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V4 WiKi: Tips and tricks for passing the game

V4 is a game for android with a release date of 07/22/2020 from the NEXON Company. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. How to create a character?
  2. All Character Classes
  3. Tips for quickly leveling your character
  4. All About PvP Battles
  5. How to upgrade skills and talents?
  6. Tips for Improving Equipment
  7. How can a character get help?
  8. All About Monster Destruction
  9. How to take part in the Server War?
  10. Should I join the Guild?
  11. A beginner’s guide
  12. All About Navigating the Game Universe
  13. How do I know the story of the characters?
  14. Tips for completing tasks
  15. Is it worth playing?

V4: How to create a character?


Beginning of the game. Before you start your journey through the game universe, you need to choose a class and work out the appearance of the character. You can use a random choice of appearance, or completely independently edit the appearance of the character.

Face. Choose your face type, hairstyle and hair color, adjust the color and tone of your skin, eyes and lips. Adjust the position of your cheeks, eyes, jaw, eyebrows, nose and mouth.

Body. Set the proportions for the overall size and head. Adjust the parameters of the upper body by setting the thickness of the shoulder, forearm, girth and chest size. Then change the parameters of the lower body by adjusting the size of the hips and waist, the thickness of the thigh and ankle, and the size of the feet.

The change. In the future, you can change the appearance of your character at any time by using a special item. Open the Boutique tab in the menu, and click the Appearance button to open the change panel. Using the buttons, you can discard all changes made, undo or redo the last one.

Change ticket. To save the appearance settings, you must use one appearance change ticket. You will receive the first ticket at the beginning of the game, the rest can be purchased in the store.


View. Open the Character tab in the menu to go to the study of information about your character. You can rotate the model, zoom in and out to study the appearance.

Characteristics - in the lower left corner, the main indicators of your character will be displayed:

Equipment. You can research the equipped equipment of each category, enhance it, or remove it. You can also click on the View parameters button to get information about all the characteristics of the character and the applied additional effects.

About me. This tab contains information about the character’s game progress. There are only four information items, if you touch the arrow next to them, you will go to the desired game tab:

Development. This tab contains information about the development of all skills and abilities of the character. There are only eleven information elements, if you touch the arrow next to them, you will go to the desired game tab to increase progress:

A bag. This is where all the items earned during the game are stored. Examine the contents of the bag to check for better gear and unopened chests.

Check the contents of the bag more often, as the chests do not automatically open, and in order to get the items you need to open them yourself.


Costumes are items for changing the appearance of the character and improve the characteristics of the character. The costume can be purchased in the store for gems.

Appearance. Each character class has its own costumes. When using the costume, the original equipment of the character will not be displayed, but the applied improvements will take effect.

Paint the suit. You can change the purchased outfit using paint. Select the element of the costume that you want to change, then decide on the color and click Dye. This action can be canceled if you are not satisfied with the result.

You can choose the color from the proposed palette or create it yourself by connecting up to three coloring objects.

Paint. The dye can be purchased at the store, keep in mind that each color also has several shades. Coloring objects do not affect the weight or size of the bag. Some items can be sold at the Trading Post.

V4: All Character Classes

Class. The game features characters of 9 different classes. The class affects the initial characteristics of the character, his appearance, weapons and fighting techniques that will be used in battles with monsters.

You can create several characters of an excellent class and develop them on different servers.

Enchantress. Female character image. Equip yourself with a staff and create magical charges that will grow stronger with each attack and destroy everyone who dares to approach you.

Warrior. Male character image. Put on your plate gauntlets and arm yourself with a huge hammer to inflict devastating damage on enemies who dare to stand in your way.

Assassin. Male character image. Combine a long, two-handed sword with a short one-handed sword and start finding enemy vulnerabilities faster to use them with deadly precision.

Knight. Female character image. Combine your shield and sword with skills that grow stronger during prolonged combat, and impose your will on opponents.

Shooter. Female character image. Shoot with two hands to stun enemies and inflict fatal damage on them.

Thunderbreaker. Female character image. Equip yourself with a unique hybrid of a cannon and an ax to launch powerful attacks that will scatter and stun enemies.

Archer. Female character image. Use your bow to quickly send powerful arrows that fly in unpredictable trajectories, taking enemies by surprise.

Assassin. Male character image. Grab a pair of chained daggers and impale unsuspecting foes with ranged combo attacks.

Virtuoso. A character in the form of a penguin. Use your rapier and magic pistol to unleash punishment on your enemies using many clever techniques.

V4: Tips for quickly leveling your character

Alliance journey. Completing the main quest is very important for character development, as this is the main way to get experience points. Go to the game settings and enable dialogue acceleration to complete quests faster in automatic mode.

Researching monsters. Earn more marks by killing monsters to fully explore the region. The more monsters researched, the higher the characteristics of your character.

Guild. Join strong guilds with high-ranking members to get extra experience points. You can also use the guild shop to buy good gear.

Demon hunt. Destroying Demons will allow you to get epic gear and earn Black Octopus Coins to purchase exclusive items. Go to the game settings and enable autotransformation in the hunter so as not to waste time looking for demons.

Potential. Increase your potential for Valor, Stamina, Insight, and Will. Get rid of unnecessary equipment, free up space in your bag and improve the characteristics of your character.

Equipment. A character’s equipment can significantly increase his characteristics and facilitate the passage of quests. Use tutorials and gold to improve your equipment.

A ghostly abyss. Every day for a limited time, you can enter the ghostly abyss. Use this opportunity to earn scrolls, tutorials and soul shards for character development.

Lunatra. In this region, battles with players from other servers are available. Visit Lunatra every day to earn more experience points and exclusive items.

Presents. Check events, mail, tasks, merit and missions to receive all the rewards and gifts. Events are constantly changing, so check the conditions for receiving free rewards more often.

Items. Use the Rapid Growth Stimulator in order to increase the experience gained by 1500% until you pump your character by 25 levels. You can also use a Potion of Blessing in order to increase the amount of experience gained for a while.

V4: All About PvP Battles

Control. At the bottom of the screen, on the left, there is a joystick that you can use to control the character. On the right are the buttons for applying techniques, their availability depends on the learned skills of the character.

Records of battles. In the PvP section, you can get detailed information about the battles in which you took part. The results and information about the participants for the last 100 battles are indicated.

The battle results are divided into 3 categories:

By using gems, you can activate Retribution and start chasing the user who destroyed you.

PvP battles are available in the following regions:

Rating. This section contains a list of the top 100 players on your server. The ranking is updated every hour, and battle points are reset every Monday at midnight.

Rank. The more points you earn during battles, the higher your rank will be. The receipt of an additional bonus during battles with the enemy depends on it. There are only 3 ranks in the game:

Loss of equipment. After you reach level 56, there will be a chance of losing equipment when recovering. The probability of loss is initially 20%, then the percentage increases with each new level, but does not increase to 100%. Lost equipment can be redeemed from the healer for gold.

V4: How to upgrade skills and talents?

Skills. Each character can learn several skills to improve general characteristics and increase efficiency in battle. You can develop several skills at once.

Skills menu. Here you can find detailed information about the available skills and their properties. You can also change the applied skills, increase their level and open additional effects.

Menu navigation:

Opening. Skills that are currently unavailable to open will be indicated by a lock icon. Once you reach the required game level, they will be unlocked automatically.

Pumping. An increase in the level of skills occurs after you collect the specified number of textbooks to learn a skill and improve its characteristics. In order to get a new skill level, you need to spend gold.

Activation. You can choose the skills to be used during the automatic combat mode. If the Off icon is displayed next to a skill, then this skill will not be used during the battle.

Passive skills. Effects are implemented immediately after they are unlocked. Such skills can increase a certain characteristic of the character, or be used when performing a certain action, for example, dodging, parrying or hitting.

Active skills. Used after equipping to activate special effects. Such skills correspond to their character and are subdivided into:

The characterEquipped skills
EnchantressFocus skill activation.
WarriorStrength skill activation.
AssassinActivation of the Endurance skill.
KnightSoul skill activation.
ShooterActivating the skill of Determination and Mana.
The characterChain Skills
EnchantressUses Focus and Mana to perform other skills.
WarriorSkills change when using Flash.
AssassinUses Stamina and Mana to perform other skills.
KnightSkills change when using a unique skill.
The characterUnique skills
EnchantressKindle flames - activated after using 5 spells. Chain magic - activates the character’s chain skills.
WarriorEnergy - activated after filling the energy scale and activates special effects and chain skills.
AssassinAttack - activates after unlocking skills and quickly attacks the enemy.
KnightSpirituality - activated after filling the soul scale and activates special effects and chain skills.

Talents. Through the menu, go to the Talents tab to see the available positions or increase the level of the learned talents. With the help of talents, you can improve the characteristics of your character and activate additional special effects.

Level up. Talents have their own special effects, to unlock them you need special talent points. Each talent can be improved up to level 3 also with the help of talent points. As soon as the requirements for increasing the talent level are met, a special button is activated.

Talent points. You can get your first talent point after reaching level 51. Further, after each level up, you will receive one more talent point.

Reset. A special function of the game for the redistribution of talent points. You can return all spent talent points and choose new talents for your character.

V4: Tips for Improving Equipment

Scrolls and books

Scrolls. To increase the characteristics of the weapons and equipment used and to obtain additional effects, it is necessary to use special enhancement scrolls. There are enhancement scrolls specifically for weapons, equipment, accessories, cloaks, and artifacts.

Mechanisms. To upgrade your equipment, select the required mechanism and scroll through it to try your luck. Each type of equipment can be improved after overcoming the guaranteed improvement stage.

EquipmentGuaranteed improvement stage
Primary weaponSuccessful improvement guaranteed up to +5 points
Additional weapon
BeltSuccessful improvement guaranteed up to +2 units

Magic improvement. Magic enchantments allow you to further improve the character’s equipment. To use the enchantment, you need special spellbooks and gold.

Spell books. You can purchase this special item in the Haunted Abyss. You can also get books of spells as a reward for participating in events and achievements.

Result. After applying a magical enchantment, a certain characteristic of equipment will be improved depending on its type and class. Below is a table showing the statistics for improving equipment.

Primary weapon - ATK10-6020-16030-28040-450
Secondary weapon - ACC20-12050-30060-50070-700
Outerwear - DEF20-10050-26090-450100-700
Gloves - Attack SPD0.5-1.5%1.5-4%3-6%4-10%
Shoes - EVD40-20050-30060-50070-650
Cloak - DEF20-9040-25080-40090-600
Belt - HP30-15080-400100-700200-1000
Necklace - Crit Hit40-20050-30060-50070-650
Earrings - Crit Hit25-15030-45065-600100-750
Ring - ATK-20-250--


Abilities. After reaching level 55, you can assign a certain special effect to the weapon. To do this, you must use special Ability Stones.

Anchoring. Choose the right weapon and ability stone, study the information about the assigned ability and its characteristics. The ability stone can only be removed for gold, so if everything suits you, click the Imprint button.

When you attach a new ability to a weapon that has already undergone this procedure, the original ability will disappear.

Ability stone. You can get the stones of the ability during the hunt, after finding the additional weapon Siphoning. To do this, go to the Workshop tab and go to the Equipment Abilities section. Extraction is successful with a certain probability, so it is quite difficult to obtain a stone of ability.

Soul stones are special items that you can equip your weapons and equipment with. You can equip only rare, epic and legendary character equipment.

EquipmentSoul stoneEffect
Primary weaponAgilityIncreases indicators of attack, critical damage and resistance.
Additional weaponProtectionIncreases the indicators of reflection and parrying of an attack.
OuterwearForceIncreases attack and maximum capacity.
GlovesFocusIncreases critical damage and mana.
FootwearEnergyIncreases health and energy indicators.

Slots. The number of slots for placing soul stones increases depending on the class of equipment. For rare, there is 1 slot, for epic - 2, for legendary - 3.

Equipment. Select the soul stone you want to use and place it in an empty slot. By clicking on the minus icon, you can free the slot and place another soul stone or swap them.

Pumping. With the help of soul shards or other stones, you can increase the level of the used soul stone. Each soul stone can be upgraded to level 20 for each equipment class. After reaching level 20, you can increase the class of the stone.


A set of items . Open the Item Set tab in the menu to proceed to registering your collection. Each set of items collected will increase the characteristics of your character. The progress of collecting items is saved for each of your characters separately.

Check in. When an item is available for registration, a green icon appears next to it in the upper right corner. After registration, the magic and abilities applied to the equipment will be removed. The item itself will also be removed from the bag and sent to the collection.

Equipment equipped with soul stones cannot be registered.

Replacement. If you have a lot of the same equipment, you can look at the replacement list to use it to register in other sets. When such an opportunity is available next to an item, a special icon appears in the lower right corner.


Potential. After reaching level 10, you will have the opportunity to reach your potential and become much stronger. Click the Potential tab on the menu to go to the control panel.

Disclosure. To increase the characteristics of the character and reveal his potential, it is necessary to use unnecessary equipment. Choose the equipment you want to use from the menu on the right and add it to the slot under the potential, pay gold coins and increase the potential level.

There are 4 potentials available for disclosure:

V4: How can a character get help?

Companions are special assistants with which you can perform a number of actions in the game. Open the Companions tab in the menu, select a suitable character and click Send at the bottom of the screen to move the companion to the desired region for the action.

History. Complete story missions to collect all the companions in each episode. For each new companion, you will receive resources and items, so if you collect the entire collection, then you will receive a generous reward.

Watch the video with the life story of companions for additional characteristics and rewards.

The presence effect. By acquiring a new companion, your character increases his characteristics. For example, Evelyn increases the critical strike chance by 25, and Millia’s character defense by 25.

The skills of companions significantly affect the characteristics of your character, therefore, the more companions you have, the stronger you are.

Actions. Companions have the ability to perform certain actions, depending on the type and class. By clicking on a satellite in the list on the right, you can see what kind of action is available to it. By sending a companion on a mission, you can save time and not perform simple routine tasks.

Hunting. Companions can hunt on your behalf in any region. Hunting time, available hunting spots and results depend on the class of the companion. Sometimes while hunting, companions manage to find unusual items for you.

Collection. Companions can search for items for you to improve equipment and pump skills. Pickup locations are available depending on the class of your companion.

Be sure to use companions to search for items, it is much more efficient than collecting yourself.

Conquest. You can send your companion to conquer a region regardless of its location. However, the companion will take longer to conquer than your PC. You cannot conquer a region at the same time as a companion.

Pets. Open the Pets tab in the menu to go to the control panel. The list of available and unopened pets is displayed on the right. If the pet is already open, you can study its characteristics and additional effects.

Challenge effect. Each pet will benefit your character when summoned. For example, Dumog increases the amount of experience points gained by 40% and gives you an additional 45 points of protection.

Horse. Click the Mounts tab in the menu to go to the control panel. On the right, a list of available and unopened mounts is displayed. If the mount is already open, you can study its characteristics and additional effects.

Check in. Before your character starts riding a horse, you need to register him. Click on the Select Mount button in the lower right corner to use your mount at any time outside of battle.

Effects. Each mount will benefit your character upon registration. For example, War Lion increases the critical strike chance by 5% and increases the maximum bag weight to 450.

V4: All About Monster Destruction


Bosses of the region. The strongest monsters in the region appear on the server at a certain time. To destroy the boss, large-scale campaigns are organized with the participation of up to 300 players.

Time of appearance. Open the Boss tab in the menu to go to the list of bosses in the region. The description for each boss indicates his time of appearance on the server and the recommended combat strength of the character to participate in the elimination. After the boss appears, you will see a flashing red icon on the minimap.

Reward. Receiving a reward for destroying a boss will depend on the personal contribution of each player to the fight against the monster. The more actively you play, the more likely you will receive rare and epic items.

World boss. Competition between players from different servers to destroy the world boss. The members of the winning server will receive the buff until the next world boss hunt.

Participation. Applications for participation in the expedition can be submitted starting Wednesday. The rating is reset at regular intervals, and participants are approved on Saturday at 12:00 Moscow time. For the expedition, 50 players with the highest combat power indicators are selected.

You can take part in the server competition only after reaching level 70.

Liquidation. The battle with the world boss takes place on a special area, where all members of the expedition will be transferred. After the start of the battle, 5 named monsters will appear, and after 3 minutes a world boss.

All monsters must be eliminated within 60 minutes. If you are destroyed during a battle, all your contributions to the battle will be canceled.

If you joined the expedition, but did not take part in the liquidation, you will be subject to penalties.

Monster Research

Study. When you destroy a monster, you get special marks. Obtaining such tags allows you to conduct research on monsters and earn rewards.

Level. There are five levels of exploration for each monster. You can get a reward for each level reached; for this, you need to spend the specified number of tags.

The higher the level, the more marks are required for research. You can research the monster gradually, setting the number of tags you want to use, or spend all the tags at once and reach the maximum possible level.

Status. Each region has its own monsters that you can explore. The number of studies carried out determines the status of the region’s study. The higher the percentage, the closer you are to receiving the reward. Up to 5 additional rewards can be earned for exploring each region.

Exchange. After you have researched a monster up to level 5, you can exchange the remaining tags for hunting tokens. To do this, you need to find a tag merchant in the camp and make a deal.

Hunt Tokens can be used to buy chests marked with other monsters to complete the exploration of the region faster.

Demon hunt

Demons are a special kind of monsters in the game universe. Conquering demons will allow you to gain additional experience and earn resources to fix the demonic stone.

Detection. Open the Demons tab in the menu to go to the world map. Choose a single detection, or the maximum available. Once the demons are discovered, you can begin your conquest.

Batra Maan. To find the demon in the region, you need to spend Batra-Maan. To get it, you need to complete the Alliance Travel quests. You can also purchase Batra-Maan in the store.

Destruction. Before you can meet the named demon of the region, you need to defeat several waves of ordinary demons. Only after the region is cleared will the demon that you started hunting appear.

Energy. After reaching level 9, you will be able to transform into a demon hunter, destroying monsters and collecting their energy. Energy tainted by darkness will slowly accumulate as the monsters are destroyed.

Transformation. When the energy is at maximum, click on the icon to the left of the health bar to transform. After that, you will become a demon hunter and will be able to fight them.


Demon stone. You can lock in the power of the demonic stone to strengthen the character. Open the Fixation tab in the menu to navigate to the demonic tablets.

Tablets. There are 8 demonic tablets in total. Each of them is divided into 4 sectors with 3 parts of the demonic stone. To the right of the tablets is all the information about the influence of stones on the characteristics of the character.

Strengthen all parts evenly so that each indicator of the character’s characteristic develops.

Fixation. Select a piece of demon stone and press Fix to level up. Fixation stones and gold are used for fixation. Each tablet has its own maximum level of demonic stones improvement. Auto-fixing allows you to automatically evenly distribute all available stones between the parts.

V4: How to take part in the Server War?

Server Warfare is a competition between 2-3 randomly selected servers. The task is to earn as many points as possible through the joint efforts of server users by killing monsters and other players.

Participation. Battles take place between players with a rank from 1 to 100 and players with a rank from 100 to 200. As soon as the registration period for participation in the war begins, a special icon will appear on the screen and you can apply.

If you applied, but did not participate in the server war, you will be subject to penalties.

Battle. The battle between server players takes place on a special area, where all participants will be transferred. Each server will be assigned different letters and colors so that you can spot an enemy server player.

If you are killed during a server war, your contribution will not be canceled, you will be reborn with 100% health.

Victory. The server wins, the participants of which will be the first to collect the specified number of points. If no server reaches the set value, then the one with the most points wins.

Reward. Receiving a reward for winning / participating in a server war will depend on the personal contribution of each player. The more actively you play, the more likely you will receive rare and epic items.

Ways to earn points during a server war:

V4: Should I join the Guild?

Guild. Become a member of a guild to benefit from the help of allies, gain benefits and access to exclusive content. Guilds differ in rank, number of members, average player strength, and how they join.

Joining a guild. The opportunity to join a guild opens after reaching level 15. Open the Guild tab in the menu and choose one of the suggested ones to become a member. If you know the name of the guild you would like to join, then you can find it through the search bar.

Strive to get into the top guilds for more benefits.

Invitations. In addition to sending membership requests, you can enter the guild by receiving an invitation. You can manage requests, accept and decline invitations through the control panel in the Guilds tab.

Leaving the guild. You can leave the Guild at any time. However, you will be able to join another only after 24 hours. Explore the benefits of joining a guild so you don’t make the wrong choice.

Guild creation. You can create your own guild and invite your friends to it. To do this, you need to reach level 30 and spend 100 thousand gold coins. Choose an emblem, come up with a guild name and a way for players to join:

You will not be able to create a guild if you are a member of another, and also until 24 hours have expired after leaving the guild.

Guild position:

Guild level. The higher the level of the guild, the more benefits its members receive. To increase the level, players need to earn guild experience points. The maximum guild level is 20.

Experience points. The more active members in the guild, the faster experience points will be earned to increase the level of the guild. There are several ways to earn experience points:

Guild benefits:

Guild shop. You can purchase rare items in this shop and spend the guild coins you earn. You can receive coins daily after entering the guild and making a donation.

Making items. Together with the members of the guild, you can create items that the captain and vice captain will distribute among the players. After the recipe is posted in the guild, players will be able to donate materials to make it.

After all the materials are collected, the captain starts making the item. When everything is ready, the captain will decide which of the guild members will get the item, or use auto-allocation.

You can only take part in the manufacture of items on the second day of your guild membership.

Guild dungeon. The captain and vice captain can summon a monster and open the dungeon for players to enter for 30 minutes. After that, you need to destroy the monsters in the allotted time to earn experience points and guild coins.

The dungeon becomes available after reaching guild level 3. The higher the level of the guild, the higher the level of the open dungeon and the final reward will be. The ability to search for a monster is provided once a week.

V4: A beginner’s guide


Interface. The main screen displays the character and the current location. In the upper right corner there is a map, icons for the transition to events, the search for the demon, the reward for the level and rest. In the lower left corner there is an indicator of the game level and phone charge.

At the bottom of the screen, there is an indicator of health, energy, combat power, access to a pet, a horse, and a bar for quick access to items. In the upper right corner, there are tabs for the menu, store, bag and current tasks.

Currency. In the upper right corner next to the bag icon there is an arrow, after clicking on which a list of all earned currencies opens. There are 13 different currencies in the game:

Camera. The game has the ability to switch the camera view and change the perception of battles and travel accordingly. You can observe the character from above, from the third person, center the character, turn on the action mode. Switching occurs using the buttons in the lower left corner.


Settings. Click on the gear icon in the menu control bar to go to the settings menu. Adjust sound, graphics, language and notification delivery. Here you can watch an introductory video, restore purchases and contact support.

Set the graphics quality to low or medium so that your phone doesn’t run out of power quickly.

The battle. In the settings, you can enable auto-use of potions, activate auto-counterattack and adjust vibration when fighting a character. You can also set restrictions on the rank of the dropped equipment and soul stones when destroying monsters.

The game. In the settings, you can enable pet auto-call, auto-use of the horse’s run, auto-transformation into a demon hunter and auto-completion of tasks. You can also speed up plot dialogues and customize the display of character information when traveling across locations.

Synchronization. Log in through the game center to save your current game progress. In this case, you can play on multiple gaming devices, or not worry about data recovery after changing your phone or tablet.


Friends. You can invite any user that you meet during the game as a friend. All players who accepted your invitation will be displayed in the friends list, indicating the level and time of the last login.

Adding. Enter the name of the user you want to add as a friend and click the Add button in the lower right corner of the screen, then click OK and submit the request. Once the invitation is accepted, the user will appear in your friends list. You can add up to 30 friends.

If you decide to break off friendly relations with someone, then click the Delete button opposite the user in the friends list.

Invitations. You can also accept or decline friend invitations from other users in the Received Requests tab. You can send an invitation to 10 users.

Correspondence. If your friend is online, then you can enter into private correspondence with him. Click on the corresponding icon to send a message to a friend.


Collection. You can use litter spots to get herbs, minerals, ore and wood. The resulting materials can be used to craft items. You can find a place in the region to obtain special materials that will be used in the creation of rare and epic items.

Use the Auto Collect feature to continually collect content from the region.

Creature. You can use the collected materials to craft the required items. There are three crafting skills:


Score. To buy chests, recruit advisors, reset skill points and use quick actions, you will have to spend sapphires. If there is a shortage of them, you can buy sapphires in the Store for real money. To make purchases, click on the basket icon in the upper right corner of the screen, or on the plus icon next to the sapphire quantity indicator.

Pay attention to promotional offers, they are the most profitable.

Exchange house. You can purchase items or exchange resources from merchants. Opening the menu, you can see the list of currencies that can be used for exchange:

Trading post. After reaching level 60, you will be able to buy and sell items at the trading post. Select the category of the product you want to purchase and pay the specified amount of gems.

Sale. Select an item, specify the quantity and price of the item to be displayed at the trading post. It can take up to 30 minutes to register an item. After another player purchases your product, you will receive gems.


Entering the game. Within 28 days, you can receive a reward for consistently logging into the game. The reward cycle resets after every 7 days. To get a reward, go to the menu and go to the tab Enter the game.

Rest reward. After you re-enter the game, you will be prompted to choose one of three rewards: experience, gold, or fixation stones. For gems, you can double the reward received.

Login reward. When announcing this event, you can receive a reward for being in the game from 5 to 120 minutes. As a gift, you will find gold, chests, soul shards and special items.

Growth reward. When announcing this event, you can get an additional reward for reaching every fifth game level. After gaining a new level, you can get a chest with items.

Daily login reward. When announcing this event, you can receive a reward for logging into the game daily. In 7 days you can get 4 chests with items, 20 pets, 20 mounts and 20 companions.

Strengthening Millia. When announcing this event, you can get an additional reward for reaching the set game level. Chests, pets, mounts and collectibles are waiting for you as a gift.

V4: All About Navigating the Game Universe

Kingdoms. There are four kingdoms in the game: Sillunas, Lunatra, Phantom Abyss, and Evenfall Lands. They differ from each other in camps, hunting grounds and gathering places.

View mode. Click on the information icon in the upper right corner of the region map to view more detailed information about the kingdom. In this mode, you can also familiarize yourself with the location of the main camps and hunting grounds in the region.

Travel mode. Click the information icon again to switch from view to navigation. Select any point of interest on the map of the region to automatically move there.

Map scale. Click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the region map to zoom in or out on the map. When zoomed in, you can learn more about the geography of your current location, when zoomed out, you can quickly find the desired point to move.

Location. Click on the crosshair icon in the upper left corner of the region map for the map to automatically display your location. Use this function to quickly navigate the map of the region.

Camp. Select the camp you are interested in from the menu so that the map will automatically display its location. To teleport to the camp, click on the house icon next to the camp name.

Hunting ground. Select the hunting area you are interested in from the menu so that the map will automatically display its location. The available items, monsters, gathering places found in this area will be displayed to the right of the map.

Conquest. This action becomes available after reaching level 16. During the day, you can conquer regions 5 times. By using red gems, you can reset this counter and continue your conquests.

To conquer the region you need to destroy the monster in the hunting area. You can do it yourself, or use the red gems for instant conquest. You can also send your companion to the region to do everything for you.

Minimap. In the upper left corner of the main screen there is a mini-map, which contains information about the current location of the character and the terrain. The center of the mini-map will always be your location, the arrow indicates the direction of the character’s movement.

The upper part displays the name of the region and its status as peaceful or conflict. The center of the minimap displays the topography of the character’s location, nearby NPCs, monsters, collectables, and information about other players.

V4: How do I know the story of the characters?

The Alliance Journey is the storyline of V4, in which you can learn the history of the game universe. Open the Quests tab in the menu to view the story quests.

The task. Before starting a task, you will communicate with other characters in the game, learn their history and receive tasks. If you decide to skip the dialogue, then a short description can be found in the list of tasks.

Turn on auto-completion so that the character moves around the location on his own and performs the necessary actions to complete the episode.

Progress. Each historical chapter includes several episodes. The transition through episodes takes place gradually from one to another. The progress of the task shows how many actions still need to be completed to move on to the next episode.

Reward. For completing each task, you will receive a reward, which is indicated in the description of the task, it includes experience points, gold and items. For completing episodes, you will also receive a reward in the form of special items. At the end of the chapter, you will have access to one of the game’s legends.

Quest log. After reaching level 14, tasks from local residents of the regions will become available to you. Complete tasks in different regions to get additional resources.

Named conquest. After completing episode 6 of chapter 3, missions for battling monsters will become available to you. Study the information about the monster, complete the task and receive experience points, gold and items as a reward.

You can send your companion to carry out a named conquest.

V4: Tips for completing tasks

Tasks. Each day you can complete a number of tasks and receive the reward in the form of gold and items. You can complete missions or seek merit.

Do not forget to collect the reward for completing tasks, as it is not automatically assigned.

List. To go to the list of tasks, open the Missions or Merits tab in the menu. Here you can familiarize yourself with the assignment, the required reward and the status of completion.

The following missions are available in the game:

Tasks include the following:

Merit. Tasks are divided into 4 categories depending on the actions that need to be performed. Quests on merit of Adventure correspond to the actions that must be performed to complete missions.


A life:


V4: Is it worth playing?

V4 is a colorful strategy game with an interesting storyline about the struggle between good and evil, the destruction of monsters and the seizure of territories. The multitude of game activities, various ways to upgrade the character and the ability to travel around the game world make the game attractive for fans of strategy games.

Here are some of the pros:

Cons that may turn you off:

Article author: Maria M.