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World of War Machines WiKi: Gameplay Tips and Tricks

WORLD OF WAR MACHINES is a game for android with release date 01/18/2021 from Bigbreakgames. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Gift Coupons
  2. A Beginner’s Guide
  3. Base Building Guide
  4. Base Leveling Tips
  5. Guide to the main attributes and characteristics of the game
  6. Secrets of Field Fights
  7. Hero Guide

World of War Machines: Gift Coupons

Where can I enter the gift voucher? To do this, go to the Commander section. There is a gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner. Clicking on it will take you to the Game Settings. Here you need to select the "Coupons" item. In the active line of the window that opens, you must enter the symbols of the gift coupon you have. The coupon cannot be reused. If you have not received a gift, you should contact the support service through the Settings section of the "Feedback" section.

Remember! Gift vouchers are valid for a limited time, and if you enter the symbols of the promotional code when the validity period has expired, a corresponding notification will appear on your screen.

Gift coupons:

  1. SUMMERWITHWWM - 3 boxes of brave company ranks 3, 3 boxes of elusive legendary Aircraft (AC), a seven-day 20% discount coupon for buying diamonds.
  2. WWM-EMORIAL3 - 1000 gold, 30% discount coupon (7 days), 35 diamonds.
  3. WWM-EMORIAL2 - 1000 gold, 50 diamonds, 3 secret boxes for a military campaign.
  4. WWM-EMORIAL1 - 1000 gold, 50 diamonds, 3 special boxes with blueprints for legendary aircraft.
  5. CITY-DEY - 5 special boxes with company commander cards, 200 training manuals (5000 units of company commander experience).
  6. CITYDEY1 - 10% unlimited discount on construction resources.
  7. CITYDEY2 - 2,000,000 oil, 500,000 iron, 150,000 silver.

World of War Machines: A Beginner’s Guide

World of War Machines is a historical strategy game about World War II. Throughout the game, you will go through events related to key moments of battles throughout the territory of hostilities from September 1, 1939 to September 2, 1945.

During the first entry, you will be asked to choose which country you will fight for. You not only choose the country, but also the branch of the storyline, the Commander, company commanders and equipment of the country for which you decided to fight.

There are 3 countries in the game:

Despite the fact that some game aspects are different for each country, the basic mechanics are the same. Also have the same names of buildings of the military base, objects on the "Field", items (with the exception of company cards), science and much more. But the combat units presented in the game differ depending on the selected country. For example, the Main Tank Plant will produce T-34s for the USSR, Panthers for Germany and M22 Locast for the United States.

Assistant. At the start of the game, you appear at your base, where your assistant will conduct a small instruction on how to arrange the base. In the future, you can count on her help. As soon as she brings you new news, she will appear on the platform, and an icon in the form of a sheet of paper will be displayed above her head, by clicking on which you will receive valuable advice on the game and a small gift for the conversation.

Pay attention to all the tips that are given to you in the game, also, some tips come in letters to the game mail. Therefore, before deleting a message, please read it carefully.


Basic tasks. In the game, you can perform any possible actions, but you can simplify the development process by following the instructions of the system. These directions are provided in the form of various tasks and quests. The main activity is displayed in the "Tasks" menu located in the lower left corner. The tasks are divided into 4 categories:

  1. Missions - these quests give you the opportunity to receive rewards for the development of your city and the training (production) of units (soldiers and military equipment). For completing these actions (for example, upgrading the Barracks to level 10), you will receive resources, commander experience, and boosters.
  2. Quests are daily quests that provide a significant increase in resources and other important items for the game. By completing tasks, you will receive special points to fill the scale located at the top of the window. After collecting a certain number of points, you will receive good rewards (including gold).
  3. Challenges are permanent one-time events, for completing which you will receive gold. For example, increase the combat power to a certain value, or create 100 heavy tanks. Challenges don’t disappear without a trace, they just level up when completed.
  4. Orders are missions of the alliance. Complete the indicated quests daily to gain more Commander XP.

Promotions - the menu is located in the upper right corner. There are several sections here:

  1. Secret missions - you will receive points for the resources spent on improving buildings. 1 mission point = 1000 units of resource used. Points are awarded for the number of destroyed opponents on the field (tank companies, special groups).
  2. Special missions - you will complete the scale for improving and upgrading aircraft. After collecting a certain number of points in missions, you will receive good rewards.
  3. Daily promotions - every day you will be given tasks of a certain orientation, for the completion of which you will be given good prizes. Keep track of the tasks for the next day to get as many items as possible.
  4. The Great Commander is an event of the first 7 days of the game. Here, for the usual actions that you perform in the game, you are given rewards. You should not ignore this event, since it is in it that you can earn a lot of items that will be needed at high levels, but at these levels the number of rewards received from different places will decrease.
  5. The beginning of the war - in accordance with the selected tab, you will carry out certain daily assignments of the commander-in-chief. For example, it is necessary to increase the combat power up to a certain amount.
  6. Battle Clearance is a seasonal event during which you will earn Clearance Points by completing missions. After collecting a certain number of points, you will increase the level of admission and receive rewards.

There are also additional temporary events in the game, so by doing the same action, you can earn good prizes. Do not ignore promotions, as they will bring a good bonus to the development of your account.

Currencies. There are 3 main currencies in the game, 2 of which you can earn in the game:

Diamonds - can only be bought with real money, and received a little as a promotion in a gift voucher. There are no other ways to earn diamonds. You can spend them in Voentorg for various sets and game benefits.

Gold - will help you progress quickly. At the start of the game, you can earn a large amount of it by completing various tasks, registering gift coupons and participating in temporary events. In the future, the tasks will be more difficult, it will take more time to complete them. Therefore, at the very start, gold should be accumulated. You can spend it to speed up construction or study various sciences. You can also use it to purchase rare items in the Market.

Do not buy items for gold on the Black Market (with rare exceptions), as you will receive an item for a high cost that you can easily earn in the game.

Points PX - many beginners often ask the question: "How to use Voyentorg glasses?" You receive these points as a reward for certain missions and progress in the game. Periodically, you will receive a message to your game mail that they need to be spent, since they have a limited validity period. But glasses do not buy sets or items. They allow you to buy a particular set. If you do not have the required number of Voentorg points, then you will not be able to purchase the package (even for real money). After purchase, the specified amount of points will expire.

Reputation points are required for some barter transactions in the market. They are awarded for conducting research of the alliance, researching technologies, as well as supporting the construction of buildings of the union. Collect points to exchange them for rare items. It is not worth spending them if there are no valuable goods for you on the current day, it is better to wait and carry out the transaction later.

Advertising - there is a lot of advertising content in the game, but without imposing it, if you don’t want to watch it, then you don’t have to click on the button that starts the viewing. But advertising will give you good bonuses in the form of accelerating the modification of objects at the base, accelerating the production of units and equipment of the Commander, and also help to increase rewards for combat operations.

The game has a separate menu, which is located above the "Tasks" section in the lower left corner. The section has a symbol in the form of a filming firecracker and the inscription: "Free". Here you will be asked to watch 10 commercials within 24 hours. For watching the video, you will receive incentive bonuses that will help you improve your base (boosters, gold and resources). 10 advertisements will give you 25 books of company officer experience for 1000 units, 1000 gold and some boosters.

Do not ignore the help of advertising, spending 30 seconds watching the video, you will receive an additional bonus, which (if you don’t bring real money into the game) will help you progress faster without spending currency and resources.

World of War Machines: Base Building Guide

At the start of the game, you go through a little training, but it is not enough to understand some of the buildings. Beginners, if they have not played such projects before, cannot find their bearings, and make mistakes, due to which they stop in development, they lose interest in the game. To prevent this from happening, we decided to describe to you the main structures of your base.

Economic buildings

The headquarters is the main building that serves the development of your base. The level of all objects in your base depends on the level of the Headquarters, and cannot exceed it. After you raise the Headquarters to level 25, new additional effects will open to protect your base. Upgrade the Headquarters at any time convenient for you, as its modernization takes the longest time. While the Headquarters is improving, you can work on strengthening other buildings.

Do not wait until all buildings are on the same level as your Headquarters, because then you will start to upgrade it, and the time of your development will stop for more than a day. The Headquarters level should be 2 - 3 levels higher than the rest of the buildings.

Command center - here you will hire and improve your company commanders. Upgrading the building is necessary to increase the maximum level of your commanders.

Embassy - allows you to increase the size of the company in a team battle and support in defense. Also, with the increase in the level of the Embassy, ??you will be able to provide more assistance in improving buildings and research to members of your alliance. Accordingly, your allies will be able to help you more.

Bomb shelter - serves to hide part of your troops and resources during an attack on your base by another player. The higher the level of the Bomb Shelter, the more you can hide units and resources. It is important to remember that during an attack, only those resources that are displayed on the top pane of the window will be taken away from you. Everything that is in your Inventory will not be touched.

If you received resources in a package for some task, you should not rush to open it, let the resource remain in the Inventory. If necessary, you can always extract it from there and apply it to your business.

Research Institute (Research Institute) - various sciences are studied here that will help you in the development of troops and your base. With an increase in the level of research institutes, new studies are opened, and the speed of study also increases.

Workshop - needed to create equipment for the Commander. With an increase in the level of the Workshop, the maximum level of making weapons and equipment increases. An operation to create accelerators will also be available in the Workshop. You can select the required accelerator from the list.

The market is necessary for the conclusion of barter transactions. With the help of deals, you can get the missing resource, decrees and experience of the Commander. As the Market level rises, the displayed number of trades increases.

Warehouse - all the resources that you get in the game at the base or field go here. With an increase in the level of the warehouse, you increase the amount of resources that the enemy will not be able to capture with a successful attack on your base.

Military buildings

Gendarmerie - serves to destroy the enemy special forces that have penetrated the base. You can give an order to clear the territory several times a day. This action closes 2 daily tasks for which you will receive prizes. Upgrading the building increases the number of allocated opponents at the base.

Barracks - serves to train infantry. With the achievement of high levels of the building, you will be able to unlock high classes of fighters that have better characteristics than the previous classes. Also, by increasing the level of the Barracks, you increase the speed of training of soldiers and the number of trained infantrymen.

Artillery Plant - used for the production of artillery. The higher the factory level, the higher the artillery classes. Leveling up increases production speed and artillery production.

The main tank plant is necessary for the production of light and medium tanks. By upgrading the factory, you gain access to high classes of tanks, increase the production speed and the number of manufactured tanks. Also, with an increase in the level of the plant, you open up access to an increase in the level of the Heavy Tank Plant.

Heavy Tank Factory - Required to produce Heavy Tanks. Becomes available when unlocking Class III main tanks. As in the main plant, with an increase in the level, new classes of military equipment become available, the production speed and the number of manufactured equipment increase.

Heavy tank parking - becomes available after the construction of the Heavy Tank Plant. Required to accommodate heavy equipment. As the level of the parking lot rises, the number of tank troops increases. You will not be able to manufacture new tanks at the factory if you have reached the maximum parking space limit.

Keep track of all the sites where your types of troops are located. If you reach the site level limit, you will not be able to produce new units. When there is very little space left, one should not wait, but immediately improve the parking lot so as not to slow down the production process.

Types of sites for placing units:

Hangar - required for storage, maintenance and repair of Aircraft. With the increase in the level of the Hangar, you increase the aircraft level limit, and the number of links for single operations.

Anti-aircraft gun - serves to destroy enemy aircraft that are bombing your city. With an increase in the level of the object, you will receive more rewards for the successful destruction of an opponent. At certain levels of anti-aircraft guns, you will increase the number of enemy aircraft and the number of attacks on air targets.

Conducting a battle is not difficult - click on the Anti-aircraft installation to go to the window for destroying enemy aircraft (when they circle over the base, the corresponding icon appears above the installation). The planes will fly smoothly, your task is to bring the center of the sight to the enemy object. the shelling is done automatically, you control only the sight. Upon successful destruction of all objects, you will receive a gift.

Strongpoint - allows you to repulse enemy forces when attacking your base. The moment of attack on you is shown by the corresponding icon above the Strongpoint. With the increase in the level of the point, you increase the number of enemy units. To carry out the operation, you just need to tap on the Strongpoint and go to the "Open fire" section. For the destruction of 1 enemy group, you receive a gift. The shooting is carried out automatically, without your participation.

Shooting Range - As you level up the building, you increase the number of free practice shooting attempts. The training is carried out in automatic mode, you can choose the number of shots. At the end of the shooting, you will receive rewards in accordance with the points earned. The probability of hitting the target with an increase in the level of fire. The counter of free shots is reset once a day. You can fire 4 additional shots 4 hours after firing. You can fire the rest of the shots for gold.

World of War Machines: Base Leveling Tips

The main task of the player is to maximize all the buildings on the base for effective play at high levels. But raising the levels of buildings at the higher levels of the Commander is a long-term affair. After level 15 of each building, the modification takes more than a day in real time. To speed up this process, you can use some tricks:

  1. Ask for help from members of the alliance - for this you need to be in any active guild. After the start of construction, a symbol in the form of an outstretched hand will appear above the building. By clicking on it, you will send a message about help to your allies. The message is also displayed in the "Alliance Help" section. You can also help associates through the appropriate section of the Embassy building.
  2. Acceleration for viewing ads - by clicking on a building under construction, select the "Accelerate" section. Then the system will open a new acceleration window on your screen. Here you can speed up the modification for free up to 5 times a day for viewing ads. Advertising significantly reduces construction time.
  3. Acceleration with special items - these accelerators are called "Acceleration of the improvement of objects" and have a different time value (from 5 minutes and more). You can get them by fighting in the fields, increasing the level of buildings and the Commander. You will have the main boost to accelerators for completing tasks.

In addition to the obvious mechanical speed-ups of the building process, you have several other ways to speed up the base modification process. You should pay special attention to these options, as they will greatly help you in your development.

Commander Attributes are your special abilities that help speed up actions in the game. To speed up construction, you must go to the "Manage" tab of the attributes in the Commander’s menu. Here you have to improve a few stats before you get to Build Speed. If the rest of the sections can be pumped at the start not to the maximum level in order to move to the next attribute, then the construction speed should be increased as much as possible.

The first attribute for building missions is to increase their modification speed by almost 10% at level 5. In the future, you will again need to pump several indicators to open "Construction Speed ??II", which will give another 15% construction acceleration at level 5. In total, you can speed up construction by 25%.

Scientific research is carried out in the research institute in the "Command" section. In general, we recommend that you pump each item of this branch to the maximum. To increase the speed of construction, you need to research the items "Construction tools", which will give a good acceleration.

In addition to increasing speed, we recommend pumping indicators that reduce the consumption of resources for the construction of buildings. At high levels, you will need to have a large supply of resources to improve buildings. Reducing costs, reduces, by a certain percentage, the amount of required resources. Thus, you can quickly get materials for pumping buildings. Consequently, you will progress faster.

In the game, it is important not only to follow the prompts of the system, but to carefully read the description for each attribute of the game. Sometimes hidden and non-obvious mechanics will help you accelerate your development. Analyze every science and attributes of the Commander, equipment and company bonuses to increase your efficiency.

For example, by speeding up the processes of resource production, you increase their volume. Therefore, you will not have delays in pumping your base and troops. Thus, by analyzing each action, you will be able to reach the TOP players without bringing real money into the game.

Leveling up the "Builder" set is a set of equipment for the Commander, made in Workshops level 4 and higher. The kit is designed to increase the speed of building modifications and to reduce the cost of construction resources. By pumping the elements of the sets, you increase its basic attributes. This kit is the first for production, thus hinting at the importance of speeding up construction.

At the 14th level of the workshop, the "Solid construction kit" will open, and at the 26th level - the "Rare construction kit". Therefore, you should not pump the first set, since you will receive the 14th level of the workshop during the first few days of the game. All improvements after the sale will disappear, and "Spetsplav", necessary for reinforcement, is very hard to mine.

World of War Machines: Guide to the main attributes and characteristics of the game

Every attribute in the game has a practical meaning. They are all interconnected, and without improving 1 indicator, you will not be able to progress effectively. As we said above, it is important to pay attention to the description of the characteristics in order to distribute the importance of bonuses by development stages.

Stage 1 - development of the base

Stage 1 is the development of your base. Most of it falls on the beginning of the gameplay. Battles and troops should be pumped in parallel, but with less zeal. At the start of the game, you will receive large bonuses, some of which should be left at a later stage. At this point in the game, you should pump the following attributes as much as possible:

  1. Speed ??of construction and improvement of objects - will help you to improve buildings faster, thereby increasing their bonuses and performance. Buildings should be built one at a time. This process should not be idle. First, you will have 2 construction crews. After completing one improvement, immediately go to the next object.
  2. The speed of resource extraction is necessary to increase the accumulation of materials for effective development. At this moment, it is important to pump resource buildings and warehouses as much as possible so that you can constantly have a supply of resources.
  3. Reducing construction costs is an important element of the game, which we wrote about above.
  4. Reducing resources for research - at the start of the game it is important not only to build buildings, but also to improve (speed up) some actions. For this, it is constantly necessary to conduct research at the research institute. Preference should be given to the Command and Resources branches. But it is necessary to choose for the maximum pumping of sciences only those sciences that give the possibility of rapid development.
  5. Accelerating Research - The faster you learn a science, the faster its stats will begin to work in your favor.
  6. The volume of production of resources - studied in the section "Resources" in the research institute. By increasing the percentage of production, you increase it without improving the resource building itself. For example, you have pumped the Iron Mines as much as possible. But production does not provide (at high levels) the required amount of iron. This is where this attribute comes in. It will increase the volume of production by several percent. That is, you mine 1000 units, and by pumping the indicator, you will mine 1200 units per hour.
  7. The speed of creating equipment - since all the equipment of the Commander has additional bonuses for increasing various game processes, it must be constantly made and pumped, increasing the effect.
  8. Troop carrying capacity - it is necessary to have the maximum pumped attribute at the moment when you go out for battles and extraction of resources on the field. The higher the unit capacity, the more you can carry in 1 sortie. Since on the field you can be attacked by other players during the collection, you should take as much materials from the cage as possible.
  9. Movement speed - increases not only the speed of troops on campaigns, but also the speed of the army while collecting resources. Since there are not many resource cells with a high level on the field, it is important to occupy them first, ahead of other players. For example, you found a good loot spot and moved forward to collect, and at the same time an opponent, like you, found this cage. Let’s say you have equal distance to it, and you sent troops at the same time. The first one to occupy the mine is the one with a higher walking speed.

Stage 2 - development and improvement of the army

Since the battle is an important gameplay, without which you will not be able to complete tasks, the troops and their indicators must be constantly improved. At the beginning of the game, you will mostly produce units, making up squads led by company commanders. The higher the level of the commander, the more soldiers and equipment he will take into the squad. The indicators of the power of the army are no less important, since the outcome of the battle depends on them, so the following characteristics should be pumped:

  1. Increased unit production speed - this indicator applies to all factories and barracks. The faster you create troops, the more of them there will be in the units. Without having time to open high classes of units, you will be able to win thanks to the large number of units in the squad.
  2. The main indicators of power are attack, defense, accuracy, and more. Each indicator improves the condition of the units. The higher these parameters, the longer the soldiers and equipment will pass in the battle, they will be able to withstand the troops of a higher class (but less pumped).
  3. Commander’s stamina reserve - increases the number of attacks on AI units and on other players on the field.
  4. Decrease in the enemy’s attributes - by pumping this indicator, you will reduce the survivability (strength) of the opponent in the fight.
  5. Maneuverability of troops - helps to evade enemy fire. When you increase the characteristics, you reduce the likelihood of hitting soldiers and vehicles in battle.

To improve the sciences, which are given in the sections "Land Forces" and "LA" in the research institute, one should take turns. Firstly, they go one after the other, and secondly, they are all important during the offensive. Missing (not pumping as much as possible) one of them, you will not be able to fight effectively. This rule also works during the promotion of the Commander’s attributes.

Battles are the storyline campaign of the game. The building of the transition to it is located next to the Headquarters. The battles are divided into several chapters, which, in turn, have several stages. All of them are passed in automatic mode. And you can only influence the state of power of our army, which is important for a successful victory.

The entire effectiveness of your pumping can be seen by going through the chapters of the campaign, as they are distributed according to the stages of your development. The further you go through the story, the stronger your opponents. If you failed to defeat the enemy, then you missed something in the development process.

World of War Machines: Secrets of Field Fights

A field is a map on which various objects are located:

  1. Resource cells - oil refinery, silver and iron mines, they can be captured to extract missing resources. Some quests and missions require you to collect a specified amount of materials from these points.
  2. Fighting units of artificial intelligence (tank company) - scattered unorganized units of rivals, attacking which will bring you player experience and other bonuses. There are also many missions to capture such groups.
  3. A tank company is a kind of elite monsters in the game. They are much stronger than normal opponents. But the prizes for the victory are also pleasant.
  4. Strike Teams are replicas of AI Alliance Territories. They are the main objects of the territory and the base of the "players". Attacking strike teams simulates attacking other players. These groups are an order of magnitude stronger than the usual units scattered across the map.

Radar. Radar - installation at the base will help you find any object on the field. By increasing the level of the radar, you will be able to open access to the search for more powerful opponents. We advise you to pump the radar as needed, when your troops are ready to fight rivals an order of magnitude higher than those available.

The radar is tabbed by objects in the field. If you need to find a tank company, go to the radar, select "Tank company", then the squad level. After that, the system will take you to the desired object.

By clicking on the enemy team, you will see information about him and the options for rewards that you can receive after winning. If you are going to attack strike groups, another player, or collect a resource cage, several options for interacting with him will appear on the screen:

  1. Commander - information about the Commander is displayed.
  2. Reconnaissance - you can send several saboteurs to see the base, the availability of equipment and buildings.
  3. Bombardment - bombardment of an object from the air using aircraft.
  4. Team battle - you invite the members of your alliance to the team, setting the gathering time, for example, 10 minutes.
  5. Attack - you attack the enemy or send a team to the resource point.

The battle takes place automatically. But you can independently choose the company commanders who will lead the troops into battle. It should be remembered that for a successful attack, you must choose the most pumped commanders with high parameters.

If you do not want to think for a long time, then click on the "Autoselect" button, then the system itself will select the units, vehicles and company commanders for the battle. At high levels, it is better to select a team on your own, focusing on the composition of the opponent.

To select troops, you need to pay attention to 3 indicators:

By sending planes on an operation together with ground forces, you can inflict even more damage on the enemy. But to win the battle and succeed in the operation, you will need escort troops capable of protecting fighters from enemy anti-aircraft weapons. To use 1 link of fighters, the number of combat-ready convoy troops must be 30% of the authority; to use 2 links, this figure must be 70%.

To complete the operation as successfully as possible, you must know the criteria for victory:

Also in the battle there is the dominance of one type of troops over another. That is, some units will have greater efficiency in battle over others:

Attack and other indicators of your troops can be enhanced with the help of special items, for example, "Attack of ground forces" - increases the characteristics by 20% for several hours.

Cities (Hurora) are various types of settlements on the map, which can be occupied by any alliance and get the opportunity to develop their territory and equip it with defensive structures. Guild members’ bases can be moved to this land for joint development. The level of the captured settlement (each level has its own name) determines the possibilities for the development of the territory of the alliance, and gives certain bonuses to all bases that are located on the ground of the town.

If other settlements are located nearby, then they can be captured, thereby joining the alliance, and receive silver. Silver is summed up with the general resources of the guild, and is distributed among the members of the union. To collect silver, your rating in the alliance must be R3 or higher. You can take a resource a limited number of times.

World of War Machines: Hero Guide

Mouth commanders

Commanders lead your squads in battles. They are ranked from 1 to 3 (the strongest). Each company commander has unique characteristics and skills that affect the company after the appointment of heroes. Likewise, after the appointment of a commander to the garrison, the troops of the garrison will receive the corresponding characteristics and skills.

Company officers are recruited at the Command Center. To hire you need a certain number of character cards, which are issued for completing tasks. Each hero has basic characteristics:

These indicators increase when pumping commanders. To increase the level of the company commander, you must have the appropriate number of units of the training aid, which can be obtained for tasks, passing the campaign, in battles on the field.

The level of officers depends on the rank and level of the Command Center:

Company commanders’ abilities are increased by accumulating their cards. Each warrior has 2 abilities. With an increase in their level, you increase some of the indicators of units, thereby increasing your effectiveness in battle. With an increase in the level of an officer, the level to which you can improve their skills also grows.

In any of the locations where the combat arms are deployed, you can open the "Company status" section, here you can follow the development of your army, as well as assign commanders to defend the base if the enemy attacks you. If at the time of the attack the company commander is on a mission (for example, collecting resources on the field), then he will not be able to participate in the defense of the base.

Assign the type of troops to the commanders for whom they suit. Since company commanders do not have influence on the entire army, based on their abilities, you can assign units to them.

For example, it is better for Zakhariya Kusainov to assign a company of heavy tanks, since his abilities enhance them. Also, Zachariah increases the authority of the ground forces, which makes it possible to take more units into the squad, and put fighters into battle. And Dmitry Lavrinenko increases the carrying capacity of the ground forces and their strength, so he is good both at the collection and in tandem with other officers in battle.


The Commander is you, so as you level up the Commander, you raise your account or player level. You can choose any look for yourself that will increase the characteristics of 1 type of troops, but the choice of characteristics depends on the country. For example, all skins of the USSR Commander increase artillery attack rates. US commanders increase the performance of main tanks, and German commanders increase the performance of heavy tanks.

Commander’s Level - "Commander’s Experience" items are increased. The level up bar is displayed in your menu. When the experience scale is filled, the level rises, and you are given points for increasing attributes. Experience is awarded for defeating tank companies and for completing various tasks. You can also get experience as a reward from developers or by opening a gift voucher.

Endurance is your main indicator, you need to carry out battles on the field. Replenishes automatically over time. But if you need to carry out fights for some more time, but you do not want to spend gold for this, then you can use the "Commander’s Endurance" item.

Trophy points are needed to capture resources from other players’ bases. Additional points are deducted when attacking Commanders with a level much lower than yours. That is, if you attack a superior enemy, then your trophy points will not be written off, but if you attack a player 3 levels below you (or more), then your trophy points will be written off.

Trophy points are deducted for each attack, with the exception of attacks on strike groups or your other bases under the same account. Here it is necessary to clarify, you can create several databases, and all of them will be registered on your account. When raiding your bases, you will not be deducted from trophy points.

If you run out of trophy points, you will not be able to get resources from the bases, even if you have the opportunity to attack them. The maximum number of points increases as your level rises, the spent trophy points are restored over time. Also, you can replenish trophy points when you receive a new VIP status.

VIP level - required to get additional game bonuses. You can raise it for a long time through the game, or choose the shortcut - spend real money on the game. With the new VIP level, you will be given some positive effects. For example, the rate of recovery of the Commander’s stamina is increased.

Attributes are special buffs that apply to your activity in the game. They are divided into 3 types:

With each new level, you will be given a certain number of attribute points for each verdict. If any attribute is not important to you, but you need a standing parameter behind it, then you can only open the attribute and proceed to pumping the next one.

Feel free to upgrade the attributes as you wish. In case of an error, you can reset all parameters, and pump them in a different way.

Equipment - there are 6 types of Commander equipment that can be worn at the same time, that is, give positive effects in conjunction with adjacent sets. Each set consists of 6 components. If you collect a complete set, then you will add the "equipment effect" to the existing characteristics. But the effect is activated if necessary, it consists entirely of items of the 3rd rank. The strength of the effect is determined based on the item with the lowest rank and level.

Kit effects

Kit nameEffect
Builder setReinforcement for construction
Punisher’s setEffective boosts for victories over tank companies
Combat kitGives boost bonuses for troops when attacking other players’ bases
Defender’s KitStrengthens the parameters of troops during the defense of your base
Stormtrooper kitGives a boost for storming cities
Academician’s setIncreases research efficiency

Equipment is made in the Workshop, each collection becomes available at certain levels of the workshop. You should not pump ordinary kits, they will still be weaker than the strengthened ones, and you can raise the level of the workshop quickly. So just collect the kits and upgrade them as you unlock the enhanced kits.

To create any item in the workshop, you must have several ingredients that can be obtained for defeating tank companies of different levels, as well as from material chests. Chests are given as a reward for the activity of the alliance, for completing tasks, for participating in temporary events. You can also get materials by activating a gift voucher.

The author of the article: Evgeniya G.