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WORLD WAR HEROES - Android game with release date 08/16/2017 from the company Azur Interactive Games Limited. Game Genre: Action. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. How to download World War Heroes on a PC (computer or laptop)?
  2. Best Weapons
  3. Specialty Guide
  4. Which is better to pump?
  5. How to make a lot of money without hacking?
  6. Clan Benefits
  7. Tips and Tricks
  8. Walkthrough Secrets

How to download World War Heroes on a PC (computer or laptop)?

You can download the World War Heroes game using the Bluestacks mobile game emulator. The download link is located at the beginning of our article. To install the game, click on the button in the upper right corner of the "Download Bluestacks" page. After you download the installation program to your computer, you must click on the "Install" button. Installation will start automatically.

Then you should enter your Google account information or create a new one. After successful login, the Google Play window with the offer to install World War Heroes will open automatically. If this did not happen in the search bar (in the upper right corner) of the start page, enter the name of the game. You select the necessary game and click the "Install" button.

After a successful installation, you can open the game from the start screen in the emulator or from the desktop of your computer (where the application sends shortcuts).

Advantages of playing on a computer:

  1. Large screen - significantly increased visibility. The larger the display, the less painful the eyes are, as you don’t need to look at the small details of the surroundings and the menu.
  2. Resolution - as a rule, the resolution on the monitor is much higher than on the screens of phones. Consequently, on a computer, the picture will be much clearer, and even the smallest details of the landscape can be considered. This is useful, for example, to a sniper who can see through a wall a leg or arm sticking out from behind a wall.
  3. Management - on the emulator, you can configure the control of the hero of your own free will, as it will be convenient for you. This can be done by clicking on the "Management Settings" button in the lower right corner of the Bluestacks window. In the settings you can configure the hot keys for the actions that you most often use.
  4. Translation - in the emulator there is an automatic translation of the selected fragment. Although World War Heroes is completely in Russian, it is possible to translate the text in another game.
  5. Playing on multiple devices - using the emulator on your computer, you have the opportunity to play at any time, even when your phone is charging. It also helps to save battery power in your smartphone, thereby significantly extending its life.
  6. Multiple windows - Bluestacks has the ability to play simultaneously in multiple accounts or in multiple games. It is convenient and saves a ton of time.
  7. Playing at high settings - not all users can afford powerful expensive smartphones, and a computer (even an old one) still has more powerful hardware on which you can set high graphics settings. This circumstance will help to play World War Heroes without brakes and freezes, thereby you will fall less often and win matches more often. Accordingly, you will develop faster.

So, we advise you to install World War Heroes on your computer, it will be much more comfortable and interesting to play on the big screen.

World War Heroes: Best Weapons

In order for the game to be fun from the start, it is important to choose the right balance of weapons. There are a lot of trunks in the game: some of them are bad, some are not quite bad. There is a good weapon that is worth buying, but there is a good weapon that is not worth buying. And in order not to waste your time, gold and loans, we will give some tips.

The right choice of weapons is 50% success, so that you can normally run around the map and make opponents, and so that they carry you less often. In addition to weapons, the hero’s personal skills influence the victory, the player’s presence in a good clan, where there are pumped skills.

Developers often change the balance of weapons, so it’s important, with the same characteristics, to see how the barrel behaves during the battle. For example, if you take MP 44 and Type 100, which currently have equal parameters. But in the battle of Type 100, the opponent’s health and armor scale decreases faster than the MP 44. This means that the developers reduced the characteristic 44, but this is not yet displayed in the player’s statistics. But Type 100 is only good up to level 30, after which it will just roll around in stock. But taking 44 is also not worth it, since his characteristics have been greatly reduced, and he has become worse at inflicting damage to enemies.

And in order not to waste your time, gold and loans, we will give some recommendations on choosing weapons.

The best weapon for beginners

PPP is an excellent choice for starting, and in later stages it will be an excellent additional or primary weapon. This gun is a machine gun, respectively, it has a very high rate of fire. He has good damage and a normal clip, which is how he differs from other pistols - machine guns. It can be bought for loans (a game currency that can be easily obtained). At the start, it is the best option, and this is the best thing you can buy at the start for loans.


  1. Ammo - 122 at maximum leveling.
  2. Damage - 24.2 at the start.
  3. Movement speed - reduced by 15%.
  4. Range - 200 meters.
  5. The spread is 4 degrees.
  6. Rate of fire - 600 rounds per minute.
Range is the distance from which a weapon can shoot an adversary. But if you go into gadgets for any type of trunks, then a completely different figure is written there, much lower than in statistics. This distance is an indicator of slaughter power. Therefore, to find out the real range with which you can effectively knead opponents, you can see by going to the "Gadgets".

FG-42 (legendary) - these are the following your weapons, which should be stored. This is a cool weapon that will help you a lot. There are reloading rifles, which are of little use, and the FG-42 is a semi-automatic gun, only with less damage. What is the difference? Rechargeable gun has from 1 to 3 barrels, and a clip, which is equal to the number of barrels. After the shots are made, it is required to reload the weapon. If you take more expensive rifles, then there is no point in this. They are inferior in rate of fire and damage, have a large spread.


  1. Ammo - 54 at maximum leveling.
  2. Damage - 65.0 at the start.
  3. Movement speed - reduced by 15%.
  4. Range - 220 meters.
  5. The spread is 8.8 degrees.
  6. Rate of fire - 217 rounds per minute.
  7. Health - + 20%.
  8. Getting credits for the battle - + 10%.
Here it is best to save a little money and buy the largest store by the number of rounds. This will be more profitable than taking intermediate clips.

The DP 28 is a great machine gun option if you play for support. It costs 3370 credits. While you will save money on a specialty, you should save right away on a machine gun, since support gives + 50% to the damage from machine guns.


  1. Ammo - 100 at maximum leveling.
  2. Damage - 24.0 at the start.
  3. Movement speed - reduced by 20%.
  4. Range - 150 meters.
  5. The spread is 10 degrees.
  6. Rate of fire - 461.5 rounds per minute.

The best weapons at medium and high levels of the game

Sauer M30 (legendary) - shotgun.

Health.+ 15%.
Getting credits for the battle.+ 15%.
Cartridges.21 at maximum boost.
Range.15 meters.
Scatter.15 degrees.
Rate of fire.36 rounds per minute.
Speed of movement.-20%.

Remington 8 (legendary) - a gun. A good weapon, issued for free at 3 months of play. But he has a very expensive improvement.

Health.+ 10%.
Getting credits for the battle.+ 10%.
Cartridges.35 at maximum leveling.
Range.15 meters.
Scatter.11 degrees.
Rate of fire.120 rounds per minute.
Moving speed.-15%.

Ithaca 37 (premium) - shotgun.

Premium weapons do not need repair after the battle.
Health.+ 10%.
Cartridges.20 at maximum leveling.
Range.10 meters.
Scatter.18 degrees.
Rate of fire.46 rounds per minute.
Moving speed.-20%.

AB-46 Prototype - automatic. This is the most expensive and the best machine. But not every player can afford such a pleasure. It costs 17300 gold, and all of its amplifications are also bought for gold.

Health.+ 15%.
Getting credits for the battle.+ 15%.
Cartridges.90 at maximum leveling.
Range.30 meters
Scatter.5 degrees.
Rate of fire.545 rounds per minute.
Moving speed.-15%.

Thompson (legendary) - automatic. At the start, very low damage, but high rate of fire, plus a small spread. It is quite a lifting price. You can buy to level 22. Due to the low spread, you will fall more often (including in the head). He is recommended to first improve the rate of fire, and then damage.

Health.+ 15%.
Getting credits for the battle.+ 15%.
Cartridges.120 at maximum boost.
Range.40 meters.
Scatter.3 degrees.
Rate of fire.750 rounds per minute.
Moving speed.-15%.

Mauser 98k - a rifle for 3150 credits. It will be available at level 30.

Cartridges.15 at maximum leveling.
Range.200 meters.
Scatter.15 degrees.
Rate of fire.30 rounds per minute.
Moving speed.-15%.

SCS Prototype - a rifle with well-balanced parameters. Better to take the legendary trunk.

Health.+ 10%.
Getting credits for the battle.+ 10%.
Cartridges.54 at maximum leveling.
Range.40 meters.
Scatter.4.1 degrees.
Rate of fire.180 rounds per minute.
Moving speed.-15%.

World War Heroes: Specialty Guide

The game has 4 specialties, each of which gives the player personal skills and additional characteristics.

Sniper - this is the first profession that we recommend to buy in the early stages of the game. This is the fastest specialty. He runs very fast and makes it cool. Buying a profession will cost you 1030 gold, which is really possible to accumulate.


  1. Health - + 15%.
  2. Getting loans - + 5%.
  3. Damage to the head from sniper rifles - + 50%.
  4. Aiming speed - + 25%.
  5. Invulnerability on the radar - when you look at the radar, there, after the shot, red dots appear - this is the designation of opponents. Usually everyone runs there, as someone is currently working there. But the sniper on the radar is not visible (even if he is not running with a rifle), which gives him a very big advantage.
  6. Damage from pistols - + 25%.
  7. Health - + 25%.

Attack aircraft - used to be a very good profession, as it added 10% to the damage of assault rifles. These rifles were considered all the trunks from the tab "Automatic". Now the assault rifle is only 1 - this is the FG-E. But it is not recommended to take it, as the developers greatly cut it. Yes, and gold to improve it needs a lot.


  1. Health - + 15%.
  2. Extra 2 grenades in battle.
  3. Extra clip in battle.
  4. + 10% damage to assault rifles.
  5. + 50% to head damage protection.

Support - this profession requires a good command of machine guns. They have their own specifics of battle, so when you buy a machine gun, we recommend that you hold several fights with friends in order to navigate and become familiar with weapons.


  1. Health - + 25%.
  2. Getting loans - + 5%.
  3. Machine gun damage - + 50%.
  4. Protection against 2 hits - that is, if a queue is issued to you, then the damage from the first 2 bullets (even if they hit you) does not count.
  5. Explosion resistance - + 50%.
  6. Weapon rate of fire - + 10%.

Medic - he has 2 advantages, this is a battle with a shotgun and causing damage with knives. But shotguns are not the best type of weapon. If you decide to take a doctor, you should save money for a good shotgun (we talked about them above). Also, one should not forget that these barrels are very moody and the chance of hitting a target directly depends on the distance of the bullet’s flight. The closer you are to the enemy, the more damage you inflict on him. Therefore, your hero should rush like crazy, be able to dodge, hide and cunning. Additional weapons, mines and grenades should also be worn.


  1. Health - + 25%.
  2. Getting loans - + 5%.
  3. Additional first-aid kit in battle.
  4. Shotgun damage - + 65%.
  5. Health - + 45%.
  6. Defense against attack - that is, it is likely that when firing at you, the enemy will miss more often.
  7. Melee damage - + 50%.

It is a pity that such a wonderful specialty as an attack aircraft was made practically ineffective. The remaining three professions can be taken and play calmly. The priority in choosing a character will depend on your playing style.

World War Heroes: Which is better to pump?

At first you will run with standard weapons. At this time, it is recommended to accumulate loans and purchase faculty. Further, for some time you will save up funds for a specialty, because running an ordinary is not comfortable.

But first, you are advised to buy 2 contracts, because they will bring you more gold. At the start of the game you should buy 2 slots, 3 slot can be purchased a little later. The more gold you accumulate in the first stages of the game, the better you will develop. Therefore, gold must be accumulated from the first day of the gameplay.

Sniper is the best option for the initial stage of the game. With it, you can learn how to shoot and move well, due to its speed. In the future, it will be possible to take support or a medic. But this is not important. A sniper can stay with you at all stages of the game. On a well-pumped sniper, you can comfortably run and score points. This is a very cool topic that should not be neglected. The sniper will always be relevant.

The next thing to save for is the FG-42. This is an excellent rifle, has a balance between price and quality. Serves you at different stages of the gameplay. SCS Prototype is also a cool rifle, but for the start it is expensive.

Pumping weapons. At this stage, it is already recommended to spend money on pumping your main weapon.

When reinforcing trunks, one should proceed from the most effective improvement of weapons. That is, you need to choose the parameter that will most benefit at the moment. For example, a machine gun MG-42. He has the highest priority amplifier - this is armored ammunition to increase damage. It makes no sense to take the sight in the first place, because it has a large spread from a long distance, from which you may not work.

If you decide to choose a second profession, for example, support, it is better to buy a DP 28 machine gun. It costs 3370 credits. At this stage of the game, this is quite lifting money. In the future, it is recommended to accumulate on the MF-42 (legendary). At the moment, he leads in terms of performance.

Improving a specialty is an important moment in the development of an account. The level of the profession can be increased. Each specialty level rises separately. For example, if you have a sniper level 22, then the doctor may have a completely different level. The level can be increased by strengthening the main parameters. All specialties have the same characteristics for amplification:

  1. Armor.
  2. Cartridges.
  3. Speed of movement.

With each improvement of one of the indicators, the level of the profession increases.

Before raising the level, you should determine the key parameters of the specialty. For example, a sniper has speed and armor. First you need to display all the indicators by +3, and then you should maximize the priority positions.

Strengthening weapons - significantly increase the characteristics of weapons. Strengthen weapons can be body kits or gadgets that are located in the lower left corner of the gun window. Each weapon has its own number of modifiers. Each gadget, in turn, has an increase in performance.

Specialties and weapon modifier stats are amplified for gain points. It is better to pump weapons and a profession, having accumulated 10 - 15 (and higher) points. Each gain has its own percentage of probability of success. Therefore, you should press the gain until the first success. Then it is recommended to stop performing the improvement. And continue the operation in a few days. Better in 2 - 3 days.

Since the probability of success is only 3 - 5%, the system constantly considers the chances and failed attempts to save the chance of success the next time. For example, you can spend 15 points that will never give a positive effect. Then the next time, you can get the gain the first time. But if you use the glasses one at a time every day or every day, then the success is practically reduced to zero. And pumping you seem very, very long. Strengthening points can be obtained by watching daily advertising, as well as get in battles.

World War Heroes: How to make a lot of money without hacking?

The game has 2 main currencies for which you can buy weapons, specializations and weapon modifiers.

Credits can be obtained during fights - there are several types of matches that bring a decent amount of credits for killing an enemy. One of these fights is Team or Mortal Kombat.

Gold. There are 3 ways to get gold. This will be enough for a comfortable game and the purchase of good weapons. If you can’t make real money in the game, then you should perform simple actions daily:

  1. Advertising - daily appears on the right side of the screen. You can watch it 2 times a day. From this you can get a certain amount of gold. The amount may change after each update of the game.
  2. Contracts - the purchase of slots for contracts and the contracts themselves in the "Contract Market". They allow you to perform daily tasks for gold. Each task gives the player a certain amount of gold. The more quests you complete, the more gold you get.
  3. Tables of contracts - increase the amount of gold received.
  4. Entrance to the game - periodically you will receive gold for daily entry into the game. Also at the entrance you can get other good gifts.
  5. A new level - as soon as you gain enough experience, and move to a new level, you will be given a little gold.

Also, getting more Gold and credits helps purchase a Battle Pass.

Battle Pass - costs 1000 gold per month. This is a normal lifting amount, but still worth taking. The pass has many advantages:

  1. Gold - after the end of the season you get 1400 - 1500 gold. And only on this fact gives reason to buy a pass.
  2. Credits - periodically you can pick up game currency, and in decent sums.
  3. Unique rewards - you can get combat items that add bonuses to the hero. For example, a simple hat from the equipment store does not provide any additional characteristics. But the combat respirator adds to the parameters + 15% health and 5% to obtaining loans. In addition, it gives protection from poisonous gas, +10 to resistance to explosions and 3% to the damage of any weapon. Such items cannot be bought even for gold.
  4. First - aid kits - their uniqueness is that they can be used in battle several times.
  5. Explosives, grenades - there is no point in buying grenades in bulk and clogging them with a warehouse. You can buy 1 before the battle, then if necessary, it is recommended to buy more. But many explosives are worth gold, which should not be spent. So free grenades from the pass will come in handy.
We recommend buying a Battle Pass every month. With it, you can quickly accumulate gold, and develop faster in the game.

World War Heroes: Clan Benefits

We know that many players like to play alone, and are in no hurry to join the clan. But with World War Heroes is a completely different matter. When you run without a clan, you will not have access to skills that greatly enhance the character and his weapons.

The likelihood that you will defeat an equal in strength opponent is much higher than without it. Since you will have more damage, vitality, ammo. It is also important to be in a good active union. Because there are guilds where skills are not pumped.

There is no point in being in a clan where gold is not collected. Skills are bought and sold only for gold, so such communities cannot afford additional skills, and the effectiveness of such clans is very low.

There are TOP clans in the game, but it does not give guild members anything. Rating exists for personal self-esteem. There are clans that require a certain amount of activity points, which is obtained in battles. But even such clans bind their members to a constant game.

All the advantages that a clan gives a player are skills that are divided into 2 types:

  1. Rental - they are bought for 1 month. When the subscription ends, the head of the clan renews them, but only if he has enough gold.
  2. Passive - they are acquired once and for all.

If you just started playing, and can’t immediately determine whether you have chosen a clan or not. You should pay attention to the skills that are in the community. All highlighted skills are active.

Skills summarize among themselves, and give a good bonus to players. For example, in Rental and Passive skills there is a skill that increases the speed of reloading weapons by 25%. In total, your weapon will reload 50% faster.

Basic Leasing abilities are clan protection and health, which add to your characteristics an additional 15% health and armor. It is very important! When you enter a clan, all active skills are automatically connected to you. But the payment for being in such an alliance will be a donation of at least 500 gold per month. But this is a real lifting amount, even if you do not deposit real funds into the game.

Some friendly clans are mentoring. That is, they teach beginners the intricacies of the game. In such guilds, experienced players can tell the benefits of a particular weapon, tell what changes the developers made after the next update.

If you run alone, or are in a "dead community", then you will not be able to develop productively, to learn the nuances of the gameplay.

World War Heroes: Tips and Tricks

Point Capture Secrets

Many experienced players are not very fond of this type of battle. Yes, and for beginners it is not particularly to the taste. The main goal of the battle is to occupy and hold for a certain time the points marked with flags. For this, player gains experience points and rewards. The winning team is the first to score the required number of points. But few people know that in this mode you can earn a lot of credits and experience.

The main task is to keep as many points as possible. But there is still the question of getting points not only for capturing, but also for defending the point. Defense will only be counted to you when, standing on a point, you kill 1 or more opponents. After that, you will receive the "Defender". After the match you will be given additional credits and experience points for protecting the point. For defense, players receive a little less than for the capture itself.

You should capture the dots as much as possible. In this case, even with a lost battle, you will receive the maximum number of experience points and credits. Thus, you will grow faster and gain more experience.

One of the secrets of this mode is the ability to set mines on points. When for some reason you leave them, and the enemy runs to the flag, then stepping on a mine, he dies, but you still count the defense.

Why is the CD coefficient not growing?

CD is the coefficient of your killings and deaths in statistics. For example, a factor of 1.2 is taken at the rate of 11 kills and 9 deaths.

But often people spend good fights, and the CD does not rise or stands still. Many players wonder: why is this happening? The game system, if you are kicked out of the game during the battle, then the kill is not counted in the statistics, although they are displayed in the contracts. That’s the whole secret - the game considers death, but there is no murder. Therefore, your CD may fall or stand still.

How to fight more effectively?

  1. Using the radar - as soon as someone kills the enemy or fires, this player is immediately displayed on the radar (the exception is the sniper). You should constantly monitor the radar to keep abreast of where your rivals or allies work.
  2. Tanks are the most powerful weapons of destruction in the game. Even if you do not hit the enemy with a shell, it can be easily crushed. And if you see that the enemy is rolling on you in a tank, then the optimal action is to make legs. and it’s better to hide behind the tank itself or find a suitable shelter. If you run in a straight line and you have nowhere to turn, it is better to "loop". Moreover, the amplitude of the loop should be large enough. While the enemy will be reduced, you easily leave the field of view of his vision.
  3. Mines - work effectively in some modes, for example, when capturing points or in the "Bombs" mode. Mines can be set around captured points or near a bomb. Enemies will run to defuse the bomb or take a point, and then they will be surprised.
  4. Knowledge of cards - the game has 7 modes and several cards. You must learn the cards on which you most like to fight. Knowledge of the area and competent use all the secluded places in order to move away and hide in time. It is also important to know all the places where a sniper can lay down. It will be important to know the locations of tanks and other equipment, capture points.
  5. Scatter - if your weapon has a large radius of bullet scatter, it is recommended to reduce the distance between you and the chosen target. In this case, there is a high probability that you will hit the enemy. In this case, sniper rifles are an exception.
  6. Run fast and hide well - sometimes this rule will greatly help if you play with opponents who are much stronger than you in terms of power. If you have few deaths when calculating a match, you will receive more rewards and credits.
  7. Explore the capabilities of weapons - this will help when meeting with an opponent. Thus, you can find out what the enemy is capable of and what can be expected from him. For example, a person runs with a sniper rifle, and you are very close to him, you can have time to shoot him with a pistol.

World War Heroes: Walkthrough Secrets

How to play with a friend? If you want to play with friends, and do not want the extra players to come to your card, you should create a "Closed game". To do this, go to the "Own game" mode. Next, check the box next to the item "Closed game". The game will not be visible in the general list of matches created by players. You can only join the game using the Server ID code. After you enter the map of your game, you need to click on the "Account" (it is located in the center of the upper edge of the screen). After clicking, a window with information appears, in which the "Game Number" is located below. This is the Server ID that your friends must enter. This number can be sent to comrades in any chat or messenger.

Where to enter the "Game Number"? In the tab "Connect to the game" in the "Own game" mode, you need to enter the number of the game in the active line (the line is located on the right side of the tab). If you entered the correct number, then the card will start.

How to play for the Germans? Before choosing a game mode, enter the Equipment menu. This window contains your combat kits. In the center of the window is a character. Next to it in the lower right corner is a flag and arrows "right" and "left." By clicking on these arrows, you can select any country available in the game (USSR, England, Germany, USA and Japan).

Should I buy a medic? It depends on your playing style. The medic has a shotgun damage boost. If you like to run with this type of weapon, then you can safely choose this specialization. But at the start it is still recommended to buy a sniper. The physician, first of all, needs to increase damage and movement speed, since this is a very slow profession.

Article author: Evgenia G.