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Zombie Strike Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

ZOMBIE STRIKE: The Last War of Idle Battle is a role-playing game that was born on August 3, 2018 in the depths of the Chinese company TOJOY GAME. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Cd Key (keys) from the game
  2. TOP best heroes
  3. Battle: Secrets and Tips
  4. Hyde on the correct leveling of heroes
  5. How to get the right hero?
  6. The secrets of the right farm
  7. Guild Guide
  8. Secrets of the passage of companies
  9. Guide on the activities of the game
  10. VIP benefits
  11. Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Cd Key (keys) from the game Zombie Strike: The Last War

Where to enter the CD key

Working CD keys from Zombie Strike are played out only in the official game community https://www.facebook.com/ZombieStrikeRPG/ for various holidays. The rules of the draw are simple - make a repost, put a like, write a comment. In addition to contests in the community, you can learn about updates and innovations of the game.

Where and how to enter the CD key? To enter the Cd Key you need to go to the Cool events (a gift-shaped icon at the top right of the main screen) and select the bottom menu item. Menu items can be many that they have to scroll to the bottom.

Unfortunately, codes are issued individually to participants and winners of competitions. In open access there are only 3 gift codes. But there is good news - all codes are working and can be activated both at the start of the game, and at any time convenient for the player.

  1. O91jd9jyg2mN - 50,000 gold and 25 bottles with biofuel.
  2. IrpReHzDEnaV - 25,000 gold and 15 bottles of biofuel.
  3. Yc8VUqvC67yX - "Reserve Package", which falls (randomly): 750 gems, 6000 experience elixirs, 50 promotional elixirs, 8 coins for roulette, 2 black crystals, 5 mugs of beer.
Codes quickly become obsolete. Do not forget to visit our site - Wise Geek. Here we will, if possible, add new gift codes to the game. Do not miss, as some codes are valid for a limited time!

TOP best heroes in Zombie Strike

TOP best heroes

At the beginning of the game, the choice of available characters is small and you have to pump what you have.There are several rules for this in the early stages of the game:

  1. DO NOT swing heroes with 3 stars or less. Soon enough, you will get 4 or even 5 star heroes.
  2. 4-star heroes recommend downloading up to 2 classes, when the second skill is opened. Swing no longer makes sense, for it is not effective.
  3. Give all the best in 5-star heroes.
  4. It is better to swing the heroes evenly, since the cost of pumping grow exponentially.
  5. The battle group is 6 heroes. If you got a hero with big stars, then exclude the weak and download the new one.

In the early days, for linking your account, you will receive the hero of support "Iskra". If you improve it to grade 5, it will practically not be killed, because with each blow received, it will heal itself for 45% of its attack. That is, exposing it in the very first in the first row, you will get an impenetrable tank that will keep hitting even strong enemies. But pumping it up to grade 5 is very expensive, so do it without greatly harming other characters.

In the later stages of the game, when you have most of the heroes open, you can already choose who to download and who not. Top foreign players ranked heroes. In the first picture you can see the characters from different races. On top are the icons of the strongest (TOP-1), and below the weakest characters (TOP-3). You can click on the image and open it in high resolution.

Luochy heroes 1

The next slide is useful for PvP lovers. It depicts heroes, starting from the middle (bottom) and ending with the best (top). Also listed are stones and accessories that need to be worn on the characters. Unfortunately, all the inscriptions are in English, but for true connoisseurs of the game this will not be an obstacle.

Pike PvP Heroes

The last slide shows the top characters by role (from top to bottom): the killer, attack, control, support, defense.And starting from the weak on the left and ending on the best on the right.

TOP characters by roles

Profession Only five professions: attack, defense, killer, control and support:

  1. Heroes of attack and control have low health, but high attack.
  2. Defense heroes have high health and OBR, but low attack, they are suitable for the first line.
  3. The killers have low defense and health. Their single attacks do more damage when they are on the back line.
  4. Support heroes have low health, defense and attack, and should be placed back. Their skills are very helpful.

Faction Only 4 factions of heroes: order, guard, chaos and evil. Containment of relations: order - evil - guardian - chaos - order. Restrained heroes have 30% more damage.

Getting new heroes in the early stages of the game is carried out in a random order, so the combination of them is carried out on the basis of a specific situation. It is not necessary to rest and get the necessary heroes, it is better to use combinations of characters that are already available. The combination of certain heroes gives you a great advantage in battle:

  1. All 6 characters of only one faction (evil, guards, chaos, order, destruction or creation) - this combination gives the greatest increase in characteristics in battle.
  2. All 6 characters from different factions - gives 10% to the attack and the health of the party.
  3. 3 characters from one faction - gives an average of + 9% to the attack and the health of the party.
  4. 2 heroes from one faction each give + 13% attack and + 11% health.
If you in the party use the "hodgepodge" from different heroes, then none and buffs will not be activated. At the first stages of the game, this is acceptable, but then it is better to choose heroes from one faction and purposefully swing them.

Battle: Secrets and Tips


Arrangement . Front line heroes are attacked more often than back line heroes. Adjust positions depending on the professions of your heroes.

Containment fractions . Heroes of different factions restrain each other. Customize your team, depending on what the heroes of the enemy, and you will get an advantage!

Aura faction . Sending the desired fraction activates a powerful aura.

Heroes from different factions have the advantage over attacking enemies from another faction, according to the scheme above. And vice versa, they get increased by 30% damage from characters exceeding their faction.

Victory and defeat . If the battle lasts more than 15 rounds, then the attacker loses. If all players are killed during the round, then the attacker wins. When all friendly heroes are killed, you lose.

Attack The higher the attack of the hero, the more damage this hero inflicts.

Health . The higher the health of the hero, the more damage he can suffer.

Armor . The more heroic armor, the less damage it will receive.

Speed Speed determines the order of attack. Heroes with higher speeds always attack first.

Damage skill . The higher the damage of the skill, the more damage it deals (for skills only).

Blow The higher the hit, the more likely it is to hit dodgy enemies.

Crit . The higher the crit, the higher the crit and the chances of launching a crit.

Resourcefulness . The higher the resourcefulness, the lower the chances of being hit.

Krituron . The damage done by Crete. Higher damage is applied when a crit starts.

Armor penetration . Reduces armor attacked by a certain value. The higher the armor penetration, the stronger the armor decreases.

Immunity control . The higher the control of immunity, the less likely the heroes will be controlled.

Damage reduction . Reduces the chances of damage. The higher the damage reduction, the less damage you will receive.

Hyde on the correct leveling of heroes

pumping heroes

The heroes are pumped in several directions:

  1. Increase level , spending improving elixirs and gold. The maximum level is limited to the character class.
  2. Upgrades for gold and stimulating elixirs. This improvement not only increases the maximum level, but also opens up new skills.
  3. The increase in the hero’s zodzhnosti is carried out during his transformation. Read more about it below. With the transformation, the effectiveness of abilities increases and the maximum class of the hero increases.
  4. Character outfit : weapons clothing, shoes and helmet. All these things can be safely transferred to another character. Lilac items with 3 stars and better form packs. If you put on two such identical things, they will give a good gain, so it is better to use things of the same quality on the same character. Things can be obtained in various adventures and events or forged in the arsenal.
  5. Rings, too, can be removed and transmitted, they are improved right on the heroes (probably all the characters are trained jewelers). Rings do not form packs with things.
  6. Jewelry is improved and converted using gold and shards of jewelry. Jewelry can not be transferred to other heroes, perhaps this is a very intimate thing.
The cost of any improvement grows exponentially. Therefore, the best way to level up is the uniform improvement of the characters in your combat party, so you will achieve a better gain in the characteristics of the whole group. It’s better not to rock three-star heroes, because pretty soon you will get 4 and 5 star ones.

About equipment

Quality gear . Equipment can be 6 different qualities: white, green, blue, purple, orange and red. The higher the quality, the more bonus statistics.

Star level gear . You can sell white gear for gold, or you can forge it to a higher level at Arsenal, but it costs a lot of gold.

Receiving gear . Search, market, guild shop, roulette shop, events and doomsday tower provide equipment.Rotation of the roulette gives a chance to receive equipment.

A set of equipment . Equipment quality is above green and 3 * has a set of effects. Equipping the required number of parts of the kit activates the effects.

How to get the right hero in Zombie Strike?

get the right hero

Invite a hero to the bar . You can spend diamonds to invite new heroes. Collect more hearts, soda or beer to invite heroes for free. Upon reaching a certain number of advanced invitations, you will receive a random 5 * hero. The basic invitation gives poor quality heroes (1 *, 2 *, 3 *, 4 * and 5 *). It requires soda. An advanced invitation gives high quality heroes (3 *, 4 * and 5 *). It costs diamonds or requires beer. A friendly invitation gives heroes of normal quality (2 *, 3 *, 4 * and 5 *). It is worth hearts, hearts can be received from friends. Earn 1 popularity point from each basic invitation, 10 from advanced and 1 from friendly. VIP 3 players can collect 1000 energy to open a chest with 5 * hero.

Unfortunately, in the bar you can only invite drunks and drunkards, normal heroes come to the bar very rarely, therefore you will rather plant a stump in a bar than you will meet the necessary 5 * hero. But still you need to drink at the bar, because you can transform or exclude unnecessary heroes.

In the advanced invitation, the chances of getting 3 * hero -78%, 4 * hero - 20.2%, 5 * hero-1.8%.

In the basic invitation, the chances of getting 1 * hero - 58%, 2 * hero - 30%, 3 * hero -10%, 4 * hero - 1.9%, 5 * hero - 0.1%.

In a friendly invitation, the chances of getting 2 * heroes - 30%, 3 * heroes - 55%, 4 * heroes - 14%, 5 * heroes -1%.

Mysterious crystal

Mysterious Crystal (invitation). Black crystals can be obtained in the market and in rewards for quests. Each invitation requires a black crystal. You have a chance to get 4 *, 5 * heroes of the designated faction and pieces of the universal 5 * hero. Each invitation gives blue crystals, which in turn can be used to replace the hero.

Chances to get the hero of the factions of Evil, Guardians, Chaos and Order in the Mystical Crystal:

  1. Universal shards of the hero 4 * - 6%,
  2. Universal shards of the hero 5 * - 24%,
  3. Hero 4 * - 60%,
  4. Hero 5 * -10%.

Chance to get the hero of the Creation and Destruction faction in the Mystical Crystal:

  1. Splinters of hero 4 * - 38%,
  2. Hero 4 * - 30%,
  3. 5 * hero fragments - 27%,
  4. Hero 5 * - 5%.

Replacing the hero. You can replace the hero with another hero from the same faction and the same stellar rank with the help of blue crystals. If you are not happy with the replacement results, you can cancel it, but the crystal will not be returned. Blocked heroes and heroes in the arena cannot be replaced. You can replace only 4 * and 5 * heroes. After the replacement, the level, class and equipment of the hero will also be transferred from the original hero to the new one. Creation and destruction of the hero can not be replaced.

Thus, we see that getting the right hero in a mysterious crystal is much higher than in a bar.However, black crystals are not cheap.

Hero Transformation

The transformation of the hero . This is the only way to improve the heroes. Collects the required materials to increase the number of stars to 5 or 6. A waste of materials gives improving and stimulating elixirs. Equipment of material heroes will be returned to the backpack. Choose one main character and then send the necessary materials of heroes to improve the star rank of the main character. Put the main character in the designated place, his level, equipment and class will be saved. The sacrificial material heroes will be converted into several items, and the equipment will be returned to the backpack. Transformation is a great way to pump the right hero.However, this requires a large bag, because over time, not all the characters fit into it.

Hero exclusion

The exclusion of the hero . Heroes can be excluded for improving elixirs, stimulating elixirs and medals of heroism. Improving elixirs improve heroes. Stimulating elixirs promote heroes, giving better statistics and give new passive skills. Medals for heroism allow you to buy powerful heroes in the store of heroes.

Excluding unnecessary heroes and exchanging medals for the right heroes is a wise decision. Since the place for the heroes is not infinite and quickly ends.

Other , but not the last, ways to get the right hero:

  1. Search, Events, Dungeons - Hero Tests and Doomsday Tower give shards of heroes.
  2. You can receive shards of heroes and heroes on the market, in a roulette store, in a store of heroism, in a guild store, in an arena store, and in a hero’s test store.
  3. You can spend chips in roulette to get shards of heroes.
  4. Quests can give shards of heroes. Passing quests gives shards of heroes.

The secrets of the right farm

main screen

On the main screen all game avtivnosti are available. Some adventures are available in buildings, others in icons.The logic of the developers is unclear, why some are beautiful buildings, and black and white icons to others, probably, the designer left for a binge.

It is very important to start playing on a new server on the day it appears. So you will quickly take a leading position in PvP activities and will be able to establish a successful guild. The appearance of the new server can be viewed in the settings.

7 day promotion

At the beginning of the game starts a 7-day promotion with great prizes and big discounts. Therefore, the first time you need to play with maximum efficiency. In the action you can get good sets of clothes, powerful five-star heroes and the necessary consumables. To do this, you just need to participate in daily activities.

Bonuses, promotions and events - this is also a good way to get hold of resources. Daily gifts, discounts and trials give good buns when they are executed. Not all of them require putting out a tidy sum of hard earned money. In some of them, you just need to fulfill certain conditions, defeat enemies, etc., etc.

Survival reward

The reward for survival is available twice a day at an interval of 8 hours. Trifle, but nice. I remembered the joke. The husband says to his wife: Today, Lyubochka made tea for me at work, it’s a trifle, but it’s nice. My wife answers: while our neighbor has a dick that is 2 cm longer, a trifle, but nice.

The commercial can be viewed five times a day and get 100 diamonds for them. Secret: advertising can not inspect to the end and still get diamonds for it.


Reaching certain vertices in the passing game, you can get not only diamonds and gold, but also good uniforms.Just come here often and collect prizes for everyday things.

will not leave

Friends In the game you need to search and find active friends. Such friends can give you hearts every day, for which you can receive heroes in a tavern. But friends must be active, otherwise the hearts will not see you as their ears without a mirror. Therefore, the list should be cleaned regularly and add an asset there. For this, the time of the last entry into the game is displayed under the nicknames of friends. I recommend to remove those who went to Zombie Strike more than 3 days ago.

Enter ID to search for friends; send a request to recommended friends; tap a player’s avatar to chat and become friends; Click on the avatar of the player in the guild to add him as a friend. Check friend requests in the request list and click accept or reject, depending on whether you want to make friends or not. Friends can send each other hearts. Hearts are used for a friendly invitation at the bar. Click on a friend’s avatar on the friends page, click delete a friend to remove it from the list.

Exploration . You can do reconnaissance every 8 hours with a chance to meet a marauder. A marauder can be found by your friends at level 36+, after which they can use stamina and help you kill the marauder. Players who find and win a marauder can get rewards. Players involved in the battle earn rating points, awards are given based on the rating, and they are sent in messages weekly.


Golden test of the raid opens at level 20, in it you can win gold.

Brave test opens at level 25, victory gives improving and stimulating elixirs.

The test of the hero opens at level 30, as a reward you will receive parts of the hero.

3a day there will be only two free trials, only the victory will be counted. Increase your level to unlock even more difficult challenges, the higher the difficulty, the better the rewards. The higher your VIP level, the more additional tests you can buy. There is a chance to get double awards.

Guild Guide

guild territory

Joining the guild . In the guild you need to join. And you should not stay up in one clan, but strive to get into the TOP-1 guild. To do this, regularly review the guild rating, their language and availability. Unfortunately, you can not apply for another guild without leaving the previous one. You can enter the guild ID in the Guild Search, and click Apply to send the request. When the request is approved, you will join the guild.

Creating a guild . To build a guild on the guild page you must have a sufficient level and a sufficient amount of diamonds. When the guild is created, you can invite others to join it.

The appointment of a leader . The guild leader can assign a guild leader to the guild members menu to transfer the position to another guild member.

Dissolution of the guild . The guild leader can dissolve the guild on the guild page. After pressing the corresponding button, the guild will be immediately dissolved.

The initial level of the guild is 1 level. Guild members can log in every day and add guild experience to improve guild levels. The guild’s daily experience is made up of entrances, and it cannot exceed the maximum number of guild members. The initial guild is limited to 15 members. Increasing the level of the guild increases this number, the maximum is 30 participants. Guilds are ranked based on their level. If the guild leader has been offline for more than 4 days, then the leader will be the official representative who has entered the game recently. Members can log in every day to improve the guild.

Guild technologies are pumping fighters of a certain profession (defense, attack, killer, control, and support) for gold and coins. Technologies are retained when moving to another guild, but not active when you are not a member of any guild. We recommend pumping over the support heroes in the first place, as they are needed in any party. But also about other professions you should not forget. Once a day, you can get special coins that are spent on technology or in a special store. Improved skills make the corresponding heroes stronger. You can spend diamonds to reset.

Gameplay for the guild . Guild members can join a guild dungeon, a factory, and a war for guild coins and other items.

Raid Guild. Guild members can together challenge a guild boss in a raid. Rewards are earned in battles. The more powerful the boss you challenge, the more rewards you get. After the guild boss wins, each player receives raid rewards based on damage rating (rewards are sent in a message). You can get rewards only by killing the boss for the first time. If you fail the test, then for re-testing you will need to recover 16 hours, or you can spend diamonds and recover up to 3 times at once. To unlock the next boss of the guild, you need to defeat the previous boss. You cannot make a challenge to the boss again if you have already defeated him.

War Guilds. Each season lasts 2 weeks. The regular season lasts 11 days (22 rounds); knockout games last 2 days (4 rounds); and a 1-day truce. In each round of the regular season, the guild automatically matches opponents. The results of the battles affect the rank of the guild. At the end of each season, the guild automatically increases or decreases depending on the rating points. At the end of each season, the top 16 guilds participate in extra games and fight in the guild championship after 4 rounds of knockout. The player with the highest points in each segment becomes the most valuable player of the season.

Each participant has 5 chances to attack and defend, but each player can attack the same opponent no more than 3 times. Winning different opponents gives the corresponding points (Maximum 10,000 points). After the battle, the guild with the highest score wins the round. Another 2000 points for each victory. Guild leaders and representatives can adjust teams, and all changes will take effect in the next round (except for games on departure). The guild will win this round if the auto selection does not find an opponent. The guild will receive a round reward, but will not receive rank points.

Guild Shop . Guild members can spend coins to buy shards of heroes and equipment.

Guild Raid . After the guild boss wins, a rank is assigned based on the damage the boss has suffered, the players involved can get a treasure chest. The victory of each guild boss gives a chest only once.

Secrets of the passage of companies Zombie Strike

passage of companies

Send team heroes to the battle to activate the search and complete the event. Battles give players experience, improving elixirs, gold and equipment. Each battlefield contains several stages. Passing the current one, you open the next one. When the requirements of the stage are met, the next stage opens. Click Search and wait a few seconds to enter the battle. Victory in battle gives rewards. Search gives rewards. Each offline search lasts no more than 8 hours, more than which the profit is not given. Each stage gives experience, gold and improving elixirs. The more complex the stage, the more of them. VIP level affects rewards. You can check rewards and loot.

Some stages give a certain uniform that you need. Therefore, going offline - put the collection from the zone in which there are these things. The boss zone gives all available rewards randomly.

The card offers 4 levels of difficulty: normal, nightmare, hell and death. Each level of difficulty has certain stages. You need to open the difficulties in order.

Unlock stage . Staying in new stages is usually a battle event. Go through the events and you will be able to go to the next stage, if you have sufficient level and commands, strength, press the search, wait a few seconds, and then you will be able to go into battle.

Unlocking the card . When all stages of the arena are completed, the next map will open. You can customize your squad of heroes in the team menu. The higher the level, the more heroes you can add to your team. The higher the strength of the hero, the more heroes you can send, the higher the strength of the team.

Revenues and expenses . The stages give OPT, gold and improving elixirs. The higher the complexity and stage, the more you earn. Income increases with increasing VIP level.

Loot and trophies . You can check the items of the stage in the menu of information about the extraction.Earned rewards appear in the trophy menu.

Guide on the activities of the game

Quest of the day

Quest of the day in addition to good awards is a kind of reminder of what activities you forgot to go through during the day. After passing you get even small but nice rewards. And for completing all 10 quests you will receive as many as 100 diamonds.


The casino roulette is updated automatically every 24 hours. You can spend chips in a roulette to get shards of heroes, equipment, gold and elixirs. The update time will be reset if the casino is updated manually. Using coins in roulette, you have a chance to get shards of heroes and equipment. 3 lucky coins are given for each lottery (not for super-roulette). They can be used to exchange shards of heroes, equipment, etc. Good luck in the Store. Coins can be bought for diamonds or gold and diamonds on the market, as well as receive special events.


Arsenal is necessary for forging the necessary equipment from equipment of lower quality. When forging consumes 3 items and gold and it turns out a thing 1 step higher than used. Here you can also see the characteristics of all the items and bonuses that are received by the fighter, wearing all 4 items of the same quality. Unfortunately, the forge eats a lot of gold, so forge items when you really need them.

Doomsday tower

The end of the world tower . The tower of the end of the world is under protection. The victory of her guard gives stimulating elixirs and various rewards. On some floors even 5 * heroes are given! Winning the Doomsday Tower does not require keys. Keys appear every 30 minutes. Keys do not appear upon reaching 10 pieces. Players can buy keys for diamonds. The difficulty in the Doomsday Tower increases with each floor. When losing, improve heroes, equipment, etc. The rank of players is calculated depending on the floor to which they reached.The higher the rank, the more rewards.

In general, the tower is implemented silly in comparison with other games:

  1. All rewards you receive once, it makes no sense to rest and pass the next floor. In other games you get daily rewards for the floor reached.
  2. You can not reset the floors and collect rewards again, as in other games.
  3. Keys are generally a stupid thing, because from the first battle you will understand this floor or not.
  4. In fact, the tower is a reward for the level of your team.

Brave raid

A brave raid opens every 24 hours and lasts 24 hours too. Fight endless battles with no limits and defeat enemies from different servers. During the raid, the hero’s health is not restored. You must customize your team accordingly.

Heroes above Lv.40 can join a brave raid. Each victory gives rewards. Passing the designated stage gives an additional treasure chest! Coins of courage can be used in the store of courage.

Since the heroes do not restore health, it is better to take more healers in the initial party. Health of the Enemies is also not restored, so the enemies who finished off your main pack of heroes can be finished with their remaining heroes of level 40+.


Quests give rewards during their passage. Here are the quests of heroes of different star levels, which change every 24 hours. Passing quests gives great rewards! You can change star quests for diamonds and complete quests faster. You can use letters for more quests. Search for supplies gives a chance to find such letters.

One hero can participate in only one quest at a time. At the end of the quest, the participating heroes can be reused. The number of quests available per day is limited. You can increase the limit by improving your VIP level.

Upgrading can reset quests with 0 progress. Quests are automatically updated every day. You can also spend diamonds to upgrade them whenever you want. After updating, the quests for which you have spent the letters will be reset. You can spend diamonds to complete the quest immediately.

Requirements for heroes in quests are very diverse, therefore, in addition to the main party, we recommend having the most mixed company of heroes and villains. Than zvezdatey quest, the higher the requirements for heroes. Difficulties arise only in the early stages of the game, when there are few heroes. Heroes involved in the quest can be used in other game activities other than quests.


Passage arena . Rewards for rating are sent every day in messages at 21:00 GMT. Each battle is worth a ticket, which can be bought for diamonds or obtained in other activities.Each battle consists of 15 rounds, if the battle exceeds the time limit, the attacker loses. Each battle gives a certain number of points that give a rating. With a victory points increase, with a loss - decrease. You can watch the replay of the last 10 battles in the Battle Log. Awards are sent in messages depending on the daily rating. Details can be found in daily rewards. Test tickets are not spent in the first two rounds per day.

Black market

Black Market . On it you can purchase improving and stimulating elixirs, heroes, shards of heroes, soda, beer, arena tickets and chips. However, things here are not cheap, so you should not be tempted to buy anything horrible - there will be no money even for pumping heroes. A thing from the store can only be bought once. But 3 times a day with an interval of 3 hours an update is available, which not only updates the assortment, but also resets the purchase limit.

VIP benefits


Level 1 will give you:

Level 2 will give you:

Level 3 will give you:

Level 4 will give you:

Level 5 will give you:

Level 6 will give you:

game cover

Level 7 will give you:

Level 8 will give you:

Level 9 will give you:

Level 10 will give you:

Level 11 will give you:

Level 12 will give you:

Level 13 will give you:

Questions and Answers (FAQ)

monsters games

I changed the device, how can I continue to play? Download the game to a new device. Click on the person icon in the upper right corner. Enter your account details (username and password).

I forgot my account, how can I recover it? Unable to recover forgotten account. Please do not forget your username and password.

My account was stolen and the password was changed, what should I do? If your password has been changed, please contact our support team immediately.

I can not log in after online time has expired. What to do? Try to connect again, or force the game to close and restart it.

The game continues to check for updates, and I cannot enter the game. What should I do?Force the game to close and restart it. If this does not work, connect to another network and try again. If 1 and 2 did not solve the problem, contact support.

What should I do if my data or account has been lost? Make sure you are connected to the server. Data is not used for different servers. If the server is correct, please provide our support team with your ID and the email address you used to register. developers will try to help you.

I am constantly leaving offline. What should I do?Check your network connection. Try other connections. If 1 and 2 did not solve the problem, please contact our support team.

The game does not work. What should I do?1. Force the game to close and restart it. 2. Try this method several times. 3. If 1 and 2 did not solve the problem, please contact support and tell us the type of your device. They will try to solve your problem.

I found scammers. What should I do?A fair environment and a good balance are what we care most about. If you suspect someone is cheating on the game, let the developers know and they will try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Some players post advertisements or fraudulent information in the chat. What should I do?Click on the left side of the main page to send feedback. 2. Notify the player ID support service. 3. You can also complain about the player by providing a screenshot and indicating the player ID by email.

How can I add friends in the game? Click on the player’s avatar in the chat to send a request. Enter the player ID of the friend page. Send a request to recommended players.

How do I interact with friends? Friends can help each other defeat bosses. Friends can send each other hearts. Hearts can be used for a friendly invitation. You can chat with friends by messaging.

How do I join the guild? Click the guild icon on the main page. Select the recommended guild or search for another one using the guild ID. Create your own guild and invite other players.

What can I do while being in a guild? Come in every day to raise guild levels and receive guild coins. Get guild coins and gold in the factory and in raids. Participate in weekly guild wars to get a chance to earn guild coins and other rewards.

What happens if I change my guild? If you have applied to join the guild war, you will not be able to join the war of the guild of the week or receive war rewards if you change the guild.

What are the guild coins for? Guild coins can be used to purchase items in the guild shop and improve guild skills through guild technology.

What will I get from the improvement in guild technology? Improving the guild of 5 classes in the guild technology increases the number of stars of the corresponding hero.

How do I become a VIP player? You can become a VIP player after purchasing the required amount of diamonds. The more diamonds you buy, the higher the VIP level and the greater the privileges.

What can I get from the first replenishment? The first replenishment gives double diamonds. Each level is available only once. Special offers (eg monthly card) are not included.

I paid for the items, but did not receive them, but the money was written off. What should I do?Restart the game and check your account. Repeat step 1 again. Contact customer support if the problem is not resolved.

I paid one amount, and I wrote off another amount. Why? The amount of payment may vary depending on the exchange rate.

Authors of the article: Evgenia G., Yaroslav I.