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Passage of Game of Sultans: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

Game of Sultans is a beautiful role-playing game with Russian voice acting. You have to become the leader of the Ottoman Empire. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Promotional codes
  2. How to get the invitation code?
  3. Where to enter codes?
  4. How to get a concubine?
  5. How to raise a concubine?
  6. Classrooms
  7. How to get an heir?
  8. How to get a senior heir?
  9. How to grow and train an heir?
  10. How to marry an heir?
  11. PvP: how to win in the arena?
  12. How to use PVP and PVE printing?
  13. How to use the act of war?
  14. Advisers: how to get and rock properly?
  15. How to pass the 118 task?
  16. How to complete the 136 task?
  17. How to complete the 142 mission?
  18. How to complete the 174 task in the game?
  19. How to complete the 288 task in the game?
  20. Alliance in the game
  21. Alliance Expeditions
  22. The battle of alliances
  23. How to play at the front?
  24. Answers to other questions

Promotional codes in Game of Sultans game

enter promo code

A promotional code is a special code by entering which in the appropriate menu in the settings (profile> settings> promotional code) you can get certain rewards. The promotional code may be issued (or may not be issued) by the administration in honor of some significant event such as public holidays, New Year, March 8th and so on on the official page of the game https://vk.com/velikisultan . Promo code and invitation code are two completely different things.

The developers release gift codes for each holiday, or a significant event in the game or community (one of the codes, just was the encouragement of players for 100,000 subscribers in the group). For the comfort of our readers, we watched a lot of resources and video clips, so you can enjoy a little gift in the game.

  1. Sweetsultanbonus - 100 diamonds, resource seal, 2 codes of war, improvement token.
  2. Sultancongrats - 100 diamonds, a purse of resources, printing resources, skill volume.
  3. Gosnewyear77 - 100 diamonds, improvement token, energy sphere, knowledge almanac.
  4. Sultanbonus - 100 diamonds, sphere of power, concubine pendant, sphere of knowledge.
  5. Sultan30k - 100 diamonds, sphere of power, concubine pendants, resource printing.
  6. Sultangiving2018 - 100 diamonds, sphere of power, concubine pendant, sphere of knowledge.
  7. Gift95 - 100 diamonds, a purse of resources, a sphere of knowledge, a sphere of power, a sphere of energy.
  8. Rtop777 - 100 diamonds, a purse of resources, a seal of resources, a sphere of knowledge, an improvement token.
  9. Gameofsultan - 100 diamonds, 4 skill volumes, resource printing.
  10. Cumriye95 - 100 diamonds, a purse of resources, a sphere of energy, a sphere of knowledge.
  11. Gift95 - 100 diamonds, a purse of resources, a sphere of knowledge, a sphere of power, a sphere of energy.
  12. Holloween2018 - 100 diamonds, valuable paper, skill volume, 10 codes of war.
  13. Zsj2018 - a purse of diamonds, printing resources, skill token.
Codes quickly become obsolete. Do not forget to visit our site - Wise Geek. Here we will, if possible, add new gift codes to the game. Do not miss, as some codes are valid for a limited time!

How to get the invitation code in the game Game of Sultans?

invitation code

The correct invitation code can be obtained in the game chat. But get ready to write it down or take a screenshot, since you cannot copy it for later input! The invitation code cannot be used from players from other servers, so codes that are given in game communities are for the most part useless.

You can also issue invitation codes. You will receive a reward for every 5, 10 entered your invitation codes. See the screenshot (in the chests lies 100 diamonds). You can view your invitation code by clicking Maps (menu at the top right)> Invitations.

It is better to distribute invitation codes at the beginning of the game, then no one will enter them. It is better to use code from friendly players, for example, from the leader of the alliance.

Where to enter codes in the game Game of Sultans?

Where to enter codes

To enter the invitation code , tap Cards (menu at the top right)> Invitations> Accept> "Enter invitation code" field.

To enter a promotional code , click Profile> Settings> Promotional Code.

How to get a concubine in the game Game of Sultans?


Concubines can be found:

Table of concubines in the game

How to get? Concubine
stroll Janna, Irem, Clara, Fetan, Sima, Leila, Rana, Jasmine, Dilara, Samina, Farhan, Elma, Indira, Aylin, Iris
50,000 reputations Cecilia
200,000 reputations Daphne
500,000 reputation Fiona
1,000,000 reputations Helena
VIP 2 Alessa
VIP 4 the Rose
VIP 6 Jalila
VIP 8 Gyurrem
VIP 9 Sofia
VIP 10 Cossa

As can be seen from the table, most concubines can be obtained by going for a walk. On a walk you meet not only girls, but also men (merchants, writers, scientists). They give an increase to one of the main resources.

Having met girls you increase the level of her closeness by 1 unit, thereby increasing the chance that she will become your wife. If you meet your wife for a walk, her Intimacy will also increase.

To take a walk you need to go to the very left side on the map of the castle and you will see a gate with the inscription "Walk". Entering them you will see the buildings, clicking on which you can see the people with whom you will meet by visiting it. Below the panel with good luck and a button "Walk". By clicking on this button, you will go into one of the buildings and talk to a random resident. During the walk, luck and energy areconsumed.

The energy reserve is a maximum of 3 units and is replenished by 1 unit every 30 minutes. It is impossible to pump over these indicators in any way. You can only fill the energy, spending the "Sphere of energy". Therefore, it is necessary to enter the game every hour and a half.

Luck affects the chance to meet someone from the inhabitants of the house, not necessarily a girl. Luck is spent on 2 units for each walk. Energy is replenished somewhat slower than walks. If luck is less than 70, then you risk not seeing anyone. Good luck is replenished by good luck amulets or after opening the chests of daily tasks.

You should not lower the level of luck below 80 units, spending energy spheres. Otherwise, by the end of the day, making ordinary walks, you can lower your luck to below 70 units and spend walks for nothing. Be careful, play Wisely!

How in the game Game of Sultans to raise a concubine?

Concubine skills

After you have received a new concubine in your harem, you can and need to pump it. Go to the harem on the map of the city and go into the building "rooms of concubines." There you can make a random visit to one of the concubines by clicking the appropriate button below.

The maximum number of visits is 3 and this cannot be changed. The energy of visits is replenished at a rate of 1 unit per 30 minutes. That is, the energy is completely filled in an hour and a half, as well as the energy for walking. But you can use the sphere of force, then the energy is immediately filled to the maximum.

Experience concubines get during your visit to the harem. Also, after the visit, they may give birth to you heir, but I will tell you about this later. The experience of concubines is spent on her skills, which can be found by clicking on the card of a concubine. It is pumping the skills of the concubine that gives an increase in the characteristics of the advisor with whom she is associated. It is better to swing open skills evenly, as their value grows exponentially.


The level of closeness concubines opens up new skills for pumping. Proximity swings with the help of gifts (rings), see the screenshot and walks of the Sultan in the park. Proximity indirectly affects the quality of the heirs born by her.

Charisma concubines affect the amount of experience gained by her when you visit her randomly. Charisma sways with the help of gifts (see screenshot), and the servants of the ambassadors in the ministry.

Skill profiling

Knowledge stones are spent in skills and increase the added bonus to the characteristics that the advisor at the advisor raises (see screenshot). Stones knowledge concubines mined in classrooms.

Classrooms in Game of Sultans

Class rooms

In the classrooms mined stones knowledge. You can either open the rooms yourself using a special key or take a seat in an open room. During the day you can learn only 5 times. Training lasts several hours. The number of stones obtained depends on:

Taking a place in the classroom is not so easy. It is necessary either to wait until the new room opens, or to drive out the existing concubines of other players. To expel a competitor you need to click on it and choose a rival from their wives. On the left in the list are the strongest ones. Strength is determined by the value of charm and the proximity of concubines. The strength of rivals can not be learned. The results of the battle appear almost instantly. You, too, can be kicked out of the class by stronger opponents, but you still get a reward for the time spent in the class.

Therefore, you should download from the very beginning only one concubine. So you can successfully expel competitors and defend their place in classrooms. But then pumping other concubines almost stop.

You can open your classroom using a special key. Keys can be purchased either at the banquet store or in special sets. From the open room you can not drive. In addition to everything, you get a double gain of knowledge stones. There are 3 types of rooms to open:

Council and title concubines in the game Game of Sultans


The Council of Concubines is a special building where you can assign your title to your concubines. Each title has its own requirements for concubines in terms of their charm and closeness. But the bonuses that the children of these concubines receive are also quite good. However, the number of concubines that may have a particular title is limited. Therefore, increase first of all those concubines who have many children, or have children from concubines with the highest title!

How to get an heir to Game of Sultans game?

get a heir with a 100% guarantee

Heirs appear after your visit to concubines in their chambers. You can make free visits, then the chance to get a child is not high, but it depends on the VIP level. At VIP-1 it is 10%, and at VIP-10 it rises to 50%, that is, every second visit will bring you an heir.

You can also make a visit to the selected concubine forcibly for diamonds. The higher the level of its proximity, the more diamonds will have to be given at the rate of 10 diamonds per 1 point of proximity. But such visits almost always end in obtaining a heir.

The rooms of the heirs have a limit that can be expanded for crystals. But each additional place is worth more than the previous one. If you do not have free space for an heir, then instead of a child you will receive a bonus to the concubine’s experience, but this is not certain.

How to get a senior heir in Game of Sultans game?


The level of the heir is determined by the level of proximity of his mother. Each level of talent increases the level of the heir by 10 points. Therefore, to get a senior heir - swing the proximity of a concubine, and she will definitely give birth to the child you need.

How to grow and train an heir in Game of Sultans game?

Learning heirs is carried out in the rooms of the heirs. Additional space for a new heir can be opened for diamonds. When you open 5 seats, auto-enhancement will be available - this is a lilac button that allows you to improve all heirs at once in one click. We advise you to open new places for learning heirs as early as possible - this is an effective investment of diamonds.

The higher the level of the heir, the more experience is required for his learning. 10 experience points you can add every 3 hours. If you have not improved the experience within 6 hours, then it begins to burn. You can not wait 6 hours, but to use the sphere of knowledge, it instantly adds 20 units to train the heir.

After the birth of the heir, you need to name the baby and spend 20 experience points that are given to him from birth. From birth, he is given specialization and as the child grows up, the level of this skill increases and adds to the total amount of the character’s skill.

How to marry an heir in Game of Sultans game?

After the training ends the heir goes to the Temple of Love, located next door, and the place in the rooms of the heirs is released. The temple of love is infinite, there can live crowds of both single and married heirs.

You can marry heirs only on a pair that corresponds to it in level. When you enter a marriage, you gain the skills of not only your child, but also his / her spouse.

You can find a couple of children in several ways:

Chat offers

1. View messages in the general chat. So you can not only find a pair, but also choose the most suitable (pumped) partner to your son.

Wedding gift

2. Give yourself the announcement of marriage, and share it in the general chat. So you will quickly find a partner, but you will have to agree to the very first offer. To do this, go to the temple of love, click "Unmarried"> "Offer"

Choosing a partner

3. The selection of a partner can be done by clicking the "Selection" button, and not the "Offer" in the Temple of Love. So you can not only choose a spouse for your child, but also find out his characteristics.

PvP in Game of Sultans game: how to win in the arena?

how to win in the arena?

The battle with other players takes place in the arena. The rules of the battle are very unusual. Your advisors who have reached level 60 are allowed to fight, and the choice of adviser for battle is carried out randomly.

Your adviser fights alternately with enemy advisors. And you can choose the opponent of the three proposed.Before the battle and in the pauses between the battles, you can buy bonuses for yourself, both for diamonds and for winning (for free). An adviser’s health is determined by his influence, and an attack is determined by the level of his tactics. Moreover, advisers have a PvP level, which increases the chance and size of critical damage. After each 3 battles, you can choose a chest with a constant bonus for the adviser. You can fight once per hour.

It is better to choose weak advisers as opponents, but this is difficult to do, because opponents do not have their characteristics. Therefore, I recommend choosing NOT belligerent advisers - without swords and armor, but with books or scrolls. But still there is a chance to run into the pumped enemy and lose. The background of the adviser speaks of his title, the higher the title, the more dangerous the enemy. Autoplay is available for VIP-5, in this mode a weak opponent is automatically selected.
It should be borne in mind that when attacking you, the situation is similar. The opponent chooses your weakest adviser and attacks him. Therefore, you should download all advisors evenly, including download its PvP level in the Academy.

How to use PVP and PVE printing in Game of Sultans game?

PvP printing is used in the arena when major attempts have been expended. 1 seal gives another battle attempt.

PvE printing is used in companies during a battle with the boss, on alliance expeditions, on the front during a hunt or siege of a pirate fortress.

How to use the act of war in the game of Game of Sultans?

Act of War - Revenge

The act of war is used to revenge other players who dare to defeat more than 3 of your advisers. You can find enemies for revenge in the arena in the "Messages" section, the "Enemies" tab. Or during the raid on other players.

Advisers of Game of Sultans: how to get and rock properly?

Download Advisors

Advisors - this is the main element for pumping. They give the greatest gains to the characteristics of the Sultan.You can get them in one of several ways:

  1. Initially. After you start playing you will have 4 advisors.
  2. Performing tasks. As a reward for the first assignments you will receive more than 10 advisors. Then they stop issuing.
  3. Raising the level of the Sultan. With each character improvement you get a new advisor. And the higher the rank, the better the adviser you will be given.
  4. On the second day of the game. By participating in the campaign "7 days" on the second day you will be given an excellent adviser to Merzif. He has one of the highest influences in the game.
  5. For achieving VIP level. With each new VIP level, you will receive either an adviser or a concubine. And for 10 VIP you will be given Omar - the adviser with the largest initial influence in the game - 100.
  6. Participating in promotions . Making purchases for real money or participating in promotions, you can also get advisors.
  7. Brotherhood of Four and Five tokens how to get them in the game? By getting "Brotherhood Tokens" of four and five, you can get pretty good advisers. For example, by typing 10 brotherhood tokens of five you can get a combat adviser with the influence of 17 units. You can get such tokens only by participating in special promotions and making purchases of special sets for real money.

Advisor perks

Advisors possess a number of characteristics that the Wise gamer should know:

Tactics - affects the strength of your army in the company. It depends on how many soldiers you lose in battle.For example, if your total tactic is 2 times more than that of the enemy, then after the battle you will lose 2 times less soldiers than the enemy. This characteristic should be downloaded as quickly as possible, since it depends on how far your army will move in company mode.

Science - affects the collection of gold in the palace and other places where you can get it, for example, in orders and on walks. But the developers acted so cunningly that they completely discouraged my desire to play further.Along with the increase in the amount of gold produced in the palace, the time taken to collect all the resources - gold, provisions and soldiers - also increases. In fact, no matter how you pump science, you will not receive more gold per hour, and you will receive even less food and soldiers. You will receive more resources if you are not in the game for a long time. Therefore, I strongly advise against this feature.

Politics - affects the collection of provisions in the palace and other places where you can get it, for example, in orders and on walks. Food consumed in one single case - when hiring soldiers in the palace. Nowhere else can you spend it. Probably concubines and advisers themselves produce food)))

Culture - is responsible for hiring soldiers in the palace and other places. When hiring consumed supply of provisions. Therefore, if the level of your culture is above the policy level, then the reserves of food will gradually decrease. With no provisions to hire soldiers will not succeed. But do not worry, promotions, tasks and gifts will be nice to replenish your bins.

PvP level - affects the critical strike chance and critical damage amount. Needed only in battles in the arena.

It is very important to keep in mind that each successive unit of characteristics is given by the advisor more and more expensive (geometric progression)! Therefore, the main conclusion from here is to swing the advisors evenly. So you will almost always overtake players who invest in only one adviser.

How to download advisors?

general indicators

1. Increase the level of adviser for gold. This gives an increase to the basic characteristics. However, the increase in performance is uneven, the best indicators are shown in red.

New title

2. Receive a new title. When you reach the 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 level, the increase stops and you have to get a new title. The title can be obtained by giving 1 attire, 1 headdress and 1 ring of the appropriate level. If you go to the inventory on the "Rare" tab, you can exchange a few low-level things for better ones.

Title Max. level Max. talent
No title 100 50
The baron 150 100
Viscount 200 150
Graph 250 200
Marquis 300 250
The duke 350 300
High Councilor 400 350

Table consumption of things Baron (attire, headdress and ring) to obtain the title is presented below.

Title Things Baron
The baron one
Viscount 3
Graph 9
Marquis 36
The duke 180
High Councilor 1080


3. Talent. Talents are given initially, and you cannot increase their stardom. You can increase only their level.Talent affects the growth of one of the characteristics: tactics, science, politics or culture. When raising talent, the characteristic is recalculated, that is, the higher the general level of the adviser, the greater the increase is given by the increase in the level of characteristic. The more stars have talent, the more growth gives an increase in its level. The level of talent can be raised in two ways:

Things for pumping

4. Things (items). Every thing gives an increase to one of their characteristics: tactics, science, politics, culture or random. No matter what advisor you will use this item on, the total increase will be the same. However, we recommend using them evenly on all advisors, so it will be easier for you to repel attacks in PvP. By the size of the increase things are divided into:

  1. Booklet +100 to the characteristic.
  2. Book +500
  3. Volume +1 000
  4. Folio +5 000

Dangerous ties

5. Relationship with the concubine. Many advisers are associated with concubines. How to download concubines - has been described in another part of this article.

6. Training in the Academy. While studying at the academy, the adviser not only improves his PvP level, but also earns books of experience. We advise you to open new places in the academy at the first opportunity - this is an effective investment of diamonds. Training takes 3 hours. Training is best done evenly, i.e. first of all train advisors with the lowest PvP level.

How to get counselor Semiz in Game of Sultans game? This question was asked by many, even in the official group of games on social networks, but no answer has yet been given. Most likely this advisor you will receive at high levels of development or in special promotions.

How to pass the 118 task in the game Game of Sultans?


To complete 118 tasks you need to increase the talent of one of your advisors. To do this, open any adviser, go to the "development" tab, find the talent with 1 star and use either tokens or experience books on it. I wrote more about this in the section on upgrading advisors. By the time you get 118 assignments, you should have a certain amount of experience books or tokens. If the adviser does not have talent with 1 star or there is no corresponding token, then go to another adviser. How do you need to look for a talent with 1 star? Because it is easiest to raise.

How to complete the 136 task in Game of Sultans game?

To complete 136 tasks you need to use the PvP stamp in the arena. The seal can be spent, after when you fought 4 times for free with opponents in the arena, 1 time per hour. After that, you can fight once more by spending 1 PvP stamp. To complete the task you need to spend only one such seal.

How to complete the 142 mission in the game Game of Sultans?

Act of War - Revenge

To count 142 tasks you need to use the act of war in the arena. The act is used to revenge other players who dare to defeat more than 3 of your advisers. You can find enemies for revenge in the arena in the "Messages" section, the "Enemies" tab. Or during the raid on other players.

How to complete the 174 task in the game?

In task 174 you need to use the act of war 2 times. Performing this task is similar to the 142nd. The difficulty is the availability of the required number of acts of war or the daily limit on their use. Everything else is simple.

How to complete the 288 task in the game?

In order for the task 288 "Only for your own" to be counted, you need to join the alliance, go to the Alliance building> "Contributions" one by one and make any contribution, even the minimum. Thus, you will have the currency of the alliance that you need to spend in the store. The store is located in the same place as the contributions, just need to click the appropriate tab. The minimum fee is enough for the first purchase. After this purchase, you will be credited the task 228.

Alliance in the game


How to create an alliance in the game?

You can create an alliance by entering the appropriate building and clicking the "New" button. In the window that appears, enter the following data:

It is best to create an alliance on a new server. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to complete your alliance, since on the old servers all active players have already joined any alliance, and the new ones almost never appear.

Game Game of Sultans: Alliance Expeditions

alliance expedition

Only the leader of the alliance or his deputies can send expeditions. The higher the alliance, the more expeditions you can send. You can pay for the expedition either from the treasury of the alliance, or at the expense of your own diamonds.

When opening the expedition, all members of the alliance send their adviser 1 or two to the ship using the PvE seal. If the sum of the influence of all sent advisors is higher than the specified threshold (400,000,000 for level 1), then the expedition is considered successful and the reward is given. If the bar is not passed, then the reward is still issued, but only after a certain time. And the alliance gains experience for development.

Game of Sultans: the battle of alliances

alliance battle

Alliances take place once a week in several stages. As you can see from the screenshot, every day of the week a certain event takes place.

Alliance assignments

Passage of the alliance task. Every day, different tasks are issued to the alliance. The actions of all members of the alliance are counted, therefore it is so important to keep only active players in the alliance. Upon reaching certain thresholds, all members of the alias can pick up a chest with good rewards.

A player can exit the alliance by entering the alliance building and pressing the "i" button at the bottom left. In the window that appears, click "Leave". However, you will not be able to join another alliance within 24 hours.

Development of the alliance is carried out by recruiting its experience, which is added through contributions from its members, participation in the battle of alliances and dispatching expeditions. Therefore, it is important to fully staff the alliance only with active players with high online. True the struggle for these players is not comic.

How to play at the front of Game of Sultans?

Bear hunting

The hunting lands represent the alternate shooting of your advisors in various animals. If you have time to get the animal in the head, then the damage is increased by 20%. Your advisors are selected automatically at the rate of killing an animal with 1 shot. Therefore, you can not change advisers, but just shoot and try to get into the head of the beast. You get a reward for every dead beast. The further - the more health of the animals. Reset the attempts of the adviser and allow him to shoot again, you need to use the PvE stamp.

Pirate fortress is even easier, you just need to press the "Attack" button. The stronger your adviser, the more damage he will inflict on the fortress and the more points he will bring. The reward is given for your place in the rating of damage, and for the last shot of the fortress. Reset the attempts of the adviser and allow him to shoot again, you need to use the PvE stamp.

All activities at the front occur in time: from 12 to 14 hours - hunting, from 20 to 21 hours - the storming of the fortress. Therefore, you should start an alarm clock, so as not to be late for these competitions. An assault on a fortress can occur very quickly - better come to its beginning. Received points can be exchanged for goods in the store front.

Answers to other questions

How to raise the rating?

There are a lot of ratings in the game, but there are three main ones:

Reputation - is enhanced by pumping advisers, concubines and heirs. Use our tips and often enter the game, and you will be in the first lines of this rating.

Company - the more enemies you win and the further you go, the higher you will be in this rating.

Intimacy is the sum of the intimacy of all concubines in the harem.

Why does the rating in the game light up?

You need to go into it and take the daily reward for your position in the ranking. To pick it up, click the "Bonus" button in each of the three ratings.

How to delete a profile in the game?

No But you can start the game from the beginning by going to another server. It is better to choose the newest server that has recently opened, so you are more likely to be one of the leaders in the ranking.

Author of the article: Yaroslav I.