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WWE Champions WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

WWE CHAMPIONS is an Android game with a release date of 01/25/2017 from Scopely. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. How to Play on PC?
  2. TOP of the Best Heroes (Tier List)
  3. WWE Champions Gameplay
  4. Champions Leveling Guide
  5. Faction Tips
  6. Game Events (Events)
  7. WWE Champions Game Tips

WWE Champions: How to Play on PC?

Playing on a PC is much more interesting and productive, but the game cannot be launched on a computer without first installing an Android emulator. In our opinion, the best emulator is BlueStacks. We ourselves play by means of this emulator. The main advantage of the service is that it can be equally successfully integrated on Windows and MacOS.

To install the game on BlueStacks, follow the link given at the beginning of the article.

BlueStacks advantages:

In other words, playing on a PC is more fun than on a mobile device. And if you decide to enter the game from your phone, then you should synchronize the game with your Google or Apple account and Facebook.

WWE Champions: TOP of the Best Heroes (Tier List)

In this list, we take a look at 6 wrestlers that experienced players consider the best in the game. We’ll also discuss their recommended tactics.

Mr T

Class is attack.

Style is chaos.

Era is a Legend.

Recommended set of movements:

  1. Falling legs.
  2. Atomic fall.
  3. Dragging the hand.

After using the Atomic Fall, you should carry out the Dragging hand blow, for this you need to select 2 tokens to transform. Next, you should select red stones to recharge a powerful skill. Any stones of power that remain on the board at the moment must be used to hit the Fall of the leg, which will significantly increase the damage.

Baron Corbin - Lone Wolf

Class is attack.

Style is aggression.

Era - Modern.

Recommended set of movements:

  1. Electrocutioner.
  2. Sidewalk helmet.
  3. Clothesline.

You can stick to the default set of moves. The whole power of a fighter lies in the fact that his abilities do not need a lot of energy. You can use the Deep Six for charging (6 red stones, which turn from 4 green ones, they will be useful for charging).

Andre Almaz.

Class - acrobats.

Style is aggression.

Era - Modern.

Recommended set of movements:

  1. Dual site.
  2. The fall of the rocket.
  3. Raised Damage.

Rocket Drop and Double Site help each other while charging skills. Using the Rocket allows you to select an area to replace with blue chips, while a Double Site changes a specific area to black stones. The latter ability changes the area into a multiple increase in stones. Considering that the transformation of stones on the field is the key to victory, it is recommended to use the first 2 skills in combination with each other.

Jeff Hardy

The class is a technician.

Style is the focus.

Era - Modern.

Recommended set of movements:

  1. Quantum bomb.
  2. A missed double drop in the left leg.
  3. Diving of the left leg.

During the battle of this fighter, it is required to have the "correct" type of board, then he will achieve quick success. There should be many blue and green stones on the board. It is recommended to collect 7 yellow stones for charging 3 turns, since the Left leg does a lot of damage.

Kofi Kingston

The class is a technician.

Style is the focus.

Era - Modern.

Recommended set of movements:

  1. Trouble in Paradise.
  2. Drip bomb.
  3. Russian leg sweep.

First, it is recommended to activate skill 3, as it has low damage, but fast charging. The hit increases the damage of the greenstone by 125% for 4 turns, and continues to accumulate if you use it. At a certain moment, you should use Paradise, which will give a change of chips on the field, the option of an instant victory is quite possible.

Jay Youso

The class is a technician.

Style is the focus.

Era - Modern.

Recommended set of movements:

  1. Moose splash.
  2. Capture the Northern Lights.
  3. Splash of drops.

The default move technique is best used in the "Tag Team Match" mode. But best of all, in each mode, be the first to activate the Splash of Drops skill, which is fully charged with 6 green stones and destroys 2 random purple ones. Skill 2 allows you to customize the stones for the countdown.


The class is the torturer.

Style is aggression.

Era - Ruthless aggression.

Recommended set of movements:

  1. A spear.
  2. Ejecator.
  3. Downward spiral.

First, you need to activate the Downward Spiral, which will place stones on the field in a convenient order. As soon as a lot of purple stones appear on the field, you can hit with the Spear, this will destroy the stones for additional damage.

Champions that deserve special attention (a little short of the best):

  1. Georg Steele.
  2. Vader "Mastadont".
  3. The novel "Juggernaut".
  4. Jim Duggan "Hacksaw".
  5. Rock "National Champion".
  6. Rhonda Rousey.
  7. Stephanie McMahon.

WWE Champions Gameplay

WWE Champions 20202 is a fast paced RPG based puzzle game based on World Wrestling Entertainment for iPhone and Android. The game was developed by Kung Fu Factory and released on January 26, 2017 for mobile platforms. The game was produced by Scopely and WWE. Irga is freely available on Google Play and the App Store.

Combat basics

In the game, gamers take on the role of general manager of WWE tournaments. The gameplay consists of matching rows of gems by swapping 2 adjacent tiles to make a row of three or more gems. Each stone represents energy that accumulates gradually. This energy, after collecting the required amount, is used to activate special attacks or abilities. Some campaign battles require players to use a character with a specific type of stat, such as a showboat (floating theater) or powerhouse (power plant).

In battle, the wrestler can use 3 different skills (at the player’s choice). Super hits are fired when their activation bar fills up. Each skill corresponds to the color of the stone on the playing field. For example, to activate a yellow skill, you need to collect yellow tokens. The more stones you remove from the field, the stronger your fighter will strike. The opponent may have a different set of skills.

To make the fight more effective, you should often choose tokens whose colors match your abilities.

Health. When players end a fight with an opponent, the wrestler used does not automatically replenish health. Instead, players must restore health points using special first aid kits.

Getting first aid kits:

You can also wait for a certain amount of real time until health points replenish themselves.

Impact meter. The strike scale is located between the top panel, which shows the fighters, and the field with stones.

The counter moves towards the player when taking damage. The more damage is done, the more the counter moves. As soon as the hit counter moves completely towards one player, the fighter is pressed by the enemy.

The players then have 3 moves to try to restore the scale. This can be done after getting the specified number of points or higher. The less health a player has, the more points are required to level up.

Trophies. During the battle, some of the gems on the playing field are replaced by chests. By connecting the chests, you can get good trophies. Chests can be bronze, silver and gold. The higher the value of the box, the more rewards you will receive.

Props - additional opportunities for the fight. Props are divided into 2 categories:

  1. Heel Props - This prop is used to influence opponents and gems on the field.
  2. Face Props - props are used to increase the characteristics of a wrestler in battle and for chips.

You can view all the details you have in the "Inventory" menu by selecting the required item from the list. To use an item, you must click on it during your turn (it is located in a slot next to the wrestler’s movements). The props can be used in Gauntlet Blitz mode, in temporary promotions and in the campaign.

Campaign Mode

In order to progress through the campaign, you will have to choose a "path" on the matches screen and then progress from stage to stage. After making your choice, you will be taken to a map showing all the fights that you will need to win in order to complete the level. Each match will give you rewards and prizes that get better and better as you progress through the map!

Away matches will vary between standard 1v1 matches or "Tag Team" matches. Here you are fighting against artificial intelligence, not against another player.

If you want to be known as the best, you need to prove it! You must clear the field normally with 3 stars in each match to unlock the Hard Mode tour. A hard mode can have very different competition requirements. You will need to diversify your composition and level up.

Versus battles mode (opposition)

Versus battles is similar to the team battles of the campaign, but here you fight against the best wrestlers of another player. By clicking on the "Battle" button, you will begin the process of matching opponents, and you will be able to choose a suitable opponent.

In order to participate in the mode, you need to create a defense team. You can do this at the VS Training Center, and other players can invite you to the ring.

Revenge - If your defense team is destroyed, you can take revenge. But revenge can only take place an hour after your defeat.

Awards - each tournament has two types of awards, in which you can reach the TOP places:

  1. League Prizes - By increasing your fame by winning matches, you will ultimately advance to the Major League. All players in the League are rewarded with the same prizes at the end of the season, so you must keep winning in order to advance to the Major Leagues and receive decent rewards. However, if your fame ends up dropping, you can be pushed back to a lower League.
  2. Glory Prizes - Glory is accumulated through rivalries in matches against other players. Glory is not lost when moving between Leagues. The Glory Prizes change with each season.

Gauntlet Blitz Mode

Once you reach level 4, the Gauntlet Blitz mode will become available to you. The mode will not be displayed until there are active events in the game. You should assemble a team of your wrestlers to defeat your opponents.

Squad selection rules:

  1. If the heroes are busy in the "Challenge", then it will not work to take them to the Blitz.
  2. Your wrestlers cannot be involved in other activities between Blitz matches.
  3. Injured Champions cannot be taken to Blitz.
  4. When choosing participants of the horizontal bar, you can use the option of automatic selection of champions. In this case, the system will independently select the available characters.

To participate in the event, you must have special Blitz tickets, the cost of which may vary. Tickets will be renewed at the end of each week (limited to 125 units). Tickets can be purchased during the event.

The blitz will end when you win, your team members are injured, or time runs out.

Tag Team Match Mode

Team matches are similar to regular fights, but the difference is that you have to choose two wrestlers before entering the ring. The fighter you put in the top slot will move first.

At the start of the fight, you will see your teammate’s health bar located just below the standard health bar. There is a number next to the image of the allies that indicates how many moves you need to make before you can mark them. Once the mark is ready, you can choose your partner in any of the subsequent turns.

Remember, you’ll have to wait for the mark to be ready again before you can put your hero back in the ring.

WWE Champions: Champions Leveling Guide

Wrestlers can be obtained in 3 ways:

  1. During the opening of cases, whole cards with wrestlers may fall out. You can immediately take them into battle and pump them over.
  2. Sometimes shards of superstars fall out of cases. Collecting a champion requires a certain number of shards of the same rarity. If you come across a shard of another rarity, you cannot merge it with the rest of the shards.
  3. The daily missions contain an exclusive superstar whose shards can only be found by completing all daily quests.

If you get a wrestler card you have again, it automatically turns into shards. In the future, with their help, you can increase the stardom of wrestlers.

Titles. They are an addition to your environment - they do not replace trainers, but titles provide certain advantages and additional bonuses. The title consists of a belt and medals, which give your wrestler additional effects. The high rarity of the belt allows you to equip more medals!

Wrestler classes and styles

Wrestlers are divided into 6 categories, each of which is more effective against a specific type. For example, a trickster hero will do + 25% damage over technicians, while technician class characters will do 25% more damage over a power plant class.

To add more strategy and value to each champion, the developers added Ability Styles to the game. They are associated with the secondary color of the wrestlers and determine what types of skills the character will use. Styles have strengths and weaknesses in different classes.

Trickster class

Ability nameThe class for which the damage is done higher
Purple aggressionGreen defense
Purple defenseGreen aggression
Purple chaosGreen focus
Purple focusGreen chaos

Technician class

Ability nameThe class for which the damage is done higher
Green aggressionRed defense
Green defenseRed aggression
Green chaosRed focus
Green focusRed chaos

Power plant class

Ability nameThe class for which the damage is done higher
Red aggressionBlue defense
Red defenseBlue aggression
Red chaosBlue focus
Red focusBlue chaos

Acrobat class

Ability nameThe class for which the damage is done higher
Blue aggressionYellow defense
Blue defenseYellow aggression
Blue chaosYellow focus
Blue focusYellow chaos

Washer class

Ability nameThe class for which the damage is done higher
Yellow aggressionBlack defense
Yellow defenseBlack aggression
Yellow chaosBlack focus
Yellow focusBlack chaos

Attack class

Ability nameThe class for which the damage is done higher
Black aggressionPurple defense
Black defensePurple aggression
Black chaosPurple focus
Black focusPurple chaos

Fusion - performs the same role as strengthening your wrestlers, increasing their class (bronze, silver, gold), thus increasing their maximum achievable level. If one of your superstars can be merged, the corresponding symbol will appear on the wrestler’s avatar.

Why merge when I can strengthen the wrestler? Merging is significantly cheaper than boosting your character. Additionally, fusion can move your hero from bronze to gold (when fusing bronze and gold).

To make your superstars more effective in combat, you need to level them up and upgrade them to the next star rank.

Wrestlers unlocked through rewards or loot may have higher potential than those you develop from lower ranks. For example, a 2-Star Kane that you obtained through loot or rewards will have a higher talent score than the 2-Star Bronze that you evolve from a 1-Star Gold Kane.

How to deliver a super hit? This can be done by going to your list of skills, and selecting a character, then you need to click on the "Moves" button. You should click on the inactive move, this will allow you to select an existing move to replace. All heroes can make 3 moves per battle. Stronger wrestlers have 4 or more super hits. So you can choose which 3 abilities are best for you to defeat.

How to train movements? When the move is selected, you need to press the "Train" button, this will allow you to increase the ability if you have a training poster corresponding to the color type of the fighter, or a duplicate hero in your inventory.

How do I unlock more moves? New skills are unlocked when you develop your character. The development of the fighter should continue to gain full access to their most powerful movements (skills, super hits).

Evolution - carried out by obtaining a gold class superstar and maximum level. After which the wrestler can evolve. For evolution, you need to pay a certain amount of tokens and coins. After evolution, the wrestler will increase by one star rank (maximum 3 stars). A new turn will open, but will be returned to the bronze class.

Awareness - pumping heroes increases their damage and health. You can level up your superstars by going to the heroes menu and selecting the wrestler you want to upgrade. If the wrestler has not reached his maximum level, then the "Level Up" button will tell you how many coins you need to pay for strengthening.

Belts and medals

Belts have different values(Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic). The higher the rarity, the more medals you can put in your belt. For example, an epic belt has 4 medal slots.

Ways to get belts:

  1. Additional expeditions should be performed that require a specific superstar. The higher the rarity of a wrestler, the more chances of getting a rare belt.
  2. Win campaign matches or time-limited events against opponents with 2400 talents and above.

The belt can only be worn by a 3 star combatant and above. The requirements for the belts are indicated on their center and side plates (era, gender and class of wrestlers). You can view the belts in the "Select belt" field in the overview. The belt screen shows the rarity, the number of medal slots, and the equipment requirements for the belt for a specific hero.

Initially, belts have 1 unlocked medal slot. You can reinforce your belt with belt shards, which open up another (random) slot. Once you unlock all available slots, you will reach the maximum belt boost. Parts for pumping belts can be obtained by selling unused belts.

You must remove the applied medals before selling.

You can get belts with a powerful bonus when received. But if it is not there, there is a chance to get additional effects when pumping the belt. The bonuses that the belt initially has cannot be obtained during amplification. The existing belt properties cannot be changed. Belts of any rarity can have additional properties.

Coaching staff

Trainers introduce an additional element of hero customization. Once your wrestler reaches 2 rarity stars, you can assign a trainer to him. The Mentor provides unique static boosts for your Superstar, ranging from Roman Reigns (which reduces incoming damage) to Xavier Woods, which provides a wrestler with high stamina at the start of a match.

As you level up, power up and develop characters, the trainer’s abilities will become more powerful. At the 3 rarity star of the wrestler, you can assign 2 mentors to him, which will further increase the capabilities of the ring star.

It should be remembered that breaking a contract with your coach will be very costly, so we recommend that you select mentors carefully, compare the capabilities of the teacher and the wrestler in order to increase the strengths of your wrestlers, and minimize the weaknesses!

For more effective cooperation, you should combine characters, props and trainers. This will give you a competitive edge over a stronger rival.

WWE Champions: Faction Tips

To get the most efficient progression of your account, we recommend that you join a faction as soon as possible. You can create your own faction by inviting friends to it.

Joining the faction. This can be done by going to the screen of the selected faction and clicking on the "Join" button. If you click on the arrow (located on the right in the center of the screen), you will be taken to their profile page. The maximum number of people who can be in an alliance is 100 players.

It is advised for further advancement, to find one of the strongest factions, since there will be constant movement in it, you will receive full help and support. Participation in a strong alliance will significantly affect the progress of the game. If you stay in a faction where there is no interaction, and the participants are just nominally listed in it, then you will not receive good bonuses, even if you hold a high position. Better to change the faction until you find the best one.

Creation of a faction. If you are already a member of the community, you will need to log out before starting a new one. But before leaving, you need to make sure that you have enough coins to create a guild. You will then be prompted to set up a faction. You must select a name, icon and title for the commonwealth. After simple manipulations, you must click on the "Create" button.

Faction Bonuses:

  1. You will get access to a fellowship chat where you can request help from like-minded people. For example, when your wrestler is injured or needs healing. To do this, select a fighter, then follow the arrows in the recovery menu, and click on the "Help" faction.
  2. You can also earn experience points for the faction, making it stronger. Boost bonuses are distributed among all community members.
  3. There is an opportunity to conduct joint fights in tournaments and temporary events against other guilds.
  4. Alliance members have the ability to receive and send gifts.

Faction Headquarters - This feature appeared in the game in 2020. The headquarters has 4 floors:

  1. Safe France - Guild members jointly fill the safe, fulfilling certain requirements in order to receive a reward.
  2. Expeditionary Center - faction members can collectively send champions into battle, and when the fight is over, all participants will receive faction coins. Each expedition replenishes the assortment in the Store Swag upon their return, faction coins will be rewarded.
  3. Store Swag - Allows players to exchange earned faction coins for essential items.
  4. The arena is a place where faction members can participate in feuds (Faction Feud).

Faction feud

Faction Feud is a time-limited event where factions can create teams of 5 players. Chosen gamers battle teams from other alliances.

A brawl is a 5v5 competition between 2 teams from different factions. Fights last until the team of one of the faction defeats all the opponents’ champions, all the squad’s fighters are not injured in strength, or the fight ends in time. Any matches completed after the fight time expires will not count towards the event.

The feud score is the sum of the scores of all participants in the fight during the feud. Participation in fights and gaining points increases the faction’s feud score. Increase your feud score to reach a higher place on the leaderboard to earn amazing prizes!

How to increase enmity? You should do more damage, defeat rival champions more often, create matches, and gain points in them.

Scoring example:

  1. 5 damage dealt is 1 point.
  2. Defeating 1 Star Wrestler - 500 points.
  3. Defeating 2 Star Brawler - 2500 points.
  4. Defeating 3 Star Wrestler - 12,500 points.
  5. Match 4 gems - 25 points.
  6. Match 5 chips - 50 points.

The exact score may vary in each competition. You should check your mail after each battle to get detailed information about the conduct of the battle.

Presentation of awards. After the outcome of the Enmity between the factions, the counting in the Leaderboard ends. Prizes are given to each member of the alliance, depending on the place taken. Players receive their rewards by email within 24 - 48 hours after the end of the event.

Only those players who were members of the guild at the time of the distribution of prizes receive rewards. To receive bonuses, you must participate in at least 1 fight.

The Trophy is a permanent prize given to the first-placed factions in the Feud tournament. The trophy is a special positive effect that is given to all members of the alliance before the start of the next War.

WWE Champions: Game Events (Events)

Temporary promotions are launched periodically in the game. They have a time limit and can be for the player or for factions. During events, you need to complete tasks for which event points are awarded for you or for your guild. For the accumulation of a certain number of points, players receive valuable prizes.

To earn as many points as possible in events, you must carefully read each task. This is necessary to understand the ultimate goal of the quest.

Prizes are divided into 2 types:

  1. Special Rewards - You will receive these rewards for accumulating the required number of points during the event. Uncollected rewards will be sent to your email at the end of the promotion.
  2. Leaderboard - rewards are given at the end of the event. They are based on your final score, or your faction score. When you get a point in a faction event, it is immediately credited to the alliance’s piggy bank. If you leave the guild during the event, all points earned will remain in the faction.

All events have main objectives, which are colored blue. Some promotions have bonus objectives that will give you a reward once. Additional tasks are displayed in gold at the top of the list of objectives. Bonus goals are randomly selected by the system (from those suggested by the developers), and may differ for each user.

To keep the game interesting, events divide players and factions into competitive groups for events. Each group has its own event with unique quests, leaderboards and bonus objectives.

Missions. WWE Champions 2020 has a mission system. The list of tasks is available with varying degrees of difficulty. These quests include actions such as using a specific item, defeating a number of opponents, pumping a wrestler, and much more. After completing these missions, the player receives monetary rewards in various amounts. The more difficult the mission, the more money it costs.

If five missions are completed, players will receive a mission bag from which you will receive additional rewards (hero shards, items).

Tournament of Glory. The season consists of 4 tournaments, at the end of the season the fame points will be reset to zero for all League players. The developers did this in order to create an equal playing field for each season, and to help keep the opponents you face.

To remain the champion of your League, you will have to work hard, experiment, and fight to stay at the top. The tournament is held in a standard 1v1 mode.

WWE Champions Game Tips

I have purchased a new device, how can I restore my progress? If you want to play with your account on a new device, then you will need to follow a series of steps:

  1. You need to make sure that you have connected the game account to Facebook that you want to save. This should be done on your old device.
  2. It is required to install WWE Champions on a new device and then press the Facebook button (enter the settings menu once you finish the tutorial).
  3. You must log into your Facebook account, which you previously connected to your game account.

After these steps, your progress will be carried over.

What if I have not connected Facebook? In this case, you need to contact the support service, and provide the following data (in Settings, the "Contact us" button):

  1. The username in the old account you are trying to set up.
  2. The username of the new account through which you restore progress.

Administrators may request additional information to verify that you are indeed the owner of the lost account.

Any help from support for account transfer requires players to contact them from the in-game help section. Any transfer requests sent by email will be rejected.

How can I secure the progress of my account? Progress in WWE Champions is tied to your specific device. If you ever uninstall a game on your device and then reinstall it, your account should be picked up by our server automatically. The developers recommend adding an extra layer of protection to your game account by following these steps:

  1. You need to click on the settings icon (located at the top of the main screen).
  2. Then select "Facebook login" from the list.
  3. Next, you should connect your account to Facebook.

Once completed, your account can be restored via Facebook if something happens to your current device.

I completed the Tapjoy Free Cash Offer and did not receive it. What to do? If you have entered our game store and opened a page that allows you to view offers and receive coins, then our advertising provider Tapjoy will be best equipped to assist in this matter. You can write to them using the following steps:

  1. Open the in-game store.
  2. Click the Get Free Coins button (in the upper left corner of the screen).
  3. Click the "Missing coins" button (in the lower right corner of the screen).
  4. You will be prompted to select the offer you are having problems with and contact the advertiser for help.

How do I remove ads between matches? The developers have added the ability to remove visible ads from the game by making any purchase in the game store at any price. Please note - this does not remove in-game promotions related to the game, but only advertisements that are not related to the game.

Article author: Evgeniya G.