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TRIALS OF HEROES: IDLE RPG - Android game with release date 05/15/2018 from the company Jupiter Entertainment. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Trials of Heroes download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Best Heroes (TOP Guide)
  2. Beginner’s Guide
  3. What is the best way to download Heroes?
  4. Game Event Guide
  5. Wise Geek’s Secrets and Tips

Trials of Heroes: Best Heroes (TOP Guide)

Dark Prince


  1. Bloody Blade (primary) - Deals 153% damage to 3 random targets. Inflicts bleeding for 6 rounds. At the same time, enemies take an additional 47% damage each round. This skill increases armor penetration by 30% for 6 rounds if this skill hits a bleeding hero.
  2. Vulnerability attack - a regular attack hits an adversary with a minimum amount of health per 100% damage. The enemy bleeds for 6 rounds and takes an additional 42% damage every round.
  3. Bloodthirstiness - attack + 26%, penetration of armor + 26%, health points + 26%, additional bleeding damage + 80%.
  4. Time of Troubles - if the Prince has less than 65% health, he increases the chance of critical damage by 15%, + 25% to attack (triggered once per battle).
  5. Punisher’s will (given on 13 stars) - increases the penetration of armor to all allies of punishers by 20%.

The whisper of death


  1. Lightning Bolt (main) - Deals 183% damage to 4 random enemies. It gives a 30% chance to remove positive effects from enemies.
  2. Touch of Death - A standard attack hits 2 random enemies for 100% damage. Has a chance to put a stupor on opponents for 2 rounds.
  3. Magical barrier - attack + 30%, health points - 26%, critical chance + 20%.
  4. Death Gift - if Whisper is attacked, it has a 20% chance to restore health points in the amount of 160% of the attack.
  5. Guardian Spirit (given on 13 stars) - Increases the damage immunity of all allies by 10% for 3 rounds at the beginning of the battle.

Frosty gorilla


  1. Ice Spike (Main) - Deals 190% damage to enemies in the front row. Has a 50% chance to freeze opponents for 2 rounds. Restores health by 200% of attack power.
  2. Ice curse - when a Gorilla dies, all allies recover health points in the amount of 150% of the attack power. There is a 50% chance to freeze the enemy with a maximum attack for 2 turns.
  3. Frost protection - health points + 26%, dodge + 10%, immunity to burns.
  4. Freezing spell - when health drops below 40%, there is a 60% chance to freeze all enemies for 2 turns (triggered once per battle).
  5. Guardian Spirit (given on 13 stars) - Increases the damage immunity of all allies by 10% for 3 rounds at the beginning of the battle.



  1. Burning palm - deals 155% damage to 3 random targets with an additional damage of 600% of attack (maximum) saved by the Time Mark. Marks his allies with a Time Mark (each mark saves 6% of the damage taken by Merlin).
  2. Penetrating - a regular attack hits enemies in the back rows and increases the attack by 15%, marking the Time Mark of each ally.
  3. Mana - health points + 28%, critical chance + 15%, damage immunity + 15% (helps her survive).
  4. Mark power - every time you receive a Time Mark, it increases the damage of the main skill by 30%, there is a 40% chance to increase the damage of the main skill by another 30%.
  5. Symbiosis (given on 13 stars) - at the beginning of each battle marks each ally with a Time Mark. Each tag retains 8% of the damage Merlin takes.
It is important to choose a team under Merlin that will impose positive skills on her and treat her so that she lives longer. Together with Merlin, the Light Ranger interacts perfectly.



  1. Mystical Storm - Deals 136% damage to all enemies. Restores 50 energy to 2 random allies.
  2. Deep resonance - if an ally uses a skill, restores health for 2 rounds. Health is restored at 32% of attack power every round.
  3. Energy explosion - attack + 26%, health points + 32%, basic skill damage + 20%.
  4. Mystic will - if the Sorceress’s health is below 80%, she gains immunity to control, increases critical damage by 50%, critical chance by 50% for 2 rounds (triggers once per battle).
  5. Explosion (given on 13 stars) - each time inflicting damage to the enemy, deals 20% additional damage.
If the Sorceress is in the front row, she is quickly attacked (she has no dodges), she quickly gathers energy, throws 50 energy units at 2 random allies. At this time, health is reduced, she receives immunity and a critical hit. The next move with a high probability, she criticizes everyone and disperses her 2 guys.



  1. Earthquake - Deals 200% damage to 2 random enemies. Gains immunity to all attacks for 2 rounds.
  2. Aggression - each attack deals 10% of the maximum health of the enemy. If the opponent’s health is below 50%, deals an additional 1000% of the enemy’s maximum health (does not work on bosses). That is, the fatter the opponent, the more damage he takes.
  3. Unstoppable - attack + 26%, critical chance + 20%, critical damage + 15%.
  4. Collaboration - whenever an ally uses the main skill, the hero has a 20% chance to give the ally immunity to attacks for 2 rounds.
  5. Immunity to control (given on 13 stars) - at the beginning of the battle, 1 time is guaranteed to receive immunity to control.

Phantom Assassin


  1. Lava Wrath - Deals 183% damage to 4 random enemies. Increases attack by 50% for 2 rounds. Wounds enemies for 2 rounds. The wounded take 85% extra damage in each round. Reduces their armor in each round by 25%.
  2. Sharpness - increases attack by 10% when dodging other attacks.
  3. Phantom dance - dodge + 20%, health points + 20%, skill damage + 30%.
  4. Fantastic speed - each ordinary attack increases speed by 15%. Deals 89% additional damage to wounded enemies.
  5. Dodge (given on 13 stars) - restores health in the amount of 150% of attack power whenever dodging a blow.

Lord of the Abyss


  1. Wasteland Storm - Deals 290% damage to a random enemy in the back row. Reduces his armor by 20% and increases his attack by 18% for 2 rounds. The enemy cannot dodge.
  2. Gift of Death - when the enemy dies, the Lord restores health by 85% of attack power and energy by 70 units.
  3. Abyss Strength - Attack + 30%, Critical Strike Chance + 15%, Critical Damage + 30%.
  4. Tyranny of the weak - a common attack hits an enemy with a minimum health of 120% and restores health by 50% of the attack power.
  5. Disappeared (given on 13 stars) - every time when applying a skill, once reduces the next damage taken by 50%.
Because of the 4 skills of the Lord of the Abyss, many do not like. For example, there is an adversary who dies from bleeding or a burn by the next turn. And the Lord will spend his attack on this hero.On the other hand, the Lord cleans the field, sometimes it is useful, because in the last breath a very powerful character and a high attack can stand. The Lord will remove him from the field.



  1. Oppression Blade - Deals 150% damage to 4 random enemies. Additionally deals 15% of maximum health damage to enemies - wars. Doesn’t work on bosses.
  2. Split strike - a normal attack sets fire to the enemy for 3 turns. Burning enemies take 64% more damage from all allies. Increases critical strike chance by 10% and critical damage by 15% for 3 turns.
  3. Barbarian - attack + 25%, armor + 26%, health points + 26%, hit (accuracy) + 26%.
  4. Extermination - when the battle reaches 4 rounds, the ability increases attack by 80% and sets fire to all enemies until the end of the battle. Last minute deals take 55% extra damage each round.
  5. Strike (given on 13 stars) - increases the critical strike chance by 15% and critical damage by 15% in the 4th round of the battle.



  1. Secret Blast - Inflicts 173% damage to an enemy with minimal health and restores the health of an ally with a minimum number of health points by 380% of attack power.
  2. Healing - a normal attack has a 50% chance to an ally with a minimum number of health points to restore health by 100% of the attack power.
  3. Demon’s heart - attack + 20%, health points + 20%.
  4. Self - healing - if the Exorcist is attacked, he has a 100% chance to restore health by 45% of the attack power.
Unfortunately, it is not pumped above 9 stars. But at the very beginning of the game it is definitely worth downloading. In the early stages of the game, it has advantages. 1 copy of it for 5 stars will be given for linking the account, then they will give Banshu for entering the game, it remains to find another 1 copy of the hero and make the best character at the start. It is recommended to pump it up to 9 stars, and when it will already be necessary in the later stages of the game, feed it to a more powerful hero.



  1. Curse of the Demon - deals 120% of damage in the back line. Imposes Curse Mark on opponents. Increases your attack by 25%.
  2. Curse Mark - A common attack strikes 2 random targets on the back line, while the strike marks the enemy with a Curse Mark. Increases allied skill damage by 85%.
  3. Demon’s strength is attack + 20%, health points + 20%, damage to the main skill + 20%.
  4. Master of Marks - when 3 Curse Marks are placed on an enemy, they are dealt 80% of additional damage, after which all marks disappear. Own damage from the skill increases by 70%, penetration of armor by 20%.
  5. The will to death (given on 13 stars) - increases immunity to damage by 40% for 3 rounds at the beginning of the battle.



  1. Gangrene Arrows - Deals 150% damage to 3 random opponents. They suffer from round 3 weakness. Weakened enemies take 50% additional damage (the effect does not stack). He weakened his opponents, someone hit a critical hit on the skill at all, and these three got the maximum.
  2. Slyness - a normal attack reduces enemy armor by 40% for 2 rounds, increases the dodge of allies in the back row by 15% for 2 rounds.
  3. Dexterity - health points + 26%, dodge + 20%, immunity to control + 25%.
  4. Markus a rage - when his health is below 50%, Leraye weakens all opponents by 2 rounds. Weakened targets take an additional 50% damage (the effect works 1 time per battle, does not stack).
  5. Infection (given on 13 stars) - whenever it deals damage to an enemy, it reduces its health by 50% for 2 rounds.
The stronger the team in which Leraye is, the more benefits he will bring to her.



  1. Curly shadow - deals 2000% damage to all enemies. Living enemies share the damage equally.
  2. Victim of Doom - when it deals damage, restores 35% of the damage’s health.
  3. Wisdom of the demon - health points + 30%, attack + 30%, critical chance + 30%.
  4. Devastation - A normal attack hits 2 random enemies, dealing 100% damage to them. Has a 35% chance to disarm the target for 2 rounds (the enemy will not use a normal attack).
  5. Self-defense (given on 13 stars) - when it takes damage with a skill, there is a 50% chance to restore energy by 30 points.

Mountain giant


  1. Wasteland Storm - Deals 96% damage to all enemies, absorbs 15% of their armor for 3 turns. Increases allied dodge by 15% for 3 turns.
  2. Stupor - if the Giant is attacked, it absorbs the attack of the enemy by 10% for 2 rounds.
  3. Resistance - health points + 35%, immunity to damage + 20%, immunity to control + 20%.
  4. Strong heart - if health is below 30%, restores it for 3 rounds. Restores 500% health from attack power in each round (triggers 1 time per battle).
  5. Help (given on 13 stars) - increases allies’ armor by 15% if they are at the forefront.

Elf hunter


  1. Arrows of Retaliation - Deals 150% damage to all enemies. Has a 50% chance to reduce their energy by 50 units.Poisons them for 3 rounds. Poisoned take 50% extra damage in each round.
  2. Eye for eye - critical strike chance + 35%, critical damage + 60% in the 5th round of the battle.
  3. Claw mark - critical strike chance + 60%, attack + 25%, health points + 25%
  4. Split Shot - A normal attack hits 2 random targets, deals 120% damage. Has a 50% chance of silencing the enemy for 2 rounds.
  5. Absolute crit (will be given on 13 stars) - guaranteed critical damage with any ordinary attack.



  1. Heavenly Justice - Deals 100% damage to all enemies. Marks them for 2 rounds. The next attack on all marked enemies will be critical (guaranteed). Marks disappear when the marked hero takes damage or after 2 rounds.
  2. Split - A normal attack hits enemies in the back row for 90% damage. Reduces their armor by 18% for 3 rounds.
  3. Unprecedented strength - attack + 26%, health points + 26%, immunity to damage + 16%. It can be put in 1 slot.
  4. Dull - Marks the attacking enemy and increases critical damage to allies on the back line by 13% for 2 rounds while they are attacked.
  5. Curse (given on 13 stars) - reduces the attack of all enemies by 10% until he dies.
If you put in the team heroes with the Prayer who have a good chance of a critical hit, it’s not right.Because they often have a critical attack, then why in the squad Prayer? It is better to put it in a squad where there is little chance of a critical attack.

Ancient spirit


  1. Ice Blast - Deals 90% damage to all enemies. There is a 25% chance of freezing targets for 2 turns. A 45% chance to freeze the enemy if his health is higher than the health of the Spirit. The skill will help if there are healthy guys in the opposing team.
  2. Touch of frost - at the end of each turn there is a 40% chance to freeze 1 random target for 1 turn, a 40% chance to increase damage from skills by 50% for 3 turns.
  3. The strength of the frost - attack + 30%, damage to the main skill + 50%, additional damage to frozen + 80%.
  4. Shelter - when receiving mortal damage, the ability protects the Spirit from it, removes all negative effects and gives immunity to all types of damage for 1 turn (works 1 time per battle).
  5. Rejuvenation (given on 13 stars) - at the end of each round, restores health by 200% of attack power.
The Ancient Spirit, under no circumstances, it is not recommended to wear it on health. It is not worth studying the health at the academy if the player in the team has the lead mage - Spirit.

Masked ninja


  1. Shadow Invasion - Deals 260% damage to 2 random opponents in the last row. Recovers 15% of maximum health points. Restores an additional 15% health if the skill hits an assassin.
  2. Enhancing Spell - A normal attack hits an adversary with a maximum attack rate of 160%. Restores 15% health from maximum.
  3. Curse - when dealing damage to an enemy, reduces his critical strike chance by 2 turns by 60%. There is a 50% chance to stun the enemy for 2 turns.
  4. Shadow Dance - health points + 30%, attack + 30%, penetration of armor + 30%.
  5. Dignity (given on 13 stars) - breaking through the armor of all Assassin allies + 35%.



  1. Shadow Flame - Deals 150% damage to enemies in the front row. Marks 2 random allies and himself with a Life Mark for 3 rounds. Restores 150% health from attack power every round.
  2. Escape - there is a 80% chance of marking 1 random ally with a Life Mark for 3 rounds. When Arvale is attacked, restores health by 80% of attack power every round.
  3. Elf Strength - Health Points + 32%, Attack + 10%, Damage Immunity + 20%.
  4. Life Shield - allies with a Life Mark reflect 20% of the damage taken by skills (the effect does not stack).
  5. Life Medicine (given on 13 stars) - Increases the health of allies with a Life Mark by 50%.

Ax Master


  1. Howl of Horror - Deals 120% damage to 4 random targets. Poisons them for 3 rounds. Poisoned opponents take 84% additional damage. Restores health by 150% of attack power.
  2. Poison attack - a normal attack hits 4 opponents for 100% damage. Poisons them for 2 rounds. Poisoned take 70% damage every round. Increases damage immunity by 10% for 2 rounds.
  3. Might of shadow - attack + 26%, health points + 26%, damage of the main skill + 50%, additional damage from poison + 40%.
  4. Concealment of a shadow - before its death poison enemies for 2 rounds. Poisoned take 210% extra damage in each round.
  5. Speed (given on 13 stars) - each regular attack increases damage by 20% and speed by 15% for 3 rounds.



  1. Shadow Conclusion - deals 150% damage to 3 random opponents. There is a 40% chance of poisoning opponents, a 40% chance of causing bleeding, and a 40% chance of causing a burn. Each negative effect deals 100% additional damage per round for 2 rounds. (If everything works for someone in bulk, the emu is not particularly lucky).
  2. Source of chaos - at the end of each round, a skill effect is triggered. The effect depends on the amount of negative magic (burn, poisoning, bleeding) imposed on the enemy. If 1 effect - Erebus restores health by 160% of attack power. If 2 effects - restores health to 2 random companions in the amount of 15%. If 3 effects, it deals 15% damage from the maximum health of the enemy to 2 random opponents. The effect does not work on bosses.
  3. Phantom power - attack + 26%, health points + 20%, accuracy + 46%, immunity to bleeding, arson, poisoning and weakening.
  4. Deadly Victim - A common attack hits 2 random opponents. There is a 40% chance to poison them, a 40% chance to bleed, a 40% chance to set fire to enemies. Each effect deals 100% additional damage every round for 2 rounds.
  5. Black shadow (given on 13 stars) - at the beginning of the battle there is a 35% chance to poison enemies, a 35% chance to make them bleed, and a 35% chance to burn enemies for 3 turns. Each effect gives 100% additional damage in each round.



  1. Enchanted Cannon - Deals 100% damage to all enemies. There is a 20% chance to charm them for 2 rounds.Increases resistance to control by 10%.
  2. Curse - each time inflicting damage to the enemy, it deals an additional 5% of the maximum health of the enemy.Enchanted opponents up to 1000% of the maximum damage. Powered by bosses.
  3. Dark energy - attack + 26%, health points + 32%, accuracy + 46%, dodge + 20%.
  4. Upset - Each time applying the skill, there is a 25% chance to charm 1 random opponent for 2 rounds.
  5. A figurative connection (given on 13 stars) - restores energy by 100% and increases damage by skill by 200% when the onset of 6 rounds.



  1. Holy Light - Inflicts 100% to all enemies. Increases the critical strike chance of your team members by 20% for 3 rounds. You can’t dodge the blow.
  2. A chance for life - whenever an ally deals a critical hit, restores health to the weakest ally’s health at a rate of 100% of attack power and to himself.
  3. Divine defense - real damage + 32%, attack + 25%, health points + 12.5%, damage immunity + 15%.
  4. Counterattack - if the Paladin is attacked, it has a 90% chance of a retaliatory strike and deals 90% of the damage.The enemy cannot evade.
  5. Holy (given on 13 stars) - Increases the damage immunity of all allies by 15% until it dies.

Light Ranger


  1. Holy Shelling - Deals 250% damage to 2 random targets. Restores health by 160% of attack power to 4 random comrades over 3 rounds.
  2. Focus - a normal attack hits enemies for 100% damage. Has a 30% chance to stun opponents for 1 round.
  3. Holy protector - health points + 32%, real damage + 48%, speed +30 units.
  4. Holy sacrifice - if health below 50% marks all allies with a Healing Mark. Heals the health of those tagged 1 round.Recovers 300% of attack power in each round. The marks disappear after the round and all negative effects from the squad members are eliminated (uses once per battle).
  5. Medic skill (given on 13 stars) - each time restoring health to allies, additionally restores health by 30%.



  1. Divine Shield - Deals 200% damage to 3 random enemies. Deals 200% additional damage to an enemy who has lower health than Victoria.
  2. Conquer - whenever an ally applies a basic skill, increases critical chance by 20%, critical damage + 25% for 3 rounds.
  3. Guardian strength - attack + 20%, health points + 26%, real damage + 36%.
  4. The will to win - every time Victoria is in control (dumb, charm, freeze, etc.), restores 150% of attack power for 3 rounds and increases speed by 30 points over 3 rounds.
  5. Holy protector (given on 13 stars) - when health below 60% increases immunity to damage by 30% and removes all negative magic from itself (triggers 1 time per battle).

Trials of Heroes: Beginner’s Guide


The main task in the game Trials of Heroes is collecting and raising the level of heroes. There are a lot of heroes in the game, there are completely unsuitable heroes for anything that can be sprayed in the Altar of Heroes. For them, the player receives a certain amount of resources. These are heroes for 1 and 2 stars.

Heroes in the game are divided into several races:

  1. Punishers.
  2. People.
  3. Demons.
  4. Midnight (Elves).
  5. Dark.
  6. Shine.

The race does not affect the characteristics and abilities of the characters. There are some aspects to which artifacts will be distributed; there are some tasks that are distributed among representatives of the race. But, the parameters of the heroes do not depend on racial affiliation.

Specialization . Each character has a specialization. The mechanics of the game of the character depend on it. By specialization, sciences are distributed in the Guild Academy. Each profession is pumped separately. There are professions in game 5:

  1. Assassin - fast and agile, has control. Can treat rivals. Has an increased critical strike chance.
  2. Mage - the highest attack rate in the game, has control over the enemy, can use the power of the elements in battles.
  3. The warrior is the defender, covers himself with the rest of the heroes. Has a lot of control, dodge, can heal allies.
  4. Ranger - has increased attack accuracy. Can shoot at all enemies, heals and imposes positive skills on allies.
  5. Priest - and heals and cripples at the same time. Some of the most interesting characters. They have everything, sometimes a lot. Use different skills.

Stardom.In addition to the level that rises in the menu "Heroes" - "Information". It is necessary to increase the stardom of the characters. The more stars the heroes have, the higher his characteristics. Also with the number of stars you can increase the maximum level. For example, if the hero of 4 stars has a maximum level of 80, then to go to 81 and above, you need to raise his stardom. Details on how to upgrade characters we will talk below.

Hero Options

Often online you can come across questions about the characteristics of the character. If parameters such as attack, defense, health (HP) are intuitive, then with the rest of the things we will help to figure it out.

  1. Speed - affects the order of turn in the battle. The higher the speed, the faster (earlier) the character will walk. For example, 1 player’s hero and 1 enemy hero remain on the field, the one with the highest speed will hit first.
  2. Skill damage is the percentage of additional damage that is added to the main skill (first) of the character during the battle. Accordingly, the higher the percentage in the parameters, the more damage will pass to the enemy.
  3. Hit - this parameter 1 among the mass of questions (what is a hit?). A hit is accuracy. The higher the percentage of accuracy, the more likely it is to hit the enemy.
  4. Slope - dodging, dodging. The higher the dodge, the lower the percentage of hit by the attack on the hero.
  5. Crete - the probability of a critical strike being hit by an enemy.
  6. Crit Damage - The percentage of increase in normal attack during a critical strike.
  7. Armor Damage - percentage of ignoring defense during an attack. That is, when attacking the amount of damage that is included in this percentage, 100% will hit the hero, bypassing the defense.
  8. Real damage - damage that passes through the enemy, ignoring protection and armor (as if the opponent is standing naked).

How to arrange heroes in battle?

One of the most frequently asked questions. Cells are arranged in 2 rows. The score goes from left to right. In the picture in the 1st slot is the golden Archangel. In 1 slot is the Murloc Guardsman.

  1. 1 slot - tanks (warriors) and heroes with a high dodge rate are put here. This slot is attacked first by default.
  2. 2 slot - priests or the second tank are placed here. You can put a character who hits the first row. It is worth remembering that this hero will be attacked in the second place.
  3. Back line - here the heroes are placed according to attack speed. The slowest hero or character who heals the team is placed in slot 6. Mages in the 4th and 5th slot. Each cell percentage increases the speed. Fragile support heroes are placed in slot 3.

Battle hall

The first time a player enters a game, he may be confused by the number of buildings located. First of all, a person will receive a hero with whom he can complete the first task. This is a quest in the Battle Room. From this moment, the player will gradually pass it. Missions are divided into chapters, each chapter has its own section. You need to go into the Battle Room, click on the green icon (the color indicates that this mission is available for execution) and click on the "Battle" button (in the lower left corner).

The battle room must be held all the way. Because here the player is awarded experience, coins, fragments of the soul. All this is necessary to raise the level of the characters. In the Fighting Hall there is an option "Auto Loot". With this function, several heroes fight with opponents from the last battle of the player and get a certain amount of resources for this. It is recommended to enter the game 3 times a day and collect collected items from the Battle Hall. In the "Loot" tab, the player will be able to find objects that have fallen in an automatic battle.

Loot is accrued within 12 hours, after which the accrual stops. If the player did not take the resources, but was in the game during this period, the accrual of materials will end 12 hours after the last exit from the game.

Collection and accumulation of resources

There will be many resources in the game. In the early days, the player may be confused, his eyes will run up from a variety of materials. Resources are extracted from different buildings and events in the game. Some resources must be protected and not wasted unless absolutely necessary, because they will be needed to complete various periodic events. To completely close the event, it will be necessary to have a certain amount of this or that material. Completely closing tasks in events, the player receives valuable prizes.

What resources are worth storing:

  1. Source of life - serves to summon the heroes in the World Tree.
  2. Magic token - serves to play roulette in the Magic source.
  3. Rare scroll of summoning - spent on summoning heroes in the Summoning Hall.
  4. Epic Token - Events are rare, but prizes are especially valuable.

All 4 resources are used in events. Each event, if completed completely, gives a tremendous leap in account development. Therefore, experienced players recommend saving them for completing quests during the promotion period.

The main resources for pumping heroes fall from the Battle Hall, from the Dark Tower, are given out for tasks.

Where and what to spend?

There are several stores in the game. At the start it is very important to understand where and what is sold, what is worth buying and what is not. Many things fall out during the execution of tasks, passing the Battle Hall or the Dark Tower. Therefore, we decided to give recommendations to experienced players about what and where to buy, so that a beginner does not spend precious diamonds and coins. We will also talk a little about the buildings themselves and why they are needed.

Arena. This building is necessary to raise the player rating on the server. There are 3 tests here:

  1. Champions League - tickets to compete in the Arena or for completing missions are required to play in the Arena.The attacking formation loses if it cannot defeat the Defending formation within the allotted time.
  2. Elite Tests - Events in this type of battle take place once a week. In this test is the store. It is always available.
  3. Team Challenges - Available from player level 60. Here you need to set 3 teams. The results of the battle are summed up on the basis of 3 calls.

In each of them, players fight with the heroes of real players. Each gamer puts his team to the Arena. During the day, other players may attack it, or the gamer himself may attack someone.

Here in the Arena store the player should be interested in elite tokens, it is also worth buying sources of life and leaves (they are needed for exchanging 4 and 5 star heroes). Items in the store are bought for Arena winners tokens.

Tavern. Missions are completed here. The event takes 30 days, at the end of which the results are reset. Every day the player is given several quests to complete. At the start, you can take on any task. In the later stages of the game, it is recommended that you first pick up missions from 4 to 7 stars. The remaining tasks can be done selectively if the reward is good, and high quests are closed.

On each mission you need to put a specific hero (which is necessary for the quest). Heroes are chosen by race and specialization. The same character cannot be sent to 2 missions.

Daily missions are limited. Players with a VIP level (it is bought only for real money) can perform more tasks than regular players. To upgrade missions, diamonds are used.

Missions can be obtained from the tavern mission scrolls. They are also updated once a day. You can use diamonds to expedite the mission.

Dark tower. At the very beginning of the game, it is important to go through all the rooms in it. The tower has a lot of floors. It is necessary to pass it as far as possible until the heroes of the team die. Then raise their level and storm her again.

Each floor has its own reward, which improves with each new tier. Here soul stones are extracted, which are necessary when increasing the level of the character. For each floor, coins are given.

At level 70, the "Assault" opens, which can be used once every 48 hours. The player’s team quickly runs through all floors completed. For this, the heroes receive many prizes.

Altar of heroes. Here you can exchange unnecessary heroes for resources and get Tears of the soul. For tears in the Altar store, you can purchase some items and heroes. You can merge, without thinking, all the heroes of 1 - 2 stars. Characters with 3 stars will come in handy for raising 4 star champions by 5 stars. At a later stage in the game, 3-star heroes also become unnecessary.

For heroes of 3 stars and above, tears of the soul are given. Heroes with 4 stars can then also be sprayed if there are 4 copies of each race and specialization. They will be needed to translate from 5 to 6 stars.

But tears are recommended to be kept. Every few months, developers hold events in which for the tears of the soul you can buy (for 5500 - 6000 pieces) a very cool TOP character. Often give heroes from the most powerful races of Light and Darkness.

1 tab in the Altar store is food for other heroes. Naturally, it makes no sense to buy it. In rare cases, it can be acquired if there is not enough to develop a good character.

2 tab - you can purchase the last 4 heroes. But in order to buy them, the player must understand why he does it.For example, the Lord of the Abyss very often falls in missions and buildings. You can buy a Dragon Hunter (to freeze, he will help at the start of the game). Paladin can be taken easily (one of the TOP characters of the Light).The Dark Prince - TOP of the Punishers (must be taken). The Infernal Guardsman is a control from Darkness.Other heroes often fall out.

Phantom Rift. Opens from level 80. The fault is completed by 1 race, each mission. In order to close the entire circle, you must go through all the races of 6 quests.

Experienced players recommend leaving good champions from each race to pass the rift.

2 types of resources drop out here:

  1. Elite - you can buy characters of Light and Darkness on it. But accumulating on them is very difficult. They cost 12,000 elite Rift coins.
  2. Normal - you can purchase fragments of elite characters for 6000 Rift coins.

Burning hike. This is a quest that is available from level 40. Heroes participating in the campaign must also have level 40 or higher. At the beginning of the campaign, a team of characters is selected, which must pass 15 adventures. For the passage of certain stories give an additional reward.

For victory in each adventure, Medals of Glory are given, which can be exchanged for certain items and heroes in the Campaign store. But it is recommended to spend medals only on Magic crystals (material for unlocking and improving grimoires). In the late game, you can buy rune coins. Here lies 2 Void Lord, but it is better not to save 45K.

Ancient ruins. Here you need to complete the levels. The floors are similar to the Battle Hall and the Dark Tower. In the store you can buy interesting items for diamonds or real money.

The magic spring. Here you need to turn the wheel 2 times a day (for daily tasks). The remaining chips are recommended to be reserved for the event. For each roulette activation, 10 luck tokens are given. Characters are sold in the Rodnik’s store, but they are suitable only for food (if necessary), all other items fall out in adventures, you do not need to buy them.

Tree of the world. Here you can exchange sources of life for fragments of a certain race. But during events it is more correct to do this, because during the event additional good prizes are given for the exchange. Here you can exchange heroes who do not suit the player for random characters of the same race.

Hall of Calls. In this building, a player can summon new characters for free or for a certain resource. There are 3 types of call:

  1. The main one - once a day there is 1 attempt to get one hero for free. They can also be purchased with Summon Scrolls. The main call gives characters 1 - 5 stars.
  2. Highest appeal - gives heroes 3 - 5 stars. Champions can be called up for diamonds or for High Summon Scrolls. It is better to use scrolls during the event.
  3. Friendly - you can get 2 - 5 star characters for hearts of friendship (you need to exchange with friends).

Market. It sells a variety of necessary items. At the start there is a great desire to buy everything. But this is not worth doing. Let’s see what experienced players recommend buying:

  1. Sand of time - material for updating the crystal in the equipment of characters. Spending crystals on it is not required. Sand often falls out.
  2. Rare Summon Scroll - not worth buying in the market.
  3. Epic Token - periodically worth buying, but not always.
  4. Leaves - you can buy, but not fanatically.
  5. The source of life is to buy first.
  6. Magic token - buy secondarily.
  7. Arena ticket - buy in the third turn.
The most important thing newcomers often pierce on is updating all stores and the market. After the player clicks on the "Update" button, having paid a round sum of game currency, the assortment will not be new. Previously acquired positions will simply be available for purchase. Therefore, if the player does not need a previously purchased item, it is not worth updating the shops.


The sooner a player enters a guild, the more useful it will get. For example, only in the guild there is an Academy in which the player can increase the main parameters of the heroes.

The guild should choose the one in which there are active players. At the same time, it should be average on the server. The TOPs closed many events, and there is nothing for the newcomer to such a guild to do. When a player develops well with time, he will be called to any guild. But at the start, you should not run after the engine.

There is one wonderful resource in the guild - these are guild coins for which science is studied. For coins, you can buy pieces of equipment, equipment itself and heroes in the guild’s store.

Academy. Spending guild coins is recommended only at the Academy, pumping characters according to specifications. You should go to the Academy, choose the necessary profession. Then gradually you need to pump the characteristics.

It is not necessary to spend all the guild coins here immediately. You should wait until the formation of the main team of the player is formed. For example, there will be 2 war and 3 rangers in it. Then you need to start pumping the rangers first.

Each skill enhances the characteristics of this specialization. These bonuses are saved for the rest of the game, even if the player decides to change the guild. Abilities are added before the battle to all the heroes of the pumped profession. 1 time each specialization can be reset for free. Next, you will need to pay a certain amount of guild coins.

Development. Guilds should be developed. It is recommended to rock the mine, beat the guild boss daily. It is necessary to feed the Tree of Life, which gives certain rewards. But progress and bonuses from the Tree will not be transferred to the new guild.

There is a button "Mark" at the entrance to the guild window. It should be noted daily, thereby showing that the player entered the guild and did not disappear.

Trials of Heroes: What is the best way to download Heroes?

At the start, the player will receive some kind of hero 4 - 5 stars. In the hero’s menu for game coins, it is necessary to increase the level of the hero until he reaches the maximum level. On 4 stars - this is level 80, on 5 stars - 100. In order for the hero to increase the level, then he should increase his stardom in the Portal of the hero.

To increase the level, the character will need a certain amount of coins and fragments of the soul (they are mined mainly in the Battle Hall). To increase the stardom of 4 - 5 - 6 stars, you need to go to the Heroes Portal, then the necessary race and the desired hero are selected.

The selected character will be displayed on the left side of the window, and a recipe for increasing stardom will appear under it:

  1. For 4 stars , you need 4 copies of the hero of interest, 4 copies of a specific hero of 3 stars and 4 copies of any heroes of 4 stars of this race. After the player collects the necessary ingredients, it will be possible to transfer the hero to 5 stars.
  2. To go to 6 stars, you need 2 copies of the selected hero, 1 hero by prescription and 3 copies of any heroes 5 stars of this race.

At the very beginning of the game, gamers will be given 5 star Exorcists. Then the player will receive a 5 star copy of the Banshee (it is in the recipe). It remains to find 3 any heroes of Demons and 1 Exorcist.

Experienced players advise you to wait for the Call event to merge all the orbs (sources of life) into the Demon race, so that the Exorcist falls.

In the first stages of the game, 6 stars will be difficult to get. At the start, you can mix any hero with 6 stars. The game has completely unsuitable heroes who should not be raised above 6 stars. But they will come in handy for food to raise stardom for good heroes.

7 stars and above. The translation of the hero to 7 stars and above occurs in the hero’s menu. You must go to the menu "Heroes" from the main window of the game, then you should select the desired hero. Next, go to 3 tab in the character settings. There is a recipe with which the player will increase the stardom of his champion. To transfer, you need 4 any character of this race 5 stars. For 8 stars - it will take 1 hero 6 stars and 3 heroes for 5 stars.

Therefore, if a player has pumped a weak character by 6 stars, it’s not scary. It will come in handy to increase stardom to another TOP hero.

We have prepared for our readers information about who should swing more than 6 stars and who not. We do this so that the player does not spend resources on pumping a knowingly weak hero. Heroes who are not in the table do not swing above 5 stars.

Race Punisher:

HeroesMaximum Stars
Frost dragon9
Steel Wolf6
Dark Princethirteen
Org Shooter6
Storm Hammer5
Ottin6 ceiling
Phantom Archmage6
The whisper of deaththirteen
Frosty Gorillathirteen

Human Race:

HeroesMaximum Stars
Black Castellan6
Dragon hunter9
Storm Prince6, then according to the situation.
Phantom Assassinthirteen
Storm guardsman9
Light guard6
Royal defender9

Race Demons

HeroesMaximum Stars
Sand king9
Abyss Worm6
Infernal Cerberus6
Lord of the Abyssthirteen
Fiery Duke9
Skeleton queen6, further according to circumstances.
Eye of the Banshee6
Lava turtle6
Exorcistfeel free to 9 (he won’t rise longer).

Race of the Darkness

HeroesMaximum Stars
Elf Hunterthirteen
Mountain giant9
Phantom Assassin6
Queen of spiders6
Murloc Guardsman6
Naga siren6
Thicket prophet6
Ancient spiritthirteen
Masked ninjathirteen

Races of Darkness and Light. The heroes of these races get very hard, but they also have characters who will go to feed others.

HeroesMaximum Stars
Hell Guardsman9
Ax Masterthirteen
Dark shaman6
Light Rangerthirteen

Trials of Heroes: Game Event Guide

Every week in the game go out.

An event is a certain event in which some mandatory requirements are laid down. They pass a limited period of time. By participating in events, you can get a good impetus in the development of your account and characters, the maximum benefit in the game. Three key events can be distinguished:

  1. Spring of Soul.
  2. Supreme call.
  3. Call of the Tree of Peace.

These are weekly events that appear 1 time every month. There are a wide variety of events. Monthly periods are constantly passing:

  1. Event in the tavern.
  2. Event at the Arena.

Tree of Peace

During this event, it is necessary to make calls in the Tree of Peace for the sources of life (orbs). Closed event - means to get the maximum prize. To do this, you need to spend 80 orbs. To accumulate them in a month will have to try. Spending this resource is necessary only during the event and only on it.

For the call during the event, additional good prizes are given, which are difficult to get in other places. Closing the event, you can get 5 star TOP hero and 10 sacred emblems (they are necessary for exchanging heroes of 7 and above stars in the Call Hall).

Where to get the sources of life? You can get them from other events, buy them at the Market (once a day 1 piece opens for 500 diamonds). Can be obtained from Ancient Ruins, in the Tavern for completing missions.During the event, they give 1 orb (as a result, there will be 7 pieces). In the first days it will be given in bonuses for increasing the level of the player. Buy for real money in special offers. When buying a VIP.

Leaves. By making a call for sources of life, the player will receive leaves (Blessings). In the Tree of Peace, you can exchange one hero for another hero of the same race for the leaves. A new hero drops out randomly (a very weak hero may fall out). You can change the hero starting with 4 stars. Leaves can be bought at the Market and in the Arena store.

Sacred emblems - the change of heroes from 7 stars and above occurs in the Tree of Peace. For emblems, you can change an unnecessary character to a specific (what the player wants) of the same race. To do this, you must have a certain number of heroes 5 stars of the same race and a certain number of emblems.

During the event, it is recommended to invest the orbs in one race in order to get the desired hero (thus, the chance increases). If the player will change often to change races, then the chance of losing a valued character is reduced.

Magic spring

In order to get the maximum reward, you need to scroll roulette in the Spring of the Soul 240 times (after spending 240 chips). You can update items in roulette for free until an interesting hero appears.

Free update of the spring store - 1 time per day. But in the player’s store, only the character should be interested.Other things can be easily obtained from other places. The best characters are hard to find, but you can buy the missing food.

Where can I get chips? They can be obtained for entering the game, for completing missions. At 72 level, the Ancient Ruins building will open. Chips are mostly taken from these ruins.

It is recommended that the Ancient Ruins go as far away as possible.

In the Magic Mine, events take place at the Pegasus Spring every few months. He needs his chips (they are taken in the same places). Therefore, it is recommended to leave elite chips and wait for the event.

Supreme call

To get the maximum reward, you need to accumulate 500 rare Summon scrolls (you will have to save 2 - 3 months if you do not invest real money). In this regard, this is the most expensive event.

By summoning 500 heroes in the Summoning Hall, the player will receive 15 Holy emblems. These emblems can be purchased at the sacred store at the event. They can be spent on cool heroes or parts of equipment. At the start of the game, it is better to choose TOP heroes. After all, an artifact does not work without characters.

For each call, the player receives call points, which fill the scale at the top of the Call Hall window. If the gamer has VIP3, then you can get for filling the champion’s scale 5 stars. To get VIP status you need to make real money.

Other events

There are events that appear together with the main ones:

  1. The exchange of heroes is an event in which it is possible to exchange heroes for Tears of the soul. Tears are obtained by spraying 3 star and higher characters in the Altar of Heroes.
  2. Tavern event - lasts 1 month, after which all results are reset. Daily tasks are given that must be completed.
  3. Arena events - last 1 month, after which the results are reset. According to the results of the rating, players receive rewards. The higher the player’s position in the ranking, the steeper the prize.
  4. Mixing events - heroes should be merged and developed. Reaching the necessary indicators in the event, the player will receive pleasant bonuses and rewards.
  5. Bonus for Login - you must enter the game daily and get nice gifts for it.

Wise Geek’s Secrets and Tips

How to get VIP for free? No way.VIP status points are awarded only for purchases for real money. If the player really liked the game, and he wants to be in it for a long time, then you should get VIP3, as a thank you to the developers for interesting content.

How to get talent points? Talent points are given to a hero who received 10 stars. In the future, for each star, the character is given 1 talent point. On 10 stars, he will have the opportunity to open 1 of 2 abilities. Thus, up to 13 stars, a player will be able to discover 3 talents and receive 1 most interesting talent on a 13 star.

What is the best way to play? Of course, there can be no special recommendations. But in order for the player to get the maximum benefit for himself, it is necessary to enter the game daily, collect all bonuses, complete daily tasks. You should try to constantly participate in events for which you can get the most useful items in the game, develop an account and your heroes. It is necessary to go through all the Dungeons and the Dark Tower to the maximum.

How to activate VIP? To activate the VIP status, you need to score the required number of points that are given when buying some items from the store for real money. As soon as the player collects the required number of points, VIP1 will be available to him. The status bar can be viewed under the player’s avatar in the upper left corner.

Author of the article: Evgenia G.