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ANGRY BIRD POP - Android game with release date 03/11/2015 from the company Rovio. Game Genre: Casual. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Walkthrough
  3. Quiz Guide
  4. How not to lose progress.
  5. Shopping
  6. Caution - Bugs in the Game

Angry Bird Pop: Beginner’s Guide

How to play Angry Birds Pop !? The goal of the game is to use a slingshot to match and burst bubbles to shed pigs, clear the top of the level, or free trapped chicks. To burst bubbles, you need to match three or more of them.There are some obstacles on the levels that can make popping bubbles a little more difficult. Some of the blockers can be broken by colored bubbles, such as glass and wood. And some blockers are best avoided, such as spiky bubbles that will shoot your colored bubbles.

When you start playing, you have 5 lives. Each time a level fails or ends without completing a task, one life will be subtracted from your total. After the number of lives reaches zero, you will not be able to play for some time. But don’t worry! Your life will be charged over time, and you can also ask your friends for life if you connected the game to Facebook.

What is this counter that appears on the levels? The counter that appears on the levels as soon as you manage to combine the bubbles three times in a row is called Streak Counter. When you fill the counter by breaking the bubbles six times in a row, you get a special bird improvement. If you throw the bubble without bursting, then the Streak Counter resets to zero. If you missed a shot and do not want to lose your improvement, you can instantly fill the counter with your coins. To do this, simply click on the counter.

What are improvements? Improvements are more powerful bubbles that can help you in difficult situations.You can get improvements by buying them for coins or completing quests and achievements in the game. Your inventory of upgrades is shown under the slingshot. Just click on the picture with the amplifier that you want to use, and it will be added to the slingshot. If you change your mind, click the upgrade icon again and it will return to your inventory. If you are running out of some type of improvement, you can purchase more by clicking on the improvement icon.

Is there a way to earn boosters? What about coins? You can get great rewards in the game when completing quests and achievements. To open quests, click on the calendar icon on the map screen. Achievements can be found by clicking on the image of the trophy. In addition, the passing of events in the game also has boosters or coins as a reward. When an event is available, an event button appears on the map screen.

What are quests? For the calendar button on the left side of the map screen you can find quests. These are tasks that you can complete to receive rewards. Goals range from bursting bubbles of a certain color to using certain characters on levels. You can complete these quests by playing any of the levels in the game. The daily quest will change every day, even if you have not completed it. You will receive a reward only if the quest is completed on time, so make sure you reach the goal before the daily change. The other two tasks change only after they are completed, so you can spend as much time as you want.

What are achievements? Achievements are goals associated with the gameplay that you can accomplish while moving forward in the game, opening new areas and completing levels in them. When you reach the goal, you get a reward. To check what achievements are available, tap the trophy image on the left side of the screen. The game above shows the achievements closest to completion.

How can I change the character that I play? Guest birds are often present in the game, and during their visit you can choose a guest bird to complete levels instead of permanent characters. Switch to the character you want to play by clicking on the bird image on the preliminary level screen that appears before the start of the level.

What are golden feathers? How can I get them? Golden feathers are collectibles that you can get when the game has a guest bird and you play levels with a visitor. When you play with a guest bird, a score on the levels displays a tiny feather in addition to the three stars. If your score reaches this pen and you complete the level, you will receive a golden pen. Feathers are displayed on the map screen, attached to the level buttons at which you were able to collect them.

What are Chapters? Chapters are a way to quickly move around the game map; they give a quick idea of ??the progress you have made in each chapter! You can access chapters from the menu bar on the left side of the screen.Each chapter includes several levels. For example, Chapter 1 includes levels 1 through 15, Chapter 2 includes levels 16 through 30, and so on.

Clicking on a chapter will automatically move you to the corresponding set of levels on the map. In the main menu of chapters, you can also see the achievements available for each chapter, and your progress in obtaining these achievements. When you complete the achievement, you can get rewards from the chapter menu! Complete all the achievements in the chapter, and the entire chapter will be marked as completed.

Angry Bird Pop: Walkthrough

Castle of the King of Pigs. King Pig Castle is a time-limited event whose goal is to go through five levels with one life. When the event starts, the Event button will appear on the screen. Using the button, you can enter the Castle of the King of Pigs, that is, you will see a mini-map, which includes five levels. The goal is to complete all these five levels without losing a life, in order to eventually open the treasury. If you do not pass one of the levels, your progress on the map will be deleted, and you will again have to start from the first level.

Collect the Eggs. Egg collection is a time-limited event that accelerators provide as a reward for collecting eggs hidden in cells at each level. When an event becomes available, its button will appear on the map screen. When you click the event button, a screen will open from which you can see how many eggs have been collected, your rewards for achieving the goal, and also the time you spent collecting eggs.

During the event, you will see cells with eggs at specific levels. Once in these cells, the eggs are discarded and then added to the egg counter. During the gameplay at the level, you see an egg counter located next to the bird character in the lower left corner of the game screen. The counter shows how many objects you have collected at this level. At the end of the level, you are presented with a level summary screen. The task widget will show your current progress to the next event. Any eggs you have collected are added to your total.

Angry Bird Pop: Quiz Guide


Rainbow Bubble. Creates a match between all the bubbles it touches.

Fire ball. Passes through the first eight objects with which he is in contact, even with stone blockers.

Crusher. Destroys all bubbles or blockers of the same type from the screen.

The Eye of the Mighty Eagle is different from all other boosters. It increases the aiming range, and also shows where exactly your bubble will land. This makes aiming a lot easier!

Bird Amplifiers

Each bird has a special booster that you can get by matching bubbles six times in a row.

The Stella Force Blast is an explosion that destroys everything near it. However, it is not effective against stone.

An explosion of Red Stones cuts through the first five objects with which it comes into contact, even stone blocks.

The Chuck Color Blast removes any bubbles corresponding to the color it hits.

The Matilda Burst Explosion changes the color of nearby bubbles to the same color.

The Bomb Explosion destroys the line of bubbles where it occurs, and everything below this line also falls.


Glass Block. Glass blocks your path, but you can get rid of it with just one blow of the bubble.

Wooden Block. The tree blocks your path a little stronger, but you can remove it by hitting it twice with bubbles!

Stone Block. A stone blocks your path harder than others, and you can get rid of it with powerful amplifiers such as the Fireball.

Fruit Blitz. As soon as you click Fruit Blitz, it will destroy all objects on one horizontal line. It is especially useful for dropping many bubbles!

Cloud Bubble. A cloud bubble interferes with the color of the bubbles. Match next to it to open a hidden bubble!

Fruit Splash. On impact, Fruit Splash will repaint all the bubbles next to it in the same color. This helps to find more matches and clear the level faster.

Fruit Bomb. Upon impact, the Fruit Bomb explodes and destroys nearby bubbles and obstacles. Chain reactions are extremely beneficial.

Honeycomb. Honeycombs hide bubbles behind them. You should try to find matches near them in order to break them and free the bubble under them. This requires two matches.

Bubble Lava. When you fall into the Lava Bubble, it spreads and creates Ash Bubbles to slow you down. It is recommended that you avoid them so that you do not burn out.

Ash Bubble. The Ash Bubble appears when you hit the Lava Bubble. You can get rid of them with two blows of bubbles.

-3 Bubble. On impact, the -3 Bubble blocker steals 3 bubbles from your bubble stock! They are really mean, so try to avoid them whenever possible.

+3 Bubble. When you hit +3 Bubble, it allocates 3 additional bubbles to your inventory. Try to collect as much as you can so that you have bubbles!

Mushroom Boom. Upon impact, the Mushroom Boom blocker spreads spores that block your path. Try to avoid this if possible.

Disputes. Disputes are created by hitting the Mushroom Boom. They block your path, but you can clear them by hitting them with a bubble.

Fruit Explosion. When struck, Fruit Explosion clears all bubbles of the same color from your screen. Super helpful!

Flower of Strength. This Flower of Strength is charged every time you make a move and eventually spills useful things on the screen. This is pretty good despite his teeth!

Sand Storm. Sand Storms hide the bubbles below them. If you match next to them, they will move away. Make some comparisons next to them so that they disappear.

Spike. Spikes try to stop and burst your bubbles. Better to avoid them and throw them as soon as possible!

Splash of Flowers. This Splash of Flowers charges every time you make a move, and ultimately splashes out Fruit Splashes. Very nice to have around!

Drums Drums throw bubbles in a new direction. This will help you make these clever strokes and expand the reach of your strokes.

Effervescent Fruit. Effervescent Fruit destroys all bubbles in a vertical line with an effervescent effect when a bubble hits it.

Rotating Fruit. This blocker will randomly change the direction of the shot after each turn of the players. Upon impact, the bubble will stain all the bubbles in its path in the same color as in the launcher.

Angry Bird Pop: How not to lose progress.

Can I invite friends to play? If you connected the game to your Facebook account, you can send invitations to your Facebook friends from the pop-up window that appears once a day when you start the game and enter the map screen. All Facebook friends who are already playing the game and have linked the game to Facebook will automatically appear in the game when you connect, so you do not need to send them invitations to be able to see their points or exchange life with them.

Why should I connect to Facebook? Connecting the game to Facebook offers significant benefits. If the connection is made, your progress will be saved in the cloud - this will allow you to continue the game from where you left off on any device. To do this, you just need to log in to your Facebook account on this device. You can also connect in the game with your friends. Points scored by your friends will be displayed in the level leaderboards.In addition, you can ask friends to send you lives - and also send them lives in return.

How to keep my progress? You can save your progress through Facebook. If you connect Angry Birds Pop to your Facebook account, your progress will be saved and you can restore it if you need to reinstall the game or change devices.

Can I play on multiple devices? You can play AB Pop! on more than one device and synchronize the progress between devices by connecting the game to Facebook. Just connect the game to Facebook on the device on which you have progress, to create a backup copy and play a little. Connect the game to Facebook on another device to sync progress with another device. To avoid confusion in the game with progress levels between devices, it is highly recommended that you close the game application always on one device before switching the game to another device.

Can I transfer my progress between devices? Your progress will be saved after connecting the game to Facebook, and you can play the game where you left off on any device after connecting to Facebook on these devices.

How to untie a game from a Facebook account? You can untie the game from the Facebook account attached to it from the game settings menu. To access the settings menu, tap the gear button on the main screen, and then press the menu button that appears next to it. It is highly recommended that you do not untie the game in order to maintain progress in the cloud. Progress that was not saved through linking to your Facebook account cannot be transferred to another device or restored in case of loss.

Angry Bird Pop: Shopping

I did not receive the purchase made in the application. What to do? If you have not received your purchase, first try closing and restarting the game - and check if the purchase has appeared in the application.Sometimes purchases are delivered with a delay - this, for example, can happen due to problems with the Internet connection at the time of purchase. In such cases, restarting the game may solve the problem. If the restart did not help, send a request to the support service and you will be assisted. Attach a screenshot of the receipt of the purchase confirmation (iOS, Amazon) or the order number (Google Play) to the message.

The iTunes purchase receipt includes additional fees. Billing from iTunes can sometimes be confusing, because Apple often combines multiple purchases into a single transaction and bills them at the same time. If you have made several purchases from a game or some other application within a few days, you may be billed for all purchases at a time. In addition, a charge may appear in your bank statement a few days after the purchase. If in doubt, check your iTunes purchase history for an explanation of this situation and contact Apple Support for more information.

Angry Bird Pop: Caution - Bugs in the Game

Ads are not available. Free download of advertisements, which is so necessary both for re-passing the level and for getting free lives, requires a stable Internet connection. It’s far from always that ads can be seen with every repetition, since you may not have a stable connection, and the amount of new advertising is limited. In addition, videos for free lives can only be watched once a day. If you do not see any ads in the game, it is recommended that you take the following steps:

  1. Finish the game, then restart the game;
  2. Try another connection, preferably Wi-Fi;
  3. Reboot the device.

After the update, I do not see new levels. Why? In some cases, immediately after updating the game, you may not immediately be able to see new levels. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the server-side settings have not yet been updated. The problem usually resolves on its own, but in some cases you may need to close and restart the game.

Please note that after each update, an Internet connection is required to access new levels.

I connected the game to Facebook, but none of my friends appeared in the game! Angry Birds Pop requires your permission to access your Facebook friends list in order to show friends in the game. If there is no permission, your friends will not be displayed. For the game to show friends, go to your Facebook account settings in Applications> Angry Birds Pop and delete the game from your account. After that, open the game and reconnect it to Facebook. Now the game will ask for permission again, so make sure that you allow the game to access the list of friends before accepting them.

Google Play says: "The device is incompatible." This usually happens when your older device is no longer supported by the game.However, for some high-performance Android devices, incorrect screen resolution may erroneously cause the device to be incompatible. In such cases, the device’s resolution was probably lower than the resolution required for this game. If it says "incompatible device" on Google Play, try resetting your device’s resolution to Mid or High in the device’s settings. Go to Settings -> Display-> Screen Resolution and change the current screen resolution. Then the problem should be resolved.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.