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Ultimate Ninja Blazing (Naruto) WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

ULTIMATE NINJA BLAZING (NARUTO) is an Android game with release date 08/29/2016 from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Game genre: Action. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. TOP Best Characters (Tier List)
  2. Battle Tips
  3. Game Modes
  4. Character Guide
  5. Data Recovery Tips
  6. Game in another language

Ultimate Ninja Blazing: TOP Best Characters (Tier List)

Jiraiya - Way of the Ninja:

Naruto Uzumaki - Unshakeable Will:

Choji Akimichi - A Life Bet on Two Wings (Bet on life on two wings):

Sasuke Uchiha - Ready for the Curse Mark:

Rock Lee - The Eight Gates (Eight Gates):

Kakashi Hatake - Unique Eyes Blooming (Unique blooming eyes):

Deidara - Ephemeral Art:

Gaara - Protector of the Sands:

Madara Uchiha - The Most Vicious Man:

Naruto Uzumaki - Nine Tails’ Shroud:

The coolest characters in the game are 6 star and 6+ star heroes. They can be obtained from the Summon from the PvP showcase (section). But the most powerful wars come across during a special event - the Festival, which takes place once a month.

Ultimate Ninja Blazing: Battle Tips

In the game, all battles are the same. Therefore, our advice applies to all game modes. Some modes differ from others in the elements of warriors that are required for a match. Character elements are not only a class of heroes, but also a system of domination on the battlefield:

  1. Heart (heart / red) - these heroes will deal more damage to warriors belonging to the green element (125% damage). But they will do less damage to blue heroes (75%).
  2. Skill (skill / green) - These fighters dominate the blue element, and weaker than the red heroes.
  3. Body (body / blue) - heroes are strong over red and weak against green elements.
  4. Bravery (bravery / yellow) - warriors dominate purple heroes, and deal 100% damage to the first 3 elements. Similarly, the warriors of these classes will deal 100% damage on yellow.
  5. Wisdom (wisdom / purple) - on yellows do 125% damage, on other elements - 100%.
The dominance system must be taken into account when selecting a team for the required activity or in the PvP arena. It is recommended to always choose dominant classes.

After choosing the game mode, you can read the basic information about the battle, see the opponents (after reading, you can change the warriors if your squad is weak against rivals).

In the match, the team of heroes is divided into 2 parts, 3 each war. Parts of the detachment enter the battlefield in turn. The hero who will be walking is highlighted with a blue circle. This fighter can move around the arena in any direction. The hero should be brought to the opponents. The attack will be made on an enemy that falls into the area of the circle.

If a warrior has massive damage, then it is recommended, if the diameter of the circle allows, to place the circle so that all opponents fall into it. If an ally falls within the radius of the circle, then both warriors can hit.

During the battle, you can change a warrior from the active part of the group to a hero from 2 parts of the team who are waiting for their turn.

Skills. To hit the active and ultimate abilities of the character, you need to wait until the skill bar is full. At the moment when the active skill scale is filled, a yellow aura will glow above the fighter’s icon. The ultimate will have a red aura.

Synchronization skills are skills that can adjust the status of fighters along with granting them special effects once the front row unit combination requirements (first part of the team) are met. To activate the sync skill, there must be three heroes in the first row that have the same item, range, or affiliation. The effect of the synchronization skill applies only to the character who has it, and not to all warriors in battle.

Synchronization types:

Sync Skill Effects:

Synchronization skills are recommended to be considered when choosing a team.

Ultimate Ninja Blazing: Game Modes

All game activities are located at the bottom of the main screen, you can scroll through them using the arrows. There are 6 modes in total:

  1. Story & Gaiden is the main company (based on the Naruto anime) and side missions. For the passage you will receive ordinary characters and gems (a rare game currency that can be bought for real money).
  2. Emergency mission - for completing tasks, you will receive characters, ramen (to increase the experience of the heroes), scrolls (to increase stardom) and frogs as a reward, which you can sell and get in-game money. Each mission has a picture of what you will receive as a reward. You will also receive gems for passing.
  3. Trial mission - in these quests, crystals are earned to break through the heroes, as well as special points that can be exchanged for resources in the store.
  4. Phantom Castle is a tower with 100 floors. On each floor, a team of monsters awaits you, the strength of which increases with each stage. Here you get materials for pumping warriors.
  5. Ninja Road - you need to collect 3 teams of 6 fighters each. These groups must complete all stages of the competition at one time. After passing one stage, characters cannot be changed to others or the wounded cannot be cured. At each stage, an unpleasant surprise awaits you in the form of gases, reduced attack, chakras, poisons and other meannesses.
  6. Ninja World is a PvP arena where 2 players meet on the battlefield. The battle takes place in real time.

At the start of the game, it is not recommended to enter the PvP Arena, as you need to first upgrade your team of characters and learn the mechanics of battles.

Opening times for Daily Missions:

Day of weekMaterialsOpening time
SundayHeart Scrolls + Heart Ramen8:00 Sunday to 7:59 Monday
MondaySkill Scrolls + Skill Ramen8:00 Monday to 7:59 Tuesday
TuesdayBody Scrolls + Body RamenTuesday 8:00 am to Wednesday 7:59 am
WednesdayScrolls of Bravery + Ramen of Bravery08:00 Wednesday to 07:59 Thursday
ThursdayScrolls of Wisdom + Ramen of Wisdom8:00 Thursday to 7:59 Friday
FridayAll scrollsFrom Friday 8:00 am to Saturday 7:59 am
SaturdayAll ramenFrom 8:00 Saturday to 7:59 Sunday

Time to open the mission Getting Rich Quick! (Got rich quick):

Day of weekOpening time
Sunday10: 00-12: 59
Monday15: 00-17: 59
Tuesday20: 00-22: 59
Wednesday00: 00-02: 59
Thursday05: 00-07: 59
WeekendFrom 08:00 Friday to 07:59 Sunday

Ultimate Ninja Blazing: Character Guide

Heroes are divided by stars, which determine the strength of the fighter and his usefulness in the team. Characters can be obtained:

Leveling is done in several steps in the Teams menu. You can enter it through the main screen (the icon is located on the bottom panel). You can also open the pumping through the Character List (List of heroes) or Materials List (List of materials). Having selected the required character or resource, you need to click on it and go to the appropriate section.

Pumping methods:

  1. Enhance - in this section you can increase the experience, and accordingly the level of your fighter. You can use other characters to progress. But it’s better to use ramen. Each class has its own ramen. You can identify them by the color of the element.
  2. Awaren (awakening) - in this menu you can increase the stardom of the characters. Scrolls are required for this operation. To increase stardom, you first need to pump a warrior to the maximum level.
  3. Blazing Awakening (blazing awakening) - having collected the appropriate materials (in the photo), you can change the combat orientation of the war (transfer it from PvE to PvP or vice versa). To find out what the hero is focused on, you should pay attention to the asterisk in the lower left corner of the icon in the Character List. If the star is yellow, then the fighter is more suitable for PvP activities, red - for PvE. With a change in direction, war passive skills and characteristics may change.

You can increase the rarity of materials for pumping. This requires 6 pieces of a resource of the same rarity. All items for pumping are obtained in daily missions.

Limit break

Limit Break is another way to develop your heroes. The function makes it possible to increase experience from 100 to 150 levels, not available to all characters. Warriors with this characteristic can be obtained in the Challenge in the Limit Break Summon section.

Crystals for Limit Break are bought in the Trial Coins tab, and they can also be obtained for completing the Trial Mission. Quests are solo, and these are not the easiest battles, so you need to try hard. The difficulty depends on the category you choose.

In the battle, you should take cards with Limit Break, then you will receive more breakout crystals for victory. It is advised to go through battles with dominant heroes so that the damage is higher.

Each character class has its own breakthrough crystals, missions in adventures are distributed by elements (colors). Shards for characters obtained during the Festival are obtained from the Ninja Trial in the Limited Ninja Trial activity. Before the battle, a walkthrough guide is given, which is advised to read.

Ultimate is another way to develop your hero. It can be completed if all of the indicators below are pumped to the maximum:

  1. Passive skills.
  2. Luck.
  3. Cost.
  4. Health.
  5. Strength.
  6. Limit Break (level 150).

When you fulfill all the conditions, then the inscription Ultimate will appear on the hero’s icon. Passive Skills, Luck, and Cost are increased by Acquisition Stone, which can be obtained for 6 Stone Shards. Shards can be bought at Shope.

Ultimate Ninja Blazing: Data Recovery Tips

If you have uninstalled the application from your device, then with a new installation, you should use the Data transfer function.

If you do not remember your identification number and data transfer code, it will be impossible to restore progress.

To receive the Data transmission code, enter the "Other" menu, then go to the "Data transmission" section, and confirm your data transmission code. It is also highly recommended to keep the ID and Data Transfer Code. If you lose them, then the restoration of progress will be impossible.

On a new device (or after reinstalling the game), you need to enter the ID and code that you saved.

Developer recommendations:

  1. Use only the built-in Data Transfer function. The administration does not advise other methods of performing the operation, for example, backing up data from your computer.
  2. As soon as the data transfer is completed to your new device, you will not be able to use your account on the old gadget.
  3. Please note that you cannot transfer your account between different operating systems.
  4. You should not disclose information about the transfer of data to third parties.

Ultimate Ninja Blazing: Game in another language

Translation on a mobile phone. If you are playing on a mobile device, we recommend using the Translate to Screen app (from Dictionary & Translate), which will translate all the text on the screen. To translate, you need to select the necessary fragment, after which the program will perform the translation. In this case, it is not necessary to set the language in the settings, the system itself recognizes the text and translates into the language that you select during the translation process. This application has over 100 languages in the library. There are many other translators out there, but we only recommend those that have been personally verified.

Computer translation. If you want to play on your computer, we recommend the BlueStacks app, which has a built-in translator. It has a library with over 200 languages. The link to the game via the emulator is located at the beginning of the article.

To translate the required text, just hold down the Ctrl + Alt + L key combination at the same time, after which the translation will appear on the screen.

In more detail about the capabilities of the built-in BlueStacks translator, we talked in this article ( https://wisegeek.ru/aad/perevod-igr ).

If, for some reason, you decide to use another emulator, then the translation can be done through Yandex.Translate. To do this, take a screenshot (we recommend the free Lightshot utility). After that, you need to copy the photo and paste it into Yandex.Translate. There are several actions at the top of the page, one of which is a picture. The program selects alphabetic characters in the photo and marks them with highlighting. Next, you should select the necessary fragment for translation. By default, the translator has an automatic text recognition function. Therefore, you can translate from Chinese or English.

Article author: Evgeniya G.