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ANGRY BIRDS DREAM BLAST - Android game with release date 01/23/2019 from the company Rovio. Game Genre: Puzzle. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Team Guide
  3. Coins and Shopping
  4. Secrets of Power-ups and Bonuses
  5. Walkthrough
  6. Customize Your Game

Angry Birds Dream Blast: Beginner’s Guide

How to play Angry Birds Dream Blast? Angry Birds Dream Blast is a puzzle game for passing levels which you need to fulfill certain goals. The game is based on the laws of physics - this means that balls and other objects will always fall from top to bottom. Level objectives vary. You may need to collect a certain number of balls, lower the egg from the top of the level to the bottom, burst the balls with pigs and more!

Collect balls of the same color together and touch them to remove them from the level. If you manage to remove four balls or more at once, an exploding gain will appear on the field. Combining amplifications with each other, you can increase their power! Each level is given a certain number of moves. If you use all the moves, but do not complete the level, you will lose a life. You have five lives in total. When the number of lives decreases to zero, you have to wait until the lives are restored, or purchase them for gold coins.

What types of blocks are found in the game? During the game, you will meet blocks of different types that will prevent you from reaching the goal or yourself will be the level goal. Knowing how to get rid of them, it will be much easier to win!

What are magic balls? Magic balls are a special kind of balls. When they are combined or a reinforcing bird gets into them, they automatically destroy the objects.

What are eggs for? Eggs are one of the targets available at the levels. To collect eggs, they need to be lowered to the very bottom of the level. To do this, remove the balls and other obstacles in their way.

What are balls with pigs? Balls with pigs are one of the goals of the level. They are subject to only power-ups and bonuses. When hit in a large pig, it is divided into two medium ones, which take the place of two random balls. Medium pigs are similarly divided into two small pigs. When it hits a little pig, it bursts. Each exposure to pigs counts toward a goal level.

How do pig locks work? Pig castles are one of the obstacles on the Dream Blast levels. They come in two types: with numbers and a key hole. To open a castle with a number, you need to remove balls of the same color from the level as the castle. The number indicates how many balls to remove. As soon as the number on the lock decreases to zero, it will open!

Locks with keys work even easier: as soon as the key touches the lock, it will open. It remains only to clear the path for the key.

What is a nightmare cloud? A nightmare cloud is one of the goals on the level. It is hidden behind the balls, and it is necessary to get rid of it. To do this, simply remove the balls from the field or use amplifications.

What are balls in chains? Balls in chains cannot be used in combinations until the chain is removed. The only way to get rid of the chain is to act on the ball with a reinforcement bird or other bonus. As soon as the chain is removed, the ball will become ordinary, and it can be used in combinations!

What are paint cans? Making combinations of balls near the can of paint, you can open it! After that, the paint will change the color of 3 random balls on the playing field. As a rule, paint cans are needed to pass the level at which they are.

What is the Slingshot Bonus? A colored pinwheel is a stationary object that can repaint balls, acting in the same way as a can of paint. To start the turntable, you need to double-act on it with a reinforcement bird. After the first exposure, it will begin to spin, and after the second - to scatter its balls, randomly repainting all the rest!

Angry Birds Dream Blast: Team Guide

How does chat work? All teams have a chat in which teammates can communicate with each other! To start a conversation, just click on the "Chat" button, write a message and click "Finish." All players in the team will see your message, so do not forget about politeness! If someone in your chat behaves defiantly or inappropriately, you can block his messages. Just touch the chat message from this player or his name in the list of team members, then click "Block". Messages from this player will no longer be shown.

If you accidentally blocked someone, you can unblock them by finding their name in the list of team members and clicking "Unblock". You can also file a complaint against a player who behaves inappropriately. To do this, simply click on the inappropriate chat message and select the "Complaint" option.

How to join a team? You can join a team at player level 4. To join a team, simply open the Team tab! There you will see teams that you can join. Or use the search button to find another command. If the team has a place, then you can join it by clicking on the "Join" button. If the team is "closed", you will need to wait for the approval of its leader!

How to leave the team? To leave the team, follow these steps:

  1. Open the "Team" tab;
  2. Click "My team";
  3. Select "Information" and click on the "Leave" button.

Even if you leave the team, you can take advantage of the lives stored in your mail. However, you can no longer receive new lives or take part in team events!

How to create a team? To create a team, you must first leave the current team (if you are a member of it).Then create your team by following these steps:

  1. Open the "Team" section;
  2. Click on the "Create" button;
  3. Indicate the data of the team: its name, icon and description;
  4. Choose whether your team will be open or closed. Anyone can join an open team, and joining a closed team occurs only with the approval of the leader - that is, you!
  5. Specify the minimum level of a player to join if you want players to join a team above a certain level. If you leave the value "0", then the minimum level of the player will not be required for entry.
  6. Click on the "Create" button at the bottom of the page. You can create a team for 150 coins!

What is Help? " Help" is an opportunity to help a teammate collect free lives. Each player who has sent a request for life can be helped once for each request. When a player receives 5 requested lives, his request bar will no longer appear in the chat. For each life given to another player, you get 1 gold coin. In the "My team" section, you can see how many times a player in your team helped teammates.

How to send life? Click the Help button to send a free life to a teammate who needs lives. For every life sent to teammates, you will get 1 coin!

How to change team name or icon? Unfortunately, the name and icon of the created team cannot be changed. However, you can change the description of the team, the type of team (open or closed) and the minimum level of players.

How to invite friends to the team? Tell your friends the name or ID of your team so that they find it in the search bar in the "Team" tab and can enter! When searching for a team by its ID, you must write the "#" sign before the ID. There is no way to directly invite players to the team in the game yet.

How to remove a player from a team? You can remove players from the team of which you are a leader. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Team" button;
  2. Click "My team";
  3. Touch player name;
  4. Click on the "Exclude" button.

What is an open and closed team? An open team means that at any moment any players who fit at the minimum level can join it. In a closed team, the leader himself accepts or rejects requests from players for entry.

My leader is inactive. How to remove or change a leader? A team leader cannot be changed or removed until he or she wants to leave. Therefore, it is recommended to join a new team or create your own!

Angry Birds Dream Blast: Coins and Shopping

What are gold coins and how to get them? Gold coins are the currency for which you can buy additional moves, lives and bonuses in Angry Birds Dream Blast. Coins are purchased in a separate store. To go to it, click on your gold coin counter at the top of the screen. This currency can also be obtained from chests issued when passing a certain number of levels or increasing a player’s level.

How to recover a lost or missed purchase? If your purchase never appeared in the game or disappeared due to a failure, be sure to contact support! You will be happy to help with any shopping problems!

Angry Birds Dream Blast: Secrets of Power-ups and Bonuses

How to create reinforcement birds and how do they work? Playing in Dream Blast, you can create three power-ups: Reda, Chuck and Bomb. To create a Red, touch 4 or more balls of the same color next to each other.The more balls there are, the larger the gain will be. By combining amplifiers you can increase their power! By combining a pair of Reds, you create a Chuck, the size of which will be like the larger of the two Reds. Similarly, from two Chucks you can create a Bomb. Reinforcements are great for immediately removing a large number of balls!

What are bonuses? Bonuses are special items that can be purchased with gold coins or obtained from chests.Each of them has a unique property. When using bonuses, moves are not spent.

What is the Meteor bonus? The Meteor bonus can be purchased with gold coins or obtained from reward chests. Use it to blow up balls in a round zone. To use the Meteor bonus, first tap its icon at the bottom of the screen, and then touch the section of the level you want to explode.

What is the Slingshot Bonus? Slingshot can be used to remove one ball from the field. Just touch its icon at the bottom of the screen during the game, and then select the ball you want to remove.

What is the Shuffle Bonus? Shuffle swaps balls at the level. To use this bonus, first tap its icon at the bottom of the screen, and then any part of the level. And all the balls will change places! But at the same time, other level elements (amplifications, eggs, pigs and balls in chains) will remain in their places.

Angry Birds Dream Blast: Walkthrough

What is a Stella store? In this event, Stella will open her store in which she will put up fantastic products for sale! While the event is going on, Cherries will appear on the levels. Use power-ups or make combinations next to Cherries to collect them. Collected Cherries are saved only upon successful completion of the level! These Cherries can then be exchanged in the Stella store for various items.

If you buy all the items in the store, Stella will give you an additional bonus for loyalty! The event will end when the timer expires or all items in the store are sold out, whichever comes first. If the timer disappears, you will have one last opportunity to exchange the remaining Cherries before the end of the event.

What is a team event? Team event is a joint event in which you play together with other team members.Together, go through as many levels as possible and achieve all your goals in order to open chests with rewards!To receive a team award, you must participate by completing at least one level per event. In addition, if you leave the team during the event, you will not be able to participate in the event and will not receive rewards.

What is the Victory Series bonus? The Victory Series event offers rewards for successfully passing several levels in a row, without a single failure at any level. The longer the series of victories, the better the rewards.Complete a level to complete the first stage of a series of victories, and begin the next level with free boost. If you pass the next level, you will receive at the beginning of the next level as many as two amplifications. Finally, go through the third level to complete the last stage of a series of victories and begin the next level with three power-ups. If you continue the series of victories after three levels, you will begin each subsequent level with three power-ups. But if you fail any of the levels, you will interrupt the series of victories, and you will have to start again!

What are the tests of Red and Chuck? Tests of Red and Chuck are events in which players compete in the number of generated power-ups (Redov and Chuck, respectively). Each of the amplifications created at the passed level counts. If you fail to complete the level, all the Reds and Chuckies that appear on it will not be counted. At the end of the event, the players with the most power-ups created will receive rewards.

What is a Level Race? Level Race is an event available to all players! To compete in it, just go through the levels of the game. All levels passed, including those that are available at the peak of Dreams (which means you can participate in two events at the same time), are counted. Players are divided into groups of 50 people, each of which has its own list of leaders. Any completed level brings one point. When the time on the event timer comes to an end, the players with the highest score will receive rewards!

What is the peak of Dreams? Dream Peak is a competitive league that opens after completing all the usual levels. Reaching the peak of Dream, you will get access to a random selection of levels. Each completed level will bring you a prize. You will also be included in the leaderboard, the place in which depends on the number of prizes received. Each season of Dream Peak lasts one week, after which the best players with the most prizes are awarded. Then a new season begins, and in it, to reopen the peak of Dream, you will need to go through all new levels.

Angry Birds Dream Blast: Customize Your Game

How to change profile name or icon? To change the profile name or icon, click on the profile banner on the main screen. To change the icon, tap the current icon, and then select a new icon from the list. To change the profile name, tap the current name and enter a new one. When you make the desired changes, do not forget to click the "Save" button!

How to contact support? Support is always ready to help. To contact her, you need to send a request. Before you do this, check out this article - what if there is already an answer to your question?

How to connect the game to Facebook? You can connect your Facebook account in the game settings. Tap the gear in the upper right corner of the screen, and then click on the "Connect" button with the Facebook icon.You will be prompted to log in to your Facebook account. As soon as you connect the game to your Facebook account, your game progress will be tied to it.

If you want to reinstall the game or play it on another device, you can restore progress by connecting to the same account. If you decide to manually disconnect the game from your Facebook account, your progress will cease to be saved, and you will not be able to restore it by reinstalling the game.

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