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ALONG WITH THE GODS is a game for android with release date 09.09.2020 from PLAYDAPP LIMITED. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

Better Along with the Gods download to computer via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Hero Guide
  2. Proper pumping
  3. Runes Guide - making and strengthening
  4. Jewelry
  5. Research
  6. Arena Battles
  7. Exploration Features
  8. All About Raids
  9. Guild Guide
  10. Guild Clash
  11. Infinity Tower

Along with the Gods: Hero Guide

How do I get heroes? You can recruit heroes using the scrolls in the Temple of Heroes. The class of the resulting hero depends on the class of the scroll:

Properties of heroes. Each hero has 1 of 3 properties: fire, water or earth. There is a relationship of forces between properties: fire> earth> water> fire. This is shown schematically in the figure below:

Your chances of winning will increase as you strategically shape your team around the opposing team. So, the property of fire does 30% extra. damage to the property of the earth, and the property of the earth deals 30% less damage to the property of fire:

Hero classes. The game contains the following classes:

  1. Tank: Has increased health and protection. Stands in the forefront and covers the rest of the team.
  2. Near / Far: Deals physical. damage to the enemy at close / long range.
  3. Magic: Deals by magician. damage to an enemy at a long distance.
  4. Support: From afar, heals allies with magic and supports them in battle with various buffs and debuffs.

The main characteristics of the heroes. These include:

Along with the Gods: Proper pumping

Improving heroes. Heroes can level up using other heroes as material in the upgrade menu. You can choose any available hero as material.

Your hero will get 1.5 times more experience if the hero used as a material has the same property as the one being upgraded.

Experience eggs. Use experience eggs to provide heroes with a huge amount of experience. Eggs will give even more experience to the hero if both have the same properties. Experience eggs are of three types: plasma, wave, stone. You can purchase eggs of various properties depending on the day of the week at the Sanctuary of Power. Eggs can be obtained as a reward for winning the Sanctuary of Power. You can receive essences of various properties every day at the Sanctuary of Power. Essences are used as materials to enhance the awakened skills of heroes.

Change of status. Fight for victory using various effects. Boosting effects will make your heroes stronger, and debilitating effects will help you in battle by weakening enemies.

Types of enhancing effects:

  1. Attack Power Increase: Increases attack power.
  2. Increased magician. strength: increases magician. strength.
  3. Increased crit chance. damage: increases the chance of crit. blow.
  4. Increased crit. Damage: Increases Critical Damage. blow.
  5. Increase in physical. defense: increases physical. protection.
  6. Increased magician. defense: increases magician. protection.
  7. Increased Dodge Chance: Increases the chance of dodging enemy attacks.
  8. Shield: Absorbs a certain part of the damage done by the enemy.
  9. Magician shield: absorbs a certain part of the magician. damage from the enemy.
  10. Phys. shield: absorbs a certain part of physical. damage from the enemy.
  11. Damage Immunity: Grants immunity to any damage.
  12. Immunity to magician. damage: gives immunity to magician. damage.
  13. Physical immunity damage: gives immunity to physical. damage.
  14. Damage Reduction: Reduces damage taken.
  15. Attack Speed Increase: Increases attack speed.
  16. Increased Energy Received: Increases the amount of energy received.
  17. Increased Recovery Amount: Increases the amount of recovery received.
  18. Recovery: Restores health every second.
  19. Weakening Immunity: The target gains immunity to all weakening effects.
  20. Reflection Damage: Returns to the enemy some part of the damage taken by this hero.
  21. Wealthy Merchant: The amount of gold in the reward increases in the Scenario, Raid and Sanctuary of Power.
  22. Crete. gain: increases the chance of crit. impact and crit. target damage.
  23. Wall Mage Protection: Each time a Wall Mage is activated. protection restores health for a certain amount from the received magician. damage.
  24. Wall nat. protection: each time the wall is activated, physical. protection restores health for a certain amount from the received physical. damage.
  25. Wall of defense: each time the wall of defense is activated, restores health for a certain amount from the received physical. and the magician. damage.
  26. Increase Defense Penetration: Increases Defense Penetration.
  27. Damage Increase: Increases damage dealt.
  28. Inactivity Immunity: The target becomes immune to all inactivity effects for 5 sec.
  29. Buff Eliminate Block: Prevents the enemy from removing the Hero’s Buff.

Kinds of attenuating effects:

Evolution. Heroes who have reached max. levels can evolve. Evolution will cost you a certain amount of gold and heroes with the same number of stars, regardless of the level. Gold and hero materials will disappear.

When the hero moves from 1 star to 5 stars, a new skill will be unlocked. With the evolution of the hero to the highest class (6 stars), his main characteristics are significantly improved.

Awakening. If, when improving or evolving a hero, you use the same character, then there is a certain chance of awakening the hero. Even if it was not possible to awaken the hero, the awakening experience will be obtained. When 100% of this experience is gained, the hero will be automatically awakened.

The color of the star depends on the stage of awakening. You can choose awakened skills for the hero. Awakening has only 5 levels. Even if the hero evolves successfully, his level of awakening will remain the same.

Leader skills. The leader’s skill applies only to heroes in the same row. It depends on the class - there is a skill in the front row (defense and melee) and back (ranged, magic and support). You can activate the leader skill through the hero selection menu.

Leader skill can be obtained:

Awakened Empowerment. You can enhance the effect of the received awakened skill with the awakened enhancement. Strengthening can be carried out regardless of the order, if the awakened skill is activated. To enhance the awakened skill, you need essences corresponding to the hero’s sv-vu. The required amount of essence depends on the class of the hero. Awakened skill can be increased up to +5. Essences can be obtained at the Sanctuary of Power.

Perfume. Spirits will help your heroes become stronger. There are spirits:

Transcending. Reach Lv. 60 with a 6-star hero, gain the Leader skill and perform Awakened Buff +5 to transcend. To do this, you will need: the same 6-star hero, gold and the philosopher’s stone. Heroes who have not acquired the Leader skill cannot transcend. The hero can transcend up to 3 times. Moreover, its max. lvl. increases by 2, and performance is significantly improved.

You can get a special transcendental skill if you transcend a hero for the first time. With the second transcending of the hero, his transcendental skill will increase.

Synthesis. You can get a new hero through synthesis. You will need heroes and synthesis books as materials, the class and quantity of which will depend on the class of the hero you receive. For synthesis, only the original class of hero materials will matter. For example, a 5-star hero who originally had 3 stars will be counted as a 3-star material. Each time you perform synthesis, you will receive mileage. And the higher the synthesis class, the more mileage will be obtained. If necessary, synthesis books can be purchased.

Along with the Gods: Runes Guide - making and strengthening

Equipping with runes. Runes significantly improve the characteristics of heroes. There are a total of 6 rune classes and each hero can equip up to 4 runes. Putting on 2 or 4 runes of the 1st type, you can activate the set effect.

Types of runes and properties. Runes are of 4 types: I, II, III, and IV. Each of them is in the corresponding cell. The properties of the runes depend on the class and status of the enhancement. The properties of a rune can be divided into primary stats and secondary stats. One main characteristic of 4 characteristics is assigned randomly, depending on the type of rune. A secondary characteristic is randomly assigned when the rune is amplified 4/8/12 times.

Strengthening the rune. The rune can be enhanced with gold. A successful enhancement increases the enhancement level by 1. You can enhance the rune up to 15 times. Each time you increase the level of amplification by +4, the class of the rune also increases in the following order: Normal - Premium - Heroic - Legendary. Rune gets extra secondary characteristic for every +4 gain level. When a rune reaches a level boost of +15, the rune’s main stat will be increased by 20%. The resulting secondary characteristics do not overlap the previous secondary characteristics.

Some runes are initially of a high class. Runes with an initially high class will have randomly acquired secondary stats appropriate for their class. Upon reaching the appropriate enhancement status, 1 of the secondary characteristics will be increased.

Making runes. You can craft the desired rune in the Rune Workshop. You need a certain amount of rune powder and runestones. Rune powder can be obtained as a reward for the Raid battle, and runestones are purchased at the Raid store. Select the class of the rune you want to craft from the following: lower, middle, or higher. The required amount of rune powder and runestones depends on the class of the rune you want. The shape and properties of the rune are assigned randomly when they are made.

House of Alchemy. You can increase the class of the obtained runestones and essences with a combination in the house of Alchemy. In combination, runestones and essences of a lower class are used to obtain a higher one. Runestones are needed to create runes, and essences are needed for awakened amplification.

Smelting runes. When runes are melted, one random secondary characteristic changes. Primary stats cannot be added to secondary stats when obtaining or enhancing runes, but they can be added when melting them. To melt the runes, 4 secondary characteristics must be opened. You can close up to 3 secondary characteristics that you do not want to change.

Along with the Gods: Jewelry

Calling decoration. You can get decorations from scrolls in the Temple of Heroes. The grade and set of decoration will vary depending on the grade of the scroll.

How to wear jewelry? Decorations can significantly improve the characteristics of your heroes. There are 4 types: Necklace, Earrings, Ring, Bracelet. For each there is a corresponding cell. Jewelry is divided into different sets, each with a different effect. By using 2, 3 or 4 decorations of the same kind, you can activate the set effect.

Strengthening the decoration. Decorations can gain experience or level up with other decorations used as a material through enhancement. The maximum level of ornaments is 20. Ornaments can gain more experience if ornaments with a high level and class are used as a material. The amount of gold required for enhancement will depend on the grade of the decoration.

Characteristics of jewelry. Jewelry characteristics are divided into basic and additional. One of the main characteristics available to choose from is randomly assigned to a decoration, depending on its type, and additional characteristics are also assigned to it randomly, but regardless of the type: 1 random additional characteristic for 1-2 stars; 2 random bonus stats for 3-4 stars; 3 random bonuses for a 5-star and 4 random bonuses for a 6-star.

Decoration evolution. Decoration with max. level 20 can evolve. With gold and jewelry-material with the same grade and max. at level 20 it is possible to successfully evolve and improve the class. Number of add. and the main characteristics will be increased according to the class of the evolved decoration.

Along with the Gods: Research

Research missions. Complete Scenario 2-1 on Normal difficulty to unlock Research. After that, as you progress through the scenario, you will receive random missions on your mission list. Missions with a low spawn chance give the best rewards. You can choose from Research missions that automatically refresh after a certain period of time. Mission requirements are different and if you meet the requirements, the success rate becomes 100%.

Successfully complete Research missions and you will receive experience and other rewards. You will also be able to earn partial experience even if you fail the mission.

Research Requirements. The studies will be automatically updated at the appointed time. When updating, new Research missions will be added randomly until there are 10 missions in the list. If all missions are in the process of updating, you need to wait until at least 1 of them is updated to the end to start research.

The time it takes, the required number of heroes, or the recommended combat strength / class / properties differ from mission to mission. The more heroes that meet the requirements, the higher the mission’s chance of success. It is important that the number of heroes matches the requirements of the mission.

Along with the Gods: Arena Battles

How to play? You will receive access to the Arena, where players face off when your team reaches level 5. You will need Arena tickets to enter the Arena. Arena tickets are replenished by 1 piece every 30 minutes. You can have up to 10 tickets. You can create your own defense team via the Create Defense Team menu. You can gain or lose Arena points depending on the outcome of the Arena battle.

Your rank and Arena class will be calculated according to the Arena points you earned. The Arena rank will be calculated weekly and rewards will be given out according to the weekly rank. The best rewards will be given to the players with the highest Arena points and rank. There are the following ranks in total, from lowest to highest: Novice, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Champion.

Participation. Click on Participate in Battle for a list of players with similar points. Winning an Arena match will give you Arena points and OS. You will be able to earn OS even if you lose.

Results. Win 3/6/9 wins in a row to earn bonus. OS. Defeat all opponents in the match list and get a new list with the saved status of your victories. The winning streak will be interrupted if you cannot beat everyone on the list.

Team Arena. When the team reaches lvl. 20, you will be eligible to enter the Command Arena. Team Arena battles will be fought according to the rule of the best 3, and each player must fight a total of 3 teams, each with up to 5 heroes. You get 5 Team Arena tickets per day. Tickets can also be purchased.

Small Arena. You can enter the Small Arena to fight other players when you reach ur. 5 teams. Only heroes with 4 stars or lower can enter the Small Arena using a special ticket. 1 ticket is credited automatically every 30 minutes. You can have up to 10 tickets in total.

World Command Arena. You need to be at least 200th in the Team Arena rankings to gain access to the World Team Arena. In the World Arena, the winner is the one who won 2 rounds out of 3 first. One team can have up to 5 heroes. Moreover, each player has 3 teams. In the World Command Arena, you can fight up to 10 times a day for free. If the player wants to fight more, then he needs to buy additional Arena tickets.

Along with the Gods: Exploration Features

Dispatch for reconnaissance. Exploration is available only once a day. Up to 15 heroes can be placed on the Intelligence team. They fight 12 battles in a row. With each new stage, the enemies will become stronger. You cannot play other missions until the Exploration is complete. There will be 5 heroes in the vanguard and 10 heroes in the rear. The heroes from the rearguard will take places in the vanguard in the prescribed manner instead of fallen comrades. Heroes with the same name cannot be sent for Exploration.

Zones and weather. There are only 5 Reconnaissance zones and 3 types of weather. The zone and weather change randomly every day at the set time - at the same time, when the number of attempts per day is updated. The Reconnaissance Zone and the weather have a significant impact on the battle. Teams can receive different battle effects depending on the Exploration Zone. The weather makes the heroes of the corresponding properties stronger.

Think carefully about the different composition of the scouting team depending on the zone and the weather!

Stocks. There are 3 types of supplies: first aid, combat bomb and flash bomb. You can choose 1 of 3 supplies and take it with you to battle. First aid is given as a basic stock.

The stocks at your disposal never run out. However, after each use there is a pause for recovery - rollback, so you must use the reserves wisely.

You can buy or enhance stocks for gold or other resources. Inventories become more efficient as the buff status increases. Reserves can be obtained as a reward for Exploration.

Along with the Gods: All About Raids

What is a raid? You can get high grade runes and ancient coins in the raid. Two bosses appear at the same time. The bosses change every day.

Boss battle. You can check the health and skills of the Raid Bosses at the top of the screen. The Raid Boss skill update will be shown on the right side of the screen. The Raid Boss will use more and more powerful skills as the difficulty of the Raid increases.

Learn your raid boss skills and your team composition and you will win any battle!

Completion reward. You can use the ancient coins collected in the Raid to shop at the Raid store. You can buy rune materials and hero upgrade materials from the Raid Shop using ancient coins. With a fixed chance, you can also access hero dungeons where hero light particles are available.

Dungeon of the Old God. Through the raid you can enter the Ancient God Dungeon. It opens at 12: 00-14: 00, 17: 00-19: 00 and 22: 00-24: 00 server time. Each time a boss appears with a new property. The longer the raid lasts, the more the difficulty level increases.

In the Dungeon of the Ancient God, you can get not only the particles of the Ancient God, but also the particles of the scroll of the legendary hero, the particles of the scroll of the mythical hero and much more.

Dungeons of heroes. You can access the hero’s dungeon with a fixed chance when you complete the Raid. In Heroes Dungeon, you can earn hero light particles from which you can get specific heroes. Particles of Hero’s Light can be used in the Temple of Heroes.

The found hero’s dungeon will be open to players who are registered as your friends. If you added a new friend after discovering the hero’s dungeon, he will still gain access to it.

Along with the Gods: Guild Guide

You can create a guild or join another. After joining a guild, you can use the guild chat, fight in Guild Battles and visit the Guild Shop.

Guild creation. Players who have reached Lv. 10 teams can create a guild for 100,000 gold. You can customize your admission options so that only a select few can join your guild. The head of the guild can appoint a new head. In addition, another player can replace the head of the guild in his absence for more than 15 days. The head of the guild has the right to accept applications from new players, create notifications, disband the guild, change the description, as well as the class of participants. The head of the guild can change the class of members to separate powers.

Powers of classes. There are the following classes of participants: head, deputy head, senior and participant. Each of them has its own powers:

Joining a guild. You can find a suitable guild and submit a request to join. You can also view and join recommended guilds. After leaving the guild, you can join a new one only after 6 hours.

Chat and guild wall. You can share information with guild members through the guild chat and guild wall. Through the guild chat, you can communicate with players in real time. On the guild wall, you can view the news.

Guild Raid. You can defeat the raid boss by joining forces with guild members. Every day from 01:00 to 00:00, enter the boss raid together. The new boss will appear at 01:00 the next day. You can enter the guild raid 2 times a day. If you defeat the boss, there is a chance to get an extra. attempting to enter the guild raid.

The guild raid consists of 3 stages. In total, 12 raid bosses will appear in the following order: Kraken - Havok - Pantaras - Numer. The property of the boss will change every day in a random order. The longer the battle lasts in the raid, the more the power and attack speed of the boss increase. The boss deals continuous damage proportional to the max. health goals. You can check the rewards for the defeated boss of the previous day. You can get better rewards if you defeat more bosses.

The Reward Box is only available for 1 day, so try to collect the rewards before they go missing.

Along with the Gods: Guild Clash

Guild Battles are held 6 times a week from Monday to Saturday. Sunday is the day of preparation for guild battles. Head and Deputy guild leaders can apply to join the guild battle every week.

Protection. A defensive battle with the enemy guild will start automatically after submitting an application to join the Battle. Head and Deputy guild leaders can choose from 10 to 25 members to defend. The competitor selected for the defense must be included in the defense team.

Attack. Head and Deputy chapters may request to start an attack after joining a guild battle. In total, 6 chances are given per week for the battle. The attack lasts 12 hours. You will be offered 3 guilds upon request to attack. You will need to select 1 of them to continue. You need to select the participants and make sure that the number of participants in the attack and the defense is the same. Participants will have 3 attack chances and will not be able to attack 1 base. 10% of participants will receive additional chance (card), and older and higher will be able to take part with the card, even without being in the attack team.

Battle. Guild Clash takes place 10 vs. 10. A total of 10 heroes are assigned to attack and defense. 5 heroes of the vanguard begin the battle. If they die, they are replaced by the players from the rear. Victory is achieved by defeating all 10 heroes. You can reduce the health of the enemy base by 50% when you win. The health of the enemy base decreases in proportion to the number of defeated heroes when defeated. A guild member with 0% health cannot attack, but has the ability to constantly attack if victory in the guild battle is guaranteed.

Requirements for winning. You can win a guild battle while reducing the enemy’s guild health to the required number by attacking participants within 12 hours after the start of the battle. Otherwise, you will lose. Head and Deputy chapters can cancel the battle after it has started, but this will be counted as a loss.

Awards. You can earn from 1 to 8 Victory Points, depending on your ranking and results from the previous season. The enemy base has 5 zones and you can earn 0 to 3 bonus wins depending on the zone. The personal reward will double when you win.

All guild members receive 10 victory points upon victory. You can earn from 1 to 5 bonus points for completely destroying a specific area. All guild members receive 3 victory points when the defensive team wins.

Along with the Gods: Infinity Tower

Tower of Infinity is a 100-story survival test. You get 10 tickets per day. Each floor consumes 1 ticket. A reward is given for completing each floor.

Battles and rewards. The Infinity Tower is made up of normal and boss floors. Regular Floors can be traversed 1 time, and boss floors can be repeated. In the Tower of Infinity, you cannot fight with a friend, and on each floor of the boss there is a condition for victory, which requires a well-thought-out strategy.

The Infinity Tower is updated on the 1st Monday of every month. The information about the floors passed is deleted, after which you can go through the Tower again, starting from the 1st floor, and get a reward for the 1st passage.

Article author: Nadezhda D.