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ALICE IN THE MIRRORS OF ALBION - Android game with release date 07/11/2013 from the company Game Insight. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


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  2. Walkthrough
  3. Why game progress disappears
  4. Game Modes
  5. A Guide to Friends
  6. Bugs at Donat

Alice in the Mirrors of Albion: Walkthrough

What is a VIP status and how to get it? VIP status is your opportunity to receive additional bonuses for promotion in the game! The current VIP level is included in your profile, it can be viewed in the upper left corner of the game screen. Here are some of the benefits that VIP status provides:

VIP status activation: In order to receive the benefits that the VIP status provides, you need to activate the VIP bonus. You can click the "Get VIP" button in the upper left corner of the screen, then select "Details" and get a VIP status by purchasing game currency in the store.

VIP levels. As the VIP level increases, you will receive more benefits. To increase the level, buy more game currency! The VIP bonus level remains active for 90 days. At the end of this period, your current VIP level will be frozen until you receive a new one. A frozen VIP level is indicated by a crown symbol next to your name.

What are artifacts and how to use them? Artifacts are unique items. After the artifact is collected, you get a permanent bonus. You can find artifacts in the corresponding menu at the bottom of the game screen after reaching level 8. Each artifact consists of five different items that you get for completing missions in the "Patrol".Artifacts are created in the Workshop menu and have 4 quality levels: regular, rare, epic and legendary. The higher the artifact level, the greater the initial bonus. Choosing one of the items on the artifact screen, you can see a description of his bonus.

You can also replace an artifact of this type or improve it. Improvements increase bonuses. They can be made using other artifacts, blue stars and special items with the image of a card suit. There are four card suits. Items with them can be obtained by fighting bosses. Each type of artifact has its own improvement limit. Normal artifacts can be upgraded to level 10, rare artifacts to 20, epic to 30, and legendary to 40.

What are decorations and how to get them? Decorations are special temporary fragments of decor that not only adorn the streets of Albion, but also bring you very valuable gifts. They can be obtained by using in-game offers or by fulfilling the conditions of special events in the game.

What dangers can be encountered in the "Patrol"? During patrolling, you can meet creatures from the Looking Glass who walk the streets of the city the same way you do. Be careful: avoid such meetings, because fighting with these creatures is really difficult! You can also fall into the trap. Traps cannot be avoided: they come across you along the way in random places.

What are vouchers? Vouchers are a new game currency that can be used in patrols. Vouchers provide an opportunity to open secret chests, as well as receive special items to restore courage and health. Vouchers are also used for a super attack, giving an instant victory over any opponent. Vouchers can be purchased at the game bank or obtained by purchasing sets.

Why does the game offer me to buy an item when I try to drive a monster away? By clicking the "Attack!" Button, you start a battle with a monster and strike him, which causes damage and takes 1 health. Using the "Drive away" function, you instantly defeat the monster, however this action requires as many resources as all attacks in total.

Please note: The attack window indicates the amount of resources required for one attack. For example, if in order to attack a monster with 3 lives, you need 30 units of energy and one item, to expel this monster you will need 90 units of energy and 3 items.

How to charge a collection? First of all, to charge the collection, you need to collect all the items included in it. You can find them when exploring locations, completing tasks, and chatting with friends in the game. After all five items are collected, make sure that you have the right amount of items needed to charge. By charging the collection, you will receive a special item and receive a reward for charging this collection.

When exploring the location, I could not find any objects. Why? Each location you explore has potential collection items. All of them are displayed in the pop-up information window that you see before you go looking for items. Sometimes, exploring a location, you do not receive rewards, since the arrangement of objects in it is arbitrary. Therefore, sometimes you will need to search the desired locations several times in order to find something.

I am researching a room, but my results on the Success Board are not updated. The results displayed on the Success Board are not cumulative. The displayed number shows the best result when examining this room, and not the sum of the points received for all of its studies. As soon as you achieve a better result than all the previous ones, the data will be updated.

How does Fierce Jin work? Fierce Jin increases the maximum number of items that you can find when exploring locations and exchanging with monsters by 1. This means that your chances of finding more items when exploring increase. This does not mean that you will receive the same item twice: you will receive different items.

Who is Midshipman? This is one of the characters wandering around Albion. If you need to exchange with Michman, just keep playing: after a while he will appear.

What is a wheel of fortune? Wheel of Fortune is a unique opportunity to receive a free bonus every day! Find the roulette icon on the right side of the screen, launch it by clicking on the "Spin!" Button, and get ready to pick up the gift.

Why do I need to go through locations? Locations - this is an important part of the game, allowing you to perform tasks on the arrangement of the city and move on the plot. In addition, for each level you pass, you get game currency and other rewards that you can spend on buying new game enhancements or collecting collections.

Alice in the Mirrors of Albion: Walkthrough

What is piggy piggy bank? Piggy bank is a unique game offer, thanks to which you can buy crystals much cheaper than in a bank! Explore locations during the validity period of the offer. For each successful passage you will be awarded crystals. Once the piggy piggy bank is full, you can open it and pick up all the collected crystals at an incredibly favorable price!

Stable Event

The event is available to all detectives who have reached level 11.

Locations. Get ready to explore the new location - the stable! To access this location, you will need the key to the stable and 10 treats for horses: the key and treats can be found by exploring other locations.

Quest rewards. Complete tasks at the stable and get rewards:

Winged messenger. Collect jockey coins by exchanging gremlin jockey, a caring groom and a brave horsewoman. Coins can be exchanged for the following rewards:


Items required to complete the collections:

  1. Inflatable unicorn;
  2. Scarlet Pegasus;
  3. Wonder Horse;
  4. Kelpie.

All of these items can be obtained by exchanging with new characters.


During this event, competitions will also be available to you.

Royal Games Event

The event is available to all players above level 11.

Locations. Get ready to explore the Cemetery. This location is available only during the event. You will need fire torches to access it. If this is your first encounter with this event, you will also need to collect the key to the cemetery. Some parts of the key can be collected from cowardly and brave boys. If you have already played this event, you can immediately start exploring the location. To collect the key, you will need:

  1. Folding shovel x15;
  2. Zinc bucket x25;
  3. Rubber boots x50;
  4. Durable hard hat x10.


  1. Hand over the collections of "Again (Un) Living" and "Everything for the Pet" 3 times + find 10 fire mirrors to get the Zombie Doll.
  2. Hand in the "Child of the Fields" collection 3 times and the "Static Electricity" collection 4 times + find 20 fire mirrors to get the Scarecrow Doll.
  3. Hand over the "Night Flight" and "Hairstyle from Mogucci" collections 4 times + find 30 fire mirrors to get the Witch Doll.
  4. Hand over the Monster Set collection 4 times and the Frankenmen collection 5 times + find 40 fire mirrors to get the Monstrous Doll.
  5. Hand over the Souvenirs from Egypt and the Withers Over Gold collections 5 times + find 50 fire mirrors to get the Mummy Doll.
  6. Hand over the Crypt Tales and The Other Side collections 5 times + find 60 fire mirrors to get the Vampire Doll.
  7. Hand over the "Eat Me!" and "Do not eat me!" 5 times + find 70 fire mirrors to get the Zabiyaku Doll.
  8. Hand over the Seduction and From the Gates Love Spell collections 5 times + find 80 fire mirrors to get the Seductive Doll.
  9. Hand over the collection "Essential Attributes" and "Set for Focus" 5 times + find 90 fire mirrors to get the Magic Doll.
  10. Hand over the Sinister Details and Such Different Horses collections 5 times + find 100 fire mirrors to get the Bucephalus Doll.
  11. Hand over the Trophies of Love to Your Heart I and Trophies of Love to Your Heart II collections to receive the Crown of Power amulet.
  12. Drive out 30 annoying zombies, 30 scarecrows, 30 witches, 30 Frankenstein monsters and 30 mummies to get 3 bronze saws (1).
  13. Banish 30 vampires, 30 mage cards, 30 succubi, 30 giant gullies and 30 bucephals to get 2 silver saws (2).
  14. Drive out 30 seasoned zombies, 30 scary scarecrows, 30 evil witches, 30 crazy monsters and 30 ferocious mummies to get a golden saw (3).
  15. Hand over the Trophies of Love to Your Heart III collection + find 50 fire cards to get a suppression cloak.
  16. Hand over the collections of ((not) Forgotten Toys "and" Mischief "4 times + find 55 fire mirrors and 5 fire cards to get a doll offender plush.
  17. Hand over the Something Many Faces collection 4 times and the Crazy Masquerade collection 5 times + find 65 fire mirrors and 10 fire cards to get the Something Doll.
  18. Hand over the Cooking Pudding collections! and "Fighting utensils" 5 times + find 74 fire mirrors and 15 fire cards to get the Cook Doll.
  19. Hand over the collection "Court is coming!" 5 times and the executioners birthday collection 6 times + find 85 fire mirrors and 25 fire cards to get the executioner doll.
  20. Hand over the Royal Allure and Knives from Around the World collections 6 times + find 95 fire mirrors and 40 fire cards to get the Mustanger Doll.
  21. Hand over the Treasure Trophies IV Collection to get Boots of Speed.
  22. Hand over the Exclusive Shoes and Ordinary Animals from Through the Looking Glass collections 6 times + find 60 fire mirrors and 30 fire cards to get the Mirror Fairy Doll.
  23. Hand over the Cheshires Dream, Splyushka Toys and Sleepy Objects collections 5 times + find 80 fire mirrors and 40 fire cards to get the "Sleeping for many years" doll.
  24. Hand over the Superhero Path collection 6 times and the Ammunition collection 7 times + find 90 fire mirrors and 50 fire cards to get the Hero Doll.
  25. Hand over the Horse Armor collection 7 times and the Knight Armor collection 8 times + find 100 fire mirrors and 60 fire cards to get the Knight Doll.
  26. Hand over the Fossilized collection 5 times and the Pets collection 6 times + find 50 fire mirrors and 25 fire cards to get the Gorgon Doll.
  27. Find 15 folding shovels, 25 zinc buckets, 50 rubber boots and 10 strong helmets to get the key to the location of the Cemetery and 30 runes of life.

Alice in the Mirrors of Albion: Why game progress disappears

My game progress is gone. How do I get it back? Send an email to support with the following information:

  1. The full name of the player associated with the lost account (and, if possible, the user ID).
  2. Lost Account Level.
  3. ID of the current account.
  4. Brief information about how the account was lost.

If for some reason your game started from the very beginning, go through the first 2 levels of the game, and then write to the support service.

After reinstalling the application, my progress disappeared. How do I get it back? If your game was tied to social networks, link the new game to the same social networks as well, then minimize the game, unload it from memory, and then restart it with a stable Internet connection. After downloading, Cheshire Jr. will inform you that he has found game progress with a higher level, and will offer to download it. If this does not happen, write to the support service with a description of the problem and an indication of the old and new game ID.

Alice in the Mirrors of Albion: Game Modes

How to call an anomaly? You can call the anomaly as follows: open the store, then the "Rest" tab. You will see a list of amulets with which you can call up different types of anomalies.

Please note: an anomaly can appear in any location.

Why am I still unavailable in Reflection mode? To access the "Reflection" mode, you need to complete a certain chain of tasks. We cant tell you what kind of tasks these are: all players should have equal chances in passing the game. For now, complete the available tasks, and soon you will have the opportunity to access new game modes.

Alice in the Mirrors of Albion: A Guide to Friends

How to use a bell to wake a friend? Some friends walk on the territory of your card. You can explore various places with them and get useful bonuses. After a friend helps you, he will need a day of rest before he can come to your aid again. If you do not want to wait, and you want to immediately go on an adventure, use the bell. Bells can be rewarded for collecting some collections and completing assignments. They can also be purchased at the store.

When exchanging gifts with friends, I cannot receive or send many slingshots. Why? Each player has its own slingshot limit; the maximum number of slingshots that can be received or sent per day is 10. All other requests are transferred to the next day, but do not disappear. The restriction applies to all players, including those with many friends, so that they cannot send slingshots to all friends at the same time.

What are mysterious gifts? Mysterious gifts can be sent and received in gratitude for the gifts that other players give you.

How to add friends? You can add friends to play together using the game ID (Support ID). To get the code, go to the menu "Friends" → Invite friends → Add friends by ID. You can also find a friends code on this tab and share it with other players in the group. The number of invitations you can send is unlimited.

Please note: you need to wait until the players accept your invitation. Only after that you will be able to visit their Albions, send gifts and chat with new friends.

How can I help a friend? First of all, you need strength to help your friends. On the Albions of your friends you can find envelopes. By clicking on them, you help friends. You can only click on vibrating envelopes.Envelopes are located in the center of the location of your friends. Here you can leave tips that are useful to friends in the study of rooms. Each time, helping friends, you get reputation points. To return home, find the button with the image of the house in the lower left corner of the game screen.

What are envelopes for in friends cities? Envelopes are bonuses that you receive for visiting and helping friends. Each time, helping friends, you get reputation points. With enough points you get a new level of reputation. With each level, the number of prizes you receive for visiting friends increases. In addition, when you explore a room with a friend, an additional reward for his profession grows. To see your profession, select your name in the upper left corner under the experience bar.

How to send a gift? To send a gift to a friend, you need to do the following:

  1. Click on the "Gifts" tab.
  2. Select what you want to send, a gift or a collection item, and select the appropriate tab. A list of available gifts / collection items appears.
  3. Click the "Send" button to select the friend to whom you want to send a gift / item to the collection.
Please note: you can send each friend only one gift per day and in total no more than 50 gifts / 10 collection items in 24 hours. Each of the counters can be reset to 10 crystals.

What is the maximum reputation level? At the moment, the highest reputation level is 55. Currently, higher levels are under development.

Alice in the Mirrors of Albion: Bugs at Donat

How to avoid random purchases in the game? (Android) "Alice in the Mirrors of Albion of Albion" is a free game, however some in-game items can be bought for real money. To protect yourself from accidental purchases in the game, you need to change the device settings.

  1. Open the Play Market app.
  2. Tap the menu icon and select "Settings."
  3. Click Purchase Authentication.
  4. Select an authentication option. For all purchases on Google Play on this device: authentication will be required for every purchase of content on Google Play; Every 30 minutes: the system will request a password for purchases on Google Play once every 30 minutes. Attention: if you enter the password once, then with this option of authentication, all subsequent purchases within 30 minutes will be performed without asking for the password.
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions.

For Kindle devices:

  1. Open the Amazon App Store app.
  2. Go to menu -> Settings.
  3. Uncheck the In-app Purchasing option.

The in-game purchase was made without using Google Play. How can I find out the details of the order? When you download an application on Google Play, it defaults to the Google billing system. Even if a specific payment is made via PayPal, SMS, or using any other payment method, it is still registered with Google: this is inevitable. When you sign up for Google Play, an identical account at payments.google.com is automatically created. This account contains information about all your purchases. The username is your Gmail address, and the password matches your password to log in to your Google account.