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Walkthrough Aquapolis: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

AQUAPOLIS - Android game with release date 03/26/2014 from Candy Grill. Game genre: Simulation. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

What is this game? Why is the whole planet covered with water and inhabited by unknown intelligent creatures? Find answers to these questions in company with a brilliant professor, charming Lana and a charismatic captain. Help locals turn an abandoned village into a thriving metropolis.

Build a modern underwater city with developed infrastructure. Teach underwater residents all the intricacies of modern technology. Seek out the remnants of civilization and unravel the tangled messages of the unlucky scientist. Play with your Facebook friends and help them master underwater urban planning. Features:

How to start and finish construction? Building construction takes time. At the end of construction, the building must be opened by clicking on the icon with the cut ribbon.

Buildings in Aquapolis come in 4 main types: residential, industrial, entertainment, scenery.

Why are residential buildings needed? Residential buildings regularly generate profits in the form of silver coins and elements of the collection. Residential building can be improved. The improved building brings more profit and a new collection item. When collecting profits, residential buildings lose some of the stock of happiness that can be restored with the help of entertainment buildings.

What do the emoticons above residential buildings mean? Smiley means the level of happiness of your residents. If happiness drops to zero, a residential building makes no profit. If the level of happiness is 100%, the building brings more profit. To increase the level of happiness, it is necessary to build an entertainment building near residential buildings.

Why are entertainment buildings needed? Entertainment regularly creates a certain supply of happiness, which is displayed in the form of an icon with joyful emoticons.

To increase the level of happiness, it is necessary to build entertainment near residential buildings and regularly collect a stock of happiness. The radius of the entertainment building is highlighted during construction.

Why are industrial buildings needed? Various products are produced in these buildings. Sometimes production may be stopped due to breakage. A building breakdown is displayed as a window with an exclamation mark.

To continue production, damage must be repaired with the help of inventory. You can also ask friends for repair assistance. Click on the broken building and select "Ask for help" to send friends a request for help. Friends can help with the repair of any production, but not more than one at a time. If you started repairing the building, but changed your mind about repairing it, select another broken production and click on the "Confirm" button. The help accepted before this will be lost, and the repair will be transferred to another production.

How to get inventory? Inventory can be obtained by collecting profits from residential buildings. Also, inventory can be obtained if you build or improve a residential building. With construction and improvement, the probability of obtaining inventory is 100%, while collecting profit it does not always fall out.

How to start playing with friends? In order to play with friends, you must:

  1. Connect to the internet;
  2. Connect to Facebook in the game settings;
  3. In the window of the broken building, click on the "Ask for help" button.

How do I add a friend? If you want to invite new friends to the game, click on the "Invite" button in the right menu of the friends panel. If your friend is already playing Aquapolis but hasn’t appeared in the friends list, make friends with him on Facebook and restart the game.

Why build the scenery? The scenery not only decorates the city, but also improves the level of ecology.

What is the level of ecology? Ecology goes down during the construction of each production building. If the level of ecology drops below zero, unattractive piles of garbage appear in the vicinity of the city. If the ecological level is above zero, underwater flowers bloom in the vicinity.

Stock. All manufactured products go to the warehouse. Initially, the warehouse can accommodate 10 products. If the number of products exceeds the capacity of the warehouse, you can sell products. The warehouse can be expanded to increase its capacity.

Technology. The study of technology is necessary to start production of a new product or study the next technology. Technologies have three levels of development. Product manufacturing enhances technology. For achieving a new level of technology development, you get rubies.

What if there is not enough space for construction? You can purchase the expansion of the territory by clicking on the shaded territory and selecting "buy territory". You can also move buildings denser to each other. To do this, enter the editing mode, select the building, move it to a new position and confirm your choice.

How can I remove the road? You can remove the road by selecting the menu with the helmet of the builder. In this mode, select the road editing menu. Then click on the section where you would like to build the road, or on the section of the road that you want to delete.

What are rubies for? In Aquapolis, you can use rubies to speed up production, speed up building construction, buy the missing ingredient or inventory, protect industrial buildings from breakdowns, and much more.

What do the icons above the inhabitants mean? What is an order board? Residents of Aquapolis may be asked to perform any additional tasks: to collect the necessary products for them, improve the house, build entertainment, collect flowers or remove garbage. If the assignment has not yet been received, you see a palm-shaped icon above the resident. All tasks from residents are sent to the Order Board, which is located in the upper left corner of the game screen. When you perform a task from an underwater passerby, you receive a notification about this on the board, and you can pick up the reward.

How to save my progress in the game? To maintain progress, we strongly recommend playing with an Internet connection. To keep your city’s progress in the cloud, connect Aquapolis to your Facebook, Google Play Games and / or Vkontakte account. If you want to play on another device, just download the game and use your login to download progress. If 2 or more players play on 1 device, it is enough to log in to each account to download the necessary progress.

How to get a daily bonus? Playing every day, you can get: silver coins, rubies, the key to the chest. Open the chests to collect: rubies, inventory, random product and drawing. Collect drawings to build a mysterious building with bonuses. If you miss 1 day, the entire bonus line begins anew.

Article author: Nadezhda D.