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Valor Legends: Eternity is an RPG from Century Games Pte. Ltd. It is based on getting heroes, pumping them, gathering into combat squads and participating in battles in PvP and PvE formats. Here you will go on adventures in the Oasis and fight against the forces of the shadows. A distinctive feature of the game is three-dimensional graphics, good music and a variety of game activities.


  1. Cheats (promotional codes)
  2. Tier List
  3. How to Start the Game Correctly?
  4. Hero Leveling Guide
  5. A Guide to Using and Leveling Artifacts
  6. Chapel of Grace Features
  7. Magic Forge Guide, Rune Leveling
  8. Using the Oracle Crystal
  9. All The Ways To Get New Heroes
  10. Secrets of Forming a Warband
  11. Mysterious Lands Battles
  12. Walkthrough of battles in the Land of Legends
  13. Endless Challenge
  14. Trials in the Land of Exodus
  15. Arena of Glory Guide
  16. Mission Guide
  17. Guild Features Guide
  18. Guild Dungeon Battles
  19. Guild War Guide
  20. Completing Quests and Earning Achievements
  21. How to Maintain Your Friends List Correctly?
  22. Guide for Donators, VIP System
  23. Pros and Cons of the Game

Valor Legends: Cheats (promotional codes)

Where to enter the code? To redeem codes and get great free gifts from developers, click on the avatar in the upper left corner, select the "Settings" tab and click on "Gift Code". Then enter one of the current codes and click "Confirm".

To enter the code correctly, do not forget to follow the rules of lower and upper case.

Examples of codes. Please be aware that codes are periodically outdated and updated. Watch for new codes on the official game page . Examples of codes:

Valor Legends: Tier List

Valor Legends features a variety of legendary and epic strong heroes. So that our readers can form excellent combat units, we have prepared a Tier-list of the best fighters, dividing them by classes and levels. If the characters described below have appeared in your collection, you can safely start pumping them and place them in the formation.

The best warriors (tanks)

The Warrior class is called upon to defend the formation and contain enemy damage so that other fighters can attack in time. Good defense is very important to win.

1. Lionel - King of the forest (SS level). Faction: forest. The only tank capable of surviving the late stages of the campaign due to its invincibility and resilience. Skills:

2. Eric - Lion Lord (SS level). Faction: Legion. Compared to Lionel, it is more suitable for PvP than for PvE. Skills:

3. Kardelin - Lord of the Underworld (SS level). Faction: evil spirits. Kardelin is a very strong tank. He is best off fighting assassins in the backline or provoking 2 enemy backline heroes who are usually mages / rangers to use his second skill. Skills:

4. Esakko - Lord of the Abyss (level S). Faction: shadow. At the beginning of the game, Esakko may seem weak, but he is not. Once it reaches 11 stars, it will perfectly cope with the role of an auxiliary tank, providing good protection and damage. Skills:

5. Katarina - Valkyrie (level S). Faction: light. A powerful tank that can heal and remove debuffs. Skills:

6. Patrus is a mountain giant (level A). Faction: forest. Patrus has the highest health of any hero. Skills:

7. Ayla - the soul of war (level A). Faction: Legion. Can stun enemies, but does not have high survivability. Provides a team buff. Skills:

Best assassins

Assassins are an agile class that infiltrates enemy lines and attacks the most vulnerable heroes. Often their actions can turn the tide of a battle.

1. Ramiel - Blade of Thunder (SS level). Faction: light. The best assassin in the game. Possesses excellent skills in control, immortality, some self-healing and energy supply. Skills:

2. Garr - blade of shadows (SS level). Faction: shadow. Garr inflicts powerful massive damage, is able to self-heal and accumulate energy. Skills:

3. Terrence is an accurate hunter (level S). Faction: forest. Terrence has self support, good damage and evasion. Skills:

4. Sotha is a whirlwind ninja (level S). Faction: Legion. Can stun enemies and deal great damage. For maximum efficiency, it is recommended to apply a berserker or repulsion rune to it. Skills:

5. Bally - Baron of the Vampires (Level A). Faction: evil spirits. Bally must be attacked in conjunction with other assassins who can weaken enemies for his damage buff. Skills:

6. Bella is the queen of spiders (level A). Faction: evil spirits. Possesses good control and significantly reduces the enemy’s attack speed. Also deals good damage. Skills:

Top Rangers

Rangers are your shock damage dealers that should deal continuous damage to enemies. That is why it is so important to learn their skills and use the right battle formation.

1. Felix is ??a knight of light (SS level). Faction: light. Felix has some of the highest damage rates. Skills:

2. Selier is a dark angel (SS level). Faction: shadow. Deals huge damage. Has good support and helps to quickly deal with "immortal" fighters (for example, Lionel in PvP). Skills:

3. Diana is an archer of revenge (level S). Faction: evil spirits. Permanently drowns out the enemy’s forward detachment. Usually easy to get thanks to wishlist and arena battles. A very reliable ranger. Skills:

4. Liv - sharp-eyed (level S). Faction: forest. Has good control and damage. Can impose a petrification effect on enemies, which contributes to a turning point in the battlefield. When positioned correctly, it can strike an enemy in a straight line. Skills:

5. Rene is a fearless hunter (level A). Faction: Legion. She is very strong at the beginning of the battle, as she can quickly destroy the enemy’s front line of formation. From the very beginning, it gradually increases its attack speed and reduces the attack speed of the enemy. Skills:

6.Edwyrd is an elven prince (level A). Faction: forest. Edwird is a strong support ranger. Can inflict massive damage around allies with the highest damage. Skills:

The best magicians

Mages are area damage providers. Good magicians in your squad will make opponents feel helpless.

1. Yulwin - Archmage of Nightmares (SS level). Faction: shadow. The best magician in the game. Produces very high damage in most game modes. Skills:

2. Oche - Continuum mage (SS level). Faction: Legion. Differs in high area damage and excellent control skills. Can stun enemies. When using Oche, artifacts and runes are important. Skills:

3. Sinclair (SS level). Faction: light. Gives high ultimate damage with skills and a good team buff. Can dispel debuffs and heal. Skills:

4. Achis - dark archmage (level S). Faction: evil spirits. Allows you to share damage between allies. Its potential is highly dependent on the composition of the team. Skills:

5. Frode - spirit of wisdom (level S). Faction: forest. Gives good control, can support increased damage from skills, reduce attack and defense speeds. Skills:

6. Milton - Heart of the Flame (Level A). Faction: Legion. Deals pure damage, but its full damage requires a percentage chance. Receives a buff due to new runes. Skills:

7. Giselle is a magician (level A). Faction: Legion. Gives a good control effect, energy drain from enemies and a decrease in critical strike chance. Skills:

Best priests (healers)

Priests are indispensable on the battlefield, as they can heal fighters, giving them the opportunity to continue fighting. Take care of the priests!

1. Olivia - Goddess of Light (SS). Faction: light. The best healer game. Heals each ally, increases attack speed, removes enemy buffs. Skills:

2. Margaret is a ghost witch (SS level). Faction: evil spirits. Wonderful healer with massive healing. Skills:

3. Flora is a spring elf (SS level). Faction: forest. Heals each ally and periodically removes all debuffs. Skills:

4. Suvere - source of calamity (level S). Faction: shadow. Has immunity to ally’s control, gives full team healing, as well as feeding and reducing enemy energy.

5. Vaga - spirit of healing (level S). Faction: Legion. Great for supporting a shock ally you want to use frequently. Skills:

Valor Legends: How to Start the Game Correctly?

Basics of the game. In Valor Legends, you go through stages of the story campaign, unlock new activities, gain experience to level up your account, and improve your team of heroes using the resources you earn. We will tell you how to start the game correctly below.

Server selection. Game servers open regularly, so you will definitely start playing on a new server and swing along with other players. To make your journey more comfortable, you can "practice" mastering the game on any of the existing servers, and later start the main walkthrough on the newly opened server. This way you will have your own idea of ??the game, knowing what you need and don’t need to do to get an effective start.

It is recommended to start playing the game on a free (weekend) day in order to level up well at the beginning, open a maximum of activities and fulfill all the conditions of the promotions for beginners. An active start guarantees your future gaming success.

How do I level up my account and unblock activities? The process of increasing the account level depends on the accumulated gaming experience. You can always see the progress of gaining experience on the scale, which is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen, as well as in the settings. Unlocking new activities in the game is carried out as the campaign progresses. The more stages you pass, the more game opportunities will be available for you! To start fighting in the campaign, click the "Battle" button.

Out-of-game rewards. What are they needed for? Out-of-game rewards are accumulated in a chest on the main screen of the game. The more stages of the campaign you go through, the more out-of-game rewards you receive. These include: gold coins, essence of energy, player experience, mission encryptions and various loot from the stages of the campaign. As you receive non-game rewards, the level of their collection increases, which leads to an increase in the amount of production. The quality of the out-of-game rewards increases as you progress through new campaign levels. To get a lot of good prizes, fight in the campaign as often as possible and do not forget to empty the chest.

Collect non-game rewards on time to quickly level up your account and replenish your resource stocks. The deadline for accumulating rewards in the chest is 12 hours! This limit can be increased with the VIP-level pumping.

How do I get even more out-of-game rewards? Click "Time Travel" on the left to collect the out-of-game rewards for the given period in one click. Each collection adds 1 portion of time energy on the energy scale. With the accumulation of the energy of time, the time period increases, for which you can receive prizes in the future (120 minutes, 360 minutes, etc.). You can pick up rewards 2 times per day: for free and for 50 gems. The progress of filling the energy bar is not reset.

Do not forget to receive rewards in Time Travel and gradually replenish the time energy scale in order to increase the size of your prizes. By regularly receiving in-game rewards and actively completing new stages of the campaign, you can quickly level up your account.

Account linking. Linking your account guarantees the safety of your data in the event of an unforeseen technical failure. There are 3 binding options: using Facebook, Google Play and mail. Click on the avatar, click "Account" and choose the best way. We advise you to do this procedure in the first hours of the game in order to permanently save your progress and play comfortably.

You can switch game accounts in the "Account Management" menu. Moreover, each account must have a separate way to save game progress. It is not allowed to link multiple game accounts to one email address, Facebook or Google Play account.

For linking your account in any way suggested, you get 500 gems in the achievements menu!

Correct settings. Click on your avatar to go to settings. Here you can adjust the music and sound, change the language, country, avatar and change the name (first time free, then 200 gems).

It is very important to choose the optimal graphics settings. If you have a weak phone, it is recommended to set the graphics parameter to "medium" or "low". This will extend the operating time of the device and prevent overheating.

Newbie Events

Be sure to take part in newbie events to get a lot of valuable resources at the start and pump your heroes well. The game is rich in various promotions, all of which are related to the usual gameplay and do not require special actions. Your task is to receive awards on time. Let’s consider the most important events.

A gift for a beginner. Event for daily login during the first 8 days. Every day you receive gifts, including a 5-star hero Giselle (on the 2nd day) and an individual hero chest (on the 8th day).

If you missed claiming the current day’s prize, you can claim it the next day!

Soul of War: Beginner Training . An event for newbies with the opportunity to get great rewards for being active in the game. Divided into 7 days, in each of which you are given tasks. For completing tasks, you get resources for pumping, as well as the currency of activity. As you accumulate this currency, you collect additional prizes. The final prize is a Legendary 5-Star Hero for your collection. If you are steadily progressing in the game, then it will not be difficult for you to close the proposed tasks, and no donation replenishment will be required from you. You are given 2 weeks to fulfill the conditions of the Training, which is very convenient. Types of tasks:

A gift for the brave. A Gift for the Brave is a promotion in which newcomers to the game are rewarded for completing the campaign. As you close the necessary stages, you get bonus gems, equipment, resources and summon books. Also you will get a 4-star hero here for your collection! After receiving the current main reward, the conditions of the promotion and its gifts are updated. To see your progress in receiving rewards, click "Gift for brave men" at the top of the main screen.

Receiving gifts in the "Gift of the Brave" will help you complete all the tasks of the Beginner’s Training.

Temporary offers for newbie donators. If you are planning to donate to the game, then this event is especially for you. Click "Vault" in the left sidebar and select the "Temporary Offer" tab of the store. Here are some very lucrative item sets for you that you can buy with huge discounts in the first 2 weeks of the game! Each set is purchased 1 time. Keep in mind: the first donation will give you great gifts.

Don’t forget to get your free demo kit with summoning items and gold coins in the "Temporary Offer" tab - it is located at the very bottom of the list.

Valor Legends: Hero Leveling Guide

Information about the heroes. Go to the "Heroes" menu to view all of your characters and sort them by faction. By clicking on the hero’s avatar, you will be taken to his page, where you will get acquainted with the faction, class, type, information on combat power, characteristics and skills. By clicking on the lock to the right of the hero’s image, you will block him from accidental analysis and absorption. You can also share information about the character in the chat or roll back his pumping to the initial level. For detailed specifications, click the exclamation mark in the upper right corner.

Click in the "Heroes" menu on the extreme icon with the image of the list to open the directory of heroes. Come here when you get new characters, read their biography ("History" button) and take gems as a reward.

Star level. Each hero has an initial star level. The highest possible level is 5 stars. Heroes who initially have 5 stars are legendary heroes. Heroes that initially have 4 stars are considered rare, and heroes with 3 initial stars are considered normal heroes. The higher the initial star level, the greater the hero’s potential.

Use ordinary heroes to get upgrade resources. Only rare and legendary heroes of the game should be pumped, since they are the most powerful and combat-ready. The classification of characters according to different star levels is in the reference book.

Leveling up and evolution of the hero. Pump the level of your hero with gold coins and essences of energy. This resource can be obtained through non-game rewards, Mysterious Lands, and Timewalking. When heroes reach certain levels, carry out their evolution to increase the maximum level limit. For this purpose, you will need gold coins and evolution balls (get it in the Endless Challenge, on the Altar of the Soul, in out-of-game rewards and in the magic shop). Evolution allows you to discover and improve the skills of the hero.

The number of possible evolutions of a hero is limited by his initial star level. To increase this limit, you need to awaken the character.

Awakening. Awakening a hero is pumping his star level. To complete the awakening, you need to collect the required number of identical characters, as well as other heroes of a given stardom. When all the materials are available, go to the "Hero Awakening" tab, place the resources in the slots and click the "Awaken" button. Use the Fast Awaken option to wake up all 4-star heroes with a single tap. Awakening not only significantly increases the characteristics of the hero, but also changes his appearance.

To view the characteristics of a hero at different stages of awakening, select him in the guide and click on the lower icons with the display of the number of stars.

Hero equipment. To further strengthen your fighters, use equipment. For each class of the hero, equipment of a strictly defined type is used. To use equipment, go to the hero’s page, select the "Equipment" tab and click "Autoselect" to automatically apply the necessary ammunition. All equipment is subdivided by stardom and quality: from white (lowest) to red (highest).

Periodically check the equipment of the heroes from your main combat units and quickly replace it with better quality items that give a big increase to the character’s characteristics.

How can I upgrade my equipment? Equipment pumping is carried out by absorbing other equipment. At the same time, the indicators of the target equipment are growing. To upgrade an item of equipment, click on its icon, click the "Enhance" button and select from the list of equipment that can be sent for absorption.

The higher the quality and stardom of the consumable, the greater the increase in the level of the target equipment it will give. Use "Auto Select" to automatically select all absorbed equipment, but remember - it is best to pump the ammunition of all your heroes evenly.

When replacing equipment with a better one, transfer pumping by absorbing previously used equipment. So you can instantly restore the achieved level of equipment and continue to improve it.

Resetting the hero’s leveling is a rollback. The rollback on the Altar of the Soul allows for gems to reset the level and stardom of the character with the return of all spent resources. Thanks to this option, you can unmistakably improve your heroes, compare their performance and use the best fighters in battles. To rollback, go to the character page and click the red "Rollback" button on the right. You will be taken to the Soul Altar menu, where you can select the type of rollback and see what materials will be returned to you:

Do not forget to periodically roll back when you receive heroes with a higher initial star level. These characters always have the highest leveling limit, so they are the best for any combat squad.

Donation of heroes. Characters you donate at the Soul Altar will turn into soul stones. Soul stones can be used to buy powerful heroes in the soul stones market. All resources spent on improving the donated heroes will be returned. Equipment and runes will also be returned.

Enable Auto Sacrifice to automatically sacrifice 3-Star Heroes earned with Soul Gems. Keep in mind: sacrificed heroes cannot be restored and disappear forever.

Pumping through the bonds of heroes. Go to Mainland - Archive to apply the bonds of heroes and strengthen the characters in a bundle. To activate certain bonds, choose your own heroes, the heroes of your friends or guildmates. Activated hero bonds strengthen the corresponding heroes. The higher the level of stars of the heroes used to activate the bonds, the stronger their effect will be:

Do not forget to go to the archive more often and check the possibility of activating new bonds, as well as bonds with heroes of higher stardom.

Valor Legends: A Guide to Using and Leveling Artifacts

How do I get artifacts? The artifacts feature is unlocked during stage 7-5 of the campaign. Below is a list of the Legends Land locations and campaign levels that must be cleared to obtain new artifacts:

In addition to getting in activities, you can unlock new artifacts by combining their parts. Buy new parts of artifacts at the magic expedition shop.

Artifact abilities. Use the obtained artifacts in the interface of the formation of a combat squad. The applied artifact will strengthen your heroes in battle thanks to its skill. Only one artifact can be used at a time.

Pumping an artifact and its indicators. Raise the level of the artifact using the Echo of Memory (get this currency in the Mysterious Lands and on the expedition). Upgrading an artifact enhances all of its stats. Keep in mind: Artifact stats will only apply to selected heroes in slots!

The same hero can be placed in several slots. Each artifact has 3 stats that can be unlocked at evolution stage 1, stage 3 and stage 7. The higher the level of the artifact, the more powerful its stats will be.

Hero slots. Add your heroes to the hero slots in each artifact. Hero Slots are located under the "Suitable Heroes" heading in the lower right corner of the Artifact panel. You can unlock more slots by developing your artifacts. The power of an artifact depends on the number of heroes in the slots. The more there are, the higher his strength will be.

Evolution of artifacts. When artifacts reach certain levels, you need to carry out their evolution. To evolve, you need a Herald of Victory Piece, which can be obtained from the Magic Expedition Shop and from the First Signs of Danger. Evolution allows you to unlock more artifact slots and enhance its skill effects. Each artifact can be developed up to a maximum of stage 6. Below is the number of Herald of Victory Pieces needed to evolve your artifact at each stage:

StageArtifact levelNumber of Herald of Victory Parts

Artifact skills. In evolution stages 1-4, new artifact skills will be unlocked. The artifact skill strengthens your heroes in battles. Skill descriptions can be viewed by clicking "Skill" in the artifacts menu.

Valor Legends: Chapel of Grace Features

The work of the chapel of grace. The Chapel of Grace opens after completing stage 7-10 of the campaign. Your five highest-level heroes automatically become chapel priests. The level and stage of the chapel of grace is equal to the level and stage of the priest with the lowest level and stage among all priests. Place your other heroes in the open positions of the chapel so that the priests increase their abilities. So, the level and stage of heroes in positions are increased to the current level and stage of the chapel of grace.

How to open new positions? Unlock new positions in the Chapel of Grace with Eternal Crystal Fragments, which can be purchased for Gems. Please note that heroes placed in positions cannot be upgraded until you recall them from the chapel of grace. Adding a new hero to a position is possible 24 hours after the previous one was revoked.

Overcoming the limit. Upon reaching 260 lvl. overcoming the level will become available in the chapel. After overcoming the limit for the chapel level, all priests will return to level 1. and will be moved to the reinforcement position. Once the chapel level limit is exceeded, it can be upgraded with energy essences, gold coins, and evolution balls. Each 11-star hero can increase the level limit of the Chapel of Grace by 5 (you cannot use the same hero again).

Valor Legends: Magic Forge Guide, Rune Leveling

The magic forge opens after passing stage 13-15 of the campaign and is located in the mainland menu. Here you can pump the level of the runes, carry out their ascension and disassemble.

What are runes used for? Runes are an element for equipping your heroes that can significantly increase their characteristics due to their stats.

Rune leveling and runic skills. To pump a rune, go to the "Increase the level of the rune" tab and apply the specified amount of simple, refined, precious, legendary or eternal dust. The higher the level of the runes, the more rare materials you will need to pump them. Advanced Rune Skill Effects will be unlocked when your runes reach a certain level:

Rune qualityMaximum levelNumber of runic skills
Redtwenty1 base skill + 4 unlockable skills.
Orange161 base skill + 3 unlockable skills.
Purple161 base skill + 2 unlockable skills.
Blueeight1 base skill + 1 unlockable skill.
Green41 basic skill.

Unlocking runic skills. Unlocking runic skills is associated with an increase in the level of the rune:

Ascension runes and random attributes. While conducting ascension, you can unlock random rune attributes. Random attributes cannot be improved by leveling runes. Higher quality runes have more powerful random attributes. The characteristics of the attributes are random, but you always have a chance to reach their maximum value. You will need the right kind of dust for your ascension. The better the quality of the runes, the more random attributes you can unlock:

Rune qualityNumber of random attributes

Analysis of runes. Disassemble unnecessary runes on the Disassembly tab. After the analysis, you will receive back all the dust that you spent on pumping the rune. Remember - disassembled runes disappear from your inventory forever, and the resulting dust is automatically transferred to your backpack. The result of disassembling the rune depends on the state of the rune:

Valor Legends: Using the Oracle Crystal

Concept. Oracle Crystal is a new feature found in Mainland - Archive - Oracle Crystal. Here you strengthen your heroes by using the main and class crystals. Each crystal gives increases to the characteristics of the characters.

Main crystal. The main crystal includes three enhancements, namely health, attack and defense. These enhancements apply to all heroes in your collection. In other words, by pumping the main crystal, you increase the indicated stats for the characters. Use the Starfires of Wisdom resource to upgrade the Main Crystal. The higher the level of the crystal, the higher the gains of the declared characteristics will be. Pumping is possible up to level 100.

Class crystals. When you level up the main crystal to level 15 and complete chapter 19 of the campaign, you can unlock class crystals. There are 5 of them in total, and they correspond to the character classes in the game: warriors, assassins, mages, priests and rangers. The level of class crystals is increased with the item "Pure Desires". By pumping class crystals, you improve the characteristics of the characters of the corresponding class.

The pumping limit for class crystals will always be lower than that of the main crystal. Their maximum level is 90. When a class crystal reaches levels 5, 15 and 25, it unlocks a class skill that affects all heroes of this class. The class skill level is automatically increased in a specific order when you upgrade a class crystal.

You can always reset the leveling of class crystals by pressing the orange reset button located to the right of the panel. The process will cost 300 gems. All materials spent on upgrades will be returned to you.

Where to get resources for pumping the crystal? Methods of obtaining:

Valor Legends: All The Ways To Get New Heroes

Summoning circle

The Summoning Circle is the main way to get new heroes. Provides 2 types of call: eternal and friendly.

1. Eternal appeal. Consumes Eternal Summoning Books or Gems. Here you can summon a random 3-5-star heroes with the following drop rates:

One eternal invocation is worth one eternal invocation book or 300 gems. In addition, you can complete 10 eternal summons at a time using 10 books or 2400 gems. Each eternal summoning adds 10 summoning points to you. After accumulating 1000 points, you will receive 5 seeds of life. 1 free everlasting call is available once a day.

For the first 10 summons in the eternal summons, you are guaranteed to receive a legendary hero!

2. Friendly appeal. In a friendly summon, you can summon random 3-5-star heroes. To do this, you will need a special currency - rays of love, which you receive daily from your friends in your friends list or for helping in battles. One friendly call spends 10 rays of love. Allows calling x10.

The best strategy for summoning good heroes is to "wait" for favorable time periods. So, in the case of receiving 4-5 star heroes, it is recommended to repeat the call and try your luck again. When you receive a 3-star hero, when you are on a "losing streak", it is best to wait for a while and only then make the next call.

Fountain of life

In the fountain of life, you can summon heroes by faction. To do this, go to the Mainland menu, select the "Fountain of Life" and scroll the tower to select the "door" for the representatives of the desired faction. Summons in the fountain of life require a special resource - the seed of life (get it in the tasks of the week, secret missions and other activities). After each summoning of the corresponding faction, you are awarded one faction point (with the exception of summoning the heroes of the factions of Light and Shadow). After accumulating the required number of faction points, you can get a personal hero of this faction!

Summons in the Fountain of Life are a great opportunity to get the right heroes to apply the aura effects of the factions!

Prayer portal

The function opens after passing stage 23-25 ??of the campaign. In the prayer portal, you have a chance to get a 5-star legendary hero, as well as other prizes - tickets for an advanced arena, flickering tokens, upgrade stones, gems, Abyss tokens, etc. Enter the prayer portal from the "Mainland" tab and use the prayer coins. The specific rewards are always shown in the prize pool, and the chances of getting items can be found in the dashboard.

You can now select your preferred 5-star legendary hero from the prayer portal to replace the current hero in the pool.

Valor Legends: Secrets of Forming a Warband

Build heroes. Depending on your strategy, you can choose from 16 available combat positions. Heroes on the front line will take a lot more damage than heroes in the rear. You need to set the heroes depending on their class so that they can survive in the battle for as long as possible.

Change the positions of the heroes on the battlefield to choose which targets they attack first. Focus on the goals that pose the greatest threat.

Placing heroes in a combat squad. There are 5 classes of heroes in the game: warrior, assassin, ranger, magician and priest. Heroes of different classes have their own unique characteristics. The fight will be much easier if you use them to your advantage:

When the hero is attacked, his energy increases. If you let the heroes take damage, they can use their skills faster.

Fractions. There are 5 factions in total: Legion, Forest, Uncleanness, Shadow and Light. Factions have their strengths and weaknesses when they fight each other (see screenshot):

Concentrate your attacks to quickly kill enemy heroes and gain an advantage. When changing positions, the enemies will not be able to concentrate the attack on one of your heroes.

The logic of the battle. When the battle begins, the heroes choose a target to attack. The assassin heroes will attack the enemy heroes farthest from the frontline first. Unlike assassins, heroes of other classes will start an attack from the nearest enemy heroes.

Choose your support targets carefully to protect the most important heroes in your squad.

Faction aura. When heroes in a formation meet certain requirements, powerful faction auras are activated and the combat strength of the entire team will increase significantly. The more heroes from the same faction are in the ranks, the stronger the activated faction aura will be:

By default, the system chooses the strongest available aura. For each hero from the factions of Light and Shadow, the team’s health and attack indicators are additionally increased:

Press Hatred’s Gaze (the eye icon) to see target heroes on both sides of the battle. If the heroes on the team share the damage they take among themselves, this will help them advance further.

Valor Legends: Mysterious Lands Battles

Concept. Mysterious lands are opened after passing stage 3-5 of the campaign and are located on the Wild Field. There are 5 different territories here: dragon nests, sacred relics, dead forest, eternal ruins and treasure island. Fighting in the territories, you get the most important resources for pumping heroes. You can enter any territory 2 times a day.

Territory awards. Each territory provides its own rewards for clearing stages:

The territories have 10 stages of difficulty. The higher the level you reach in the campaign, the higher the available difficulty of the territories and the more valuable the rewards for completing them will be.

Do not forget to enter the activity every day and collect rewards from the passed stages in one click using the "Clear" button. Clearing is tantamount to trying to fight, so only carry out it on the last open stages of difficulty in order to receive as many rewards as possible.

Valor Legends: Walkthrough of battles in the Land of Legends

Opening and passing. After completing stage 7-5 of the campaign, you can go to the Lands of Legends. Each chapter of the Land of Legends gives you tasks and has 2 difficulty levels. Beat the current chapter on Normal difficulty to unlock the next chapter and unlock the Hard difficulty. Dispel the fog to progress in the exploration and receive chests upon reaching certain stages. The main rewards for completing the chapters of the Land of Legends are obtaining new artifacts.

Items on the map. In the Lands of Legends, you move around the map of the area and meet various items on your way that give you bonuses. The path to many items is blocked by enemies that must be defeated. Types of items:

Be sure to explore the entire area of ??the chapter map to collect as many rewards as possible. Uncharted tiles will be highlighted - watch carefully!

Progress chests. For the progress of exploring the area and clearing it from enemies, you receive progress rewards. To pick them up, click on the chests at the top of the activity screen. The progress of exploring the terrain at different difficulty levels is counted separately. All types of awards are listed in the table below:

Research progressReward on Normal DifficultyReward on Hard difficulty
25%300 gems500 gems
50%5 books of eternal appeal10 books of eternal appeal
75%55 books of eternal appeal100 books of eternal appeal
100%60 hero fragments10 seeds of life
If you do not have enough research progress on Hard difficulty, try returning to the Normal difficulty map and investigating any tiles you missed.

Valor Legends: Endless Challenge

Concept. The Endless Challenge unlocks in Stage 2-15 of the campaign. You can find him at Wild Field. Activity is an endless tower, on each floor of which enemies are waiting for your heroes. The higher the floor, the stronger the rivals. Defeat enemies for basic rewards.

Collect a step reward every 5 floors climbed. The more steps you pass, the more base rewards for victories on the floors will be.

Leaderboards and battle records. Click the cup button at the top of the screen to view the cleansing leaders. If you wish, look at the records of the passage of the floors by other players. This can help you find the right formation to win. The number of attempts to complete the Endless Challenge is not limited.

Valor Legends: Trials in the Land of Exodus

Concept. The Land of Exodus includes two modes - expeditions and battles on the Abyss battlefield. For passing you get a special currency for the activity store. Keep in mind - in these tests, the help of the heroes of your friends is allowed.


Expeditions are divided into rounds, one round is held every 3 days. Players on the same tier are divided into several teams and compete to see who goes next. When the round ends, you get points for improving the tier. The number of points is determined by your place in the ranking. The health of the soldiers on the expedition is not restored. Heroes who were not sent to the battle of the expedition (including heroes who died in the battle earlier) recover 20% of their health after each battle won. Previously deceased heroes will be able to return to battle only after they have restored 100% health.

The supply certificates obtained during the expedition can be spent at the supply depot and recruited new heroes to help you advance further on the expedition. Hired heroes leave your team after death, and you will no longer be able to send them into battle. With the start of the new season, players begin the expedition at a level that will be equal to the highest level reached minus 20. These 20 levels will be easier to complete than initially.

Send the most pumped and strongest heroes from your collection on expeditions. It is also very important to include healers in the combat squad for the timely restoration of the health of the shock fighters.

Collect medals to go to new levels. You can always check the medal scale and find out how much more you need to climb higher. When you receive a certain number of medals, you are given more awards. For the first 15 levels completed, you receive rewards at the end of the round. Among them: Echoes of Memory, Gems, Magic Crystals and 5-Star Random Hero Fragments.

Visit the store of the mysterious merchant to purchase various leveling items, books of eternal appeal, seed of life, etc. for gems. Sometimes you can buy goods here at a very competitive price. The more levels of the expedition you pass, the richer the assortment of the store will be.

Abyss battlefield

Battles in the Abyss are divided into rounds that open every 3 days. Players are divided into groups according to their account level. There are 2 attempts to complete the test per day, which consists in a battle with the boss of the designated faction. Your task is to select suitable heroes for successful participation. Based on the results of the battle, a rating of damage is compiled between the players. Based on the rating, chests with rewards are issued.

Raise your account level during the challenge period to increase the number of heroes available to send into battle. Be sure to choose characters to your team in accordance with the daily combat bonus.

The Abyss Boss has 4 skills:

For battles on the battlefield of the Abyss, you get gems, runes for pumping equipment and Abyss tokens - the special currency of the Abyss store. Ranking rewards (runes and energy dust) depend on the ranked:

Ranking placeReceived runesEnergy Dust Amount
11 random blue rune500
2-51 random blue rune300
6-104 random green runes200
11-203 random green runes150
21-502 random green runes100
51-1002 random green runes50

Valor Legends: Arena of Glory Guide

Concept. PvP battles between teams of heroes take place in the arena of glory. By challenging and ranking, you get rewards and a special arena currency to exchange in the store. There are 2 types of arenas: regular and advanced.

Formation of a protective system. Defensive formation - these are heroes who repel the attacks of rivals and participate in battles in the arena. Before the start of the battle, you can change your defensive formation and assign new fighters to it. To edit the current defensive formation, click the Build button in the arena lobby.

Do not forget to promptly update the composition of the defensive formation after receiving and pumping new powerful fighters! Your defense should always consist of the most relevant and strongest heroes.

Defense history. See the statistics of victories and defeats in the "History of Defense". All your opponents are listed here, replay is available, as well as the option of revenge. Choose an object for revenge with caution - if the power of the opponent is much greater than yours, then the attempt at revenge will be unsuccessful and you will waste the opportunity to fight.

Selection of opponents and battle. Click the "Battle" button to start selecting suitable opponents. If there are free attempts to participate, the call button will be marked as "Free". Click on it, check your formation and start the battle. Its interface is similar to the design of other activities in the game. By defeating the enemy, you get points and improve your rating.

Try to select enemies for battles that are higher in your rating, but have less combat power. Be sure to check the composition of the enemy teams and the combat power of individual heroes to avoid a fight with strong rivals.

Seasons and rating system. The more points you have, the higher your ranking on the leaderboard. The daily and seasonal arena rewards are based on the current rating at the end of the day and season. In the first season, all players score 1000 points. When a new season begins, points are reset. Players with a higher rating in the previous season enter the new season with a higher starting point.

Enter the arenas every day to take part in more battles and increase your rating. Arenas are unavailable between seasons and if entry conditions are not met.

Normal arena. Unlocks during Stage 3-10 of the Campaign. Here you fight with the players of your server in a 1v1 format. Based on the points received, a rating of a regular arena is formed and a currency is issued - coins of honor. 2 free challenges are available to you per day. For additional attempts to participate, use the Glorious Invitations (available for purchase at the Magic Shop). Arena rewards and ratings are divided into daily and seasonal.

Don’t hoard nice invitations. Use them in time to take part in more battles, advance higher in the ranking and earn many coins of honor.

Advanced arena. To unlock the Advanced Arena, you must be at least 65 account level and have at least 15 heroes. Here you can challenge players from other servers. Each season will last 14 days with a 7-day off-season. Depending on your current point rating, you receive a certain amount of currency - flickering tokens. Use the received tokens to exchange in the store.

6 free calls are available to you every day. Next, you will have to use gems to take part in new battles. When you complete a certain number of challenges, you can unlock the corresponding reward activity chests, which will be reset each season.

The advanced arena rating rewards provide for the issuance of summoning material - the seeds of life. Don’t miss the opportunity to replenish your stocks of this important and rare resource.

Valor Legends: Mission Guide

Mission quality and updates. Send heroes on missions and get rewards for completing them. Missions can be white, blue, green, purple and orange quality. Also, the quality is indicated by stars. The better the quality of the mission, the richer your rewards will be. Missions can be upgraded with coupons and gems to get new, higher quality ones. One free update will be available to you every day at 00:00 (UTC).

It is recommended to take on the mission, starting with purple quality and above. In case of an overabundance of ciphers, the acceptance of green quality missions is allowed. If you are a donator, purchase Benefits in the Value Shop to ensure you receive high quality missions every day.

How to accept a mission? By clicking the "Accept" button, you will be taken to the mission panel. Here are the requirements for stardom and factions of heroes who can be sent on a mission. Select the desired characters manually or use auto-send. To start a mission, you need to spend the appropriate amount of mission encryptions - they can be obtained in out-of-game rewards and in Time Travel. It will take time to complete the accepted mission. A busy hero cannot take on another mission until he finishes the current one. If desired, the mission can be completed instantly - for gems.

In your collection, there must be heroes of various factions and stardom so that you can always select the right characters to send on missions.

Closing missions. Closed missions will remain on the list after the update. You can complete 50 missions at most. The maximum number of missions with uncollected rewards is 99. If you have more missions with uncollected rewards, the system will automatically collect rewards, starting with the missions with the lowest number of stars. In this case, do not forget to check your game mail.

If the number of mission encryptions you have reaches the limit, you will not be able to receive new encryptions from out-of-game rewards. Spend your resources on time!

Valor Legends: Guild Features Guide

Joining a guild. Guild is an in-game community of players created for communication, mutual assistance and joint passage of a number of permanent events. Choosing the right guild is very important for game development and successful participation in guild events. The main indicator of a guild’s success is its activity. Periodically review the list of members of your guild and note how often other players appear on the network. If most of them do not come into the game for several days, your guild can be considered inactive. In this case, your best bet is to get out of it and look for a community with high online activity.

Top guilds of the server always have admission requirements for new members. Be sure to check them before leaving the old guild and joining a new one. As a last resort, if you do not meet the necessary requirements, contact the leaders of the guild of interest and agree on the timing of pumping your combat power.

Basic information about the guild. Guild functionality is located on the "Mainland" tab. In the guild lobby, you can view information:

There is also a list of participants in the lobby. For the head and elite of the guild, settings are available (guild language, type, etc.), which can be changed.

What is a guild level? By participating in daily game activities, guild members accumulate activity points, which are converted into guild experience. The maximum guild can get 5000 experience per day. As the experience scale is filled, the guild increases in level and expands the limit on the number of participants and elite.

The level of the guild clearly shows the activity of the members of the guild, which means - its viability and opportunities to develop.

Guild technologies. The game provides 5 branches of guild technologies - one for each class. There are 6 technologies in one branch that you can learn for gold coins and guild tokens. When the current tech reaches level 10, the next tech is unlocked. All spent gold coins and guild tokens are returned after resetting guild technologies. Each branch has 1 free reset chance. Leaving a guild will not affect your guild tech levels.

It is recommended to pump each branch of guild technologies evenly in order to ensure the same increase in indicators for the heroes of each class.

Guild Prayer. Guild Prayer gives you gold coins and tokens that you need to level up guild technologies and buy goods in the shop. There are 3 types of prayer:

You can use each prayer once a day. Attempts are reset daily, so do not forget to enter the prayer menu in time to receive guild tokens - you will always need them.

Valor Legends: Guild Dungeon Battles

Loops and login attempts. Each guild dungeon cycle lasts 1 week. Only players who are in the guild can take part in this activity. There are 2 daily attempts to challenge the dungeon. After winning, the player receives awards. In case of defeat, the attempt to pass does not burn out.

The composition of the dungeon. The guild dungeon includes a regular fortress, an elite fortress, and a boss fortress. Each fortress is guarded by many enemies that must be defeated to unlock and occupy the next fortress. After defeating all enemies in the elite fortress and the boss fortress, all participants in the battles receive the final rewards.

Adjust the difficulty of passing a regular fortress to get more valuable prizes for victories. The difficulty of the Elite Fortress and the Boss Fortress cannot be changed.

Features of the passage. The first attack on enemies that have not yet been attacked will bring players additional bonus rewards. Occupied fortresses can also be attacked. Uncollected Elite and Boss Fortress rewards will be mailed to players after the dungeon is updated. Unused chances to challenge the dungeon will be lost after updating the dungeon.

If during one cycle the boss’s fortress is successfully occupied, the guild elite can choose the difficulty of the guild dungeon for the next cycle. If the guild fails to occupy this fortress, in the next cycle the dungeon will remain at the same difficulty. Each cycle of the guild dungeon randomly generates 3 bonuses for enemies. In normal fortresses, the enemy will have 1 bonus. In elite fortresses, the enemy will have 2 bonuses. In the fortresses of the boss, the enemy will have 3 bonuses.

Try to challenge enemies that have not yet been attacked to receive bonus rewards.

Valor Legends: Guild War Guide

Conducting a war. The guild war lasts 2 months and consists of two parts: a points tournament and a knockout tournament. The points tournament takes place in the first 7 weeks. There are 2 rounds per week (on Tuesdays and Saturdays) for a total of 14 rounds. The qualifying tournament is held on the 8th week and includes 4 rounds. After the points tournament, the top 16 guilds on the points leaderboard will be qualified for the elimination tournament.

Players who join qualified guilds can participate in guild wars.

Requirements for guilds. Guilds of level 4 and higher with 15 or more participants are allowed to participate in the tournament by points. During preparation, the number of participants who create an individual defensive team reaches 15.

Awards. For participating in one round of the guild war, all participants receive a large number of guild tokens and gems. Exclusive Guardian Chests or Glory Chests may be available for some members. During the Guild War Season, many Guild Tokens, Gems, and Individual Chests containing 5-Star Hero Fragments are rewarded. Players in the top guilds also receive an exclusive Guild Wars Avatar Border.

Gameplay. There are 4 stages in guild war: preparation, registration and deployment, reconciliation and battle.

The reward pool is selected based on the guild war rating and the rank in which the guild is located. Then the rewards are distributed depending on the guild contributions. The higher your contribution points, the more your reward will be.

Valor Legends: Completing Quests and Earning Achievements

System of tasks. Tasks are divided into daily and weekly. For completing them, you get points that fill the activity bar. As you accumulate 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 points, you receive gifts for activity. Daily and weekly quest points are accumulated separately. To proceed to the task, press the "Forward" button.

Quests of the day. Daily quests include:

For completing the tasks of the day, you will receive evolution orbs, mission encryptions, gems and a book of eternal appeal (for 100 points). Try to complete all daily tasks every day to collect the main prize.

Quests of the week. Weekly tasks include:

The final reward for obtaining 100 points in weekly tasks is the seed of life to be summoned in the fountain of life.

Completing weekly quests is the fastest way to get a valuable resource needed to summon a hero of the desired faction.

Achievement system. Achievements have no time limit for completion - you just get rewards as you progress in the game and take new heights in your next activity. Achievement rewards - gold coins, gems and in-game currencies. General achievement categories:

For subscribing to the official communities of the game (Facebook, Discord, Instagram, Reddit), you get 100 gems for each page. This is a great way to get premium currency for free from the first minutes of the game.

Valor Legends: How to Maintain Your Friends List Correctly?

The basics. Friends in the game are needed not only for pleasant communication, but also for receiving rays of love - an indispensable resource for fulfilling the friendly appeal of the heroes. The limit of game friends is 30 people.

The rays of love. Share rays of love with your friends using the "Receive and Send" button. You can receive up to 30 rays of love per day, which means that your entire list of friends should consist of active players who are online every day and send gifts. Friends who enter the game irregularly do not send you rays of love, and you do not receive the required amount of summoning currency.

Update your friends list and remove inactive players from it: in the early stages of the game, they are absent from the network for more than 3 days, in the later stages, they are absent for more than 7 days.

Using heroes. Help your friends go through the stages of the expedition and the battlefield of the Abyss by using your heroes. For each help you will receive 10 additional rays of love. The use of friendly heroes is allowed 1 time per day. You can also always use the heroes of your friends to go through activities and accumulate rays of love.

Choose heroes who will help your friends and guildmates in the "My help" section of the Archive ("Mainland" tab). If you lose the corresponding hero or do not enter the game for 7 days in a row, the heroes-helpers will automatically stop providing assistance.

Adding new friends. You can add friends by entering your Player ID in the Find Players window, but this method is often too complicated and time consuming. It is best to look for new friends in the guild, chat, ratings and among rivals in the arena. To add a player as a friend, click on his avatar and press the "Add friend" button. To receive friend requests from other players, send "Add me" messages to the chat so people will know that you are looking for new friends.

It is recommended to add as friends players whose level is equal to or higher than yours, and the combat power corresponds to the average parameters of the server. Low account level and low team strength indicate player inactivity.

Applications and blacklist. Players who send you a friend request appear in the "List of applications" menu - you need to approve them. If you are uncomfortable communicating with a player or seeing his messages in chats, you can block him and add him to the black list - this way you will exclude any contact with this person within the framework of the game.

Valor Legends: Guide for Donators, VIP System

To view the donated offers of the game, go to the Vault.

Hero growth sets. By purchasing the Growth Pack, you will receive exclusive Gift Packs for leveling the star levels of the selected Featured Hero. Among them: gems, fragments of 5-star characters, summoning materials and other important items. After receiving the reward (free reward or exclusive gift pack), the selected hero will be blocked and cannot be replaced. A hero’s star level is based on the highest star level he has achieved.

For the first in-game purchase, you receive gifts within three days. Among them - the legendary hero Rene and powerful equipment.

Progress tree. For purchasing the Progress Tree, you will receive gems by completing the required stages of the campaign. In total, 38,500 gems will be issued for completing stages up to 20-30, which gives a 3000% benefit compared to the usual purchase of premium currency.

Purchasing Hero Growth Packs and Progress Trees is one of the most profitable ways to replenish your stock of gems.

Shop of values. For purchasing Benefits in the Loot Shop, you will receive valuable bonuses when upgrading missions and getting free passes. There are 3 types of Benefits:

In addition to the mentioned Benefits, you will receive packs with materials for pumping and summoning, as well as random fragments of 5-star heroes (in the Benefit of the month) and VIP points.

Monthly sets. Monthly Bundles are a good source of Gems. So, when you buy, you will immediately receive a certain amount of gems and then - their certain parties within 30 days. You will also receive VIP points. The number of gems depends on the type of set:

The first purchase of a regular monthly kit comes with a huge discount (more than half of the regular price). We recommend purchasing this set to get a lot of gems at a bargain price.

Royal offers. Royal Offers - sets with gems, fragments of heroes, summon books and other items. Divided into daily, weekly and monthly. They can come in handy when you need to replenish your account with a small amount in order to get the necessary consignments of resources. VIP points are awarded for purchasing items from the Royal Offers. All sets are limited, you can buy each one only once until the end of the current sale.

Check out the Royal Offers and get free demo item sets from every tab!

VIP system. Buying gems and other sets in the Vault, you get VIP experience and pump your VIP level. Depending on the achieved VIP-level, the game provides you with a number of bonuses that will come in handy in the process of passing the game and leveling up. These include:

In addition to bonuses, you get good gifts with fragments of heroes and items of equipment for each increase in the VIP level.

Valor Legends: Pros and Cons of the Game

The mechanics of Valor Legends are similar to other similar games, where you need to collect packs of heroes and lead them into battle. At the moment, this game has gained great popularity around the world, and the number of positive reviews about it is only growing. It’s also worth noting that Valor Legends continues to evolve, so more activities and heroes are bound to appear in the future.

Pros of the game:

Cons of the game:

The author of the article: Nadezhda D., Yaroslav I.