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Walkthrough Angry Birds 2: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

ANGRY BIRDS 2 - Android game with release date 07/23/2015 from the company Rovio. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

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  1. Beginnerís Guide
  2. Gameplay Guide
  3. Walkthrough
  4. Secrets of the Mighty Eagle
  5. Clan Guide
  6. Arena Guide
  7. Daily Walkthroughs
  8. Technical Issues
  9. Donator Section
  10. Standards of Conduct

Angry Birds 2: Beginnerís Guide

What is Angry Birds 2? Angry Birds 2 is the sequel to the original Angry Birds game. More battles, more action, more birds! In the pack you will meet both familiar characters and newcomers - they come together to try again to save eggs from pigs.

But this time itís a little different. Each level consists of several stages, powerful new spells have appeared, and you can also use cards - they allow you to choose which bird to launch next! Try your luck in the Tower of Fortune, join the clan and take part in mass battles, measure strength with other players in the Arena - and much, much more!

Who is Zeta? Zeta is the new boss! She flew straight from Angry Birds to Cinema 2 and will stay in the game as a boss for a while.

Zeta is evil and fearless, but do not worry: defeating her is not more difficult than any boss pig. Sheís just not the nicest lady.

Hat shop

How do i buy hats? You can buy hats at the Hat Shop using your Black Pearl. To find a store, click on the Hat Shop icon at the top of the main screen.

Once in the store, you can view all the available hats by type of hat (regular, unusual, rare, magic, etc.) and by the set of hats. Hats that you donít have yet are painted gray so that itís easier for you to find out what you have and what you lack.

When you click on a set of hats, you will see the price of each hat you can buy.

Please note that hats that can be purchased at the Mighty Eagle Store are not available in this Hat Store.

What is this black box at the bottom of the store?

The Pearl Treasury in the store is a treasure box that gives you rewards only in the form of Black Pearls so that you can improve your slingshot even faster! You can open the Pearl Treasury every 24 hours.

What is a Feather Bonus? The Feather Bonus is an interesting way to get more feathers for your birds when you increase their level! When the bird rises, if you are lucky, you will receive a Feather Bonus, which will give you the opportunity to earn extra feathers for this bird.

The first choice is free, and if you want to get even more feathers, you can pay extra with precious stones to choose more cards.

What are extra birds?

Did you catch the question mark next to Terence? Click on it and see a new place to expand your pack! The first additional bird will be Stella, which will remain in the game. To open it, keys are not needed - only pink feathers.

The behavior of additional birds differs from the usual flock:

Not enough feathers? If you donít have enough feathers to open an extra bird, wait a couple of days. When you open the bird, it will receive all the collected feathers and increase the level depending on their number. In addition, when the bird is open, you can pass it rainbow feathers!

What is Stellaís special skill? If you know Stella, you will probably easily guess that her special skill is ... bubbles! Thatís right, when you click on Stella, she releases bubbles that catch the blocks and release them when they burst.

What about Halís skill? Hal acts like a boomerang, so when you activate his skill, he moves back to the left.

And what is the special skill of the Bubbles? Bubblesí special skill is to grow to enormous size! Shoot them in a small hole in the tower, and then use a special skill and watch how the growing Bubbles destroys everything around him!


Have you noticed a small egg next to your slingshot? Click on it to get a charming chick and increase the strength of your pack!

How to get it? Everyone will get an egg next to the slingshot, you just need to choose a name for your game!Click on the egg next to the slingshot, select a cool name for your chick (after that you cannot change it). You can wait for it to hatch, or you can pay some gems to speed hatching. When he hatches, you will need to feed him apples every day so that he does not leave the nest.

The chick raises your amplifier, and if you increase its level, it will help you get more points!

How can I feed my chick? You can find apples as rewards in different parts of the game, as well as buy them at the food store, available on the nest screen. Feeding the chick will allow you to increase its level and increase your amplifier.

How can I raise my chick level? Feeding your chick, you fill the scale to increase the level. If you want to increase your chick level faster, you can also pay gems for it. To do this, simply click the "Level Up!" Button.

The chick will change color at each level, and as it increases, your amplifier will increase. This makes the chick more hungry, so the higher his level, the more apples he will need. If you no longer want to raise the level of your chick, you can stop at the desired level and just continue to feed him every day.

What happens if my chick flies away? If you do not feed the chick, he will get hungry and eventually fly away to find a place where he can get food. If it flies away, your chick booster will be reset, and you will get a new egg if you want to start all over again. To prevent this from happening, you just need to show your love to the chick and feed him every day!

What are rainbow feathers? Rainbow feathers are a type of reward that allows you to choose the bird to which you want to give feathers.

When you get this type of feather, a pop-up window appears in front of you asking you to select the bird that will receive these feathers, touch it and youíre done!

Please note that each time you can choose only one bird that will receive feathers when you win this reward. This means that you cannot separate them between different birds, but you can choose different birds each time you win these feathers.

What are the specific abilities of birds?

Most birds have unique abilities that can be unlocked by clicking on their images on the screen. There is a tutorial on the specific abilities of each bird, which can be seen when you first add them to your flock. The effects for each bird are almost the same as in other Angry Birds games.

Ed. Red has an even more fierce battle cry that can help bring down towers from a short distance.

Blues. A feature of the Blues is the ability to triple, in addition, the strength of the Blues lies in the ice buildings.

Chuck. Chuck works best against a tree, and gets extra acceleration when you tap the screen.

Matilda. Matilda throws an egg bomb and launches herself.

Serebryanka. Serebryanka destroys the stone especially well, and when tapped forms a loop.

Bomb. The bomb explodes when you tap the screen or come in contact with something else. Be careful not to press too early!

Terence. Look at him - he does not need special abilities, he is big, bad, brave!

What does bird power depend on?

Bird power shows the power of each of your birds. It depends on 4 indicators:

You can watch them by opening the initial screen and clicking on any bird (information will appear on the left side). The birdís strength is indicated on the upper right of the map.

Hat level. Depends on the hat put on the bird. When you click on a bird, available hats appear on the left. The number next to the zipper above the hat reflects its level of strength.

Slingshot Level. It can be upgraded by collecting complete sets of hats. The more complete sets you have, the better the slingshot will be. Hats can be found in chests and the Tower of Fortune or bought for black pearls at the hat store located on the upper left of the home screen.

Card level. To increase the level of a card of a bird, you need to collect the appropriate feathers! Red needs red feathers, Chuck yellow, Matilda white, and so on! If you are lucky or pass a special test, get unusual rainbow feathers! You can give them to any of your birds!

Chick level. Increasing the level of chicks, you increase their factor. For each feeding, they give a couple of rainbow feathers! To see all four items at once, open the hat menu and press "i" on the left.

Angry Birds 2: Gameplay Guide

Jackpot Egg. The amazing reward you can get on the highest floor of the Tower of Fortune.

If you are lucky and you choose a card with a jackpot egg, you can get many prizes in one egg! Every day, the rewards are different, including the Legendary hat (the one you donít already own) and thousands of feathers!You can see what the Jackpot egg contains during the day by clicking on the Tower of Fortune.

What are black pearls and hats? Black pearl is a very valuable currency that you can use to buy hats for your birds. You can collect black pearls as rewards in the game. Hats provide additional benefits to your birds, and the more pearls a hat costs, the higher these benefits. When you can collect all the hats from the same set, your equipment will be updated, and it will also increase your overall points.

Even if you have a very valuable hat, then buying cheaper sets of hats is still worth it, as this increases the capabilities of your outfit.

What are cards and how do they work? You start each game with a certain number of cards. Each card contains one bird or one spell. The number of cards you have is displayed in the lower left corner.

Choose from the three visible cards which bird to use next. You can get more cards by completing the Destructometer.

When the Destructometer is full, you get an extra card! The more damage you do, the faster the scale fills!

What are spells and how do they work? Spells are cards that you can use to make it easy for you to complete the difficult part. You can get spells as a reward in chests, and you can only choose one spell per game session.

There are 5 spells:

I can not use spells on bosses, help! Spells are disabled in boss battles. Your pack will need to defeat the boss pigs only using their own skills!

The level began to look different - not like the last time I went through it! Why? Pigs are not the best builders. Sometimes they erect buildings in a hurry. Therefore, when you go through the level again, you will notice that everything has changed a bit. The difficulty level, however, remains the same - as well as the maximum number of points you can get per level - so the changes will not affect your score.

Angry Birds 2: Walkthrough

Events take place for a limited time. During them, you can get additional rewards and how to have fun! Active events are indicated by a timer at the bottom of the initial screen, and the icons allow you to determine which events are currently taking place! Pay attention to the timer, so as not to miss the opportunity to get additional rewards! In addition to hat and adventure events, there are four more events in the game.

Black pearl party. During the Black Pearl Party event, the number of eponymous awards doubles! This is a great opportunity to accumulate pearls on the desired set!

Feather frenzy. As the Feather Madness event lasts, the number of feathers received as a reward doubles! Itís time to take up the pack and increase its strength to a new level!

Arena: super series. During the Arena: Super Series event, you can get generous rewards for a series of victories from 10 matches! Gather a pack and test your strength in battles against other players. If the winning streak is long enough, awesome rewards await you!

Fever chicks. Throughout the Chicks Fever event, the chicks multiplier doubles. This means that you can get extra apples! Gather fruits, raise the level of chicks and reach new heights in other events!

What is Jet Race? In this event, the chick puts on a jetpack and goes hunting for apples! To begin, throw the chick, and then touch the screen and hold your finger to rise, and release to lower. Watch out for obstacles! The farther you get, the harder you will have to, but you can collect some apples and improve your score! If the chick encounters something, the race will end, and you will be presented with your final score and the rating of the best players. Later you will receive new attempts and improve the score. The best players will receive great rewards after the event.

Do I need a pet to participate? The event is available only to players who have a chick. If you do not already have a chick, look at the main screen and get it!

What does my score depend on? The final score depends not only on the distance traveled, but also on the levels of the chick and slingshot.

What is Hat Adventures? Adventures are a fun way to earn extra rewards! They have the same theme as sets of hats, and you can only play with birds that have these hats.

If you lose the level in adventure, you will have to wait a few minutes before trying again. To find an adventure, you just need to click on the hat icon below!

What are Hat events? Hat events are time-limited events that provide an added bonus to a specific hat set for the duration of the event. For example, a Viking hat set usually has a score multiplier of 3, but during an event it multiplies the score 13 or more times!

Where can I get a set of hats for an event? During the event, you can only get hats through the Fortune Tower.

What happens to hats after the event? The hat count multiplier returns to its original value, and you can buy them again at the Hat Store. The Tower of Fortune will return to normal as soon as the Hat event ends.

I miss the extra bonuses! Despite the fact that Hat events are temporary, there will be other events, and you will get a chance to get an additional bonus again :)

Angry Birds 2: Secrets of the Mighty Eagle

What is the Mighty Eagle Shop? The Mighty Eagle Store is a place where you can use the Mighty Eagle coins earned during preparation for the season at the Bootcamp Mighty Eagle training site. Click on the store icon to visit it.

This exclusive store is only available for a short period of time at the beginning of next season. You can buy exclusive items such as animated avatars, rainbow feathers and Samurai hats!

If you donít spend all your Mighty Eagle coins before the store disappears, they will be available to you next season when the store opens again.

Training camp "Mighty Eagle"

Mighty Eagle Training Camp will test your skills! In the camp you can train every day and earn points of the Mighty Eagle. If you get into the top 100, your name will appear in the list of season leaders!

You get points depending on how well you manage your daily training, and the frame of your player portrait changes accordingly to show everyone your progress in the training camp. When the new season begins, the points of all players are reset, the frame changes to normal and you have one more chance to try to reach the top of the leaderboard! But your progress will not be wasted!

At the end of the season you will receive coins of the Mighty Eagle; the amount you receive depends on the level of the frame. Mighty Eagle coins are used in the Mighty Eagle store where you can buy many cool items. The store is available only at the beginning of the new season, and if you have spare coins left, they will be saved until the next store appearance.

Note: For security reasons, if you reinstall Angry Birds 2, you need to wait 3 days to gain access to the Mighty Eagle training camp.

How to participate in the Mighty Eagle Training Camp? To take part in the Mighty Eagle Training Camp, you must reach at least 6 star level and select your player name. To enter the Training Camp, simply click on the Mighty Eagle icon located below, next to the Tower of Fortune.

Click "Play" to start playing or to learn about todayís training session. The first game of the day is free, if you want to improve your score for the day, you can again take part in 60 gems.

You can see the 100 best results of the day. If you click on the Best players, you will see the 100 best players of the season, and by clicking on the Best clans, you will see the 100 best clans of the current season.

Angry Birds 2: Clan Guide

How do I know when my clan associates were last online? I wonder how often other members of the clan enter the game? Go to the clan members section and find out! Click on the clan members button on the left:

and in the upper right corner of each soklanets card you will see a light bulb.

She has several design options:

What are clan events?

Events are an opportunity for clan members to work together and get a great reward! When an event occurs, it is displayed on the right side of the clan window along with a timer indicating the time remaining until the event ends.

When you click on the event icon, the event screen appears.

This screen displays the list of leaders of your clan and the total points earned by each member of the clan for this event, as well as the total points scored by your clan. The counter on the right shows the total amount of clan points and rewards that will be received at the end of the assignment. The task itself is to earn points for the team and gain a series of victories.

Passing each level gives one point. Each subsequent victory adds points to your total points, while losing takes points. As expected, the greater the clanís win, the better the rewards. From now on, all that remains to be done is to press the start button of the game and go through several levels!

When the event is completed, "Completed!" Appears on the event icon on the clanís page. When the event opens, the "Collect" button appears to receive rewards, and below it is a timer indicating the time remaining to receive the rewards earned. If you did not participate in the event, you will not be able to claim any reward.

How to leave a clan? To leave a clan, first go to the "Clans" section by clicking on the "Clans" icon on the pack screen. Now you will see information about the clan of which you are a member. Click on the "Clan Information" button and you will see a red "Clan Abandonment" button. After you click on it, a window will appear asking you to confirm that you really want to leave the clan. To confirm your decision, simply press the red "Clan" button again!

Please note that clan leaders can only leave their own clan if they first advance the assistant to leader status.

How can I raise / lower the status or remove a clan member? Only the clan leader or his assistant can control the clan members. To do this, go to the page of your clan, then click "Clan members". After that, you can view the members of your clan and click on the profile of the player whose status you want to raise, lower or which you want to remove from the clan. On the playerís profile you will see icons with the options available for you to manage it.

As a leader, you can raise members to the status of assistants, or lower assistants to the level of an ordinary member. Ordinary members of the clan can be removed at any time, however, in order to remove an assistant from the clan, he must first be lowered by the clan leader to the status of an ordinary member and only after that the option to delete him will become available. An assistant can promote other members of the clan to the status of assistants, but cannot lower the status of other assistants. Helpers can also remove rank-and-file clan members (but not other helpers).

How to create a clan?

First, open the "Clans" section on the main menu screen.

Then click Create Clan. You will see a window in which you can start creating your clan.

Click on the "Clan Name" section to enter the name you want for your clan. Choose carefully, because this name can no longer be changed later. Click "Clan Description" to add a brief description of your clan. To the left of the mentioned sections, you can click to select an icon for your clan. On the right side, you can choose a location for your clan.

Please note that you will not be able to change the location after creating the clan, so choose carefully!

Finally, you can also select the type of clan. The "open" type of clan means that anyone can join it. If your clan is "closed", then potential members, before joining, send a request to join the clan, which must be approved by you or your assistants. After you have selected all the necessary options, you just have to click "Create"! The cost of creating a clan is 350 gems.

How to join the clan?

To join a clan, you must have at least Star Rank 7 and select a name for the game. Once you get the Star Rank, you can go to the Clans section of the game by clicking the Clans icon on the main menu screen. You will be given the choice to join an existing clan or create your own clan.

Click Join Clan and you can browse the clans that are looking for more members. If you are looking for, in particular, one clan (for example, if your friends have already created a clan), click "Search for Clans" and you can search by name / identifier of the Clan, its location, type and number of participants.

Once you find the Clan that interests you, just click the "Join!" on this clan! If the clan is closed, there will be a Request button instead. When you click there, the clan will be sent a request to join; he must be approved by the clan leader or his assistant before you can join.

What are Clan Battles?

Clan Battles is a competitive option that allows one clan to fight against other clans. Compete with another clan to prove your strength and earn great rewards! To fight in the Clash of Clans, the clan leader or his assistant must first accept the challenge available in the Events panel on the clanís main screen. You can sign up for a battle with another clan within 24 hours.

Please note that the clan must have at least 5 members in order to be able to fight! If a player joins the clan after the start of the battle, he will not be able to take part in the battle and will have to wait for the next battle.

Once the challenge is accepted, another clan with the same number of members and the same clan strength will be matched for your clan. After that, you can start the battle! All players will play at the same level, with the main goal being to get the maximum number of points. All players of both clans will be assigned a place in the leaderboard based on previously earned points, and based on the position in this rating, each player will receive a certain amount of Golden Eggs (golden eggs).

The battle will continue for 48 hours, at the end of the clan that collected the largest number of Golden Eggs (golden eggs) will be considered the winner! Then, the members of the winning clan will have at their disposal a 24-hour period to receive the earned reward. The level of rewards received depends on the level of the clan participating in the battle, which occupies a higher line in the rating table.

The higher the level, the higher the reward! If your opponent has a level higher than that of your clan, you can still get a higher reward available for the level of the opponent. For example, if your clan is of a silver level and you defeat your opponent who has a gold level, your clan receives a reward available for the gold level!

What is a Clan Chest? Clan Chest is a chest that you can donate and also share with your clan comrades!Depending on the number of members that are in your clan, different options with a certain amount of rewards for the Chest will be available to you.

Can a clan member buy a clan chest? Yes! Anyone who wants to share with their clan comrades can donate the Chest, and then receive rewards along with the rest of the clan members. Your clan must have at least 10 members in order to have the opportunity to buy a Clan Chest.

How long will the chest last? After purchasing a Clan Chest, you and other clan members will have 7 days to receive rewards. After that, the chest will disappear, even if not all rewards are used up.

It is important to remember: Although there are several cards in each clan Chest, each member can choose only one of them, including the player who donates the clan chest. Therefore, you need to act quickly so that you have more opportunities!

Angry Birds 2: Arena Guide

In PvP (player versus player) Arena, opponents are selected for you and you compete with them for a gem reward.You have a week to collect as many stars as possible to get into a higher league. At the end of the week, the three best players fall into a higher league, and the three weakest players drop to a lower league. Try to collect at least a few stars every week so you donít get lowered!

However, the Legendary League is a little different. Since this is the most competitive league of all, you must be the best of the best so as not to be demoted. Points earned in the Arena depend on the level of the bird: the higher the level, the more points you get. You can raise the level of your birds by collecting feathers; You will notice that it is easier to compete with other players, having birds of a higher level. You can see the level of your birds and the number of feathers that is necessary to increase their level in the nest.

At the Arena, you can get a winning streak by winning several battles in a row. Each victory in a winning series entitles you to better prizes, up to a series of 7 victories! However, in the Legendary League, the series goes up to 10 victories! Defeat in the battle will interrupt the series of victories, and you will have to start it again. Having reached the winning streak of 7 victories (10 in the Legendary League), you begin a new series.

Why does my opponent have two identical birds? In fact, itís quite normal if your opponent looks the same on both birds! The rival birds displayed on the field are not necessarily the ones with whom they started the game. The displayed birds simply show the order in which they were used. Suppose an opponent has two Terence cards. In this case, he used Terence, as well as another bird, to fill the destructometer. Then they received another Terence and decided to use it immediately upon receipt. Thus, both Terence will be shown simultaneously, in the order in which the birds were used!

How does Arena Coordination work? Coordination in the Arena works by comparing players with the result of similar actions shown by all previous players - with the strength of the pack. Since it is not always possible for players to match with the same degree of flock strength, sometimes your opponent may have slightly higher or lower flock strength than you.

However, the battles are designed so that justice will triumph! Battles do not occur in real time, instead you play against the actions of another player who played before you at the same level. Although this is not an online battle, cards and points earned from another player that were previously won are still valid.

Angry Birds 2: Daily Walkthroughs

Great rewards here! On each floor, you get cards to choose from and win gems, feathers, spells, and hats as you rise to the sky. But be careful, on all ordinary floors there are annoying cards with a pig, ready to pick up what you have earned. You can exit the tower at any time with collected loot using the "Exit" button on the left. Even if you choose a card with a pig, your journey is not over yet, you can pay with gems to continue.

Each green floor is a jackpot floor where you can win hats. Moreover, on these floors there are no cards with pigs!Yellow floors - floors with a super jackpot where you can win hats even better! If it seems to you that the choice of cards takes too much time, you can use the "auto-select" function to speed up the passage! This is the fast forward icon below:

With this option, cards will be selected automatically until you decide to stop or pull the pig out.

What are daily assignments? You can win amazing prizes by completing daily tasks. They consist of three levels that you must pass, without going down to one level. At each level you get new birds, but you can not lose!The last level can be especially difficult, so plan your shots carefully. Daily tasks are available only for one day, so itís better to start doing them without wasting time!

After completing all levels, you will unlock the option "King Pigís Panic", which in its essence is similar to daily tasks - it also has three levels, which are even more difficult than the levels in daily tasks, but, of course, give more rewards for their implementation! The King Pigís Panic option will be available after completing your next daily quest, but only for a short period of time, so hurry up!

What are Daily Quests? Daily quests are goals that (as the name implies) are set daily for the player. After completing the Daily quest, the player receives a small amount of gems, and for completing all 6 Daily quests, a pen is given as a reward.

Daily quests can vary slightly from day to day and involve various tasks within the game, such as completing the Daily Challenge, playing in the Arena or in the Tower of Fortune. While completing all Daily quests is not a prerequisite, nevertheless it is very useful, since there is Achievement for completing all daily quests!

Angry Birds 2: Technical Issues

Why is Angry Birds 2 asking for permission? Depending on the operating system of your device, Angry Birds 2 may ask you for permission to access photos, social networks and storage. Access to the repository is very important. The game asks you for access to the store due to restrictions imposed on downloadable applications.

You may need to download additional files necessary for the game to work, so Angry Birds 2 also asks you for access to the deviceís storage. In other words, Angry Birds 2 needs access to the storage on your device in order to download a second file, without which the game cannot work. If you do not give the game permission, you cannot download it.

Why does the game not work if I do not give permission? If you do not give the game access to the repository, it will not be able to download files without which it will not work, so you will not be able to play. If you did not give permission and clicked "Do not ask again", you will have to manually give the game permission in the device settings to play it.

Please note that Angry Birds 2 will never use personal data on your device. The game has access only to game files.

Can I play the game on multiple devices? Sure you can! Just connect your game to your Facebook profile and enjoy playing birds on as many devices as you want. Connecting to Facebook also gives you the opportunity to compete with your friends!

Angry Birds 2: Donator Section

What is a gem letter? A Gemstone Letter is one of the gem sets available for purchase. In the Gem Store, the letter with the Gem is a set on a pink background with an image of a mailbox stuffed with precious stones.

The letter with the Gemstone differs from other sets in that instead of a one-time sum of stones, it gives the right to 70 stones daily for 30 consecutive days, which are collected as a result of passing daily quests.

Please note that stones are not automatically added to your balance and must be collected daily.Uncollected stones will be lost!

What are bonus brands? Bonus stamps, or points, are earned by shopping at the Gem Store. To view brands, go to the Gem Store and click on the Bonus tab.

In this tab you will see how many brands you have earned and how much you have left until the next bonus level.When you collect enough stamps to unlock a level, you can claim a reward for this. For example, to unlock the first bonus level requires only 5 marks. To unlock the next level, you need another 95 brands (that is, a total of 100) - this can be seen in the picture above, and so on.

Angry Birds 2: Standards of Conduct

If you encounter any suspicious or inappropriate behavior of another player, please report this to the support team! First, open the profile of the player you want to report. This can be done at any time by clicking on the avatar image of this player!

If there is a specific message that you would like to bring to the attention of the support service, then click on the chat icon on the playerís avatar next to this specific message about which you wish to report. Then just click the "Report" button. After that, a message form will appear that you can use to send a message to the support service directly to report any offensive or obscene content, be it clan name, clan description, clan message, player name or player chat.

When composing a message, please explain in as much detail as possible the reasons why you are sending this message, including screenshots confirming inappropriate behavior. Please use the feature to send messages responsibly. Incorrect use of this function will entail consequences, up to a temporary ban on the game! You can also at any time block the receipt of messages from a player who behaves abusively or obscenely expresses himself by clicking on the "Block" button in the playerís profile. When you block another player, all messages from that player will be hidden from you.

Respect each other. "Angry Birds 2" is a game for everyone, and its developers hope that all players will respect each other. Do not insult, threaten, harass or intimidate other players or otherwise create an unsafe environment. Among the things regarded as unacceptable:

If you encounter a player who behaves in an abusive or disrespectful manner towards you or other players, please inform the player in the support service so that they take appropriate measures.

Do not cheat. Game developers hope that all players will play fair, which means that they will not cheat or speculate in order to gain an unfair advantage over other players. Cheats, hacks, modifications and tools of third-party programs are not allowed to be used in the game. Using loopholes in the game is also unacceptable. If it is discovered that the player has cheated in any way in the game, he will be immediately blocked.

Why was I blocked? Angry Birds 2 has a zero tolerance policy for cheating or abusive behavior in the game.Any player who violates the terms of service and the End User License Agreement (EULA) will be denied access to the game, while all progress associated with his account will be lost. Some of the violations that will lead to account lockouts include (but are not limited to):