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The Matching Dead WiKi: Walkthrough Tips & Tricks

The Matching Dead is a new development from 37GAMES studio. The game has incorporated as many as 3 genres: puzzles from the series "three in a row", pumping the team’s heroes and developing the base. There is a variety of PvE and PvP content. The game has interesting light graphics, despite the post-apocalypse theme. In the article, we relied on the recommendations of the developers on the gameplay, on the advice of experienced players, as well as on the personal experience of the site team.


  1. Gift Codes
  2. Best Heroes in the Game
  3. How To Effectively Level Up Heroes?
  4. How to quickly upgrade the base and buildings?
  5. Story Campaign Walkthrough
  6. Tips for Completing Quests and Raids
  7. Secrets of the passing game
  8. Alliances and Fel Giants
  9. How do I install the game on my computer?
  10. My Game Experience

The Matching Dead: Gift Codes

Where to enter the promo code? Gift codes from developers are entered in the player’s menu, which can be accessed by clicking on your avatar in the upper left corner. Here you will see 4 tabs, you need to open the "Support" section, where you should click on the "Gift Code" button. In the "Exchange gift code" window that opens, there is an active line where you should enter the symbols of the promo code. After entering, the action is confirmed by clicking on the "Apply" button.

How do I get gift codes? The codes are distributed through the official pages on Fecebook and Discord resources. But since the game recently appeared in the official release (earlier it could be played in the beta test), there are practically no codes at the moment. But administrators sometimes hold contests on their pages on social networks, for participation and victory in which, you can get codes for good gifts.

Gift codes:

The Matching Dead: Best Heroes in the Game

We recommend choosing a team and, first of all, pumping heroes that hit one enemy at a time, since they are effective at any stage of the battle.

We made this conclusion based on the following facts:

In addition to your conclusions, you conducted a small study on different world servers (Europe, Asia, America), where 95% of TOP players put champions in their team, which we advise you to use.

The best heroes of the game

???Susan, Bill Clenton, Amat
????Manbo, Louis
?????Alex, Snow
??Helen, Ken
???Greg, Mia, Clark
?????John Wook, Jaden, York
???Bobby, Schmeichel, Cutter, Thompson
????Dickens, Bambum, Chuck, Emma
?????Angel, Justin
???Abigail, White, Boxer
????Vega, Juan, Logan
??Momoko, Caroline
???Lily, Carson, Ryan, Angelina
?????Taylor, Jennifer, Adam, Edgar, Professor Kraken

If you have to choose between two characters hitting the same target, then with all equal, you should highlight the one that, in addition to the main damage, inflicts an additional negative effect on the enemy (for example, freezing, periodic damage, blindness, poisons).

Healers. Separately, we can single out heroes - healers, since they will support your main warriors who do damage. Since champions with high damage have low vitality, healers will help to extend their life on the field.

Best healers games

StardomColourHealer’s name
????PurpleQuincy, Ethel
????GreenBubba, Jonothan
?????Purplethe Rose

If you have a total of little damage in your team, then instead of healers, it is best to put heroes with a high mass attack rate or control over the enemy (for example, with a decrease in attack by a certain percentage). And instead of healers, put plasters or other health-restoring items in the "Equipment" slots.

The Matching Dead: How To Effectively Level Up Heroes?

The game has several ways to improve the heroes. At the very start, you will only be able to level up the characters. This is done with the help of the infusion of other heroes (feed), which can be trained at the "Training Ground". For training, you will need survivors, which you will receive for passing the heads of the company. Also in the company you will receive characters with 1 - 2 stars, which are also recommended to be allowed to increase the level of the team’s heroes.

Workout. Survivor training is an important point in getting heroes. Here you can get common, unusual and even legendary heroes. To effectively obtain and level up heroes, it is best to have 2 polygons, one of which will be pumped to level 20 (it is at this level that you can get a legendary character). The second training ground will serve to obtain feed heroes for pumping the main champions.

Effective training rules:

Level up. As we wrote above, heroes are promoted with the help of other heroes (feed). But for effective pumping, you can use the following solutions:

  1. Upgrade your character by 10 levels at once. To do this, you will need to select 10 feed heroes. Since the subsequent increase will cost more provisions, it is better to pump the hero to several levels at once. This will save you a significant amount of food (which you will constantly miss).
  2. If during the game the hero "Trainer" fell out to you, then you should pump the main warriors with his help. This is not a playable character, but he can pump several levels for your champions at one time.
  3. It is advisable to choose for pumping food of the same color as the main character. A character of one color gives more experience than characters of other colors. Also, it is better to feed the trainer by color. For example, you are going to raise the level of a blue soldier, therefore, the food should be blue.
  4. It is inappropriate to start pumping all the heroes in a row. Only upgrade the characters you are using.

Strengthening the characters. As you level up, you may have noticed that at certain levels the heroes reach the "Max Level". Heroes with 2 stars have a limit at level 20, and warriors with 3 stars reach a maximum at level 30 (and so on). To overcome the milestone, it is necessary to "strengthen" the champion. To do this, select the "Strengthen" button in the hero’s menu. In addition to food, this operation requires additional ingredients. What kind of materials are needed for pumping is shown at the bottom of the screen in the "Required materials" section. By clicking on any of them, you can read information about the item and where to find it.

The main ingredient for enhancing is food. If you feel that one of your champions is about to hit the limit, then reserve the required amount of food for the breakthrough (can be seen in the recipe).

Also, to enhance, you need a duplicate (copy) of the character. The easiest way to get a copy of 1 - 2 Star Heroes, the most difficult - 5 Star Warriors. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to get duplicates of a champion, then you should leave him for strengthening. In order not to accidentally feed him to other soldiers, put a lock on the desired heroes (located in the upper left corner of the character’s menu). After strengthening, the character will become level 1, but his attributes will significantly increase.

Number of possible enhancements

The stardom of the heroAmount of reinforcements
?1 time
??2 times
???2 times
????3 times
?????3 times

Methods for obtaining materials for strengthening:

  1. Late stages of the passage of the story campaign.
  2. Rare quests.
  3. Tracking missions.
  4. High-level mutated infected.
  5. Buy in a special package for real money.

The Matching Dead: How to quickly upgrade the base and buildings?

The base is the main place for the development and pumping of your characters. It is here that all the buildings are concentrated, with the help of which you can extract the main resources:

  1. Metal.
  2. Food.
  3. Survivors’ camp.
  4. A training ground for heroes.
  5. A tower to guard the perimeter of the base.
  6. Laboratory.
  7. Workshop.
  8. Warehouses for resources.
  9. Survivors’ living tents.

Tips for effective base pumping:

On the one hand, pumping your school gives you an advantage in battles, since you can maximize the strength of your warriors. On the other hand, raising the level of the school is a very costly and time-consuming undertaking. Therefore, you need to choose for yourself which strategy you will adhere to: quickly upgrade the school or first maximize the level of all the necessary buildings, and then only raise the level of the school.

The Matching Dead: Story Campaign Walkthrough

Storyline campaign - tells about the storyline and tells the player about the adventures in the post-apocalyptic world. You can go to the campaign by clicking on the "Map" button (located on the bottom panel of the main screen). The map shows several areas that you and your heroes will explore. Each district has several chapters.

Some chapters (almost all) ask you to fight 3 - 4 waves of zombies (infected). At the end of each chapter, 1 or 2 bosses will be waiting for you. Sometimes there are chapters on the map where you need to fight only 1 boss, you will not meet other opponents.

By successfully completing a chapter, you are guaranteed to receive:

  1. Player experience.
  2. Provisions.
  3. Metal.
  4. Survivors.

You can also get various in-game items necessary for comfortable passage of quests and raids. Sometimes, with a high level of your attack and a quick chapter completion, you will get one of 1 - 2 star characters.

Domination. It is important to note that in the game there is a certain system of dominance of one color of heroes over another. Characters whose element is stronger (the distribution of colors is shown in the picture above) of the opponent’s color may be able to inflict double damage on him. This should be taken into account in the composition of the team.

Since the main opponents are always shown at the beginning of the chapter (their description is also given), it is recommended that you choose warriors whose color will dominate the color of the infected. Consider this circumstance not only in the campaign, but also in the raids. Since this will help you to defeat your opponents painlessly.

Choice of team and weapons. Once you get to the chapter lobby, you are asked to choose your team composition. But here you are advised to pay attention not only to the color, but also to the amount of damage that your champions can inflict on the enemy. To do this, you should not only put warriors with a high attack rate, but also select the right weapon for each character.

The weapons that the heroes will use during the battle are located in the slots under the team slots. Of course, at the start of the game, you cannot choose powerful weapons. But having built a Workshop (opens at the 8th level of the School), you will gradually improve it. It is optimal to have weapons of 3 and higher stars. But in the first stages of the game, you will not have the opportunity (except for buying weapons for real money) to get a high-level weapon.

If you do not take a weapon at all, then the strength of your attack will be equal to the indicator of the attack power of the character itself, and you will not receive additional damage (and other bonuses) from the weapon. Over time, you will be able to select weapons individually for each hero, based on his talents. Talents will become available to you with the construction of the Laboratory at the 10th level of the School.

When choosing a weapon, pay attention not only to its stardom, but also to its characteristics, which can be viewed by clicking on the cells on the weapon. Try to choose the weapon that will bring you the most positive effects.

For example, if you have 2 types of weapons for 1 hero (as shown in the picture above), you should carefully look at the parameters of each item. In this case, it was preferable to choose the "Molotov cocktail", since in addition to approximately the same characteristics, it has a 5% probability that explosive damage will be produced. That is, if the hero hits 1 target, then the cocktail gives a chance to hit several opponents at the same time with the skill. In the future, you can upgrade your favorite weapon.

Combat rules

The screen is divided into 2 parts: the upper part is occupied by opponents, the lower part is occupied by your heroes. The playing field is located in the center of the screen. There is a circle at the opponent’s feet, which symbolizes the spontaneous belonging of the enemy (in the picture above - 3 thugs are green and 2 volleyball players are yellow). Also, under each enemy there is a scale of his health points, as soon as it disappears, the enemy dies.

The numbers on the right side of the scale are the number of your moves before your opponent hits your command. But don’t always rely on this indicator, as some enemies (especially bosses) have counterattacks and skills that allow you to strike at any time.

You should carefully study all bosses and ordinary infected, as at a high level, this knowledge will help you defeat. For example, you know that Hyena attacks after 1 turn, has a counterattack (with a 40% chance) and damage over time. At the same time, she owns massive attacks. And this is not one of the strongest bosses, this is just a passage boss of the chapter. To defeat her, you need to have a hero in the team who imposes the effects of silence, freeze, daze, and so on. This is necessary so that the Hyena cannot use her skills and counterattack after your blows.

There are 3 objects in the upper left corner of the battle:

  1. Food.
  2. Box.
  3. The number of waves passed (for example, it is shown that the player met the first wave, and there are 3 waves in total in this chapter).

The first 2 parameters are filled in as the monsters are destroyed. The more damage you dealt per turn, the more provisions you will receive. The number on the chest increases each time after the destruction of the infected.

In the upper right corner there are 2 buttons: "autobattle" and "escape". We do not recommend using these options, since during an auto-fight, cells may be selected in the wrong order (for example, you could have made another move by running a whole combination, and the system will go the simplest option). When escaping, you will lose energy spent on the fight and all earned resources and chests.

Even if defeat is inevitable, and you understand that you will lose, do not run away from the battle, bring it to its logical conclusion. So you will have the opportunity (by looking at the advertisement) to return 3 units of energy, and you will not lose the number of destroyed zombies.

The playing field. The color of the chips on the field reflects the color of the heroes. That is, collecting 3 or more tokens, you gradually fill the mana scale (blue bar under the hero’s image). If you collect 4 tokens of the same color, then a "fuse" will become available to you, by activating which you will remove all the tokens located next to it. If you collect 5 or more tokens of the same color, then a bomb will appear, after its activation, all the tokens of the bomb color will be removed from the field.

Carefully, but quickly, study the field, as there may be several "tasty" moves on it. You should choose the option that will allow you to remove as many chips from the field at a time as possible in order to launch a combination and get a fuse or a bomb.

In the picture above, it is best to swap the red diamond and green hex in the upper corner. This will hit all opponents at the same time and bring you additional bonuses. It is important to understand that if 1 enemy remains on the battlefield, then it is necessary to remove the counters under his feet (if there is such an opportunity), since the blow from the selected elements rises straight up to the opponents. If you remove the counters on the right side of the field, and the enemy is on the left side, then you cannot touch him.

Equipment are items that will help you complete the chapter successfully. Equipment can be changed in the chapter lobby before the start of the fight. Some items (such as a patch) can be crafted in the van. The rest of the equipment you will receive for completing Quests, temporary game events and while summoning heroes from the bus.

Heroes. The avatars of your team’s heroes are located at the bottom of the screen. Each character has 2 scales: green - the number of health points (duplicated by numbers), blue - the amount of mana. The mana scale is filled with the help of the tokens of the warrior’s element color removed from the field. Once the mana gauge is full, the champion can use his skill. This is also symbolized by the flashing outline of the character’s picture.

The trick of passing the Campaign. The game has missions to destroy a certain number of infected. The mission is available for a certain amount of time, after which it rolls back at 12 o’clock. To complete the task quickly, it is recommended to complete stages with 4 waves of monsters. Such stages on the district map are highlighted by the second aggressive halo (Chapter 7 in the picture above). To complete and receive a chest, you need to go through only 7 or 8 chapters. If you have a special coupon for autoplaying, then you will not waste time completing a chapter at all.

The picture above shows a chest that you can open by successfully exploring the campaign area. Don’t forget to open it and get nice gifts!

The Matching Dead: Tips for Completing Quests and Raids

In addition to the story campaign, there are other PvE activities in the game. All of them are located in the Quests section. Quests are available for passing a certain time (it is shown on the story card). Once in the lobby of each Quest, you will see several stages of the passage. The longer you play, the better prizes you get.

Some quests provide locators of varying denominations for summoning heroes. For completing other stories, you will receive materials for pumping characters and their talents. The third quests offer you food and metal as a reward. Also in each adventure you can get 1 - 3 star warriors, equipment, items for pumping. There are also temporary events that are periodically launched by the developers to diversify the gameplay.

We recommend that you complete all possible Quests as much as possible, as they will give a significant breakthrough in the development of your game account, and will help you to pump your main champions faster.

The battle in Quests takes place in the same way as in the Story Campaign: you enter the story stage, choose heroes for the team, weapons and equipment, then enter the battle. But not everything is as easy as it might seem at first glance. Some steps will be complicated by additional difficulties. For example, the fight will take place in a "poisonous fog", the toxic gas of which damages your squad every turn. Or maybe you will end up in "hallucinogenic gas". Under these conditions, your champions will replenish mana (energy) twice as fast, but their normal attacks do 2 times less damage. Also, all status effects that your characters impose on enemies will not work (reducing attack, defense, health basics, and so on).

Since you will learn about the additional complexity of the stage only at the beginning of the battle, we recommend taking on the adventure only those heroes who inflict high damage, regardless of the effects and abilities. As we wrote at the beginning of the article, these are warriors striking 1 target.


Raids are PvP - an activity where you fight other players. Your task is to select the strongest champions with high damage to your team. 1 battle will require 3 raid energy, which is restored over time. At the start of the battle, completing Chapter 2, the system will ask you to fight the owner of the outpost. Of course, it won’t be another player, but the fight itself will be very similar to the battle in the raid. This is how the game prepares you for battles with real people.

It is important to note that the raids are not carried out in real time, you will be fighting against the defenders of the base that other players have set up. But the system itself will play for them. Likewise, during your absence from the game, you can be attacked.

It is best to put representatives of each element in the team for raids (respectively, and the defenders of your base) in order to repulse any enemy. It will be very good if the squad has a healer and most of the warriors working on 1 target.

How is the battle in raids different from other activities? The location of your heroes in the squad. The correct placement of the heroes is important here. The main blow falls on the champion, who is in the center, since most of the combinations will hit him. That is why he must stand as long as possible, covering the second row of heroes with himself. Choose for this purpose a character with a large number of points of health and protection. And since the third row will be fully open, it is also recommended to put tenacious heroes here. The most fragile warriors should be placed in the 2nd row.

This rule is also suitable for other stories of the game, but it is in PvP content that it is most relevant, since the heroes here take turns, relying on their attack speed, while in PvE adventures, opponents beat after several turns.

If it is important for someone, but there are rating leagues in raids, they start from bronze and end with legendary. Depending on which league you are in, your opponents will be matched. Also, for 5 battles fought, a chest with rewards will be available to you. The higher your league, the better the prizes you can get from the chest.

At the start of the game, it is not recommended to get a lot of "cup-hands", since, as you climb the leagues, you will be given strong opponents. The game has a mission where you need to destroy 40 characters of other players, but if you often lose, then you will not be able to quickly close this mission.

In order to lose several times, put 1 weak warrior in the command of defending the base, "escape" from the battle at the time of the task rollback or during the next raid. If you do not want to become the leader of tournaments, then we do not advise you to actively participate in raids. In this case, the only thing for which a good number of "pens" is important is to find a good guild. In other cases, a high league of raids will complicate the gameplay.

Tournaments are held weekly, where different heroes can take part. For example, only characters of a certain color or warriors with a certain number of stars. At the end of the tournament, each participant will receive an award, which depends on his place in the standings.

If you plan to take part in "Raid Tournaments", where you can put up a team of 3, 4 and 5 star characters, then when pumping new powerful champions, you should not delete the old ones.

The Matching Dead: Secrets of the passing game

Energy of the World. It is the energy that allows you to complete the Campaign and Quests. It fills up completely within 3 - 5 hours (depending on the level of your game account). For example, if you use up all your energy before going to bed, then it will be fully restored in the midst of your sleep. But if you want to have a snack, then at this time you can carry out several auto-battles, and get a chest for them (if there is no mission rollback)

Raising the level of the player. As the player’s level rises, the maximum amount of energy in the world increases. Also, the energy is fully restored during the transition to a new level. Therefore, it is best, when you see that you will soon get a new level, to spend as much as possible all the energy you have (this applies to all energies). Also, with the receipt of a new level, you will be given locators for summoning heroes on the bus.

Where to spend cans of gasoline? Canisters are a premium in-game currency that is very difficult to obtain in-game. It is given in small quantities, and it is very difficult to accumulate it. Basically, you will receive it for completing certain missions. We recommend spending it to summon epic heroes on the bus. But there is a high chance that you will get a 3 star character.

Where not to spend cans at all is to speed up construction and purchase resources. It is better to wait a bit until the construction is completed by itself. If you bring real money into the game, then you will have the opportunity to have a second builder and a VIP bonus that will periodically supply you with canisters. In this case, you can still spend fuel on the construction or pumping of the third building. It is inexpensive, but it will bring significant progress to your account.

Temporary events. Constantly take part in all temporary promotions offered by the developers. Even if you fail to complete the event completely, you will still receive valuable rewards for completed tasks. The administration of the project launches the biggest events on holidays (Halloween, New Year, the day of the game’s release).

Head contracts. This is a permanent game event (becomes available at player level 10), for completing the tasks of which you get a certain number of caps. At the top of the window there is a scale, filling in which you will move to a new level of the event. Once this happens, you can claim your prizes.

Complete tasks of "Contracts" to get valuable prizes, including cans of gasoline. The higher the level of activity in the event, the better the rewards.

Advertising. If you play without bringing real money into the game, then it will be difficult for you to develop against the background of those players who can spend their money on the project. But do not despair, as viewing ads will greatly help you in promoting your account. Don’t ignore her. For a certain number of views, you will not only receive passing rewards for the video itself, but also close tasks in the "Contracts". Also, for 10 views, a chest with bonuses will become available.

You can watch advertisements 3 times a day, but there is an advertisement in "Drawing cards" (for watching you get a game chip), and you can also watch a video after being defeated in Quests and on the Campaign map (3 world energies will be returned).

The Matching Dead: Alliances and Fel Giants

Alliances is a gaming community that unites several players who seek to jointly upgrade their accounts through activity in the Alliance menu. What can you do together in the game? Membership in a guild unlocks access to bosses here called Felheads. These are monsters with high vitality and high attack. It is impossible to defeat this creature alone. But if the clan is active, and within a certain time all together several times attack the monster, then it is quite possible to destroy it.

It is worth noting that the reward for the destruction of Felheads is received only by those players who participated in this destruction. The final bonuses are distributed among the guilds according to the amount of damage done.

To attack, you need to spend 1 can of Felhead energy. And since you have 3 banks of energy, you can attack the boss 3 times in a row. Energy is restored over time, and the boss is present on the Campaign map for 24 hours (or until the moment of destruction), then you can attack him several times during his presence.

Alliance Wars - they become available at the 12th level of the guild and represent a kind of PvP content, where the strongest representatives of one clan fight the leaders of another clan. The registration type is somewhat reminiscent of football teams in the world championship. First, all alliances are divided into groups, the winners of the groups advance to the semifinals, and then to the final. When the war ends, the alliance receives good prizes (even if it was eliminated from the group in the first battle). Guild leaders distribute prizes among the participants.

Creation of an alliance. Having reached the 4th level of your account, you can create your own alliance or join an existing one. But since there are a lot of clans in the game, it makes no sense to create a new one (especially at the start of your gameplay). Of course, if you have been playing games of this kind for a long time, you are constantly and quickly pumping your account, then you can create your own alliance. At the same time, you will need to advertise in the world chat that you have not just created a guild, but will constantly help newcomers in development with advice. This is important for some new players as they may get lost in unfamiliar options. For example, you can advise such gamers to read our article so that a beginner can have an initial idea of ??the game.

Joining an alliance. In order to join a clan, go to the "Alliance" section (the jump button is located on the bottom control panel). Here you can find a table with several alliances that the system offers you. Basically, these are newly created groups with a low level. But at the start of the game, you can choose any. Sometimes newcomers receive offers to join the alliance from the heads of clans. This can happen if, for example, you have defeated the leader in a raid. After the battle, a person will look at your statistics, players who like them are often offered a place in new clans (as a way to attract more participants).

But is it worth it to constantly be in the same alliance and be faithful to it to the end? Of course not. Even if you are invited, you should not think that you owe this clan. It often happens that alliances do not develop (development depends on the activity of the members in the game and in battles against the Felheads). Therefore, you should not sit in such groups, it is better to look for a new guild for yourself.

When you advance through the leagues in raids, then you have the opportunity to join a stronger alliance. Therefore, when moving to a new league, we recommend changing the guild. This is important as bosses spawn based on the guild’s power level. The higher the overall strength and level of the alliance, the more powerful bosses will be placed on the map. Consequently, the rewards for the destruction of Felheads will be much better than in a low-level alliance.

In order to change the alliance, you do not have to leave it. You can in the "Alliance" menu go to the "Alliances" tab, and click on the search button. If you do not fill in the search field, the system will give you guilds that are more suitable for you (according to your raid league). Clicking on "Search" again, you may notice that the returned results have changed. Thus, you can find a more suitable option for you.

When choosing an alliance, you need to focus on its account. The alliance score depends on the trophies received and the points earned for battles with the Felheads. When moving to a new clan, you should pay attention to this particular account. The minimum score of a new group must exceed the score of your current guild by 1.5 - 2 times. Otherwise, there is no point in leaving the current clan.

But when you are in an alliance, you should not think that you are doing him a favor. Requires active participation in boss battles. If you do not damage the Felheads in a certain period of time, then the leader can exclude you from the guild. Therefore, if the clan suits you completely, then try to benefit it as much as possible.

To deal more damage to the Felhead, try to hit his "weak point" 3 or more times in a row. Thus, you will not only inflict significant damage on the boss, but also stun him. During the stun, the monster will not hit at your command.

The Matching Dead: How do I install the game on my computer?

  1. In order for you to be able to play on PC, you need to follow the link at the beginning of the article. This will open a new tab asking you to install the Android emulator on your BlueStacks computer. This program serves to integrate mobile games and applications on your computer.
  2. After successfully installing the emulator (by the way, it is completely in Russian), you need to log into your Google Play account, which you use on your smartphone. This should be done if you want to play the game from different devices. Before that, we recommend linking your game account to Google.
  3. In the upper right corner of the emulator there is a search bar for the applications you are interested in. In our case, you should write the exact name of the game, and then download it to your computer in the usual way, since the emulator completely repeats the Android system.
  4. After successfully completing the installation of the game, a shortcut will appear on your desktop through which you can immediately enter the game. Also, the shortcut will appear on the main window of the emulator.

Why installing The Matching Dead on PC is great:

The Matching Dead: My Game Experience

To prepare the material, I had to play this game for some time. Honestly, she disappointed me. Yes, at first glance, the game is interesting: funny illustrations, funny and unusual names of objects and currencies. But, after playing the game a little, there remains a negative aftertaste. Moreover, after reading numerous reviews about the game in virtual stores, you understand that not only you have a negative attitude towards the game.

What I didn’t like:

  1. Advertising banners. At the first and subsequent logins to the game, for some time you have to close advertising banners with offers to purchase additional game benefits for real money.
  2. No rewards for newbies. There are no incentive events at the start of the game, except for the first 7 days of entry. If you missed a day - another, then it’s okay, the reward will be waiting for you. Usually in such games to attract the attention of newbies, there are various promotions aimed at the rapid development of the account to a certain point. After that, the impression of a friendly game is created, which gave a good start for development. In this case, the hunt to encourage developers with money. There is no such thing here. Immediately you find yourself in the difficulties of the gameplay, and no one takes care of you.
  3. Long time to improve buildings. At 3 and higher levels of buildings, the construction time increases significantly at once. It took me almost a week to upgrade my school to level 8. In this vein, the desire to develop very quickly disappeared.
  4. Resource imbalance. Another negative criterion in the game. At the start, the main resources are very scarce, in the future (due to the long-term improvement of buildings) there is nowhere to put materials.
  5. Limited development of heroes and battles. Everything is the same in the game: the fights take place according to the same scenario in all activities. Although, it is worth noting that the number of different monsters is impressive. Here the developers have worked hard. Heroes are pumped in one way (only with changing items). That you increase the hero, that you raise his level - everything is the same.
  6. Low drop rate for 4 and 5 star heroes. In a few weeks of playing, I have not had a single 4 star hero, let alone a 5 star. There are many negative reviews on this circumstance in Google Play and the App Store. You can get these characters only for real money. It is also very difficult to earn the required number of radios and locators to summon heroes. At the same time, the call is complicated by the fact that in addition to warriors, you can get a weapon or a game item (and in any search section, even for cans of gasoline).
  7. Search cost. Unreasonably large. It takes a lot of time to spend in the game in order to earn 150 and more cans of gasoline in the game. At the same time, it is not very desirable to merge them for the call, since with a high degree of probability 1 - 2 star champions can fall out. And to carry out an epic search is generally beyond good and evil, since it seemed to me that it is not realistic to get 300 canisters in general.
  8. Rollback missions. In general, I will never accept this mechanic in games. Why is it needed? In this case, the rollback begins from the moment the reward is received. In other words, a new mission can begin in the midst of a work (school) day or at night. It is much more convenient when missions are reset once a day, and you already understand exactly when this moment will come.
  9. PvP rewards. Generally incomprehensible system, which does not provide an incentive for development. Not only is it not realistic to defeat a player a little stronger than you, but you get prizes for defeating a weak opponent. Depending on the league, you can take plus or minus the same amount of materials from the raid.

Should you start playing The Matching Dead? It’s up to you, if you like the game (and outwardly it is quite attractive), and you are ready to contribute real funds or spend a huge amount of time on development, then you can download the game. But we recommend that you think about everything differently before that!

The author of the article: Evgeniya G.