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AIRPORT CITY - an Android game with a release date of February 14, 2012 from Game Insight.In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions.Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginners Guide
  2. Walkthrough
  3. Passing the Curse of the Valley of the Kings
  4. Maximum Benefit from Friends
  5. Alliance Guide
  6. Ratings and Standings
  7. Why are players flashing progress?

Airport City: Beginners Guide

Is Airport City a free game? Download, install and play Airport City absolutely free. In-game currency is used to accelerate progress in the game, but all gaming features are available without it. The game has special offers, which are purchased in the in-game store Airport City. For security reasons, all purchases are made through the App Store, Google Play, Amazon Store, Samsung Galaxy Apps and Windows Store. There are special events during which players receive unique structures, experience and game currency as a reward.

Cargo cult. Now every player from level 3 to 10 can get a little help in the development of the airport with the new launching event "Cargo Cult". As soon as you reach the third level and complete the task "Accept Guest Aircraft - I", a container with cargo will appear near your airport. It contains 7 chests with an award that will help you develop in the game. Chests open sequentially and after a certain time. If you do not want to miss the moment when the next chest is ready to open, turn on notifications from the game on your device.

Do not worry, if you cant open the chest immediately after the timer expires, the chest will not disappear anywhere until you return to the game and open it. Just remember: the timer on the next chest is not activated until you pick up the reward from the previous one. All rewards are automatically activated and credited immediately after opening the chest, so you do not have to look for them in the warehouse. The container with the cargo will remain at your airport until the last chest in the chain is opened. After you receive the last award, the container will be removed from the card.

Adventure Rating

What is an adventure rating? In each Airport City adventure, you have the opportunity to compete with other players and win valuable prizes in a special rating. The rating starts on the first day of the adventure and ends after the timer expires.

How to get into the adventure rating? Your participation in the ranking starts automatically as soon as you gain the first point of adventure.

Pay special attention to the fact that getting adventure points, calculating places in the rating, accessing the adventure store and receiving rating awards are carried out only if your device is connected to the Internet.

Why join the adventure ranking? Participation in the rating gives the opportunity to receive:

What are adventure points? Your place in the ranking depends on the accumulated points of the adventure.Adventure points are earned during special flights, collecting collections, and completing story missions. The more adventure points you score, the higher your rating. Adventure points also serve as a separate currency that can be spent in the adventure store on special buildings and bonuses. Even after you have completed all of the adventure story quests and received a special reward for it, you can continue to earn adventure points in order to advance to higher leagues and fight to get a big rating reward.

Please note: When you spend your adventure points in a special adventure store, they are not deducted from your rating account. Therefore, you can safely acquire unique adventure buildings or special bonuses!

What leagues are there in the ranking? The ranking consists of seven leagues:

Iron is the lowest, Platinum is the highest.

Please note: The higher the league you are in, the better your daily adventure reward will be.

How do I go to another league? All players start participating in the ranking with the Iron League. To move to the next league you need to score more points than a player in the 100th position of the next league (Copper).The boundaries of the leagues depend on the activity of the players in the adventure and can vary depending on how many league points a player who is in the 100th position of a higher league will have. League boundaries are recounted once a day at 00:00 GMT. If you have reached a high level in the ranking, and then for some reason ceased to act, in time you will go down to the lower league, as the other players will continue to gain adventure points.

What awards awaits me for participating in the ranking? Once a day, players in all leagues except Zheleznaya receive a daily reward for participating in the adventure ranking. The award corresponds to the maximum place in the ranking that you were able to take during the day. In order to pick up the daily reward, you need to go into the adventure window and click on the "Pick up" button.

Attention! The reward is saved during the day, and then, if you have not collected it, it is replaced with the next daily reward.

According to the results of the entire adventure, players of each league, except Zheleznaya, will receive a rating award, which is equivalent to the rating award for the day. The top 100 best Platinum League players will receive a special reward for excellent performance in the adventure ranking! The calculation of the final results occurs at the time of completion of the adventure. There is a timer in the adventure window showing how much time is left before the adventure ends.

Airport City: Walkthrough

Why did I have a limit on items and where did my buildings disappear? Starting with the version of Airport City 7.0, the limit of 100 items applies to absolutely all players, as well as the limit of 6 identical buildings built in the city. Buildings over the limit will be credited to your warehouse.

How does the terminal work?

As it improves, the terminal allows you to increase the maximum number of passengers. The terminal consists of sections. Each section of the terminal is tied to one aircraft parking. Sections are necessary in order to service the aircraft faster, since each parking lot has its own special equipment group. If you havent built a terminal section near the parking lot, the aircraft will be serviced by special equipment from the transport base, which is common for the entire airport.

Types of terminals. Level 1 - the building increases the maximum number of passengers by 30.

Level 2 - the building increases the maximum number of passengers by 15.

Level 3 - the building increases the maximum number of passengers by 45.

Level 4 - the building increases the maximum number of passengers by 90.

Level 5 - the building increases the maximum number of passengers by 340.

Level 6 - the building increases the maximum number of passengers by 140.

Level 7 - the building increases the maximum number of passengers by 140.

Level 8 - The building increases the maximum number of passengers by 150.

Level 9 - The building increases the maximum number of passengers by 150.

Level 10 - The building increases the maximum number of passengers by 200.

Level 11 - the building increases the maximum number of passengers by 200.

Level 12 - The building increases the maximum number of passengers by 200.

How do runways work? The maximum number of runways in the airport area is two. With the increase of the level you can improve the runways to send any type of aircraft to flights. The runway zone consists of two parts - the runways themselves and taxiways, along which aircraft can move during takeoff and landing without interfering with each other. If you are sending several planes at the same time, do not worry: everyone will take the desired position on the taxiway and go on the go in order of priority!

What is an airplane parking? At Airport City, parking is used instead of aircraft hangars. Parking is the area in which the aircraft is serviced. Here he is waiting for his flight, refueling, receiving passengers and returning here after the flight. The parking lot can serve any type of aircraft - from Swallows to Condor, both your own and your guest. This is what distinguishes it from the hangar.

Please note: Free parking is also required to receive a guest aircraft. You can reserve one parking lot for guest planes or take them to the parking lots from which your planes went on a flight.

What is a control room for?

The control room is responsible for the maximum number of active aircraft at your disposal. Active planes are all the planes that you are currently using: in flight, parked or awaiting repair. Active aircraft do not include aircraft in the backup hangar.

Please note: If the level of the control room does not allow you to buy another aircraft, then you will not be able to build another aircraft parking, although the maximum number of parking depends on your level.

Types of control rooms. Level 1 - the building allows you to build 3 aircraft parking.

Level 2 - the building allows you to build 4 aircraft parking.

Level 3 - the building allows you to build 5 aircraft parking.

Level 4 - the building allows you to build 6 aircraft parking.

Level 5 - the building allows you to build 7 aircraft parking.

Level 6 - the building allows you to build 8 aircraft parking lots.

Level 7 - the building allows you to build 9 aircraft parking.

Level 8 - the building allows you to build 9 aircraft parking.

Level 9 - The building allows you to build 10 aircraft parking.

Level 10 - the building allows you to build 11 aircraft parking.

Level 11 - the building allows you to build 13 aircraft parking.

Level 12 - the building allows you to build 13 aircraft parking.

Level 13 - the building allows you to build 14 aircraft parking.

What are parking lots for? More passengers! Car parkings are designed to increase the maximum capacity of the terminal. Thus, if your terminal is full and does not allow you to collect more passengers, you can build additional parking and increase the limit. The parking area is located beyond the terminal sections.

Why do I need ground control? To make it more convenient for you to manage your flights, ground control has appeared in Airport City. By building this building at your airport, you can set up automatic aircraft refueling and passenger boarding during flight preparation and reception of guest aircraft. To do this, just click on the building and activate automation. You can disable this feature at any time. Ground control is available to players from level 4.

New aircraft names. Now the aircraft at Airport City have been redesigned and called differently, however this does not change their main functions: range of flights, passenger capacity, etc. Below is a list of aircraft by level:

What are teletraps for? Teletrap is a device that allows you to accelerate the stage of loading passengers.Telescopic booms are available for hawk-class aircraft and above. Information about the teletrap is displayed in the window of the additional section of the terminal.

When does the airship appear? For the first time, the airship arrives after the construction of the Berth for the airship is completed, then every Monday and Thursday.

Why cant I build an Airship Wharf? The airship berth can be bought for coins after completing a certain chain of tasks from Duke Crocker.

How to buy a plane? To purchase an airplane, first of all, you need a free hangar of any kind. Click on it to go to the aircraft purchase menu. Select the desired aircraft from those available at your level and click "Buy."

Please note that only one aircraft can accommodate one hangar.

How to send a plane on a flight? Open the flight menu (an airplane icon in the bottom toolbar) to view a list of countries where you can fly. Each flight requires a specific type of aircraft, a different number of passengers (a badge with a picture of a suitcase) and fuel (a badge with a picture of a barrel). Some flights also require extra items. If you have the right plane and all the necessary items, enough passengers and fuel, click the "Fly" button.Your plane will automatically appear on the runway. Press the plane a few more times to refuel and land people, and you can take off!

How to sell a plane or a helicopter? To sell an airplane, open the Warehouse (the box icon at the bottom of the screen) and go to the aircraft tab. You can sell only serviceable aircraft that are in the hangar. The current status of the aircraft (broken, in flight, in the hangar) is displayed under the icon with the image of the aircraft.Having decided on a model for sale, select the desired aircraft and click "Sell." The helicopter sales scheme is identical. The only difference is that the helicopters are on a separate tab inside the "Warehouse".

How to use the flight accelerator in the game? To use the accelerator, open the flight menu of the game, click on the button with the image of the plane in the lower left corner of the playing field and select the "Flights" tab. When the plane is on the way, the symbol with its image is under the arrow, which means the duration of the flight. At a certain period of time, it begins to be highlighted in green. It is at this moment that you need to click on the arrow and select the accelerator.

My population level reached a maximum, although the number of residential buildings remained the same. The peculiarity of the game is that the population is increased not only by residential buildings, but also by commercial buildings. To build a new building when the population level is extremely high, first demolish one of the old structures. After this, the population will decrease, and you will immediately receive a building permit! You can also improve the City Hall building to increase the population level.

How to turn the runway? At the moment, the game can not turn the runway.

How to find out how many flights you need to complete to get a star of excellence? Open the flight menu and find the flight you are interested in. Click on the flight image in the form of a mark, and information on the number of flights that must be completed to obtain a star will appear in a pop-up window.

How to launch a rocket? To launch a rocket, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the rocket to open the "Launch Preparation" window. At this stage, you need to collect certain collections.They can be obtained from flights to Baikonur and Cape Canaveral, as well as helping friends.
  2. Having collected the necessary collections, click "Finish". The "Space Program" window will appear. If you have neighbors who have already launched the space program, you will see their avatars in this window. You can join one of your friends. To do this, click the avatar of a friend, then "Join." If your neighbors do not yet have those who launched the space program, start your own and invite one of your friends to take part in it.
  3. Click "Start New." After that, the "Rocket Launch" window will open. In it you will see a list of required resources.They will need to be bought for coins or banknotes until the right amount is reached. Please note that the more expensive the cost of a resource, the more resources you get. Invite your friends to reach your goal faster. Click Add Friend at the bottom of the Rocket Launch window. You have 24 hours to collect all the items.
  4. When you click the button to buy resources, you will see that a report will start on the timer. This timer shows how long it takes to get this resource. Buy items until you see a window with a congratulation. It will notify you that the rocket is ready to fly into space.
  5. The rocket will be back in 24 hours. The shuttle will fall somewhere at the airport, after which it needs to be found and receive a reward.

Where can I find fuel? The maximum number of available fuel units at the airport increases with each level.One unit of fuel is automatically restored every three minutes. You can instantly replenish your fuel supply by buying it in a store or ordering at a gas station.

Why arent experience points gained in the game? I am at level 80. At the moment, the 80th level is the maximum in the game, so when it is reached, experience points are not further gained.

Why do we need tokens, and how to get them in the game? With the help of tokens, you can purchase improved and faster planes, as well as buildings in the alias store. Tokens are of 2 types: silver and gold. Silver tokens can be obtained for rocket launches into space. Both silver and gold tokens are also awarded for prizes in flight ratings. Play the game, launch rockets and fly to get tokens, and you will certainly succeed!

How many identical buildings can you build? You can build 6 buildings of one kind.

How to get stars of excellence, and why are they needed? Stars of excellence are an indicator of your success on various flights. Having made a certain number of flights to one country, you get a star and the corresponding rank:

Each star gives an additional reward, and their total amount opens up access to new flights.

City Update: City Hall. After renovation, some City Hall buildings now look like this: City Hall level 1 - the building increases the maximum population of the city by 120.

City Hall Level 2 - The building increases the maximum population of the city by 120.

City Hall level 3 - the building increases the maximum population of the city by 120.

City Hall level 4 - the building increases the maximum population of the city by 120.

City Hall level 5 - the building increases the maximum population of the city by 220.

What is the difference between hangars of different levels and colors? Each type of hangar, except for the first-level hangar (blue), accelerates the servicing of a certain type of aircraft on the runway, including the time for refueling and boarding passengers. This gaming feature does not apply to guest aircraft.

What is the maximum number of fuel units I can accumulate? The maximum amount of fuel depends on your level in the game. The total maximum is 125 units.

What is a mysterious building? A mysterious building is a chest whose contents are 1 random building of 10 new ones. To use the chest, go to "Warehouse" → the "Other" tab (box icon).

How to earn coins? You can earn coins in the following ways:

Where can I find tourists for helicopter flights? Tourists are like ordinary passengers, but stand out with an icon with a green briefcase. To find them, it is necessary to build tourist buildings that work the same as residential buildings - after a certain period of time, tourists appear as income. The possibility of building tourist buildings depends on the total population in your city: the higher it is, the more advanced buildings you can build. They are available in the first tab of the store.

How does a weather station work? Weather station - a special building that reduces the chance of getting bad weather conditions on flights, and also allows you to earn bonuses related to weather conditions. To receive the bonus, you must make at least one flight in the directions indicated in the weather station for three consecutive days. The description of the bonus can be seen by clicking on its icon. The higher the level of the building, the more bonuses you can get for consecutive flights. Thus, at the maximum third level, you can get three bonuses by flying off to the desired destinations for nine consecutive days. If you miss at least one day, all progress in flights is reset and returns on the first day.

How do I do adventure flights? Adventure flights are special flights that will allow you to get very valuable prizes in the end. To start the journey, you will need excavation cards that you can buy in the store at Duke Crocker. Each such card is automatically used for one flight in the selected direction and is stored in the warehouse in the "Other" tab.

From flights to places marked "Excavations" you can get chests with another type of card - flight cards. These cards make the corresponding city available for an unlimited number of flights, but are valid only for a given period of time. Such cards are stored in the Flight Cards tab and can also be activated there. They can also be bought from Duke Crocker. Each of the excavation trips can bring flight maps to five different cities of the same group, from the trips to which the items of the corresponding adventure collection fall. Having collected the collection 6 times, you will get a unique building.

How to put a plane in a backup hangar? When you buy a new plane, and all the hangars at the Airport are occupied, you are invited to place it in a suitable hangar. In this case, the aircraft from the selected hangar will go to the reserve. To return it, you will need a free hangar where you can place this type of aircraft. In addition, if there is a place in the backup hangar, any aircraft can be placed there as follows: open the backup hangar window, click the "Use" button, select the hangar from which you want to move the aircraft, and confirm your choice.

Edit mode

In city editing mode, you can build roads, move buildings or put them in a warehouse. To open the editing mode, click on the icon with green intersecting arrows on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

Placement and editing of the road. To pave or clear the road, in the editing mode, click on the icon with the image of the road: it is located in the lower left corner of the screen. Click on an existing section of the road to remove it from the map. Click on the free space on the territory to build a section of the road.

Sale and relocation of an object. If you want to sell or move a building, runway or other object, click on it.After that, an action menu will appear around the object:

You can switch to edit mode if you click on an object and hold it.

Please note: If an action cannot be performed with the object, the button for this action will not be highlighted. Click on the blue button with a white arrow in the lower right corner of the screen to exit the editing menu. You cant sell a hangar with an airplane. Also, the building cannot be sold if the plane is sent on a flight. To sell a hangar, you first need to sell a plane.

Airport City: Passing the Curse of the Valley of the Kings

This adventure is available from level 7. Gather the Ancient Ritual collection on adventure flights. Also from flights you will bring construction materials for the tomb. Build tombs in the city and find in them the elements of the Whisper of Walls collection. Gather the entire collection. Obsessed passengers will leave the tombs and must be sent to Dakhshur.

Ask your friends to send you straitjackets, use them to send obsessed passengers to Dakhshur and bring elements from the flight to collect the collection of the Lord of the Nile. In addition to the main tasks, in the adventure there are also two chains of tasks. Their implementation will help you get adventure currency and special collectibles.

Please note: you can complete tasks in chains and get rewards for them only once. When you restart the adventure, the chains are not reset, and their repeated passage is impossible.

Collections and special items. Collection items and items necessary for completing tasks can be obtained on special flights, as well as in some buildings near your airport and neighbors. Flights:

Buildings in the city: In this building you can find the elements of "Whisper of the walls", as well as collect the Masks of the Pharaoh: Tomb.

Rating points and how to get them. The rating in the adventure grows as you collect special items - masks of the pharaoh.You can get the mask of the pharaoh on flights of the event: different directions give a different number of masks. They can also be obtained by completing tasks, or from a special building of adventure - tombs. The mask of the pharaoh is not only an indicator of your rating in the adventure, but also a special currency of adventure.

On it you can purchase special buildings and bonuses in the adventure store. The tab with the store can be found in the event window. Do not worry if you purchase something in an adventure store: your rating points will not decrease, but will continue to accumulate further, despite the purchase. At the end of the adventure, all collected and not spent masks of the pharaoh turn into coins, they are not transferred to the next adventure. Pay attention to this and have time to spend all the accumulated masks of the pharaoh before the adventure is over!

Adventure store. Bonuses. In the adventure window, you can find a tab with a store where you can buy adventure bonuses, as well as the Mysterious Building chest, which can contain buildings from previous adventures.

Please note: the purchased bonus is activated immediately after purchase, you do not need to activate it in stock. It is important to correctly calculate the time before buying a bonus.

Adventure reward. Having completed the adventure, you will receive a reward for completing all the tasks - a special building that will remind you of your achievement and benefit the city. It is not possible to receive a reward until the end of the event.

Please note that completing the quest chain does not affect the receipt of this award - it is not necessary to complete all tasks in the chain to receive an event reward.

How do I enable the confirmation window when accelerating buildings for banknotes? You can return the spending confirmation window using the "Default settings" option in the "Settings" of the game.

I got a quest for 999 visits to various buildings. So it should be?There really is such a task in the game, and it is not a mistake. Only the most patient and persistent players will be able to help engineer Stern and complete this unique quest.

Airport City: Maximum Benefit from Friends

Where can I find my friends code? You can see your code for friends here:

  1. Click on the "Sociality" button (the icon with three people in the bottom menu).
  2. Click on the same button in the list of options.
  3. In the "Neighbors" menu that opens, go to the "Add a Friend" tab. In it you will find your code for friends, and you can immediately publish it on social networks.

How to add friends?You can add friends and check the list of added players in the "Neighbors" menu. To open it, click on the "Sociality" button (with three people in the bottom menu), and then another button with three people. You can add friends in the following ways:

  1. To add a random player, open the first tab and press the confirmation button. After sending the invitation, the selected players will go to the waiting list (second tab "Requests") until they accept your invitation.
  2. To add a specific player, open the Add Friend tab and enter his code. You can use 5 friends codes per day.

How many friends can I add? The maximum number of players that can be added from the list of random neighbors is 500. The number of players you can add using their codes for friends is unlimited.

Please note that only 5 codes from friends can be entered per day.

How to launch a rocket with a neighbor in the game? To launch a rocket with a neighbor, the following conditions must be met:

  1. You must be neighbors in the game.
  2. You must have the same type of launch pad and Mission Control Center.
  3. Both must have 4 collections to launch this particular rocket.
  4. One of you should start the launch, and the second should choose a neighbor in the start launch window. To do this, you need to collect a collection, click "Start", in the window that appears, select a friend by clicking on his avatar, and then select the "Join" option.

Next, you will prepare to launch together, collecting the items necessary for it.

How to enter a code from a friend or bonus code? Using a code from a friend or a promo code in the game is simple:

  1. Click on the "Sociality" button (the icon with three people in the bottom menu).
  2. Click on the same button in the list of options.
  3. In the "Neighbors" menu that opens, go to the "Add a Friend" tab.
  4. Enter a code from a friend or a promotional code in the field and click the search button.

How many neighbors can you visit per day to help them? The number of neighbors you can visit per day to collect items and help them depends on your level of reputation. At the first level, you can visit 4 neighbors a day, and also help them once every 24 hours. Help your friends to increase their reputation and thus visit even more friends. Each subsequent level adds one neighbor to the total number of friends you can visit. At the moment, the highest possible level of reputation is 9th.

Can I add a friend again if he or his invitation has been deleted? You can add a neighbor again if he has been removed from your friends list. You can add a friend in the following way: Open the "Add a friend" tab and enter his code to send a friend request again.

How many gifts can I send? You can send up to 20 gifts per day.

Please note that only 1 free gift per day can be sent to each neighbor.

How to send a gift? To send a gift, click on the "Gifts" button in the lower menu, select the gift and the friend you want to send it to. You can also make a gift through the "Neighbors" menu. To open this menu, press the "Sociality" button (button with 3 people in the lower menu) and press the button with 3 people again. To send a gift, go to the "Neighbors" tab, click "Send Gift" and select the item you want to give.

Please note that 20 free gifts can be made per day, but no more than one gift can be sent to each neighbor.

Airport City: Alliance Guide

What is an alliance for? The Alliance allows you to compete with other players and win valuable prizes and the best planes in the game!

How do alliance competitions work? Each week, alliance members receive a list of destinations and the number of flights that must be completed. With the complete completion of flights to any of the destinations, the alliance receives 1 point. Each member can bring the alliance up to 3 points, completing flights in all three directions. Flights are taken into account in the mission only if there is a stable Internet connection. If the members of the alliance jointly gain a certain percentage of the maximum possible number of points, they all receive a reward. The prize is awarded based on the percentage of points scored: for 10%, 30%, 50%, 70% and 100%.

Each of the awards necessarily includes reputation points. Participating in weekly assignments is now the only way to accumulate them - participating in alliance ratings no longer earns reputation points. If a player joins the alliance in the middle of the week, he can only start the weekly tasks next week. Once a week, you can update one of the directions to another for free, but progress in this direction will be lost. Each subsequent flight update costs 20 banknotes.

How to transport passengers? You can carry passengers on any flight available to you, all of which will be offset.

How are ratings formed? Ratings are based on the number of passengers carried. The more passengers carried by the alliance members on a flight, the higher the place in the rating of this flight.

How to get alliance reputation points? The reputation of the alliance is issued only for completing weekly tasks, it is impossible to get it for the ratings of alliances. The larger the percentage of weekly assignments you managed to complete, the more you will earn reputation points.

How to create your own alliance? To create your own alliance, you will need the Alliance headquarters, which is available in the game store in the "Air Buildings" tab. After its construction, you can start your alliance:

  1. Click on the "Sociality" button with three people in the bottom menu of the game.
  2. Next, click on the icon with a uniform cap.
  3. In the opened Alliances menu, select the Create Alliance option.
  4. Choose the name of your alliance and its logo.
  5. Click Create Alliance to complete.

How to lead the alliance? You can manage an alliance using the Alliances menu. To open it, click on the "Sociality" button, then on the icon with a uniform cap:

  1. The Alliance tab shows his reputation, place in the ranking last week, number of participants and the number of passengers carried over the current week.
  2. Using the "My Applications" tab, you can invite neighbors to your alliance and check applications for participation in it. The number of members of the alliance depends on its level: at the 1st level, the alliance may include 4 members, but as your team develops, the number will increase. The maximum number of members of the alliance is 12.
  3. The Management tab will help you manage your alliance. Here you can see its members and determine the composition of your team.

How can I convey leadership in the alliance? To transfer leadership in the alliance:

  1. Open the alliance management menu.
  2. Click Transfer Leadership.
  3. Click on the player you would like to designate as the next leader, use the "Select" option and confirm your choice.

In addition to a manual change, the leader also changes to the most active player automatically if he has not entered the game within 30 days.

How to join the alliance? You can either join a random alliance from the list provided, or select the one you need if you know its name. The Join tab in the Alliances menu shows a random list of alliances. Some of them may be crowded, while others have certain conditions for entry. Check this tab from time to time to find a suitable alliance. When you find one to which you can join, send an application for membership and wait until the alliance leader either accepts it or rejects it.

You can find a specific alliance by its name through the "Find Alliance" tab in the "Alliances" menu. Take a look at the official group of the game on Facebook or VKontakte and check the comments - players often leave the names of their alliances there. In addition, you can at any time create your own alliance and invite other players to join it.

How do I exit the alliance? To leave the alliance:

  1. Select the Sociality button with the three men at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Press the button with alliances to open the menu of your current alliance.
  3. Find the "Exit Alliance" option in the same menu.

What determines the number of members in the alliance? The higher the level of the alliance, the more people can be in it. Continue to fly and gain ratings, and soon your alliance will get new places!

Airport City: Ratings and Standings

In the ranking, I took a place lower than the other player, although we have the same number of points. Why? If the number of points invested between the players is the same, the highest place is taken by the one who invested these points first.

In the overall ranking I have fewer flights than actually! Why? The overall rating is updated every 15 minutes, so if the number of real flights does not match the ones indicated in the table, just wait for the next update within the specified period of time so that the data is synchronized.

Why am I not getting a reward for participating in the Top 100 Flight Rating / Space Program?According to game mechanics, only the most stubborn and gambling will receive a reward for participating in competitions. To win a prize in the Top 100, you must be one of the first 10 players in the ranking; to receive a reward for participating in the space program - among the first 3 players.

Airport City: Why are players flashing progress?

Save your progress using Game Center! In order not to lose progress and all your achievements, link the game to your Game Center account! New phone, several phones, phone + tablet? There is nothing to worry about - your game will continue from the same place, because Game Center (which you can find in the settings of your iOS device) automatically saves the progress in the game, and also allows you to access this data on another device or after reinstalling the game on current. In addition to this, you can always share your achievements in the game with friends and see at what level they are.

Important: Game Center only supports one game profile per account! Attempting to save more than one profile on your Game Center account may result in data loss or subscription malfunctioning!

To connect, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings, find and select Game Center.
  2. Click on the Apple ID field.
  3. If you already have an account, log in. If not, create an Apple ID account.
  4. Return to the main screen, and then start the game.

Before transferring your game progress to a new device, it is recommended that you follow these steps:

Save your progress using Google Play! In order not to lose progress and all your achievements, link the game to your Google Play account! In addition to this, you can always share your achievements in the game with friends and see at what level they are.

Important: Google Play only supports one game profile per account! Attempting to save more than one profile on your Game Center account may result in data loss or subscription malfunctioning!

To connect, follow these steps:

  1. Add your Google Play account in Settings (Users> Add New).
  2. Return to the main screen.
  3. Launch the game, click "Sign in to Google Play" and select your email address. A pop-up window will confirm the connection.

Before transferring your game progress to a new device, it is recommended that you follow these steps:

My game was blocked for time travel. What should I do? If you change the time settings on your device, the game will be blocked for time travel. You will not be able to visit friends in the game, accept and send gifts, or participate in ratings. To unlock the profile, set the automatic time setting so that the time on the device matches the time zone. Take a screenshot of the time settings. Send it to customer support.

Useful advice: If you travel through different time zones, we recommend that you leave the automatic time setting on your device turned on.

How to find out the game version? To find out the version of the game, go to "Settings" → "Applications" → "Application Management" → Airport City. The game version can be viewed in the application information section.

How do I set my own avatar? Your avatar will automatically load into the game as soon as you install the Facebook application on the device and complete authorization.

I watched the advertisement, but did not receive the award. What should I do? Make sure your Internet connection is stable and restart the game. If after these steps you have not received a reward, then contact support!

I have no option to see ads, why? Perhaps you have already reached your viewing limit, or you are currently not able to view ads.

I have few rewards, I want more! In this case, the official page of the game on Facebook regularly hosts contests with valuable prizes and all kinds of bonuses! Join, participate and win!

How do I know my username? To find out your username, click on the "Sociality" button (a button with 3 people at the bottom of the screen) → another button with 3 people → a tab "Profile". Here you can see your username.

Attention! Entering a new name or changing the current one can be done only if there is an Internet connection.

What is a subscription? In "Airport City" you can apply for a paid subscription, which will give you additional benefits and bonuses for a more comfortable game. There are two types of subscription: silver and gold. It can be issued for a period of 1, 3 or 6 months. Subscription is updated automatically in accordance with the selected plan. A subscription is issued inside the game in the "Subscription" tab, which can be found in the bank. At the moment, the subscription is available only for users of Android and iOS devices.