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THREE KINGDOMS: OVERLORD is an Android game with release date 11/15/2016 from Bekko.com. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. TOP of the best heroes (Tier List)
  2. TOP purple and blue heroes (Tier List)
  3. Tricks of Getting Warlords
  4. Secrets of Successful Conquests
  5. Combat System
  6. City Building Features
  7. Shadow Shop (Blackmarket)
  8. Pros and Cons of the Game

Three Kingdoms Overlord: TOP of the best heroes (Tier List)

Since the game is distinguished by a variety of heroes and the abilities they use, you always need to navigate the situation and focus on pumping on the already existing strong characters. Along with this, there is a list of heroes, named by many as the most capable and effective in battle. In the middle and late stages of the game, it is advisable to form your army using the following generals:

1. Lu Bu (Neu). An excellent melee fighter capable of inflicting colossal damage to opponents. To use a special skill, you need to accumulate 3 points of Rage, but it’s worth it - when activated, the hero deals 115% of massive damage and increases the chance of his crit. hitting 100% for 2 turns!

2. Wang Yuanji (Jin). Support character. When using a special skill, restores allies and removes all negative effects from them. In addition, the power of her healing can give allies in the back row an additional 20% damage and 20% damage resistance for 2 turns. Without a doubt, this is the best healer for defensive formations.

3. Sima Zhao (Jin). Thanks to his special skill, this caster deals massive damage to the back row of the enemy. The hero uses strategic attacks and knows how to defend against them well.

4. Cao Ren (Wei). This hero is able to quickly disable the units of the enemy army due to the special skill of stunning for as much as 2 turns. Keep in mind that after using his ability, Cao Ren is also stunned for 2 turns, so he must be used in conjunction with an assistant who will help remove the stun effect in time.

5. Guan Yu (Wei). His ability has a 65% chance to freeze enemies for 1 turn and prevent them from attacking. At the same time, his skill allows you to heal allies for 30% of the P-DMG indicator, giving them a turn when the enemy is frozen. An excellent opportunity to quickly disable the enemy army.

Three Kingdoms Overlord: TOP purple and blue heroes (Tier List)

At the beginning of the game, form a team of the following generals of blue and purple quality. They will be easy enough to get and pump, but the skills they use will make them formidable opponents for your enemies.

Purple quality heroes

ShuMadame Mi, Fa Zheng, Guan Xing, Guan Yinping, Ma Dai, Zhuge Zhan, Zhang Song, Yan Yan, Liao Hua.
WuZhuge Jin, Zhang Zhao, Zhang Hong, Zhu Ran, Zhou Tai, Dowager Wu.
WeiCao Zhen, Pang De, Chen Qun, Chen Tai, Xun You, Xu You, Empress Guo, Cheng Yu, Zhang Chunhua, Bian Yuer.
NeuYuan Shu, Yuan Shao, Tian Feng, Empress He.
JinSima Yan, Sima Shi, Yang Huiyu, Xiahou Hui, Jia Chong, Li Wan, Guo Huai, Shi Bao.

Blue quality heroes

ShuMi Fang, Mi Zhu, Ma Su, Ma Liang.
WuGu Yong, Bu Zhi.
WeiCao Zhang, Cao Pi, Liu Ye, Zhong Yao.
NeuGuo Tu, Feng Ji, Shen Pei, Xin Ping.

Three Kingdoms Overlord: Tricks of Getting Warlords

Getting heroes in battles. Each hero-commander controls his own army, the number of which is determined by the Power of the commander. When you win a battle, you receive fragments as a reward, which you can later synthesize into a new character. The value of the fragments obtained depends on the progress in the conquests on the world map and the range.

We recommend starting the game on a day free from work (study) in order to devote a lot of free time to it and to advance as far as possible in the campaign. This way you can quickly get more fragments of good heroes and start forming the strongest army.

Hiring new heroes. To recruit new heroes, head to the House of Heroes. There are 2 types of hiring available to you: regular and advanced. Regular recruitment consumes recruitment tokens, and advanced recruitment consumes gold ingots. You can get both items absolutely for free by simply logging into the game every day and participating in activities.

On a day, you have the opportunity to make a free regular hiring, and once a day - a free advanced hiring. Remember to use these bonuses regularly or your chances will be lost.

Hire x5. When you approve the hiring x5, you take 5 hiring actions at a time. Keep in mind:

Three Kingdoms Overlord: Secrets of Successful Conquests

Territories. The conquered territories in the future can be used to expand your possessions, produce new resources to upgrade your army and replenish the ranks of units. After conquering all the cities on the world map, you are declared the Great Conqueror and you get the opportunity to start a new passage with increased difficulty and higher rewards.

The more cities you have under your command, the more enemy attacks you will have to repel. Develop and replenish the ranks of your troops in a timely manner, because in the future you will have to accept battles in several locations at the same time, which can quickly deplete a weak army.

Generals. Your heroes are generals who own their own troops. Together with them, you make hikes on the world map and capture new cities. It is the commanders who coordinate the members of the army and carry out attacks, respectively, the more strong commanders you manage to send into battle, the higher your chances of a successful conquest will be. New generals can be recruited by summoning, using ingots (premium currency) or summoning tokens.

Troops. Troops are fighters under the command of their generals. When defeated, units from the army die and cannot be restored. The replenishment of the ranks of the army with new units occurs through the development of the city and the pumping of buildings. After each battle, do not forget to replenish the armies with reserve troops, keep track of their numbers and do not allow participation in battles with a small army. The maximum possible number of units is determined by the Might indicator - the higher it is, the more combat power can be used in battle.

Troops affect the participation of a general in a battle. If all the troops of the commander die, he himself is removed from the battlefield and cannot continue to fight.

Three Kingdoms Overlord: Combat System

How are the battles going? The battle process in the game is automated and built on a system of alternate attacks of enemies and allies. The winner is determined by the group of troops remaining in the living group. The damage inflicted by a hero during an attack is determined by the value of all his characteristics.

Special abilities and rage. On the battlefield, the hero can use his special abilities. To do this, he must accumulate the required amount of Rage, which is replenished with normal attacks. As soon as the rage bar starts to glow, you can click on the hero icon and use the skill.

Your team must have commanders with unit healing skills! The use of their abilities often provides an advantage in battle and prevents the defeat of the army.

Skipping battles. The most important role in the battle is played by the strength of armies and their Power indicators. Since the battles themselves take place in automatic mode, their results are predetermined in advance based on the above data. You can either watch the progress of the hostilities, or skip them, focusing on other tasks of the game.

To win in Three Kingdoms: Overlord, you must strike the necessary balance between building, improving captured cities, filling stocks with the necessary resources and pumping heroes. Only uniform concentration on each of the main activities will lead you to the path of the Great Conqueror.

Three Kingdoms Overlord: City Building Features

Your city. In Three Kingdoms: Overlord, your city buildings act as support for the army and the war effort. All buildings contribute to the development and replenishment of the troops: with the help of resources, reserving places for recruits and pumping units. We can say that the activity of building and improving buildings in the game is simplified in order to focus the gameplay on the modernization and development of the army.

Palace. The heart of your city is the Palace. This is the main building, the current level of which determines the pumping limit for other buildings in the city. In other words, the level of other buildings cannot exceed the level of the Palace.

Resource buildings. In addition to the Palace, various resource buildings are located in the city area. These include:

How to build buildings? To build a building, select the desired empty sector in the city, click the build menu and see the list of buildings that can be placed in a specific location. You pay a certain amount of coins for construction.

City resources. The game uses 3 main resources:

  1. Coins - needed for the construction and pumping of city buildings;
  2. Food - used to transport and attack your troops on various cities;
  3. Silver - used to buy new equipment.

Three Kingdoms Overlord: Shadow Shop (Blackmarket)

Range. The Shadow Shop will open after you manage to unite the entire country 6 times in a row in a war zone. Here you can buy various rare items for silver, provisions or coins, for example, documents, war books, lotuses, etc. The store offers are periodically updated, do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of them.

Access to the secret room. The secret room of the Shadow Shop sells the finest merchandise, including orange pieces of equipment and artifacts. To access the secret room, buy gifts for the owner of the Secret Shop. You can do this by clicking on the gift box icon at the bottom left of the screen.

For each gift you receive proximity points from the hostess. When the score reaches 500, you will have access. After shopping in the secret room, you will lose the right to enter it. To re-access, you will need to re-collect 500 proximity points with the owner of the Shadow Shop.

Three Kingdoms Overlord: Pros and Cons of the Game

Three Kingdoms: Overlord is a new strategy game that combines several directions of activity. Here you can build your own city, develop it wisely, form your own army of pumped powerful fighters and go with them to conquer new lands of the Three Kingdoms.

The games load well, have beautiful graphics and perfectly traced characters for every taste. Of the minuses, it is worth noting the lack of in-game tutorials and other introductory materials, which can cause difficulties for new players. In our article, we tried to make it easier to master this beautiful game and answer the questions of readers.

Article author: Nadezhda D.