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Tales of Wind WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

TALES OF WIND is a role-playing game on android with the release date of April 26, 2019 from the Hong Kong company Neocraft. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Hyde for beginners
  2. Guide on classes and characters
  3. Guide around the world
  4. Guide on the guards
  5. The Wise Geek’s Secrets and Tips

Tales of Wind: Hyde for beginners

Tales of Wind is an interesting anime-style MMORPG. The world around us is very beautifully drawn, there are many heroes with whom you can interact. The mechanics of the game is designed for team execution of tasks, which are very many. There is a farm where you can grow animals and plants, extract various resources, and develop production. This part of the game will appeal to people who do not like to fight, to run in the Arena. The game is balanced, it can be played and developed productively, without spending real money.

Start of the game

Server selection. When entering the game, the new player is invited to select the server on which the person will play. The Russian-language server is more suitable for you, since there are a lot of players from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus on it. But the choice of the server does not affect the gameplay at all. After selecting the server, the player may not worry that he will not be able to change the base. At any time, you can choose another server and start the game on it again. Do not choose old servers, because local pumped characters will not let you develop normally.

Character selection. After the player has decided on the server, he will need to click on the "Into adventure" button. And here is a man in a beautiful village. Here gamers are offered to choose a hero. Here, too, do not worry about the choice - you can play any class. If the player did not like, for example, playing for a mage, then you just need to restart the game and click on the Plus sign. The game will again offer to choose a hero, and the first character will remain with all his achievements.

Every thing, farm and completed quests are tied only to the character, not the account. If the player changes the hero, he will have to start all over again.

Hero Classes

The game has 4 classes of characters. Each class is good in its own way, it all depends on the priorities of the player.

The warrior is a melee hero with enhanced protection, plenty of health. If a player plays a similar game for the first time, you should select this class. It is easier to learn and lives longer on the battlefield. But the warrior has a small basic attack. Equipment he is selected to increase stamina, health points and protection. They alone can complete almost all the tasks.

Magician - has a huge damage that he deals over a large area. This class deals the highest attack rate. If the mage collects equipment to increase protection and health points, then many tasks can be done alone. If the equipment to collect on the attack, then over time, without a strong team, it will be difficult for him to complete some quests.

A cleric is a support character, has average characteristics, but he is often taken in team battles and tasks. He can instantly restore some health points to many allies. It’s difficult for them to complete some tasks, so you need to collect equipment either for an attack (to put additional attacking skills), or for protection and enhancement of health points.

The killer is an ambiguous character: maybe as a melee fighter or standing on the back line. The choice will depend on what kind of second profession the player chooses. It has good protection, health and attack.Therefore, equipment can be balanced to enhance all 3 characteristics. Also, the killer has an increased rate of evasion, so you can develop a fighter in this direction.

In the game, all the characters are interesting, the choice of class will depend only on the player and his preferences. There are no special difficulties in pumping heroes in this game, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. But how a player takes advantage of these opportunities depends on the person himself.

The appearance of the hero. When choosing a character, you can choose a boy or a girl. After the final selection of the class, the player must choose the appearance of the hero. In the game you can choose the shape of the face, hair, hair color, shape and eye color. From what gender the player chooses, he will drop out after assignments equipment. Naturally, the player will be treated accordingly by gender. But the choice of the player does not affect the characteristics of the hero.

Training. Each hero goes through the training, everyone has one story, only the things they receive are different.Prizes depend on the class of the hero. Also the graphic display changes slightly. During training, you will need to save the girl Audrey and her young man. But no matter how hard the player tries, the forces of Darkness will move into the guy, and the player will receive a powerful force. During the training will be easy contractions. Then the player will be given tasks that match the stories of young people. During these quests, the player will raise the level of the hero, learn to understand the mechanics of the game, in some of its aspects.

Ari. This is a creature that bears a character. The player will receive it for 7 days after successful completion of training. Thanks to Ari, the character moves faster in locations (some cards are very large). When the horse disappears, you should not worry about it - you can buy it in the store (you can still buy a beautiful pony). Eat, drink the animal does not ask, but brings undoubted benefits in the game.


There are several types of tasks in the game Tales of Wind:

The main tasks are those that support the history of the world, the fight against evil, and the search for treasures. In short, this is the storyline. Passing these tasks, the player learns more about the world in which he has fallen, and receives good buns (equipment, cards, and many good things). In the day you can go only a few such quests. They bring the main experience of the character.

Required - tasks do not support the plot, but are important for the gameplay. These are such tasks as: open a cell in the equipment, join the guild. They bring the hero experience, several silver stars, sometimes the necessary items. They can be performed as needed.

Additional tasks - are provided to enhance the main experience of the character. They can be done at will, not liked quests can be simply removed from the list (it is located in the center on the left side of the screen), or simply not taken. Some additional quests automatically appear after completing the main task. Some tasks must be taken from the heroes - bots. After completing additional tasks you can get not only the main experience, but also rare items.

Developments. Periodically in the game there are temporary events, participation in which brings the resource "Glory of the Kingdom". This resource increases the character’s rating and gives you the opportunity to purchase exclusive items in the store. For the event you can get a valuable prize. Some events take place every day, some several times a week, others weekly. Participate in the events can players whose character has reached level 20.

Receiving or taking the task, the hero automatically runs to the place of its execution.


Equipment - an important part of the gameplay, which allows you to improve the performance of characters.There is nothing complicated. All things are given after the successful completion of tasks. If a better thing falls out than is currently on the hero, the game itself will offer to change the player’s equipment. Each item has several cells that need to be opened upon reaching a certain level. Special cards are inserted into them.

Cards can give both additional advantages to the main parameters of the hero, and give the hero additional active skills. In order to insert the cards into the equipment, it is necessary to go to the "Bag" menu from the main screen, go to the "Map set" tab. Next you need to select the desired card and click on it. A small window will appear with several functions, one of which is "Use", and the player needs it in this case. Maps can be enhanced.

Reinforcement cards. In order to strengthen the cards already inserted into the equipment, you need to go to the "Bag", the hero will be located on the left side of the screen with cells in which the equipment is installed.Select the equipment, then click on the desired map (already inserted), then click "Strengthen". The first 6 gains occur with a success rate of 100%. At level 7, the gain may be unsuccessful, but the card level will not be lowered.At level 8 and above, the percentage of successful gain decreases, there is a chance that if the gain fails, the card level will be lowered to level 6.

Reinforcement equipment

To enhance equipment there are special resources:

"Star Diamond" - is used to improve equipment from 1 to 6 level. If you click on a diamond, a window will appear with a full description of the item: what it is for, where you can get it, whether its performance can be improved (in the game this action can be done with absolutely any item or resource). In this case, the diamond can be obtained for the successful execution of tasks or buy it in the store. Sometimes "star diamonds" come across in chests (some can be found on the map).

"Lunar Diamond" - serves to enhance equipment from 7 to 12 level. This material can be obtained using the synthesis of "star diamond". To perform the synthesis, it is necessary to open the window of the item from which the better quality resource will be made. For example, to get a "moon diamond" you should open a "star diamond". In the opened window, click on the "Synthesis" button. After that, a new window will appear, where it will be shown how many items will be made from the existing number of "star diamonds". For the synthesis of "lunar diamond" you need 3 pieces of "star diamond". If it is shown that you can produce more than 1 item, then the quantity can be adjusted by simply moving the slider to the desired position. You can complete the operation by pressing the "Synthesis" button.

Workshop - a place where you can enhance equipment. You can enter the workshop through a button with 4 cubes (located on the main screen near the bag), then select the "Workshop" menu - this is the workshop. Also in the workshop you can go by clicking on the equipment in the bag.

Gain rules:

  1. Up to level 6 inclusive, the chance of improvement will be 100%. With each subsequent level, this percentage will decrease.
  2. If the improvement was unsuccessful, the level of the item may be reset.
  3. After level 6, the "Blessing Scale" opens, as soon as it is filled in, the player gets the opportunity at any level to enhance equipment with a success of 100%.
  4. When improving, there are fireproof levels (below which, if unsuccessful attempts are made, the level of the object will not fall). These are 6, 9, 12, 15 levels.

Do not be afraid to improve equipment or cards of poor quality. If in due course the best equipment appears, then when it is inserted all the improvements will be inherited by the new thing from the old one.

Tales of Wind: Guide on classes and characters


The main characteristics - protection, melee. When performing a group task, a character must take on monsters and restrain their onslaught while the allies attack their opponents. The hero has a lot of health and increased protection, but not a high attack.

Professions after promotion:

  1. Paladin - high defense, holy shield, tank (melee fighter with a lot of health).
  2. Berserk - theft of life, damage, high protection.

Basic warrior skills:

  1. Storm of Blades - turns a two-handed sword into a storm of destructive power, and causes great damage to enemies within a radius of action.
  2. Protecting the light - the light illuminates the warrior and pulls up closest enemies to it. At the same time heals the hero.
  3. Sacred jump - high jumps, and, landing, beats and stuns enemies in range.

Paladin Skills:

  1. Sacred Strike - Summons a beam of light that damages nearby enemies and stuns them. Gives the hero a lasting effect of reducing incoming damage.
  2. Enhanced protection of light - the light illuminates the caster and pulls close enemies to him. Heals a paladin, and grants temporary invulnerability.
  3. Ferocious jump - the skill remains from the warrior.

Berserk Skills:

  1. Sword strike - hits the ground with a two-handed sword and creates a shock wave that inflicts damage on enemies in a certain area. In this case, the hero restores health in proportion to the damage inflicted by this skill.
  2. Enhanced explosion of rage - deals great damage to nearby enemies. Significantly increases the damage, and how does it increase the character’s resistance to negative statuses.
  3. Storm of Blades - the skill comes from the warrior.


The main characteristics - long-range combat, area damage. With proper pumping can cause crushing damage in a significant radius. If playing in a team, then the hero should join the battle after the warrior. Few lives, but you can collect good equipment that will increase the points of health and protection.

Professions after promotion:

  1. Pyromancer - high attack, fire damage, stability.
  2. Constructor - high attack, ice damage, control effects.

Basic skills mage:

  1. Blizzard - causes a blizzard that causes permanent damage and reduces the speed of enemies in a circular area in front of the character. May create a freezing effect. Scope at high levels beyond the screen.
  2. The ice bird - calls the ice bird, which flies through the whole battlefield, and causes great damage to the enemies who are in its way.
  3. "Flicker" - the hero rushes forward in a fit of a howling wind, causes damage to nearby enemies and freezes them.Heals the caster.

Pyromancy skills:

  1. The Fire Bird - calls on the Fire Bird, which instantly flies through the entire battlefield and causes great damage to enemies in its path.
  2. A violent firestorm is a flash of flame that instantly damages six targets and stuns them.
  3. Ice bird - skill gets from the magician.

Skills of the icebreaker (judging by the amount of damage, this profession is more profitable):

  1. Ice Chambers Mr. - calls on the ice charm, which deals great damage to a maximum of 6 targets and freezes them for 3 seconds.
  2. Increased flicker - the hero rushes forward in a fit of a howling wind, causes great damage to nearby enemies and freezes them. Also removes all negative effects from the character.
  3. Blizzard - the skill gets from the magician.


Key features - treatment, support. This is a classic support character in a team battle. If a player likes to play, basically, alone, then this hero is not for him. The hero has little defense, health, average attack, but he is not replaceable on many team missions.

Professions after promotion:

  1. Priest - holy, healing, resurrection.
  2. Pathfinder - damage, healing, curse.

Basic cleric skills:

  1. The power of nature - releases vines to attack opponents at a certain distance. Deals multiple damage and sends enemies.
  2. Prayer of nature - calls on the power of nature and instantly heals several allies, restoring a lot of health points.
  3. Song of the Forest - gradually heals the closest allies.

Priest Skills:

  1. Bathing in the light - the rays shine from heaven and give nearby allies invulnerability for 3 seconds. Also restores a lot of health points.
  2. Enhanced prayer of nature - calls upon the power of nature and instantly heals several allies, restoring many health points and removing negative statuses.
  3. Song of the Forest - skill comes from the cleric.

Pathfinder Skills:

  1. Magic Arrow - awakens potential power and shoots rivals, inflicts multiple damage to enemies on the same line.
  2. Enhanced Forest Song - The forest song gradually heals nearby allies and increases their damage.
  3. The bloom prayer calls for a huge magic flower that inflicts great damage on enemies within range.


Main characteristics - hidden attack, melee. The hero has good health and protection. Makes an increased attack on 1 target. It has increased dodge. If a player likes to play alone, then this is his hero.

Professions after promotion:

  1. Asura - damage, control effect, critical damage.
  2. Ninja - stealth, control skills, appeal.

Basic killer skills:

  1. The ghost of the void - the hero becomes invisible, the ability increases the chance of critical damage and creates a combo - point.
  2. The onslaught of blades - become a fast blade that flies through the entire battlefield and, landing behind the target, makes a crushing attack.
  3. The art of killing - spends 4 combos - points and beats the closest rivals, causes great damage and stuns them.

Asura Skills:

  1. Descended asura - spends 5 combos - points and calls asura, which causes great damage to enemies in range.This skill with a probability of 50% can deliver a critical hit.
  2. Enhanced Shadow Shot - quickly stuns nearby rivals and inflicts increased damage on them. When used with Invisibility, it deals much more damage and creates a combo point.
  3. The onslaught of blades - the skill comes from the killer.

Ninja skills:

  1. Dark Soul - inflicts damage to enemies in range and creates a combo - point. When used with Invisibility, paralyzes enemies for 2 seconds.
  2. Enhanced ghost of emptiness - the character becomes invisible, the ability increases the chance of critical damage and creates a combo - point.
  3. Scattering strike - the hero spends 3 combos - points and waves with two sharp blades, causes great damage to nearby enemies and temporarily greatly increases the chance of the caster evading.

Tales of Wind: Guide around the world

The game has several main locations where plot actions take place. There are mini-games in which experience and rare items are earned. A farm where you can do a lot of things. It can be called an additional location, or a separate game.

Getting into the game a person finds himself on the main screen, through which you can get to other locations or events.

The market is a regular store where you can buy or sell items. Here you can make purchases for real money, buy horses, resources and much needed by the player.

Bag - here are the things that the hero has. Here you can see and change equipment, improve maps, enhance equipment. In the "BS Title" tab you can see how the hero is developing. Here you can get a rank for points of combat power. Each rank has 5 levels. As soon as the BS scale is filled at level 5, the hero can get the next rank.

"Skills" - here you can see what skills the hero has. This reflects the basic skills (with which the character begins the game) and additional skills (which the character gains during the passage of the plot). Every skill can be improved. Improvement requires skill points. The hero gets them after completing tasks, promotions and events.If there is a need for skills you can "Free reset." You can also change your current experience to skill points.

Mini - map - located in the upper right corner of the screen. If you click on it, a window will appear with a map of the location where the hero is currently located. In the same window, if you click on the "World", you can get to the world map. Thus, you can move to another location at any time. Cards are opened as the level of the hero. The cards display exclamation marks - these are tasks that are available to the hero at the moment. This quest can be approached and taken (for example, when the current tasks ended).

A country

Here are a few mini-games, thanks to which the player can increase the level of the character, complete some tasks. Here is the Farm, Wedding Palace, Arena.

Kingdom of cards. Opens for passing at level 10. Daily hero is given 3 free attempts to pass. The first successful passage and failed missions are not considered an attempt. There is a limitation of experience. Here you can get high quality cards. The higher the stage, the better the prey. The event is updated every 24 hours. The first passage must be done alone, then you can take an adventure as a team. There are several chapters that open at a certain level, but cannot be passed without passing through the previous chapter. Each chapter has several stages, the complexity of which increases with each level.

The kingdom of gear. This mini-game has the same rules as the Kingdom of cards. The chapters open upon reaching a certain level, but here you can begin the adventure without going through the previous chapters.Before passing the player can choose the difficulty. Daily on the passage is given 3 attempts.

Arena. Here, the players face off with each other. Nothing complicated here, just choose the enemy with whom you need to fight. The battle takes place manually (the player himself activates the skills of the hero). Naturally, the victory in the Arena depends on the character’s equipment. The player will be offered opponents of a close level and rating to his champion. Winning points are given rating points that can be exchanged in the Market for interesting items.

Board of instructions. A player can complete up to 15 tasks per day. Not taken tasks can be deleted by clicking on the trash icon. Before the advent of the new job, there is a recharge period of 30 minutes. After completing the task, a new quest will appear in 5 minutes. Tasks are not complicated and are easily performed.

Area of ​​events. There are several events that appear at a certain time (you can learn more about the event by clicking on its icon). Events are run alone or by team. Some events open to the player to reach a certain level. In the "Events" tab you can see the description of the event and its rules. In the "Calendar" tab, the player shows the schedule of events.

Dragon treasure

The mini-game is played in a team, the minimum composition of which should be 3 people. Daily given 2 free attempts on the passage. There is a limit of experience on an adventure when a player has accumulated the required daily amount of experience. If the player finds the Great Serpent, defeat the guards in order to quickly open the eggs. The most valuable are purple and golden eggs. You can get a random item, falling cards, fragments of the cards of the soul of the guards, the bell of the monster (calls the monster to fight with him).

The battle takes place in 2 stages:

  1. You need to steal the dragon eggs from the rooms on the sides of the main corridor. At the same time it is necessary to be afraid of protection. Eggs must be brought to the collection circle.
  2. It starts after all 12 eggs are collected or it takes 3 minutes. At this stage it is required to defeat the energy guard and collect the crystals of Energy that fell from him.

The path of revelation. The event opens several times a week. It can take teams of 3 and above people. In each trial only 1 prize is available. On the upper floors you can get gold and red cards. In the adventure of 12 floors that need to go. On the 6th, 9th and 12th floors of the player bosses are waiting. At the remaining stages, monsters similar in character strength (a reflection of the hero). In the Golden Age and the Heavenly Age, complexity is reduced.

Whitechapel or Marriage Palace

Here you can marry or divorce. For events it is necessary to fulfill a number of conditions.

Wedding Divorce
Requires the blessing of a Priest or Tifa. Requires the blessing of a Priest or Tifa.
Both players must have a minimum level of 40.Affinity score of at least 15,000 points. May be forced or by mutual consent.
In the building, the spouses must be only together and be part of a team. The application can be withdrawn within 24 hours after the application has been submitted.
Partnership with someone else of one of the players is unacceptable. If the divorce is agreed upon by both players, it will occur 24 hours after the application is submitted.
Each player must have a farm The rings are returned, the affinity is reset, the trusses are divided.
The presence of wedding rings. Forced divorce is possible if one spouse did not enter the game for more than 7 days. In this case, bred for free.
After the rite, the trusses unite. If a forced divorce occurs at the request of 1 of the players, then a fee must be paid for it.


The farm opens at level 30. Very beautiful and large location where the player can grow plants and animals, extract wood and ore, engage in fishing, and produce food. A farm can delay a player for many hours. For the opening of the Farm will have to pay 100 Kingdom Glory Points.

Farm usage rules:

  1. Plants, cereals can be collected after a certain time.
  2. Livestock will be available at farm level 2. Will have to start with growing chickens.
  3. At level 4, a bakery opens.
  4. Products can be sold at the Courier House. For this, the player will receive farm coins and farm experience.
  5. For each new farm level, 1 field for crop production is added.

Periodically buyers will approach the store. By clicking on a person, you can find out what he wants to purchase.The farm has a forest, lake, mountains. Over time, you can produce products.

Due to the development of the farm and work on it, you can get rare items of equipment.

Tales of Wind: Guide on the guards

Over time, each character will have their pets - the guards. The first guard will be given for the task in the first stage of the game. Guards raise the character’s BS and fight with the hero. There may be several guards, but only one animal can be chosen to accompany.

Getting pets:

  1. From the fragments that fall on the events, from the chests, are given as a reward for the daily entry into the game.
  2. You can get as a reward for the task.
  3. You can catch on the island of the guards. For this you need to have a network.

How to catch the guard? In the backpack you need to select the network, click on it. After this, the character will independently run and teleport to the Island. The "Capture" button will appear near the pets. After there are 3 creatures in the net, you can enter into a contract with one of them.

In the menu of guards, you can not only see what kind of creatures the hero has, but also increase his strength.

Rise level . Summer juice should be given to the guardians or taken to battle with them in order to gain experience of the guards. When the guard goes to a new level, its characteristics increase.

The evolution of the guards. When the guard reaches the maximum level, the player can improve its quality by spending a certain number of creatures of the same quality and of any level. Improving the quality of the guard opens up new cells of skills. With the evolution of the pet resets the level without losing indicators. Also increases its limit levels.

Learning skills. Guardians can learn various skills using books. The skill that is replaced is returned to the player as a lower level skill book.

Improving skill. Skill books need to be spent on the guardian ability description page to increase the level of current skill. The higher the level of the book, the higher the chance of success for increasing the level. You can increase the ability of a pet to the specified in the book.

Release the guards. If the creature no longer needs the player, then you can let it go. For this, the player will receive Summer Juice. Releasing gold or red guards, the gamer will receive rare skill books (except for the raccoon - the guard who is given for entering the game).

The Wise Geek’s Secrets and Tips

How to increase the BS? There are several ways to increase the fighting power of characters:

  1. Level up the hero.
  2. Increase your skill level.
  3. Insert the card into the equipment.
  4. Raise the level of cards.
  5. Increase the level of equipment.
  6. Increase the level of custody and their skills.

Where to get skill points? Go to the "Skills" menu. In the lower left corner there is a button "Redeem". You need to click on it, a new window will appear. Here you can redeem points skills. It is more accurate to exchange current experience at this level for skill points for silver stars. To do this, move the bar to the desired indicator and get skill points. For each next repayment, you will need to give more experience than the previous time. But the mechanics of the game provided for every moment, so you can raise experience points to level 50 without any problems.

Where to get experience? In order to gain experience for the redemption of skill points, you need to participate as much as possible in various events. They pass in the game constantly. Better to do it in a team. It is also necessary to often take assignments from the characters of the history of the world, to perform basic and additional tasks. Working on a farm also brings experience to the hero.

What if a team of players is not going to? The game has provided this moment. You can type a team of bots (robots), with which you can pass most of the tests. To hire bots you need to create a team (this can be done at the start of the test or in the "Team" menu on the left side of the screen). Before you click on the "Create" button, you need to tick "Recruit mercenaries". The team will gather 4 mercenary, who will have the same level as the player’s hero, only with a smaller number of BS. Bots beat quite well. Minus - if the boss hits the masses, the mercenaries do not go beyond the radius of defeat, therefore they often die at the "Nightmare" level in the "Equipment Maps".Also, they will not be able to pass the "Treasure of the Dragon." Bots will not be able to bring eggs.

How to raise the class of the hero? The quest for upgrading to appear at level 48. The beginning of the quest will be marked by a conversation with Mocerad. The quest is not difficult, easy to pass. The task is more informational, you will have to communicate a lot with the characters of the game.

Increase condition:

  1. The character must have level 50.
  2. The level of basic skills of the character must not be below 50 level.

The upgrade quest will be considered complete when the upgrade conditions are met. After this task is required to pass the sage. Only after talking with Mocerad, you can get a reward - an opportunity to upgrade the class. Hero transferred to a special room. Here you are given to choose one of two professions. After moving the hero receives new equipment, new weapons, new skills.

After receiving the class, experienced players are advised to use the "Free reset skills." This will give the opportunity to redistribute the skills under the class that the player has just chosen.

Author of the article: Evgenia G.