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Zero City WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

ZERO CITY: TRY TO SURVIVE - an Android game with a release date on July 2, 2019 from BeinGame. Game Genre: Simulation. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Arena Guide
  2. How to become the best in the Arena?
  3. Passing difficult stages of the game
  4. Raids on Other Players
  5. Friends in the game
  6. Tunnel Passage
  7. How to build a shelter?
  8. General Resident Guide for Beginners
  9. Secrets and Tips from the Wise Geek

Zero City: Arena Guide

Arena battles in Zero City are an important part of the game. Over time, such a moment may come when for some time it will be necessary to stop the development of the base and conduct fights in the ring, for the development of warriors.

Fighters are divided into 3 classes:

  1. Melee is the foot soldiers.
  2. Ranged battle is rangers - arrows.
  3. Chemists are fighters who have the ability to hit with chemical weapons, treat the wounded and resurrect fallen fighters.

The number of fighters in the Arena depends on the level of the Barracks. Opponents in the Arena (Slaughterhouse) are selected according to the level of the pumped fighter. The power level is pumped in the gym.The higher the level of the hall, the faster the level of fighters will increase.

Arena Battle Strategy

So, you are registered in the Slaughterhouse. You will be selected according to the level of 10 opponents. You can see that the power of each player is different. Power in one group can differ by several tens of points. Why it happens? Arena leagues are divided by player level:

  1. 1 to 10.
  2. 11 to 20.
  3. From 21 to 30.
  4. From 31 to 40.
  5. From 41 to 50 and so on to 100.

Therefore, if you have level 15, you can be assigned a player with level 19 or 20. Many people ask how to be in such a situation and win? It is necessary to increase the power of your champions. To do this, you must:

  1. Raise the level - this is done in the gym.
  2. Dress the characters in good armor - there are several options where to get cool equipment.
  3. Attack only those players whom you can defeat .

The battle in the group is divided into 5 phases. In each phase, players spend 1 battle. You should select the weakest opponents for the battle. If you defeat the strongest, then you will take his place in the TOP, and everyone will hit you.

Experienced players are advised to always be in the TOP - 3 or in the TOP - 6, for these places they give a good reward. But it is better to win in the TOP - 3.

Before picking up an opponent in phase 2 - 4, you should see if someone has attacked you. If the player attacked and lost, but he has more power, do not be lazy, but watch the battle video. If the victory went to him hard and in the last seconds, then there is a chance to defeat such a gladiator. But, if the player broke you in the first seconds of the round, then there is no point in attacking him, it is better to choose a weaker opponent. Statistics are recommended to be watched before each battle.

In each phase, it is recommended to choose the weakest players, or those who have not yet made a move. Green checkmarks show those who have already made their fight in the current phase. If you beat the strong, the weak will be left behind, but they will still have to be beaten (for example, to stay in the chosen place). But later they will give fewer points for weak opponents, therefore it is better to fight with them at the start of the stage.

Places are determined by the number of points scored after phase 5. If you are sure that you will remain in the place you need, then 5 battles are optional.

You should be careful in pumping heroes. Do not rush to go into a new league. It is better to stay and collect several thousand Arena tokens so that after the transition you can buy the most powerful things and special equipment in the Arena store. This will give an excellent advantage for starting in a new league. If you constantly occupy 1 place, you should still not rush to leave the league. Because in the new league you will be waiting for opponents several levels above yours.

If you have 1 hero got, for example, level 31, then the team is automatically transferred to a new league. Therefore, it is important to monitor the level of champions so that you do not leave your group ahead of time.

You need to gain a foothold in a comfortable place in the league for you, accumulate several thousand Arena tokens, and only after that make a transition to a higher group.

Where to get cool weapons?

Very often, beginners ask this question, especially if they play without investing real money in the game. Although the money invested is also not an indicator of the literacy of the game.

The weapons in the game are divided into several types:

  1. The usual is the weakest, there is no need to collect it, only to disassemble it for materials for the next class.
  2. Green - gives additional characteristics, can help out at the first stages of the game. In the future, it can be disassembled and made of it blue weapons or armor.
  3. Blue - has several additional features. This is a rare weapon. Sometimes better than epic. But what kind of armor to wear and how to fight, the player will have to choose. It all depends on the strength of the impact, on the parameters, and additional features. Unnecessary materials can be disassembled into material.
  4. Violet (lilac) is an epic weapon. Made from blue materials. Gives good characteristics and additional abilities.
  5. Orange (gold) is a legendary weapon. Gives the most bonuses, good penetration and excellent additional abilities.

The equipment in the game is shared according to the same principle as the weapon. Where to get weapons:

  1. Pass the global map - on it you can go through the storyline Campaign, you can attack the bases of other players (make raids). Here they give chests where good armor and weapons come across. For the chest, you can watch ads.
  2. Make workshops on weapons and equipment . From several parts of a weak weapon, a stronger weapon is made (from a conventional one - green, from green - blue and so on).
  3. To conduct battles in the Arena - tokens will be issued for them, for which cool things can be purchased in the store.
  4. Pass Tunnels - we will talk about them below.
When making a thing of a certain color, its parameters drop out in a random order. The player can only choose the color of the item. Sometimes blue things are stronger and better than purple.

When to upgrade a workshop? The workshop is improved as needed. For example, you have collected the required amount of blue materials for the production of an epic item, at which point the workshop will need to be improved.

Zero City: How to become the best in the Arena?

We have selected for you the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Arena in Zero City. Since the Arena takes a lot of time and effort to prepare, it is necessary to make out these points. For example, a very important question: how to choose heroes and which one. wear equipment on them?

Where to get an Arena ticket? Arena tickets are awarded for completing daily quests. Tickets are also given for watching videos. But first you need to register in the Slaughterhouse. It is necessary to collect all kinds of boxes for rewards, they also have arena tickets and cryptocurrencies (the most expensive and rare game currency, bought for real money).

What do Arena tickets give? If a player registers at the Slaughterhouse for food, he will receive a certain number of tokens (from 30 to 45). If registration has passed for tickets, then the reward for the battle increases by 2 to 3 times (depending on the strength of the opponent). With tickets, you can accumulate Arena tokens faster.Also for tickets you can get in the TOP - 3 cool weapons or armor.

Who to take to the Arena?

The choice of classes is small, but since pumping and equipment for soldiers takes some time for the player, there is no need to immediately pump all 3 classes. You can limit yourself to 2, but dress them well.

Arrows It is worth starting to pump the shooters so that they are stronger than the foot soldiers. Give them a weapon that has critical damage (hits more at a certain point in time) or with increased accuracy (to hit more often). But such a weapon basically hits one target.

Chemists. You can take chemists and dress them in infantry armor. So they will not only withstand the onslaught of the enemy, but heal and resurrect allies. If you took an infantryman, then he is recommended to wear armor with the ability to summon 2 - 3 zombies after death. Then a chemist with resuscitation must be put on the team to resurrect the infantryman. Each time she dies, the fighter will call the zombie, the chemist will pick it up, and if the fighter dies again, he will again call the zombies.

Marines. You can take two maximally pumped infantryman with a good dodge and 1 shooter. Then the shooter will hit the opponents, and the infantry will quickly run up to the arrows of the enemy. Since they will have a dodge, fewer will hit them. The shooters are weaker than the infantrymen physically, so your 2 guys will have time to run to the opponent’s shooters and defeat them. And your shooter will cover the infantry attack.

How do special tools work?

The game has a lot of special tools that give additional abilities to heroes - fighters. They can be prepared in an electronics workshop. One hero can be given 2 special equipment.

If the character has 2 means with the same effects, then only 1 of them will work.

If the special equipment calls under other conditions your other fighter, then on this fighter there must be a means that meets the conditions of the means of the first hero - the summoner. For example, the hero has "Sample 7", which, once in awhile, calls a physician into battle during resuscitation of an ally. That on the chemist - physician should be funds (grenade "Monster"), which resuscitates an ally. It is important to note what exactly reanimates, but does not restore health. If you decide to use such a pair of special equipment in a battle, then it is necessary that a chemist in medical clothes (preferably with a weapon and pumped) with a second item "run" at the base. For example, he worked in a hospital. Then at the time of the battle he will be called to the Arena, or in the Tunnel.

Useful in the Arena:

  1. Destroyer grenade - once in a while restores an ally’s health for 4 seconds.
  2. Grenade "Monster" (green) - resuscitates an ally (but it is weak, you can put a blue one).
If you see that at the Arena you cannot defeat any player, then there is no point in attacking him. This will not add anything to you, only give this tough guy the opportunity to enter the TOP - 1 (if he is not already there).

Zero City: Passing difficult stages of the game

There are several locations on the global map, which take place in turn. In each location there are several bosses - monsters with increased strength and additional characteristics. They can be very difficult to pass. We have selected the most difficult bosses for you (for which there are a lot of questions).

Zero City: How to get through the municipal hospital?

The Municipal Hospital is located on the location of the City Center.

Characteristics of the boss:

The boss is to pass after the soldiers reach level 40, when you can take excellent weapons and legendary special equipment. Since the boss is immune to physical damage, it makes no sense to expose infantrymen against him.It’s better to take 1 shooter and 2 chemists dressed as foot soldiers into battle. While the shooter will distract the boss, chemists will kill the enemy himself. The boss will immediately run to the shooter.

If by this time you have 4 level barracks, then you can put 3 chemists, but then 1 should be put on to restore health.

Zero City: Beach Walkthrough

Zero City: How to get through a lifeless marina? The boss is at the Beach location.

The boss walks after 40+ level residents - fighters. You can put 1 infantryman, 2 chemists (1 to call a zombie, 2 for treatment), 1 shooter. If the soldiers are well dressed, then the monster does not pose a serious threat. You can take 1 infantryman, 1 chemist for treatment, and 2 shooters with precision shots or with critical damage for 1 target.

Next to the wasteland, there is another serious guy - this is the boss in the history of Lifeless stones.

Lifeless Boss Boss:

Also walked by level 40+ heroes. It is recommended to take 2 infantrymen and 2 shooters into battle. The infantrymen will have time to run to the boss, and at this time the arrows will beat the boss. Instead of 1 infantryman, you can leave 1 chemist who will treat the soldier, or put a resuscitator. The boss does not hit with massive attacks and imposes a sanction on the heroes for a few seconds (at this time the characters can not beat).Therefore, 1 - 2 heroes will need things at the level so that the boss misses.

The boss is Pamela. Walk through 45+ fighters (the best option).

Characteristics of the boss:

The team can take a chemist with a grenade "Disruptor" (to restore health) and a grenade "Monster" (once in a while it damages the enemy with the most damage + additional damage from knowledge of chemistry). The arrow is recommended to put a Viper rifle (gives a level + increases the main damage) + Grenade Rupture. The infantryman is advised to put the maniac cleaver (restores the hero’s health, reduces the enemy’s defense) + "Ruprator" grenade.

Zero City: How to get through Jack Vulture

Prior to Jack Vulture boss, there is also a strong boss on the corner of Vincent Street who often has questions.

Characteristics of the boss:

The boss is located on the corner of Vincent Street. You can go through the same unit as the Vulture.

The next story is Quay. There are 4 monsters (2 melee fighters and 2 shooters). They pass the same composition as Jack the vulture.

Characteristics of the boss:

The boss is in the location of the City Center on the basis of the Vulture gang, 2 monsters are still fighting with him. The team is recommended to take 1 infantryman, 2 shooters and 1 chemist. All heroes must be level 40+.The infantryman can be given the "Happy Gordon" crowbar (he gives dodge, and also has a chance to stun the enemy). A chemist can be put with the "Rupture" grenade (to restore health) and the "Monster" grenade. Arrow to give a rifle with a chance of critical damage or with dodge.

Passage of other bosses

Father is the boss at the Cemetery location.

You can take in the team 2 shooters and 1 infantryman. There is no point in taking chemists to battle, they die first. The chemist should not distract the boss either, because there is not enough strength to kill the boss himself.

Clown - boss at the location of the amusement park.

Characteristics of the boss:

Here it is recommended to take 2 infantrymen and 1 shooter to the battle. It is desirable that the heroes wear blue gear.

The Nutcracker - the boss at the location Amusement Park, the story of the Attraction of fear.

Characteristics of the boss:

To pass the boss, you can take 1 chemist and dress him in infantry equipment. This is recommended to distract the boss. The chemist will heal the allies, the boss will beat the chemist, and the arrows (they can put 2 residents) will beat the boss. In this case, the chemist will heal himself.

Zero City: General Walkthroughs

At the beginning of the passage of the global map, passing stories will not present any particular problems. But you should follow a few tips so that you go through the Campaign without loss:

  1. Preparing for fights in advance - it is necessary not only to go through stories, but before each battle to watch the characteristics of opponents: how the monsters beat, what damage they do, what their favorite goals are.
  2. Study equipment - each equipment in the game (except the usual one) gives additional characteristics that will help you go through the stages of the Campaign. It is worth choosing those that will help to survive the battle (level, restore health, call additional characters, weaken the enemy).
  3. Look like daily quests - in daily quests you can often get good things to help you progress through the Campaign.
  4. Studying the mechanics of passing bosses - each boss shows a characteristic before the battle. For example, the boss is immune to chemical attacks. In this case, it is not necessary to take chemists and weapons with chemical damage into the team for the battle.

Fighters must be upgraded to the account level. How to understand that the fighters are behind the account level?To do this, go to the Arena store, and see the characteristics of the proposed items. Weapons and equipment are offered at the account level. On each item is written the level of the hero that the item can wear. If the characters do not reach the proposed level, then this means that you are behind in development. In this case, it is necessary to increase the level of the gym. So the fighters will pump power faster. In this case, you will not be able to go through the Campaign evenly, you will always fall behind.

If you have weak fighters, you raise the Barracks to the next level, then you will automatically be transferred to the next league in the Arena and you will get obviously strong opponents - neighbors.It will be more difficult for you to go through the Campaign and make raids. To successfully complete all the activities, you must first maximize the fighters to the current level of the account, dress them well, prepare yourself for further development paths. And only then upgrade the Barracks and the Command Center.

Zero City: Raids on Other Players

Raids are the easiest way to get resources. Therefore, it is important to periodically make sorties. From raids you will receive:

  1. Boards.
  2. Power Points.
  3. Game currency.
  4. Chests with different things.

To attack a neighbor, you must go to the global map. Other players are indicated by their account names. To see the strength and characteristics of the base, you should hover over the icon. A window will appear in which the basic parameters of the neighbor will be shown.

Raids are made for a certain amount of food. Food is removed for the plaque itself, and does not depend on the outcome of the attack. For every victory or loss points are awarded. For defeat, you can go into the red.

It is important to evaluate your strength before each raid. If you doubt that you can defeat a neighbor, then you should not attack him.

On a global map, it is important to restrain neighbors in terms of level. If the number of cups (in the upper left corner of the screen) is a lot, then you will be given strong neighbors. How to calculate strength? If you choose a player whom you decide to attack, then look at the number of cups (power) on his icon and how many points will be given for losing. If you have not attacked him yet, then there will be 0 points for losing. If the value is negative, then you have already fought with it.

In order not to fly out of a group that is comfortable for you on the global map, you need to lose to a defeated opponent after 1 victory 2 to 3 times. From raids on neighbors they give wood that will be needed (and which will be sorely missed in the subsequent stages of the game). If your rivals are stronger than you, then you won’t be able to get prizes. Consequently, construction will slow down.Place 2 times 1 weak fighter against the defeated player, then several cups will be taken from you and you will remain in your group.

What determines the power of the player? In addition to successful raids, the power parameter is also affected by the development of the base. All actions that the player performs with the shelter (construction, improvements) are reflected in the power of the account. Therefore, if you are not sure that you are ready to fight with strong neighbors, then all improvements should be minimized for now. Better increase the combat power of the characters. How to do this, we described above.

Zero City: Friends in the game

Friends Benefits:

  1. Receive gifts.
  2. Exchange of resources.
  3. Competition with friends.

Many players ask: how to make friends in the game? First you need to go to the player’s menu (the icon in the form of a cup in the upper left corner of the main screen). Then go to the "Friends" tab. Here you will be prompted to link your account to a page on the social network Facebook. Linking the page allows you to transfer the progress of the game account from one device to another.

Experienced players are advised to create a separate page for games on Facebook. This is convenient so that messages from game friends do not take up space on your main page. But you should remember that in this network you need to have 1 account. Therefore, you should not make many friends in one day.

Where to look for friends? In fact, on Facebook itself. First, you can register on the gaming community page and invite people who comment on posts.

It is recommended to put on the avatar the plot picture of the game Zero City, so that people understand why you invite them.

After some period of time, you will be recommended by certain users. Players should be chosen. Then watch with them friends of people who play in Zero City. Some players (who have new friends) will invite you to be friends. It should be remembered that a day does not need to accept from the community more than 2 - 3 people.

What else are friends for? After linking your account to Facebook, you can send gifts. For 10 gifts sent, give a chest of food, resources and boards. Food will be needed to get through the tunnels. If you have a premium account, then you can send 20 gifts per day and get 2 chests. In gifts from friends, players receive resources.

In achievements you are also given gifts for friends. The first time they give a small prize for connecting an account. Then for a certain number of friends you can get cryptocoins. For example, for reaching "Your own team" in 75 playing friends on Facebook they will give 20 units of the rarest game currency.

Zero City: Tunnel Passage

In the store of the Tunnel you can buy for army tokens, which are given for completing the stages, you can buy good things:

  1. Resources.
  2. Materials.
  3. Cryptocoins.
  4. Residents.
  5. Weapons.
  6. Outfit.
The store should not buy items that fall randomly. For example, a purple weapon under a question mark, after a purchase may turn out to be weaker than blue and not have the necessary parameters.It is not recommended to buy skills for passing tunnels in the store. In the course of the passage, you will already get some interesting skills (they work only 3 days in Tunnels). It is better to collect them at easy levels, so that difficult stages are easier to go through.

Army tokens can be obtained by successfully clearing tunnels. They disappear with the closure of the Tunnels.The tunnels open every Friday at 12:00 pm Moscow time. They close after 36 hours (3 days). After closing, all accumulated tokens and points disappear. Tunnels are rated. The best players receive good gifts at the end of the event.

To get more tokens, you can watch advertising videos daily. In general, advertising is recommended to be watched in all activities. For it you can get Arena tickets, resources and materials for free. You should buy battle accelerators at the Tunnels store. This will give you the opportunity to complete levels faster.

The main resource for passing tunnels is food. She needs to stock up in large quantities. Level 1 costs 8300 items.All food boxes (received as gifts and for other events) should be kept in stock. They should not be opened within a week, otherwise they will all go to residents for food.

It is recommended that you complete the Tunnels weekly to get more bonuses.

What unit is needed in the tunnels? It makes sense for the passage to take weapons that have a massive attack. Because you have to fight at once with several influx of zombies. It is worth taking 1 infantryman, 1 chemist (dressed in armored infantryman) and 2 shooters. Chemists should have items that heal and revive allies.On an infantryman, it is desirable to have armor that causes 2 zombies to fight after death.

If you have reached a level that you cannot pass, then do not rest against its passage. It is advised to go down a couple - the three levels below and quietly collect resources from it in auto mode and collect tokens. Periodically, the levels come across boxes with resources and survivors.

Be sure to treat warriors between levels. You can combine the passage of the Tunnels with the battles in the Arena.

Zero City: How to build a shelter?

At the very start of the game you will be given several ready-made rooms that need to be repaired. These are the most basic premises:

  1. Barracks.
  2. Canteen.
  3. Energy room.
  4. Command Center.
  5. Restroom.

Gradually, residents who need to be accommodated in the available rooms will come to the shelter. First of all, it would be advisable to send the survivors to the rooms that produce the resources: the dining room and the energy center. The first residents will have 1 - 2 stars. These residents will come in handy at the start, they will need to be changed to heroes 3 and above stars.

Influence of parameters of residents:

  1. Fighter - has increased characteristics of strength and health. It is necessary for guarding the base, in battles during the passage of missions, in the Arena, in raids, in tunnels. The parameter "strength" affects the health and combat abilities of a person.
  2. Researcher is the main parameter of intelligence. Affects the speed of production, research in a chemical workshop.
  3. A cook is an enhanced characteristic of cooking. It affects the speed of food production, the duration of food storage in the refrigerator.
  4. Accountant - the main parameter of accounting. Affects the production of money.
Residents need to be allocated to rooms according to their parameters. For example, a person came who has increased cooking ability; he should be sent to the dining room.

Once the main rooms are full, a refrigerator, equipment workshop and carpentry workshop should be built. The higher the level of the carpentry workshop, the more resources you will receive from raids.

Boards are an important resource for the construction, repair and improvement of premises. At the start you will be given the required number of boards, but in the future they will be sorely missed. Therefore, you need to fold the boards for later.

All resource boxes that you will receive during the game (for daily achievements, for victories, from friends) should not be opened immediately, because they will occupy space in the warehouse and in the refrigerator. There is no need to do a lot of storage rooms, it is just possible to improve storage facilities gradually, otherwise there may not be enough space for other important rooms.

What to improve in the first place? It is necessary to improve resource rooms.

Energy is necessary for the normal functioning of other rooms.

Food - required for the passage of the Tunnels, the Arena, some missions and food survivors.

Boards - for the improvement and construction of rooms.

How to arrange the rooms?

The arrangement of rooms plays a big role. Near the energy center, it is necessary to build vital rooms: a dining room, a carpentry workshop, a refrigerator. If the player’s energy runs out (this often happens at the start), then the ones farthest from the room generator will be the first to turn off. You should try not to turn off the refrigerator for a long time, otherwise all products will disappear.

Resource rooms, barracks, bedrooms, must be combined. Offset rooms give a bonus to the basic characteristics. This also applies to bedrooms, so children can appear faster.

How to combine rooms in the game Zero City? To do this, you need to build new rooms or drag old ones next to the already built room. If at first you did not succeed in combining several rooms together, then there is nothing wrong with that. Just click on the room and drag it to the desired location. Also in the menu of the command center there is an item that allows you to edit the database. It is called the "shelter editor."

It should be remembered that rooms can be combined only of one type and one level.

The arrangement of rooms in the game does not play a special role, it is important that the player is comfortable managing the residents. The arrangement depends on the priorities of the player. But there are general recommendations:

  1. Barracks - they should be located closer to the exit, because in this way the soldiers will be able to run to the door faster and repel the attack.
  2. Resource rooms - it is better to put them farther from the entrance, so that attackers, if they break through to the base, get to them for a long time.
  3. Refrigerator - put it in the farthest corner from the entrance, resources are very important in the game.
  4. Gym - you should put it before you are going to enter the Arena. It is necessary to improve it whenever possible. For example, the command center is pumped to level 5, so you need to pump the gym to level 5.
  5. Alliance Hall - gives you the opportunity to join a guild or create your own alliance. He is not there, it’s worth pumping. For the first time, just building it is enough.
  6. Security room - the first room at the entrance to the bunker. The higher the level of this room, the faster the attacks will be reflected. The same applies to the front door. It should be upgraded to the level of the command center.

Zero City: General Resident Guide for Beginners

The main task of the player is to equip the base and shelter as many survivors as possible. All the actions that you will perform in the game Zero City, are aimed at the welfare of your wards: raids, housing, Arena and other activities. Each resident will require special attention. Evaluation of your concern for people is expressed in happiness.

If residents are happy, you get a stable development. If the survivors are sad, then this will affect the speed of production, reproduction and protection of the base.

How to make residents happy?

  1. Food - People in the shelter must be constantly fed.
  2. Schedule - it is necessary to give employees a break, otherwise the speed of production will fall, and the level of happiness will decrease.
  3. Protection - each resident needs to give up arms, dress and put on shoes. Rodents will often make raids on the base, from which ordinary residents will fight back.
  4. Battles - successful completion of missions, fate in the Arena, add happiness to the inhabitants of your base.Reflected raids also raise the level of happiness. But if the attack was not repelled, people will begin to feel sad and complain.
  5. Love - periodically it is necessary to leave 2 heterogeneous residents in the rest room for further reproduction. In pregnant women, the level of happiness increases by 100%.

What is starry for?

Each resident has a different number of stars. In a game, this is called "potential." Each star increases the training limit of residents.

The higher the potential, the higher the boundary of the training classes. The higher the potential of the parents, the higher the chance that the baby will be born with high potential.

Ideally, it is better to have all residents on 5 stars. But not everyone needs it. For working professions, the maximum value of skills is 55 units. That is, their skill points fit into 3 stars (each star gives 20 training units).The remaining 2 stars are only needed for warriors. Military art is pumped up to 100 units.

The number of fighters is determined by the number of places in the Barracks. At the moment, you can do 6 fighters. But since the game is constantly evolving, in the near future 12 warriors will be needed.

Options for getting stars:

  1. Birth of a child - first you should choose the parents of three stars. One-star residents can be immediately driven away - they will only slow down the development of the base. When parents are 3 stars, there is a chance to get a 4 star child. Then you need to pick up 4 stars for a grown-up child, a pair of 3 stars. And so on, until 5-star residents appear.
  2. Buy resident tunnels - here in the store you can buy a person from 3 to 5 stars.
  3. Improve a resident for cryptocurrencies - for 4 stars there are 750 cryptocoins, for 5 stars there are 2000 cryptocoins.
  4. Improve for real money - there are promotions that make it possible to get a resident with 5 stars.
First of all, the stars need to raise stars for those heroes whom you plan to take to the Arena, in the Tunnel, for raids and to guard the base.

How do children appear in Zero City? In order for a child to appear, it is necessary to take 2 different-sex residents and put in a living room. Better to have a couple in the room alone. You should take residents with the same high rates. If you want to get a child with high strength characteristics, you should take 2 trained parents.The higher the couple’s overall score, the greater the chance that a baby will appear with a high score of the parent’s main characteristics. For example, a couple with well-pumped cooking has a chance to have a baby - a cook.

After the mother becomes pregnant, her father should be sent back to the workplace. After 6 hours of real time, a new resident will appear in your shelter. After the birth of a child, mother, for some time will not be suitable for love. But a man can freely fall in love with a new lady. Therefore, you can make a couple of men with high stardom and all the maximum abilities pumped for reproduction. It is recommended that women maximize only 1 parameter in order to understand what the child will be predisposed to.

How to pump residents?

Residents who have a predisposition to one ability, it is necessary to pump this ability in the first place. For example, a cook must work constantly in the dining room. As soon as you pump the main characteristic, each resident should pump strength in the gym. Why is this needed? this is necessary to repel the attacks of rodents, zombies and other players. Trained residents will cope more quickly with dangers.

It should be remembered that pregnant women do not work and do not participate in battles. Therefore, it is worth putting them in those positions where you can change the worker or leave a place free for a while. Do not put women in resource rooms. It is necessary that these rooms work constantly and be completely filled with workers.

There are survivors who do not have pronounced abilities. They are advised to make universal workers, so that, as necessary, change their place of work. For example, during the process of courtship or pregnancy of workers.

Character leveling tips:

  1. Some women need to maximize power and maximize their potential so that children are born with a high level of stars and are good fighters.
  2. It should be residents with high potential to pump power and stardom. These residents will help in repelling attacks on the base, or will be fighters after raising the level of the barracks.
  3. You must have 1 - 2 fighters fully dressed in armor and weapons. This is especially true for doctors. If warriors call someone into battle during the battle, these tenants must be prepared for the challenge.
  4. 1 - 2 star heroes should not be pumped much, over time, heroes with great potential will come to you who can better cope with their duties (from 3 to 5 stars).
Only those guys who are in the barracks will go to raids, missions, tunnels and the Arena. Other characters pumped for war can do other work. Heroes for battles can be changed. Equipment and clothes do not have a specific binding to the character (only men’s and women’s clothing).

Zero City: Secrets and Tips from the Wise Geek

How to get material for making equipment? Material is obtained after disassembling one or another thing.Do not throw or sell armor and weapons, it is better to disassemble it and make a higher quality. It’s okay if the thing turns out wrong. It can again be disassembled and again try to make the necessary item. You should not sell ordinary or green things, especially throw them away. From 10 ordinary materials, you get 1 green thing. Out of 10 green materials, 1 blue thing will be done and so on.

How to cook special equipment? In order to independently produce special tools, it is necessary to build an electronics workshop. The principle of manufacturing special equipment is the same as in the manufacture of equipment.

Where to get the legendary things? For this, it is necessary to put up a weapons workshop and an armor workshop. At the start, you will have access to a simple workshop. In it, you can make a maximum of purple - unique things. Legendary items are made in these workshops. One orange item must have 10 epic (purple) materials.

Why is the Alliance needed? In the Alliance, you can participate in clan wars, as a result of which you can get good prizes. The Alliance does not affect the main points in the game. Of course, the guild provides the opportunity to communicate with other players.

How can I earn cryptocoins? There are several ways to get this currency in the game:

  1. View promotional videos.
  2. Buy at the Tunnels store.
  3. Get out of a good chest.
  4. Get for certain achievements.
  5. For completing some tasks.

What gives a premium account?

  1. You can get more gifts.
  2. You can send more gifts.
  3. The construction speed is increased by 30%.
  4. Bonuses for completing daily missions are increasing.
  5. Treatment takes place on the territory of the entire base, and not only in the medical center.
  6. Increases item manufacturing speed by 30%.
  7. The cost of passing tunnels and the contribution to the slaughterhouse are reduced.

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