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TAP TITANS 2 - Android game with release date 12/12/2016 from the company Game Hive Corporation. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Skill Tree
  2. Damage (Attack) Builds
  3. Gold Source Builds
  4. Artifacts
  5. Clan Raids
  6. Raid Cards
  7. Decks
  8. Beginner Tips

Tap Titans 2: Skill Tree

The skill tree - consists of four main classes:

  1. Knight - damage from crane and pets.
  2. Warlord - Damage from Hero Ship and Clans.
  3. Sorcerer - Mana Recovery and Shadow Clone skill.
  4. Rogue - Inactive damage and progress.

Skills are the ability of a character or an additional source to inflict damage, or receive more gold for killing a monster (boss). Each skill is pumped. With a new level, the ability reduces the rollback time of the skill, and increases its effectiveness.

Skills are activated and pumped for skill points that can be obtained as a tournament reward in daily rewards and every 50 levels.

By studying the plexus of branches (classes) of the Skill Tree, you can assemble an individual build for yourself that will speed up the passage of the game. It is not necessary to pump all the skills in the Tree to win battles.

A build in Tap Titans 2 is a set of skills from different branches of a skill tree that together give good performance in various situations. For example, with an active game or, conversely, when you rarely go into the game, playing through the "Silent March". The stages of the game are the beginning, middle and end.

Very often, many people use ready-made builds, and do not understand why they are used, what skills are involved there, and what they give, why they are pumped in this way. In general, they use blind builds, therefore, their expectations do not at all coincide with a randomly selected build, or with which an unknown person in a thematic group simply advised them.

There are 3 groups of builds that should be combined for an effective game:

  1. The main type of attack.
  2. The main source of gold.
  3. Additional and important abilities.

The game has a number of additional skills that need to be pumped in addition to the basic skills in builds, as they are perfect for maximizing experience, gold and relics. Such abilities are in every branch of the Tree of skills:

  1. Silent March (Silent March) - skill from the green branch of Rogue (Fraudster). The skill can be used with almost any build. It is useful for those players who do not have much time or battery power to actively play. The skill does not work in the Tournament until 1 Prestige. The ability to actively go through the stages during your absence.
  2. Mana Siphon (Siphon of Mana) - skill from the blue branch Sorcerer. There is a 0.5% chance to trigger the ability with each attack of the Sword Master. Increasing your maximum mana capacity will also increase the mana gained from successfully activating the skill.
  3. Limit Break - a skill from the blue Sorcerer branch. Allows you to store more mana during a player’s inactivity, and also increases the efficiency of the Mana Siphon.
  4. Tactical Insight - A skill from the red branch of Knight. It activates two different types of unlocked skills of the hero: multiplicative (bonuses such as all types of damage and the amount of gold in the hero’s skills) and additive (bonuses that add up from all the character’s skills).
  5. Manni Mana (Mana Manni) - skill from the blue branch Sorcerer. Manny is a monster that, when killed, will gain a good mana boost.
  6. Ambush (Ambush) - skill from the green branch of Rogue. A very useful skill for all builds. It increases the chance of an increased gold gain from the massacre of monsters.
  7. Lightning Strike ( Lightning Strike ) - skill from the blue branch of Sorcerer. A universal ability that is suitable for any build. You have a 2.2% chance of causing a lightning strike with each special attempt of the Sword Master or Shadow Clone. Lightning strikes can only work when one of your six active skills is activated. Weakens the Titans, but cannot kill the Titans.
  8. Anchoring Shot ( Anchoring Shot ) - skill from the yellow branch of Warlord. With the exception of lightning strikes and doom, all sources of damage are increased by the stun damage bonus when they are done against stunned Titans. The boss countdown timers are temporarily frozen, and the boss Titan is stunned.

When is it better to use builds?

Stage of the game.Builds for damage.Builds for gold.
Stages from 0 to 30,000.Tap.Boss Gold (Boss Gold).
Stages from 0 to 30,000.Pet (pets).
50,000 stage.Clan Ship.Chesterson (monsters name).
Mid game from 300 to 400 mana.Clan Ship.Chesterson. Boss Gold. PHOM.
400 to 500 manaShadow Clone
From 350 mana.Heavenly Strike

Tap Titans 2: Damage (Attack) Builds

It is better to concentrate on 1 type of damage. For example, Ship or Clone. This gives maximum build efficiency.

Builds through TAP damage

This is one of the most basic builds, which is usually used at the start of the game. Thus, you pump the damage of your main character and additional characters. Here you just need to tap on the display until you have skill points. When using these builds, you are advised to focus on the red branch of the Knight tree.

Basic skills:

  1. Knight’s Valor (Knight’s Valor) - an attack from touching the screen, directly increases all the damage caused by attacks of the Master of the Sword, all forms of pet attacks and heavenly strikes. Touch damage provides a reduced bonus to shadow clone attacks.
  2. Chivalric Order (Knightly Order) - Converts a reduced amount of damage to the hero damage from the clan. Weapon packs and updates of the base hero are used in full, but only part of all bonuses of the hero and character class are converted. Your clan damage bonus is directly multiplied with damage from the clan of heroes. This skill improves all sources of damage, which are enhanced by increasing damage from the clan.
  3. Cleaving Strike - Maximum critical damage directly improves all critical attacks of the Sword Master and gives an average increase in pet attacks and shadow clones.
  4. Barbaric Fury (Barbarian rage) - adds bonus attacks per second and deals damage when you actively click on the skill. The bonus of clicks per second is calculated on receiving an additional attack of the pet, the hands of Midas and the gold of the guild. When mana recovery and lightning strike are unlocked, bonus clicks per second will also help activate these abilities.
  5. Summon Inferno ( Inferno Challenge) - Increases the damage of a Sword Master attack and sky strikes. Gives a reduced shadow clone damage bonus.
  6. Assassinate (Assassin) - skill from the green branch of Rogue. Increases the damage of a sword master’s attack when a successful lethal attack occurs. Mortal Strike gives an average bonus to all heavenly strikes. This skill does not affect an inactive game.

These abilities should be pumped as much as possible and first of all.

PET builds

These are builds that give bonuses through pets. This is an improved version of TAP builds. This set of skills is stronger than the first build, but not stronger than the rest of the often used builds. When using this combination of skills, you do not need to pump high levels of animals, because the damage of the pet is based on TAP damage. Therefore, such a build can be used at the start of the game without a large number of pets. But starting from 5000 stages, this combination of abilities is inferior to other builds.

Here, the skills from the red branch are mainly pumped because they give a good increase to TAP damage, and, accordingly, to the pet. There are 2 options for pumping build.

1 option:

  1. Knight’s Valor (Knightly Valor) - skill from the red branch of Knight.
  2. Cleaving Strike - A skill from the red branch of Knight.
  3. Summon Inferno ( Inferno Challenge) is a skill from the red Knight branch.
  4. Lightning Burst (Flashing Lightning) - charges and provides a powerful explosive attack, which can be used against ordinary Titans and bosses. Upon successful defeat of the enemy, the remaining damage from the spray can splash out through the bosses. It will help to speed up the passage of stages if you decide to play with this combination of abilities.
  5. Assassinate (Assassin) - skill from the green branch of Rogue.

Option 2:

  1. Chivalric Order (Knight’s Order) - skill from the red branch of Knight.
  2. Pet Evolution - Damage from pets improves all pet attacks, including a bolt of lightning and a flash of lightning.
  3. Barbaric Fury (Barbarian Fury) - a skill from the red branch of Knight.
  4. Flash Zip (Flash of lightning) - each press during a sequential lightning attack deals the specified amount of damage, and additional damage is increased by 5 times, and is applied at the last stroke. The next cooldown begins as soon as the current sequence of skill ends.
  5. Twilight’s Veil (Twilight Veil) - skill from the green branch of Rogue. The skill includes damage to pets when you are not in the game. Allows your animal to do critical critical hits while a mortal strike is active.

Builds on the Ship (CS)

This combination implies that you use the Ship for offensive activities aimed at the destruction (suppression) of opponents (push). It is also good for farming (monotonous actions aimed at getting gold or pumping heroes). This is a fairly lazy build, that is, you only need to click on the Ship. These builds have good speed, and they are good for pushing at the beginning or in the middle of the game.

At the moment, this is the best combination of abilities for beginners. Using this combination, you will swing the yellow branch (Warlord - Warlord).

Basic skills:

  1. Master Commander (Master Commander) - increases the damage of the hero, the damage of the Clan Ship and causes damage to the guild. Touch damage is also increased when hero damage is unlocked.
  2. Aerial Assault (Clan Attack) - Clan attack increases the damage done by your clan Ship, and co-guilds. Increasing the maximum number of sprays applies only to attacks made by your clan Ship.
  3. Tactical Insight - A skill from the red branch of Knight.
  4. Cleaving Strike - A skill from the red branch of Knight.
  5. Assassinate (Assassin) - skill from the green branch of Rogue.
  6. Heroic Might ( Heroic Might ) - inspired heroes do additional damage, which can be seen in the character menu. This bonus damage counts as an increase in the base damage of the hero, that is, he does not incur a penalty when converting to damage from the clan.
  7. Coordinated Offensive - Activating this ability causes your clan Ship to launch a bonus attack while the co-guildman is summoned to battle. The damage of a clan companion is directly dependent on the strength of the damage of your clan Ship.
  8. Anchoring Shot ( Anchoring Shot ) - skill from the yellow branch of Warlord.
  9. Ghost Ship ( Ghost Ship ) - includes damage to the Clan Ship when you are not in the game. Allows your Clan Ship to deliver critical critical hits while a mortal strike is active.
These skills bring a lot of points, as they give a big bonus for the Ship. Pumping these abilities, you will get a great push-build with a good farm.

Build through Clone

Very strong, they do not depend on your active abilities. They are not recommended for use until you have enough artifacts, including artifacts to increase the duration of skills and to reduce the mana used, which is necessary to activate skills.

These builds are very strong from the middle of the game, and are constantly increasing their effectiveness. The more you pump skill, the more they bring you more benefit. Clone damage increases all the parameters of the hero, attack and other victory factors. They are not intended for quick farming.

1 option:

  1. Cleaving Strike - A skill from the red branch of Knight.
  2. Summon Inferno ( Inferno Challenge) is a skill from the red Knight branch.
  3. Pet Evolution - A skill from the red Knight branch.
  4. Master Commander (Master Commander) - skill from the yellow branch of Warlord.
  5. Anchoring Shot ( Anchoring Shot ) - skill from the yellow branch of Warlord.
  6. Dimensional Shift - a skill from the blue Sorcerer branch (Sorcerer). Skill effects apply only with an active shadow Clone. Increases the primary effect of all active skills, including the strength of the shadow Clone itself. Increases the duration of active abilities.
  7. Shadow Assassin (Shadow Assassin) - skill from the green branch of Rogue. Includes shadow clone damage in your absence. Shadow Clone should not be active. Allows your shadow Clone to deliver critical critical hits while a mortal strike is active.

Option 2:

  1. Barbaric Fury (Barbarian Fury) - a skill from the red branch of Knight.
  2. Knight’s Valor (Knightly Valor) - skill from the red branch of Knight.
  3. Heroic Might (Heroic Power) - skill from the yellow branch of Warlord.
  4. Tactical Insight (Tactical Insight) - a skill from the yellow branch of Warlord.
  5. Phantom Vengeance (Phantom Revenge) - Sorcerer skill from the blue branch. Increases your Shadow Clone attack damage and attack speed. Increasing attack speed does not improve the ability of your shadow Clone to use mana recovery or lightning strikes when these skills are unlocked and active. The shadow clone bonus damage done to stunned Titans is temporary.
  6. Assassinate (Assassin) - skill from the green branch of Rogue.
These builds get useful effects from each branch in the skill tree. Blue and red branches, the most useful for getting a lot of damage for the Clone.

Builds via Sky Strike (HS)

They are completely dependent on mana regeneration, and allow you to skip a lot of stages, thereby farming quickly. They are weaker than Ship and Clone builds. Using this build, you will not be able to reach the maximum possible stages that you could reach through the Ship or Clone. But you can go through the possible stages several times faster. Thus, you will receive a little less relics, but faster.

This build requires a constant active game, as you will constantly need to live 1 skill every 3.5 seconds. For this combination of skills, it is important to have the Hermes Boots artifact, which will further increase your speed through the stages. These abilities are collected from all 4 branches of the Tree.

1 option:

  1. Cleaving Strike - A skill from the red branch of Knight.
  2. Summon Inferno ( Inferno Challenge) is a skill from the red Knight branch.
  3. Pet Evolution - A skill from the red Knight branch.
  4. Master Commander (Master Commander) - skill from the yellow branch of Warlord.
  5. Anchoring Shot ( Anchoring Shot ) - skill from the yellow branch of Warlord.
  6. Dimensional Shift - A skill from the blue Sorcerer branch.
  7. Phantom Vengeance (Phantom Revenge) - Sorcerer skill from the blue branch.
  8. Shadow Assassin (Shadow Assassin) - skill from the green branch of Rogue.

Option 2:

  1. Barbaric Fury (Barbarian Fury) - a skill from the red branch of Knight.
  2. Knight’s Valor (Knightly Valor) - skill from the red branch of Knight.
  3. Heroic Might (Heroic Power) - skill from the yellow branch of Warlord.
  4. Tactical Insight (Tactical Insight) - a skill from the yellow branch of Warlord.
  5. Angelic Radiance ( Angelic Radiance ) - skill from the blue branch of Sorcerer. The skill must be unlocked in order for Sky Strike to have potential, and splash out on bosses. The ability reduces the remaining number of non-boss Titans by one stage. The ability increases the number of stages that can be completed with Sky Strike.
  6. Shadow Assassin (Shadow Assassin) - skill from the green branch of Rogue.
  7. Mana Siphon (Siphon of Mana) - skill from the blue branch Sorcerer.
Blue and red branches are the most useful for Heavenly strike. To use this build, you must have a sufficient amount of mana. If you have less than 300 mana, then you should not use the build. In this case, it will be of little use, and you will not be able to effectively restore mana.

Tap Titans 2: Gold Source Builds

The source of gold is what gives you the opportunity to get a lot of gold for buying levels of additional heroes (pawns). The game has a lot of places for gold mining, and they are approximately at the same level in efficiency. But it is better to use a certain opportunity to farm gold.

Build gold for bosses. One of the fastest and most effective methods of gold mining. There are only 2 skills in the build:

  1. Midas Ultimate (Midas Ultimatum) - skill from the blue branch Sorcerer. Gives extra gold every time the Midas Hand skill is activated.
  2. Master Thief (Master of thieves) - skill from the green branch of Rogue. Increases gold production from all sources. An additional bonus is given during the absence of the player.
Build will work well at all stages of the game. It is enough just to improve them gradually, and get a good income.

Build on Chesterson. Gold is mined by killing Chestersons special monsters. There are 3 abilities in the build:

  1. Spoils of War (War booty) - skill from the yellow branch of Warlord. Increases gold mined from Fairy chests, as well as clan and other boxes.
  2. Midas Ultimate (Midas Ultimatum) - skill from the blue branch Sorcerer.
  3. Master Thief (Master of thieves) - skill from the green branch of Rogue.

This build will be stronger than with bosses.

Build PHOM. The main emphasis is on pumping Midas skills. The main plus is that you can kill bosses by clicking on this skill until you save up to upgrade the hero.

  1. Heart of Midas (Heart of Midas) - skill from the red branch of Knight. Has a base cooldown of 75 seconds. The skill gives a multiple amount of gold from the boss divided by the number of your current stage. The strength of the skill increases as you continue to reach higher levels. Midas Heart receives a partial bonus from the hands of Midas’ active skill.
  2. Master Thief (Master of thieves) - skill from the green branch of Rogue.
  3. Midas Ultimate (Midas Ultimatum) - skill from the blue branch Sorcerer.
  4. Spoils of War (War booty) - skill from the yellow branch of Warlord.

This build is quite good with some other builds. For example, with a build via Ship.

Tap Titans 2: Artifacts

Artifacts are special items that can be obtained after Operation Prestige. Each artifact has its own property, and can be useful in a particular situation. Artifacts in the game are divided into 2 types:

  1. Damage - this is the main force with which strikes against the enemy. The higher the damage, the faster you go through the stage.
  2. For gold mining - this currency is very important in the game, as soon as with its help you can increase the level of characters.
There are a lot of artifacts in the game. Therefore, if you are not sure about the usefulness of an artifact, it is better to ask more experienced players in your clan. Thus, you can choose a really good artifact for you and your build, which will bring many benefits and help you win.

At the very start, we recommend that you find 2 very necessary artifacts for any build:

  1. Boots of Hermes ( Hermes Boots) - it takes you 50 steps forward. This is a very important item that will increase the speed of your leveling.
  2. Book of Shadows - Increases the amount of relics you receive. It is recommended to get it as soon as possible. can be obtained from the first 30 purchased artifacts.

These 2 artifacts will help you make great progress in the game.

We have prepared for you tables with artifacts that will suit any of your builds and will be useful at various stages of the game.

Damage Artifacts

Name of the artifact (translation).Description of the main properties.
Heavenly Sword (Heavenly Sword).Increases artifact damage.
Divine Retribution (Divine Retribution).Increases damage from all sources.
The Retaliator.Increases critical strike damage.
Stryfe’s Peace.Increases Tap damage and attack of all characters.
Heart of Storms.You can get one of the first 30 purchased artifacts. Increases the bonus attack given by pets.
Earrings of Portara.Increases damage from all sources + increases off-line attack.
Corrupted Rune Heart.Increases attack power over area. This artifact works effectively until your pet kit has reached level 5. Moreover, the heart of the storm should not be in the arsenal.
Durendal Sword (Durandal Sword).Increases attack on ordinary Titans.
Helheim Skull (Helheim Tortoise).Increases boss attack.
Crown of the Constellation.Increases the attack of the team, Ship, strengthens the skill "Battle Cry".
Ring of Calisto (Ring of Calisto).Increases the armor of all ammunition. Can be obtained from the first 30 purchased artifacts.
Blade of DamoclesIncreases the attack power of the sword (1 Inventory section).
Moonlight Bracelet.Increases Aura (4 Inventory section).
Sword of the Royals.Increases the power of the sword, and the damage done by melee characters.
Spearit’s Vigil (Night Spirit).Increases helmet strength and damage done by flying warriors.
Sigils of Judgement.Boosts Aura and damage done by wizards.
Invader’s Gjalarhorn (Robes of the Invader).Increases strength for all active abilities.
Evergrowing Stack.Boosts an entire attack. Damage is calculated based on raid card levels.

Gold mining artifacts

Name of the artifact (translation).Description of the main properties.
Stone of the Valrunes.Increases gold from all sources for each active skill. The maximum can be indicators from 4 abilities.
Book of Prophecy.Increases gold production from all sources.
Khrysos Bowl (Turtle of Chrysos).Increases gold production from all sources. Also increases off-line production.
Apollo Orb (Apollo Orb).Increases gold mining with bonuses from pets Polly and Bubble.
Ring of Calisto (Ring of Calisto).Increases Armor Strength. If you put on equipment for gold mining, then there will be a good increase.
Titanium Plating.Increases the power of ammunition. If you put on equipment for gold mining, then there will be a good increase.
The Cobalt Plate.Increases the equipment and skills of ground characters.
Charged Card.Increases the percentage of gold mining from the bonus on the levels of your rating cards.

Tap Titans 2: Clan Raids

Raids are clan wars with several bosses, where it is proposed to destroy enemies together by all members of the union. It is important to pierce the boss in certain parts of the body. In order to carry out and go through clan raids, you need special tickets, or rather your alliance. These tickets are collected by the players themselves through daily rewards. Available 5 tickets per day. Automatically all the tickets you earned at 24.00 hours at your local time are transferred to the clan. The alliance, in turn, starts for clan raid tickets.

Tickets collected during the week by each member of the guild can be viewed in the tab where the clan’s composition is located. The total number of tickets that are currently in the guild is displayed below.

Raids are divided into 2 levels (Thira).

  1. The base shooting range is the first stage where bosses who do not have armor and health points will expect you. Therefore, you can punch them fast enough.
  2. The main shooting range - more hardy bosses are concentrated here, they have a new layer of armor, and they have a large number of health points.

With each boss, the number of tickets needed for the battle increases.

For successful passage of clan raids, all players who were present at the initial stage of preparation for raids will receive clan rewards, regardless of whether they beat the boss or not.

Players receive:

  1. Maps - necessary for attacking bosses in clan raids.
  2. Dust is the currency for which you can receive new cards. The guild has a store where you can spend earned dust. Also, passive skills can be pumped for dust.
  3. Scrolls of heroes - improve the abilities of characters.
  4. The clan experience that is displayed in your statistics.

The head of the guild or the Master activates the raid, then the clan is given 24 hours to prepare for the campaign. The adventure window gives all the information about what the bosses will be, their skills, health points are shown. You can also see what awards you will receive.

Clan cards are used to attack raids. You are initially given 12 base cards, then you can get them as a reward. There are 21 cards in the game. Cards can be drawn into decks to deal boss damage more effectively. Each deck can be oriented to different parts of the body of the monster. If the clan was able to destroy the boss in 3 days, then you can start the next raid. Gradually, in this way, you can go through several monsters in turn.

Clan Raid boss body parts

The boss has 8 body parts, with a different number of health points on each part:

  1. Head.
  2. Left shoulder.
  3. Right hand.
  4. Left hand.
  5. Right shoulder.
  6. Left leg.
  7. Right leg.
  8. Torso.

To win a clan battle, you do not need to kill all these parts of the body, but simply inflict enough damage in certain parts to kill the boss himself. So much damage should be done to block the total number of boss health points.

The body of the boss consists of 3 layers:

  1. Armor - only Tyr has 2 bosses. Tier 1 does not have this layer, and you immediately start in basic raids with the body of a monster.
  2. Body - will not be available until you have destroyed the armor, if it is Tier 2 raid. The boss’s health points consist of the sum of the health of all parts of the body. Destruction of all parts of the body will lead to the next layer.
  3. Skeleton - you can’t attack it. That is, if you destroy any part of the body, then the bones of this part appear. It is needed in order to support the remaining organs, and it does not need to be attacked. If you hit the skeleton, you can deal only 5% of the base damage of the raid.
When fighting with the boss, it is recommended to attack only active, not yet killed parts of the body.

Boss damage depends on the raid level. Therefore, you should constantly go to the monster, get experience.

Tap Titans 2: Raid Cards

Cards should be stacked in order to get the maximum effect. You can train with different decks in practice mode, dealing damage to certain parts of the boss.

The main thing you should know when attacking a monster is that it’s not necessary to tap on a part of the body, you can simply slide your finger across the screen in the area of the selected part, that is, swipe. The more often you drive around the screen, the more you will do damage.

All cards are divided into 3 types:

  1. Burst (explosion) - have a high probability of activation when you click on the screen, and inflict permanent damage during activation. The attack of this type of card has the greatest damage.
  2. Affliction - also have the likelihood of activation when you click on the screen. The card issues several periodic strokes to a selected part of the monster’s body. These cards should be used while you are trying to attack all parts of the monster at the same time.
  3. Support - there is a chance of activation during the tap on the boss’s body part. It gives an additional effect in case of damage (described in the card), which works until the card has decayed. This type of card increases your base damage, but they themselves cannot attack.

Card levels. Each card can be strengthened by increasing its level. The level is increased by copies of cards and dust (drops in rewards from the boss). Once you have collected enough copies, the icon will light on the map, you can go in and go to the next level for dust. With this action, you increase the power of the card and its basic effect.

Card terminology. On each card there is a description of it, which shows its effects, time and chance of operation:

  1. Duration - this is the duration of the effect after activating the card.
  2. Proc Chance (chance of operation) - always in percentage terms. This parameter shows the probability of the card being activated during the fight.
  3. Stack - The number of active effects stacked together. All actions from the attack are summarized. Each card has a maximum number of stacks that cannot be exceeded. The sum of the effects during the battle can be seen at the top of the display.

List of cards with a description

There are no useless cards in the game; all of them can be useful in a certain situation. In order to properly combine effects in the deck, you should carefully read the description, and compare all the pros and cons.
Name of the card (translation).Description.
Acid Drench (Acid Rain) - Tier 1.This is a disaster map that works with stacks of effects and redistributes them to one part of the boss’s body. It is recommended to use the card to focus the attack on 1 organ, for more damage.
Ancestral Favor (Ancestral Favor) - Tier 2.This is a support card that increases explosive damage. This card is recommended to be used when additional force is needed for an explosive attack. For example, it works well with Clan Barrage.
Blazing Inferno (Flaming Hell) - Tier 1.Disaster map. Increases its probability of activation at the right time. That is, at the moment when you distribute the attack throughout the body of the monster. There is also a high probability of reactivation when the entire boss is ignited by the Burning Hell effect. You should not use rancid gas in the deck with it.
Clanship Barrage - Shooting range 1.This is an explosion map. Gives an additional attack for all cards of this type. It should be put in a deck with explosion cards that increase the damage done. Works great with Sharp Wind and Ancestral Favor.
Crushing Instinct - Tier 1.Support card that increases the damage done to the boss’s head.
Decaying Strike - Tier 2.Disaster map. Deals additional damage, which is calculated from the remaining health points of the attacked part of the body of the monster. When you feel that the strikes have no strength, it is recommended to transfer the attack to another area.
Fragmentize - Tier 2.Explosion Map. It serves to break through the armor.
Fusion Bomb - Tier 2.Disaster map. Deals auxiliary periodic damage, which will cause significant harm at the end of card activity. That is, when you activate the Bomb, it takes a certain amount of time for the effect to work.
Grim Shadow - Shooting Range 2.Disaster map. When the deck activates as many stacks as possible, this card will do additional damage. At the time of its activation, it is recommended to hit all areas of the boss’s body. Works well with the rancid gas card.
Inspiring Force - Tier 1.Support Card. Increases attack power inflicted on the body of the boss.
Moon Beam - Tier 1.Explosion Map. Gives auxiliary damage to the boss’s body.
Prismatic Rift (Prismatic Fault) - Tier 2.Support card, increases the attack and the effectiveness of attacks on the armor of the enemy.
Purifying Blast - Tier 2.Explosion Map. Removes distress effects to increase attack. The more stacks removed from the field, the higher the attack power. Works great with disaster cards. For example, with acid rain. If the effect is used in conjunction with the Thermonuclear Bomb, then the Bomb’s impact force will be minimal.
Radioactivity - Tier 1.Disaster map. Gives auxiliary damage, which is calculated from the time of activity of this card. It is recommended to increase the time the effect is used, and disperse the attack on the entire body of the opponent.
Rancid Gas - Tyr 2.Support Card. Significantly increases damage to disaster cards, and also increases the likelihood of their activation. It interacts well with the Flourishing Plague and the Dark Shadow.
Razor Wind (Sharp Wind) - Tier 1.Explosion Map. Gives auxiliary damage to the body of the boss.
Skull Bash (Shock on the skull) - Tier 1.The name of the card speaks for itself - it increases damage to the head. This is an explosion map.
Soul Fire - Tier 1.Support Card. Increases torso attack power.
Thriving Plague - Tier 1.The map of the abyss. It is recommended to disperse damage over all areas of the enemy in order to maximize the attack power, since the card gives auxiliary damage to all attacking parts of the opponent.
Victory March (Victory March) - Tier 1.Support Card. Increases all damage done to the skeleton. It is advised to apply at a time when the boss has several bare bones.
Whip of Lightning - Tier 2.Explosion Map. Deals tremendous damage when triggered. The probability of triggering increases from each attacked organ by disaster cards. Therefore, it interacts wonderfully with this type of card. Better use it with Flaming Hell and Flourishing Plague.
The table gives such concepts as Tier 1 - this card increases the attack power of the base damage, and Tier 2, which, first of all, work on the armor of the enemy. You should pay attention to this when you pick up cards to attack the boss.

For example, on the first bosses, you can build a deck of Tire 1 cards, on the boss from the main raid, you can first pick up a deck of Tire 2 cards, and you can finish off the boss with Tire 1 cards.

Tap Titans 2: Decks

Decks for basic raid

These decks can be used in clan raids on the Tier 1 boss or to finish off an opponent in Tier 2 raid. Here are examples of how you can combine cards for maximum effect. If you don’t have these cards yet, then don’t be upset, because over time you will open new cards and get more room for maneuver.

Each deck presented involves certain actions, without which they will be ineffective, or will not bring any benefits at all.

Deck 1:

  1. Burning Hell.
  2. Thriving Plague.
  3. Inspiring Strength.

The deck is based on the Burning Hell card. In order to achieve maximum success in its use, some players swipe their fingers from the head and back, moving from the skull to the left hand, then from the head to the left foot, then from the head to the right foot, then from the head to the right hand, and then repeating this process. Other players draw an infinity symbol for ease of use. In general, it is advisable to keep all parts of the body under the effect of the Burning Hell in order to get maximum stacks and increase your damage.

The deck suggests that the boss should not have a single bone, and all his areas should have health points.

Deck 2:

  1. Clan barrage.
  2. A blow to the skull.
  3. A crushing instinct.

This deck is focused on damage to the boss’s head, although you can easily replace the blow of the skull and the crushing instinct with the Moonbeam and Fire of the soul to hit the body. Just swipe your finger over a selected part of the body and do a lot of damage. Nothing complicated.

Deck 3:

  1. Sharp wind.
  2. Moon beam.
  3. Fire of the soul.

This deck is specifically targeted at body damage. But you can, as in the previous deck, change 2 cards, and cause damage to the head.

Deck 4:

  1. Clan barrage.
  2. Sharp wind.
  3. March of victory.

The victory march is one of the strongest cards in the game, and it works well with each deck until 3 or more parts of the body of the Lord of the Titans turn into a skeleton. With this deck, you can focus on any area that you select.

Deck 5:

  1. Acid rain.
  2. Radioactivity.
  3. Victory March.

Another deck for Victory March. Suitable for cases where you have already used Clan Barrage and Inspirational Power in other decks. This collection of cards is designed to destroy any two parts of the body.

Popular decks

The following decks can be used in Tier 1 and Tier 2 raids. They are quite popular and bring many benefits during the destruction of the boss. Some cards from the presented decks can be replaced, depending on the current situation.

It’s best to make decks from different cards so that you can switch between them at any minute.

Deck 1:

  1. Clan barrage.
  2. A blow to the skull.
  3. The favor of the ancestors.

Decks that are designed for blows to the head always use a blow to the skull + favor of the ancestors + any blast card that suits the situation. You can use the Moonbeam or Sharp wind, or Fragmentation based on which area you decide to attack. The Moonbeam and Skull Strike cards indicate specific parts of the boss, and the Sharp Wind and Fragmentation cards enhance the attack in any area where auxiliary damage is needed. It is recommended to attack using explosion cards, and then add more damage using Barrage.

Deck 2:

  1. Radioactivity.
  2. Inspirational power.
  3. Acid rain.

This deck is designed to attack 2 parts of the boss’s body. If you change the Inspiring Power to the Fire of the soul, you can beat 1 area. Acid rain should be kept active until Radioactivity removes all the stacks in order to do maximum damage.

Deck 3:

  1. A whip of lightning.
  2. Inspirational power.
  3. Burning Hell.

The cards of this deck are recommended not to be changed, although if necessary, you can change the support card if it is very required. Flaming hell gives permanent damage to all areas of the enemy, and then the Lightning Whip finishes one of the parts. This pack is best used at the start of the battle.

Deck 4:

  1. Dark shadow.
  2. Acid rain.
  3. Rancid gas.

The main card in this pack is Rancid Gas. This deck is advised to attack 2 areas. Also, when using it, Acid rain and the Dark shadow should be maintained in an active state. If you do not stretch the activity of the stacks of the Dark shadow for more than 10 seconds, and 30 stacks of Acid rain, the deck will be of little use in the battle. In this case, it is recommended to briefly change the pack, and then try to attack this deck again.

Deck 5:

  1. Thermonuclear bomb.
  2. Any explosion or disaster map for attacking multiple areas.
  3. Attack support map for several parts of the boss’s body.

The deck is based on the Thermonuclear Bomb, as it is a very powerful card. When used correctly. But if it is incorrectly compared, then there will be no sense from it. When you attack the enemy in one area, you should, without lifting your finger from the screen, drive them in a circle. This must be done until you see a falling ball of fire. Then it is recommended to transfer the attack to another place. It is best to learn how to use it in test mode before the raid with the Bomb.

You can match the Bomb with one of the cards: Fragmentation, Burning Hell, Flourishing Plague or Rotting Blow. The choice should be based on a specific boss and situation. Can be combined with: Victory March, Rancid Gas, Prismatic Fault, or Inspirational Force. These support cards should be selected based on your current position and boss. You should be careful when using the Victory March. If the boss has killed more than 4 areas, then the March cannot be used without first dropping the Thermonuclear Bomb.

Tap Titans 2: Beginner Tips

Account binding. The first thing you need to do as soon as you get comfortable in the game is to link your game account to Facebook. This is necessary so that in case of trouble, do not lose your progress. To bind an account, you must go to the Game Settings, then go to the "Account" tab. Here you can also bind via your email by simply entering the address in the active line. For binding, you get 50 crystals.

Joining the clan. It is advised to join a good clan as soon as possible, and not create your own. You can create your alliance later, at higher levels, if the need arises. It is recommended to find a guild with a high level. This can be done through a search in the game by going to the clans section. You will see a window with a list of communities that you can join.

You can also find a suitable alliance by the clan’s code (if you have one). You can usually find an active guild through groups in instant messengers or social networks. In this case, clan members can give you a code for applying to the guild.

The clan will give you a good increase in damage, and allow you to skip some of the stages after Prestige. That is, you will quickly reach the maximum stage, and faster to receive relics and artifacts. Without a clan, playing is almost impossible.

Prestige. The game is based on the principle of Prestige. That is, having reached the maximum possible stage, for further development, it is necessary to lose progress - to fulfill the Prestige. For the lost progress, you get relics for which you can buy and improve artifacts.

Prestige needs to be done when you cannot kill the Titans, and cannot go further through the stages. You can start the game from the Ship in about 10 stages. Many builds require a lot of initial skill points.

Game items. It is necessary to save all things on a variety of builds. Things drop randomly during the passage of the stages. You can remove really weak objects that do not increase damage.

Waste of diamonds. You should not spend items on the purchase of various things in the store. When you go to the store, very cool offers for buying pets are opened in front of you, sometimes you can notice nice armor there. It is not worth buying, no matter how wonderful this armor is. Because after some time you will get armor from the titans, steeper than this. And you could spend these diamonds on good pets.

The store is also not worth buying ordinary chests. The exception is auction chests. They go to skill points or to shards. Shards are needed to craft items in the Crafting tab. This is a very rare thing, and it is difficult to get in the game.

It is recommended to make or improve only mythical armor from fragments. The rest of the ammunition does not make sense for the fragments, since this is a very important currency.

Article author: Evgenia G.