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Walkthrough Age of Z Origins: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

AGE OF Z ORIGINS is an Android game with a release date of 09/22/2018 from Camel Games Limited. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, check the Wise Geek website more often.


  1. Tech Questions
  2. Alliance
  3. Gifts and Posts
  4. Server change. Account linking

Age of Z Origins: Tech Questions

Why can enemies attack my city during truce activation? If an enemy reaches your castle before your peace shield has been activated, your Peace Shield will not take effect until the fight ends.

How do I use redeployment inventory? Before using Teleport in Territory, make sure that the starting point of teleportation and the final one is in the territory of your Alliance, and that the territory of your Alliance is more than 500.

What are those. chips? Why can’t I see them in my backpack? The chips found in the ruins are used to improve the skills of the Alliance. To view and spend the contribution, you need to increase the Alliance Citadel to 4 lvl. and build an academy.

Why do fighters die in defense? The following situations will result in the loss of your soldiers:

Why is SOS not effective? Possible reasons why the "Battle Log" (SOS) did not work:

  1. You did not successfully activate the Journal until the end of the battle. If the "Journal" is activated, its icon will be active.
  2. If your allies join the fight in the middle of your fight, the Journal will not trigger.

Why is the truce not effective? When you use the Peace Shield, you cannot launch an Attack or Reconnaissance without discarding your Peace Shield.

How to increase the marching party? Upgrade the Car Factory to level 5 to unlock another car convoys. In addition to the standard convoys, you can level up the Car Factory to unlock up to 3 new convoys.

When you reach VIP 7, you can access additional car convoys while the VIP is active. With full exploration and an active VIP 7, the maximum number of convoys you can have is 5.

Why does ammunition always have a low color class? The probability of obtaining is random and does not depend on the amount of synthesis. If the probability is not 100%, you can still craft equipment of one color or another.

Why is mining inventory ineffective? For details, click Elite Mine - View - Mining Bonus - Number of Miners. If you are mining on a regular farm, see "Mining Speed".

How to complete the third level tasks in the ruins? To complete this task quickly, you need:

  1. Join an active Alliance;
  2. Upgrade the control room to increase the concentration force limit. If you have a member in the Alliance with a high level of control room, have him initiate a concentration trip to the ruins;
  3. Upgrade the machine plant and base as soon as possible to create more powerful fighters;
  4. To pass 3 location, you need to reach level 4.

What if I lost my account? Developers can only check one account at a time. Select an account to check. Indicate the name of your commander and the server on which he is located.

Why is my account blocked? Do not transfer your account data to third parties. Do not use third party programs and unofficial platforms. Do not use pirated applications, plugins, or other programs to modify customer data.

Age of Z Origins: Alliance

What if the head of the Alliance has been offline for a long time? If the Leader of the Alliance has not entered the game within 72 hours, leadership will automatically be transferred to the strongest member of the highest rank.

Why are my Alliance points decreasing? Why can’t I buy inventory with Alliance Points? Alliance Points belong to the entire Alliance. Members rank 4 and above can use Alliance Points to purchase items in the Alliance Store. Because of this, you will be notified of the purchase of any item with Alliance Points. To buy items from the Alliance Store, you need to spend individual Alliance points, Honor of the Alliance.

Why is there no stronghold of my Alliance? The Alliance Citadel may disappear for the following reasons:

  1. If your Alliance Citadel is attacked and its defenses drop to 0, it will be destroyed.
  2. The Alliance Leader can demolish the Alliance Citadel.
  3. If all members of the Alliance do not enter the game within 7 days, the system will automatically demolish all buildings of the Alliance.
You can use Alliance Points to rebuild your Alliance Citadel.

Age of Z Origins: Gifts and Posts

Why isn’t my post on the world channel? If posts are not commented / rated for a certain time, the post is deleted. Posts containing offensive or illegal content may be removed.

Why don’t the price of the gift and the actual deduction match? The different cost of gifts depends on the region and version of the game. The game has the same prices for all regions, but due to different tax rates and different policies of Google and Apple in relation to states, prices can vary significantly. For pricing issues, please contact Google and Apple support in your area.

Why didn’t I receive the gift I bought? The reason for not crediting the account may be a problem with the Internet connection. Provide customer service with your commander’s name and location. If you do not receive your reward within 48 hours, please contact Customer Service and provide a screenshot of your purchase receipt, including the date, order number, packaging cost, and other information. After checking the information you provided, the gift will be re-sent.

Age of Z Origins: Server change. Account linking

What is the procedure for changing the server? First you need to leave the city, then click on the flag in the lower left corner and select the map icon. After entering the world map, select a server and use your inventory to teleport.

Don’t waste your expensive teleportation equipment.

What are the conditions for changing the server? To move to another server, you need to satisfy the conditions:

If you cannot meet the above conditions, we recommend creating a new account and trying to move again.

Account linking. By linking an account, you can avoid losing your character as a result of a device change. Several Cities can be linked to a third-party account, but you can only have two Cities per Land.

For the first linking of an account, you can receive 200 units. gold. For linking two accounts, you can get 300 units. gold.

Article author: Nadezhda D.