives + 2% to the attack speed of the Secret Tower, which protects you in the Arena. A useless building, you can pump in the last turn.
  5. Fallen Ancient Guardian (Critical Damage + 2%) - it’s worth downloading at account level 49. This building adds damage during a critical strike. At the start, the chance of a critical hit (critical chance) is very small, and the building will not work by.
Pumping and buying spontaneous buildings (buildings that give a bonus to a certain element) is necessary based on which heroes of which element you use most in battles. Not those who passively lie in the inventory and in the warehouse, but those who walk in activity.

Currency Tab It sells products for crystals.

  1. Replenishment of energy - at high levels, this is the most rational waste of crystals.
  2. Invitation to the Arena - sometimes it is worth taking in order to go to the Arena more often and bring more rewards. You should not do this at the start.
  3. Free - after receiving the 7th level of an account, you can get crystals for watching a video or for performing simple tasks from developers (for example, downloading a game) in this tab for free. After receiving the currency, the game can be deleted.

Special Tab:

  1. Rename - you can change the account nickname for 300 crystals.
  2. Experience Enhancer - Worth Buying. There are different potions (for a day, 2 days), but for 3 days it is more profitable to purchase.
  3. Monster booster - it is worth accumulating and acquiring (if you wish) for 750 crystals. This one is much more economical than buying monsters for 75 crystals in Challenge. In this case, you will get 1 hero for free. In addition, they will give you mana and 1 angel for each property.

Tab "Pak" - goods and packages for real money are sold here. You should choose at your own discretion, but wisely.

Summoners War: Overview of the Main Buildings

Spell Tower - here you can select heroes for the Defense in the Arena, who will fight off other players. Usually, the strongest team of heroes is exhibited at the Arena. Here you can see the history of the arena’s battles, as well as see the available materials for awakening.

Pond of mana - gives constantly mana. Maximum capacity - 2000 units. It produces 240 resource units per hour.

Challenge Altar - here you can buy scrolls or choose any available type of call. The game has several possibilities to summon heroes:

  1. Unknown Scroll - Summons 1-3 star heroes for 300 mana.
  2. Mysterious Scroll - Summons 3 - 5 star heroes for 10,000 mana.
  3. Mysterious Challenge - Summons 3 to 5 star heroes for 75 crystals. But since crystals are very difficult to get, then spending them on such an appeal is not advisable.
  4. Social Challenge - Summons 1 to 3 star characters for 100 hearts that can be obtained with the help of friends.
  5. A special challenge - once a day, you can call for 10,000 mana for one of the 16 available characters. Here you can already choose the hero you need. Each week, the characters in the challenge change.
  6. Scrolls of monsters is a call of a character from parts of a hero collected at locations or in promotions.

Strengthening Hexagram - here you can strengthen your monsters (add a level) and evolve them (increase stardom), as well as improve their skills.

The Wish Temple is a kind of roulette that can give an accidentally dropped object. You can spin the wheel 1 time per day.

Magic store - here you can buy monsters, scrolls and runes. The range is updated every hour. Additional cells of goods can be opened for mana and crystals.

Guild Magic Store - A shop is available to players who are members of the guild. A player can build a store for guild points by purchasing a building frame in the Guild Store. With the increase of the guild level, new cells for goods are opened. The range for all members of the alliance is the same, and is updated every 8 hours. You can update the range yourself, but you will have to spend guild points. If one member of the guild has updated the list of goods out of turn, then it is also updated for all members of the union. The guild store sells fragments of scrolls of heroes, runes, polished stones, magic stones and more.

Merger Center - here you can combine essences of low quality and get essences of higher quality. When merged, a certain amount of mana is consumed.

Hexagram of mergers - here you can perform the merger of monsters to get a new, stronger character. To call each monster there is an individual recipe that requires a certain set of heroes - feed.

Feeds are those heroes who go to improve other characters. It turns out that the player feeds the main monster of unnecessary weak units.

Monster repository - here you can collect and store monsters that do not participate anywhere, but simply lie and wait in the wings when they are claimed by the player. Here you can add heroes who go to feed other characters. Monsters located in the warehouse cannot be used in Defense or taken in activity, they are not displayed in the inventory. In total, 750 units can be stored here.

Transformation Center - here you can change the appearance of the characters, the animation of their skills will also change. This change does not affect the characteristics of the heroes, the parameters do not improve. You just change the decor of the monster. To change the appearance of a warrior, you must open access to the costume. This requires transformation stones that can be knocked out in the Otherworldly Raid.

Workshop - here you can create buildings, runes, Homunculus and much more. All the necessary resources are mined in adventures.

Department "Medals" in the store

Special buildings, scrolls, monsters for pumping heroes are bought here.

The higher the level of the building, the more efficient it is.

At the start of the game, when you will earn little medals, you should not buy character scrolls for medals. Weekly you should buy the devilmon.

Devilmon is the most expensive resource in the game. You can get it (if you don’t pour real money into the game - donate) once every 7 days for medals, it can also sometimes be purchased on stocks and on the 70th floor of the Test Tower.

Angelmons are not worth buying for medals.

First of all, the store should purchase:

  1. The sanctuary of measurement - the building gives +1 to energy and another +1 at each level of the building. At account level 40, the maximum amount of energy will be non-standard 30 units, and 40.
  2. Fairy Tree - Gives +200 Mana.
  3. Mana Fountain - Mana Production Speed ??+ 5%.
  4. Mysterious plant - affects the speed of energy recovery. At the start of the game you have 1 unit of energy restored 5 minutes. At plant level 10, energy will be restored in 3.5 minutes.

The Fairy Tree and the Mana Fountain will give a significant increase in mana, if you have the opportunity to enter the game every 5 hours.

When the 1st and 4th buildings are 3 levels, then it is worth starting to download 2 and 3. Then the whole building should be pumped evenly. It is better to have 5 buildings of level 5 than 2 to 10 levels.

Some beginners make mistakes simply by swinging 1 building to level 10. With each level, the value of the building increases. If level 1 costs 30 medals, then further buildings will cost more.

Summoners War Walkthrough

Story company

At the start, the player will be offered training in the first chapter of the story company. Company (Subject) consists of 13 chapters:

  1. Karen Forest - here you can get the runes of the Power set. The monsters of the location belong to the elements of Wind, Fire and Water. Passing is easy.
  2. Mountains of Siz - you can get a set of Runes "Onslaught". The monsters of the location belong to the elements of Wind, Fire and Water. Passing is easy.
  3. Ruins of Kabir - you can get a set of runes "Blade". The monsters of the location belong to the elements of the Wind.
  4. Snowy Mountains Ragon - Runes are mined. The monsters of the mountains belong to the elements of Water, and Garuda belongs to the Wind.
  5. Teline Forest - Focus Runes mined. Monsters of the forest - Fire, Water, Wind.
  6. Haydeni Ruins - you can knock out the Guardian runes. The monsters of the location belong to Water.
  7. Tamor Desert - Strength runes fall from opponents. All enemies belong to the Wind.
  8. Ruins of Vrofugus - the runes of the Shield set fall. The monsters of the location belong to the element Fire.
  9. Volcano Faimon - runes "Answer" are mined. You will expect the elements of Fire and Darkness.
  10. Aiden Forest - here you can get the "Will" runes. Monsters, mainly the elements of Darkness.
  11. Ferun Fortress - you can find the "Revenge" kit. Opponents meet different elements. Mostly Fire and Darkness.
  12. Runar Mountains - gets the Vampire Kit. Mostly the mountains are inhabited by Light.
  13. Cheruk ruins - here are runes "Destruction". You will have to fight with Water and Wind.

With each new stage of passing opponents become stronger. In principle, passing locations is not difficult. One has only to understand what skills the enemies have. These skills can be seen in the collection of Monsters, because all the enemies in the story campaign can become your characters.

Each card has three difficulty levels:

  1. Normal.
  2. Hard.
  3. Hell.

The higher the level of passage, the higher the quality of the runes will fall. The number of each chapter indicates not only the order of passage (stories open in turn), but also in which slot the rune will fall. In the 1st chapter - the rune falls in the first words, in 2 - in the second and so on. From the boss in Chapter 7, any rune from the kit that falls on the current map can fall.

If you lack some runes, you can enter the company and fill yourself with the missing relics.

Dimension Split

The Dimension Cleavage opens after passing the Ruins of Charuk (in Normal mode). A split appears once a day in a random location. Passing the Split requires more energy than passing other cards, but on the other hand, you can earn more experience and mana. Runes and Monsters in a split do not drop out.

To enter the split it is necessary to have not only a certain amount of energy, but also a crystal of measurements. It can be obtained by completing daily tasks or in the workshop. You can store 10 crystals at a time.

In the Cleavage of Dimensions, the battle takes place as in other activities, only the help of a friend or mentor is not available here.

Test Tower

The tower consists of 100 floors. Floors are held in turn. To open the next floor, you must complete the battle on the current. With each floor, the strength of opponents increases.

On every 10th floor the boss is waiting for you. For defeating him, the player receives a good reward. Each floor is walked 1 time. Each month, the progress of the Tower is reset, and the passage should begin from the 1st floor. Here, as in Split, you cannot take the help of a friend or mentor.

World boss

When a player passes the Dimension Split at least once, the World Boss will appear on the World Map. You can summon a super - monster to battle 3 times a day. Any heroes from level 15 to 20 can fight. Food cannot beat (these are monsters with silver stars). Each character can enter the battle with the World Boss only 1 time per day.

After the end of the day, the damage caused to the boss will be calculated. Depending on the amount of damage, players are awarded a reward. If the server defeats the boss, then all participants in the battle will receive additional prizes.

Otherworldly raid

3 players can take part in the raid. You can create a team yourself, or you can join an existing one using the quick search. You can invite friends and guild members to your team.

Construction. Each raid participant must put 6 heroes into the fray. They become in 2 rows. The front row takes more damage, so it is recommended to put monsters with a high level of health in it. Warriors in the back row take 25% less damage, compared to 1 row. Damage taken by fighters of the 1st row is distributed to all monsters. Therefore, the more heroes in the front row, the less they get injured. Accordingly, less damage takes place in the back row.

Battle. Players will have to fight with the three-headed monster, or rather with each head separately. Moreover, all goals have 1 health scale. Leader skills and debuffs apply to all 3 teams. But the effects of the same leader skills are not cumulative. Buffs apply only to members of your team. The battle takes place automatically.

If you swipe left or right across the screen, you can see how the allies are fighting. Battles take place in real time. In battle mode, the damage rating of each participant is displayed. You can also see what runes are dressed on your friend’s monsters. You can only chat with Raid members in a chat.

Defeating the Raid boss, you can get stones that change or improve the additional properties of the runes.

Steps 2 and 3 open after passing through stage 1. But in order to proceed to the next stage, it is required to inflict 15% (by 3 - 30%) of the total number of damage. Rewards are distributed by the amount of damage done.

Otherworldly dungeons

In the Otherworldly Dungeons, players battle bosses of 5 elements, each of which is endowed with his own unique skills. Bosses are immune to all debuffs. They use their abilities to increase the attack scale by a certain percentage. These Dungeons open after completing Stage 1 of the Otherworldly Raid.

Construction. You can take 6 heroes into the fray and arrange them in rows depending on the role of each fighter. Monsters in the 2nd row take 25% less damage than the soldiers of the 1st row. The build system is identical to the Beyond Raid system.

Confusion. When the boss’s health bar drops to 0, he falls into a state of Confusion in which he takes more damage and is vulnerable to debuffs. The more attacking champions, the longer Confusion lasts. Gradually, the boss leaves this state. After the action of Confusion comes to an end, the monster restores its health scale, and attacks the enemy with even greater force. If you defeat the boss a second time - he will not rise.

Reward. From the Dungeon, you can get materials to improve buildings, to create runes and Homunculus, runes, magic and polished stones. The more the player inflicted damage to the boss and the longer the opponent was in a state of Confusion, the more prizes he will receive.

Dimension Hole

There are several rooms in the Dimension Hole. For each hall, certain conditions must be met in order to enter it. Two or more monsters of the same species cannot enter one hall at the same time.

Each hall has 3 zones:

  1. Dungeon Dimensions.
  2. Secondary Awakening Dungeon.

In each zone of the player await unique rewards. The hole opens after passing the 1st stage of the Beyond Raid.

Energy. When passing the location, a special type of energy of the Measurement Hole is used. It will take 2 hours to replenish 1 unit. A battle requires 1 unit.

Ancient Guardians. In the battle with the Ancient Guardians, there are 3 phases. For each phase, 2 monsters are summoned. Sentinel skills vary depending on the monsters that he has called. After victory you can get antique runes, antique magic and polished stones. Each room has different runes. Parameters of runes and stones from the Hole of Dimensions are much higher than ordinary runes.

Dungeons of secondary awakening. In these rooms, the bosses are the monsters who received a secondary awakening. Their skills are much higher than those of heroes with simple awakening. As a prize, the player can get antique magic stones that are needed for antique reforging stones.

Summoners War: Kairos Dungeon Secrets

There are several rooms in the Dungeon. Some rooms are open on certain days of the week, others are available daily. In the Dungeons, the main thing is to know which bosses are located, where and how they beat, and then choose a specific team for them. Each hall has 10 floors (Usually they say "I am passing the B10 Light" - I pass the 10th floor of the Hall of Light). The higher the floor, the stronger the enemies.

Having passed one of the halls of the elements, you can accidentally open the Secret Hall. Having collected the necessary number of scrolls here, you can call the corresponding monster. Friends have access to your Secret Halls. The hall opens for 1 hour, no more than 20 people can enter it.

Hall of Darkness

You can get the essence of Darkness, magic dust and open the Secret Hall. Here you can collect material to awaken the monsters of Darkness, as well as get the angels of Darkness (to improve the heroes). The dungeon opens on Monday, Friday, and Saturday.

Boss Keeper of Darkness - He has skills that deal continuous damage. The player will be able to remove it if the team puts an assistant (support), which removes the negative effects from the allies.


  1. Cleansing the Dead - attacks the entire team and can stun for 1 turn. The fewer soldiers left in the team, the more damage passes through them.
  2. Dead Man’s Eye - burns enemies, with a high chance of inflicting permanent damage to your squad for 3 turns.
  3. Destruction (passive skill) - killing the enemy, gets an additional move.
  4. Poison Crystal (tower) - Inflicts lasting damage on 3 turns to all members of the squad.

Hall of Light

You can get the essence of Light, magic dust and open the Secret Hall, find the angels of light. Opens every Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Boss Keeper of the Light - has high protection. First of all, it is necessary to weaken his defense or inflict damage that ignores the protective spell.


  1. Cleansing the Dead - attacks the whole team, there is a chance to stun the opponent. The fewer soldiers left in the team, the more damage passes through them.
  2. Dead Man’s Eye - burns enemies, there is a high chance of impairing 3 turns.
  3. Destruction (passive skill) - after killing the enemy receives an additional move.
  4. Unshakable Guardian - + 500% to boss protection.
  5. Defense Enhancement Crystal (Tower) - Increases boss defense by 3 turns.
  6. Attack Weakening Crystal (Tower) - Reduces the attack power of the entire unit by 2 turns.

Hall of Fire

You can get the essence of Fire, magic dust and open the Secret Hall. You can also get the angel of fire. Opens every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

Fire Guardian Boss - knows how to set bombs that explode after 3 turns and cause huge damage, while ignoring the protection of monsters. You should defuse the gifts of the boss or use characters with immunity skills.


  1. Cleansing the Dead - attacks the whole team, there is a chance to stun the opponent. The fewer soldiers left in the team, the more damage passes through them.
  2. Dead Man’s Eye - burns enemies, there is a high chance of impairing 3 turns.
  3. Destruction (passive skill) - after killing the enemy receives an additional move.
  4. Explosive crystal (tower) - bombs are placed on all enemies that explode after 3 turns. Or neutralize, or kill the boss before the explosion.
  5. Attack Enhancement Crystal (Tower) - Increases the Guardian’s attack power by 3 turns.

Water Hall

Here you get the essence of water, magic dust, you can open the Secret Hall, find the angels of water. Opens every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Boss Water Keeper - has a lot of health. It is recommended to take on him warriors who inflict long-term damage (for example, 5% damage per turn of the maximum amount of health). You can take fighters who inflict damage proportional to the health of the enemy (it works on bosses).


  1. Cleansing the Dead - attacks the whole team, there is a chance to stun the opponent. The fewer soldiers left in the team, the more damage passes through them.
  2. Dead Man’s Eye - burns enemies, there is a high chance of impairing 3 turns.
  3. Destruction (passive skill) - after killing the enemy receives an additional move.
  4. Resistant Guardian - + 500% to maximum health.

Hall of the Wind

You can get the essence of the Wind and magic dust, open the Secret Hall, find the angelmon Werth. Opens every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Boss Keeper of the Wind - can completely restore his health. You must take a hero into the battle, who imposes a ban on restoring health.


  1. Cleansing the Dead - attacks the whole team, there is a chance to stun the opponent. The fewer soldiers left in the team, the more damage passes through them.
  2. Dead Man’s Eye - burns enemies, there is a high chance of impairing 3 turns.
  3. Destruction (passive skill) - after killing the enemy receives an additional move.
  4. Healing Crystal (Tower) - Restores a certain amount of boss health.
  5. Attack Attenuation Crystal (Tower) - Reduces the unit’s attack power by 2 turns.

Hall of Magic

You can get the essence of magic and magic dust, as well as collect resources for awakening the heroes of different elements. Open daily.

Boss of the Guardian of Magic - has high attack power and high defense. You should take heroes with a high attack and a large number of health points to the battle.


  1. Cleansing the Dead - attacks the whole team, there is a chance to stun the opponent. The fewer soldiers left in the team, the more damage passes through them.
  2. Dead Man’s Eye - burns enemies, there is a high chance of impairing 3 turns.
  3. Destruction (passive skill) - after killing the enemy receives an additional move.
  4. Impact Crystal (Tower) - Deals heavy damage to 1 target.
  5. Healing Barrier Crystal (Tower) - There is a chance to cast Healing for 2 turns.


You can get a set of runes "Wrath" and a symbol of chaos.

Boss Ancient Lich King - can ignore a certain number of enemy attacks. Tactics: you need to remove the shield or use heroes who inflict a series of attacks or have a counterattack. Has a passive skill that reduces the attack speed of the enemy and prevents the use of skills that change the indicator of attack. It is necessary to put characters who increase the attack speed or reduce the attack speed of the boss. If the player removes the shield, the King will restore health in proportion to the damage done. It is recommended to take soldiers who impose a ban on restoring health.


  1. Soul Submission - attacks the entire team and restores its health by 50% of the damage done. Each time you use the skill, the attack power of the King increases.
  2. Imprisonment of the Soul - captivates and subjugates the enemy, who caused him the greatest damage.
  3. Dead Man’s Hour (passive skill) - limits the attack speed of all allies and enemies to a certain level. Deactivates all effects that affect the attack scale.
  4. The Veil of the Spirit (passive skill) - at each turn creates the Veil of the Spirit, neutralizing a certain percentage of attacks. Without it, maximum health is reduced by 30% of the damage received.
  5. Fallen Immortal (passive skill) - having died, is resurrected from 50% of the maximum amount of health. In battle, it can’t get a buff (buff), but it can become immune to silence and skills that slow down the rollback of a skill.

Dragon Hall

You can get runes set "Rage" and a symbol of excellence.

Boss Ancient Dragon - the peculiarity is that the Dragon can do more damage when negative skills (debuffs) hang on the enemy. It is advised that the team take warriors who can remove debuffs or grant immunity. If the Lizard’s health drops to 30% or less, its attack increases. It is recommended that you end the fight after activating the Dragon Wrath ability.


  1. The breath of rage is a massive attack, there is a chance to inflict lasting damage for 3 turns. Enemies under negative effects take more damage.
  2. Calamity - Powerfully attacks the enemy who destroyed the crystal. It’s better not to touch the turrets.
  3. Dragon Anger (passive skill) - when health drops below 30%, the fire-breathing attack power is significantly increased.
  4. Poison Crystal (tower) - Inflicts lasting damage on the unit for 3 turns.
  5. Attack Attenuation Crystal - Reduces the attack power of a team by 2 turns.

Hall of the Giant

The hall is open daily. You can get the runes of the "Shock" kit and a symbol of harmony.

Ancient Giant Boss - May reflect attacks after being attacked 7 times. It should be taken to the Hall of monsters that do a lot of damage to reduce the counterattack of the Giant. You can use protection to reduce incoming damage, or use negative effects on the boss that reduce attack power. It is recommended to use heroes with a high chance of critical damage or those who reduce protection, since the boss has high protection.


  1. A landslide is a massive attack that, in addition, stuns opponents for 1 turn with a high chance.
  2. Great Earthquake - causes an earthquake that causes great damage to all enemies, and reduces their attack speed by 3 turns.
  3. Reflection (passive skill) - after the Giant is injured 7 times, he counterattacks.
  4. Attack Enhancement Crystal (Tower) - Increases boss attack power by 3 turns.
  5. Attack Weakening Crystal (Tower) - Reduces the attack power of heroes by 3 turns.

Summoners War: Monster Guide

The game has a lot of monsters. Monsters vary in species. Each species can belong to 5 elements:

  1. Fire.
  2. Water.
  3. Wind.
  4. Shine.
  5. Dark.

For example, Pixie (hero) can be Water, Fire, and so on. This applies to all characters. The skills of one type of monster, which belong to different elements, may differ. Suppose that many players love the Yeti of the Wind, in this element it brings a lot of benefit to the team, but the rest of the Yeti are fed to the Wind, since they have not very good abilities.

When choosing the main composition, you should pay attention to the skills of the characters that they can give the team. Sometimes the hero of Fire fighting against Water can strike harder than the same Warrior of the Wind (although the Wind is the dominant element in this situation).

Also in the game there are differences of heroes by roles:

  1. Attack.
  2. Support.
  3. Protection.
  4. Health.
  5. Material (feed).
Experienced players who have been playing the game for more than a year have noticed that the characters designated by the developers as Support or Attack can actually differ greatly from their role. Therefore, you must always pay attention to the skills that the hero has before putting on him.

The game has unique characters that can be dressed differently: both in attack and in support.

How to find out the role of your monster? We have already said that each character has a role in the game, about this is written in his menu about the level. Let us give an example, Verdehaite (a vampire) has an attack, but at the same time it plays the role of an accelerator and support (imposes positive effects on the team). If you put him on the attack, then his benefit will be minimal. Therefore, it is not always necessary to pay attention to this indicator.

To determine the role of the hero, you should first pay attention to his skills. From them you can understand what class the character belongs to. For example, you are looking at 1 skill that is attacking, and at 2 skill there is also an attack (or mass attack). From this we can conclude that this hero is better dressed for the attack.

Characteristics of Heroes

Attack Strength - The larger the baseline, the more useful the runes you will dress. For attacking heroes, maximum attack power is required, this will affect the damage to the enemy. But here it is worth paying attention to skills. Some fighters do damage from attack speed or health.

Attack speed - if the skills depend on the attack speed, then the hero needs to increase the speed. If the character is fast, he will often update his skills and do more harm to the enemy. Almost any attacking monster can collect a huge amount of speed.

Critical Chance - Collected for attack heroes. It is recommended to collect at least 85%. For example, your hero Fire is blowing in the Wind, while he has a 15% chance of crit due to the fact that he dominates the elements. Consequently, if a warrior has an 85% chance of crit, then any damage with a probability of 100% will be critical from him in the Wind.

Critical Damage - Collects for the attack character. The higher the critical damage, the more basic damage.

In a game, the higher the parameter, the better. A lot does not happen here.

If your hero’s attack does not depend on speed and health, then its main parameters that need to be increased in the first place:

  1. Attack Power.
  2. Chance of a critical hit.
  3. Critical damage.

Persistence and accuracy are not important to him.

Persistence is the likelihood that the debuffs that the enemy is trying to impose on the monster will go into milk. Persistence is important to the heroes of defense.

Accuracy is the probability that the hero’s attack hits the target completely. That is, 100 - 125% of the damage will pass. The higher the accuracy, the greater the likelihood that the debuffs that the monster imposes during an attack will fall on the enemy. If the player has an attacking monster and hangs negative effects on the enemy, then he needs to pump accuracy as much as possible. Even if the character does not kill the opponent, then he will greatly ruin his life with his witchcraft.

What characteristics are important to a support hero?

Let’s analyze the statistics based on the character Chasung. The first thing to see is his skills:

  1. Attacks the enemy, there is a chance to charm the enemy. According to this skill, this attack or support is not clear.
  2. The hero heals the whole team. Treatment depends on Chashung’s maximum health. Here it’s worth a little thought: "The more you make him healthy, the more fruitful the treatment will work. He will heal the entire detachment, plus hangs a buff on the allies, which will increase their attack by 50% in 2 moves." This is already positioning this hero as support.
  3. The hero compares his health with the health of an ally, chooses more and equates to it less in percent. It does the same with the attack. This skill should fully convince you that Chasunga should be worn for health, so that he strengthens the weak hero.

So, we read the skills, and now we understand that Chasung is support. What characteristics does he need? Look, he heals for his maximum amount of health. That is, he needs to make as many health points as possible. The basic parameter, runes, towers, leader skill will affect healing.

The strength of the attack support is not important. This is support, so he will not cause great damage. Therefore, you don’t wear it for a critical strike chance and critical damage. This character helps to survive your attack in battle, and helps to do more damage. Therefore, he needs:

  1. Protection - reduces incoming damage to the hero. The greater the protection, the longer it lives.
  2. Speed - will never be superfluous, especially with support. The faster the character walks, the faster he puts buffs on the team.
  3. Persistence - it is important that negative effects are thrown at him, trying to neutralize.
  4. Accuracy - the hero who puts buffs on the squad is not worth collecting.

Heroes of control

There are characters. For example, Barett. He controls the enemy team. He says in the characteristics that this is the hero of the attack. But if you try to make an attack out of it, then nothing good will come of it. It will cause little damage, therefore, you need to wear it in accordance with skills:

  1. He hits the enemy and increases the damage to the next skill.
  2. Just beats.
  3. Massive attack and imposes on the opponents lasting damage for 2 turns.
  4. Leadership skill - increases the speed of the entire squad.

He needs to do a lot of health, speed and accuracy for him with the necessary debuffs, so that he throws all the minuses to the enemies more, and to do this as often as possible.

If the hero hangs debuffs, he needs at least 40% accuracy. For 10 floors of dungeons - 60 - 70%. For high floors in hellish mode you need 80 - 100% accuracy. For PvP - how much you will do.

Here it is necessary for the player to decide how necessary the debuffs from a specific hero are.

There is such a hero - Chimera of Water, she has massive Freeze on 3 skills. Most likely, you will not do this. Only if this is not the second attack that can be taken to the Tower and Dungeons. PvP needs a lot of damage, and the hero of the enemies freezes or not - this is a secondary issue. Probably, this will not come to this, because with 2 abilities he resembles several times and will kill the entire opponent team.

Each character in the game has its own chips, but often the principle of constructing the characteristics of a monster is similar.

Summoners War: TOP of the best monsters

The game has a lot of heroes, they are all different. Some are suitable only for pumping other heroes. There are really great characters, but they are mined at the middle or final stage of the game. They require special attention. We will tell you about the heroes who showed themselves well at all stages of the game.


This is TOP support. You can get it through scrolls, a store, when completing a task in "Achievements".


  1. Motivation - increases attack and defense by 3 turns (rollback of 5 moves).
  2. Slowdown - attacks all enemies and reduces their attack speed by 2 turns with 80% chance (rollback 4 turns).
  3. Spiritual ball - attacks with an energy ball and increases the chance of missing an enemy strike by 2 turns with a 50% chance.


  1. Set "Speed".
  2. Set "Hide" - it does not matter where you put them, it is important to assemble the kit.
  3. Set "Power".
  4. Set "Focus" (in 2 slot speed). In 4 and 6 - health as a percentage.

Parameters - Shannon needs 40% accuracy and above 140 speed units (for 100 floors of the Tower).


It can be used on B4 - B5 (floors of the Tower). He is one of the best doctors to start the game (and in the later stages). Getting a hero is easy.


  1. Interaction - restores all allies depending on the number of survivors. Heals 50% of the maximum amount of health of the monster healed (rollback 5 turns).
  2. Sickle - attacks 2 times with quick strokes. Each hit has a 50% chance to slow down the attack speed of his enemy for 1 turn.
  3. Hard hit - attacks the enemy 2 times with strong blows. Each hit has a 30% chance to stun an opponent for 1 turn.The power of the blow is directly proportional to the protection of the monster (rollback 3 turns).

Runes: It is recommended to wear the same way as Shannon.

Battle bear

This is the best defense and attack in the game. If he is lucky, he can turn the whole outcome of the battle because of his 3 skills.


  1. Clean Shot - Deals damage equal to received to the enemy. When the enemy dies, the Bear receives an additional move (rollback of 6 moves). If your Ramagos has 10,000 health points and 9,000 units are knocked down, he can respond to any element with 9,000 damage. It doesn’t matter to him whether there are debuffs on him, whether there will be buffs on the enemy (except for "Invincibility" - the damage does not pass through him). The more health Bear has, the more he will be able to absorb damage and hit. If he kills someone, 2 skill can restore his health.
  2. Submission - increases your health by 30% and increases defense by 2 turns (rollback 5 turns).

Runes: 3 sets of "Power" - a total of 45% will be in plus to the main indicator. In 2, 4 and 6 slots should be put percentage runes.


A great support character who will help the team at any stage of the game.


  1. Tranquility - neutralizes all debilitating effects and replenishes the health of allies by 15% (rollback 5 moves).
  2. Revival - replenishes the attack indicator and increases the attack power by 1 turn (rollback 4 turns).
  3. Assault - attacks the enemy at high speed. There is a 24% chance to stun the enemy.


  1. Answer set.
  2. Set "Anger".


This is the decisive monster at any stage of the game. Almost every experienced player has it. You can get it from scrolls or in locations. Griffin, in fact, cannot be replaced. It is universal and suitable for every activity. He has a leadership skill, Griffin is fast. The faster Bernard is, the faster your squad will be.


  1. Fair wind - increases the attack level for all allies by 30%, and increases their attack speed by 2 turns (rollback 5 turns).
  2. With his whole body - he throws the enemy, weakens his attack power and defense for 2 moves (rollback 3 moves).
  3. Sweeping - attacks the enemy with sharp feathers. The degree of damage depends on the attack speed of the Griffin.
  4. Leader Skill - Increases allied health by 25%. Increases only the value of the main parameter, the runes do not count.

Runes: Bernard must be fully worn for speed. In the additional parameters it is worth looking for health and the chance of a critical hit.


It can be caught in the Secret Chamber of the Underground. You can summon a monster for 40 shards. Yes, it’s worth it to tinker with, but it’s worth it. It’s worth starting mining from account level 30. It is worth sitting in chats and communities and shouting that you need Inugami to be taken to the team, write your nickname and server. If you see that some player from the server has opened the Secret Hall with the Inugs, ask him to take you as a friend, and walk around, taking out the fragments. This hero is good in any activity.


  1. Mobilization - replenishes the attack indicator by 30% and the health of all allies by 30% (rollback 4 turns).
  2. Capture - neutralizes all the enhancing effects of the selected enemy (rollback 4 moves). Powered by bosses.
  3. Scratch - attack with a huge feather. Weakens an enemy’s defenses for 2 turns.

Runes: the hero is positioned as a defense player, but it must be worn on health.

  1. 2 slot - speed.
  2. 4 slot - health as a percentage.
  3. 6th slot - health as a percentage.

To get started, you can put on sets of "Hide" and "Power". At a late stage, it is recommended to put "Anger" and "Answer". He is advised to increase health as much as possible, to look at the additional parameters of the runes, always in percentage terms.

Where can I get these monsters?

  1. Buy in the Magic Chest.
  2. In the Secret Dungeon.
  3. From the scrolls.
  4. On locations.

The best farmers

A farmer is the hero who will pump feed for you in locations.

At the start of the game, it is not advisable to hang runes on all monsters. It is better to dress 1 monster and save a huge amount of mana on this. Why dress up monsters until they are no use. Start specifically dressing the leading characters.

The knight - the magician (Water) - after improvement is called Lapis. She should wear the Onslaught kit (+ 35% to attack) + Blade kit (+ 12% to crit chance). She will go through all locations and pump material for leveling heroes. Her leadership skill increases attack power by 25%. . If you pump it well, you can wear a set of Sorrows.

Roak (Inugami of Fire) - it should be put on the set "Onslaught" and "Blade". When killing an enemy, he receives an additional move (from a passive skill), thereby he will kill one enemy after another. If you manage to get it at an early stage of the game, it is better to pump it.

Death Angel (Fire or Light) - it can be used instead of Roak (if it falls out) or the Knight. When he finishes off an opponent with 1 skill, he gets an extra turn. 1 skill deals massive damage and prevents 3 enemies from restoring enemy health. Deadly Sweep skill deals damage to all opponents. This attack always passes with a critical hit if the enemy’s health is below 30%.

Dragon Dungeon Team Selection

1 option (the most optimal). She walks fast, there are 2 heroes who throw long-term damage. The squad is easy to assemble:

  1. Baretta - for the speed of the whole team.
  2. Veramont - for each of his moves he removes 1 debuff from each member of the squad. With the second skill, he freezes the enemy, which helps to pass waves faster to the boss.
  3. Konamia - 1 skill she puts the enemy to sleep, 2 skill adds an extraordinary move to 1 member of the squad, and also resurrects the dead partner.
  4. Galadeon - removes immunity from the Dragon, which one of the towers throws at him, and also reduces attack power.
  5. Ahman - heals.

Option 2. Almost the same team as in option 1, but with minor changes. This unit needs more damage, since the speed will be less than 1.

  1. Veramont - he adds 33% to the whole team, plus attack power.
  2. Bernard - increases the attack of the allies and adds speed.
  3. Belladeon - heals the team, removes the shield from opponents.
  4. Ahman - heals.
  5. Baretta - Inflicts lasting damage.

3 option. There should be good runes here, since the treatment gives only one monster - this is Belladeon. It is difficult to assemble such a team, but it quickly passes the Dragon.

  1. Verdehail - Adds 28% attack speed and increases attack power with 3 abilities.
  2. Belladeon - removes the shield from opponents, heals.
  3. Spectrum - massively removes attack speed and attack power of enemies.
  4. Two needles .

Summoners War: Runes Guide

Runes are the main items that strengthen the heroes. In total, 6 runes from different sets can be put on 1 character. Each slot has its own rune. Runes vary in sets and classes:

  1. Normal (gray) - there is one main characteristic.
  2. Magic (green) - the main characteristic + 1 additional.
  3. Rare (blue) - primary + 2 additional.
  4. Heroic (pink) - basic + 3 additional.
  5. Legendary (orange) - the main + 4 additional.
There is another fixed characteristic that can be found in every class of runes. This indicator cannot be changed by any means. This parameter is shown under the main indicator.

The higher the class of runes, the better its characteristics, the more they increase with improvement. Runes can be obtained in Dungeons and Story Company. Sometimes runes are given for completing tasks and achievements.

Set effect. Runes are distributed in sets. If the kit is assembled, it will give an additional effect to the hero. There are 2 types of sets: from 2 runes and from 4 runes. You can combine 2 or 3 sets. In this case, the effects obtained from them are added. For example, if you hang 3 sets of "Power" runes on a hero, then in total they will give the character + 45% to the base (white) health indicator.

Strengthening the runes. Improvement occurs directly in the menu of Monsters (heroes). Enhanced characteristics can be clothed runes or not used. Each rune can be strengthened 15 times (up to level 15). At 3, 6, 9, and 12 levels, additional properties increase (or add). At level 15, the main rune parameter will improve.

If the normal rune is strengthened to +3, then it will have 1 additional property. At level 6 - 2 property, at 9 - third, at 12 - 4 (but ordinary runes are best sold immediately). The green rune already comes with 1 additional parameter. Therefore, at 3, 6, 9 levels, 3 more properties will appear, and at 12 one of the indicators will improve by chance. Characteristics will be added to blue runes at levels 3 and 6, and an indicator of 4 additional properties will randomly increase at 9 and 12. The legendary runes immediately open all the properties, so the characteristics will only improve.


The name of the set / runes in the setWhat givesWhere to get
Power / 2.+ 15% to health.Karen Forest, Volcano Dungeon.
Sentinel / 2.+ 15% to defense.Haydeni Ruins, Dragon Dungeon.
Squash / 4.+ 25% attack speed.Snowy Mountains, Giant’s Dungeon.
Blade / 2.+ 12% to critical chance.Ruins Kabir, Dungeon of the Giant.
Rage / 4.+ 40% to critical damage.Necropolis.
Focus / 2.+ 20% accuracy.Teline Forest, Dragon Dungeon.
Strength / 2.+ 20% to resistance.Tamor Desert, Dragon Dungeon.
Onslaught / 4.+ 35% attack power.Dungeon of the Giant.
Sadness / 4.+ 25% chance to stun to attack the hero.Dungeon of the Giant.
Vampire / 4.+ 35% health recovery.Mountains Runar, Necropolis.
Anger / 4.+ 22% chance of an extra move. After each move received, this indicator decreases by 45% of the current value.Dragon Dungeon.
Revenge / 2.Replenishes the attack indicator every time he loses 7% of his health.Fortress Ferun, Necropolis.
Will / 2.Gives the monster immunity for 1 turn. The effect is activated at the beginning of the battle.Aiden Forest, Necropolis.
Protection / 2.Creates a shield for allies for 3 turns in the amount of 15% of their health.Ruins of Wrofgaus, Dragon Hall.
Counterattack / 2.Allows a character to counterattack with a 15% chance. A counterattack has damage 75% of combat damage.Volcano Faimon, Dragon Dungeon.
Destruction / 2.Allows the monster to reduce the opponent’s maximum health by 30% of the damage done. Lost health is not restored until the end of the battle. For 1 time, maximum health can not be reduced by more than 4%, in the case of prolonged damage - no more than 60%.The ruins of Charuka, Necropolis.
Fighting Spirit / 2.Increases attack power of all allies by 8%.Workshop Rune.
Decision / 2.Protects all allies by 8%.Workshop Rune.
Gain / 2.Increases team health by 8%.Workshop Rune.
Accuracy / 2.Increases unit accuracy by 10%.Workshop Rune.
Patience / 2.Increases stamina of friends by 10%.Workshop Rune.

How to strengthen the runes? You should select the rune and click on the "Strengthen" button. A new window will appear in which you can increase the level of the item. The increase may go from 100% or failure may occur at all. The higher the quality of the runes, the fiasco occurs more often there. Unsuccessful gain does not harm the rune.

How to increase the properties of runes? There is a tab "Spell" in the menu to strengthen the runes. Here, at level 15 (or lower), the properties of the runes can be further enhanced. This happens with the help of special grinding stones, which can be obtained in the Otherworldly Raid. The type of grinding stone should match the type of rune. When casting a rune, it will receive a random value within the specified range. You can manually select the parameter that you want to enhance.

Change the properties of the runes. If the main indicator of the rune suits you, but you would like to adjust some additional properties, then this can be done in the menu for strengthening the runes. To do this, you need to have magic stones that are obtained in the Otherworldly Raid. The type of stone must match the type of runes.

It is worth noting that reforging will not be possible if the rune is improved above level 12. 2 identical additional characteristics cannot be.

On one rune, only 1 additional property can be changed. You cannot apply 2 stones to one rune at a time, but in the future you can change 1 parameter again.

The readings improved with grinding stones are reset to zero.

Reforging. Using the forging stone, you can change all 4 properties of the rune with a gain of +12 and above.Indicators change randomly. And not the fact that they will fall better! In this case, improvements and changes in properties will be lost.

Distribution Tips

The main characteristics of the slots:

  1. 1 slot - only attack power. It’s best to select a percentage.
  2. 2 slot - there is an attack in percent and not in percent, protection in percent and not percent, health in percent and not percent (the same can be in 4 and 6 slots). Speed ??in the main indicator does not happen as a percentage, even in additional indicators.
Usually runes in numerical terms are immediately sold. Since the percentage is always an indicator of the main characteristics of the character is higher. The same applies to the legendary runes.
  1. 3 slot - only numerical protection.
  2. 4 slot - in addition to attack, health and defense (in percent and not percent) runes with a chance of a critical hit or with critical damage go to this slot.
  3. 5th slot - only health in a numerical indicator.
  4. 6th slot - in addition to attack, health and defense, accuracy or stamina comes across here. Accuracy is better for monsters of support.
Runes fall extremely rarely in slot 6, so you should not disdain and sell it headlong.

Summoners War: Hero Level Up Guide

Monsters for leveling. The game has special monsters with which you can strengthen the characters:

  1. Angelons - necessary to increase the experience and level of the hero. They can be found in the Dungeon in the elemental halls and the Hall of Magic.
  2. Rainbow angels are necessary for the evolution of monsters, that is, to increase the character’s stardom . They come with a maximum level, which allows you to immediately increase their class. Drop out in Dungeons and Story Company.
  3. Devils - they are necessary to improve skills in the Hexagram of Strengthening.
  4. Silver stars - heroes with silver stars are suitable only for pumping other characters and cannot be subject to evolution.

Hero development

Hexagram gain. With the help of other monsters, you can increase the level of the main monsters. It doesn’t matter which characters will act as feed. You can only increase the level to the maximum possible on a given number of stars:

Evolution. Once the hero has reached the maximum level of the hero, he must be increased in stardom, that is, to evolve. This procedure can be performed in the Hexagram of Strengthening. To increase stardom, monsters of the same class with an evolving hero are needed. It does not matter what element and what level the material will be. Also, fodder heroes need as much as the champion’s stars.

After the evolution process, the level of the monster rolls down to level 1.

Enhance skills. In the Hexagram of Strengthening, you can increase the level of character skills. To do this, you need to take another hero of the same class, but of any element. But it should be remembered that any of the available skills can improve. The next time, the same skill may increase.

Awakening. Awakening significantly increases the main characteristics of the character. Strengthening can be done in the "Monsters" menu in the window of the required hero, then you need to go to the "Growth" tab. For Awakening, you need to collect all the materials that are given in the recipe. The recipe is shown right there. Here you can hold the second awakening. The first awakening adds 3 skill to the hero if he has not been awakened before.

The most important thing in the game is to understand its dynamics, how the runes work, which heroes will bring more benefit. If the player does not think, then no infusion of real money will help.

Author of the article: Evgenia G.