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Walkthrough Angry Birds Epic: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

ANGRY BIRDS EPIC - Android game with release date 06/11/2014 from the company Rovio. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. A Beginners Guide
  2. How can I create new items?
  3. What abilities do each character have?
  4. Rovio Account
  5. Technical Issues

Angry Birds Epic: A Beginners Guide

What is Angry Birds Epic? Angry Birds Epic is a turn-based role-playing adventure game, which takes place in a fantastic version of Swine Island. It offers an amazing storyline, turn-based combat, an exciting campaign with a complex game ending, a rich system for making weapons, armor and potions with resources that players can collect or buy, and much more.

How can I choose which bird enters the battle? You can use up to three birds in any particular battle. After clicking the level to enter the battle, you can choose which birds you would like to use. A blue ring will appear under the selected birds on the preliminary battle screen. Touch any bird to select or deselect it. Make sure you select the birds strategically depending on their abilities and the enemy you encounter.

Why are my birds just standing while being attacked? The battle in Angry Birds Epic turn-based. This means that during your turn you can give each bird a command, and one bird will execute the command at a time.When your move is complete, each pig gets a chance to attack. Make sure you have enough health to withstand their attacks, so you can take revenge on them next turn!

How can items be used during battle? To use the potion and other consumables in battle, click the potion bottle in the upper right corner of the screen. Next, drag the item you would like to use onto the character on which you would like to use it. You can only use one item per character per turn, so stick with your strategy!

Angry Birds Epic: How can I create new items?

The first step in making new items is to purchase a diagram or recipe for the item. Schemes can be found in various locations, depending on the element you want to make. Schemes for protective items and weapons can be purchased in workshops, and potion recipes are in Dr. Swins laboratory. If you have a scheme or a recipe, go to your camp by clicking on the socket button in the lower right corner of the map screen to start production!

While in the camp, you will see that you have a cauldron and anvil that you can use to make items. If you do not see them in your nest, just keep playing! You must make some progress before getting these items. Pressing the boiler will redirect you to the potions screen. On the potions tab you can see all your available recipes.

Click on the potion to select it. You can see information about a particular potion at the bottom of the screen, for example, what it does, what ingredients are needed to make it. To make a potion, click the manufacture button in the lower right corner of the screen. Making protective items and weapons works almost as well. Click on the anvil in the camp to open the fabrication screen. You can see in the framework of your available schemes of weapons and protective items under their respective tabs.

If you do not have the necessary ingredients for making a potion or enough resources for making weapons, go to battle! You get resources and ingredients every time you win the battle. More stars in battle will bring more resources. You can also find resources and ingredients in profitable places scattered around the map. In addition, you can break protective objects and weapons to turn them back into resources.

To break objects, go to your camp and click on the bird. Click the shield or weapon tab, and then select the item you want to break. You can touch and hold any item to see what resources you get by breaking the item. When you are ready, click the trash can button in the lower right corner of the screen to break the item.

How can I get to my camp, and what can I do there? Your camp is your home base while you accompany the birds on their adventure, where you can find many useful features. To enter your camp, press the nest button in the lower right corner of the map screen. Heres what you can find in the camp:

How can you defeat these annoying Zombie Pigs? Some enemies will resurrect after a certain number of moves. Above the heads of these enemies there will be an indicator indicating how many moves they will need to resurrect. To prevent them from returning to battle, defeat all enemies within the specified number of moves.

Angry Birds Epic: What abilities do each character have?

Each character has attacking and defensive skills, as well as a rage attack. Press and hold the button on any character during the battle, in the camp or on the preliminary battle screen to view detailed information about their abilities. The abilities of your birds will vary depending on their class. Change the headgear of the birds in the camp to change the class.

Attacks are used to inflict damage on enemy characters. To attack, touch the bird and pull it on the enemy you want to attack. Some attacks deal damage to multiple enemies. In this case, the attack of any enemy will lead to the attack of all enemies.

Protective skills can be used to help your characters in various ways, for example, increasing attack power, increasing defense, healing. Clicking once on a bird will trigger the use of a defensive skill on that bird. You can also click on one of your birds and drag it onto your other character to transfer protective skills to him.

During the battle, you will notice a rage pepper meter at the bottom of the screen. This meter represents the total rage of birds. We all know that birds do the most damage when they get angry! When your characters deal or take damage, the Rage Pepper meter gradually fills up. When it is full, rage pepper can be dragged from the bottom of the screen onto the bird to use super-powerful abilities.

I got lost! Where should I go now? Chasing cowardly pigs across the map can be confusing. If you dont know where to go next, look for shiny objects on the map. A flash of the sun will lead you to new battles and profitable places.

What are leagues and how do they work? Leagues is a feature that allows you to compete in the PvP arena with other Epic players from around the world. Winning battles and completing daily tasks, you collect rating points, with the help of which your rating in the League is calculated. In total there are 6 levels of leagues: from wooden to diamond. All new players start with the wooden League, but, collecting a lot of points and ending in the top 3 in your League at the end of the week, you go to the next level of the League!

By reaching higher and more complex Leagues, you improve your chances of getting better rewards. However, if you end up in the lower ranks of the current League or do not play at all, you will end up in a lower League. After 12 weeks of the League (3 months), the PvP season ends. At the end of this season, additional seasonal awards will be distributed in accordance with the League and the rating achieved. After this, the new PvP season begins, and all ratings in the game are reset.

What is a Golden piggy bank? Throw a few coins of luck in the Golden piggy bank to win weapons and protective items, including epic and legendary sets! Each rotation slightly fills the Rainbow indicator. Once the indicator is full, the next rotation will bring you a thing from the legendary sets!

Choosing a Dear Ticket will give you more chances to get powerful equipment and an epic set of items and fill the Rainbow Indicator more. A "cheap ticket" fills the rainbow indicator a little less, and gives you a little less chance of getting powerful items. Friends fill out your Rainbow Indicator when they visit your nest for free spins on your Golden piggy bank. Do not forget to thank them by also making a spin on their Golden piggy bank!

What is a Friendship Gate? Friendship Gates are locked gates that can only be opened with a little help from your friends. If you see the friendship gate on the map screen (you can identify them by the big red hearts on the top), you can open them by clicking and then asking friends for help. After 5 friends have agreed to help you with the gate, they open and you can access the area beyond. In addition, you can open the gates with the help of luck coins.

My birds are gone. There is only the Blue Trinity and Matilda. Is this a bug? At some point in the game, evil pigs will abduct half of your birds. This is part of the game, and you will eventually return them, just keep playing the game!

What are lucrative places? Stumps, stones and shells may look ordinary, but these are the main places to collect resources! Look for these points on the map and click on them several times to collect additional resources.

Why do some players have impossibly high league points? This is a fraud. Support is aware of potential scammers in the Angry Birds Epic leagues, and developers are taking action against this.

Why cant I get free spins on a Windows Phone? Due to the old version of the game available on WP, it is currently not possible to get free spins from friends playing newer versions of games on other platforms. This problem will be resolved when the same version of the game on WP is released as for other platforms.

Why is my game on Windows Phone completely different from my friends on iOS and Android?The version of Angry Birds Epic on Windows Phone devices is lagging behind other platforms. For commercial reasons, the Windows Phone platform is no longer a priority for developers, and further updates to the game for this platform are currently not planned. However, a final decision to discontinue development for Windows Phone devices has not been made. In the future, changes in the current situation are possible. Notwithstanding the foregoing, support for all existing games that are available for Windows Phone devices continues to be provided.

Angry Birds Epic: Rovio Account

I forgot the password for my Rovio account. What should I do now? You can recover your password from Angry Birds Epic. To get started, click the socket icon in the lower right corner of the map screen to enter the Camp. Next, click the top Totem shape on the left, and then click "Sign In" under your Rovio account. Then you can click "Forgot your password?" and enter your email address. After that, you will receive a link by e-mail, clicking on which you can reset the password and select a new one.

I want to transfer my game progress from the old device to the new one. How can I do it? If you created a Rovio account before its termination in May 2018, you can still use it to synchronize your progress between multiple devices. Just log in to your Rovio account on your new device to see the progress in your account. If you have not created a Rovio account, send a request to tech support. Include your Rovio ID for the old and new devices, and your progress can be copied manually. You can see your Rovio ID on the games loading screen, as well as at the top of the totem pole inside the Nest.

Will I lose my progress if I reinstall the Angry Birds Epic app or change my device? If you are logged into a Rovio account (available on supported devices) in the game, your game progress will be safe. To make sure that the latest version of game progress is saved, log out of your account before uninstalling the application or changing the device. If you have not created a Rovio account, send a request to tech support. Include your Rovio ID for the old and new devices, and your progress can be copied manually.

How to register with Rovio Account in Angry Birds Epic? The Rovio account was discontinued in May 2018. Existing accounts can still be used, but new accounts cannot be created.

Why cant I log in to my Rovio account on my Windows Phone? Why is it indicated that I am logged in as a guest? The Rovio account function is currently not available on Windows Phone.

How can I log in to my Rovio account in Angry Birds Epic? If you have already created a Rovio account in another game, you can log into your Angry Birds Epic account by clicking on the jack icon in the lower right corner of the map screen to enter your Camp. Next, click the top Totem shape on the left, and then click "Sign In" into your Rovio account. Now you can enter the login information for your Rovio account.

Please note that the Rovio account is only available on iOS and Android devices.

Will my game progress be synchronized between my devices? You can use your Rovio account to access game progress on supported devices. Just log into your account in the game, and you can see your game progress.To make sure that your game progress is correctly synchronized between devices, log out of your account on one device before continuing to play on another device.

Please note that your game progress is not saved through Facebook, Game Center or Google Accounts.

Angry Birds Epic: Technical Issues

Is Angry Birds Epic available on my device? Angry Birds Epic is available on devices running iOS 8 (or later) or Android 4.4 (or later). The game also works on Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.

Please note that the minimum requirement is 1 GB of RAM, but the game may be slow on these devices.

My game is stuck on "load balancing"! If your game is stuck in the "load balancing" part of the start screen, this means that there is a problem in your game file that needs to be fixed manually. If your game is not saved in your Rovio account, do not delete or reinstall the application - this will erase your gameplay and will not solve the problem in any case. For your file to be fixed, contact the player support team by sending a request and including the Rovio account email address or Rovio ID from the download screen.

I have unlocked the Elite Class, but I can not find it anywhere! To access the elite version, click the switch button to the left of the Information icon in your Inventory by selecting the appropriate Class. You can switch between the regular Class and the Elite class, for which there is no separate icon.

I think some players are cheating! In several recent updates, actions that some players have abused to obtain impossible results have been blocked, but, unfortunately, new weaknesses have appeared. Be sure that developers are working on fixes and get rid of all scammers.

I cannot connect to Facebook while I am in my Rovio account. Try logging out of your Rovio account and then connecting to Facebook. If the Facebook connection is successful, then you should be able to log into your Rovio account to continue the game. If this does not work, try the following:

  1. Log out of your Rovio account and close Angry Birds Epic;
  2. Log in to Facebook in a web browser;
  3. Remove Angry Birds Epic from Facebook by going to Settings> Applications> Click X above Angry Birds Epic> Click Delete;
  4. Open Angry Birds Epic and connect to Facebook again;
  5. Log in to your Rovio account.

Im having trouble adding friends. Your friends should appear on your friends list automatically if you and your friends are connected to Facebook accounts in the game. You do not need to send invitations using the "Add Friends" button! If you do not see your friends, although connected to your Facebook account, try these steps to fix the problem:

  1. Disconnect the game from your Facebook account;
  2. On Facebook, go to Settings - Applications and delete Angry Birds Epic;
  3. Exit the Facebook application and through the browser;
  4. Connect again to Facebook in the game.