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The Ants WiKi: Gameplay Tips and Tricks

The Ants: Underground Kingdom is a StarUnion game similar and unlike other strategy games. An analogy with other games can be traced to the development of an anthill, like a castle or base in other games. It is also important to develop army soldiers and commanders here. Ants of various denominations appear in their faces. And the difference between this strategy is that you do not develop as a person or a representative of another intelligent race of the universe, but as a small, hardworking insect.


  1. Gift Codes
  2. A beginner’s guide
  3. Habit Features
  4. Guide to Army Generals (Special Ants)
  5. TOP of the best special ants (Tier List)
  6. Guide to the Legions
  7. How to increase the power of the army?
  8. How to Collect More Honey Dew
  9. PvP Battles
  10. Underground Cave Adventure
  11. Walkthrough
  12. Rainforest Alliance Clash
  13. Tips for the Strongest District Event
  14. Game Secrets

The Ants: Gift Codes

Where to enter the gift code? To do this, you need to go to the player’s profile in the game. It will be difficult for beginners to find it. To go to the profile, simply click on the crossed swords icon on the top taskbar of the main game screen. This icon shows the fighting power of your anthill.

In your profile, you need to select the "Settings" section. In the window that opens, go to the "Code" item. Here, in the dialog line, you must enter the symbols of the gift code and confirm the action. If the code works, you will receive a gift in your mail.

How do I get a promo code? To do this, in the profile, in the "Settings" section, tap on the "Discord" button. The system will take you to the official page of the game, where you can chat with other players, get practical advice and win a gift code in contests that are often held by the channel administration. The code received for participating in the competition will be valid only for you, therefore it is impossible to transfer it.

The Ants: A beginner’s guide

The first thing the player gets to know is the basis of ants’ life. The tutorial tells you the main features of the game and the development of the anthill. An important aspect of the game is the improvement of the queen ant. With each new level, new game opportunities appear: buildings for the anthill, functions, troops, activities.


Various resources play an important role in the game. Among the many materials for progression, there are several in the game, without which you will not be able to develop steadily. All these resources can be obtained in the anthill itself or on the map by sending troops to various objects.

There are 7 types of core resources:

  1. Meat.
  2. Water.
  3. Foliage.
  4. Mushrooms.
  5. Priming.
  6. Sand.
  7. Honey dew.

For each resource, you need to build a separate building that will produce materials. Also, each resource needs warehouses. To get more materials, you need to constantly improve resource buildings. And in order to have where to put these resources, it is necessary to increase the level of warehouses.

How to get more resources at the start? But resources in the game are very quickly spent on the construction and improvement of buildings, on hatching ants - soldiers, on the study of evolution and other actions. The rarest are soil, sand and honeydew. In the section "How to collect more honeydew" we give important tips for collecting this resource, many of the tips we give in it are applicable to other resources.

Unfortunately, in the game, the development of resource buildings and warehouses is limited by the level of the queen (queen) of the anthill. Also, the number of farms is limited by the ant population and other criteria. When constructing a building that you cannot currently build, detailed guidance is given on what to do to build a new building. For example, increase the ant population, improve the queen, upgrade a warehouse or farm.

But despite this, from the very start of the game, you can make your existing farms more productive by pumping evolution and placing special ants for production (we also talked about them below). The branch in the evolution that should be pumped to increase production - "Development of the anthill" and "Fast production". At the start of the game, we recommend (the option will become available at the 7th level of the queen) to choose the habits of the Gardener, since he has many bonuses to increase productivity.

Diamonds are a premium currency that can be obtained in the game for completing certain tasks, for opening a new territory (50 diamonds), in the first 7 days in the game for completing special tasks. Developers often give diamonds for game achievements, updates, technical breaks. Also, diamonds can be found on the world map or bought for real money.

Pea bush. In order to constantly receive 100 and more diamonds, you can plant a Pea bush in an anthill. It is located in the "Build" menu in the "Development" section. Every day, after watering, he will give you some diamonds. To finish watering faster, ask the players to water it in the chat.

You can also help another gamer grow a bush. To do this, click on his avatar in the chat (if a person asks for watering). After that, you will move to his anthill. A bush icon will appear in the lower left corner. Clicking on it will take you to the peas. If the bush still needs to be watered, a drop of water will burn above it. Tap on it, thereby you will help another player.

Temporary events and developments. From the very beginning of the game, you are given several chapters for an effective start. These are several tasks that are included in the training system. The button for going to tasks is located in the lower left corner. After completing all the chapters, you will receive good prizes. Many beginners do not know that in parallel with the training in the "Events" menu (upper right corner) there is a section "Quotes of ants". These are not just prompts for actions, but also rewards that you can pick up if you read all the quotes for the chapter (you can just rewind what you have written).

In the "Events" you will have access to the "Seven-Day Celebration" promotion, where you will receive good rewards for each entry during the first 7 days. Your start will open the "Benefit Center" menu. There are many sections here with suggestions for bringing real funds into the game, but also many sections that give rewards for your various actions in the game. It is important to complete all the beginner’s tasks in the first 7 days, this will give you a good increase in resources and necessary items.

At the very start, you will receive a lot of diamonds, boosters, amplifiers and other useful items. Don’t rush to waste them. After waiting a little while the "Strongest Region" event starts on your server, you will be able to usefully spend all the accumulated items (we described the event below).

VIP levels. It is very important to log into the game every day, even if you decide to take a short break. Every day for entering you will receive a certain number of VIP points that will increase your VIP level. The longer you enter the game without a break of days, the more VIP points you get. Each level will give you an edge. For example, the speed of gathering resources, the speed of the hike, and much more. You can also raise the VIP by purchasing sets.

The Ants: Habit Features


This is the most selectable class at the start of the game. These habits have several main advantages:

  1. With the choice of the Gardener, you get a special building, which 2 times a day gives you a certain amount of resources, which depends on the level of pumping of your anthill.
  2. The Gardener has increased protection from other players destroying the anthill. In other words, if the Gardener is attacked, they will be able to take less resources if the Anthills of the Invader or Zootechnician attacked.
  3. The main of the important features of this class is the increased speed of collecting cells on the map, and you can get more resources when attacking a wild creature.

But the Gardener, despite all his visible and tangible advantages at the start of the game, has a number of disadvantages:

From the above, we can conclude that the Gardener’s habits are aimed at increasing the extraction of resources not only in his anthills, but also on the map. Attacking with the Gardener is not recommended, since you can only carry off part of the enemy’s resources with a successful attack, while you cannot take honeydew from the enemy.

Features of the building Resource Factory:

  1. Increases by a certain percentage (depending on the pumping of the factory) the carrying capacity (load) of the squad.
  2. Increases the speed of collecting resource cells on the map.
  3. Increases the amount of resources when harvested in an anthill.
  4. The amount of processing is a bonus for the building itself, which affects the receipt of resources from the factory. The higher the building is pumped, the more farm materials will be produced in your anthill, the more resources you will receive from the building itself.

With the opening of the district building (the function opens a few days after the creation of a new server), you can send your workers to the building of the district. For these actions, you will increase the skill level of the Gardener, thereby opening up new habits for you. For certain levels of skill, you will receive fragments of special ants (generals) who will be responsible for collecting resources at the base.


This class is very good for those players who like to fight, attack other players, and participate in massive mixing in competitions between servers. The invader, like other classes, has its own characteristics:

  1. The Trophy Pantry is a special building that works only while the Invader’s habits are active. With each level, the building gives bonuses to legions that go into raids on other players (attack, defense, speed of march in raids).
  2. With a successful robbery of another player, the Invader can receive 50% more resources than players with other classes.
  3. During the capture of someone else’s anthill or during the war, 40% of your dead legionnaires will not be killed, but only wounded. You will be able to cure them later. Other classes do not have such an opportunity, and all their dead remain dead, and they will have to be created anew.
  4. You get + 100% to the healing speed of your units.

But, like other habits, the Invader has some disadvantages:

The biggest advantage of the Invader is getting honeydew reserves when attacking another anthill (it will be sorely missed at medium and high levels of the game). If you, at some point, switch to the Invader’s habits, then you can make good money on robberies.

Features of the building Pantry of trophies:

  1. Increases the attack of a special squad by a certain percentage (depends on pumping the pantry).
  2. Increases the protection of a special unit by a certain percentage.
  3. Increases the strength of the legions.
  4. If you have a war for a tree on your server, then every day you can send 1 squad to the district construction. Going to the section of the building "District construction", you can see a list of buildings (by class) that you can build. This construction increases the skill levels of the Invader.

The Invader’s habits are only active while you have Invader’s habits activated. As soon as you switch to another class, the abilities of the new class will work.


A very interesting class, which we choose the smallest percentage of players. This is due to the fact that gamers do not quite understand how these habits work: he is not a fighter or a farmer. But this class also has a number of advantages:

  1. If you are a member of an alliance, you build a special resource channel building through which you can send resources to your friends. For example, if someone from your clan was badly beaten, and he needs to recover, then you can send him a certain amount of materials to reanimate the anthill, thereby helping him.
  2. The Zootechnician has increased the production of honeydew by 50%. This is good, since in the channel you can buy various resources for yourself with honey.
  3. All ants in the nest consume (eat) 30% less food.
  4. The ladybug (trader) has the entire assortment of goods 5% below the normal cost.

According to experienced players, the Zootechnician has the most significant disadvantages compared to other classes:

If you, at some point in the game, suddenly decided that you will help your clan members, then you can choose the habits of the Zootechnician. For example, if you have guys in your alliance who have a high indicator of strength and go to war or raids, then you can help them.

Features of the resource channel building:

  1. The defense and attack of the garrison (anthill defense squad) is increased. These bonuses are valid if you send your special squad to reinforce your guildmate.
  2. Reduced tax on sending resources to allies (depletion rate) when pumping a building.
  3. The channel load limit is increasing.
  4. The presence of a personal merchant in the channel, where you can purchase goods for honeydew. At the merchant, you can activate the "collection bonus", which will increase your collection from resource cells for 24 hours. This bonus is actively used by experienced players in the district race when it is necessary to collect more resources from the opponent.
  5. Sending ants to the district construction, and pumping the skill of the Zootechnician.

To send help to a clan member, you need to click on the channel and select the "Help with resources" section. In the window that opens, you should select any friend you want to help. After that, a window will appear where you can select any material and its quantity. But at the same time, you must remember about the charity tax. For example, you sent 50,000 units of meat to an ally, but the friend will receive only 36,000 units of meat, with a tax of 28% on the selected amount of sent resources. But you can only send:

The Ants: Guide to Army Generals (Special Ants)

How do I get more eggs to hatch special ants? Eggs can be obtained in several ways:

  1. Every day you can perform Extra Hatching and Advanced Hatching once for free, and Normal Hatching will be available for free several times.
  2. For daily entry into the game for the first 7 days.
  3. For the events in the "Center for Benefits" related to the development of the anthill and the population of ants. "
  4. In shells obtained for successfully completing quests of temporary events.
  5. Buy in the glowing mushroom store, in the alliance store.

Color separation of special ants. All generals are divided by color (rank). At the moment there are 4 ranks in the game:

  1. Green - can be put into production at the start of the game, but they should not be pumped. They are only needed in exchange for spores when you get stronger special ants.
  2. Blue - they have more skills than green ones, they often fall out in the call. These ants also do not carry a large load, they can be put into production at the start, but immediately after the appearance of the desired purple and higher rank ant, they should be removed and disassembled for disputes or allowed to pump the skills of other officers. These guys are not at all suitable for military operations.
  3. Purple - they have 6 skills, production ants can be put on farms without hesitation or sent to collect resource cells. But it also makes no sense to pump them for combat operations. The game will give you the opportunity to get an orange ant in the first days of the game.
  4. Orange - these are the most powerful representatives of special ants, they have 8 abilities each. Good for military action.

When choosing orange generals to level up, remember that they differ in efficiency. You should outline a plan for the development and structure of the main and marching detachments, and only after that start pumping existing officers or accumulating resources (fragments) to obtain the necessary new commanders. Since disputes are very difficult to get, you don’t need to spend them on pumping ineffective champions.

What position should officers be placed in? In the upper left corner, the main parameters of ants are shown - this is melee or ranged combat. This is given for a general understanding of which position is best to put a given individual. Skill 2 will tell you in more detail about the range of the ant. Therefore, before choosing a position, you should always focus on it.

Having opened 2 skill, you can see the attack range of the general. It is written just below the type and purpose of the ability. If a melee ant has a range of 2 units, then it strikes 2 lines forward. But if you choose a position for a ranged officer, who are placed on lines 2 and 2, then you should also take into account your ranks. For example, an ant has a range of 4, that is, it must be placed on the 2nd row, since its blow must first overcome a number of its fighters (this will be 1 range) and after that the countdown of the enemy’s ranks begins (3, if you want the warrior to beat along all rows). If in indicators 2 skills are worth 5, then this means that your commander hits the entire field, and you can safely put him in line 3.

Even if the rest of the skills show a range higher than skill 2, still focus on ability 2. If you do not take it into account, and put the ant on row 2, then skill 2 will be idle.

It should also be remembered that you still have ordinary soldiers who depend on the alignment of their forces in the army. If you put the guards at 2 or more lines, then they will not be able to fight, since they do not reach their opponents with an attack. Therefore, officers with the "melee" indicator are required to put units of carriers or guards. But a general with "long-range combat" needs arrows. These are rows 2 and 3.

How to distribute the squads? The game has 2 buildings "Gathering Center" and "Special Gathering Center", where you can create teams for hiking. Having entered any of these two buildings, you will see 3 lines in the center of the screen, in which you need to place troops. To the left of each army there is a slot in which the officer leading the squad is placed. The topmost row is the first line, that is, here you need to put melee ants and generals, which will enhance their parameters. Accordingly, troops with a long-range attack are placed in the 2nd and 3rd rows. The slot at the top center of the screen is designed to select a wild creature that will accompany the squad.

At the start of the game, you will only have 1 slot available for an officer, but with the study of sciences in evolution, you can open and fill all the slots. A wild creature will be available after building a special building and studying the evolution of "Taming".

At the bottom of the window are your troops by type and level, transferring units to the desired line, you will form a legion. Similarly, special ants and wild creatures are selected.

Abilities of officers. Each special ant has several skills. In special ants that specialize in production, all skills are aimed at increasing the production of resources. War ants (generals) have 8 abilities, which are divided into 3 types:

  1. Increasing the number of units in the squad.
  2. Combat skills.
  3. Increasing the characteristics of soldiers in a squad or army.

In order to open all the skills, you need to fulfill some conditions that are indicated in the skill description. You can view the description by clicking on the required ability. One of the conditions (for some skills) is the presence of spear ants. If you look at the recipe, opposite the line with the choice of copies is the "Select" button. By clicking on it, you are presented with a list of the existing ants that you can use to open the ability.

Squad leadership. Each special ant has guidance options. They are shown in the description of this general in the upper left corner:

  1. Guards - the ant specializes in guard ants, increasing their combat parameters with their skills. If you put a detachment from other types of troops to him, then the skills will not apply to these legions. Consequently, the army will be weak.
  2. Carriers - Specializes in enhancing the characteristics of carrier ants. Usually, these units are sent by the players to collect resource cells, since the general does not have developed combat abilities. Basically, all the skills of an officer are aimed at collecting or producing resources.
  3. Archers - the commander, with his skills, increases the performance of the archer ants. These officers have high attack strength and range.
  4. Universal - these generals are suitable for leading any type of troops, increasing their combat characteristics. But at the same time he strengthens the detachment less than narrowly focused generals could do.
  5. Elimination - Officers with this parameter are great for hunting wild creatures.

First of all, pump your combat abilities so that they work more efficiently on raids or attacks on wild animals.

Special ants level. Officers gain experience to level up in raid battles or on wild creatures. Production special ants are pumped on farms (if you put it in a certain resource building) and on collecting resource cells on the world map. Also, all special ants can be pumped with the help of wonderful honeydew.

How do you appoint an officer to manage production? Many special ants are created to enhance your production. Some are aimed at the efficiency of collecting one resource, others are universal. To assign an ant to a farm, click on it and select the Assign section. After that, a list of all ants that are suitable to lead the work on this farm will appear (mostly green and blue ants, but there is also a higher rank). If you have a suitable officer, you can click on the "Camp" button (located opposite him). From that moment on, he will manage the production (give him various bonuses described in the ant’s skills).

But in order to perform the above actions, you need to have a special building "Dwelling of special ants" in the anthill. With its pumping, you have the opportunity to assign more and more officers to the production and management of other buildings.

The Ants: TOP of the best special ants (Tier List)

Best purple generals

Experienced players are not advised to pump military special ants (generals), since they will always be weaker than orange ones. At the start of the game, you can choose a pair of purple generals, and run them around the map, but within 1 month you will still get 2 - 3 legendary commanders, and you will only need to pump them, and you should continue pumping purple generals if you have extra spores or dew. But spores and duplicates must be saved up for orange ants.

Flashing Ant - Very good at making meat. The first skill of the Blinker is responsible for gaining experience during fast production (command "Haste"). But there is no point in spending a lot of arguments on this skill, since you will still get experience from production. The second ability is responsible for the volume of production at each meat farm. But if the pumped 2 skill is not enough for you, then you should pump the 4 ability as much as possible, which will increase the effect of skill 2 by 200%.

3 ability is responsible for increasing the success of rapid production, and for its volume. 5 skill makes it possible to get 200% more meat within 2 hours (at maximum pumping). Cooldown ability 8 hours. The last skill, when activated, gives randomly from 1 to 3 million meat.

Red-footed ant - responsible for the production of foliage. The skills of the ants that are engaged in the production of resources are almost the same, so we will not focus on them.

Turquoise Ant - This special ant is responsible for producing soil that will be constantly in short supply. Turquoise very rarely drops from eggs, so you won’t be able to get it quickly.

Orange spider ant - the fact is that "orange" is the name of the ant, and not its color in the hierarchy of special ants. He is responsible for the production of sand, which will not be enough even at the start of the game. Sand is a rare resource that is difficult to collect and loot. Having a Spider will greatly increase your sand collection, which will help you progress faster.

Dagger Ant - This guy is in charge of trade. It must be placed on a ladybug. Thanks to the Dagger, you can get more experience from each appearance of the cow. But this skill should not be pumped to him, since he will still gain experience from each operation. It is recommended to pump a maximum of 2 skills, which, with each appearance of a cow, gives 11000 meat, and for each level of the Dagger, +1000 units of meat will be given. Which will very well affect the development of your anthill. 3 skill is not very important, which is not recommended to pump. It makes it possible to increase the time a ladybug visits your anthill. But since her assortment is not large, the time that is initially available will be enough for you.

Skill 4 should also be pumped as much as possible, since it gives 3500 honeydew with each arrival of a cow and +500 honey for each level of the Dagger. 5 skill reduces the cost of goods for a cow by 10%. And 5 ability reduces the time of absence of the ladybug. Having pumped this skill to the maximum, you will more often see the merchant in your base.

Why did this particular Dagger get into the TOP of the best special ants? Everything is very simple! All the resources that you get from his skills and from purchases from the ladybug go to your backpack. If you get resources from it as needed and do not "use" immediately, then in the event of a raid on you and looting resources, you will have a reserve to restore the anthill. This is very important in the middle and high stages of the game, when pumping everything in the base requires a lot of materials.

The best generals for the defense of the anthill

Ferocious rogue ant - it is recommended to place it in the first row of the garrison. Gives very good buffs to guards. At the same time, he reduces damage, can impose a silence mode (the enemy cannot use the active abilities of generals). His skills:

  1. Lightning Strike - Deals a brutal blow to 2 random units. But when dealing damage, he reduces the strength of his squad by 80%. But you shouldn’t pay attention to this, since its damage at maximum pumping can put half of the enemy’s army in 1 hit.
  2. Advanced Defense - + 35% to the defense of guard ants.
  3. Advanced attack - + 35% to the attack of the guards.
  4. Dexterity of Movement - there is a 30% chance to reduce incoming damage to 2 random garrison units by 35%.
  5. Colony leader - increases attack and defense by 15%, and combat speed (ants hit faster) by 30%.
  6. Sharp eyesight - + 35% to the protection of guards.
  7. Combo of mutilations - there is a 70% chance to impose the effect of silence in 4, 5 and 6 rounds on 2 random units.

Ferocious Bullet-ant - has good damage, gives the effect of protection to allies, the main skill is suppression mode. His skills:

  1. Furious onslaught - there is a 50% chance to inflict 174% damage to 2 random enemy units with maximum skill leveling.
  2. Advanced Defense - increases the defense of your squad (regardless of the type of ants standing at it).
  3. Advanced attack - increases the attack of your squad.
  4. Assault - after a round there is a 50% chance to inflict 204% damage to 2 random enemy units at maximum attack.
  5. Colony leader - at maximum skill level, it gives protection to the squad by 20% and increases attack by 10%.
  6. Hard skin - + 30% for any type of ants in the squad.
  7. Suppressive attack - there is a 30% chance to inflict 150% damage to 1 random unit and apply a suppression effect on it for 1 round (immobilizes the opponent).

Jack Ant-Horse - has an excellent attack, it is recommended to put in 3 rad of the garrison. Ideal for 2 lanes, as the range of his skills is 4 - 5 (penetrates the entire field). His skills:

  1. Furious onslaught - there is a 40% chance to inflict 149% damage to 2 random enemy units at the maximum level of the ability.
  2. Advanced Defense - increases the defense of your squad (regardless of the type of ants standing at it).
  3. Advanced attack - increases the attack of your squad.
  4. Jumping attack - there is a chance of 80% to inflict 80% (+ 1% for each level of the Horse) damage to 2 random enemy units at the maximum skill level. It is thanks to this skill that the Horse strikes often and painfully. It is recommended to pump the skill first.
  5. Colony leader - increases attack by 20% and defense by 10% for units of its row.
  6. Overwhelming size - at the maximum skill level + 30% to the attack of ants in the entire legion.
  7. Assault - after preparation in 1 round, there is a 50% chance to inflict 417% damage to a random enemy unit at the maximum level of the ability.

Recommendations for the composition of the garrison. It is recommended to fill the first 2 rows with guard ants, and this will be a good defense wall that will be difficult to break through. It is best to put the shooters on the 3rd line. In order for your defense to be more reliable, you must have the zootechnician’s habits selected, and the resource channel must be pumped as much as possible, since it gives a bonus to the defense and attack of the garrison + 25%.

In this case, you should pump the evolutions associated with guard ants and with the protection of the anthill. It is best to place a wild creature in the garrison - the Horse Spider, because this creature specializes in increasing the power of the guards. If the Spider is pumped very well, it increases the chance that your garrison will successfully repel the enemy’s offensive.

The best generals to attack (for raids)

The Golden Carapace is a very strong ant with a good kick. They put him on the first line, since he specializes in close combat. His skills:

  1. Powerful bite - there is a 55% chance to inflict 232.5% damage to 1 random enemy squad at the maximum skill level.
  2. Furious onslaught - there is a 40% chance to inflict 183% damage to 2 random enemy units when the skill is fully pumped.
  3. Assault - the skill has preparation in 1 round, after which the Carapace has a 40% chance to inflict 182% damage to 3 enemy units at the maximum level of the ability.
  4. Colony leader - increases the attack and defense of the squad by 10%. But the main feature of this skill is that when opened, the ability gives + 25% to attack during an invasion.
  5. Golden Sky - + 30% to the attack of the entire legion at maximum pumping.

Thick-skinned ferocious ant - this general specializes in arrows, so he should always be placed with arrows on the 2nd line. He has high damage. His skills:

  1. Raid to a weak point - the skill requires preparation for 1 round, after which it has a 50% chance to inflict 441% damage to 1 enemy squad with the lowest strength indicator.
  2. Inspiring strike - there is a 50% chance to inflict 86% (+ 1% from each level) damage to 2 random enemy units, while the damage of your unit is increased by 30% for 2 rounds.
  3. Colony leader - increases the attack, damage and defense by 10% for the shooters. At the same time, he has the effect of "dominance", which at maximum pumping increases damage by 250% (that is, if he hits a unit below his level).
  4. Toxic acid - increases the attack of shooters by 35%.
  5. Mortal blow - there is a 40% chance to inflict 269% damage to 1 enemy unit with the lowest strength indicator, while reducing the defense of the wounded by 18% for 2 rounds.

Gold Ring Curved Ant - This ant is ideal for 3 rows and has a high attack. His skills:

  1. Powerful bite - there is a 40% chance to inflict 200% damage at the maximum skill level to 1 random enemy squad.
  2. Armor-piercing raid - the skill has 1 round preparation, after which it has a 35% chance to inflict 150% damage (+ 1% for each round) to 3 random enemy units, imposes an armor-piercing effect on the wounded, reducing their defense by 30% for 2 rounds.
  3. Colony leader - increases attack by 20% and defense by 10% to units of your squad. There is a dominance effect of 250%.
  4. Spiked Carapace - + 30% to the attack of the entire legion.
  5. Combo strikes - in rounds 3, 5 and 8 there is a 55% chance to inflict 206% damage to 2 random enemy units.

The Ants: Guide to the Legions

How to increase the speed of movement of the army on the map?

The speed of movement of legions depends on the speed of your attacks on wild creatures, the development of farms for the extraction of resources and attacks on other players. The first thing that affects speed is the type of troops. There are 3 types of troops in the game, of which the fastest are carriers. Moreover, the speed of the carriers depends on the level of the hatched troops. The first 2 levels have a speed of 18, and at the 10th level it is already 13.

Wild creature. Each creature that specializes in leading the legion into battle increases the speed of the campaign by a percentage. Of course, orange (legendary) creatures boost the most bonuses to combat and movement. For example, Scorpio increases speed by 60% at maximum pumping.

If you want to move faster around the map, choose a creature that will maximize the speed of your squad movement around the map.

Evolution. Each type of troops has a special science "Fast Squad" to increase the speed of movement. There is also an evolution Fast squad ", which increases the movement of all types of troops. It is located in the branch" Development of the area. "Unfortunately, this science increases speed only when marching on wild creatures. However, with the maximum pumping of the skill, the speed of movement increases by 100% and this significantly increases the efficiency of some tasks and events.

Over time, you will open the Advanced Combat branch, in which there is the Colony Vanguard science, which increases the speed of movement. At the same time, this science increases the speed when walking on the anthill of another player.

If we take the carriers separately, then in their branch of evolution there is the science of "Light movements", which increases the speed of movement of the ants - carriers on the map. This is the right science that increases speed at maximum pumping by 100%.

Generals. If you carefully look at the characteristics of the generals (special ants), then you can trace the speed of movement in them:

  1. Master of Mimicry - this ant specializes in guards, whose 7 skill increases the speed of the campaign by 50% (for the entire squad).
  2. Wheel Beetle - Specializes in carriers.
  3. Taumatomirmax Atrox - specializes in marksmen.

VIP level. From the 10th VIP level, you begin to increase the speed of the hike. At level 15, you will receive + 5% to the speed of movement of legions around the map. You can increase your VIP level with the help of special points, which you can get for buying packages or diamonds for real money, or gradually getting points for entering the game every day.

Other ways to increase your speed:

  1. Appearance - Cool Watermelon, Sweet Killer, Oath of the Orchid, Jade Green Gourmet, Skull with Roses, and Pineapple House can increase the walking speed by 0.5% when collecting. If you collect all the skins, then your speed will increase by 3%. Although it is not much, it gives a nice bonus when combined with other boosters.
  2. Habit Abilities - only the Invader’s habits increase speed. After the first fight of the queen, you will have access to the abilities of the habits. By clicking on the "Pantry of trophies" you need to select the "Abilities leash" section, then go to the "Abilities" section and select the "Light movement" skill in the invader’s skill slot.
  3. Reinforcement speed - improved in Alliance sciences. With this ability, you can increase the speed of the campaign by sending your troops to help an ally (for example, in a raid on a creature).

How to maximize the workload of the squads?

The troop load can be seen in the squads in the upper right corner under the settings button. The load affects the amount of resources that you can carry away after collecting a resource cell or looting. The game has several ways to increase the load on the troops:

  1. Study of evolution. In each branch of the evolution of units (3 marching and 1 special) there is the science of "Increasing the carrying capacity". With maximum pumping, you will receive + 25% to the carrying capacity of ants.
  2. Evolution of carriers. Here, too, it is necessary to research the science of "Belly protection" (increases the load of carrier ants by 100% at the maximum level).
  3. District development. In this branch of evolution, there is also science to increase the carrying capacity of units. But it only works during the "Strongest Areas" battle - "Load Capacity Increase". Since you can get a good bonus from the fees during the battle of the servers, it is recommended to study this science. And the event takes place constantly.
  4. Raising the level of generals. This affects the number of units in the army. For this, the skills "Domination" and "Leader of the colony" are increased.

Carrier ants of initial levels have a higher carrying capacity than at high levels, so it is better to take carriers of 1 - 2 levels for litter so that they carry more.

The Ants: How to increase the power of the army?

If you want to develop aggressively in the game, conduct various offensive campaigns, attack other players and successfully participate in various combat activities, you need to choose the Invader’s behavior. Thanks to the "Invader" you will have the opportunity to build a special building, the improvement of which will increase the attack and defense of your army. At level 25 of the building, you will have + 25% to the attack and defense of troops, which gives significant advantages over players who have chosen other habits.

Improvement of the Special Gathering Center. It is on the pumping of this building that you should place special emphasis, since it is this military legion that should be the favorite in development, since it will receive the most bonuses from habits. Therefore, this building should be pumped as much as possible. The higher the level of the building, the more ants you can take with you on a hike.

It is best to upgrade the Special Gathering Center after increasing the level of the Queen.

Leveling up the evolution of a special squad. This evolution branch makes it possible to put 3 generals in a squad, each of whom has his own skills that are used in battle. Also, pumping this branch increases the attack, defense and carrying capacity of troops that are in a special squad. Experienced players recommend pumping the entire branch to the maximum.

In order for your legion to penetrate the anthills of other players well, we advise you to develop the evolution branch "Archers’ Performance", since they have the highest attack in the game. There is an interesting skill "Enhance Hatching", which gives the ability to initially produce strong ants - shooters.

Pumping incubators. First of all, it is recommended to pump the incubator of ants - shooters, so that you can produce the most powerful soldiers to attack. But do not be afraid to hatch soldiers at any level of the incubator, since the game has the ability to enhance each level of soldiers to the maximum possible. To do this, you will need the "Troops Headquarters" building, where you can make special mutations of units.

To mutate ants, you need to click on the "Headquarters of troops", select the section "Soldiers". All types of your units will appear here. Ants that have an arrow in the lower left corner can be promoted to the next level.

In the "Headquarters of troops" you can also increase the power of each type of troops. To do this, click on the required type of ants and select the "asterisk". Then a new window will appear in which you can increase the power of the units. But you can increase the power of ants only if you study the special evolution "Mutated Ant II" (guard, shooter, carrier).

Promotion of generals. To select generals for a special squad, you must not only select special ants, but select exactly those that will bring the greatest benefit in battle. For example, you can put the Golden Shell on the first line, since it has skills that allow you to attack around the entire perimeter of the field.

It is best to put generals in a special squad who have the characteristic "ranged combat", since they increase the attack of the shooters, and give them additional bonuses during the battle.

To place the most ants in one line, you should pump the first 2 abilities of each general in the squads as much as possible. Then you should, according to the style of your game, choose which skills are right for you for the fight.

Wild creatures. To increase the power of your main rifle squad, you need to strive to get and pump the Giant Mantis as much as possible, since it gives improvements and enhancements to the ants - the arrows.

If you do not have the opportunity to contribute real money into the game to buy a praying mantis, then you can disassemble other wild creatures into shells. As soon as you receive 4500 shells, you can exchange it for a praying mantis (you should open the "Exchange" tab in the building of wild creatures). To get the shell, you need to select any creature by going to its menu, tap on the book in the upper right corner. In the section that opens, you need to select the "disassemble" operation (the button is located in the lower left corner).

Until you bought the Giant Mantis, you can put a creature - Staphilinid in a special squad with arrows. Of course, it is not as effective as a praying mantis, but it also specializes in increasing the power of shooters.

The Ants: How to Collect More Honey Dew

Honeydew is one of the most basic game resources, which requires a lot for development, and which is difficult to obtain. How to make sure that you have a lot of honey and it is enough for almost everything? First of all, you should constantly (as soon as possible) build and improve the "Aphid" building.

Aphid production efficiency. To increase the production of honey, you should study in evolution in the section "Development of the anthill" the science - "Huge aphid" (at the maximum level it gives + 30% to the collection of honey). Also, for a 100% productivity of aphids, you need a 100% supply of mushrooms (you should monitor the work of a leaf cutter ant). It is important that you have a consistently high ant population in your nest, which is necessary for effective honey production.

All parameters that affect production can be viewed in the "Honeydew" section (click on honey in the top resource bar). In the window that opens, there will be an indicator "Productivity", and opposite it shows the collection efficiency in percent. If you click on the exclamation mark (next to percentages), you can see which factors affect performance.

Ladybug. You can get a lot of honeydew from a ladybug. But the amount of resources offered by the merchant depends on the pumping of the ladybug itself. It appears once a day, and having bought all the necessary resources, you can update the assortment for free. Remember that you get honey from the cow in exchange for other resources. For example, sand is as difficult to obtain as honey, so you have to think about what you are bartering for.

It is very important that after the exchange with the ladybug, your honeydew will be in the backpack. Since you can be robbed at any time, the resources accumulated in the inventory will be safe. You can only use this honey when you need it.

Collection on the map. If you leave your anthill and go to the map, then with the help of a magnifying glass (search) you can select the "termite nest", which will give you honeydew when you collect it. At the maximum level of the termite mound, you will receive from 10,000 to 40,000 units of honey. But you should choose nests according to the amount of strength of your squad, otherwise you can get resistance from termites, and not resources.

Alliance rewards. Many already know that by completing the tasks of the alliance in the "Salary" section, you can get rewards (scale at the top of the screen with shells). Having reached a certain number of points, a shell will become available to you, in which there may be a certain amount of honeydew. Also in the alliance for general raids on small lizards and other wild creatures (promotional), you will receive gifts in which you can find honey.

In the "salary" there are 2 more tabs: attendance and contribution. For attendance, you will also receive seashells with prizes, but they will depend on the entrance to the game of the guild members. Your individual achievements will be displayed in the "Contribution" tab, where for your contribution to the study of the evolution of the alliance, you will receive honeydew. The amount depends on the level of the alliance and your queen ant level.

For the development of the evolution of the alliance, you will receive special alliance points and alliance coins, which can be exchanged in the contribution store, including honeydew. Also in the clan store you can buy other resources and necessary game items.

Quests and events. In the game, developers very often launch various actions aimed at collecting resources and developing the anthill. By completing daily activities in the game, you can get good rewards. Honeydew is very common among the prizes. You can look at all current events, and find the one for the success in which you will receive honey, and complete all the quests to the end.

Also in the game on the bottom panel there is a button "Tasks". Here is a list of actions that you can perform in exchange for various items or resources. Quests and events often overlap, so for the same action, you will receive several rewards at once.

Ant Giant Eye. This is an orange ant, which is advised to find (accumulate fragments) as quickly as possible. This special ant is responsible for the production of honeydew. When you get it and put it on the production of honey, it (with good pumping) will significantly increase the production of honey.

What you should know about honey:

  1. There are no resource cells on the map that give honey (a termite nest is a wild creature).
  2. Honeydew does not have a warehouse, so its supplies may be limited by the space limit. But it is best to spend honey collected in an anthill on development, and you can buy it in a backpack.
  3. Most of all honey is produced by ants with habits "Zootechnik" (+ 50% to production).
  4. Only a special squad of an anthill with the "Invader" habits can rob honey in raids.
  5. If there is no food in your canteen, honey production will be affected.

The Ants: PvP Battles

Often, beginners cannot understand the very mechanics of fighting other players. But since raids are an important aspect of the game, and there is no way to go without them, even if you yourself do not rob your neighbors, then at one point they will come to rob you. Therefore, it is important to understand how the battle goes, what is unusual about it, and how you can increase the chance of victory - we decided to analyze all these nuances.

The fight consists of a preparatory stage and 8 rounds of the battle itself. All rounds are held in a similar manner. At the end of the encounter, you receive a report on the total amount of damage from the entire battle.

Preparatory round:

Conducting combat rounds:

The Ants: Underground Cave Adventure

As soon as the queen of your anthill reaches level 10, you can open the "Construction" section (the transition button is located in the lower right corner), go to "Development". Here you need to find 2 interconnected buildings: "Underground cave" and "Mutated flora". In the flora, you will improve your ants at the cellular level, increasing their basic parameters (attack, defense, number of lives). And all the resources necessary for mutation, you need to get in the "Underground Cave". First, you need to build the flora, after which the cave will become available.

In the cave, you are offered 4 challenges that open on certain days of the week:

  1. Calling the cage - available on Tuesday, in this adventure only the bonus characteristics of the activated cells are valid. To activate, you must undergo a mutation in the flora. To fill all slots, the system will provide you with starting cells that you can upgrade. It is the bonus of this mutation that will affect the units in the cave on Tuesday.
  2. Evolution Challenge - available from Wednesday, in this story in battle you can only use bonuses from the development of science units in evolution. The more the various parameters of the battles are pumped, the further you will advance in the passage.
  3. Calling special ants - available on Thursday, here you can put 1 general for each squad, who will have positive effects on the squads. Here the officers should be placed correctly.
  4. Summon Wild Creature - available on Sundays after getting level 16 of the queen of the anthill. As with special ants, you need to put your most efficient wild creature into the legion.

So, each challenge is a battlefield where the creature of the challenge will await you. Your ants will run to him, and will deal damage, in response, the creature will attack. There will be 2 scales on the screen: the morale of the creature (at the top of the screen) and the morale of your legion (at the bottom of the screen). The victory will go to the one whose scale is still full.

Before each challenge, you will be given a certain number of each type of ants. Your units from the anthill will not participate in the battle. The parameters indicated in the description of the challenge are of great importance for the victory. For example, if your evolution is poorly pumped, then you will not go far.

Each challenge has 100 levels. They can be completed within 24 hours of the opening of the adventure. Going to level 1 of the story, you can speed up the battle, but the whole fight is automatic. after winning, you will receive a certain amount of "glowing mushrooms" that can be exchanged for mutation material and other in-game items in the cave store.

As much as possible, go through each Challenge, since (if you do not bring real funds into the game) you will only have this opportunity to pump cells in the Mutation flora (not counting special temporary events).

How to carry out a mutation? It’s easy to do. Going to the "Cells" section (other sections are not yet available), you need to select 1 of 6 cells (you will receive the first cells for free). Then a window will appear to increase the level and stardom of the cell. The level is increased in "Amplification" with the help of "Cell juice" (it has a different level). The stellarity of cells is increased by "increasing the stellarity" of the nuclei of the cell (there are different ranks of nuclei).

Cell nuclei can be obtained:

  1. Buy in the Glowing Mushrooms store.
  2. In the Shop of Kits (for real money).
  3. Defeat the Small Lizard on the map.
  4. Obtain from the Rainforest Alliance Expedition.

The Ants: Walkthrough

There are a lot of temporary events in the game, some of them are aimed at the personal progression of the ruler of the anthill. For example, an event where the passage depends entirely on your progress is called "Dawn of the Colony". In it, you need to constantly improve your anthill. After a certain time, you will receive rewards (if you have reached the required number of points).

There are also events that are aimed at cooperative passage, that is, it is necessary to fulfill the conditions of the task together with all members of the alliance. It should be noted here that only active guilds achieve high success in completing events.

Event "Save the aphids!"

During the event, you need to destroy a certain number of wild creatures in order to challenge the boss of the Predators. This event appears in the "Event Center" section of the panel in the upper right corner. It is held for several days, during which you can earn points and receive rewards. The event is available for all players after reaching level 16 of the queen ant. Also, you must be a member of an alliance to take part in it. The event is divided into 2 parts:

  1. Personal event.
  2. Alliance event.

Personal test. At the start of the event, when you have confirmed your participation in it, you need to select the difficulty level. The rewards you receive will depend on the level you choose. You should choose the level of difficulty that you can pull. Otherwise, you will spend your time and game resources on rebuilding the army. After choosing the difficulty, you can no longer change it.

Enemies (predators and wild creatures) are selected based on the difficulty level you choose. After successfully completing the challenge, you can increase the difficulty level, where there will be more powerful enemies, and get more valuable rewards for passing. Until you have destroyed the summoned predator, you cannot summon another.

Each predator has its own level. The first enemy you summon will be level 1. After destroying it, the new predator you summon will have level 2 and so on until you are defeated. But even after that, you can increase the combat power of the army, and again go to the test. You can summon predators until the end of the event. It should be remembered that the enemy you summoned will be on the map for only 1 hour, after which it will disappear, and you will have to summon it again to complete the event. Once you get the required number of points, you can summon a boss, the destruction of which will bring you good trophies.

Joint passage. As in the individual competition, here you need to choose the difficulty level for passing, and summon the predators. But this will only be done by the ruler of your alliance or officers R4 and R5. Other officers of the faction will not be able to do this. After being summoned, you have an hour until it is completely destroyed. The ruler can then summon the enemy again.

In the joint passage, you must understand that the success and the number of awards will depend on the joint efforts of all members of the alliance. If you often lack a ruler and there are very few people in the game, then you will not be able to pass the tests normally.

Find yourself a worthy active alliance if you want to progress quickly, since in a guild where all members do not actually participate in the development of the faction, they will not be able to pump all combat and production sciences. Also, you will not be able to pass corporate tests with dignity. Do not be afraid to change clans, as your rapid development will depend on the active alliance.

Unchanging nature

The event is periodically triggered, it often changes the name and the main characters (hedgehogs, snakes, rabbits and others), which must be destroyed. They appear on the world map. In addition to these heroes, you need to complete other tasks:

  1. Destroy wild creatures on the map.
  2. Collect resource cells.
  3. Waste diamonds.
  4. Use items of acceleration.

For completing tasks, you will receive special bones that can be exchanged (at the end of the event) for the appearance of your anthill. You will also receive rewards from the "Underground Cave" tab, where you need to enter the game every day, hunt the heroes of the event and collect resources.

How to summon heroes to be destroyed? The main objects of the hunt are special creatures that appear during the action. But they do not just sit on the map after the start of the event, they need to be called. To do this, you need to kill various wild creatures on the map, from which you will receive baskets with trophies "Remains of insects". From them you can get the bait for the heroes of the event. It should be placed in an empty space on the map, then attacked in the guild raid mode (like destroying small lizards).

It is better to call hedgehogs (frogs, snakes, marmots) at a time when you have a lot of people in the network in your alliance. This will help to get prizes not only for you, but also for your allies. Experienced players advise setting the raid time to 10 minutes so that your comrades have time to participate in the hunt.

If you have opened an event where you need to collect a lot of resources from the cells on the map, then buy a special gathering bonus "Gathering Bonus" in the alliance store. It will work for you for 24 hours, while it increases all indicators related to the collection of resources on the map. A very useful item that will help you get more rewards.

The Ants: Rainforest Alliance Clash

Before the start of the event, alliance leaders must register in it. Also, the alliance must choose several players who will go to battle. It is important to do this in advance so that the rest of the clan members help the participants of the event, prepare for it.

When registering, leaders should choose the time of the event that will suit your guild members. Since in this fight, a lot is decided by the number of participants. The more people fight, the better. Even if you have 5 - 6 TOP players in your alliance, they will still not be able to defeat the average guild, which came to the battle in full force. Before the start of the event, you should agree with the members of the union: who of you will be the invader, and who will collect resources (since it is important to collect a lot of materials here).

Preparing the Invader. If you fight, then you need to choose the habits of the Invader, and put the most powerful legions. It is important here to use the carriers of the last level that you have, since they have high speed (other types of troops move slowly, and speed is important in battle) and good damage. It is also important to place the generals correctly so that they beat you well and give positive effects to all soldiers of their row. It’s important to find the right wild creature for each team.

Gardener preparation. If you will be collecting resources during the event, then it is recommended that you switch to the Habits of the Gardener so that you have bonuses for collecting. It is important for you to have squads with a lot of ants. The more soldiers you have, the more resources you can carry away. You must have at least level 2 carriers in your army. You will need officers trained for a large number of units (skills "Domination" and "Leader of the colony"). The most important thing is that your load increases, while you should not pay attention to the fact that the power of your squad will drop.

The first minutes of the battle. Since all players of 2 warring alliances are transferred to a new event map, you should agree in advance where on the map you will be transferred. The red area is for attackers, it is dangerous. The green area at the bottom of the map is safe and suitable for collectors. In the center of the map are fortresses and plants that must be conquered and collected.

When you are transferred by the whole alliance to the event map, distribute among yourself which places you will take. The task of the alliance is to distribute troops throughout the map so that more objects can be captured.

Battle. Once the countdown ends, your attackers can spread out across the map. A control panel will appear at the bottom of the screen, where there is a "Fortresses" section, which displays the currently available structures for capture, and which buildings will open after a while. The fight itself lasts 60 minutes after the start. If the building is not occupied by the enemy, then it should be occupied. But until the complete victory, you need to hold this structure for 5 minutes. After that, you will have 10 minutes (they will not attack you at this time) to collect the object. Gardeners at this time should run to the agave bushes and collect resources from it. It is best to start collecting around the safe area.

For example, you have opened some kind of fortress on the map, you need to go to it and start attacking it. As soon as one of the players has occupied the fortress, reinforcements should be sent to him (maximum 8 units). And you need to hold on to the structure until it is completely yours. Once you capture it, the collectors can teleport to the inside of the fortress and start collecting. The more resources you collect in an hour of the event, the more points you will receive.

Remember, the more beautiful the agave (with loose flowers), the more resources you will get from it. It is also worth grabbing Amorphophallus (plant) for collection, which gives a lot of battle points.

Your alliance constantly needs to look at what fortresses and flowers are available at the moment, as they close 5 minutes after opening. Having occupied the fortress, there will be a safe place near it for 10 minutes, where the Gardeners can move the anthill, and from there send troops to collect the agave from a safe place.

There is no point in attacking other anthills, as they give few points. Your main task is to capture fortresses - channels and Amorphophallus, hold them, and then collect resources. To capture the channels, you send the main squad (the most powerful), and for support - the marching squad.

The Ants: Tips for the Strongest District Event

The event is held weekly. This is a battle between two servers. The war lasts for 7 days. Every day, during the event, all players on the server must complete certain tasks:

After the end of each stage, the players on the winning server will receive good prizes. The rewards will depend on your personal contribution to the victory. To see all the possible prizes, you can go to the main screen of the event. You can also get intermediate rewards by earning a certain number of event points. In the same tab, all the actions for which you receive event points are listed. The upper scale shows your personal achievements, and the lower scale shows the number of points that the alliance has earned. For the achievements of the clan, you also receive rewards.

Preparing for the Battle of Districts. Throughout the game, you need to accumulate and save various boosters. There are several types of them in the game:

  1. Construction.
  2. Evolution.
  3. Hatching.

Each action you accelerate in the event will bring you many useful in-game items and resources. It is also important to have a lot of the "Common Raspberry" amplifier in stock, it gives + 50% of the event points. It works only on the "Battle of the Regions". After collecting a few raspberries, you can transform them into "Advanced Raspberries", which will add 100% of the points. Both items last for 30 minutes.

To perform the transformation of raspberries, you should go to the "Backpack", go to the "Gain" tab and select "Normal raspberries". By clicking on it, you will see 2 commands: "Use" and "Exchange". To convert to 1 Advanced Raspberry, you need 4 units of regular raspberry.

How to collect more resources? In order to collect more resources, you need to put all your legions on resource cells on Sunday evening. It is best to do this before zeroing the server. You need to go to the map and find the resources you need using a magnifying glass.

The magnifying glass shows objects located next to your anthill, to find a resource cell with a high level, you will need to search for such cells manually.

Experienced players recommend choosing level 5 sand or soil for collecting materials. When choosing cells, you need to look at the amount of resources that can be collected. In this case, cells of the same level, but with a different amount of resources on it, can have the same collection time. This should also be taken into account. On average, collecting a level 5 cage takes 10 hours.

Before recalling units from the cells, you must use raspberries. To do this, go to the "Backpack" and "use" raspberries. After activating the bonus, you have 30 minutes to fully collect the cells.

In order to collect more individual shells (this is how the rewards are indicated), you need to go to Evolution, open the "Development of the area" section, and study the science "Medium rewards", which will unlock the receipt of shells of rank 4 - 6. To unlock rank 7 and higher seashells, you need to study the "Advanced Rewards". But it is not enough just to unlock high-rank prizes, you need to collect the required number of points to get them.

As soon as you remove the troops from the cells, you need to send legions again to collect resources. If you have a resource gathering boost, then that should also be used.

Send to collect resources only squads with ants - carriers and generals that enhance the collection of resources.

How do I upgrade more buildings? As with gathering resources, you need to place your building mod on Monday night. It is best to put the uterus and other buildings on improvement. If your buildings will be modified for more than a day, then you need to calculate the time in such a way that the end of construction falls on Tuesday. As soon as the construction time comes to an end, you should use raspberries and speed up the construction in order to gain as many event points as possible.

How to get more evolution points? It is recommended to put a long evolution (preferably more than a day) on study on Tuesday in order to get more event points for it. On Wednesday, with the help of accelerators, you should complete the study (do not forget about the raspberries), after which you need to choose the sciences that need to be improved for more than a day, and speed them up.

How do I get more points for hatching generals? For the 4th day of the battle of the districts, one should prepare in advance, accumulating eggs of various denominations. It is also important to prepare a large amount of spores and wonderful honeydew to improve the officers. That is, on this day you will receive event points for all actions associated with special ants.

Day 5 is the day of the soldier ants, you can put them to hatch in the evening. It is also important to have a lot of resources and hatching accelerators here. Ant mutations are also counted. That is, on days 4 and 5 you are actively improving the army.

How to prepare for an attack on a neighboring server? First (preferably in the evening), remove all troops from the garrison, since if there is no army in it, these units will not suffer during raids on a neighboring server if they start attacking you. It is also better to spend all the resources displayed at the top of the screen, and do not open resource piggy banks from the backpack. It is also important to negotiate with friends or clan members so that they can cover you while you plunder the enemy’s area.

For the attack, have 1 strike squad (it is better to put pumped up shooters) so that you can destroy as many opponents as possible.

Before starting the attack, it is important to eat raspberries in order to get more event points. But before that, it is important to go to the enemy’s server and investigate it, while you need to remember the location of those players who will be right in your teeth. You can write down the coordinates so that later through the search system on the map (through a magnifying glass) you can go directly to the desired anthill. It is better that the anthills you have chosen are more or less heaped up, but this was not an alliance, but simply free people without support.

After choosing a place, eat raspberries, and teleport to a neighboring server using a teleport. After moving, spies should be sent to the anthills in order to check the combat readiness of the opponents. You need to rob opponents very quickly, since one of the players can write to the general chat, and a player with a higher power can move to you and plunder your anthill.

Why actively participate in the Battle of the Districts? This event, if you are well prepared for it, if you have an active clan that fully participates in the event, then you will receive a lot of awards, prizes and other gifts. Parallel to the event itself, you can also close other promotions held by the developers. At the end of the week, each participant in the Battle will receive additional rewards, which depend on their contribution. If your server wins the daily battles and takes 1st place at the end of the week, then all participants will receive very good prizes that can help you upgrade.

The Ants: Game Secrets


The shield is given to you at the start of the game and is valid for the first 7 days. As soon as they pass the shield will be removed, and other players can attack your anthill. Also, the shield is removed when you pump the queen to level 13. Sometimes, a shield is very necessary to preserve your resources, as an attack can significantly undermine your development. We’ll have to get materials again, and then just continue to develop.

The robbery is very painful for those players whose construction has reached those levels. When the modification takes several hours. At this stage of development, they have not yet been able to accumulate enough resources in the backpack, and the improvement is expensive.

If you are saving resources for an expensive building improvement or evolution study, then put up a shield so that you will not be robbed.

Ways to get a shield:

  1. Purchasing a special set in the store for real money.
  2. Participation in various promotions where you can get a shield from shells for 8 and 12 hours.
  3. Completion of tasks for the first 7 days.
  4. Hunt for wild creatures on the map. After defeating the creature, you can get a basket with the remains of insects. The letter with the leftovers will be in your mail in the "Events" section. Having received the letter, you should go to the backpack, the "Other" section, and "use" the leftovers. Unpacking them gives good trophies, including a shield.

Shields are not advised to spend anywhere. For example, if you have poorly pumped, and the "Strongest Areas" event has begun, then on Sunday it is better to put up a shield, as you should expect a massive robbery from the players of the warring server.

It should be remembered that the duration of the shield is not cumulative. For example, you have a shield, and it has 1.5 hours until the end of the work. If you do not wait for the activation to end, and put a new shield, you will lose 90 minutes.

It is important to understand that your units can be attacked on the map when collecting resource cells. The shield only protects against raids on your base. But if you have units on the map, then they are susceptible to attack from other players.

How to improve the protection of an anthill?

During the Training, the "Entrance" building will become available to you for construction. It is in it that the guard garrison is located. The garrison is your troops. If you click on the Entrance and go to the Garrison section, you can see all the teams that you have. Opposite each legion there is a checkbox "Participates" - this means that this unit will protect your anthill during an attack on it. By increasing the power of each squad, you automatically increase the defense of the base.

But the Entrance itself should be improved. Each new level increases the strength of the walls of the anthill, the attack and defense of the garrison. To improve a building, you need "pebbles" that can be obtained for tasks, achievements or in temporary events. They can also be purchased at the backpack store for diamonds.

Poisonous Flora - This structure protects your nest during a robbery. It attacks the enemy with toxic spores. The higher the flora level, the higher its attack. Improving flora is carried out with foliage, soil, honeydew and toxic spores, which can be obtained from "Remnants of Insects" by completing quests from shells with rewards. They can also be bought for diamonds.

Alliance benefits

Many players ignore finding their anthill in an alliance. Of course, playing alone in this game is more difficult than in a good company. You can join the union at the Training stage. Over time, if you don’t like the guild, you can always change it.

Alliance plus:

  1. Acceleration of construction. When handles appear in the lower right corner, it means that a player in your guild needs help accelerating. It can be building, studying evolution, hatching soldiers. By pressing the knobs, you will help your ally accelerate the development process. With the release of a new update, as soon as you start an action, all members of your clan automatically receive a call for help.
  2. The salary. We wrote about it above. But getting extra seashells is a pleasure.
  3. Raids. Raids are carried out not only on other players, but also on some creatures on the map (for example, a small lizard). There are also many temporary events that involve walking on the heroes of these events (for example, frogs, hedgehogs, snakes, and others). Alliance members can join your raid and help destroy the enemy. For successful campaigns, all members of the guild receive gifts.
  4. Development of the evolution of the alliance. Yes, for the study of sciences, it is required to make all possible assistance to each member of the union. But the presented sciences give a bonus to the entire guild, so it is worth developing the evolution of the clan.
  5. Alliance store. For contributing to the evolution of the guild, you get coins and guild points, which you can spend on any item from the store. For some items to become available to allies, leaders must open this item.
  6. Alliance Wars. Corporate activities. Participation in various temporary events for all clan members gives additional shells with prizes. The awards are delicious. Wars give even more prizes, so it is the duty of every member of the guild to participate in them. You can always make a contribution to victory.
  7. Reinforcement. If all members of the alliance founded their own hive (placed their anthills next to each other), then they can count on the help of an ally during robberies. For example, you were attacked by a TOP player, you wrote to the chat for help, your comrades quickly sent the main units to you, and you drove the enemy away.
  8. Help with resources. If you are a peaceful player and just want to develop, then you can choose the habits of the Zootechnician, and bring help to the members of your union after the robberies. This way they can recover faster. And if you are an Invader or a Gardener, they can help you in difficult times.

No matter how hard you try to benefit the alliance, and its other members do not enter the game at all, you will not be able to bring it to the TOP. Better change your guild. Do not be shy, as an active and friendly clan is the success of your development in the game.

How do I receive disputes?

Disputes are an important detail when improving the skills of generals. Over time, you will miss them sorely, as you will need to pump more and more special ants. Spores must be collected and accumulated (it is better to spend them during the "Strongest Areas" event) from all possible locations:

  1. Hatching Special Ants - You will most often get spores for Normal Hatching.
  2. Lake of Mutations - here you can exchange copies of special ants for spores for honeydew. Sometimes in events you will receive medals that can be exchanged for disputes. But the exchange is very expensive. By improving the lake, you will be able to exchange more copies (since the exchange per day is limited), and reduce the cost of honey when exchanging.
  3. Temporary events - since they happen regularly, you can often receive disputes too. It is important to look at the description of the events in "Events" and in the "Center of Benefits", where you can also get disputes for development.
  4. Insect Remains - Sometimes you can get a good amount of spores from these, so go hunting wild creatures more often.

The author of the article: Evgeniya G.