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Transformers Earth wars WiKi: Tips and tricks for passing the game

TRANSFORMERS: Earth Wars is a strategy game developed by Space Ape. Join the confrontation between the Autobots and the Decepticons, choose your allies and create a team of fighters to fight for resources and influence on Earth. The game can be divided into several parts: building and upgrading a military base, obtaining and upgrading characters, completing story campaigns and PvP battles, including as part of an alliance. The game features a rich storyline, a variety of transformer heroes, great art and addictive gameplay.


  1. Guide for beginners
  2. How to get new heroes?
  3. Using bot abilities
  4. All about power cores
  5. Passage of story campaigns
  6. Combat zones
  7. Alliance guide
  8. Alliance Wars
  9. Conducting raid battles
  10. Autobots guide, features and types
  11. Decepticon guide, features and types
  12. Conclusion

Transformers Earth wars: Guide for beginners

Game menu. In the game menu you will see sections:

Basic screen. The top left corner contains information about your player profile, including:

Basic game resources. The amount of extracted game resources is reflected in the upper right corner of the screen. It:

Edit mode. Edit mode allows you to change the basic layout by rearranging the buildings on the home screen. To enter edit mode, you can either select and hold a building, or go to Menu - Edit Mode. Selecting a building in edit mode will show you its radius, dragging it will move it to a new position.

When you’re happy with your changes, click OK to save them. If you have a building in the wrong position (overlapping another), the changes will not be saved until all buildings are in the correct position. Auto resolution will move the buildings to the nearest valid position.

Battle screen. The battle screen shows:

The story mode consists of several campaigns that explore why the Autobots and Decepticons came to Earth. In the "Attack of the opponent" mode, regular PvP battles take place. Here you can raid other players’ bases, win medals and earn experience for your characters. You will face stronger or lighter opponents depending on which zone you are attacking. You can find more zones by upgrading your scanner.

Share replay. After the battle ends, the "Share Replay" button will appear on the screen, allowing you to share the replay of the battle you just fought with your alliance. When going to the battle history, you can click on a specific attack or defense and select "Share", which will also allow you to share the replay with your alliance.

Inventory. Your inventory will display any items or combat boosts you have received.

Transformers Earth wars: How to get new heroes?

Crystals. Crystals are the currency for getting new transformer characters. According to their properties, crystals are classified into several types, the stardom of the resulting heroes depends on belonging to which. To get new crystals, open the Store menu and select the first left section "Get more heroes". Here you can purchase crystals for cyber coins or exchange various fragments for them.

Every 8 hours, a free crystal is available to you, containing one of four variations of items: an Autobot character (Decepticon) with 2, 3 or 4 stars, regular MKZ support, up to 10k sparks or up to 1000 premium shards. Don’t miss the free crystal giveaway time to get more useful items!

How to get new characters? To open the menu for obtaining Autobots (Decepticons), select the "Team" button in the lower left corner of the screen. Here you will see your current collection of heroes, as well as the "Get more" button. By clicking on it, you will be taken to the space bridge. The cells at the bottom of the screen contain the crystals you have. Just click on the desired crystal to initiate the animation of meeting a new character or receiving items. To end the process, click the "Continue" button on the final screen.

Use the "Open x10" option to open 10 crystals at a time and save your time. Click "Get More" to quickly go to the store and purchase new crystals.

Consequences of obtaining duplicates. If you obtain a character duplicate, you will be rewarded with varying amounts of spark, energon, crystal shards, and power cores, depending on their star rating.

Crystals and heroes (on the example of the Autobots)

1. Premium crystal. This is the main currency for getting new Autobots with 2 or more stars. Sold individually (for 450 Cyber ​​Coins) or in lots of 10. (for 4500 cyber coins). Each Premium Crystal can contain:

Among the Autobots that can contain a premium crystal: Sky Lynx, Grimlock, Optimus Prime, Smokescreen and others.

2. Crystals of characters. Character crystals can be obtained by exchanging the required number of shards of the respective heroes. Among them:

To exchange the necessary crystals, go to the store, click on the crystal and confirm the exchange procedure. Next, go to the space bridge and take on a new Autobot.

Transformers Earth wars: Using bot abilities

Bot abilities. Each of your fighters has special skills that distinguish them from the other bots on their team. These abilities can turn the tide of a war if used effectively while attacking or defending your base.

Ability points. While attacking, your team is awarded ability points. Their total number means the limits of using special abilities in battle. When you destroy enemy buildings, you earn more points so you can use the ability again if it helps you.

Some buildings give more ability points than others, so always pay attention to this. Also note that the cost of the game varies from one bot to another, so the subsequent use of the ability will always cost more than the previous one. Players with larger HQs start with more ability points than players with lower HQ buildings.

Research laboratory. Research your bots every 10th level to increase their power and raise the maximum level. The cost of the research depends on the rarity and the current maximum level and is available only after reaching it. Higher star ratings allow higher levels of research to be applied.

You can research up to the maximum level only at the research lab level. If the research lab has a cap of 20, then even rare bots will have a level cap of 20. Research will only increase the level cap, you still have to fight to gain experience to increase it.

Power cores. While some abilities are native to a bot, certain abilities are granted by a power core chip added to a bot or building. These abilities have no play cost and are active at all times. They can give bots special moves and improve their performance. A bot can add a power core of an identical class to itself, or a universal power core.

Main cores. Core cores give bots special abilities when equipped with the appropriate chip. However, this power is one of a kind, so only one bot on your team will be able to wield it and use it instead of a normal power core. Core cores are universal and can be added to any bot.

Combat enhancements. Another common ability used by the team does not require an ability point cost and does not improve, but is sometimes found at three levels: Mk 1, Mk 2, Mk 3. The specific ability must be chosen before deploying bots from the shuttle and can be used in any the location of the enemy base, the range for any bot does not matter.

Transformers Earth wars: All about power cores

What are power cores? Power Cores upgrade and customize your bots, making them deadly in combat. Equip Optimus Prime with the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, crown the traitorous Decepticon Starscream, or simply add Tritillium Coating to protect your warriors. But be careful - your enemy’s defenses can also be modified with power core technologies. Experience anti-aircraft lasers, guided missile launchers and incendiary mortar rounds that can turn the tide of Earth wars.

How to get power cores? The ways to obtain power cores are as follows:

Power Cores can also be obtained from special Power Core Chips that can be won in events.

Learn more about getting power cores from duplicates. Rules:

Please note that HQ cores cannot be equipped before HQ16.

What does the rarity of power cores mean? Power cores have 3 rarity levels: bronze, silver and gold. The rarity of the core indicates how strong its initial characteristics are, as well as how much it can be pumped. Thus, the potential power of the golden core is higher than that of the bronze core because you have a higher level up limit. Max level for each power core rarity:

Power cores of buildings. Upgrade your buildings by installing these power cores. Examples of some cores (statistics are given for level 1 gold power cores):

Bot power cores. Upgrade your bots by equipping them with power cores. Examples of bot cores (statistics are for gold power cores):

Prime cores. Each Prime Core carries a fragment of a Prime’s ability and transfers it to the Cybertronian who wields it. Prime Cores have a power far beyond that of a standard Power Core - these are unique items that will change the way you approach combat. Important facts about prime cores:

Types of prime nuclei. These include:

Companion combat bots. Combat Bots will add powerful new attacks to your heroes and allow you to completely change how certain bot classes behave in combat. Companion bots can be equipped on any character. At the same time, he will receive a powerful assistant with his own unique abilities. Combat Companion Bots co-exist with Power Cores, so each bot can now have both a Combat and Power Core.

Combat Companion Bots are dropped from the recently introduced Combat Core Chips. From each chip there is a chance to get a random 2, 3 or 4 star battle bot. Premium and character-specific Companions will be available in the store one by one.

Can I pair any power core rarity with any bot? A bot must be 2 stars or higher to equip a power core. You can pair a power core of any rarity with a 2-star or higher bot.

Why are some power cores round while others are square? Round power cores are for bots, and power cores in square brackets are for buildings.

How many power cores can I have? You can have a maximum of 6000 Power Cores in your inventory. If you reach this limit, the extra Power Cores you earn will be converted into Energon.

How to find the right power core? Power cores are divided into many types. You can narrow down your search for a Power Core you just obtained by whether it was a Bot Core or a Building Core, and what type of Bot or Building it is for.

Will my buildings and bots look different if they have power cores? Many power cores are equipped with visual effects to help distinguish the special features of the core. In addition, some bot power cores have visual bot changes, such as the crown for Starscream or the Matrix of Leadership for Optimus Prime.

What is the fusion of power cores? When fusing, you can sacrifice your unused power cores to make another power core stronger (by leveling it up and therefore its stats).

I’m trying to combine more cores into another power core, but I can’t. This most likely means that you have reached the maximum level of the power core. If the pumping bar to the right of the power core graph is full, then after this merging it will be maximum. Such a core reaches the maximum limit of its improvement.

How is the "Replacement" of the core different from the equipment? If you try to equip a bot with a power core that already has another power core, you will be prompted to replace it. This option is different from starting equipping because it automatically assumes the "Unequip" action. When replacing a power core, the cost of each action is summed up.

I fused the power core, and now it’s gone! When you combine Power Cores with other Power Cores, the combined Power Core is consumed and converted into experience for the target Power Core. Be careful when choosing a power core to merge, because this way you can accidentally destroy the power core you want to keep.

Can I remove the power core and use it on another bot or building? Yes. Any Power Core you use can be removed with your Energon or Alloy.

Will the power core affect my bot’s power rating? Each power core provides a percentage increase in your bot’s power.

Can I combine a building power core with a bot power core and vice versa? No. You can only combine power building cores into building cores and bot cores into bot cores.

If a bot in an outpost is equipped with a power core, does the power core upgrade apply? Yes, a bot equipped with a power core will receive the same benefits when assigned to an outpost as in battle.

Transformers Earth wars: Passage of story campaigns

Concept. During the passage of the campaign, the storyline of the game is revealed. Story Mode Missions can be completed an unlimited number of times until they are successfully completed once. Each new attempt reduces the available resources of the mission base, depending on the results of the battles in previous attempts.

Campaign types. The story mode consists of several campaigns that explore why the Autobots and Decepticons came to Earth and what exactly they are looking for. There are currently seven campaigns:

The plot of the campaign was written by the famous Transformers comics writer Simon Furman.

Transformers Earth wars: Combat zones

Combat zones. Fight for resources and glory with Decepticon or Autobot players from all over the world. The choice of zone for finding an opponent determines the maximum rewards, as well as the estimated difficulty of the next battle. Each zone has a limit on the maximum amount of loot and medals, as well as an experience bonus coefficient.

How to increase the level of zones? To increase the maximum level of zones that you can attack, you need to upgrade the scanner. Without a scanner, you can only start missions in story mode.

Consequences of attacking zones. If you attack a zone with a medal count lower than your current medal count, you will not be able to win new medals, but you will still be eligible for a medal loss. If you attack a zone below your current "Max Squad Strength", you may lose more medals, but you will be able to score less points yourself. The same applies to the opposite situation if you attack above the recommended zone.

The recommended combat zone is calculated based on your current medals.

Zones and rewards. There are 6 main zones at your disposal:

If the recommended power level or your team’s power level calculated in the selected team’s bot has become more red, it means that it will be more difficult to win the battle. Green means it’s likely to be an easy fight.

Transformers Earth wars: Alliance guide

Concept. Alliances are a group of players of the same faction who unite and fight in alliance wars. Work together with other alliance members to climb the world rankings and win resources in daily alliance wars. Characteristic features of alliances in the game:

Joining the alliance. Once you upgrade your headquarters to level 4, you will unlock the option to create your own alliance or join an existing alliance. If you want to join an existing alliance, you will be shown a list of recommended alliances, or you can search for a specific alliance using the search function.

By clicking on an alliance, you will be able to view its profile, which will show you information such as the leaderboard and statistics (total number of wars won), as well as giving you the option to join. If the alliance is set to "On request", then clicking on "Join an alliance" will send a request to join this alliance for consideration.

Always join only active and developed alliances with good statistics. This guarantees you participation in a large amount of content, new victories and rewards. Leave inactive alliances in a timely manner and look for the best community option for yourself.

Exit from the alliance. If you want to leave the alliance, you can do this by simply clicking "Leave the alliance" in your alliance profile. Please note that if you are the commander of your alliance, you will be prompted to appoint a new commander before you leave.

Creation of an alliance. Once you unlock the ability to access alliances at headquarters level 4, you can create your own alliance for 15,000 alloys. When creating an alliance, you will see the following options:

Alliance roles. Commanders and officers share responsibility for leadership in their alliance. Thus, they have the ability to add / remove alliance members, update the "Message of the Day" and participate in alliance wars.

What are the requirements for an alliance? Many alliances have team rules that the member must learn and follow. Some have minimum entry requirements - usually reaching a certain base level. Others require that a member be able to regularly achieve a minimum score during group activities. Participation in events and wars may be required. A player who does not support group requirements may be kicked out of the community by any of the officers.

family alliances. Some alliances use a "family" structure consisting of several members. Competitors move between teams based on their strength, their expected participation/contribution to the event, and other criteria determined by family rules. In such teams, strong members receive more rewards than weaker members, who are usually assigned to a weaker team. In teams that are not members of a family alliance, all participants share the rewards equally, regardless of the amount of contribution they may have made.

Alliance rating. Fight against comrades and rival alliances to reach the top of the global alliance rankings. Click the Rankings button in the game to view the Top Alliances and Most Alliance Wars Won.

Alliance battles. The points awarded for winning a battle depend on which node the base was in and correspond to the points you get from that base.

Heavy alliance battles. Hard battles are an even more difficult version of the battle in the alliance war, which gives you the opportunity to win more points for your alliance. Hard battles affect the following:

Extra points in hard battles. The extra points awarded for winning a hard battle depend on which node the base was in and correspond to the points you get in that base:

The new possible amount, if you win each battle in difficult conditions, will be 300 points. This option is currently only available for Premier League battles.

Transformers Earth wars: Alliance Wars

Alliance Wars. Fight the enemy alliance for glory and epic rewards! Earn war points by destroying enemy bases one at a time. Win alliance wars to earn stars and climb up the leagues for big rewards. Losing wars subtracts stars and causes demotion. If both alliances in a war have a different number of members, then the alliance with the fewest members will be used for scoring. Example: If Alliance A has 35 members and Alliance B has 40, then the top 35 results from both alliances will be used to determine the winner.

military process. The commander and officers can register for war from the alliance screen. Next, the matching period begins, when the game waits for another alliance in the same league to also sign up for the war. After the match period, a 24-hour battle begins in which all players in the alliance can fight to score points, with a maximum of 225 points per player in five battles. The alliance with the most points wins the war.

League. Alliance Wars are grouped into leagues. Winning fights in the minor leagues will lead to promotion to the major leagues. Depending on which league you are in, you must have a minimum number of members to start a war.

League nameRequired number of participantsPremium Crystal Shard Reward
Junkion League6100
carbon leagueten125
bronze leaguefifteen150
Silver Leaguetwenty175
golden leaguetwenty200
Platinum Leaguetwenty225
Caminus Leaguetwenty250
League of Cybertrontwenty300
Premier Leaguethirty1000

Promotion/demotion. The Alliance starts in the Junkion League and must win 2 battles to advance to the Carbon League. For 3 more victorious battles, he will move to the bronze league, etc. If the battle is lost, the balance of battles in this league decreases. Thus, by winning and losing, an alliance can stay permanently in the carbon or bronze league until it either wins or loses consistently enough to move up or down in rank.

Rewards for the alliance that lost the war. An alliance that loses a war receives:

You must take part (score more than 0 points) in order to receive rewards for losing.

War cards

Players have 4 maps to follow the course of the war.

1. Map of the war. The war card shows who are the members of the opposing team. The screen also reflects how many members of your team fought this enemy. When choosing an enemy name, it opens a list of your teammates who fought, and marks in green those who defeated the enemy, and in red those who lost the battle. Selecting a name from the list will play that battle for you to watch.

View completed battles and observe the situation in the territory of the enemy, such as the location of stasis mines. In this case, you will be able to achieve greater success when you fight yourself.

2. Map of defense. The defense map shows who on your team is fighting to protect your team. There are markers here showing how many opponents your teammate has defeated. Selecting that teammate’s name will bring up a menu showing battles won and lost, and by selecting one of the names, you can replay that battle.

3. Leaderboard. The leaderboard shows the current score of each player. It’s two columns: your team on the left and their team on the right. The highest scores are at the top, the newest in the list are higher with a tie. Players that are grayed out are not eligible to have their points count towards the overall team standings. Which players are greyed out depends on the lowest score and may change from time to time.

4. Prize card. The prize card reminds the player what the purpose of the battle is. Depending on which league the war is in, prizes are also listed on this page.

How to earn points?

Each member of the alliance fights with 5 players from another alliance. These are four random players, usually getting stronger as the war progresses, and ending with a squad leader. Each attempt costs 0 fuel, so you can use your other teams to still fight for resources if you need to. You have 3 attempts to win each battle. Losing a battle reduces the number of points scored in this round.

Fighting in the first stage earns you 5 points for each battle available in that round. In total, there are 3 battles available in the first stage, so you can earn a maximum of 15 points. If you lose the battle, you can try to fight again, but in this case you will only earn 10 points. If you lose the 2nd battle, you can try again for 5 points.

Transformers Earth wars: Conducting raid battles

What are raid battles? Alliance Raid Battles is a new alliance war mode where the entire alliance works together to defeat multiple strong raid bases, collect raid points and unlock rewards.

Event mechanics. Raid bases are accessed through the raid events menu. Selecting an available raid base launches an attack on that base. Raid bases can be damaged or destroyed to earn raid points that will give you rewards. Raid bases give experience points for each destroyed building, but do not give energon or alloy.

Only 1 member of the alliance can attack the raid base at the same time. Once a base is chosen, it is assigned to that player, who then has 2 minutes to form the unit they want to bring into battle and a total of 10 minutes to end the fight. Timers are used to ensure that raid bases are not blocked for too long, but at the same time give players who are disconnected a chance to return to the game and complete the battle.

Any damage done to a raid base will be recorded in the overall raid stats and you will be able to see how much damage was done by certain members of that particular base.

How to attack raid bases? To attack raid bases, you need energy cells. The required number of energy cells depends on the game mode and the event setting. At the beginning of the event, you will be given a number of slots. In the future, they will be generated automatically over time. If you run out of energy cells, you can get more by participating in normal battles.

Types of raid bases. Raid bases are powerful complexes with special buildings, the likes of which you have not seen before. There are twenty different raid bases with increasing difficulty that can appear in events. The table below lists them in order. Note that all values ​​may change depending on the active event type. The number in the name of the base indicates how strong the base is.

BaseTotal Raid Points

How many raid base attacks can be made? Depends on the event setup.

Can combiners attack a raid base? Yes, and you should definitely take advantage of their destructive power.

What buildings are represented in the raid bases? Most buildings will have significantly increased damage and health. On many of them, you will notice a number next to their health bars, which indicates the total number of health bars! You will have to reset them all before the building is completely destroyed. In addition, four new types of defensive buildings with new and very powerful abilities are introduced to the raid bases:

If I don’t fight the raid and don’t save my power cells, will they carry over to the next weekly raid? No, they will not be carried over to the next event. Energy slots reset after the event and start refilling from a new starting value the next time a raid event starts.

What happens if I leave my alliance during alliance raid battles? The Raid Battles weekend events are subject to the same rules as for Alliance Counters. If you leave your alliance, you will no longer be able to participate in raid battles. Joining other alliances gives you access to their raid bases and you can help them, but if you have already unlocked the sweepstakes reward in your previous alliance, then you will not receive it a second time.

Can I attack any raid bases or do I have to start from the first base? You can attack any raid bases, but it is still recommended to leave the lighter raid bases for the weaker members of your alliance so that they can have fun.

Do I need fuel cells to participate in an alliance raid battle? You only need energy cells to attack raid battle bases.

Is there a limit on energy cells in raid battles? The maximum number of energy cells for the first weekend raid was 500, but this value may change for other raids. Therefore, once your energy cell balance reaches the limit, you won’t be able to gain more by winning Warzones.

Consume energy cells in a timely manner and do not allow their limit to be overflowed in order to get more rewards.

Will I be able to win exclusive prizes in alliance raid battles? For alliance raid battles, there is one exclusive prize - Shanix coins.

Will I get experience and a medal in alliance raid battles? You will receive a small amount of experience for destroying raid bases, but you will not receive any medals.

Do alliance members who do not participate in raid battles receive rewards for raids? Yes. This works just like a regular adder event.

Will there be bots reloading during raid battles? Yes, just like in other game modes.

Event types. The game has launched raid battles in which you can win Shanix coins and other rewards. The number of attempts is unlimited: you can attack the regular battle zones of the event to get energy cells and use them to attack any number of raid bases. Midweek raids take place every Tuesday from 10:00 UTC to Thursday 10:00 UTC. In this mode, in the middle of the week, each member of the alliance will have a limited number of attempts to damage the raid bases as much as possible, and you will receive up to 1000-1500 (depending on difficulty) Shanix coins!

Coins of Shaniks. Score. Shanix is ​​a unique currency used in Cybertron. Open the Shaniks Shop from the Build menu, where you can purchase some special items:

Transformers Earth wars: Autobots guide, features and types

Autobots. The Autobots fight against the Decepticons. They are a heroic and noble faction seeking unity and harmony. The Autobots believe that all sentient beings have their place in the universe and deserve a peaceful life. The Autobots follow the path blazed by Prime and maintain a wide range of acceptance and tolerance, while the Decepticons are more militaristic and domineering. The Autobots are made up of various Cybertronian robots, which are not necessarily warriors or trained fighters, unlike their Decepticon rivals.

Faction history. Four million years ago, when Cybertron was all but destroyed after a millennium-long war between two factions, a group of Autobots left Cybertron in search of additional power sources to sustain themselves. They were followed by a team of Decepticons and were forced to crash-land on Earth. The Autobots are made up of subgroups and other robots:

Subgroup "Dinobots". Dinobots are one of the most destructively powerful and cohesive combat units in the Autobot army, being incredibly strong in robot mode and using alternate modes based on the form of dinosaurs, the most powerful creatures to ever roam the Earth. Representatives: Slug, Grimlock, Sludge, Slash, Snarl, Swoop.

Subgroup "Protectobots". This subgroup is a team of emergency, rescue and law enforcement bots designed to protect people and their homes. To this end, they will respond to any mundane human emergency and help in any way they can. The Protectobots can combine to form the Super Warrior, a protector who embodies the team’s ideals of protecting human life. Representatives: Rook, Streetwise, Blades, Hot Spot, First Aid.

Subgroup "Airbots". A team of flying Autobots with the ability to merge into the super warrior Superion. It usually takes five bots to form a Superion. At the same time, the group has additional members that can be disabled or added. Often, Superion is teamed with six bots, with one acting as a super-powerful weapon. Representatives: Skydive, Powerlaid, Firefly, Airraid, Alfa Bravo and others.

Collect airbots and other robots to get extra points in the "Collections" section.

Subgroup "Technobots". The Technobots are a team of Autobot warriors, all of whom are technologically savvy and love working with computers. Representatives: Afterbreaker, Nouscon, Lightspeed, Scattershot, Strafe.

Subgroup "Rast Renegades". The Rust Renegades are an elite group of dedicated peacekeepers, traveling from city to city as needed. Upon joining a group, members take on a special green and red color scheme that designates them as Torchbearers. Representatives: Jumpstream, Pira Magna, Dustap, Skyburst, Rust Dust, Stormclash.

Subgroup "Rekers". This is a special task force of the Autobots, usually made up of the best and most resilient fighters. Rekers tend to be a tight-knit fighting unit that considers itself the best of the best. They are often called into battle when the chances of success are slim. Representatives: Sandstorm, Arcee, Cap, Ultra Magnus, Springer.

Transformers Earth wars: Decepticon guide, features and types

Decepticons. The Decepticons are a group of Cybertronians who are the main rivals of the Autobots. A multi-thousand-year war devastated their homeworld and used up most of Energon’s planetary resources, forcing the Autobots to send a squad off the planet to find more raw materials. The Decepticons pursued the Autobots, and in the ensuing battle, both factions crash-landed on Earth, taking their war to a previously neutral planet. The Decepticons are under the command of Megatron. Subgroups:

Subgroup "Constructicons". A group within the ranks of the Decepticons, as adept at mass destruction as they are at construction. On Cybertron, she was known for building great cities and monuments. Representatives: Hook, Long Hole, Scavenger, Scrapper, Bounkrusher, Mixmaster.

Subgroup "Stanticons". They are the mortal enemies of the Autobot Airbots. The Stunticons are able to merge with the Super Warrior Menasor. At the same time, only five robots are needed to form it. Representatives: Breakdown, Dregstrip, Offroad, Motormaster, Break Neck, Dead End.

Subgroup "Terrorcons". Representatives: Cuttrout, Han-grrr, Blot, Sinnertvin, Rippersnapper.

Subgroup "Combaticons". The Combaticons are a band of ferocious Decepticon soldiers operating with (mostly) military precision under the watchful eye of the tactically brilliant Onslaught. The five warriors have also been blessed with the Riddle of Combination and can fuse with the Super Warrior Bruticus. Representatives: Vortex, Onslot, Brawl, Blast Off, Swindle.

Subgroup "Predacons". Two subgroups of Decepticon warriors who transform into powerful wild animals. One group uses the power of the Combination Enigma to form the Predaking Super Warrior, and the other is from a parallel universe, complete with their own version of Megatron and the arch-rivals of the Maximal subgroup within the Autobot ranks. Representatives: Rampage, Divebomb, Headstrong, Tarantulas, Waspinator, Megatron.

Transformers Earth wars: Conclusion

Transformers Earth wars turned out to be a colorful and interesting game where you need to create teams of transformer fighters to attack enemy objects, capture them, destroy them and get resources. In addition to the combat component, your attention is also offered an interesting storyline from Simon Furmon, which reveals in detail the causes of the conflict between the two opposing groups of transformers. Pros of the game:

Cons of the game:

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