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Super Spell Heroes Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

SUPER SPELL HEROES - Android game with release date 08/16/2018 from the company SVIPER. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Super Spell Heroes download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Guide to Heroes
  2. Spell Guide. Opening and pumping
  3. Combat Mechanics Guide
  4. Battle Tips
  5. Campaign Guide
  6. Game Currency and Secrets to Getting Rewards
  7. In-Game Store Review
  8. Clan Guide
  9. Game Conclusion

Super Spell Heroes: Guide to Heroes

General information. You begin to play as the sorcerer Zenron, and in the future you can find the fragments of other heroes and unlock them. To see the full list of heroes, click on the second icon at the bottom left of the playing field. By clicking on the hero’s profile (the "i" icon for undiscovered heroes), you can see his characteristics and the spells used. Each hero uses his spells.

How to get a new hero? Heroes can be unlocked in certain areas of the world map. For example, the monk Toben will be available only in the third area, and the paladin Ray will be available in the sixth area. Keep in mind that new heroes will not be available immediately upon transition to the desired area. To get them you need to continue to win battles, complete missions and assist the heavenly messenger. Gradually, you will be able to collect fragments of new heroes, but they will consider it necessary to keep company with Zenron in his difficult struggle with Evil :)

Characteristics of the hero. Above in the profile of the hero you can see:

The skill level of the hero. Each hero has his own skill level. It depends on how his ability to cast powerful spells has been pumped. As you pump spells, the hero receives rewards for improvements. The hero moves to the next level when the required number of improvement rewards for the current level is reached.

Raising the level of the hero increases his energy!

Victory Points. Victory points are depicted as an inverted triangle with a gold insert in the middle. You get them every time you win the battle.

What is the "skill rank" of the hero? Hero skill rank is shown as an asterisk. It increases if your hero wins the battles, and decreases if he loses. The more the hero wins, the higher his skill rank.

The higher the rank of your hero’s skill, the more victory points you will receive for winning a battle!

The winning factor. The skill rank increases the winning factor, which helps your team of heroes move through the stages faster. The importance of the winning factor is that it increases the number of victory points for battles won.

Images of the hero. You pump your hero, me his robe on robes of flowers corresponding to a certain category of spells:

Like spells of these categories, new robes can enhance the hero’s power and help him win victories in battles. All the looks of a specific hero can be viewed by clicking the icon with clothes in the profile.

How to get new looks? You can unlock them or find the missing fragments with the help of runes. Runes are collected as you move along the world map. You can also buy them at the store for crystals.

Emoticons. To make the battles with enemies more interesting, you can choose emoticons (emoticons) for the hero, which will display his emotions when striking, winning and losing. You can select emoticons by clicking on the corresponding icon in the profile. Smileys are also used when chatting. As you progress through the world map, you can unlock new emoticons. In total, you can use five emoticons in battle.

The keys of the hero. The keys of the hero make it possible to open the treasure chest after victory and receive diamonds and gold as a reward. You can get five free hero keys once every 16 hours in the in-game store.

If a hero who has keys defeats the enemy, you get the maximum reward for the victory (gold, and possibly diamonds).

Ratings You can look at the achievements of other players by clicking the "Rating" icon at the bottom of the screen. Ratings are compiled according to the number of victory points scored. There are four types of ratings.

  1. Local Rating - A summary rating of the best players on your game server.
  2. Global ranking - overall ranking of the best players.
  3. Clan - TOPs of the best clans.
  4. Hall of Fame - A summary ranking of players fighting in the Crystal Palace to rise to the top of the Hall of Fame.Updated on the first Monday of every month. The more rooms of the Crystal Palace you pass, the more valuable rewards (and place in the ranking) you will receive.

Super Spell Heroes: Spell Guide. Opening and pumping

Spell elements. The game provides five elements of spells used depending on the hero:

  1. Fire.
  2. Nature.
  3. Shine.
  4. Land.
  5. Water.

Spells used by a specific hero can be viewed in his profile. There they are divided into five blocks, where the first block is a deck of spells in battles, and the next four are spells of four categories that this hero can access.

Categories of spells. There are four categories of spells that are opened to the player in the battle in ascending order:

  1. Basic - the initial spells with which the hero enters the battle;
  2. Improved - stronger than the base. Designated by green gem;
  3. Elite - stronger than both basic and improved. Designated by blue gem;
  4. Highest are the most powerful spells. Designated with a purple gem.

How to get new spells? There are two main ways to get spells:

Spell level. Each spell has its own personal level of improvement. It is displayed by a number and an improvement bar on each spell card in the hero’s profile. The first digit is the size of the spell improvement at the current level, the second is the desired improvement to go to a new level. With the increase in the level of spell improvements, the personal level of skill and the hero himself grows.

Why improve spells? To make them even stronger and more powerful, because the further you move, the more powerful opponents and bosses you come across. Without the improvement of your abilities, you are unlikely to cope, here even competent tactics can not always help.

How to improve spells? There are many ways to improve spells:

  1. For gold;
  2. Performing the tasks of the hero;
  3. Providing assistance to the heavenly messenger (viewing ads);
  4. Calling the heavenly messenger;
  5. Getting improvements from the spellbook.

Why is a lock drawn on some inaccessible spells, but not on some? Certain spells become available in different areas. If a castle is drawn on a blocked spell, this means that it cannot be opened in the area where the hero is currently located. If there is no castle, then your hero has the opportunity to get this spell in this area by opening the spell book.

Change applied spells. When you open a new powerful spell, you get the opportunity to replace it with a weaker spell in the deck. To change spells:

  1. Touch a new spell. A window will appear with its characteristics and the "Select" button. Click her.
  2. Touch one of the highlighted spells in your spell deck to replace it with a new one.
If you have opened an improved or elite healing spell, then it is worth replacing it with a basic healing spell. It is able to significantly restore the lost energy of the hero on the battlefield, while, for example, an improved shield lasts only a short time.

Super Spell Heroes: Combat Mechanics Guide

Location on screen. Your hero is at the bottom of the playing field, and the opponent is at the top. Between you are cells with possible combinations of your hero’s spells. Note that the opponent has other combinations - his playing field is shown to his right.

Try to track the combinations of spells on the playing field of the opponent and tactically predict which one will be used. This way you will increase your chances of winning, especially in fights with strong enemies.

The purpose of the battle. You need to defeat the opponent by resetting his energy scale. When this is done, the opponent will disappear from the playing field, and you will receive rewards for winning.

Deck of spells. In battle, the hero can use nine spells from his spell deck. You can form it, change spells from the deck to stronger and more powerful, in the hero’s profile.

Spell Cards. They depict the very spells from the deck with which you will fight. Begin to drop out from the base, gradually rising to the elite. In a red frame - fire spells of attack, in a green - natural spells of protection and treatment.

Ordinary cells. They also drop onto the playing field, but are only used in conjunction with spell cards. You cannot cast a spell from an ordinary cell. The number of regular cards involved in the chain indicates the strength of the charge of your spell. Like spell cards, ordinary cells come in two forms:

Cast spells. Cells with spell cards drop onto the playing field. Select the desired spell card and, without releasing your finger, connect it to the usual cells of the spell of the same color to form a chain. The more cells of the same color you connect to each other, the stronger the spell will be. An attack spell cast is directed at the enemy. A cast protection (healing) spell is directed at your hero. It either creates a shield or heals. Alternate spells to defeat.

The shield blocks enemy attacks, but only if it is strong enough.

Scale of energy and spells. The energy scale of your hero is below him, and the enemy is above him, at the top of the screen. When you or your opponent casts a certain spell, an additional scale appears next to him, showing the amount of his charge (the size of the applied defense) and the expiration time of the action.

Charge scale. The spell charge scale is located under the energy scale in the form of a narrow strip. When the scale is full, you gain access to the next strongest category of spells, and the scale itself is reset to zero at that moment, continuing to be filled again to open access to an even higher category. Thus, you begin to play with basic spells, gradually moving to improved, elite and higher. The spell category available to you is displayed as a gem on the energy scale:

For your convenience, a pop-up warning will appear on the playing field about the opening of a new category of spells, as shown in the screenshot above.

Super Spell Heroes: Battle Tips

1. The speed and speed of the reaction. Perhaps the most important tip for success in such a game. Pick up beneficial combinations of spells, do not forget about the treatment, think tactically, do not waste your defense in vain and watch the opponent’s playing field.

2. To cast a spell you need to use a card with spells. Remember that not all cards falling onto your playing field can create a spell. Regular cells of the attack (fire) and defense (leaf) spells serve to enhance the charge of the spell, but I cannot create it by myself. Thus, casting a spell should always begin with a spell card - remember this so that you do not lose time in the future.

3. Create combinations with a large number of cells to open strong spells. It depends on the strength of your charges when you have the opportunity to cast the most powerful spells. Charge strength is the number of ordinary spell cells when building a combination. Accordingly, the more cells you use when casting a spell, the faster the charge scale fills, giving you access to the next category.

4. Choose the strongest spells. As the battle progresses, you will have the opportunity to use improved, elite and higher spells. Each category is marked with its gem icon on the spell card. If you saw a card with a green / blue / purple gem on the field, then try to use them first of all, because strong spells increase your chances of winning many times. But remember - the opponent has exactly the same opportunities.

5. Use the correct spells. Each attacking spell gives its percentage of damage, just as protective and healing spells have a different percentage of healing (defense). For a successful attack, pick up different spells, shields or types of healing. The spell you choose will be the one whose cards you touch first when building the chain.

6. Do not try to connect two spell cards! If there is one spell card at the beginning of the chain, and another at the end, then no spell will work at all. You just spend time and maybe lose. A spell chain consists of a spell card at the beginning and regular spell cells of the same color!

7. Do not shoot the opponent’s shield. If an adversary activates a defense spell and puts up a shield, then your spell will most likely be wasted. Cast spells only when your opponent has no shield!

8. Expose the shield when your opponent strikes. Use defense spells wisely. Follow the opponent’s playing field, wait for his attack and immediately put up a shield. Such tactics exhaust your opponent, and you will be protected from his damage. Remember that the shield lasts for a while (tracked on the spell scale on the left).

9. Consume spells and do not let the playing field fill up completely. Otherwise, you will have no room left for new spell cards, and you may lose.

Super Spell Heroes: Campaign Guide

Super Spell Heroes is a puzzle game with PvP elements that uses the "three in a row" algorithm as a combat mechanic. Its essence is to make combinations of certain colors, thereby forming a winning combination. In Super Spell Heroes, these combinations are spells of various powers and actions.

Plot. The great wizard Myris summons his apprentice Zenron to him and announces the appearance of a dark force looking for an old spellbook to do Evil. He asks Zenron to fight the dark wizards and put an end to all the deeds of the evil entity. Now Zenron has the task to become stronger, learn new spells, assemble the strongest team of bright wizards and defeat Darkness.

World map. You start the game with the first hero to be discovered, the sorcerer Zenron, leaving with him from the Enchanted Village. On the main game screen, you see a map on which the hero will move. The entire map is divided into areas that open as you progress. Each area is divided into stages. At each stage, the hero needs to conduct several successful battles in order to proceed to the next stage. The last stage of any field is the battle with the boss. The final point on the world map is the Crystal Palace, where the final battle with the Forces of Darkness takes place.

After going through any stage, you can get a lot of gold and diamonds on the map! Once you reach a new area, you can unlock new spells and heroes.

How to play this game? During the battle, the hero is transferred to the battlefield, where he fights with the enemy, casting spells. The game takes place in real time. From stage to stage, rivals will become stronger. To fight them, you will need to pump up the hero’s abilities, open new spells and collect other powerful wizards in your team.

Boss battles. Each area is guarded by a dark demon - the boss. Your hero will need to fight him to move to the next area. Bosses are very strong, so do not expect an easy victory.

Bosses do not recover from the hero’s attacks and become weaker, even if the hero loses the battle.Defeat bosses with several attempts, each time trying to inflict significant damage on him. With each new battle, the hero’s chances of winning increase.

Super Spell Heroes: Game Currency and Secrets to Getting Rewards

Game currency. The game has two main game currencies:

Tasks for the hero. A great way to upgrade your spells and get rewards. Watch for the appearance of icons marked with an asterisk on the world map. Click on this icon, open the task window and select one of your heroes to complete it. Tasks can be very diverse: repair a broken bridge, save a wounded child, etc. For their implementation, the hero will receive rewards for pumping spells and even fragments for unlocking other heroes.

The real passage of tasks in the game is not provided - the hero is simply given time to complete, and the action itself remains "behind the scenes". When the time runs out, you will receive the promised reward. If you do not want to wait for the time to expire, you can pick up the reward right away, but paying diamonds for the impatience.

The reward for completing tasks can be increased by ten percent by looking at an advertisement before completing it.

Help the heavenly messenger. Sometimes you may notice luminous turquoise stones on the world map. This is the place where the hero has the opportunity to help the heavenly messenger and receive a reward for this. Just click on the corresponding stone, watch a 30-second ad and get gold or even diamonds.

The call of the heavenly messenger. A heavenly messenger can be called up by winning five victories in battles during the day. The heavenly messenger icon is displayed on the right of the game screen. As soon as the number of victories for the call will be enough, an exclamation mark will appear near this icon. When the heavenly messenger is called, the hero can receive gold from him, pumping spells and, possibly, diamonds.

Super Spell Heroes: In-Game Store Review

Location and device. The store button is located at the bottom of the game screen on the left. The store itself, as a standard, is a section with various game goods. Items can be bought for real money through your app store or diamonds.

One-time special offer. These are sets available for purchase for real money, which may include fragments of new heroes, spell books, and game currency. Offered to the player at a bargain discounted price. After opening the store, a special offer will appear at the top of the screen.

When you find yourself in a new area, a new profitable special offer for the purchase appears in the store. Do not forget to check back often.

Free items. Once, for a certain time, you can pick up gold, spell books, and hero keys from the store for free:

Super Spell Heroes: Clan Guide

General information. After entering the "Mysterious Forest" area, the player becomes able to join the clan.Clans are a gaming community of players united to complete tasks and participate in battles.

Information Panel. On the tab of your clan, you can see the total number of victory points scored by all clan members, profiles of players who have joined the clan, as well as those who have left the clan. In addition, it indicates the number of clan members and how many are currently online.

Do not linger in weak clans. Strive to get into clans with strong players. This will help you well in pumping. To keep strong players, leaders often give them positions - do not fall for these tricks.

Chat You can chat with your fellow members, for example, discussing joint game tactics. To enter the chat, click the cloud-shaped icon with the words below on the right side of the screen. In the chat you can use the emoticons of the hero.

Clash of Clans. Heroes from different clans can fight each other. If you want to join such a battle, click the "Clan Fight" button, and an opponent will be selected for you.

Game Conclusion

In general, the game turned out to be quite entertaining and interesting. The opening of new spells, pumping, the prospects of unlocking new heroes and, of course, intense battles, will undoubtedly be able to captivate players.However, there are still negative aspects:

  1. Difficulties with pumping spells. In other words, you will have a lot of spells, but you don’t know what to pump them for. When new heroes open (whose spells will need to be pumped from scratch), problems will only increase.
  2. Lack of gold with a small number of game activities. There is not enough free gold for pumping all the time, even the rewards earned in battles and advertising views will not be able to fully cover your needs for gold. The solution is an in-game store and purchases for real money, which looks a little intrusive.

Authors of the article: Nadezhda D., Yaroslav I.