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Walkthrough Alliance Wars: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

ALLIANCE WARS - Android game with release date 07/27/2015 from the company Mindstorm Studios. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Database Guide
  2. Unions in the game
  3. PVP Guide
  4. Other Game Issues
  5. About Your Account

Alliance Wars: Database Guide

What are debris and where do they come from? If battles are constantly taking place at your base, over time, debris will not appear on it. They can be disposed of in order to obtain the necessary fuel, and, if possible, to find in them such precious melt cells! The melt found may be enough to speed up the training of troops and immediately engage in battle.

How is energy used in the game? Using energy at the base can improve almost everything. At the initial stage, the energy of the dam is available, next to which the base is built. Ultimately, however, you will have to create other energy sources (thermal and nuclear installations) in order to maintain and develop the base.Enormous amounts of energy are required to operate buildings such as the Tesla Tower and the defense generator. Therefore, think over when it is worth improving the base - you should have enough energy in case someone comes to you!

Why cant I fully activate Teslas / Shield generators when fully updated? This is a limitation of the games design in which you can never completely upgrade all Towers, and all Tesla towers - up to 100 percent. If this were permissible, then all the upper bases at one point would have the same strength. The power is adjusted so that players need to choose which strategy they will go with.

Thus, if you want to maximize all your towers, you will have to sacrifice Teslas power or shield. However, please stay tuned, as the development team is currently working on incorporating new exciting protective content and more power into the game, and you will be able to see it in future updates.

What is exercise mode? After you equip your base, you may want to see how the attack on it would look to identify gaps in defense. Engineers recreated the holographic model of your base so that you can attack it and check the defense in action. Do not worry! During the attack of the hologram of the base in the training mode, your soldiers and resources will remain intact.

How does the enhancement system work? To improve the building you need a free building robot. Select a building and click the "Improve" button - with enough resources and energy, improvement will begin immediately. As the level of the command center increases, new improvements become available. Try to frequently raise the level of the command center to unlock new buildings, as well as improve defense and walls.However, remember that, for example, defensive structures, mines and oil rigs will not be able to perform their functions while their level rises.

Alliance Wars: Unions in the game

How to join the alliance? Click the Alliance button located on your base and two options will be displayed: create an Alliance and Join an Alliance. Pressing the Alliance button will bring you to a screen where you can either search for an alliance or join one of the recommended alliances.

How to create an alliance? Click the Alliance button located on your base and two options will be displayed: create an Alliance and Join an Alliance. To create an alliance, click the Create Alliance button and enter the name of the alliance you want to launch and click Create. You can fill in the remaining details of the alliance after its creation, and then go to the alliance settings from the alliance chat window in the alliance sector.

How to leave the alliance? Follow the instructions below to quit the alliance.

  1. Go to the alliance chat panel in the alliance section.
  2. Press the small "i" button on top of the chat section.
  3. Click the "Drop Alliance" button.

How to appoint a new general? In order to appoint a new general, the incumbent general must leave his post and appoint one of the majors as the new general.

Alliance Wars: PVP Guide

How does an interference transmitter work? The jammer protects you from enemy attacks by encrypting the radar signal and hiding your base on other peoples maps. If your transmitter expires, or you start an attack while the transmitter is active, it will be turned off, after which you will become vulnerable to enemy attacks.When someone attacks your base and receives at least one star, your jammer activates again. After that, you will be protected from subsequent attacks, and you will have time to recover. In addition, in the special items section of the store, you can purchase a transmitter with a longer validity period.

What will happen to my base if it is attacked? Enemy commanders cannot attack you while you play or online. However, when you exit the game, and while your jammer is inactive, you become vulnerable to enemy attacks. When the enemy attacks you, he steals some of the resources and deals damage to your base. The more damage he does, the more medals he will receive from you. Your damaged buildings will be automatically repaired immediately after you return to the game - for this case, special repair nanorobots were invented!

How many resources can steal from me? To be honest, higher-level players will be able to steal less resources from you, and lower-level players will be able to steal more. However, this will be a small fraction of all your resources. This applies to the resources of mines and oil rigs, and to the resources of bunkers and oil storage facilities. Mines and oil rigs are weaker protected than bunkers and oil storages, which means they are more vulnerable to looting. Gather resources as often as possible and store them in bunkers and oil storage facilities.

Is it possible to control the troops after their deployment? Remember the Matrix? Without a goal, no one would exist. Thats how it works in War Inc. - All units operate autonomously on the battlefield, but each has its own purpose. View data on the military unit in the menu of the corresponding buildings. Find out what they specialize in and why you should choose a specific unit for this combat mission.

For example, mechanoids take the damage from defensive structures, combine harvesters pump out resources at a frantic speed, and demobots serve only one thing - to blow up walls! Similarly, different defenses behave differently on the battlefield. Therefore, get acquainted with their features and think over attacks on different bases.

Why cant reuse survivors of the battle? Once a combat unit is stationed in War Inc., it is considered used regardless of whether it survived the battle or not. This must be taken into account when attacking enemy bases.You will have to evaluate whether the amount of resources received will be greater than the amount that will have to be spent on creating combat units. Do not destroy the beginner bases with tanks, walkers and drones! Choose combat units deliberately and optimize your army, focusing on the enemy base.

What happens if the internet connection is lost during the battle? If you won one or more stars during the battle, and the Internet connection was interrupted, you are still considered the winner and will not lose the medals received. However, you will lose all deployed troops as if you had finished the battle and the connection was not interrupted. If you have not yet won a single star, and the Internet connection has been interrupted, you will lose the battle, will not receive the corresponding medals and will lose deployed troops. Under no circumstances will these units be returned to you.

What are the medals awarded for? You pick up opponents who have about the same number of medals as you have. When you win the battle (in attack or defense), you get medals for the victory. If you defeat a stronger player (who has more medals than you), you will get more medals than if you defeated a weak one. In such a meeting, a 100% destruction of the enemy base will bring you the most medals.

How are opponents selected when scanning a network? When selecting matches in War Inc. your medals are taken into account. Based on your medals, search parameters are set and an opponent is selected for you, who has about the same number of medals as you have. Some higher level players often lower their number of medals to reach lower level players. It is worth remembering that the amount of resources that can be won in this case is sharply reduced.

Alliance Wars: Other Game Issues

What is server maintenance done for? Is it possible to play? For online games such as War Inc., you need to constantly maintain, improve and update their servers so that you have only the best gaming experience.Maintenance is carried out to add new features, improvements and fixes to the game, as well as improve application performance. You will be notified in advance so as not to spoil your impressions of the game.Typically, server maintenance lasts from 10 minutes to several hours, but no more.

What does the ignore button do? The ignore button is available in private messages, chats and chats of the alliance. It is used to hide the chat with players for an indefinite period or, in the case of a private message, stops further correspondence with the player.

Alliance Wars: About Your Account

Can I play on different devices? Yes it is possible! Link your game account to your email address in the Options menu. After that, you can restore the account on another device by sending a PIN code from the menu to your email address.

Please note that you cannot play on two devices at the same time. If you enter the game on one device, sessions on others will end.

Can I start the game all over again? So far, only one account can be used on one device. To start the game over, you can install it on another device. Please note that you cannot make the wrong choice in the game. If you mistakenly improved the wrong building, one way or another it will come in handy for you in the future. The longer you use your account, the higher your results with time.

How many accounts can I have? You can use one account on one device. In addition, from the menu you can restore your account on another device using the restore function.

How can I link my account? You can link your account by going to Settings -> Enter your email address in the username field -> click the "Email Link" button. Now use the PIN code sent to your email address by customer support if you need to restore your account.

How to recover your account? You can recover your account in the "Settings"> "Recovery" section. Enter your email address and click the send PIN button. You will receive a message from War Inc. support at this address. The message will indicate the PIN code that can be entered on the Recovery screen along with the email address.

Lost your device! Can I restore my account? Have you linked your account to an email address? Support can send a recovery PIN to this address. Therefore, be sure to attach an email address so that data can always be easily restored. If your account is untethered, and the device is lost, you will not be able to help restore your data due to the security and privacy policies regarding the owner of the original account.

How to change the name in the game? Unfortunately, this feature is not yet supported.