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Walkthrough Tiny Pixel Farm: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

TINY PIXEL FARM - Android game with release date 12/29/2017 from the company GAME START. Game Genre: Simulation. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Tiny Pixel Farm download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Game Screen Overview
  3. Guide to buying and selling animals
  4. Animal Interaction Guide
  5. Overview of Aviary with Birds and Fish Farm
  6. Stables - The Most Profitable Wallier
  7. Employee Guide
  8. Trees and Other Vegetation
  9. Island Farm Overview
  10. Review of the Farm Encyclopedia
  11. Farmer’s Shop Review
  12. Hotel overview
  13. Minigame Guide
  14. In-Game Shopping

Tiny Pixel Farm: Beginner’s Guide

As the name implies, Tiny Pixel Farm is a game about the farm, and it is distinguished from other similar games by the old-school pixel graphics, which allows the player to plunge into the atmosphere of the very first games on consoles. The game is not complicated, all the action takes place on one screen. Your task is to develop a farm and move from level to level, get new territories, build aviaries, collect profit from purchased animals and recruit helpers.

Plot. It all starts with the ruin of an elderly farmer’s farm. His economy is completely destroyed, ahead is complete unknown. But not everything is so bad - in the summer an active grandson comes to him for the holidays. He quickly takes over the farm restoration business. Now he has to solve the problems of his grandfather and return the profitability to the farm, but the player needs to help the main character and successfully go this way with him.

Territory development. Since Grandfather’s farm is ruined, you will have to develop it from scratch. At the very beginning, the farm territory will be inaccessible. As you progress through the game, you buy out land and mow grass on them. When the site is ready for operation, you can build an aviary on it and plant plants.

Advancing in the game, you are mastering more and more sites, which means building new enclosures and collecting profit from the animals that you place there. The higher your level and leveling, the more income from the farm you will be able to collect. Mastering takes place from top to bottom of the game screen.

Currency. There is one currency in the game. This is gold, and its amount is displayed at the top right of the screen. You will earn gold by earning income from your animals and plants, so that with the proceeds you will continue to pump the farm and increase its profitability. In general, a lot of work as always!

Experience. You gain experience by completing game tasks. The experience gained is displayed as a bar in the upper right corner of the screen. Its full filling is equal to the ultimate numerical value of the experience necessary to move to the next game level.

You see the amount of experience under its scale in the form of two numbers with a hyphen. The first digit is the experience you gain as you progress through the current level. The second figure is the amount of experience, upon reaching which you pass to the next level. So overcome all challenges, gain experience and move!

Advertising in the game. There are a lot of ads in the game. Highly. If you play with an Internet connection, your screen will be blocked for advertising every five minutes, and mandatory advertising will appear at the top and bottom of the screen.

If possible, go through the game without an Internet connection so as not to be distracted by advertising. However, do not forget that in certain cases, viewing ads will bring you bonuses.Connect your device to the Internet with such a chance.

Bonuses for viewing ads. Sometimes you can get good benefits from watching ads:

Tiny Pixel Farm: Game Screen Overview

To navigate the game, let’s look at the location on the screen of buildings and structures.

Building. Three large buildings with bright burgundy roofs. Located at the top of the playing field.

Aviaries. They occupy most of the playing field. The possibility of placing them opens as you progress through the game. A total of eleven enclosures, they are arranged in five rows on both sides of the screen. In the enclosures themselves live your animals, birds and fish - two individuals of the same species in one enclosure.Aviaries can be demolished and build new ones. There are 4 types of aviaries:

  1. For farm animals: cows, pigs, goats, lamb and others.
  2. Aviary for birds: geese, chickens, ducks, turkeys and others.
  3. Pond: Aviary for growing fish - fish farm.
  4. Stable: Aviary for horses.

Lawn. The territory between the enclosures. On the lawn you can grow trees, plant crops. The main character, his assistants and guests of the farm walk on the lawn.

Hay storage. A place to store food supplies for animals. Haymaking is located at the bottom of the game screen on the right, above the green bushes. This is a small building, clicking on which you find yourself in the repository. An assistant is needed to service haymaking. As you develop new land, the capacity of the hay storage increases. You can track it by the occupancy of the scale at the top of the silo.

Mini game. You can play a mini-game with a truck by clicking on the machine image at the bottom of the screen, above the green bushes. For participation you get experience and gold.

How to take screenshots? The game provides independent functionality for taking screenshots. Click on the button at the bottom of the screen, in the middle of the Hayhouse and the Mini-game, and save a screenshot of your gameplay!

Tiny Pixel Farm: Guide to buying and selling animals

The more enclosures, the more animals. The more animals, the more opportunities for their sale and purchase of new ones, and this is always interesting.

How to sell an animal on a farm? To sell an animal:

  1. Click on the main building at the top of the farm. The main menu will open, at the top of which you will see the cash register icon.
  2. Click on the cash register icon and gift box icons will light up near farm animals. This means that animals can be sold.
  3. Select an animal for sale, click on it and confirm the action by clicking on the green checkmark. After that, a truck will come for the animal and take it away from the farm.

How to buy an animal on a farm? You can buy a new animal when there is a place for it in the pen.

  1. Go to the main menu and click on the cash register. Icons of various categories of animals will appear above the empty place in the pens: cows, lamb, pigs, etc.
  2. Select the category from which you want to put the animal in the corral, click on it and then select the specific animal from the proposed ones.
  3. Click on the green checkmark to confirm the purchase of the animal for gold. After that, a truck with an animal will arrive, and it will be placed in an aviary.
Animals of the same species can be placed in one enclosure! Animals must not be placed in an aviary!

Why are some of the animals on the purchase list darkened and in cages? These are animals that you can breed when you reach a certain game level for a specified fee. As a rule, they bring a lot of income.

How to sell land? If you have a completely empty aviary, you can sell the land on which it is located. The process of selling is similar to the process of selling an animal:

  1. Go to the main menu and click on the cash register.
  2. Above the completely empty aviaries you will see the bin icon.
  3. Click on the bin icon and sell the land.

Tiny Pixel Farm: Animal Interaction Guide

Care. Since you are a farmer, your main task is to take care of the acquired animals and monitor their condition.You will need to look after the animals: feed, bathe, equip the aviary, collect wool, etc. If you care poorly for animals, then they can get sick and even die. Consider their needs. For example, when buying chicken, do not forget to buy chicken coops for each species. Sitting animals in open-air cages, plant trees near them to purify the air in the territory to make it easier for them to breathe.

Arrangement of animals in aviaries. In one enclosure you have two animals. The main rule when placing animals in the enclosure is that only one species of animals can live together! For example, in a single enclosure with a cow, you can place only a cow, with a sheep - only a sheep, etc. The same goes for birds and fish. You cannot mix different animals in one enclosure.

If you want to place the animal in the aviary, where an animal of a different species currently lives, then first you need to sell this animal and free the aviary.

How do I know if an animal is hungry? Above each animal on the farm you see a scale. Its fullness and color indicate the degree of satiety of the animal:

How to feed an animal? The animal is fed when an assistant farmer approaches it. At this moment, a truck with food arrives, and you can track the result of feeding by filling the scale at the top of the animal. Remember that the green bar indicates satiety. A well-fed animal continues to bring you income, for example, by selling its wool, or you can sell the animal itself. Just remember to feed the inhabitants of the farm and track their degree of satiety on a scale.

How to profit from the purchased animal? Each animal can bring profit to your farm. Click on the animals that you add to the farm so that they produce and give you products for sale. So, from a lamb you can cut off wool for sale, from a cow - milk milk, etc.

Income from horses - payment for their participation in horse racing at the racetrack. It gathers much faster than the traditional sale of products obtained from other animals.

Tiny Pixel Farm: Overview of Aviary with Birds and Fish Farm

Distinctive features. From the other enclosures, these two they differ in that only birds or fish can be raised here. Thus, in a bird enclosure, for example, a lamb cannot be placed, and only fish are bred on a fish farm.

Fish farm - independent appearance of fish in the pond. Yes it is. If you need to purchase animals and birds separately, then upon opening the pond you would get its inhabitants automatically. In the future, your function will only be monitoring the degree of satiety of the fish. As with animals, it is indicated by an indicator above the pond.

Income from a fish farm. When the fish grow up, you can catch them, and your catch can even include exotic fish, which means a good income! Species of fish living in the pond are randomly selected, and it is impossible to influence this process. Thus, you do not know which fish you will eventually catch.

Tiny Pixel Farm: Stables - The Most Profitable Wallier

General information. The stable is an enclosure for keeping horses. By equipping the stables, you can significantly increase the profitability of your farm due to passive income from raised horses.

What are the benefits of stables? The horses from the stables participate in horse racing at the hippodrome, and you receive good income both for their participation and for the rewards they earn in horse racing.

How is the profitability of horses so different from the profitability of the inhabitants of other enclosures? The fact is that goods for sale that are produced by other animals (wool, milk, poultry, eggs, etc.) go to the store (upper building on the right). Products in the store are not sold immediately, often buyers simply do not have time to buy what the inhabitants of your farm have produced. This does not happen with the inhabitants of the stables, as they are sent directly to the racetrack.

If you want to increase profitability and quickly pump over, start equipping the stables from the very beginning of the game! While you sell horses to participate in races, gold will constantly be added to your account.

Passive income. With horses, you get passive income immediately - as they are sold and participate in the races. Thus, the occupation of most of the enclosures by horses will significantly increase your chances of a quick pumping farm. Profit from other animals depends on the customers in the store, i.e. will grow slower. Also in this case, you will need to constantly click on your animals so that they produce goods.

You don’t need to do anything with horses - when they grow up, your assistants will automatically take them to the racetrack, and you will get your money. You do not follow this process in any way, you can even just leave the phone with the game for the night, and the farm will still receive a tangible income.

Be sure to leave workers near the stables. Only well-fed horses can generate income. Otherwise, you will have to feed them manually.

Tiny Pixel Farm: Employee Guide

The more the farm flourishes, the more tasks fall on the shoulders of the protagonist. Cope alone here is no longer possible. It is good that our brave farmer has workers who help him develop the farm.

Hiring Workers are hired for gold. As farm profitability increases, you get more opportunities to hire new helpers.

Hiring workers for real money. At the bottom of the Workers tab, you can find those assistants who can only support you when buying out for real currency.

Where can I see my employees? Click on the main menu (the building is in the top middle) and click on the second icon on the top with a picture of a man in a white hat. This will open the panel of all currently available helpers.

How to find out which aviary is serving? Each assistant can serve one aviary. To find out which assistants specifically serve aviaries, click on the helpers panel. When the panel opens, you will see the layout of the enclosures and the workers assigned to them. For clarity, you can click on the employee himself left or right, and he "jumps" on the scheme with aviaries.

How to appoint an assistant to service the aviary? To do this, in the aviary layout, select a specific assistant, and then click on the aviary where you want to assign it. Confirm your choice by clicking the green checkmark below.

Is it possible to reassign an assistant to work in another aviary? Yes you can. However, first you need to remove him from his old position. The action plan is as follows:

  1. In the diagram, click on the aviary where the assistant you want to reassign works. Click on the green checkmark below, canceling the work that he does.
  2. Select the enclosure to which you want to assign a vacant assistant, and confirm your action by clicking the green checkmark below. The assistant will work in another aviary.

Helper stars and work performed. To learn about the functions performed by the assistant in a particular aviary, select this aviary in the diagram. The work done by the assistant will be displayed below. Their number depends on the number of stars that the employee has. Stars are the level of pumping. The more stars, the more the employee works in the entrusted territory.

Try to assign assistants with four stars to the stables. The assistants will themselves serve the horses, feed them, and take them to the hippodrome. You don’t have to do anything else. Remember that stables are the main source of your passive income. Accordingly, the most skilled and mobile should serve them.

How to pump workers? Your helpers can be pumped. To do this, open the panel with the employees. You will see the "Plus" icon appear opposite the top left worker. Moving this icon up / down, left / right, select the employee you want to pump, and click on the Plus icon. Leveling will cost you gold.

Tiny Pixel Farm: Trees and Other Vegetation

On the farm you can and should plant trees and other vegetation. Greens enrich the territory with oxygen, and this is very beneficial for the health of your pets. In addition, from the trees you can collect fruits and sell them in the store.

How to collect fruits from trees? Follow the steps:

  1. Click on the main menu and click on the icon with the cash register.
  2. Click on the gift box that appears next to the fruit on the tree that you want to collect.
  3. A truck will drive up behind him and take the fruit from the farm for sale.

How to cut a tree? Keep in mind that you can cut down only those trees on which there are no fruits. To cut a tree:

  1. Click on the main menu and select the icon with the cash register.
  2. If there are no fruits on the tree, the Trash bin icon will appear next to it.
  3. Click on the Trash can and confirm the tree felling by clicking on the green checkmark that appears.
  4. The tree will disappear from the territory.

How to plant a tree? At the place where you cut down the tree, you can plant new trees:

  1. Go to the main menu and click on the icon with the cash register.
  2. On an empty piece of land, tree icons will appear. Their number displays how many trees you can plant or buy new land for planting for gold.
  3. Click on the tree icon and select the tree species.
  4. Confirm your selection by clicking on the green checkmark that appears and pay the gold for the fit.
  5. A tree appeared on the site.

How to put a fruit picker on a tree? On a tree just planted, you need to place a fruit picker, so that later they give a harvest for sale:

  1. Go to the main menu and click on the icon with the cash register.
  2. Above the new tree you will see fruit picker badges. Choose your favorite view and click on it.
  3. Select a specific type of collector and confirm by clicking on the green checkmark. For accommodation placement you pay gold.
  4. The picker appeared on a tree.

Woodpeckers, chipmunks and other animals near trees. All of them arrive and visit your trees, because they just like them. By clicking on the heart next to a woodpecker or chipmunk, you can earn some experience and gold.

Tiny Pixel Farm: Island Farm Overview

Upon reaching level 20 in the game you get the opportunity to unlock the island farm. Here you can grow sea otters and other exotic animals.

How to go to the island farm? This is done through the main menu of the main farm. Select the third icon from the top in the form of an airplane, and you will instantly be delivered to your farm on the island.

Interface. With the exception of thematic features, it differs little from the interface of the main farm. On the island, you also need to develop land, buy and process them, build aviaries for animals, buy animals and make profit from them by selling goods in a store.

Feature. A distinctive feature of the island farm is that there is no mini-game for trucks, and farmed animals perform more of their functions and produce fewer products.

It is recommended to update the assortment of the island farm store only when you unlock more than four land plots to build pens.

Tiny Pixel Farm: Review of the Farm Encyclopedia

The farm encyclopedia is the farmer’s main book, which records all your achievements, namely, farm animals, birds and fish, their levels and income, as well as residents of your hotel!

How do I open an encyclopedia? Go to the main menu and click on the book-shaped icon.

Animal level. Each animal on the farm has its own personal level. The animal moves to the next level after it has completed the profitability plan for the current level. By clicking on a specific animal in the encyclopedia, you can find out:

What does the inscription "MAX" under the animal mean? This means that this particular animal is pumped to the maximum level and at the moment brings the maximum income.

To quickly pump your farm, try to start one breed of animal of a certain species and pump it to the maximum, collecting income from it. A large number of maximally pumped animals will significantly increase the overall profitability of the farm.

Encyclopedia Interface. The encyclopedia has four rows:

Why are some animals in the encyclopedia obscured? These are animals that you can open after observing certain conditions. Such conditions may include the achievement of a certain level, as well as the appearance of other animals on the farm. You can find out the conditions for opening a particular darkened animal after watching an advertisement.

What is wrong with the darkened hotel guests? The fact is that for their accommodation in the hotel, you must also comply with the conditions. Some guests come to the farm to specifically look at the animals of interest to them. Thus, to open these guests on the farm, this animal must live.

Tiny Pixel Farm: Farmer’s Shop Review

A farmer’s shop is the upper right building, where all goods received from your animals and plants are stored and sold.

The principle of the store. Each animal on the farm produces a product, and the fruits ripen on plants and trees. All these products are collected by the farmer’s assistants and sent to the store for sale. Residents are buying goods. For the purchase of the farm receives income in the form of gold.

Goods. By clicking on the store building, you will open it and see the trading shelves on which the goods are placed. The goods are completed in boxes. The word "MAX" on the box indicates that the box is full.

What to do if there are a lot of goods and few buyers? The more goods your farm produces, the more the store fills. In the end, the store’s offer will exceed customer demand. In this case, you have the opportunity to completely sell the assortment of the store at a time, but by watching the advertisement.

Do not forget that the sale of goods in the store brings much lower income than the use of horses in the stables. Since the store is filling up very quickly.

Tiny Pixel Farm: Hotel overview

Hotel is another way for you to earn gold. Your farm is so beautiful that residents of the nearest city come to you to look at animals and plants. It was for their temporary residence that a hotel was built at the farm!

Where to find and what to do? The hotel building you see at the top of the screen on the right. By clicking on it, you can see the guests and their time at the hotel.

Levels of guests. Guests have their own levels. Depending on the number of hours spent in the hotel, the guest level rises. You can see the current levels of guests, their income and the conditions for their transition to the next level in the farm encyclopedia. The higher the level, the more income the guest will bring while living in your hotel.

Service. The hotel will not be able to operate automatically without a hired employee. Thus, do not forget to add an assistant there to help guests settle in. But you can place guests manually. The assistant’s level of pumping determines the number of rooms that he will be able to serve.

Assign a pumped helper with four stars to the hotel. Such an assistant will be able to serve four hotel rooms at once, which means that it will be possible to accommodate more guests.

Tiny Pixel Farm Minigame Guide

In addition to the main farming tasks, you also have the opportunity to play a mini-game with a truck and win a reward.

How to get into the mini-game? The menu is located at the bottom of the playing field on the right, above the green bushes.

Game interface The game is a playing field divided into moves. At the bottom of the playing field are dice, at the top is your truck, which will move the field.

How to play?Before you are three dice. Every ten minutes, roll each of the dice one at a time. The dropped suit will indicate the number of divisions by which the truck can move. If at the end of the journey the truck stops at the division with the award, you will receive a prize:

The amount of experience gained and gold depends on your current level.

Tiny Pixel Farm: In-Game Shopping

Despite the fact that the game is completely free, you can spend real money in it if you wish. To go shopping, go to the main menu and click the bottom basket-shaped icon.

Removing ads. To play the game without pop-up ads at the bottom and top of the screen, as well as full-screen ads that block the playing field for a while, you can pay a certain amount of real money. After payment, all advertising will disappear except for the one that gives bonuses to speed up the waiting time for some actions in the game.

Donuts. You have the opportunity to financially support the developer and transfer a certain amount of money in his favor. Such payments motivate developers to work on game updates.

Authors of the article: Evgenia G., Yaroslav I.