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Z DAY: HEARTS OF HEROES - Android game with release date 06/27/2018 from the company KingsGroup Holdings. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Gift Codes
  2. A Beginner’s Guide
  3. Secrets of Building a Base
  4. Doing Research Right
  5. Guide to Heroes
  6. Commander Outfit Guide
  7. Alliance Guide
  8. Wise Geek’s Secrets and Tips

Z Day Hearts of Heroes - Gift Codes

Where to enter the Gift Code? In order to get a surprise you need to go to the player’s profile (commander’s avatar in the upper left corner of the screen). Then go to the settings menu (they are in the lower left corner of the profile window). Here you need to select the item "Gift Codes". In the dialog box that opens, enter the gift code and confirm the operation "OK." After that, the player will receive a gift.

Where to get a Gift Code? Often, game developers through their pages on social networks hold contests, following which participants can get a prize. The code is sent in a letter by mail within 7 days from the announcement of the results of the action. Sometimes Gift Codes are given during certain events that are written on the pages:

  1. Https://vk.com/zdaygame - official VK page.
  2. Https://www.facebook.com/ZDAYGame/ - the official Facebook page.

Gift Codes:

  1. 8MJ6J8F59 - 1000 gold.
  2. 0K9RX9A12 - 1000 food, 1000 oil, 200 iron, 200 alloy.
  3. GxQoh6cMCqgsSjX - 500 food, 500 oil, 50 iron, 50 alloy.
  4. 4XnzIBFJgf2HVPW - 300 gold.
  5. Wx84TwqGyBtuaFy - grid for the destroyer.
  6. KLKYxSVaZKFRwCS is a legendary hero.
  7. G55Hor9WJgai7Y6 - 200 units of elite troops.
  8. ILszAfDFu0U8VWM - gift box.
  9. SImO2g3ZMBUkzRv - 1000 VIP points.
  10. DhZFDP5LdkITNk2 - 1000 oil.
  11. DEXGJYj554NeGlM - 30 "speed boost" bonuses.
  12. 5DTVx4blmPD36ZP - 30 Bonuses "increase experience points."
  13. AMfeke6A0H1zm4E - Premium Gift Box.
Codes quickly become obsolete. Do not forget to visit our site - Wise Geek. Here we will, if possible, add new gift codes for the game. Do not miss, as some codes are valid for a limited time!

Z Day Hearts of Heroes: A Beginner’s Guide

Game description

Z Day: Hearts of Heroes is an interesting multiplayer game where you need to build, develop and improve your military base. The game takes place in an alternate reality. In 1945, the Nazis detonated a bomb with artificially created antimatter, which destroyed most of the planet. This significant day in the history of mankind was called "Zero-Day". Now the forces of evil are trying to conquer the surviving humanity. The player’s task is to resist the invasion of darkness. There are no zombies in the game, but due to the explosion of antimatter, a new race has appeared.

The game begins a few days after the explosion. The planet has not yet had time to recover from the impact. The player falls into the ruins of a once powerful base. Now he has to rebuild it. The first building that the player will restore is the Food Factory. A car with surviving allied soldiers will arrive at the smell of food. In exchange for shelter and food, they will agree to stay with the player and help restore part of the wreckage.

Next, the player will begin training. The assistant will tell you about the situation and ask you to build a couple more buildings. In the first two days, the player will be asked to begin construction of the buildings necessary for the existence of the base. During this period, housing will close the dome, which protects the base from attacks by other players. For 2 days, the player must master the management, understand what each building is responsible for, what benefits it carries for the base. During this time, the commander received several war heroes. They will bring with them not only the ability to complete some missions, but also give the base additional strength.


There are several types of resources in the game. The most necessary for the full development are:

  1. Food - it feeds the player’s army, helps in the construction of buildings. Over time, she will often be missed. But from the lack of products, the army does not run up and its characteristics do not weaken. Therefore, experienced players are advised not to get food from the inventory ahead of time that the commander will receive during the execution of missions.
  2. Oil - military equipment must be refueled with this resource. Oil is needed for construction.
  3. Steel (iron) - needed for research, the manufacture of equipment for the commander, war heroes and super-soldiers.
  4. Alloying is also required in some research, construction, and weapon manufacturing.
  5. Gold is the main currency of the project. You can get it in rewards for completing missions, buy for real money, get it from guild gift boxes. With the help of gold, you can purchase rare war heroes, speed up the process of construction and research.
Gold is a very important resource, therefore it is necessary to preserve it and not use it right and left.Do not speed up the process of construction and research. Gold can be spent on the legendary hero or you can buy the necessary rare item to repair the Destroyer (a powerful flying combat vehicle).

There are other important materials in the game, but they are also not worth the waste of anything. For example, to improve green heroes. Each resource has its own purpose. Therefore, from the very first moment in the game, you should start saving. If there is an opportunity or resources received as a reward for completing tasks, they should not be delivered from inventory until the last moment; gold should not be taken out. After 2 days of the game, the shield surrounding the commander’s base will disappear, other players will attack the leader. In case of defeat, part of the resources and gold will go to the attacker.

Game interface

The game screen is divided into several zones:

  1. Control zone - located in the lower right corner.
  2. Event line - located in the upper right corner.
  3. Hint area - located in the lower left corner.
  4. The commander’s profile is in the upper left corner. These include the commander’s strength points, the player’s VIP status. You can also include resource indicators, which are located in the upper right corner.

Commander Profile

Here you can see the statistics of strength, painted by points (button "More"). You can download a personal portrait from the device or any picture suitable for the parameters. The image should not contain scenes of violence. It should be remembered that the portrait of the player can be used by other commanders.

In the profile, you can improve the characteristics of the commander, which will increase the overall strength, and improve the parameters of the base and army. Skills are improved for skill points that can be obtained for the level of the player, for the improvement of some buildings, for completing certain tasks. There are 3 skill branches:

  1. War - Improving abilities that affect all types of troops for battle and defense.
  2. Economy - Abilities increase the speed of construction and improvement of buildings, increase the production of resources, increase the speed of research, accelerate the collection of resources and the capacity of troops.
  3. Support - increases the infirmary limit, troop endurance, army movement speed, increases unit training speed and healing, and increases trap damage.

Skills can be reset and rebuild branches as needed.

First of all, it is recommended to pump the Economy branch. This branch will significantly increase the speed of construction and study of sciences. If at the first stages of the game these processes are fast enough, then at later stages, the buildings will take a very long time to build (sometimes up to several days). The collection of resources is also important, because the development of the base and the player will depend on it.

In the profile, you can wear equipment on the player’s hero that will improve certain characteristics of the army and base. You can make settings, go to the official community, choose the interface language. You can also manage your account, restart the game or contact support.

Achievements. Each achievement of the commander in the game gives good bonuses and rewards. For them you can get ranks that also give a bonus to the parameters. For example, the title "Supply Master" gives + 5% to the defense of troops. In order to get the title, you must complete a series of tasks. Quests can be viewed by clicking on the rank. Special missions do not need. Achievements are summarized during the game.

Event Line Buttons

  1. Plus (in the upper right corner) - opens a store where you can buy bonuses, a legendary hero or a subscription for real money.
  2. The center of military assistance - here for real money you can buy gold, good sets, a rare title for the commander.
  3. Event Center - shows all the temporary events and promotions that are currently taking place in the game.

Longer are the icons of temporary stocks. For example, the first 7 days of the game, you can additionally receive prizes for entry. At the start of the game, the commander receives a certain amount of activity points for each completed mission. Points can be exchanged for the corresponding boxes. For the first week of daily entry into the game, you can get an epic war hero. You can read about it by clicking on the icon with a guy and a time counter. "Nicole is back" - this event will end after the player finishes the VI chapter of the story company.

Control area

  1. Region - by clicking on this button you can get to the World Map, where you can clean the area from the representatives of the New Race, attack other players, get resources.
  2. Mail - various messages, reports get here. You can contact the server moderator. By clicking on the "New" button, you can write a message to any player.
  3. Heroes of war - here are reflected all the heroes that the player has (or those whom he collects). Here you can give the character a position or hire new heroes.
  4. Items - the menu is divided into 2 tabs: Storage and Market. The first shows the items available to the player, the second you can buy the necessary items, materials and accelerators for gold.
  5. Missions - here are shown the main missions for which the player receives a reward. Daily rewards are given for completing certain tasks. In addition to rewards, the player receives achievement points. After collecting a certain number of points, you can open the box and get rare prizes. The more achievements, the more boxes you can open.
  6. Alliance - through this button you can go to the Alliance menu or create your own Alliance.

Z Day Hearts of Heroes: Secrets of Building a Base

Headquarters - apartment . This is the main base building. The construction of other facilities on the base, as well as the study of certain sciences, depends on its level. Improving the Headquarters, the limit of troops in the campaign increases. As the level increases, the player’s strength increases. The building is divided into several submenus:

  1. Database data - provide information on resources and resource production. The bonus of buildings and heroes that they give at the moment is shown.
  2. View - you can select the type of base. Some species provide certain benefits to the camp. If the player chooses a temporary view, the countdown will begin regardless of whether he is used or not.
  3. Strengthening the base - here you can strengthen and protect the base by putting a shield, an antenna that prevents other players from spying.
  4. The path to development - with a new level of base, the player receives prizes, sometimes you can get gold.

Parade ground It shows all the information about the types of troops and their numbers, about traps and about the general condition of the base.

Polygon. Building for the recruitment of ranged troops. The power of troops depends on the level of the building. After level 30, a bonus of + 5% to ranged attack at each level is given.

LevelTypes of troops
1.Anti-tank infantry.
4.Accurate arrows.
7.Experienced shooters.
10.Missile forces.
thirteen.Professional scouts.
16.Hired assassins.
19.Attack aircraft.
22.Professional attack aircraft.
26.Invisible mercenaries.
thirty.Elite attack aircraft.
35.Silent killers.

Training ground. The building is intended for training and hiring infantry. At level 30, a bonus of + 5% to infantry protection is given for each subsequent level.

LevelTypes of troops
thirteen.Mobile paratroopers.
16.Machine gunners offensive.
19.Advanced fighters.
22.Offensive troops.
26.Powerful arrows.
thirty.Shock troops.
35.Elite arrows.
40.Partisans killers.

Artillery factory. The building is intended for training and hiring artillery. At level 30, a bonus of + 5% to the artillery defense is given for each subsequent level.

LevelTypes of troops
1.Fortified transport.
4.Mobile howitzers.
7.Landing transport.
10.Field guns.
thirteen.Armored Trucks.
16.Powerful field guns.
22.Reinforced armored trucks.
35.The crushers of heaven.

Trap. In the building you can make traps of various types.

LevelTypes of troops
1.Cartridge traps.
3.Barbed wire.
7.Defense bombers.
9.Transport mines.
eleven.Wall gun.
17.Anti-tank hedgehogs.
20.Guns defense.
23.Heavy bombs.
26.Defense bunkers.
29.Reinforced weapons.

Warehouse. The building serves to store resources and protects them from enemy attacks. Improving the Warehouse, the player increases the number of places in the vault. Items that the player transfers to the warehouse will not be looted upon defeat.

Trade. The building is intended for the auction type of the acquisition of rare items. The building is divided into several menus:

  1. Hall of bidding - here you buy the necessary things for gold and resources.
  2. Auction - rare items are exhibited here. Players make bets. After a certain amount of trading time, the thing is taken by the person who made the highest bid.
  3. Black market - commanders place bets in the dark, that is, they don’t see the bids of other bidders.

Workshop. The building produces equipment for the commander and war heroes. With an increase in the level, the speed of production increases, the strength of the base increases, the consumption of steel for the manufacture of equipment decreases. Share on 2 menus:

  1. Armory - here you can make parts of equipment and weapons for battle, as well as clothes to accelerate development.
  2. Armory medals - produced a variety of medals that can be worn by the commander. They enhance the parameters of the base, troops, defense, attack.

Communication post. Build to communicate with other players. Allows Alliance members to accelerate production, research, or construction. Through the Post of Communication, you can send and receive reinforcements. Reinforcement significantly increases the number of troops of the defending army. Improving the Post, the player increases the number of reinforcements that can be taken at his base. Any reinforcements wounded in the battle will be treated in the infirmary of the base from which they were sent to help.

Help to allies - every time when the Help icon lights up above the Post, an ally needs player’s help. To increase the number of times that the commander’s allies can help him, the building should be improved.


This is a place where you can serve the destroyer commander. Destroyer is a powerful flying weapon for attack or defense. It contains huge guns that cause significant damage to the army and the enemy base. By improving Airbase, the player reduces the number of destroyer bonuses used.

"Insert part." The first menu of the Airbase. There are prizes for 4 types:

  1. Attack.
  2. Defense.
  3. Collection.
  4. The threat.

Each type of award has its own drawings of parts. Parts of the destroyer are divided into 4 types that can be improved:

  1. Lightweight part.
  2. The middle part.
  3. The heavy part.
  4. Titanium detail.
Destroyer skills should be assigned according to the purpose of each campaign. Defender skills reinforce gathering and defense. Aggressor skills enhance attack indicators, increase the ability to destroy threats. Parts of the destroyer can only be inserted into places suitable for them in shape.

The player can activate parts and gain additional benefits by combining them with destroyer bonuses. The function is available from level 1 of the machine. The destroyer kit consists of 4 parts:

  1. Weapons.
  2. Sheathing.
  3. Engine.
  4. Wing.

Each piece can be improved. For this you need: an appropriate drawing + part improver. Each type and type of parts has its own drawings.

Destroyer Prizes. In this menu, prizes are assigned that improve the strength of the commander, base and army. To begin with, it is advised to study the most necessary bonuses. Here you can choose one of several destroyers:

  1. Terrible - increases the attack, defense and health of the army, located with the destroyer.
  2. Combat - Increases health points for all troops attacking with a destroyer.
  3. Neutral (goes by default) - increases the number of Defender and Aggressor elements acquired in each battle.
  4. Advanced - increases the speed of collecting food and oil.
  5. Worldwide - increases the collection rate of all resources.

In order to change the class of the destroyer, you need to pay a certain amount of different elements.

"Strengthen premiums." In this menu, destroyer bonuses can be enhanced using engine parts. For different gain levels, parts of different levels are needed. Parts can be obtained in an abandoned building, at the Auction, the Black Market or the Exchange. Parts of the engine will be fully returned to the player if he decides to reset the gain level. There are 2 premium tabs:

  1. Aggressor - bonuses increase the parameters of the commander and troops in the campaign and battles.
  2. Defender - increases the parameters of the base and troops for the defense of the city.

Hired destroyer. Here you can summon a hired destroyer for a specific period of time using the Hired Destroyer item. The more such items, the longer the called-upon destroyer will serve. By calling an additional destroyer, the player receives bonuses for trips (no more than 4) not accompanied by the main destroyer of the player. For example, a player went to war at a neighboring base, taking the main destroyer. Then he decided at the same time to go with a friend to the Invaders. For this campaign, the commander can call another car. When the hiring time runs out, all the benefits of a hired destroyer are lost.

The guard tower. Lets you learn about campaigns and espionage against a player. Improving the Tower, the commander receives more detailed information about the enemy than at the previous level of the building. The structure increases the strength of the base. The sentry will show the player all available information about the opponent.

Wall. This is the main defensive structure. It improves along with the Headquarters - the commander’s apartment. Raising the level of the wall, the player improves its defensive ability. If the player’s base was attacked and he lost the battle, the Wall will begin to blaze with a bright flame. As soon as the strength scale drops to 0, the city will move to an arbitrary point in the Region.

Barracks. Increase the unit call limit and the speed of their training.

Buildings for the production of resources. Improving these buildings, the commander will increase the production of basic resources and storage space. Buildings for the production of resources:

  1. Oil well.
  2. Food factory.
  3. Metal plant.
  4. Factory alloys.
Over time, the player will be able to expand his possessions, discovering new plots of land.Therefore, it is not recommended to spare the place and build more processing plants for resources.This will allow you to quickly rebuild and develop the base.

Infirmary. The building is designed to treat the wounded. Building level affects capacity. It is better to build several hospitals. This is useful for treating troops at high levels.

Player strength

Strength is the gaming and most understandable embodiment of the power of the player and his base. Strength can be obtained in several ways:

  1. The power of certain buildings. With the improvement of these buildings increases the player’s strength.
  2. Increase commander’s strength by increasing level, equipment and medals.
  3. Ranks of the commander - increase the overall strength of the player.
  4. Heroes of war - the level of player’s strength depends on the level and type of war heroes. The power is affected by the equipment and abilities of the heroes.
  5. Research - helps to increase the player’s strength.
  6. Destroyer.
  7. Super Soldier.
  8. Alliance Level.
  9. Troops - with an increase in the army and an increase in its power, the player’s strength increases.

By the strength of the commander, you can approximately find out his level and condition of the base. Sometimes players are selected in the guild by force.

World map

You can access the World Map through the "Region" button. In the same way, you can return to the base. The world map opens up new opportunities for the development of the player’s base. You can send troops to collect a resource point, the resources of which can be spent on the development of the camp. The troops return home automatically after the cathedral of all the resources that can be carried away.

At a certain point in the game, resources will be sorely lacking. Therefore, it is important to investigate the collection speed (it will increase the chance to quickly collect a point and take legs away from it without loss), the carrying capacity of the army (endurance), which will allow you to collect more resources in one flight (this is important because a more powerful opponent can put your eye on the point). It is important to study the speed of movement, which will help not to be ambushed and lose not only collected resources, but also troops.

There are several interaction objects on the court:

  1. Threats are lonely opponents - bots of the New race, placed on the map. They can be attacked. For each victory, the player receives a reward, achievement points and experience. The higher the threat level, the better the reward.
  2. Enemies - there are many bases of other players on the map that you can attack and get rich loot. But before attacking the enemy, it is recommended to scout about his base by sending a spy boom. Improving the Guard Tower at the base, the player with each level will receive more information about the opponent.
  3. Invaders - periodically on the map appear the base of the New Race. You can attack them by teaming with at least 1 player. Participants of the direction in case of victory will receive valuable rewards. If one of the allies has a key to the generals, then the reward will be more.

The card itself is divided into many regions - servers. You can move between regions using a special ticket. Up to player level 5, you can transfer the base to anywhere in the world for free. When moving the army of the player must be in the location of the base.

Each region is divided into resource point levels. The higher the level of the point, the more resources can be collected from it. The fattest points are located in the center of the region.

The Bastion is the main building of the region. When the "Battle" status appears in the main region, any of the players can send an army to occupy it or 1 of 4 towers.

If one of the allies has occupied a bastion or a tower, it is recommended to send troops to help him so that the player holds the position.

Z Day Hearts of Heroes: Doing Research Right

Research is an important part of the gameplay, which allows you to improve many indicators of the commander, advisers, army, construction speed, speed of collection of resources and other necessary things.


This is the commander’s scientific knowledge center. Improving it, the player gains access to the most powerful knowledge. With each new level of the building, the player’s strength increases. There are 6 development branches in the Research:

  1. Development - strengthens the basic abilities and skills of the player (the speed of construction and research, the endurance of the army, increases the number of places in the vault and the limit in the infirmary, increases the speed of restoration of stamina and the speed of training, reduces the cost of maintaining troops).
  2. Economics - enhances the skills of collecting and producing resources.
  3. The battle - increases the combat power of the army (health of all types of troops, attack, defense, speed, number of places in the campaign, limit in the campaign).
  4. Battle II - develops super-skills of the battle (opens at player level 28).
  5. Defense - improves abilities and parameters that increase the protection of the base.
  6. Super - soldier - skills that reinforce the super-soldier (defense, health, attack).
First of all, it is recommended to improve the abilities of Development and Economics. The sooner the player learns science in these branches, the faster he will gain strength and be able to withstand the enemy.

How to increase the speed of research?

  1. Alliance Bonus - when studying guild technologies, you can speed up base research.
  2. Occupy the central Bunker of the region - leadership in the region gives a significant percentage of the acceleration of construction and research. If you didn’t succeed in occupying the Bunker, you can try to conquer 1 of the 4 Towers.
  3. Guild help - when you start studying one of the sciences, you can ask the members of the Alliance for help in accelerating the research process.
  4. Accelerators - the game has several types of accelerators for research. They can be obtained for completing missions, others can be bought for gold.
  5. Heroes of war - if you assign a hero who has the ability to accelerate research to the position of adviser to the commander.
  6. The commander’s outfit is to put on the commander a complete set of "Freedom", strengthening it with medals from the "Science" kit.

Z Day Hearts of Heroes: Guide to Heroes

War heroes are characters that appear in the game and help the player improve the base, increase the characteristics of the troops. If one of the heroes is appointed to the position of one of the advisers to the commander, then this character will receive additional parameters that will also affect the well-being of the base and its inhabitants. Heroes can be bought for real money or gold, received as a reward for completing a task (mission), received at roulette in the Heroes Hall.

There are 4 classes of characters that differ in the number of abilities, the level of characteristics given and the number of stars:

  1. Normal (green) - 3 stars.
  2. Rare (blue) - 4 stars.
  3. Legendary (Purple) - 5 stars.
  4. Great (Orange) - 6 stars.
War heroes can use equipment to increase their rank and increase their power. To create a thing you need to click on the hero, after which a window will open in which you need to select the "Skill" tab. There are from 4 slots into which items of equipment are inserted. To get equipment, click on the slot, the equipment workshop opens, where you will be prompted to create the selected item. For each hero, items of equipment are automatically selected and displayed on an empty slot. A crafted item is permanently attached to this character.

After resetting the character’s rank, his level drops to 1, and all previously used items are returned to the player’s inventory.

Outings of heroes

Outings are several chapters for the development of war heroes. The mission can be reached through a helicopter, which is located near the Headquarters. Going through the chapters you can get various resources and items. Before a sortie you need to choose a mission (they open gradually). Then you need to select the heroes who will pass the quest.

In each mission, it is necessary to improve the team’s ability for ore fragments (it falls after cleaning the cells). These skills are active only at the moment of passing one story. When moving to the next stage, all skills are reset to zero. The level of attack, which reaches its maximum peak before destroying the enemy’s bunker, is also gradually increasing. After completing the chapter, the level of attack is reset. With each story, the health of the team, ore fragments, cartridges and first-aid kits found are reset.

Each type of enemy has its own active and passive skills, so they must be taken into account at every battle. At the end of each chapter, you must destroy the bunker with a superweapon. To destroy the bunker, it is recommended to accumulate team health points and use heroes’ skills more often.

It is recommended in each battle to destroy enemy tanks before they start firing. Tanks take a significant amount of team health. The counter-intelligence soldier has a high evasion rate. Therefore, it is advised to use the sharp skill of the Sharp Levin "Precise Strike" to destroy it.

Heroes Hall

This is a building in which the main actions with the heroes of the war are concentrated. Here you can exchange parts of the hero for the hero himself, you can assign a character to a position, before buying, see the main characteristics of a soldier.

Department of appeal. Here you can get several parts of the heroes. There are 3 tiers in the department:

  1. Normal - here, basically you can get a green or blue hero.
  2. Advanced - to call the blue and purple hero.
  3. Workshop - this tier is opened after 1 purchase of any case for real money. On this tier there is a chance to get a great character.

The higher the tier, the greater the chances of summoning a hero of higher class. The first 2 tiers offer the player free draft attempts daily. In the workshop, there is an opportunity to summon special heroes during some events.

List of war heroes. This is a menu where all the characters a player has are shown. There is a button "Gallery", where you can see the characters that the player does not have at the moment.

Hall of heroes. Here you can appoint them to the position of adviser. Different positions are available at different levels of Headquarters. Heroes can only be assigned to positions according to their specialization. You should assign characters so that their abilities earned on the chosen work. In fact, it’s hard to miss here. Choosing advisers for a certain position, several applicants will appear in the selection window, from which you need to choose 1 candidate.

Assigned heroes bring additional benefits to the commander, base and army. Each ability of the hero increases the parameters of the base and troops. Heroes for positions can be changed.

Armory of war heroes. It displays the equipment of the heroes and the amount of material the player has for making things. Equipment is divided into 3 classes:

  1. Normal (green).
  2. Rare (blue).
  3. Legendary (purple).

The higher the class of equipment, the more materials are needed for its manufacture.

The most effective heroes for sorties

Experienced players recommend a team of 3 war heroes who most effectively act in combination with each other for sorties.

Jackie B is an epic postmaster.


  1. Vampirism (passive skill) - in a normal attack on the enemy, the team’s health increases according to the damage done.
  2. Concussion (passive skill) - gives a high chance that after a normal strike, the opponent will not be able to conduct a counterattack.

Hammer Henk is a legendary military adviser.


  1. Aim strike (active skill) - deals a lot of damage based on the strength of the team. Used 1 time in 30 rounds.
  2. Preemptive strike (passive skill) - deals a large amount of damage based on the strength of the team, prevents damage on the team after opening a new enemy.

Steel Yatagan is the legendary head of logistics.


  1. Spare ammunition (active skill) - after use, it increases the attack power of the squad for 5 rounds. Can be used 1 time in 30 rounds.
  2. Bloodthirstiness (passive skill) - the force of the unit’s blow increases after every 15 enemies killed.

Nicole is an epic strategist.


  1. Bloody bombardment (active skill) - immediately opens all unexplored quarters and deals 204% damage and an additional 100 damage to all enemies in the area. Cooldown skill 35 rounds.
  2. Bloodthirst (passive skill) - for every 20 opponents killed, the attack power of the team increases by 31.

Bazooka Bronson is a legendary intelligence chief.


  1. Air raid (active skill) - deals 187% and an additional 20 damage to all open enemies. Used 1 time for 30 rounds.
  2. Persistent defense (passive skill) - for every 1 open enemy, the attack force of the unit increases by 22%.

Douglas M is an epic military adviser.


  1. Aim strike (active skill) - deals 659% and additional 75 damage to 1 enemy. Works 1 time in 30 rounds.
  2. Preemptive strike (passive skill) - Deals enemies 193% of the attack power of the team. It prevents the unit from receiving damage after opening a new enemy.

Henry M is an epic treasurer. A similar hero is Ivan K.


  1. Another shot (passive skill) - with a chance of 80%, it deals an additional 121% damage after a normal attack.
  2. Steadfastness (passive skill) - Reduces damage from all team attacks by 60.

Super soldier

The Super Soldier Laboratory building opens at level 8 Headquarters. Here you can choose a super-soldier who has high power, is distinguished by the ability to battle strategy, has high defense and endurance. You can choose which gender (male or female) the super-soldier will be. Sex does not affect the characteristics of a fighter. The super-soldier has his own skills, which can be improved for the warrior’s talent points (they can be obtained in the Abandoned building).

Weapons super-soldier. A fighter can be dressed in special equipment created specifically for him. Weapons and equipment are produced in the armory in the task "Laboratory of the Super Soldier". Any collected item can be taken apart at any time. Also, things can be strengthened, which will improve the characteristics of a warrior.

Abandoned building. This is where super-soldier training takes place. The building is an intricate labyrinth consisting of many floors and rooms. Defeating enemies in an abandoned building, the player receives building coins and experience for the super-soldier. There is a chance to find a rare item or material to create equipment for a warrior. Coins are exchanged for necessary items from the merchant in the building.

A study of an abandoned building takes away the stamina of a warrior, which over time is restored automatically. You can also replenish resistance by using a charge of resistance or making a purchase. Going through all the floors in the section, you can find boxes filled with valuable rewards.

Ordinary floors in the building can be inspected 1 time, special floors can be walked again after cleaning. You can also loot special floors (this function becomes available after passing stages 1 - 3) to receive rewards automatically. Each level can be cleaned (manually or using the "Loot" button) a certain number of times a day. The number of attempts is updated daily.

Enter the abandoned building after completing heroic missions. You can exit the floor at any time. At the same time, progress will continue and the rewards for the rating will be sent to the store.

It is better to wander the floors following the prompts on the minimap in the upper right corner, it shows all open rooms.

Z Day Hearts of Heroes: Commander Outfit Guide

The commander’s equipment plays an important role in strengthening and fighting efficiency of the army and base, and also gives a good bonus to the speed of construction and research. Each thing gives a certain increase in the characteristics of an object in the game. The equipment is divided into 2 types:

  1. Equipment - increases the combat characteristics of all types of troops, traps and base defense.
  2. Economics - increases the speed of construction and research, the carrying capacity of troops for the production and collection of resources.


Set NameSet effects
Cool spy.Very significantly reduces the amount of resources for construction.
A rare set of leadership.Significantly reduces the amount of resources for construction.
A set of primacy.Reduces the amount of resources for construction.
Liberty.Increases resource collection speed, troop endurance, trade limit, construction and research speed.
Dealer.It increases the speed of collecting resources, gives a bonus to trade, increases the endurance of troops (carrying capacity), increases the amount of resources in production.
The legendary wealth set.Significantly increases the speed of collecting resources, gives a bonus to trade, increases the endurance of troops (carrying capacity), increases the amount of resources in production.
The legendary crop set.Significantly increases the speed of collection of resources, the endurance of troops, the limit of trade, the speed of construction and research.
First of all, you can collect a set of "Leadership" and "Freedom." They do not require a lot of resources. After the player puts on these kits, base development will accelerate. It is recommended to wear when lengthy studies are carried out or a large period of time is spent on improving buildings. You can leave the commander in such clothes when the player leaves the game.


Set NameSet effects
Black Wolf.Increases attack, health and defense parameters of all types of troops. Available from level 26.
Snow leopard.Increases health and stamina of all types of troops. Available from level 26. It is recommended to wear when units are sent to collect resource points on the World Map.
CommandoIncreases attack level and damage to all types of troops. Good for attacking the bases of other players and for sorties on the World Map. Available from level 21.
Shock detachment.Increases attack, health and defense parameters of all types of troops. Available from level 16.
The best rookie.The set consists of several sets, which are divided by type of equipment (ordinary, rare, legendary). Increases attack, health and defense parameters of all types of troops. Available from level 11.
At the first stages of the game, it is recommended to assemble one of the sets of "Best Recruit". The kit is available from level 6. Materials for its production can be easily collected at the base or at resource points.


Medals improve the parameters of each item from the commander’s equipment. They are collected in the workshop individually for each piece of equipment. There are several sets of medals that vary in form and worth. Some of them can be improved (to make higher quality).

Conventional Cobra medals - can be upgraded to rare.

Type of medalBonus
Triangle.+ 34.5% to the attack of the troops, + 34.5% to the health of the troops, + 34.5% to the defense of the troops.
Star.Attack of the troops + 69%.
Socket.Troop health + 69%.
Epaulet.Defense of forces + 69%.

Rare Cobra medals - can be upgraded to legendary.

Star.Attack of the troops + 79.59%.
Socket.Troop health + 79.59%.
Epaulet.Defense of the troops + 79.59%.

The legendary Cobra medals cannot be improved.

Triangle.+ 45% to the attack of the troops, + 45% to the health of the troops, + 45% to the defense of the troops.
Star.Troop attack + 90%.
Socket.Troop health + 90%.
Epaulet.Defense of the troops + 90%.

"Justice" - this kit cannot be improved.

Triangle.+ 29.5% to the attack of the troops, + 29.5% to the health of the troops, + 29.5% to the defense of the troops.
Star.Attack of the troops + 58.5%.
Socket.Troop health + 58.5%.
Epaulet.Defense of the troops + 58.5%.

" Honor " - the kit cannot be improved.

Triangle.+ 22.5% to the attack of the troops, + 22.5% to the health of the troops, + 22.5% to the defense of the troops.
Star.Troop attack + 45%.
Socket.Troop health + 45%.
Epaulet.Defense of troops + 45%.

Set "Victory" - all medals are triangular in shape, give a bonus to attack, defense and health for 15% of all military branches. The kit cannot be improved. Consists of 3 medals.

Set "Sentinel" - consists of 3 medals. The kit cannot be improved.

Type of medalBonus
Star.Infantry attack + 45%.
Socket.Infantry Health + 30%.
Epaulet.Infantry Defense + 30%

Set "Moto" - consists of 3 medals. The kit cannot be improved.

Type of medalBonus
Star.Infantry attack + 45%.
Socket.Infantry Health + 30%.
Epaulet.Infantry Defense + 30%

Set "Air" - consists of 3 medals. The kit cannot be improved.

Type of medalBonus
Star.Ranged Attack + 30%.
Socket.Ranged Health + 30%.
Epaulet.Ranged Defense + 45%

Set "Science" - consists of 2 sets of 4 medals that cannot be improved.

Type of medalBonus
Technology Medals
Epaulet.The use of food in research is -2%, and -800,000 units of food.
Socket.The use of oil in research is -2%, and -1600000 units of oil.
Star.The use of iron in research is -3%, and -240,000 units of iron.
Triangle.The use of alloy in research is -6%, and -120000 units of alloy.
Sage medals
Epaulet.The use of food in research is -2%, and -300,000 units of food.
Socket.The use of oil in research is -2%, and -600,000 units of oil.
Star.The use of iron in research is -3%, and -90000 units of iron.
Triangle.The use of alloy in research is -6%, and -45,000 units of alloy.
Each medal is recommended to be inserted into the equipment, starting from the main bonuses of the thing. The characteristics of the medal and things must match.

Z Day Hearts of Heroes: Alliance Guide

What is a guild for?

Experienced players recommend in the first 2 days to find an Alliance and join it. As guild members get additional benefits.

Through the "Alliance" button in the control bar, you can get to the guild management menu. In the window that opens, on the left side, basic information about the player’s guild is given. The control buttons are located on the right side of the window.

Wardrobe with gifts. Gift boxes are sent here, which are available to all members of the guild for a certain time. By opening the box, the player will receive part of the gold. The amount of gold is determined randomly. New members of the Alliance cannot open boxes on the day of entry. A limited number of guild members can open a box.

Alliance lands. This is the area around the Headquarters of the Alliance. Guild members gain certain benefits in this area. If you build the Alliance Towers, you can increase the territory. If the Tower is demolished, then all the buildings on its site will disappear. If you demolish the Headquarters, all buildings on the earth will disappear automatically.

Alliance Technologies. Located in the "Donations" tab. Here, guild members can donate science by donating their resources and gold. Technology is an important guild skill that all of its members can use. Only members with an R4 rank can use Alliance tools to speed up the learning process.

At the first stage of the Alliance’s existence, it is recommended to study the following sciences:

  1. Fast construction - increases the speed of construction, which positively affects the development of the guild and its members.
  2. Capable student - increases the speed of studying the sciences of the Alliance and increases the ability to study each member of the guild.
It is recommended to study science in turn. If you immediately study all open skills, then research will drag on for a long time and will not bring any benefits at this time.

Alliance Market. Participants receive Alliance Honor Points for donations. For these points you can buy special items in the guild store. The honor of the Alliance belongs to a member of the guild and is preserved upon its transition to another Alliance.

Alliance help. All guild members can help their guilds speed up the construction and research process. Each time a Help icon appears above the Post, it means that someone from the Alliance needs support.

War. By going to this tab, you can help the Sogildians repel an attack on the base or take part in the attack. From here you can get to special wars between the Alliances, which are periodically arranged by developers. You can see the Alliance’s action plan in a given situation.

Alliance Kits. There are two actions here. The first is "Pick Up" - each member of the guild can open a gift box. "Send" - you can buy and give the other members of the guild a box with a pleasant surprise.

Ministry of Defence. Alliance resources are stored here. You can put part of your resources here and get ministry points that can be exchanged for valuable items. Only members with R4 rank can spend ministry materials on rewards for the ministry’s market.

Why does the Alliance need its lands? The best way to increase a player’s strength is to create or join a strong Alliance. Each guild in the game seeks to build its Headquarters and increase the area around it. On this land you can build 1 resource building. When collecting resources from this building, the player receives a bonus to the speed of collection, and his troops are protected from attack. On the territory of the guild, you can build a hospital in which you can cure your army with honor points of the Alliance. All bases located on the territory are protected by towers.

Where on the World Map to locate the Alliance base? It is better to place the young guild at points 4 of the level on the map. It is not far from the central bunker of the region, and not too close to it. Close to the bunker, it is better not to place the territory, since there are many high-level guilds. At points of level 4, there is enough resources for the existence of the Alliance.

The higher the level of the resource point, the more resources on it, and it gathers faster. Therefore, if the Alliance is located near the bunker, then it will collect resources faster than guilds at points 1 or 2 of the level. Do not place the hive next to another guild. She will try to drive out a new neighbor until he becomes stronger. At the first stages, it is recommended to choose a quiet place. If it is not found, it is more expedient to transfer the locks to the cells of level 3.

Wise Geek’s Secrets and Tips

How to start the game again? If a player did not like something during the game, then you can start the game again at any time. If the account is not tied to social networks (Google, Facebook, Vkontakte), then when starting a new game from the beginning, you need to bind to another network. In order to start the game again, you must enter the Commander Profile - Settings, then select the menu "Account Management" - "Start Again".

Experienced players do not recommend immediately linking an account. It’s better to play a few days, understand the process, learn how to manage the base. If the player does not like, you can change the account.

How to transfer an item to another player? To do this, go to the Mail. Click here to open a new letter. At the bottom of the open window there is a plus sign. After clicking, the inventory will open, from which you can select the necessary item. At the same time, the addresses may not be in the guild or in the friends of the sender. It is enough to enter his game name (nickname).

How to get more gold? Gold can be obtained in several ways:

  1. Performing missions - for completing complex quests sometimes give gold.
  2. Alliance Gift Boxes - The higher the level of the guild, the more gold its members receive when opening the boxes.
  3. Events - gold can be obtained for high places in the ranking of some events. The higher the place in the list of the best, the steeper the reward.
  4. Bank - a building in which you can make deposits. There are several tariffs, choosing one of which you can increase the invested gold. You can open the possibility of deposits only after the first purchase in the store for real money (except for the deal of the day).

How to become a better player? Every week, new servers open, where newcomers fall. You can transfer an already developed base to a new server, take a place at good resource points. The base of beginners is protected by a durable Shield for the first 2 days, but after it falls, you can attack the base, increasing the player’s rating.

Author of the article: Evgenia G.