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Angel Saga: Hero Action RPG is an action game from Alchemist Games Inc. Here you will play on behalf of an angel who had to descend into the underworld to cleanse it of evil monsters and powerful bosses. Now the outcome of the battle is in your hands. Battles take place in PvE format, there is a pet system and the ability to customize characters. The game features a unique combat system, a variety of heroes and monsters, as well as an exciting gameplay.


  1. Angel Saga Codes
  2. Gear Upgrade Guide
  3. All About Skills
  4. Hero Costumes
  5. Pet Guide
  6. Abnormal Status
  7. Boss Features
  8. How to fight bosses?
  9. Endless Dungeon Walkthrough
  10. Demon Tower Walkthrough

Angel Saga Codes

How to enter the code? To enter the official game code and receive free bonus gifts, do the following:

  1. Go to the "Settings" menu.
  2. Click on the "Coupon" menu in settings.
  3. Enter the current code and confirm your actions.

Code examples. Codes have a limited expiration date and are updated periodically. For even more gifts, don’t forget to subscribe to the game’s official discord page. Code examples:

Angel Saga: Gear Upgrade Guide

Equipment classes. There are seven classes of equipment in the game:

You can use Upgrade to upgrade equipment.

Equipment development. If you have three pieces of equipment of the same type and class, you can combine them to get the same piece of equipment one class higher. With the development of equipment, the properties of the original item will be preserved, and the resources spent on improving the other two items will be returned.

Equipment improvement. With the help of Magic Stones and Gold, you can improve the main property of the item. The maximum upgrade level depends on the equipment class: Normal (lvl. 10), Advanced (lvl. 20), Magical (lvl. 30), Heroic (lvl. 40), Legendary (lvl. 60), Ancient Legendary (lvl. 70) . At any time, you can return the item’s improvement level to 0. All resources spent on improvement will be returned.

Equipment property types. There are four types of equipment modifiers with special effects:

Changing the properties of items. You can only change the property of the object, but not the main one. When replacing a property, you cannot get the same properties.

Angel Saga: All About Skills

Skill types. Skills are:

Increasing the level of special skills. After choosing a special skill, you can level up the special skill with soul stones and gold. As you level up, the damage of special skills increases, and you can acquire special skills that are upgraded in dungeons. Consumed soul stones and gold gradually increase with each level. You can select attributes at level 4, level 7 and customize them the way you want using attributes.

Soul stones. Can be obtained by defeating the Elite Boss and the Final Boss. There is a small chance to get by defeating elite monsters.

Reset. After choosing an enhanced special skill, you can proceed with the reset. The reset consumes 100 crystals and returns all soul stones and gold used to level up special skills.

Increasing the level of an additional skill. You can level up your additional skills with skill points and gold. As you level up, the effectiveness of additional skills increases, and you can acquire additional skills that are upgraded in dungeons. When you upgrade additional skills, 3 random additional skills are offered, excluding those that have reached the highest level. Choose one of them to continue. Each level up consumes 1 skill point and the gold gradually increases after each round.

Skill point. Each time a player levels up, you gain 1 skill point. The player level can be found in the upper left corner of the lobby.

Angel Saga: Hero Costumes

Suit types. There are special costumes in the game that differ from the standard costumes in appearance. Special costumes can only be obtained during certain events.

Making costumes. Standard costumes can be crafted by crafting basic items, while custom costumes can be crafted by crafting special items. Limited costumes can be obtained with the Angel Pass. Base items are crafted using equipment, gold, and magic stones. When crafting special items, you will need basic resources and special materials for costumes, which can be obtained from boss fights.

Costume effects. Costumes allow you to change the appearance of your character and their equipment. Also, you will receive a passive effect from the suits, even when not using them.

Angel Saga: Pet Guide

What is a pet? A pet is a monster that has become Miel’s companion. This gives Miel various cool effects when he enters a fight. If you collect a certain amount of pet items, you can get a pet. The required number of items depends on the rarity of the Pet.

A 1-star pet, which is relatively easy to obtain, requires 20 pieces, while a 5-star pet only requires 1 piece, as it is difficult to obtain. Pets can grow up to level 15 using pet items, magic stones, and gold. Additional good effects can be obtained as the level of the pet increases. Magic stones can be purchased from endless dungeons or pet chests.

Pet abilities. Pets can participate in battles and help your character. You can take up to two pets into battle. Pets grant you a team effect when you take them into battle, but can also grant you passive effects when not in combat.

participation effect. When pets participate, the pet participation effect is triggered. Each pet first has 1 participation effect, and every 5th, 10th and 15th level adds new participation effects. Therefore, if a pet reaches level 15, it will have a total of 4 participation effects.

Passive effect. Passive effect, not like participation effect, triggers without participation. Therefore, the more pets you get and grow to their highest level, the more passive effects you will get. Each pet gains 1 new passive effect at every 3rd, 7th, 10th, and 15th level. Thus, a total of 4 passive effects will be obtained when the pet reaches level 15.

Angel Saga: Abnormal Status

abnormal status. When using certain attacks or weapons, monsters go into a special state for a short time. This condition is called Abnormal Status. There are several types of Abnormal Statuses in Angel Saga. Each Abnormal Status causes different effects.








Angel Saga: Boss Features

Boss features. More difficult bosses have special additional properties. Bosses’ attributes are shown on their HP bar next to their names.

Boss attribute types. Boss attributes are:

Angel Saga: How to fight bosses?

What is a Boss Battle? In the boss battle, you will have limited time to deal as much damage to the boss as possible and earn points. The more damage you do and the longer you last, the more points you get. In the boss battle, you can get boss coins and materials for making special costumes. Boss coins can be used to buy special items in the store.

Elite boss battle. For the elite battle, you will be able to choose the boss you want to fight. However, all bosses will have additional elite attributes. The bosses will not be very strong at first, but as they take damage and level up, their power will increase. The higher the level of the boss, the more points you can get. During the battle, items that give points will appear. Collect them to increase your final score.

Battle with two bosses. You can fight two random bosses at the same time. Fighting two bosses is more difficult, but the reward will be higher than for fighting an elite boss.

Angel Saga: Endless Dungeon Walkthrough

What is the Infinite Dungeon? This is content that competes with who clears more endless dungeons. Various monsters and bosses appear randomly. The maximum enhancement limit is up to 11, and you can get a maximum of five special skills.

Additional tries. You can get additional skills with the Caster even after the power level reaches 11. You will skip the first few floors according to your character’s Attack power.

Hard mode. In Hard mode, the gear upgrade is applied as is, but the health regeneration is very low. Consumes stamina instead of Wings, and stamina is automatically recharged every 24 hours.

Reward. You can receive weekly rewards according to your ranking, and bonus rewards change every day of the week.

Angel Saga: Demon Tower Walkthrough

What are Demon Towers? This is the content where you clear the stages in sequence, starting from the 1st floor to the 252nd floor. Fixed monsters and bosses spawning on every floor. At the beginning, you can choose 3 additional skills and 3 special skills. The properties are applied from the 64th floor, and the characteristics of the boss are added to the boss from the 127th floor. You must clear the floor within 180 seconds.

Challenge and rewards. You can challenge 5 times per day. You will need 10 wings for an additional challenge. You cannot receive rewards such as gold or experience while playing. Only after passing the first reward for passing is issued.

Cleanup. You can use the clear function on the passed floor. Consumes stamina instead of wings. Stamina automatically recharges every 24 hours. When you press the clear button, 10 wings and the number of clears will be deducted and a clear reward will be issued.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.