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WAR AND PEACE CIVIL WAR is an Android game with a release date of 10/17/2017 from Erepublik Labs. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Commanders (Tier List)
  2. All About Building an Army
  3. How to Control an Army?
  4. Item Guide
  5. Do you need to complete missions?
  6. City Guide
  7. Should you join the Alliance?
  8. A Beginner’s Guide
  9. A Guide for Donators
  10. Is it worth playing at all?

War and Peace: Commanders (Tier List)

Commanders are available to you depending on the side you choose at the beginning of the game. Historical information about each character is available for review. But keep in mind that some of them are fictional, for example, the famous heroine of the movie Gone with the Wind - Scarlett O’Hara.

Union commandersName
LegendaryWilliam T. Sherman
Ulysses S. Grant
Scarlett O’Hara
EpicHarriet tubman
Frederick douglass
Ambrose Burnside
Green eyed devil
RareJoseph hook
George B. McClellan
George Henry Thomas
George Armstrong Caster
ConventionalBenjamin Butler
Winfield Scott Hancock
Confederate CommandersName
LegendaryStone Wall Jackson
Robert E. Lee
Scarlett O’Hara
EpicRose o’neal greenhow
William N. Pendleton
James longstreet
Green eyed devil
RareGeorge Pickett
P.G.T. Beauregard
John Bell Hood
J.Yu.B. Stewart
ConventionalJubal Earley
Edward Porter Alexander

Pumping. The characteristics of a commander depend on his type and rank. The type of commander is assigned to the character initially. The rank of the commander can be increased during the development of the game profile; when it is raised, the commander receives a new ability.

There are 6 ranks in total, it can be increased upon reaching level 10. To increase the level, you need to get a certain amount of experience points. Experience can be obtained during battles or using experience items.

Bonuses. City bonuses apply to the entire base. Troop bonuses are applied to the combat units of the march where the commander is.

When defending the city, the bonuses of the commander left to act for the Sheriff are applied. When strengthening marches (during campaigns or defense), the bonuses of the head of the campaign or the owner of the city are applied.

Abilities. Each time you increase the rank, a new ability is unlocked. Special items to improve the commander’s abilities can be obtained during battles or found in chests.

Equipment. To improve the characteristics of the commander, add special items to the equipment slots. Equipment boxes can be obtained in battle, found in chests, obtained by completing tasks, or bought in the store.

Skills. As the level rises, the commander receives skill points that can be spent on purchasing improvements. A skill can have from 5 to 50 levels.

Each subsequent skill becomes available for opening after pumping the previous ones to a certain level. For example, the Collection can only be opened when you reach Level 5 Banknote Production.

Pump commanders in certain directions, one for attack, the other for resource extraction, so you will achieve a harmonious balance in the game.

A function to reset all skills is also available. You can use it and distribute skill points more intelligently depending on your game strategy.

War and Peace: All About Building an Army

To get a soldier, you need to train the type of troops you need in the barracks. The available types of troops depend on the level of the barracks and the research done at the university.

The higher the level of the barracks, the greater the maximum number of trained troops and the percentage of bonus protection. For example, at level 10 of the Barracks, you can train 600 military units, which will have 3% additional protection.

One Barracks building is enough to create an army, the construction of additional Barracks is not effective.

An army can be created from combat units of four types of troops. Each army is effective against certain enemy units, therefore, when creating an army, it is necessary to train all types of troops.

Type of armyCombat units
Foot soldiers
Musketeers with Enfield rifles
Field artilleryMachine gunners
Kegorn’s Mortar
13-inch mortar
24 pounder howitzer
CavalrySaber fencers
Spencer Rifle Marines
Siege techniqueCannon Whitworth
4.5 inch siege weapon
Weapon of defeat
James’s rifled gun
10 inch columbiade
Each combat unit consumes a certain amount of food, so make sure you always have a sufficient amount of this resource.

War and Peace: How to Control an Army?

State map. The map shows all the cities in the state with usernames. Also on the map are resource points and techno-monsters of current events.

Magnifier. Allows you to quickly find techno-monsters, their fortresses and resource points on the map. When searching, you can specify which level of the object you need to find.

Choice of troops. When attacking a city or techno monster, you can adjust the number of troops that will take part in the battle, as well as choose a commander. Before the start of the march, the game indicates the difficulty of the attack: easier than the lungs, neck to neck, suicide.

March. The further the distance to the object chosen for the attack, the longer the march and return of the troops will take. If you decide to cancel the march, you must use a special item.

Technomonsters. For defeating them, you get good rewards in the form of resources, items and experience points. The higher their level, the better the reward, so destroy techno monsters of the highest level available to you.

Fortresses. To capture the fortress, it is necessary to organize a gathering of the Alliance members for a joint attack. You can announce the gathering time from 5 minutes to 8 hours, at the end of the time the assembled army will begin a campaign. The reward is distributed in proportion to the contribution of each participant.

It is better to spend stamina on attacks of fortresses and techno-monsters of the highest possible level that you can defeat. This is how the maximum effect of its consumption is achieved.

Collection. To obtain resources, you can make trips to resource points. The higher the point level, the longer it takes to collect resources. The carrying capacity of the troops depends on the number of combat units directed to the resource point.

If the army is not busy with the attack, then it should be aimed at gathering resources, which does not consume stamina.

Teleport. You can move your city anywhere in the state. This is necessary for the territorial formation of the Alliance, assistance and protection of their teammates. To move to a specific point on the map, you can enter the corresponding coordinates.

War and Peace: Item Guide

Special. Special items include Teleport, gaining VIP experience points, and activating VIP status. In this tab, you can find amplifiers for the production of resources, the carrying capacity of units, the experience gained.

To be able to change the name of the profile, the side of the military conflict, update the mission, you must earn a special item. Items needed to improve the collection point, gold mine and other buildings also belong to this category of items.

Commanders. Here are all the items that bring the commander experience points and rank points. You can also find items of abilities, they are individual for each commander. For example, the Infantry Health ability belongs to Harriet Tubman.

Resources. For completing tasks, winning battles, you can receive a reward in the form of a resource item. By using an item, you get the specified amount of one of 6 types of resources.

Items that give resources should not be used until they are useful to you.

Accelerators. By using acceleration, you can reduce the remaining time on the timer by the specified number of minutes. To reduce the training time for troops, you need to use a special accelerator.

War. Military items include the ability to recall troops before they reach their destination. And also a shield that protects your city from attack and reconnaissance for a specified amount of time.

While your shield is active, you cannot attack cities. If you attack another player, the shield will cease to work and you will become vulnerable.

Carts. As a reward for your actions, you can get a wagon, which, depending on its size, will contain a certain amount of all types of resources. You can also get a loot wagon, which can contain special event items in addition to resources.

War and Peace: Do you need to complete missions?

The Missions section lists all the tasks for which you can receive a reward in the form of resources, gold, experience points and special items. You need to complete as many tasks as possible in order to get more resources and quickly develop the city and army.

Recommended tasks. One of the city tasks that you can complete is listed next to the Advisor on the home screen. By clicking on the task, the green arrow will show you what and where to do.

Urban tasks. For each completed task, you receive a corresponding reward in the form of resources and experience points. Quests are related to building, training soldiers, research and gathering resources.

Daily tasks. Every day the player is offered to complete 29 tasks, in addition to the usual rewards for the task, you can get from 2, 3, 5 or 10 special points. The content and number of received awards depends on the number of points earned. The maximum number of points per day is 100.

List of daily tasks :

Gradually completing daily tasks, the player can open 5 chests:

  1. For 20 points earned - 2 battle tickets, 30,000 food, 20,000 wood, 20,000 cotton, 10,000 iron, 10,000 banknotes, a regular rank point.
  2. For 40 points scored - 4 battle tickets, 45,000 food, 30,000 wood, 30,000 cotton, 20,000 iron, 5,000 banknotes, a silver key.
  3. For 60 points gained - 6 battle tickets, 5 research accelerations, 2000 units. commander’s stamina, rare rank point.
  4. For 80 points scored - 8 battle tickets, 60,000 food, 40,000 wood, 40,000 cotton, 30,000 iron, 15,000 banknotes, an epic rank point.
  5. For 100 points scored - 10 battle tickets, 100 gold, a legendary rank point.
Daily quests are the easiest way to earn a large amount of needed resources, experience points and items. Strive to earn 100 points daily and receive all the rewards.

Commander Tasks, Alliance Missions, Vip Tasks. Tasks are completed automatically within the specified time. You can complete one commander mission, one alliance mission and one VIP mission at a time.

New missions appear every 6 hours. The reward depends on the level of the task: basic, standard, special, rare, epic. The higher the level of the task, the more time is spent on its completion.

War and Peace: City Guide

Main buildings:

To avoid looting, try to keep the amount of resources not exceeding the storage capacity to protect your resources.

City buildings:

Rural buildings:

There are no restrictions on the number of buildings of one type. However, the number of cells for construction is limited, so you need to evenly build buildings for the extraction of resources on the corresponding cells.

You can use the strategy to build a powerful army. In this case, build more farms, and get the rest of the resources on the state map.

The building can be demolished and you can get 1 unit of gold, regardless of the level of pumping of the building. The resources spent on construction are not returned, so build buildings wisely.

Improvement of buildings

By clicking on any building, you get information about the level and its usefulness for the city. The green Upgrade button shows what will change in the characteristics of the building after reaching the next level.

To improve a building, a number of conditions must be met. First, you must have a certain amount of resources, and secondly, some buildings of the city must be pumped to the appropriate level.

The maximum level of improvement of buildings is 24. For each improvement, you receive a reward in the form of points of strength and an item of experience of different denominations. For example, for raising the level of the Fort to the 6th, you will receive 614 strength and an item with 10,000 experience points.

Upgrade all buildings evenly in accordance with the level of the Fort.


The city is governed by the Fort. It is necessary to appoint one of the commanders to the position of the Mayor, his skills will be applied during regular time. If this commander participates in the march, his functions will be performed by the commander appointed by the Sheriff.

In the Economy section, you can get all the information about the resources produced in the city. This shows the total hourly income, the amount of property and the maximum value of resources in the city.

The appearance of the Fort also affects the city. For example, a Chinese fort brings a health bonus to field artillery, but takes away health points from infantry. A US Independence Day fort adds health to infantry, but removes health points from cavalry.


The Telegraph building plays an important role in protecting the city from looting. The higher the building level, the more information you get about the approaching attack. Using this information, you can prepare for battle and repel the attack.

Telegraph capabilities:


Research carried out at the University plays an important role in building a powerful army and the successful development of the city. To conduct a research, the requirements for the level of construction, previous research and the amount of resources in the city must be met.



The fight:


War and Peace: Should you join the Alliance?

War and Peace is a multiplayer strategy game, so you will need allies to defeat enemies and develop. By joining the Alliance, you can receive support and advice from other players.

In addition, you can:

  1. Receive and provide assistance to speed up the construction, research and healing of troops.
  2. Attack the fortresses of techno monsters and get great rewards.
  3. Buy items from the alliance store.
  4. Send and receive resources.
  5. Receive reinforcements from allies.
  6. Join forces with allies to attack enemies together.
  7. Participate in the research of the alliance and receive bonuses after the end of research.
Chat with your mates and collaborate to strengthen the alliance.

Presents. Every time an alliance member or you make a purchase, you will receive a gift package. Alliance gifts can be received within 24 hours from the moment they appear.

Profile. Basic information about the Alliance: strength, level, number of participants and leader. Here you can contact the leader and see information about all members of the Alliance.

Research. You can donate resources to research. Upon completion of the research, the level of the Alliance rises, and you receive loyalty points that can be spent on purchasing items in the store.

Economic research:

Military research:

Storage. You will receive Alliance resources from resource cells in the amount of 1% of the collected amount of resources during research. Members of the Alliance of the 4th and 5th rank can use resources for the benefit of the entire Alliance.

You can leave the Alliance at any time. Strive to get into the top Alliances in order to get good power-ups and help in development.

White House. In conquest mode, the White House can be attacked and occupied. If the Alliance manages to hold it for 6 hours in a row, then the White House goes into protected mode for 72 hours, then it goes into conquest mode again.

When a State Center is captured, the leader of your Alliance becomes president. The President receives military boost, appoints players to positions and receives resources in the form of taxes. When the president changes, the posts are reset.


War and Peace: A Beginner’s Guide

How to start the game correctly?

The game’s plot is based on the history of the American Civil War 1861 - 1865. At the beginning of the game, you need to choose which side of the Union or Confederation to fight on. You can change the side at any time during the game if you have a special item in stock.

After choosing a side, the tutorial will begin, which can be skipped by tapping the screen 3 times. Since there are many activities in the game, start learning when you have free time in order to immediately grasp the main points of the gameplay.

During the training, you attack the enemy and capture the fortress, after which you have to start rebuilding the city and rebuilding the troops. To get started, build buildings for the extraction of resources, then engage in training the army and research at the institute.

At the beginning of the game, your city receives a shield that will last for 3 days. During this time, you will be protected from all attacks. However, if you attack an enemy fortress, the shield will be deactivated.

Use the duration of the shield to extract resources on the state map. Having a sufficient amount of resources, you can create a strong army and repel the attack of enemies.

Teleport. Before you upgrade the fort to level 6, you have the opportunity to move to another state. Upgrade the fort to level 5, train your army and teleport to another state, where you will become the strongest player.

If a new state opens up in the game, then you can start all over again and develop with all the players in the state at the same level.

Resources. The main resources of the game: provisions, wood, cotton, iron, banknotes, can be produced with the help of buildings, received as a reward for completing missions, winning battles, mined on the state map. Gold, which is required to speed up actions, can be mined on the state map, or purchased in the store.

Resources in buildings are obtained automatically, you do not need to collect them.

Basic actions in the game:

After the start of the action, a queue appears on the main screen, where the time until the end of the action is indicated. You cannot start another action of the same type, you need to wait for it to end, or reduce the waiting time.

Two ways to shorten the execution time of an action:

The action queue must not be idle. At the time when you cannot enter the game, for example, sleep or study, build, research and complete the longest tasks.


By clicking on the avatar, you are taken to the section of the game containing information about your profile. You can change the name, country flag or side of the battle. By paying gold, you can replenish the stamina that you used up when attacking enemy fortresses.

Account. Register in the game using your email and password. This way, you will keep your account secure and be able to play on different devices.

Facebook. Link your account to a social network to save your game achievements. Thanks to the link to Facebook, you can also play on multiple devices.

Help and support. The opportunity to read the answers to frequently asked questions. You can also contact the developers by email regarding payments, account loss, errors, feedback and suggestions.

Setting up the game. Ability to enable / disable commander background, music and sound effects. Customize language, personalization and notifications. You can also add users to the blacklist.

Positive effects. Information about all economic effects that affect the speed of actions and the amount of extracted resources, as well as the effects that affect the power of the army and commanders. The efficiency percentage changes as the city, army, and commanders improve.

Invitation. You can tell your friend a special code that he will have to enter when installing the game in this section. For entering the code, each of you will receive 200 gold, and upon reaching a certain level, both of you will receive an additional reward.

Chat. You can chat with players of your alliance, players of the state and Russian-speaking players. More experienced users will be able to answer questions and help you get comfortable with the game.

Rating. You can get information about the rating of players and alliances in the category of strength, extracted resources, destroyed troops and destroyed techno-monsters. Studying the ratings is necessary to find and join a stronger alliance.


Level. Every day you get points and increase your Vip-level, the maximum level is 30. As you level up, the indicators of the city and army improve, and the contents of free chests change. For gold, you can activate Vip status for 60 minutes, 24 hours, 7 or 30 days.

By improving the level, you can get:

Commander’s tent. Every day you can open 5 silver chests and 1 gold one for free. Silver chests can be opened every 5 minutes. Once you have opened all the free chests, you can open any of the chests using the corresponding key.

Messages. Information about all events and your achievements comes here. There are also reports on the extraction of resources on the state map and the battles conducted, where all losses and rewards are indicated.

Don’t forget to read the posts, some of them contain good rewards.

War and Peace: A Guide for Donators

In the store you can purchase all the missing resources and items separately, or in the form of promotional sets. The Recommended section displays the most profitable shopping kits, the Promotions section lists all the kits available for purchase.

The most profitable for buying are promotional offers. Promotions are constantly changing, so you can always choose the option that suits you.

Golden fever. Every day during the event, you need to buy a certain amount of gold to unlock the reward chest and be able to unlock another chest the next day.

The stock of gold replenished in a day is reset to zero daily at 00:00 GMT (03:00 GMT). Gold deposited in one day is not saved the next day. The chest will become available after the player reaches the next gold target.

Don’t forget to receive daily rewards and event rewards.

Subscription. Allows you to collect gold and items every day. It also provides your city with powerful buffs, including the ability to get an extra builder.

Growth capital . The most profitable investment for regular players. For each Fort achievement of a certain level, you will receive a reward in the form of gold.

War and Peace: Is it worth playing at all?

War and Peace is a strategy in which you can build military buildings, train troops and march to war. Good portrayal and historical plot make the game attractive for fans of strategy games.

Here are some of the pros:

Cons that might turn you off:

Article author: Maria M., Yaroslav I.