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Wild West Heroes WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

WILD WEST HEROES is an Android game with release date 06/28/2019 from GOAT Games. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Tier List (Top Heroes)
  2. Hero Leveling Guide
  3. Horse Upgrade
  4. Secrets of Recruiting Heroes
  5. Trading Features and Target Hero Set
  6. Codes
  7. How to get a horse?
  8. Team Building Secrets
  9. City Building
  10. City Resource Production
  11. Heroes and resources without donation
  12. Get Started Tactics
  13. Campaign Walkthrough
  14. Complete Quests and Daily Quests (Daily)
  15. Doing Bar Quests (Saloon Quests)
  16. Spreading the Good Word
  17. Interrogation
  18. Fishing Guide
  19. How to Fight in Disaster Canyon? (Calamity Canyon)
  20. Buzzard Crossing Battles
  21. Frontier Adventure
  22. Basic Squad Features (Posse)
  23. Friends (addition and meaning)
  24. Bag Composition
  25. Best Donate & VIP System
  26. Conclusion

Wild West Heroes: Tier List (Top Heroes)

Classification of heroes. Wild West Heroes characters share:

The number of slots for heroes is limited and grows as the hotel is upgraded in the city. It is possible to increase the number of slots for diamonds and with an increase in the VIP level.

When you get a new hero, look for him in the general gallery. Read the character’s biography (the book-shaped icon in the lower left corner) and take the prize - 100 diamonds.

Whom to download? You will start the game with blue quality heroes. We do not recommend pumping them over, since you can quickly acquire purple-quality heroes and form a full-fledged squad from them. First of all, pump the battle party well, and then move on to other heroes that may be required in individual activities and Bar quests.

Strive to get orange-quality heroes into your team, but always act according to the situation: sometimes a well-pumped purple-quality hero will show himself much better in battle than an orange one, which is more difficult and more expensive to pump.

Pay attention to the red dots that appear on the icons of various activities. This is your signal to action - the ability to level up, receive rewards, spend a free attempt in activity, etc.

Tier List. Our Tier-list contains heroes of various stripes, who have proven themselves the most successfully among Wild West Heroes players.

PurpleWild Side, Wolf Warrior, Lady Luck, The Chief.
OrangeThe Coffin Man.
PurpleOl ’Sawbones, Billy the Kid, Barkeep, Madamousielle.
PurpleSchoolmarm, Desperate Measures, Town Sheriff, Darling Dove.
OrangeThe Pathfinder.
PurpleThe Dandy, Maverick, Preacher, Sidewinder.
OrangeSunset Stalker.
Light Jokers
BlueHigh Society.
OrangeStrings, The Marshall.
Dark Jokers
OrangeHellfire Kid, Sister Mercy.

Wild West Heroes: Hero Leveling Guide

Leveling up (Level Up). To level up, go to the hero’s page and click "Level Up". Money and food are paid for pumping, and the higher the level, the more resources you will need. With the increase in the level, the characteristics of the heroes grow and the skills are pumped.

Upgrade your heroes evenly, so that all the fighters of the main party enter the battle with the same level of pumping. If in the future you want to improve another fighter, you can always reset the pumping of an unnecessary hero.

Promotion of heroes (Promote). Thanks to the advancement, the next of the stars available to him is activated for the hero, the pumping threshold increases and the characteristics increase. To advance, it is necessary that the character has reached his current maximum level. After that, its "Level Up" button will change to "Promote". To advance you need gold dust (you can get it in Calamity Canyon and in other activities) and money.

Rise in stardom at Reception (Fuse). Increase the maximum stardom of heroes in the Registry building. To do this, you will need similar heroes and other heroes of the same suit. After increasing the maximum stardom, the consumable heroes will be consumed, and the target hero will retain his level, equipment and rank. The equipment of absorbed heroes and their attributes will return to the bag.

Block the desired heroes from accidental absorption in the Registry. To do this, go to his page and put a closed lock in the lower left corner.

Appointment to buildings. Anchor the heroes to certain buildings to receive increases to their parameters - ATK, HP, crit bonus. strike, evasion, etc. Each type of building gives its own increase. Their size depends on the improvement of the building itself - the higher its level, the greater the bonus to the parameters will be received by the heroes assigned to the building.

To assign heroes to buildings, use the "Hero Assignment" menu. In it you will see a list of all your heroes and you can choose your preferred ones. For a quick redistribution, click on the buildings in the city itself - icons of the heroes inside will appear above their roofs, which you can move and reassign. Two heroes are assigned to one building.

Fighters of the main battle party must be assigned to buildings in order to get additional pumping. Do not forget to improve the buildings themselves and help increase the size of the bonus.

Dismissing Heroes. Upon dismissal, the heroes are destroyed, and the materials spent on their training are returned to you. You also get the Inheritance used for recruiting heroes. The higher the stardom of the dismissed character, the more Inheritance you will receive.

Firing heroes is a last resort, try to use it as little as possible. Do not forget that heroes are needed to complete Bar Quests, as well as consumables to increase stardom.

Reset pumping (Reset). If necessary, you can reset all pumping of the hero in the Registry building and return him to level 1. The reset procedure costs 50 diamonds. The consequences of a reset:

Thanks to the reset option, you can practice pumping and create your best squad. Do not be afraid to make mistakes and pump the wrong heroes - you always have a chance to improve the situation for a small fee.

Hero’s outfit. All equipment is stored in the bag. It is classified into orange, purple, blue, green and gray in terms of quality. Also, uniforms differ in stardom. Heroes use outerwear: (jacket) and shoes, as well as weapon attributes and artifacts. When collecting a set of uniforms of the highest quality, fighters receive an additional increase in characteristics. Try to concentrate one-color ammunition on one hero to use these bonuses.

Merge similar clothes, shoes and weapons in the "Fuse" menu of the city forge to increase the stardom of the target item. If possible, you will see an exclamation mark above the building if you can merge. Pump your ammunition on time.

Improved weapon attributes. Weapon attributes (2 symmetrical slots below the weapon slot) are given to the hero when he reaches the required level. They can be pumped over or changed to similar ones of the same type. For this you pay cash and gun oil. After pumping, the quality of the attribute increases and its color changes.

Get new weapons and attributes at the forge of your city. To get hold of good quality ammunition, pump this building.

Artifacts. Artifacts occupy the last bottom slot in the uniform. To increase the stardom of an artifact, use other low quality artifacts (see screenshot above). With an increase in stardom, the indicators of an artifact increase, which gives an increase to the characteristics of its carrier.

Wild West Heroes: Horse Upgrade

Pumping horses is important for increasing the hero’s BR, as it gives additional increases to characteristics and increases power. Horses vary in quality, from gray to orange, and have skills to aid their owners in battle. The higher the quality of the horse, the more skills are available to it. In total, a horse can have 4 skills upgraded to level 3. Orange horses have unique skills.

Leveling horses. Horse pumping takes place in the Stable. The number of stalls available to you and, accordingly, the allowed limit of horses depends on the level of the stable. To pump a horse, select the one you need from the general list and click "Level Up" in the menu that appears. Horses are improved for carrots.

The horse’s level cannot exceed the level of its master. As the cost of pumping increases from level to level, improve your horses evenly.

Merging horses. To merge, you need two horses: the main and the secondary. The resulting horse will inherit the look and level of the base horse. The extra horse is absorbed. The carrots that you used to pump them are returned to your account.

The skills of the new horse are chosen randomly from the skills of the main horse and the additional horse. The level of these skills is determined by the general skill level of the original horses. Click "Preview" to preview the new horse’s possible skills and their level range.

If the master horse’s total skill level exceeds 9 levels, the combined skill level will not be lower than 9. When the master horse’s total skill level exceeds 12 levels, the combined horse’s total skill level will not be below 12.

Rearranging skills. With the "Skill Shuffle" option it is possible to replace the horse’s current skills with new ones. Select a horse, click "Preview" and check out the skills you can get. For each selection of new skills, you pay materials. If you are not satisfied with the replacement, click "Cancel". If the selected skills suit you, click "Ok". The new skills will be at the same level as the replaced ones.

To block the required skills from being replaced, mark them and pay in diamonds. In this case, after approval of the replacement, only those skills that you have not blocked will be changed. In total, 2 skills can be blocked.

The purpose of the horse. To assign a horse to a specific hero, open his pumping menu, select the "Horse" tab, click "+" on an empty icon and select the desired horse from your collection. By clicking "Unassign" you will cancel the assignment, and by clicking "Upgrade" you will move to the stable for pumping.

Wild West Heroes: Secrets of Recruiting Heroes

Types of hiring and odds. You hire new heroes in the Stagecoach building. There are two types of hiring: advanced and friendly. In advanced recruitment, you use advanced recruitment cards or diamonds, and in friendly recruitment, hearts received from friends (1 attempt = 10 hearts). Drop Chances:

For advanced recruitment cards, complete Bar Quests and take part in time-limited events. You can also buy cards in the store.

Prestige points. When performing an advanced recruitment, you accumulate prestige points. Upon reaching 1000 prestige points, you are guaranteed to receive a 5-star hero of one of the factions (except for jokers). A free advanced recruitment attempt is available every 48 hours.

Best recruiting tactic. In hiring, good and bad moments alternate. If you have drawn the basic green hero, then it is best to stop for 10-15 minutes and not use the next card (hearts). On the contrary, if you come across an orange, purple or blue hero - immediately continue hiring. Most likely, subsequent attempts will be successful. It is not recommended to use x10 hiring - there is no free bonus here, but there is a high probability of getting into a "losing streak".

Be sure to keep 2 to 5 advanced recruitment cards in reserve for the corresponding daily quest.

Wild West Heroes: Trading Features and Target Hero Set

Exchange of heroes. You can exchange your hero for another of the same stardom and faction. In particular, this may be required to form a bonus party. The exchange takes place in the city, on the dance hall (Dance Hall) and uses vouchers.

Please note that you will use up the voucher anyway, whether you approve the exchange or not. After the exchange, the old hero will disappear from your collection, and the exchanged one will inherit his level, rank, equipment and attributes. Redeem vouchers upon target recruitment.

Target set. When you target dance floor recruitment, you get fragments of the selected faction’s 4-5 star heroes. This is where you need Gold Coins, which can be purchased in shops or obtained from Limited Events. Possible single use of coins or x10 - collecting 10 fragments at a time. Drop Chances with Target Set:

Wild West Heroes: Codes

To redeem a code, click on your avatar at the top left and click "Redemption Code". In the window that appears, enter the code itself and do not forget to click "OK". Your gifts will appear in the bag, the currency will automatically be credited to the account. New codes are published in the official community of the game, so do not forget to subscribe and follow the announcements from the developers. An example of the actual code:

Be sure to keep upper and lower case letters in mind when entering code. Otherwise, the code will be listed as "invalid".

Wild West Heroes: How to get a horse?

The domestication process. Horses must be tamed at the Horse Ranch. The screenshot above shows the percentages of taming horses of different qualities. For this you need a lasso, which can be bought for diamonds in the Horse Taming interface.

After clicking on the lasso, a rider animation appears and a button to speed up the taming process. Hold it down and wait for the green bar at the top to fill. The quality of a tamed horse is determined by the design of its saddle.

If you have tamed a poor quality horse, don’t rush to spend the next lasso. It is best to wait about 15 minutes. and try again. With this approach, the likelihood of obtaining a higher quality horse increases.

Wild West Heroes: Team Building Secrets

Which heroes to take on the team? Your team must have at least one tank (a fighter standing in front, taking the main damage), 2-3 damage dealers that deal the main damage to enemies (standing in the middle of the squad) and a support character (a healer, standing behind the group). Heroes are placed automatically, in accordance with their characteristics.

Consider the specifics of the activity when forming a squad. So, in battles where health is not restored after rounds, it is recommended to take several healers. In battles with bosses that do not do much damage, you can replace the tank with an additional damage dealer.

Build bonuses. Depending on the factions of the heroes who are in the party, all the fighters of the team receive increases to their characteristics:

In the early and middle stages of the game, it will be difficult to form a team of 5 heroes of the same faction. It is best to use the first formation at this time, since the heroes of different factions are easier to get and pump in level and stardom.

Jokers bonuses. Depending on the number of dark jokers in the ranks, the team’s heroes improve their performance in the following parameters:

  1. 1 joker - DEF + 30%;
  2. 2 jokers - damage resistance + 25%;
  3. 3 jokers - crit. hit + 15%;
  4. 4 jokers - crit bonus. + 15%;
  5. 5 jokers - accuracy + 15%.

Light jokers can be used to strengthen a team with heroes of any faction, except for units with characters - dark jokers.

Try to put joker heroes in the party. When present, your team receives the highest stat bonuses.

Faction benefits. The effect of the advantage is expressed in dealing 30% more damage to the subordinate faction and taking 30% more damage from the dominant one:

Best formations

There are recommended teams of heroes, the use of which will give additional buffs on the battlefield. We can say that these are the units of the strongest. If you have these fighters, form a party with them, according to the structures below.

1. Team 1:

2. Team 2:

3. Team 3:

4. Team 4:

5. Team 5:

6. Team 6:

7. Team 7:

8. Team 8:

9. Team 9:

Wild West Heroes: City Building

Building. Click the "Build" button to view the complete list of buildings. To build and increase the number of buildings, you need to complete the required chapters of the campaign. Some buildings, for example, the Town Hall and the bar, can only be built once.

Construction of scenery. Decorations are towers, trees, monuments, etc. These objects have no functional purpose, but must be located in the city. Decorations give an increase to the characteristics of your heroes, while many decorations add indicators to the characters of a certain faction.

Build the necessary decorations depending on the prevalence of the heroes of a particular faction in your main squad. With decorations, you will further enhance their power.

Leveling buildings. The ability to pump buildings depends on the progress of the campaign. The further you progress through the main plot, the more improvements are available to you. Buildings are pumped for money.

By increasing the level of the building, you increase the size of the bonus increase to the parameters of the heroes that are assigned to it.

Relocation of buildings. To move a building to another location, hold it down and wait for the blue arrows to appear at the base.

Any building must communicate with the road! Otherwise, it will not function. Trees and other decorative elements can be placed anywhere.

Wild West Heroes: City Resource Production

Types of resource buildings. The amount of resources that they are able to bring depends on the level of resource buildings. Resource buildings include:

  1. Town hall. The main building of the city. Place of production of diamonds and universal fragments of heroes. At the maximum level, it is capable of producing 200 diamonds per day and giving fragments of 5-star heroes.
  2. Bank and houses. These buildings issue money. At max. At the bank level, you get 13,200 cash per day from 1 building, and 6,600 cash from home.
  3. Warehouse and pig farm. Food production. At max. level, you get 7600 food per day from these buildings.
  4. Beds with carrots. On these beds, carrots grow for pumping horses. At max. level capable of producing up to 750 units. in a day.
  5. Forge. A building that produces equipment and attributes. At the maximum level of pumping, red 2-star equipment and red attributes are manufactured here.
To pick up the finished resources, click on any of the resource buildings. The resource accumulation limit is determined by your account level. Do not forget to collect, otherwise the buildings will start to stand idle!

AFK mode. In AFK mode, you get food, money, oil and gold dust. You don’t need to do anything specifically - just disassemble the resources. The amount of production of each resource per hour depends on the travel distance in the main story campaign and the leveling of the account.

Complete the AFK quest daily - instantly get the resources of the AFK mode in 2 hours. One quest attempt is free, the other will cost 50 diamonds. Apply a paid attempt depending on the size of your diamond account.

Don’t forget to grab AFC Mode resources as often as possible! Upon reaching the limit of your current level, resources stop accumulating, which leads to production downtime.

Awards letters. Sometimes a yellow exclamation mark appears over buildings. Click on it and receive a letter (A Gun Debate) with thanks. For each letter you are entitled to a reward - diamonds, money, and more.

Score. Shop - a special building in the city where various items are sold for activity currencies. Among the goods there are both materials for pumping, and fragments of heroes. Do not forget to visit the store and purchase the necessary items here.

Shopping in the store is a type of daily quest. Once a day, you need to shop here to close the list of daily tasks.

Wild West Heroes: Heroes and resources without donation

Below we present tips for quickly mastering the most important game moments without investing money.

How do I get heroes? Heroes can be obtained:

Subscribe to the official game page on Facebook . Very often it is there that other players share their experience in obtaining specific heroes and pumping them.

How to pump heroes? There are the following ways:

Where can I get diamonds? Diamonds can be obtained:

Watch for passers-by in the city with a blue dialogue icon. Click on it and watch a small dialogue scene. For this action you will receive additional free diamonds.

Where can I get money? Methods:

How do I get food? Methods:

How to get gold dust? Methods:

How do I get the gear? Methods:

How do I get gun oil? Methods:

Wild West Heroes: Get Started Tactics

Where to start playing? We highly recommend starting the game on a new server. This gives you the opportunity to successfully develop on a par with other players, occupy high positions in the arena and in the ratings, join the top squad and quickly make friends.

Simply put, on the new server you will get much more benefits, and the gameplay itself will be much more enjoyable and easier. If you want to get acquainted with the game in advance, you can register the first account on any server and practice before a full start. It will also simplify your tasks and increase your chances of success.

Track the appearance of new servers and go there on the first day, or better - in the first hour of opening. The sooner you start to explore the world of Wild West Heroes, the easier it will be for you to develop in the game.

Setting the settings. The game settings offer to select an acceptable picture quality, turn on / off music and audio effects. We recommend setting the graphics to low quality - you won’t notice any difference on your phone, but you will save your device’s charge and be able to play longer.

Online time. At the first stages, you gradually open up activities, gain the first victories and start collecting a battle party. It is best to allocate as much free time as possible for the initial game days and start on a weekend / non-working day - this way you will stabilize the gameplay faster, earn more resources and unlock more activities with good loot. In the future, it is possible to reduce the online time to several hours a day.

Take part in the 7-Day Newbie Entry Promotion. On the 4th day of online you will receive a 5-star hero Darling Dove as a reward, and on the 7th day you will receive a 5-star hero Town Sheriff.

Wild West Heroes: Campaign Walkthrough

To get to the main map, press "Map" on the city screen. The campaign is a passage of stages, divided into chapters. You are the new mayor of the city, and you must return law and order to it. Your team of heroes will help you with this, which will neutralize local gangs and catch offenders. To go to the current chapter, click "Campain".

For every 5 battles of the campaign, you get an additional reward - diamonds, gold dust, cash, etc. Claim your prize in the campaign screen on the right.

How are the battles going? In each chapter you have to fight with 4 teams of enemies and with a boss (in the fifth battle). Normal battles take place with heroes on foot, with the boss you fight on horseback. In this case, the mechanics themselves do not change.

As you progress through the chapters, you open up new opportunities for the construction of buildings in the city! Go through the new chapters of the campaign at least once a day, do not be discouraged if you fail, swing the heroes and try again. There is a lot of randomness in this game.

Battles are automatic. You can exit the battle or speed it up. You track the state of your heroes by scales: green - HP bar, yellow - mana bar for using skills.

At the end of the battle, check the statistics of the battle and estimate the amount of damage inflicted by each hero of the party. If the same hero from battle to battle shows weak results or dies, think about replacing him.

Wild West Heroes: Complete Quests and Daily Quests (Daily)

Daily tasks. For each closed daily quest, you collect rewards, incl. Challenge experience to earn prizes in the Western Challenge event. You also get 1 activity point to fill the activity bar. Upon receiving 12 activity points for completing all daily tasks, you will receive additional rewards from the chest (recruitment cards, test experience, etc.). Types of daily tasks:

  1. Send hearts to friends - 5 times;
  2. Complete Bar Quests - 3 times;
  3. Collect AFC awards - 5 times;
  4. Conduct a duel 1 for 1 - 3 times;
  5. Interview criminals - 5 times;
  6. Catch a fish - 2 times;
  7. Complete an advanced recruitment;
  8. Tame a horse - 1 time;
  9. Spread the Kind Word - 1 time;
  10. Make a purchase in a store - 1 time;
  11. Clear Disaster Canyon - 1 time.
  12. Use ROS acceleration.
Be sure to close your daily quests. They all focus on the basic activities of the game and are easy to do. Don’t forget to collect your rewards. Every day, daily tasks are updated, uncollected rewards cannot be restored.

Western test. Western Challenge is an event associated with completing daily quests. As you gain more Challenge XP, grab the guaranteed Western Challenge rewards. Sign up with a donation to earn extra premium rewards - The Pathfinder Hero Fragments, Universal 5-Star Elite Hero Fragments, Maps, and Diamonds. The event lasts every 30 days. After they have passed, all accumulated test experience is reset, progress begins to be counted from the beginning.

To participate in the Western Challenge, if you do not have the required amount of challenge experience to collect rewards, you can additionally buy it for a donation. Premium memberships are valid only during the current event. At the end of the next season of the Western Challenge, earned but not received rewards will be sent by mail.

Quests. Quests are chapters of quests for completing campaign stages and building a city. For completing quests, you collect money and VIP experience, and at the later stages of each chapter - gold dust. As the tasks are closed, the progress bar is accumulated. When the scale is full, you receive rewards from the chest with pumping materials. After moving on to the next chapter of the quest, all accumulated progress is reset.

Wild West Heroes: Doing Bar Quests (Saloon Quests)

Classification of tasks. In the bar (Saloon) you send heroes on quests. All tasks have stardom and quality, and also require strictly defined heroes of the required stardom and role for participation. The higher the stardom of the quest, the longer its completion time and the greater the reward. You get 4 quests per day. If you have scrolls, you can add additional quests. The list of quests is updated daily, at 00.00.

It is very important to have a wide variety of heroes in your collection (including low-level ones) in order to meet the requirements of the quests and provide the required characters to complete.

How to send heroes on missions? Select the task and click "Assign". You will see a window with the requirements for heroes. For speed press "Auto Select" - then the characters needed for the quest will be selected automatically and will occupy the slots. By pressing "Confirm" the execution time countdown starts.

One and the same hero can only be sent for 1 quest. At the same time, he continues to participate in other activities of the game. When the time for completing the task expires, you can pick up the reward and send the freed heroes to other tasks.

Completed but not collected rewards continue to be stored in Bar Quests. If you accumulate more than 200 uncollected rewards, all prizes for low-level quests will burn out and you will not be able to pick them up. Do not overflow the list of completed quests. Collect rewards on time.

Changing tasks. To change the proposed list of quests, click the "Refresh" button. The change procedure will cost you 20 diamonds. If you need to replace only some tasks (for example, with one star), then you can block the necessary tasks from changing by marking them with a lock, or send heroes to them.

You can speed up the task for diamonds. The cost of speeding up depends on the quality and duration of the task.

Wild West Heroes: Spreading the Good Word

The Kind Word spreads over the territories you went through in the campaign and took control. The activity itself is in the church in your city. For spreading the Kind Word, you receive gifts from residents - fragments of heroes. The number, quality and stardom of fragments depend on the range of the chapters of the campaign. There are 3 execution attempts per day (updated every 24 hours).

Make sure to spend your daily attempts to spread the Kind Word and get rewards. Unspent attempts are burned out and not restored. This activity is one of the types of daily quests.

How to play? Go to the church in your city and press the "Go" button. After the animation, 3 baskets with fragments appear in front of you. Choose any and receive your gift. The opening of the two remaining baskets is possible for 50 diamonds.

Wild West Heroes: Interrogation

Passage. The sheriff’s office contains the criminals you were able to catch in the main story campaign. For interrogating criminals, you get additional resources (money, food, carrots). Their quality and size depends on the range of the game. It is possible to conduct 5 free interrogations per day. Additional attempts are bought for diamonds. Free attempts are renewed every 8 hours.

Interrogating criminals is one of the types of daily quests. Don’t forget to pass.

Interrogation methods. 3 methods of interrogation can be applied to a criminal:

  1. Torture;
  2. Threats;
  3. Bribe.

Each method works in its own way on different criminals, so they will report different information, and the interrogation itself will either be useful or go to waste.

Evaluate the perpetrator before applying interrogation methods to him. If you choose the right method and master the interrogation, you will receive double rewards.

Wild West Heroes: Fishing Guide

How do I get the bait? To fish, you must have bait. You can get it in Bar Quests, in the store and in time-limited events.

Don’t waste the bait at zero, keep up to 10 baits in reserve for the daily quest and possibly time-limited activities that take into account fishing progress.

How to fish? Use 1 bait to cast your fishing rod. After a multi-colored scale appears at the top of the screen, try to move the slider so that it is in the middle of the scale. This is the surest way to catch good quality fish. You can use 10 baits at a time to catch 10 fish at once, however this method is less effective for catching good fish.

Fish exchange. The caught fish is needed to exchange in the fisherman’s hut for fragments, equipment, attributes and other items. The higher the quality of the fish, the more valuable things you can get for it. The assortment of the hut offers is reset every 24 hours. Early free updates are available every 3 hours. There is a limit on the exchange of high quality fish - it is possible to make only 1 exchange before the next update.

Chances. The fish that can be caught while fishing are of different quality and have different chances of catching:

Wild West Heroes: How to Fight in Disaster Canyon? (Calamity Canyon)

Travel along the disaster canyon and destroy bandits. At each stage, 5 common enemies and a boss await you. The further you go, the more your rewards will be for successfully completing battles (various resources). For completing every five stages, you get ammunition and other bonus prizes.

Calamity Canyon is a source of gold dust to advance your heroes! Engage in the activity every day until you reach your current milestone. Define it by the number of losses. 3 losses in one stage = your current passing limit.

Waterskins. If you lose in the battle, 1 wineskin (leather bag with water) is consumed. Every hour you get 1 new wineskin, their maximum number is 10. If there is a shortage of wineskins, you can buy them for diamonds.

To get through the stages of the canyon as far as possible, use the experience of your colleagues in the game - see the ratings and records of the battle of other units at one stage or another. It is possible that the placement of heroes and tactics of other players will be very useful to you.

Mop-Up Awards. These rewards (gold dust, cash, food) you get once a day for all the stages of the canyon you have passed. Their size depends on the progress of the activity. To collect as much as possible, use the Mop-Up when you reach the current limit of the canyon.

Wild West Heroes: Buzzard Crossing Battles

To take part in the Buzzard Crossing battles, go to the campaign map, click "Adventure" and go to the corresponding activity. These battles use Buzzard Crossing tickets (available for purchase in daily events) and are time limited.

1v1 battles . Battles take place daily between teams of two players and include 3 free attempts. You start with 1000 points. Victories add points, and defeats take away. By the number of points, the daily rating of the players is determined and rewards (diamonds, Buzzard Crossing tokens and gun oil) are issued.

1v1 battles are one of the types of daily quests. Keep 3 to 5 Buzzard Crossing tickets in reserve to successfully complete the mission and not waste diamonds to buy them. Use the tickets that are out of stock limit and climb up the ranking. Every 15 days, the rating points are reset to 1000 and the final seasonal rewards are issued.

Team building for Buzzard Crossing activities must be done manually. Do not forget to keep the composition of the battle party up to date and update it when more powerful pumped fighters appear. Otherwise, you cannot avoid defeat.

Tag Team. Battles take place weekly, from Tuesday 00.00 (UTC) to Thursday 23.59. Here 3 teams of your heroes are fighting against 3 teams of another player. The order of participation of teams is determined by each side. The winner is the player who scored 2 wins out of 3. You lose points if you lose and get points if you win. Based on the rating, participants receive rating awards and seasonal rating awards.

3v3 battles . These battles are available from Friday 00.00 (UTC) to Sunday 23.59. 3 players from each side take part. The order of the fights is determined by the team leader. 3v3 battles consume stamina, which is restored by 1 unit. per hour (maximum 12 units). Participation prizes are determined based on the point rating.

Wild West Heroes: Frontier Adventure

Send heroes on the Frontier Adventure to earn Adventure Badges. Exchange the received badges in the Frontier Adventure store and get fragments of high-quality heroes. Each Frontier Adventure lasts 48 hours and then resets. Store inventory is updated every 30 days.

Features. Your heroes do not regain lost health between stages of the Frontier Adventure. The only way to replenish it is to use oases scattered around the map or items dropped by enemies. There are 3 zones in the Adventure, each more difficult than the previous one.

After battles, the health of opponents is not restored. If you lost the battle in the Frontier Adventure, type the following command to finish off the enemies. In these battles, you can use any hero with the proper level of pumping.

Skills. As you defeat enemies, the heroes gain exclusive passive skills that are only active for the Frontier Adventure. After the Adventure restart, the acquired skills are reset. The higher the power of the defeated enemies, the stronger the skills received as a reward will be. In the first zone, we recommend starting battles with stronger opponents in order to earn the most powerful skills for difficult zones.

It is best to use skills that restore health or provide additional protection for the heroes of the party (all or most).

Wild West Heroes: Basic Squad Features (Posse)

Posse are guilds in Wild West Heroes. Their main purpose is to unite players in order to play comfortably, help each other, go through activities together and collect more loot.

Which squad should you join? Start your squad search with a general list of all squads on the server. Pay attention to the level of the squad and its power - these indicators should be decisive when choosing. If you are determined for a successful and long game, then you need to join the top squads of the server.

Leave squads with poor online, in which there is an outflow of players and the level does not rise for a long time. In such communities, you will not be able to develop and will swing worse.

Daily mark. Do not forget to check in every day - go to the squad menu, click on the checkmark icon and click the "Sign In" button in the window that appears. For marks, participants receive money and squad funds. You can check in once every 8 hours.

Pumping through the technology of the squad. To access technologies, you need to be a member of a squad and have squad funds. By developing technologies of various groups of heroes, you increase their ATK and HP. Technologies are being pumped on the territory of the detachment, for the funds and guidebooks of the pioneers.

Each group of heroes needs its own guides and their different numbers. The level of technology and their availability depends on the development of your squad. When you leave the squad, the increments to the parameters received due to technologies do not disappear and remain with you forever.

When joining another squad, you can continue training if the level of technology development in the new squad matches the level of the previous squad or is ahead of it. If in the new squad the technologies are less developed, you will not be able to develop technologies further. Choose your new units wisely!

Quests for rewards (Bounty Quests). Send heroes on special quests that are published on the squad’s territory. For each quest there are requirements for stardom and the number of characters performing it. At the end of the quest, you receive rewards. The more quests completed by the squad members, the higher their level, the more rewards and the available amount of daily execution.

It is very important to have a variety of heroes in the collection (including low-level ones) to send them on quests. Do not strive to get rid of weak heroes - they will still be useful to you.

Squad shop. Use the squad’s funds in the squad store. Here you can purchase training pioneer guides, hero fragments and high-quality gear. The assortment of the store can be renewed for 10K funds.

Squad bosses

Units engage in boss fights. After defeating one boss, access to the next one is given - the stronger one and with the best rewards. The boss is available for battle to all members of the squad. Based on the boss’s damage indicators, a summary damage rating is compiled.

Activity rewards are distributed according to the places in this rating. For killing a boss, an increased reward is given. Attempts to battle are available every 15 minutes. You can also buy additional attempts with diamonds. If you defeated the current boss while being a member of another squad, you will not receive a reward for him in a new squad.

Set up a squad of fighters that deal a lot of damage against the boss. Here healers and support characters will not be useful to you, since the boss himself practically does not take away HP of the characters. Such a team-building tactic will help inflict more damage on the enemy and rise higher in the ranking.

Wild West Heroes: Friends (addition and meaning)

Friend list. Friends limit is 30 players. For convenience, the list is formed from active participants to those who are offline. At the bottom of the list are the players who have not logged into the game for the longest time. It is better to give up such friends in time and free up a vacant place for those who will send you hearts every day for friendly recruitment of heroes.

At the first stages of the game, remove from the list of players who have not logged in for more than two days. In the middle and late stages, watch out for those who have not been online for more than 5-7 days. Such a long offline often means that the person will no longer play.

Finding friends. Use Search to add friends by ID. You can also add suggested friends here. The search shows only players with the limit on the number of friends not reached, so you can be sure that your request will be approved.

Don’t send friend requests to everyone. Look for people who are at the same account level or higher with you - this is a sure sign that the player plays a lot and logs on to the network every day.

Adding via chat. You can also find new friends in the world chat. When you click on the avatar of a specific player, read the basic information about him - total power, composition of the battle party, level. Click "Friend" to submit a friend request.

Additionally, write short messages "Add me" to the chat - so people will know that you are recruiting friends and will send you requests.

How to send hearts? When entering the friends menu, click the "Collect & Send" button. So you can get all the hearts of your friends in one click and send them yours.

Wild West Heroes: Bag Composition

The bag contains all the items used for pumping, passing activities and getting new heroes. There are 4 tabs, each of which stores its own things.

1. Equipment (Gear). Storage of equipment received but not used. For convenience, it is sorted by quality, from highest to worst. The function of selling and melting unnecessary equipment is also available here.

2. Attributes (Trinkers). Even though they are called "trinkets", their use significantly increases certain parameters of the hero. Each hero strictly suits their attributes, you can get them in activities, but more often than not, you can only buy them. Like equipment, attributes are categorized by quality and stardom.

3. Fragments. The resulting fragments of heroes. They are universal and personalized. When you accumulate the required number of fragments, synthesize them and get a new hero by clicking "Recruit".

If there is a lack of necessary fragments, click "Find". You will be presented with a list of game activities in which you can get them.

4. Consumables (Items). Items needed to upgrade heroes, horses and equipment are stored here, as well as recruitment cards, special currencies, activity passes and bonuses. Among the latter, you may come across a cache that allows you to instantly get the depleted resources (money, food, oil and gold dust) of the AFK mode in a given time.

Also, prize boxes from activities fall into consumables. Do not forget to open them and use the received items, otherwise the won resources will be idle. Check your arsenal periodically and free up slots.

Spend your cash bonus after leveling your account, when you start earning a lot of resources in AFK mode. So you can significantly increase your stocks in one click, whereas at the first levels (with low productivity in the ROS), you just waste it and get a tiny bit.

Wild West Heroes: Best Donate & VIP System

Promotions. Temporary promotions icons for donators appear on the main screen of the game. By participating, you can buy sets of rare and valuable items with huge discounts, but in limited quantities. Keep track of the validity of the promotion and do not postpone important purchases until later.

Purchasing items in special temporary promotions is one of the most cost-effective types of donation. Check regularly for updates to the game store and track promotions on the official game page .

Passes. There are 2 types of passes:

  1. Regular monthly pass. When you purchase, you immediately get 200 diamonds and 250 VIP experience. During the month, you will collect 100 diamonds daily. Total: 3200 diamonds;
  2. Epic Monthly Pass. When you buy, you get 800 diamonds and 750 VIP-experience at once. During the month, you will collect 400 diamonds daily. Total: 12,800 diamonds.
By purchasing a monthly pass, you provide yourself with a supply of premium currency and significantly save on its purchase.

Growth fund. With the Growth Fund, you get diamonds as you pump the town hall - from 600 (at the first levels) to 2000 pieces. In total, you will receive 20,000 diamonds. The purchase of the Fund is your investment in future achievements. Recommended for purchase by players aimed at long-term goal-oriented game.

What is better not to buy? Buying diamonds outside the sets is an unprofitable donation. It is best to purchase premium currency by passes, in a growth fund or as part of packages - at sales and in promotions for donators. This way you get much more and can save money.

VIP system. When you donate, you accumulate VIP experience, thanks to which you pump the VIP level. Reaching each VIP level gives you reward chests: guaranteed and premium (at extra cost). There are heroes in the rewards from guaranteed chests:

Upon reaching VIP 13, you are guaranteed to receive the legendary Deathbringer Gem.

Benefits of VIP levels. As a VIP, you enjoy the following bonuses:

Wild West Heroes: Conclusion

Wild West Heroes is an interesting three-dimensional game with nice graphics and art. Made in the mood of the Wild West, so among the main characters are cowboys, Indians, local criminals, rowdy and beautiful ladies.

There is a nice cohesive storyline that will keep you busy. Western music is perfectly matched to the plot. The game is not difficult, does not require a lot of time and effort, has a moderate donation, does not freeze on devices and does not consume too much energy when the graphics settings are set correctly. Recommended for pleasant pastime and relaxation.

The author of the article: Nadezhda D., Yaroslav I.