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Yong Heroes WiKi: Gameplay Tips and Tricks

YONG HEROES is a game for android with release date 02.11.2019 from 4399en game company. Game genre: Action. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

Better Yong Heroes download to computer via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Start the game, which class should you choose?
  2. General Hero Leveling Guide
  3. Forge Equipment Leveling
  4. Leveling Pet and Horse
  5. How to do synthesis?
  6. A Guide to Using the Elements of Doom (Fate)
  7. Album Card Boost (Knight Tour)
  8. Using Spiritual Armor (Inner Armor)
  9. Secrets of Gaining Experience
  10. Solo Competition Walkthrough (Individual Contest)
  11. Team Contest Walkthrough
  12. Dungeon Battles
  13. Boss Fighting Guide
  14. Your Backpack
  15. Rules for Buying and Selling Goods
  16. Guild Guide
  17. Completing Daily Activities (Daily)
  18. Walkthrough Game Events
  19. Review of ongoing promotions and offers
  20. Guide for donators, VIP privileges
  21. Pros and Cons of the Game

Yong Heroes: Start the game, which class should you choose?

Correct start. New Yong Heroes servers open regularly, so it’s best to start playing on the newest one. So you can take high places in the ratings, be among the top participants in the arena and join the strongest guild on the server.

Track information about server openings both in the game itself and in the official Yong Heroes community . You can practice mastering activities and leveling up on any server, and then go to the newest already prepared player. This method will allow you to avoid previously committed game mistakes.

It is best to start exploring the world of Yong Heroes on a weekend, when you have enough time to play a lot and level up your account well. An active start will ensure you have a successful game in the future.

Creation of characters and classes. The game features 5 classes of heroes:

You can choose a hero of any class, but take this moment carefully - changing the hero’s class is not allowed. If in the future you want to play another character, you will have to recreate it. Up to 3 heroes can be created on one account. After choosing a hero, give him your preferred hairstyle, hair color, style and come up with a name - your character is ready. Read on to find out what the heroes of each class are like.

To determine the class of the hero, it is recommended to play each of them upon reaching the 20th account level. So you can observe the techniques of the game and choose the most optimal one for yourself.

Swordsmen. Melee fighters using a large sword as a weapon. They compensate for their average damage with a large pool of health and protection. Swordsmen can be used as good tanks, however, in the middle and late stages of the game, it will be quite difficult for you to play as this class due to the difficulties of selecting a party in team dungeons (you will not meet the required damage level).

Play as swordsmen to learn the highlights of the game and practice your further exploration of the world.

Fencers. The swordsmen’s weapon is a small but very dangerous sword. Ideal for melee attacks due to precise lightning strikes and high damage, which can be increased with the use of passive skills. Fencers do not have a large supply of health, so do not forget to replenish it in time. Their skills are focused on area damage, and due to their high damage, heroes of this class will always be welcome guests in any squad.

Spearmen. They use a powerful spear for attacks and inflict colossal damage on one target. Also has area damage skills, but not as varied as that of swordsmen. Spearmen have limited health. Fighters of this class are suitable for players who have already mastered the main points of the game and know how to maintain the health of their fighter.

Magicians. Mages are ranged fighters with impressive massive damage data. They occupy the first place in the speed of eliminating enemy targets - they can destroy dozens of opponents in seconds. Mages are considered the most fragile fighters - they have a very high risk of getting fatal damage. As part of a group, magicians successfully withstand the enemy onslaught, and in single battles they can quickly die.

Archers. AoE ranged fighters with much more health than mages. They are ideal for PvP battles and are the most mobile class requiring special technique to play. If you play as archers, you need to learn how to use your skills in time, avoid damage and target attacks on as large groups of enemies as possible. Also very good for mid to late game, always in demand in group trials.

Yong Heroes: General Hero Leveling Guide

Click the "Role" button in the lower interface to get to the general leveling menu, where you can increase the strength of your hero through skins, titles and merit.

Pumping through skins. Win new skins for costumes, wings, cloaks, as well as new shapes for the avatar frame, nickname highlight and underlay to customize your character and additionally pump his stats (see screenshot). Each new skin gives increments in a different amount, while only the fact of obtaining it is important: regardless of whether you use the skin or not, its increments will work. You can view all available skins, sorted by category, in the "Decorate" section.

Leveling up by increasing the rank. Collect tokens of merit, and when you accumulate the required amount, increase the rank of the hero in the "Merits" window. With an increase in rank, the parameters of ATK, HP and strength are pumped.

The higher the rank, the more merit medals you will need. You can get them in various game modes.

Pumping titles. Titles are given for various game achievements, increasing the VIP level, reaching important thresholds in activities, etc. When you gain a title, its power is added to that of your hero.

You can either wear the title over your head or not use it - this will not affect the increase given to them in any way. All titles of the game are grouped in the "Title" section. You can also see the sources of their receipt there.

Wing pumping. Wings give the hero increases to the stats of health, defense and evasion. You can hide the display of the wings in battles or keep them. Pump the stats of the wings with the help of feathers of various values (obtained in activities). The higher the level of your account, the more valuable feathers you can drop as loot.

The wings have 6 passive skills that unlock as their experience increases. The experience of the wings is pumped through the use of essences - junior, middle and higher. The better the essence, the more experience it gives. You can get essences in daily activities.

Leveling up spirit and artifact. Spirit is an intangible spirit that travels next to the hero and gives him increases to the stats of attack, dodge and strike. Artifact - this relic, which is next to the character and gives him increases to the stats of attack, hit and crit. To pump the stats of these elements, use boluses of various values, which you can get in daily activities and special events. Spirit and artifact experience is pumped through essences. With the pumping of experience, the passive skills of the elements are opened (a total of 6 skills for each).

Check out the possible skins of the elements and how to get them by clicking the "Shape" button on the pumping screen.

Using skills. Your hero can use up to 6 active skills and a number of passive ones. All skills are grouped in a separate "Skill" menu and sorted by purpose. Skills improve as the hero is pumping. New passive skills are unlocked upon reaching the required account level and receiving a letter with a quest. Accept new quests in the "Letter" window. If you fulfill their conditions, you will gain another passive skill from the Chi section and become even stronger.

Yong Heroes: Forge Equipment Leveling

In the forge, you pump your equipment, enhance it with gems and activate sets.

Leveling up equipment. The leveling of equipment takes place in the "Enhance" functionality. For her, you will need similar equipment of the same quality and stardom, as well as silver bars. As the level increases, the stats characteristics of the target equipment improve. Equipment used is consumed.

In the future, when replacing the target equipment with another, the perfect pumping will be completely transferred to the new item. The ability to pump equipment is determined by its stardom and color - the better the equipment, the higher its maximum level. It is impossible to increase the stardom and quality of equipment - it can only be obtained in activities, synthesized or purchased in promotions.

The higher the level of equipment, the more expensive it will cost you to pump it. Upgrade all the equipment you use evenly so that there are no "weak" elements in your kit.

The use of gems (Gem). Up to 6 gems can be inserted into each piece of equipment. The ability to use slots depends on the rank of the equipment. The last 6th slot is only available for VIP5 players. Gemmas are of two types:

All gems need to be pumped by merging them with other gems of the same type. To improve the gem, click on it and confirm the pumping. If there is a shortage of gems, buy them in the store.

The red dots on the gem slots are clues that you have better quality gems to use. Click on the slot with the red dot, remove the old gem and choose the better one from the list.

Using sets of equipment. Gear sets are divided into three categories: Prime set, Peerless set, and Ultimate set. The characteristics of different sets do not add up, only the highest characteristics will be active.

When you replace a set, the system will automatically disassemble your set and return your set stones in full. All returned set stones will be tied.

Yong Heroes: Leveling Pet and Horse

How can I upgrade my pet and mount? By pumping over your faithful combat assistants, you increase their stats, stardom and rank.

Skins. In addition to the customizable appearance for increasing the rank, your pet and mount can change appearance due to skins. Each open skin gives them an additional increase in stats, regardless of whether it is used or not. Skins can be pumped for boluses and blessed cards to strengthen them and open additional passive skills.

Yong Heroes: How to do synthesis?

Synthesis is the ability to independently create the necessary items and items of equipment through the use of extracted materials. Synthesis opens in the "Merger" functionality (bottom menu).

What can be synthesized? The complete list of fusion items includes almost everything you can find in the game:

How to synthesize? Select the desired synthesis section and a category in it. Place the required items in the slots. Sometimes, to get a new thing, you need to synthesize several items. You can do it separately ("Manual Merger" button) or in one click ("Auto Merger" button). You pay silver bars for synthesis.

The red dot on the item icon indicates the possibility of synthesis. This means that this item is the right material.

Equipment synthesis. Fusion of 2-Star Red Equipment requires multiple pieces of Orange 2-Star Equipment of the same class. Synthesizing 3-Star Red Gear requires multiple gear of the same class.

You can only synthesize equipment that matches your gender. Keep in mind: not every synthesis attempt you make will be successful. Synthesizing more equipment increases the chance of success. If it fails, the success rate of the next attempt increases by 15%.

Synthesis of accessories. 2 pieces of grade 7 rings / earrings with an orange star can be synthesized into grade 7 rings / earrings with two stars. Orange grade 7 rings / earrings with two stars and their corresponding upgrade stones can be synthesized up to grade 9 rings / earrings. Rank 10 rings / earrings with two red stars and their corresponding items can be synthesized up to red rings / earrings with three stars. Pink rings / earrings can be disassembled into matching materials.

Yong Heroes: A Guide to Using the Elements of Doom (Fate)

Inserting elements of Rock. Rock is an analogue of runes. To go to slots with elements of Rock, press the "Fate" button in the bottom menu. You can insert eight Rock elements into slots around the circumference, and two more when the Rock set resonates. Each element of Doom is responsible for a certain increase in stats: for attack, defense, hit, crit, dodge, etc. Depending on the purpose, the elements differ in color and have different qualities. The best ones are red. You cannot change elements in slots. To unlock new slots, go through the Skytower floors.

The higher your progress in Skytower, the more cool Rock elements you can get and use.

Parsing and separation of elements. Elements of Doom can be disassembled. When dismantling, you fully restore the stamina spent on pumping the element. Improved items do not appear in the disassembly window - to disassemble them, first split them to level 1. After separation, the improved element returns to level 1, and all the stamina spent on pumping it is restored. Separating tier 1 double and triple Doom elements returns all synthesis materials.

Pumping elements of Rock. After accumulating the required amount of stamina, improve the elements of Doom and increase their characteristics. To level up an element, click on it and press "Level Up".

We recommend that you improve all the elements in the set evenly. The higher the level of the element of Doom, the more stamina you need to pump it.

Replacing the elements of Rock. To change an element to another, click on it and click "Replace". In the window that opens, select another item and click "Embed". You cannot insert identical elements into slots!

Be guided by the colors and quickly replace the elements of Rock, keeping the entire set up to date. Red dots on slots tell you about the possibility of replacement. Your set should always be leveled up and consist of the very best Rock elements available.

Yong Heroes: Album Card Boost (Knight Tour)

Value. With the help of collecting album cards with knights, your hero gets an additional increase to his stats. Cards have different properties and are divided by color. The color of the card determines its quality. All cards are sorted into albums.

Application and pumping. Collect identical cards to be absorbed by the target card. At the same time, its level and stardom increase. The higher the indicators of the card, the more valuable it is for your hero.

Exchange cards and get random ones of the same quality and level.

Combinations of cards. In the "Album" tab, combinations of cards are collected. When you collect a combination, you get a significant bonus to strength. To activate a combination, simply activate all the required cards. When all cards reach their maximum level, the star level of the combo will go up.

Yong Heroes: Using Spiritual Armor (Inner Armor)

Appointment and sets. The functionality of the Spiritual Armor is unlocked from the Backpack (Inner Armor). Spiritual armor varies in quality. Only orange and higher quality Spiritual Armor can activate the given effects. You need to collect a complete set of Spiritual Armor and activate the set. There are 2 types of sets:

After collecting 2/4/6 pieces of the DEF set, you can activate the corresponding effects of the DEF set. After collecting 2/4/5 pieces of the ATK set, you can activate the corresponding effects of the ATK set.

Use a higher quality Spiritual Armor to activate the given effects of a lower quality Spiritual Armor. Higher quality set effects will be activated before lower quality effects.

Bleeding Spiritual Armor. To level up Spiritual Armor, go to the Cold Forging tab and use the Byzan Glamor material. The level of pumping will not be transferred if you subsequently replace the Spiritual Armor.

You can disassemble Spiritual Armor. In this case, all the Visan Glamor spent on pumping will be returned to you.

Yong Heroes: Secrets of Gaining Experience

World map. The world map is divided into regions that become available upon reaching the desired account level. Each region has its own monsters (enemies). All of them differ in strength and the amount of experience that can be gained for eliminating them. To get to the desired monsters, select your preferred region, and in the list that opens, tap on the necessary enemies.

In low-level regions, you gain very little experience, so your level is pumping more slowly. We recommend sending the hero to locations at the most accessible difficulty level and looking for groups of strong, but quickly killed enemies for him. You always get more experience online than offline.

How do I get experience? You earn experience by defeating enemies in the main location and in activities. The progress of experience accumulation is indicated by a green bar at the very bottom of the screen. When the experience bar reaches the end, your account level rises, which gives you access to new game features. To increase the amount of experience earned, use meditation, experience potions and the offline experience option.

If you use an experience potion during the duration of another experience potion, the action will take precedence over the more powerful one. The effect of the other remedy will be temporarily frozen.

Offline Grinding. While you are not in the game, your hero continues to defeat enemies and earn experience and rewards. This option is called "Offline Grinding". Since your level rises with the increase in experience, you download your account without being online. Offline Grinding works when you activate offline cards, which can be bought inexpensively in the store, won in activities or received in the guild.

When leaving the game for a long time, do not forget to check the stock of activated cards offline. They should be enough for the duration of your absence, so that the process of accumulating experience is continuous. In total, you can activate Offline Grinding for 20 hours.

Completing quests. Current game quests are always displayed on the left side of the screen. Just click on the one you want, and the hero will start to perform it himself, enter into dialogues with NPCs, fight, etc. The topmost quest is always the storyline. You can get access to new episodes of the story only after reaching the required account level.

Be sure to do all available quests and do not postpone them "for later". Completing quests is an important source of experience!

Meditation. Meditation gives your hero experience and bonus experience. To start meditating, click the "In Meditation" button on the main screen (located above the chat, next to the skill icons). Don’t forget to meditate and take advantage of additional experience gains.

Yong Heroes: Solo Competition Walkthrough (Individual Contest)

Arena battles. In the arena, you fight other players for places in the ranking. 10 free battle attempts are given daily. There are 5 opponents to choose from. If they do not suit you, click the "New Batch" button. Updating the list of opponents is not limited.

It is best to choose opponents that are higher in the rating and have less strength for battles. It is not recommended to challenge players whose strength is many times greater than yours.

When you defeat an opponent who is higher than you in the ranking, you take his place. If the loser was below you in the ranking, your place does not change. Depending on your position in the rating, you receive daily rating rewards - experience, silver bars and Honor (can be exchanged in the event store). Rewards are issued during the last 2 hours of each day and the first 22 hours of the next day.

Do not forget to receive rating rewards on time and spend all 10 free attempts at arena battles every day! Collect Silver Bars and Honor to purchase the necessary goods.

Battles of the Martial Peak. The Battle Peak has 9 levels. After defeating a sufficient number of monsters at the current level, you will be taken to the next. The higher the level, the more rewards you can get for victories. Battle Peak is a limited-time event for clearing locations. PvP content is allowed here, so beware of attacks from other players and defend if attacked.

Heroes Contest. In this event, players earn or lose points based on the number of wins and losses. In total, 10 battles need to be fought during the season. The rating of the players is formed by points, and to get into the rating you must complete all 10 battles!

The competition season ends at 12:00 on the first day of each month. When a new season starts, all your points are reset. In cross-server match search, find opponents for yourself on other servers. Heroic Competition is not available during the Guild Competition period.

Yong Heroes: Team Contest Walkthrough

Faction Battlefield. The event takes place at 20.00 on Tuesdays and Fridays. From 20.00 to 20.05 players go to the waiting area for registration. All participants are randomly divided into factions of Good and Evil. Points are awarded for defeating a player of a hostile faction. Defeating an NPC of a hostile faction also gives some points. Defeating the enemy elite and general brings a lot of points.

All members of the winning faction receive points after the completion of the event calculation. Overall rewards are awarded according to the players’ individual points ranking. After unlocking the cross-server activity, the Battle of the Factions goes into the cross-server phase with the same rules.

Legion Competition

The event runs from 19.00 to 21.30 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Players who have reached level 120 can participate. For battles, you must join the legion. The legion leader becomes the team leader and begins matchmaking. Before the competition, 2 passive skills will be available for each legion to choose from.

Each legion can choose one skill for their opponent, and keep the other for themselves. You have 10 seconds to choose a passive skill. If no selection is made during this time, the skills will be randomly selected. Each competition lasts no more than 30 seconds. As soon as all members of the legion die, the duel ends. If both sides have survivors at the end of the battle, the side with the higher total HP wins.

When the competition begins, the HP of all participants increases according to their own level. As soon as the contest comes to an end, HP returns to its normal value. According to the results of the competition, each participant will receive legion points. The total score of each legion is equal to the sum of the score of the legion of its members.

The one who leaves the legion loses his own legion points, and the total points of his legion are reduced accordingly. If the legion has enough points, its level will increase. The results of each season are calculated at 12:00 on the first day of each month. At the end of the season, all legions are automatically disbanded, and the legion points are reset. Types of awards:

Evil Sovereign

The event takes place at 20.30 on Mondays and Thursdays. 90 seconds after entering the event area, the Trial of Evil begins, which lasts 5 minutes. Kill Evil monsters and earn Evil points for your guild and Evil coins for yourself. When the test is over, the guild with the most points will move to the next level of the event (if the guilds have the same number of points, the one with the same number of points will win).

By killing the Evil Deacon, you will earn more Evil Points for your guild, as well as some rewards for guildmates who are in the same zone. In the battle with the Overlord, players will fight Skymagic Archdevil and his clones. The size of your rewards depends on your damage to enemies:

Once Skymagic Archdevil is completely defeated, the event will end. As for the other monsters of the Battle, the player who attacks them first will receive the rewards dropped from them if he continues to fight until the monster dies. Evil coins can be exchanged in the Evil Shop for various items.

Yong Heroes: Dungeon Battles

Solo dungeons. In solo dungeons, you fight enemies and earn important resources to advance in the game. There are 3 types of dungeons:

You have 2 attempts to complete each dungeon per day. One fight lasts 2 minutes. During this time, you need to fight off 9 waves of enemies. Every 3rd wave is a boss fight that drops dungeon rewards. If you defeat 3 bosses, you will receive the maximum reward.

It is recommended to additionally use an experience potion in the Trial Field. This will increase the amount of experience earned for eliminating monsters.

Skytower The tower is available from the 40th account level. Here you need to fight monsters on the floors, and the higher your floor, the more rewards you will receive for victory. Battles in the Tower affect one of the elements of the hero’s leveling - upgrades by Doom. By winning the floors, you win a new Rock, as well as unlock new slots to insert them. Keep in mind that access to the Tower floors depends on your account level! Daily attempts to pass are not limited.

Group dungeons. In group dungeons, you need to fight in a team of several players. There are 2 types of dungeons:

To go through the activity as a group, click "Quick Grouping" and select the required dungeon from the list. If at the moment there are no ready-made groups, create your own and invite friends and guild members to it. You can also try to fight in a group dungeon alone, but this will be quite difficult. You have 2 attempts per day.

Play group activities in the evening, when most of the players are online and looking for groups to play together. It is also very important to keep up with the server level of other players and develop on a par with everyone else. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to find a team for the passage of low-ranked group dungeons.

Yong Heroes: Boss Fighting Guide

World bosses. For defeating world bosses, you get equipment and new wing skins. All opponents are divided by levels - the higher it is, the stronger the boss and the better the rewards. You have 3 battle attempts per day. After spending them, you will not be able to inflict damage on enemies. Your challenge attempt is not spent when you defeat the first boss of the first difficulty level. If any boss loses, the attempt is also not counted.

Track the availability of bosses in the activity lobby. The time until their next revival is indicated in red. Turn on the follow option ("Follow" checkbox) to control the respawn time. The frequency of the appearance of bosses depends on the activity of the participants in the battles.

Central bosses. From the central bosses, you can get equipment and kits. Higher level bosses drop better items. Available for VIP4 and higher players. Attempts to battle per day are unlimited. During these battles, players can enter PvP mode and attack each other, so be careful!

Do not fight bosses who are beaten by other players. This will enter PvP mode and will not be able to win. To determine the statuses of bosses, track the percentage of their damage (displayed on the right when entering the dungeon). Bosses with incomplete HP are in combat.

Purgatory bosses. With victories, equipment and a lot of materials from the set drop out. Each battle spends Purgatory passports. The more you get into activity, the more passports you will need. When you start a battle in Purgatory, your boss fire toxin (Firetoxin) is zero.

The value of the toxin increases by 1 every minute you are online. Killing bosses and other monsters also rewards you with a fire toxin. When its value reaches one hundred, the countdown begins for 60 seconds. When the countdown ends, you exit Purgatory. In this dungeon, players are also allowed to attack each other.

You can beat bosses as part of teams. At the same time, the party player who inflicted maximum damage on the boss will receive the best reward.

Solo bosses. You must have Challenge Tokens to challenge the Solo Boss. If there are not enough challenge tokens, spend gold bars instead for entering the activity. Each individual solo boss will drop 1 Protoss or Fukubukuro fruit worth 200 ingots.

Defeating the solo bosses will win you item set gems that match your class. Starting in VIP7, your attempts at solo boss battles will increase so that you have a better chance of getting rare wing shapes. In this activity, you beat the enemy alone, PvP mode is excluded.

Choose for battles only those bosses that you can defeat, based on the level of your pumping. Don’t challenge too strong bosses. You can’t win that way.

Yong Heroes: Your Backpack

Appointment. The backpack contains all the items that you could get during the game for participating in activities and purchases. Also from the backpack you can see what equipment and accessories your hero is currently using. The slots in the backpack are not endless - you can unlock new slots using keys (sold in the store for gold bars). The backpack has 3 tabs:

The main rule of using equipment. All equipment in the backpack is marked with arrows - red down (decrease your strength when used) or green up (increase your strength). Always follow these tips and use ammunition that will make your hero stronger. In order to put on a thing, click on it and confirm the action by clicking "Equip". Bring unsuitable equipment to the guild warehouse or sell it on the market.

Consuming equipment. Disassemble unnecessary equipment in the "Devour" tab. Disassembly slots automatically receive 1-star consumables. Other equipment with 2 stars or more can be manually placed in the disassembly slots. Consuming equipment contributes to the pumping of the stats of the weapon spirit (Gear Spirit), which also affects the increase in the hero’s strength.

At 150 account level or upon reaching VIP4, you can set up Auto-absorb equipment. After that, items that meet the specified conditions will be absorbed automatically, without your participation.

Depot use. The warehouse is an alternative for storing things that don’t fit in the main backpack. The warehouse can be called a "second backpack". It consists of two tabs: a personal warehouse and a public one. The public warehouse is used within one account to store the things of several heroes (if you have them). You can place things here from all your characters and thus make an exchange between them. The only restriction on the use of a public warehouse is that all items in it must be untethered.

Yong Heroes: Rules for Buying and Selling Goods

Store purchases. The assortment of the store is formed by the system and includes various elements for pumping your hero, his equipment, pet, etc. The store’s currency is gold bars and pegged gold bars. Sections:

Once a day, grab your daily free set of items from the "Special Pack" tab of the store!

Market transactions. The assortment and pricing policy of the market is set by the players. Buy various items of equipment and other materials here. If you wish, you can also sell items you do not need here. All goods on the market are purchased with gold bars. When sold, sellers receive pegged gold bars. For the convenience of the players, the goods on the market are divided into categories, so when looking for the things you need, you need to go to the appropriate section.

For purchasing goods on the market, you do not receive VIP experience to upgrade the VIP level. You cannot market upgraded items and equipment.

Yong Heroes: Guild Guide

Joining a guild. In the guild, players go through activities together, exchange equipment in the warehouse and help each other in successful game development. Since new servers open very often, you should be in the TOP-1 guild of your server. This guarantees you full access to all guild modes, leveling up as part of the guild, and full use of the warehouse.

If you notice a decrease in online in your guild, move to a more active community, or wait until the servers merge and look for a guild for yourself, taking into account the new conditions. Do not sit in weak guilds with low activity among members. So you will not achieve success in the game and will not be able to fully swing.

Guild chests. Complete the quests below to generate guild chests:

Guild chests are available for 4 hours only. Each player can pick up a maximum of 50 guild chests every day. New guild members cannot pick up guild chests that were generated before they joined the guild.

Getting guild chests - Another important reason is in the most active guild on the server. It is in such a community that the participants will generate a lot of chests.

Receiving cards offline. As part of the guild, free 2-hour offline cards are available for you. Just go to the guild lobby and press the "Collect" button. Be careful - the cards do not have a cumulative effect, the prizes not received will expire.

Guild information. The guild has:

You can always take a break from the battles in the guild territory.

Use of the guild warehouse. The guild warehouse is a great opportunity to find the right equipment for the hero. Here, all members of the guild put up various items of equipment for sale. The warehouse currency is points. Collect points by donating orange and red equipment of rank 4 and higher to the warehouse, and purchase missing equipment for the earned.

Follow the messages in the guild chat. Sometimes members of the guild notify others about the appearance of new interesting offers in the warehouse.

You can sell any equipment except upgraded equipment. For the convenience of buyers, the warehouse offers are sorted into relevant sections. All goods in the slots are marked with red down arrows and green up arrows so that you can clearly see which equipment can add strength to you and which can take it away.

Refresh the warehouse page after the next exchange to see the latest data on the increase (decrease) in strength. They are not automatically updated. You can not use equipment, the level of which exceeds the level of the hero, but you can buy such things "for the future".

How do I save warehouse points when leaving a guild? When leaving the guild, unused warehouse points are reset to zero. To prevent this, always make an "exchange" - spend all your points in the warehouse of the old guild, and then bring the purchased equipment to the warehouse of the new guild. This will allow you to restore points when changing guilds and continue using the warehouse without delay. If you do not make the "exchange", your points will be converted into an elixir of pet experience, and you will have to save them again.

Leveling as part of the guild. In the "Dharma" menu of your guild, pump the main stats of the hero: HP, ATK, DEF and others. The pumping is carried out for coins of the guild’s contribution, and the higher the level of improvement of the stat, the more coins you will need. New opportunities for pumping stats gradually become available as the guild itself develops.

When you change your guild, you will temporarily not be able to use the Dharma.

Guild competition

1. Opening. The first guild competition is held from 20.00 to 21.00, four days after the server opens. In the future, the activity opens from 20.00 to 21.00 on Sundays.

2. Participation. The strength of the guild will be fixed at 19:00 on the day of the event. As soon as the world tier of the nearest 2-4-8 servers respectively reaches 180-210-245, the competition for 2-4-8 servers, respectively, will be unlocked. A maximum of 8 guilds can take part in a cross-server competition.

After the start of the cross-server competition, the TOP-1 guild of each involved server will have the right to join it. Other server guild leaders will also be eligible (depending on the guild strength). The competition can be attended by members of guilds admitted to participate in the competition.

3. Gameplay. Each competition consists of 3 rounds. The first round starts at 20.00, the second - at 20.17, the third - at 20.34. Each round lasts 15 minutes. In each round, the guilds will be divided into 2 opposing factions. After the victory, the guild proceeds to the next round. The leader and other guild members who win the third round will receive huge rewards. Defeating the Boss provides powerful beneficial effects. The event includes PvP content - you can be attacked by other players.

4. Victory. Destroy the statue of the opposing faction to win. If no statue is destroyed within 15 minutes of the battle, the side with the most points wins. Points are awarded for defeating a hostile player. For the destruction of the Tower of Archers of the opposite faction, points are also awarded.

Guild duel

When 2 servers are involved in the cross-server phase, the event starts at 21.00 every Tuesday. If the cross-server group has less than 4 servers, a guild duel of 4 servers begins. If there are 4 or more servers in a cross-server group, a guild duel with 8 servers begins.

The ability to participate in a duel depends on the strength of the active guild members in the last 3 days before the duel. The preference will be given to the guild with the highest strength on each server. Points are awarded only to players participating in the duel. Each victory won in a level or 3v3 duel is worth 10 points, and each victory in a brawl duel is worth 20 points.

If no one from the guild registers in time, the guild will lose. If two guilds score the same number of points, the winner will be the one that wins the bout. Each guild member who wins the championship title will receive appropriate rewards.

Yong Heroes: Completing Daily Activities (Daily)

Types of ongoing activities and rewards. In the "Daily" menu, the constant game activities that you need to go through during the day are grouped. These include:

You get points for every closed activity. As you accumulate them, you get prizes, incl. offline cards, boluses for leveling up the mount and a chest with tied gold bars.

The chest is the most valuable prize that can be taken with 180 activity points. To obtain it, it is very important to complete all game competitions every day.

Temporary activities. These activities start on the designated days and open at a strictly defined time. As with the permanent modes, for completing them you get points and take away additional rewards, incl. a chest with tied gold bars.

Be sure to keep track of the server time and do not forget to participate in temporary activities! Create a schedule for yourself or set a reminder on your phone so you know when you need to be online.

Reimbursement of awards. If you did not have time to take part in the activity, you can refund some of the unreceived rewards on the "Retrieve" tab, however, you will have to pay for this with silver or tied gold bars (for tied gold bars, the returned reward will be higher).

You will still receive less with a refund than with direct participation, so it is recommended that you resort to this method of receiving rewards only when necessary. Use pegged gold bars wisely, and assess the appropriateness of reimbursement.

Yong Heroes: Walkthrough Game Events

Bubblegum. Spin the reel and play gacha for special tokens. They can be obtained in activities, as well as for entering the game within the first 6 days from the moment of registering an account (tokens are sent by mail). Exchange gold bars in the events tab to get silver and tokens. Sell unused tokens for bullion after the end of the event.

Hunt. For each treasure hunt, you get 1 point, silver bars, and one random item from the jackpot. Treasure Hunt Points can be used to purchase items from the Points Shop. Each player can hunt for treasure no more than 100,000 times daily.

Whenever you hunt for treasure, you slightly increase your overall luck in finding treasures throughout your server. The higher the luck, the higher the chance of winning the best center prize. When the scale of luck is full, the chance increases by 4 times. As soon as the center prize is received, the luck scale is reset.

Festival Check-In. Check in every day in the event menu and receive gifts. When you accumulate nine marks over nine consecutive days, you receive a super prize. If you missed the marks, compensate for them with pegged gold bars. Servers that open this event at a later date can replenish all previous missed mark attempts for free so that players have the opportunity to receive the final rewards.

Yong Heroes: Review of ongoing promotions and offers

Check out the "Welfare" tab more often and pick up a number of bonuses for your gaming activity. Please note that some promotions, such as Prayer and Login Rewards, require you to be offline daily. Don’t miss out on your awards.

Prayer (Player). Prayer is for silver and experience. Pray for silver every 6 hours for free. Pray for experience once a day for free. The rest of the prayer attempts are made for gold bars. When praying for silver, you have a chance to get 3 or 5 times the declared silver.

Raise your VIP level and get more free prayer attempts for silver. If your account level is higher than the world level, you cannot pray for experience. If your account level is below the world level, you will gain more experience every time after prayer.

Level awards (Award). Upon reaching the required account levels, you will receive rewards for your progress. In total, you can collect rewards up to level 450.

Daily Sign In. Log in to the game every day and receive gifts for daily login. For logging into the game for several days in a row, you collect additional rewards. The size of the gifts depends on the number of days online, so do not miss them.

Activation of gift codes (Activation Code). On this page you can enter gift codes published in the official game communities. With the help of codes you get great gifts and materials for pumping.

Be sure to subscribe to the official Yong Heroes Facebook page to keep abreast of all the game news and not to miss the appearance of new gift codes! All codes are valid for a limited time and are subject to activation during the stated time periods.

Share the game (Shape Gifts). For posting a link to the game on your Facebook page, as well as for likes, you will receive gold and silver bars from the developers! Be careful: the number of opportunities to like and post a link is limited!

Yong Heroes: Guide for donators, VIP privileges

The difference between ingots. There are 2 types of gold bars in the game: regular and tethered. The first you can buy only for donation, and in the future exchange them for various things in the store. Tied ingots can be obtained in the game or purchased through the offers, which we will consider below. With these ingots, you can also shop and acquire useful items, incl. offline cards.

For the first donate, you will receive special gifts within 3 game days. Among them: high-ranking equipment, an exclusive skin of the hero’s clothes, an additional increase in strength and pumping elements.

Purchase of gold bars. Click on the "+" next to the gold bars to enter the store and replenish your supplies ("Recharge" button). Bars are sold in different quantities, when you purchase you get attached bars and VIP points.

Your best bet is to buy bundles of bars ranging from smallest to largest - this way you will receive a lot more gold bars linked as a free bonus.

Investment plan. An investment plan is your investment in a future game. By purchasing it, you will receive linked bars upon reaching the required account levels. The first issue of investments is possible already on the 1st level! You will receive a total of 16,666 pegged ingots. For the levels already reached, you receive ingots at a time.

Buying an investment plan is one of the best donations for long game players and one of the most cost effective ways to restock pegged bars.

Weekly and monthly cards. Along with an investment plan, cards are a very profitable type of donation and provide continuous currency replenishment. By purchasing cards, you receive linked bars in the specified time periods:

To receive tethered ingots using cards on a daily basis, you need to log into the game every day. Don’t forget to collect your bonuses on time!

VIP system. For donation, you get VIP experience and upgrade your VIP level. VIP players have a number of in-game advantages: the ability to fight the Central Boss, purchase VIP cards for additional attempts to complete Dungeons, have a higher chance of winning rare equipment, etc.

Promotions for donators. From time to time, various promotions for donators start in the game, in which you are given a chance to purchase valuable items with discounts or get additional prizes for your purchases. Especially a lot of promotions take place at the beginning of the game, for example, "New Server Carnival", in which you get important pumping elements, skins, etc. for gaming investments.

Be sure to keep track of the conditions of new promotions and take part in the "Carnival of the New Server" in order to have a steady start and succeed in pumping.

Yong Heroes: Pros and Cons of the Game

Yong Heroes features bright art, beautiful heroes, original design of your fighter’s assistants and many interesting activities. The undoubted advantages of the game:

Cons of the game:

The author of the article: Nadezhda D., Yaroslav I.