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11x11 SOCCER CLUB MANAGER - an Android game with a release date of May 16, 2018 from NEKKI. Game Genre: Sports. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Home Screen
  2. Buildings
  3. Football Unions
  4. Transfer Market
  5. Boosters
  6. Team
  7. Soccer Player
  8. Soccer Skills
  9. Specialists
  10. Tactics and Training
  11. Quests
  12. Tournaments
  13. Miscellaneous
  14. VIP Ranks

11x11 Soccer Club Manager: Home Screen

Main screen. The main screen displays the player’s main resources: manager level, experience that can be spent on players training, the amount of money and boosters and rating points.

Manager level. The manager level is your main parameter in the game. The maximum level of football players, the number of open zones in the World Tour, the available level of the stadium and improvements for it depend on it. To improve the manager’s level, gain experience by playing matches and completing daily tasks.

Experience (XP). XP - these are points that can be obtained from training fields, regular matches and from completed tasks. Experience points are needed for training football players.

Money. For money, you can build and improve buildings and buy soccer players. The main sources of income are commercial buildings. You can also get money through winning matches, tournaments, selling players and completing tasks.

Boosters. Boosters are a premium currency that you can buy for real money and get for achievements in the game. With the help of boosters, players are acquired and their physical fitness is restored, the list of transfers is updated, specialists are hired, the construction of buildings and the training process are accelerated. Also for boosters you can exchange money and experience (XP) for football players and PRO points.

Rating points. Rating points are points that determine a player’s league and its position in it. To move to a new league you need to score a certain number of rating points.

The ranks of the manager. This is a rating that displays your progress in achieving achievements.

11x11 Soccer Club Manager: Buildings

The buildings. In the game, you can build buildings to get more resources and open up new opportunities.

Stadium. The stadium is the main building of the team. The stadium hosts matches that bring money and experience. Raising the stadium level is necessary for the construction and improvement of other buildings. To increase the level of the stadium, it is necessary to improve its internal buildings and attract the necessary number of fans. Each stadium improvement attracts new fans, and also gives various bonuses to the resources earned in matches. When enough fans are recruited, a new level of the stadium becomes available.

Base. The number of players in your team and the number of improvement of training fields depends on the base of the club. Also, master classes for football players are held here.

Office. Office - an administrative building that allows you to hire specialists and buy players on the transfer. The talent and level of football players offered on transfer is growing due to the level of office. Also, the improvement of commercial buildings depends on the level of the office.

Score. In the store, fans acquire team attributes and souvenirs. The store brings a stable cash income, which must be collected on time.

Training field. On training fields, players hone game skills. Here they gain experience that allows them to improve their characteristics. The higher the level of the training field, the more experience training brings.

Parking. Spectators who come to the match need parking spaces for their cars. Improved parking increases the number of parking spaces and income.

Hotel. Fans who come to the match from afar use the services of the hotel. Improving the level of the hotel increases the number of places and income.

A restaurant. The restaurant is a place where fans can have a bite to eat in a pleasant atmosphere after a tense match. Raising the level of the restaurant increases cash income.

House of the foot union. In the House of Futures Union, you can create a Futures Union or join an already created Futures Union.

Ticket office. At the ticket office, fans purchase tickets for going to the match of your team. Ticket office brings a steady income that can be collected every day.

Honey. center. The best doctors and surgeons work in the medical center, thanks to which players recover faster after injuries. The type of attending specialist that can be hired depends on the level of the medical center - an ordinary doctor or surgeon.

Pool. Swimming is included in the training schedule of high-level football players and allows you to improve your additional skills. The pool gives PRO points, as does the gym.

Gym. To improve their playing performance, football players require constant training in the gym. Increasing the level of the gym increases the growth of PRO points, for which you can pump a player in a master class.

11x11 Soccer Club Manager: Football Unions

Foot unions. Foot Unions is an in-game closed community created by the player for boosters. The founder can accept other players into his futsoyu, define roles for them (administrator, moderator, ordinary member of the futsoyu). Futsal members get PRO points every day. The amount of the award depends on the number of rating points for the previous day. The unions have their own chat for communication, which is closed to other players.

If a player does not want to create a football union, he can apply for entry into the already created football union.You can find a soccer union, create a soccer union or see the rating of soccer unions in the House of soccer unions. The maximum number of level 1 football unions is 5 players. With an increase in the level of the football union, it becomes possible to accept more participants. The level of the foot union rises at the end of the season if the necessary number of points has been scored.

Roles in the Future Union. The following roles are available:

Union tournaments. Unions of level 5 and above can compete for superiority in countries. You can get into them through the button "Tournaments" in the window of the football union, or through the button "Futures" in the Match Center. The tournament lasts all season and allows the football union to get a big win in boosters. On the first day of the season, foot unions select 3 countries, place odds (1, 1.5, and 2) there. The next day, rating points multiplied by the established coefficients begin to "drip" into these countries. At the end of the season, the football union that brought the most points to the country receives a prize in boosters (each country says how many boosters it will bring). 80% is distributed among the participants in accordance with their contribution, and 20% goes to the treasury.

Treasury of the foot union. Each football union has a common storage of boosters, which is replenished by donations from players or after winning the Futs Union tournament. The administration of the football union can distribute these boosters among the participants.

11x11 Soccer Club Manager: Transfer Market

Transfer. A platform for the purchase of new players. The player is offered a list of players available for purchase, which is updated every 4 hours. The list can be updated for boosters. Parameters of football players are randomly generated. Some players are purchased for money, some for boosters. The higher the characteristics of a football player, the higher his price. You can sell players in the transfer market to make room for new players in the team or to earn money.

11x11 Soccer Club Manager: Boosters

Boosters. Boosters are a premium currency that you can buy for real money and get for achievements in the game. With the help of boosters, players are acquired and their physical fitness is restored, the list of transfers is updated, specialists are hired, the construction of buildings and the training process are accelerated. Also for boosters you can exchange money and experience (XP) for football players and PRO points.

Free boosters. There are several ways to get boosters without spending real money.

11x11 Soccer Club Manager: Team

Command. Each manager during registration creates one team for which he can come up with a name, define a country, choose a uniform and get the initial composition of 15 players: 1 goalkeeper, 5 defenders, 6 midfielders, 3 forwards. You can increase the composition in the transfer market. Available team size depends on the club base level.

TOP 11. TOP-11 is the main indicator characterizing the strength of a team in a match. TOP 11 is the sum of the levels of the top 10 field players and the goalkeeper of the team.

Training. Thanks to training, you can improve the game performance of football players, their skills. The cost of one training session depends on the level and talent of the player. The higher the talent of a football player, the lower the cost of training for his level. According to the results of each training session, you get three skill points, which should be distributed according to the player’s skills.

A master class is a special set of trainings, after which a football player can improve a number of his characteristics:

Training in the master class is paid and takes a lot of time, which can be skipped for boosters. Only one master class can be held at a time, but the number of trainings increases if a player hires a Veteran specialist. In total, the team can have three veterans, and, accordingly, it becomes possible to conduct three master classes at the same time.

PRO glasses. A special currency that allows players to train at the master class. You can get PRO points from the pool and gym buildings, as well as for your contribution to the overall rating of the football union.

Scheme. The scheme is a tactical team building. Depending on the selection of players and the tasks that you want to set for your team, you can set up a more attacking or more defensive tactical scheme.

Tactics. For each match, the player can customize the tactics of his team. You can change the arrangement of players, setting the general style of the game, attack style and defense style.

Roles One of the settings of the team before the match. Allows you to select the players who must execute free-kicks, corner kicks and shoot penalty. A player can appoint no more than two players to the penalty area and corner and five players to execute a penalty.

PRO-11. PRO-11 is a bonus indicator that determines the strength of a team in Championship matches. PRO-11 is formed on the basis of bonus points from the rarity and special abilities of the top 10 field players and the goalkeeper of the team. To train special skills in the master class, you need to use PRO points, and rare players can be purchased at the transfer.

11x11 Soccer Club Manager: Soccer Player

Soccer player The footballer is the main asset of the team. The level of TOP-11, the strength of the team, depends on the level of the players. Game characteristics of football players can be developed through training and master classes. Players are distinguished from each other by a rarity of talent, a set of special abilities and skills. The higher the level of a football player, the higher his price when selling or buying.

Talent. The parameter that is responsible for the potential of a football player. Talented players can be developed to a higher level, and their training is cheaper than less talented players.

Soccer player level. The level of a football player is the main parameter responsible for the player’s strength.The level is determined by the player’s skills, rarity and the number of special abilities.

Positions Positions - by default, every player can play in one position in which he shows his best qualities. The player can train the position to combine. But if a football player does not play in his position, then he loses some of his skills. Abbreviations of all positions:

Physical fitness. The player’s level of fatigue is characterized by his physical readiness. If physical fitness is below 50%, then the playing characteristics of the football player will be reduced. If physical fitness is below 25%, then the player will not be able to take part in the match.

Combinations. In the master class, a football player can train an additional position on the field, that is, get a combination. A player may have only one additional position.

Rarity. A rare player is a special player who has additional skills. The amount of available special abilities depends on the rarity of the player. There are five types of rarities:

  1. Normal player (white)
  2. Special player (gray)
  3. Rare Player (Gold)
  4. Unique player (purple)
  5. Legendary player (black).

Rare football players can be bought on the transfer market, however, the probability of their loss is much lower than that of ordinary football players.

Injuries. Each player may be injured during the match. Most often this can happen during martial arts. Injuries can be mild or severe. To heal injuries you need Honey. center that allows you to hire doctors and surgeons. A doctor treats minor injuries, and a surgeon treats severe ones. One specialist can treat only one player per day. To treat more than one player per day, you need to hire more specialists.

11x11 Soccer Club Manager: Soccer Skills

Field Skills

Selection: (Tackling):

  1. Increases the probability of successfully taking the ball away from the striker (as opposed to dribbling the attacker);
  2. Increases the reaction to the action of the opponent (striker) during custody;
  3. The average value of selection in a team lowers the accuracy of passes in the opposing team.

Pass: (pass):

  1. Increases the likelihood of an accurate pass (opposed to average selection in the opposing team);
  2. Increases the likelihood of an accurate pass on the corner (opposed to the goalkeeper technique of the opponent’s goalkeeper);
  3. Increases the likelihood of an accurate overhang (contrasted with the average of all parameters of all opponents);
  4. Indirectly increases the probability of a pass when deciding a player with the ball.

Athleticism: (athleticism):

  1. Increases player running speed;
  2. It increases the chance to win martial arts, it is opposed to the athleticism of the opponent (martial arts - taking a high ball by players of different teams, in real football - jumping).

Dribbling: (Technique):

  1. Increases the likelihood of a successful stroke (contrasted with the selection of the opponent or the average one-on-one goalkeeper);
  2. Increases the frequency of decision-making of the player with the ball;
  3. Increases the likelihood of a successful pass reception (lower average ball processing time);
  4. Accelerates speed recovery after a lost martial arts or unsuccessful selection;
  5. Indirectly increases the likelihood of a stroke when deciding a player with a ball.

Hit: (shooting):

  1. Increases the likelihood of a shot on target;
  2. Increases the likelihood of a goal (opposed to the goalkeeper’s reaction);
  3. Indirectly increases the likelihood of a hit when deciding a player with the ball.

Specs of the players. These include the following:

Goalkeeper skills

  1. Reaction - the probability of catching the ball when hitting the goal;
  2. One on one - increases the likelihood of taking the ball away from the attacker when leaving one on one;
  3. Athleticism - speed, probability of winning martial arts;
  4. Position selection - increases the likelihood of choosing the right position on the corner, penalties, penalty kicks.

Goalkeeper technique affects the accuracy of passes and offsets from the gate. However, it should be borne in mind that any skill of any player (especially the goalkeeper) except the main influence also has a small effect on all other aspects - having pumped the selection, for example, the player will pass a little better, etc. Thus, if you pump the player a hit of 1000, leaving the remaining parameters at 1, you will not get a football player who cannot accept a pass and runs like a turtle.

Goalkeeper specs. These include the following:

11x11 Soccer Club Manager: Specialists

Specialists. Hiring additional specialists expands the manager’s capabilities in the construction, recruitment and training process. The following categories of specialists are available in the game:

Hiring professionals takes place in the office for boosters. A player can hire several specialists in each category.

11x11 Soccer Club Manager: Tactics and Training

Tactics. The parameter sets the depth of the line of defenders in the defense and the number of players involved in the attack. The Game Style parameter has five meanings:

Tactics affect the location of players on the field and the number of players connecting to the attack. With more attacking tactics, the defense line plays farther from their own goal, while midfield and attack try to threaten the opponent’s goal as often as possible. With a defensive strategy, the whole team is aimed at defending and containing the enemy.

Attack style. A parameter that affects the riskiness of football players and the speed of transfer of the ball to the attack. An attack style has three possible meanings:

On counterattacks, players act more risky when leaving the defense, give long passes, often hang in the penalty area. When controlling the ball, the team will play more reliably, more often use a shallow pass.

Protection style. A parameter that affects the aggressiveness of the actions of football players in defense, the likelihood of a foul and injury. The protection style has three possible meanings:

With careful selection, defense footballers play in positions and more carefully choose the moment for selecting the ball. Under pressure, the defenders more aggressively meet the attackers, trying to quickly take away the ball from them, but at the same time the chance to break the rules increases.


Thanks to training, you can improve the game performance of football players, their skills. The cost of one training session depends on the level and talent of the player. The higher the talent of a football player, the lower the cost of training for his level. According to the results of each training session, you get three skill points, which should be distributed according to the player’s skills. There are several ways to train your players.

Training field. Training fields generate XP, which you can use to level up your players. The cost of one training session depends on the level and talent of the player. The higher his talent, the cheaper the training. After each training session, the player becomes one level higher and gets 3 points to increase basic skills. The number of players that you can train at the same time depends on the number of Coaches hired.

Base. Your number of players in the team and the available upgrades of the Training Fields depend on the level of the Base. Here your players can take Master Classes - special training available for PRO points. You can get PRO points by building a Pool, a Gym or for a rating of the Football Union.

11x11 Soccer Club Manager: Quests

Tasks. There are 4 types of tasks that can bring additional rewards in the form of resources, manager experience, boosters or VIP points. There are relatively easy tasks that are repeated every day, there are longer tasks that will take longer to complete.

Daily assignments. Doing daily assignments brings manager experience and resources. Every day the list of tasks is updated.

Achievements. A special kind of tasks for which the player receives a reward in boosters and manager experience.

Additional tasks. If all tasks are completed or you need a new task, then you can get an additional task for boosters and earn additional manager experience and other rewards. An additional task is available until the daily tasks are updated. You can get an additional task in the task window when scrolling down the list of tasks.

Tests The type of tasks that need to be completed in a limited time or on special conditions.

VIP tasks. Tasks for VIP points allow you to get a VIP-rank and bonus advantages of VIP-ranks for free.

11x11 Soccer Club Manager: Tournaments

Tournaments. Four types of tournaments are available. Each of them differs by the level of the opponent (computer or real player), the size of the award and the frequency of the conduct. You can take part in:

World tour. A game mode against a computer in which your team takes part in tournaments in different countries. The World Tour map is divided into zones. For victories at the stages of the tournament you get a cash reward.

PvP League. Game mode against real opponents. At the beginning of the season, teams are divided into leagues.For every victory or draw, a player receives points to move to a new league and earns the experience of football players. The reward depends on the strength of the opposing team. At the end of the season, all points earned and the player’s league are reset. One season lasts 7 days. Depending on the result of the last season, the league of the player in the new season is determined.

  1. Leagues. The higher the league, the higher the daily reward. To move to the new league, you need to play PvP matches and earn rating points.
  2. Divisions Each PvP League (except the Beginner League) is divided into three divisions. To move to the division above, you need to score the required number of points. To rise to the league higher, you need to go through all three divisions of the current league.

Championship. Game mode against the computer. In Championship matches, the strength of the team is determined by the indicator PRO-11. Every day there is a round of the Championship round robin. You can skip waiting time for the next round for boosters. Teams that take the first two places in their division move to the next division. The higher the division, the higher the reward and the stronger the opponents. For winning the Championship you can significantly improve your manager level.

PvP Tournament. Game mode against real opponents. Each player can take part in tournaments that correspond to his managerial level. The duration of the tournament and the number of stages depend on the total number of participants. The winner receives a reward in the form of boosters and rating points.

11x11 Soccer Club Manager: Miscellaneous

Why is the application on android asking for access to my contacts, phone and other things?These permissions are required so that the game can access your profile in Google Play Games and can save game data to the device. Also, permission to access the phone is necessary to offer you boosters for participating in promotions and watching videos. This does not give the game access to your personal information on the device under any circumstances. Your personal data remains fully protected.

I did not receive Tapjoy boosters. To resolve the problem, contact your Tapjoy representative, who is the developer of the boosters. Their support team will definitely consider your problem. You can contact Tapjoy in one of these ways:

  1. Open the in-game shopping window, the "Boosters" tab and click on the "Free" button. In the window that opens, click on the link "Missing Boosters?" in the lower right corner. The link will open a small form. In it you can select the task with which the problem arose, describe the problem and give your contact email.
  2. Go to the Tapjoy website and click "Login" to log in to your account. There will be a "Help" link in the side menu. Click it and read the section "I completed an offer, but didn’t get my rewards, what do I do?".

If these recommendations do not help, go to the "Missing Currency" section, where you will need to fill out a short form. The Tapjoy support team will receive your message and reply to you as soon as possible.

11x11 Soccer Club Manager: VIP Ranks

All the benefits of VIP-1

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