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Warriors of Waterdeep WiKi: Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Warriors of Waterdeep is an RPG from Ludia Inc. You have to collect and pump a team of your heroes to fight the enemies who dared to attack your hometown. Choose the right fighting squad, find and pump equipment for your heroes and victory will be yours. The battles take place step by step in picturesque places. And many activities of the game will not let you get bored.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Walkthrough Tips
  3. Battle Guide
  4. Secrets of character leveling
  5. Battle Mode Guide
  6. Guild Guide
  7. Donator’s Guide

Warriors of Waterdeep: A Beginner’s Guide

How can I get more resources?In many strategy games, a lot depends on the resources that are needed to play more efficiently. In other words, you will need to have a lot of such resources. There are a number of ways to get them. You can buy coins, gems, chests and card packs from the Store at any time. Sets of cards can be obtained in a total of several sets by defeating leaders and bosses. You can get them as a reward in the mode of completing tasks and quests. You can also purchase special sets of heroes in the Store. Also, with each step passing the secret and locked rooms, buying them in the Store, and in the story mode, completing dangerous and mysterious tasks, while passing stage-by-stage tests, you can thus earn chests. To receive a free Mysterious Chest as a reward, be sure to check out the Store.

You can earn free gems in the shop by completing Tapjoy challenges. Just click on the Free Gems and then follow Tapjoy’s instructions to complete the challenge and receive your reward.

Where can I get legendary cards for my heroes? Every legendary hero needs a card! Where can you get one for your hero? - You can easily find the map in any chest. Even in a secret or closed room. And also in Durnan’s shop. Durnan can also offer legendary items: they can be exchanged for gold and jewelry.

What should I do if I failed to obtain gems from Tapjoy? If you are having difficulty getting free gems from Tapjoy, it is recommended that you contact the company’s technical support for assistance. For communication, use the special menu item in the upper left corner. Before completing the contact form, please carefully read the FAQ section and make sure to provide all the information you need so that Tapjoy specialists can quickly resolve your problem.

How to complete quests? Quests are an integral part of the adventure. Quests have specific goals, for the achievement of which you can receive valuable rewards. How to get the quest? A scroll icon can be found under the door symbol. This scroll indicates that there is a quest in this room and can be completed.

Competition mode. If you’re stuck in story mode or need training to get the gear you need, there’s a challenge mode for that. It is needed in order to replay the dungeons in story mode, when the choice of loot and path changes. To get the dice to roll at the end of the challenge, you must kill the boss up to 3 times. Then choose your well-deserved reward. There are competitions that allow you to get even more cool rewards such as various equipment, hero experience, raising coins and stones.

What is the maximum number of rewards for winning three challenges I can collect? The player will be given three dice if he manages to defeat boss number three. The player will be able to roll the dice and see the prizes provided to him. The player has the opportunity to choose any one of the dropped out rewards.

Is it possible to change equipment or buy new ones? Durnan’s Shop is a place where you can sell unwanted items and get coins in return. In addition to buying, Durnan sells equipment. Therefore, if you liked something, then for the coins you received earlier, you can buy this thing. The seller often changes products, so check back often!

What if I couldn’t defeat the boss? Will he earn reward dice? If the player is defeated, we advise you to change the setting of the equipment and your hero. But he, as before, will receive experience for those heroes who previously managed to go through the rooms in the dungeons. And in order to receive dice with prizes, the player must definitely defeat the boss.

Myrtle contacts . Make a visit to Myrtle, which is near Durnan’s store for useful links on Twitter, Facebook, plus a forum for Waterdeep players. Be the first to know the latest news about upcoming events, do not miss any details and other useful information. Join the world of adventure seekers.

Warriors of Waterdeep: Walkthrough Tips

How do I get new characters? During the game, the player’s level rises. And at the same time, new characters appear. The higher the level, the more pumped up the character. A well-coordinated and active team can guarantee victory, so it’s better to choose new characters.

Raising the level of the player . In order to increase the level of your character in the game, you need to do the following:

  1. Game modes in "History" and "Trials", will allow you to get rewards in the format of equipment for your hero;
  2. To increase the level of a character, you need to increase his experience. One of these ways is to improve equipment;
  3. In turn, increasing the character’s level, increases his experience or "Fame", the higher the "Fame", the higher the level and rewards, such as new equipment or heroes.

How can I unlock a new theme? To unlock a new theme, you need to play in the "story" mode and defeat bosses in each chapter. The new topic will open in challenge mode.

How do I unlock Challenge Mode? To unlock the "challenge" mode, you need to play in the "story" mode and defeat the bosses in each chapter.

How do I leave Challenge Mode? The challenge mode includes three rounds, at the end of which the player faces the boss. After defeating the boss, you receive a die. At the end of the mode, the player can receive up to three dice. To leave the test mode, you must pause in the upper right corner, and then click on the "exit" button. If you defeat at least one boss, you have a unique opportunity to exchange cubes for a reward.

What is the reason for the change in the level of my heroes and my level of fame? At the moment, the glory levels of the current players and the hero levels will be calculated according to the new system, certain adjustments have been made regarding how your heroes received experience. Do not worry: in the new settlement system, your heroes will not lose a single level. Most of the levels will remain unchanged or even increase to a certain extent.

My hero is no longer leveling up - have I reached the ceiling in the game? Apparently, your level of fame is now at its maximum. And this is precisely what makes it impossible to increase the level of the hero. But don’t be discouraged - there is a way to fix this situation! To do this, you need to increase your level of fame. In the upper left corner, you will see your current fame level. Click on it and you will see the rewards menu. This menu details the requirements for raising your profile.

Warriors of Waterdeep: Battle Guide

How do I attack the enemy? As soon as you enter a combat situation, the game has the opportunity to know your initiative and thus sees who will start the game first. After your character is ready for battle, a list of possible abilities will appear at the bottom of the screen. All abilities are individual: some heal, some protect, and some attack. If you don’t know what a certain ability does, you can press and hold the very icon of the ability that interests you and thus you will see what it can do and how to use it.

How do different abilities manifest themselves? Each ability is different. In order to view the functions of the abilities using the equipment of your perk, you need to open the party menu, and then press and hold the ability during the battle.

What do the icons mean? With the help of them, you can see the state of weapons, items on equipment that are worn on your character. By also pressing and holding, you can find out your abilities during the battle. Enemies have their own abilities too. In order to recognize them - press and hold.

What is the D20 appearing over my abilities? This is an additional effect on the ability that can be triggered during the hero’s turn. The die is rolled, and if it turns red, the effect on the ability is applied immediately. In order to open a tooltip and find out what this special effect is - press and hold the ability icon.

Are you stuck on a too hard level? What can you do? Here are some tips to help you get through the tough battle:

What are the black lines on my health bar? The more HP you dial, the more marks there will be on the strip. This indicates that your character’s maximum health will increase.

What do these symbols on the doorway mean? Each dungeon will have many different monsters that you can face. The symbol on the door will tell you what to expect from the room.

It is important to know which symbols are suitable for each type of monsters, so when you find out, you can defeat a certain type, or your group can be stronger / weaker against certain monsters.

How do I skip a turn? During the battle, at the bottom of the screen on the left side, click on the arrow, and then click "Skip turn" if the hero does not have any available actions at this time.

What is that little gray arrow above the doorway that appears below the narrative text? This little arrow follows the storyline. The entrance to this opening is optional - it is a subtle hint of what can be found in this room.

Warriors of Waterdeep: Secrets of character leveling

What are the character classes / races? The following characters are currently available:

What are the different characteristics of the characters? Your character’s victory or defeat is based on four characteristics:

How to level up characters? Your characters gain experience not only in story and challenge modes, but also by improving their equipment, which they receive as they progress through the story and challenges. The experience bar can be viewed in the "Party" section of the main menu. If it is full, your character is ready to level up!

How to improve a character’s abilities? Your abilities are improved with the equipment that the hero is equipped with. If your equipment is updated, then your abilities will increase.

How can I get more gear for my character? Completing the story, passing tests and quests - you will earn chests and card sets that contain equipment, coins and other items! Do not forget to look into Durnan’s store, in addition to chests and maps, you can also find offers for exchange there.

How can I improve my character’s equipment? When you collect equipment from chests and maps, you will find that some of the items that you receive have already been used or are in your inventory. These additional pieces of equipment increase the experience of your character, as well as improve the abilities of this item.

How do I swap group members? Go to the party menu, hold and drag the hero card to the place you want to replace. Please note that you can only select heroes that are not yet in the group.

Why am I no longer gaining prominence by upgrading my heroes’ equipment? You can gain fame by leveling up your heroes - this can be done by upgrading their equipment.

Warriors of Waterdeep: Battle Mode Guide

What is combat mode? Combat mode is a PvP (player versus player) arena. You and the enemy will fight one on one with a randomly selected hero. At the start of the match, each of you rolls a d-20 to see who goes first. The first one to go is the one with the highest number. Each of you will perform actions until you defeat all the heroes.

How do I unlock combat mode? In order to unlock the combat mode, your team must have at least 4 heroes, and you must defeat Bonebreaker - the first leader in the Frosty Silver Mines. If your team does not have 4 heroes, you can hire more and increase your responsibility.

How does the game match the opponent? You and your opponent will be given a random group based on the currently unlocked heroes. You will be paired with an opponent in the same arena with the same amount of power, depending on your number of trophies.

Is there a time limit per move? You have 10 seconds to choose the hero’s action. The timer will end and the hero will move forward, and the timer for the next action will be 5 seconds. Heroes in battle mode cannot miss their turn.

What trophies do I collect? In every victory you get trophies, in every defeat you lose. The trophies that you collect in the battle mode will help you unlock more stages of the battle arena.

Why is the floor glowing? 3 minutes after the battle, the zones light up in the arena, the heroes standing in the fire will have the maximum reduced HP. The battle will end when one team is defeated. This is to ensure that the match does not last too long.

Cell system. The chests that you receive during the battle become available, and you can open your rewards only after a queue with a timer. In order to reset the timer and immediately open the chests, you can use precious stones. The slots in the chests are limited, so before starting the battle, you will have to open some of them.

What is this chest with a progress bar? Every time you win in PvP, you get a bonus reward! The rewards in bonus chests depend on the level of the arena in which you are fighting. Rewards can be a brawl chest, coins, and VIP chests. To earn the best reward chests, earn more trophies, open new arenas. Also, don’t forget to claim one bonus reward every 24 hours!

What happens if I disconnect from a PvP battle? If you disconnected from the battle, you can reconnect to the game if time remains. If your team loses while you are away, it is considered a loss, and you lose your trophies.

Warriors of Waterdeep: Guild Guide

Guilds. You can create or join a guild to communicate with other Warriors of Waterdeep players, request or donate additional cards and equipment from other guild members.

Joining and leaving a guild. In order to join a guild - you need to find it by searching for guilds. View her details and send a request to join the leader.

You can only apply to join a guild if you are not already a member of another guild.

  1. Click "Search" to see a list of recommended guilds you can join, or search by guild name (Use the full guild name).
  2. View your guild details. The highest number of trophies among the participants belongs to the crowned guild member.
  3. Click "Join a Guild" - the request will be sent to the guild leader.

Only the guild leader can view and manage guild membership requests.

How do I leave a guild? Click the "Leave guild" button and confirm your intention to leave the guild. A notification will appear in the guild chat about who left the guild. The guild leader must first promote one of the members before leaving the guild.

If you leave the guild before collecting donations, they will be lost, and you will also lose all guild keys.

Guild donations. Players can request and donate cards from other guild members. You can only have one active loadout request at a time. This request remains open only for a set time.

The number of common and rare cards that you can request increases with your level of fame.

Donation Mechanism . The equipment request will appear in the guild chat. You can donate cards at the request of other guild members, if you have cards of this type and hero. As a reward for this, you will earn gold and experience! For example, if you donate equipment to Tommus, your Tommus will receive XP!

Note: the request contains an individual limit for donations by cards. The daily donation limit for all inquiries increases in proportion to your level of notoriety. So, VIPs get twice as many requests!

Other guild actions. Guild Member Profile View:

Guild Profile View:

Mute guild members. Click "Mute" to not see messages from this player.

Unmute audio for guild members:

Complaints about chat messages. All Posts are reviewed by our Community Guidelines, and you can also report posts:

View guild settings. The leader can view the guild settings, change the icon, location and description. The guild name cannot be changed.

Expulsion of a guild member. The guild leader can exclude any player from the guild. Click on the chat message or player profile and select "Kick".

Note: If a player is kicked out of the guild prior to collecting guild donations, those donations will be lost.

Guild member promotion. A guild leader can promote another guild member to Leader. It happens instantly. To do this, select a member of the guild and click on "Promote". Confirm the action.

Removing a guild. The leader can remove the guild if he remains the last survivor in it. All other players must leave the guild or be expelled from it.

Guild creation. If you are not a member of a guild, you can create it in the "Guilds" tab. The cost of creating a guild is 150 gems.

If you are already a member of another guild, before creating a new guild, leave the guild in which you are playing. Guild names and descriptions must be approved and verified. You may need to rename or change your guild description.

Guild events . This is a new way for players to earn rewards with their guild and compete for bragging rights! There are 3 types of guild events:

To find out which guild events are active - you need to tap the guild icon on the bottom navigation bar, then tap the "Battle" tab. Usually only one guild event is active at a time. To take part in a guild event - you must be in the guild before the event starts and have a sufficient amount of guild currency - tokens or keys. In addition, for Raid and Battle events, you must take part in the event at least once in order to receive the rewards.

If you join a new guild during the event, you will not be able to participate in it.

Earning guild currency. To participate in guild events, two types of currency are required:

Rally events. In Rally Events, bosses like Harkald Firesworn and Qholillarroon summon portals to the streets of Waterdeep, and all guild members team up to defend the City of Splendor from an unexpected invasion! The Rally Event is structured as an endless challenge mode with completely new encounter types and monster combinations, with no bosses anywhere! The goal is to clear as many rooms as possible in each playthrough - each room is more difficult than the last. Each cleared room adds one more point to the reward track. Rewards are guild keys, which can then be used as currency to participate in future raids and battles.

Raid events. After defending Waterdeep in a rally, the guilds move the battle to the boss’s citadel and aim to unlock rewards for everyone in the guild. The Raid event is designed as an endless challenge mode similar to the Rally events, but each encounter is played against a Boss that is stronger than the previous one. The goal is to defeat the Boss as many times as possible in one run. Each defeated Boss adds one point to the overall reward track for the entire guild. Once the reward is unlocked on the track, all eligible guild members can claim it.

Guild Battles Events. To earn prizes for the guild as a whole, guild events allow guild members to compete in individual battles. In such battles, you can get points for each opposing hero or for each overall victory. The points earned are added to the overall guild reward track. Once the reward is unlocked on the track, all eligible guild members can claim it.

Guild Leaderboards. The main leaderboard displays the rankings of all guilds in addition to your global player rankings. These tables allow you to view your overall status at guild events. To view them, tap the crown icon.

Rally leaderboard. Shows your position in the guild in relation to the points earned. Points of players who have not yet participated in the rally are marked with a dash.

Raid / Guild Battle Leaderboard. Shows your position in the guild and the position of your guild relative to other guilds. Oscars of players who did not participate in the raid or battle are marked with a dash.

Warriors of Waterdeep: Donator’s Guide

What is a subscription? A subscription is an in-app agreement that gives your account exceptional benefits in exchange for automatic recurring payments. The subscription is purchased through the app. Automatic subscription payments are charged and controlled by your Google Play account. The subscription provides benefits for each paid period.

What opportunities does a VIP subscription open?

How can I control my subscription as an Android user? You can manage your subscription from your Google Play account:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app;
  2. Tap the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner of the screen;
  3. Select "Subscriptions";
  4. This will take you to a list of all the apps you have a subscription to;
  5. Each of the apps listed there offers you a number of subscription options.

To access the content of the subscription, you must :

What happens if I cancel my subscription before its expiration date? If you cancel your subscription before it ends, you will not be charged for the next or any other billing period. But at the same time, you will have access to all the benefits and advantages of the subscription in the current, paid period. But as soon as the billing period is over, your account will lose access to all the benefits and advantages of the subscription.

What are Progressive VIP Chests? If you are constantly in VIP status, you can receive the VIP Chest reward. By collecting them daily, XP is guaranteed to await you. You will receive a large number of gems and coins if you constantly open VIP-chests, and the more, the better. You can find not only jewelry, but also the best equipment for your heroes. Chests of a higher level are very important, opening them you will receive additional, rare opportunities.

What can happen to my VIP chest if my membership is canceled? If your membership expires for any reason, before your VIP chest returns to level 1, you will be given 3 days to reactivate your VIP membership.

If I am not a VIP member, will I be able to get the VIP Chest? Alas, in order to receive a VIP chest, you must be a VIP member. However, whenever you collect a free chest from Durnan, the level of your VIP chest rises by a certain maximum value. Basically, you get the experience you need. 2. Once you are ripe for signing, your VIP chest will already receive tier 2 prizes.

I have already signed up for VIP and have never received a VIP Riddle Chest! If you also have a Mysterious Chest that can be collected when someone subscribes to the VIP, the Chest will remain the same as it is, and will also switch to a Mysterious VIP Chest after the next Chest is restored. And if your Mystery Chest is currently on recharge as well, then when you register for VIP, your next Chest will be the already Mysterious VIP Chest!

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