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Walkthrough Angry Birds Evolution: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

ANGRY BIRDS EVOLUTION - Android game with release date 06/14/2017 from the company Rovio. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginnerís Guide
  2. How to play after the update?
  3. PvP Secrets
  4. Friends and Clans
  5. Shopping and Payment Guide
  6. Bugs and Fitch Games

Angry Birds Evolution: Beginnerís Guide

Prestige Birds - Whatís New? To develop a bird to the level of "Prestige", simply click on it to open a review, and select "Update prestige".

Please note that 4 and 5 star birds can no longer be used to upgrade Prestige level birds, but selling them now gives Prestige Totems instead of Evolution materials.

How do birds of the Main Event differ from their "ordinary" counterparts? During some events, it will be possible to purchase "Workshops" versions of some powerful birds. These Master Birds are distinguished by their special aura and increased strength (compared with their usual versions) and are the limit regarding the strength of the flock and its evolution.

Level Up Your Birds with Less XP! The game drastically reduced the amount of XP needed to level up Angry Birds and, even better, this change is always applied, regardless of the day! XP specific day bonuses no longer apply.

What is an Island Event and how do I access it? The Island Event is an exciting new feature in Angry Birds: Evolution! During events, instead of clicking on scout markers for specific events on the island, now simply click on the icon for the active Event. From the Island Events screen, you can participate in the event battles, see all the available rewards at a glance and compare points on the leaderboard. May the strongest pack win!

What are Fury Totems and what can I do with them? Introduced in version 1.18, Rage Totems are the big, bad, evil cousins ??of the Wrath Totems. They merge with your birds, like all other Totems, but you will find that they provide much greater XP growth for your birds, which is especially useful after level 40 and as you move towards more powerful evolutions.

I was above level 70 in Eagle Mountain when I met Pig Thief. Why didnít I receive a special award bird? To qualify for any of the rewards you have earned at Eagle Mountain, you need to go out before you are caught by Pig Thief. If you passed the 70th level and you were caught, any special unlocked award bird is also taken away by this green threat. Proceed with caution and remember that elite awards await the most daring players!

What are the chances of hatching a bird? Where can I find out about them? You can find out what is the chance to breed birds of varying degrees of rarity in the Incubator. Enter the Incubator, select the type of egg you want to hatch, and click on the "i" button on the left. The displayed indicators are the current average chances of getting a character of one or another degree of rarity.

For example, a chance of "1 in 20" means that your chances of getting a bird of a given rarity are five percent.

During events during which there is a "chance multiplier", the probability of getting a bird increases as you hatch new eggs. This happens until you sit out one of the main prizes of the event. This is also taken into account in the displayed indicators.

If I start passing the daily test before the server reboots and finish it after, can I get an additional try? Not. Daily tests, which begin before the server reboot and end after it, do not allow you to complete the test twice within 24 hours. This is done on purpose and ensures that all players have a chance to receive a reward from a daily challenge.

I just defeated the boss, and not a single silver ticket fell out of him. This is normal? The number and type of rewards after the boss fight is random, and a certain type of items is not guaranteed. The higher the level of difficulty of the battle, the more large and interesting rewards you will come across. The best way to collect the best loot is to defeat as many high-level pigs as possible!

I cannot improve my birds with 1-3 stars above level 60. This is mistake? Itís not a mistake. All birds with star ratings from 1 to 3 are currently limited to level 60. At this level, the final evolution opens, and once it is completed, the bird will no longer become stronger. If you want to achieve the highest level of power available in the game, it is recommended to go for birds with 4 and 5 stars.

I used a scout and went for a break. Now the explored marker has disappeared. What should I do? The time limit for access to the contents of the explored marker is 10 minutes. If you do not interact with your scoutís finds within 10 minutes, they will disappear from the map.

I met the Pig Thief and did not receive any rewards from Eagle Mountain. Whyís that? If you come across a Pig Thief while climbing Mount Eagle, you will be given the opportunity to "surrender" or spend a certain amount of gems to continue. If you click Surrender, your current game on Mount Eagle will end and you will not receive any accumulated rewards. Always be careful and remember that a big reward carries big risks!

I had a bird with 4/5 stars in my mailbox, and now it is gone! What happened? Birds are in your inbox for 24 hours, after which they disappear. If you get a bird with 4 or 5 stars that you really would like to add to your flock, be sure to transfer them to your inventory as soon as possible. Birds that have disappeared from your crate cannot be recovered.

What are dungeon keys for? Dungeon keys are used to enter the five dungeons on the island, one for each color. At the end of the dungeon, you are rewarded with evolution materials and evolution essences that are used to develop your birds.

How to defeat pigs?

The goal in the battle is to drive out the pigs. You can damage pigs by hitting them with your birds. As soon as the pigís health points fall to zero, she will be knocked out of the battle. Direct your attacks by pressing and holding the bird and pulling it back, then release to shoot the bird. You can control the speed of the shot due to how far back you pull before releasing.

Try hitting the pigs from behind, as this gives you extra damage! Each bird and pig has a counter above the character. When the pigís counter reaches zero, it will go on the attack. When the birdís counter reaches zero, it will execute the Skill Shot as its next attack. Bird skills depend on the color of the bird:

Besides their attack, some pigs also have passive ability. You can find out the statistics and abilities of each bird and pig by clicking on them. The battle ends when the last pig is knocked out or your health is exhausted.

How to make progress on the map and discover new areas? The next area will be open as soon as you complete all the story missions in the previous one. Sometimes story missions are closed until you complete the tasks. Clicking the Job icon on the left side of the screen to display the tasks you need to complete to complete the task. Typically, tasks include collecting items and defeating pigs in scout missions.

What are intelligence missions? Scout missions are battles scattered across regions that you have currently unlocked. Click on one of the orange scout markers to send your scouts, they will find different types of battles and treasures. The types of battles that you can detect depend on your player level, you can check what your scouts can detect by clicking on the scout slingshot in the village.

How to raise the level of my birds? The level of birds can be increased by connecting other birds for the sake of experience. To raise the level of the bird, go to the village and click "Your Team". Select the "Level Up" tab and drag the bird whose level you want to raise into the slot on the left. Any birds that you then drag onto the slot on the right will be connected to the selected bird to give it an experience. The amount of experience a bird gives depends on its level and whether it has evolved. Birds of the same color as the selected bird give an enhanced experience!

How do I get birds? You can get new birds from the Incubator and as a reward for battles and dungeons.

What are Totems and how do they work? Totems can be used to enhance your birds. There are three types of Totems in the game:

To use the Totem, place the bird you want to upgrade into the level up slot and drag the Totem into the slot on the right.

My bird has reached its maximum level, what should I do now? Once your bird reaches the maximum level of its current stage of evolution, you need to evolve it to increase its maximum level. Birds with one, two and three stars can evolve three times, birds with four and five stars can evolve five times.

How do I develop birds? Once a bird reaches the maximum level for its current stage of evolution, you can develop it if you have enough evolutionary materials of the same color as the bird. To develop a bird, go to the village, click "Your Team" and select the evolution tab in the upper right corner of the window. Drag the bird you want to develop into the slot on the left and click Evolve.

Four and five-star birds have two versions of the latest evolution. You must choose which one you prefer before developing a bird! To develop four and five-star birds at level 60, you will also need an evolutionary essence of bird color. You can get the evolutionary essence in the dungeons.

How to get more material for evolution? Material for evolution is acquired as a reward for battles and dungeons and for the sale of birds. The evolutionary essence needed for the final evolution of 4 and 5 star birds is found only in dungeons.

My resources are blocked, what does this mean? What are limits? Most resources have a limit on the amount you can have in your inventory. You can still play the battles, as usual, and begin to receive resources again as soon as you spend some of them and the resources will again be below the limit. Maximum amounts for different resources:

What are Super Eggs and how to get them? Super eggs are sometimes awarded for battles and dungeons as soon as you reach player level 30. These are eggs with a label on them, and they can contain very powerful birds.

Angry Birds Evolution: How to play after the update?

Can I store and transmit Event Energy between Events? Not. The energy of an Event is specific and unique to a specific event, so be sure to spend all your Energy before the completion of a specific event. Any additional Energy in your inventory will be removed at this time.

How do bird improvements work during events? During events, certain birds receive certain improvements that make them much more effective during a certain event. In order to see which birds can apply the improvements, look at the upper right corner of the screen of the island of events.

As a rule, in the top row you will see special Event Birds along with their respective improvements. In the second row you will usually see special birds of the previous event along with their respective improvements. Finally, in the bottom row you will see improvements for a particular attribute. All birds that have the selected attribute will receive a corresponding improvement for the duration of the event.

Please note that if a 5-star version of the 4-star bird or a 5-star version of the Master 5-star bird appears as an award for the event, then the improvement applies to these improved versions of the birds.

Major Pekker Daily Challenge Update - What Has Changed? MPDC is now unlocking earlier - Major has moved to the Yellow Region from the Red Region. He also created 4 types of calls in which you can earn everything you need:

Each of the two types of calls is active every day, and each of them will have two free inputs. Sunday is the bonanza of calls, all calls are open to the public! Complete the challenge, try the next one and collect more pork snouts and better rewards. Fight along with your clan and collect clan rewards.

The arena entry system has been updated! All players will now have five arena entrances per day, and additional entrances are unlocked every 60 minutes for all players.

How to sell and raise birds in the new Team Manager?

As soon as you click Bird Team, a new improved Team Manager will appear. On the main screen, you can drag any bird from your inventory to the right to create your main team. Click on the portrait of any bird to go to their individual level-up screen. On the bird leveling screen, you can sell the bird, update its super-shot, assign runes and increase their level. Selling individual birds, updating super-shots and assigning runes works as before.

The procedure for increasing the level of birds has changed: as soon as you click the Level Up button for the bird, you will be transferred to the new interface for raising the level. From here, you can assign the Totems of Fury and Wrath by clicking on the plus sign above their icons to adjust the amount you want to use to level them up. You can also cross several birds by selecting their individual images.

In the central rectangle you can see all the selected birds that can be crossed, as well as the number of Totems used. The total cost of the upgrade, as well as an increase in bird power, are displayed in the right rectangle under the bird, for which the level rises. Once you are satisfied with your resources, click the Level Up button to power up your bird!

An alternative way to increase the level of birds: just drag the image of the bird whose level you want to increase to the rectangle on the right side of the screen. Then continue to drag the birds you want to cross with it into the middle rectangle. The total cost of the upgrade, as well as an increase in bird power, are displayed in the right rectangle under the bird, for which the level rises. Once you are satisfied with the resources allocated, click the Level Up button to make your bird even stronger!

The level of Prestige will remain unchanged. To check your complete inventory and birds sold, simply click on the View Fully Inventory and Sell Birds button , which is located in the lower right corner of Team Manager.You will see a complete inventory of the bird. Click on Sell ??Mode. Choose as many birds as you want to sell. If you are satisfied with your choice, click Sell to confirm your choice. You will be asked to confirm the sale and indicate the total amount of resources that you will receive. Click Sell again to confirm.

Please note that you can no longer sell Totems of Wrath, Prestige, or Rage from your inventory.However, you can sell excess Totems directly from your Inbox.

Angry Birds Evolution: PvP Secrets

The first action of my opponent in a match with PvP is a super shot! Is this a scam? Is my rival cheating? Since the first action is always yours in the PvP battle, to ensure fair play, your opponentís super shot counter is reduced by one turn. This means that a bird with a counter of super shots in one turn (1) will have the opportunity to use a super shot at the opponentís first move in PvP. This is normal game mechanics and should not cause concern.

Pigs in the Arena do not die! Whatís happening? From version 1.17 onwards, random modifiers will be presented weekly at the Arena. The first modifier significantly increased the level of pig health. Come back every week to get even more surprises - and donít forget to click the new "Rules" button in the Arena window to find out what modifier works every week!

How do Arena weekly bonus crystals work? Why havenít I received bonus crystals this week?Bonus crystals are awarded in the Arena for exceeding your highest points for all time. Just increasing your trophy points from the previous week does not give you bonus crystals if your highest score has ever been higher.The bonus is currently limited to 15,000 trophies.

How does the trophy counter work? Why did I lose 59 trophies? The trophies received and lost in the battles of the PvP Arena depend on the difference in trophies between you and your opponent. If you compete with someone who has a higher trophy score, you can win more points and lose less when you lose. When you encounter a team with a lower trophy score than yours, then on the contrary, you will lose more trophies when you lose and get less when you win.

How can I play against other players? You can compete with other players in certain events and in the Arena. The arena can be found in the southeastern part of the island.

How are the battles in the Arena? At the Arena, you will encounter a team of birds from another player, with a team of pigs in the middle. After each turn, the pigs will attack the player on the side of the battlefield of which they are located. Your goal is to drive the pigs to the side of your opponent so that they attack your opponent. The battle at the Arena ends when one of the players runs out of health.

What gives knocking out pigs? Depending on the pigís passive ability, this will either cause additional damage to your opponent, or heal your team, or decrease the counters of the Super Shot when knocking out. Each pig has a symbol above its head showing a passive ability.

Extra Damage : These pigs will deal extra damage to your opponentís team when knocking them out.

Super Shot Drop : Reduces Super Shot counters for all birds of the player who hit the pig.

Health Enhancement: restores the health of the birds of the player who defeated the pig. You can also test the ability of pigs by clicking on them.

How does organizing a match in the Arena work in PvP mode (player versus player)? Match organization is based on your Trophy Points. You are compared with other players who are close in terms of the number of points to your trophy points. Sometimes this can provide you with a slightly complicated duel with a stronger opponent, but sometimes you will also get easier competitions! Over time, average opponents should be close to your team strength and skills.

How are Arena leagues working? There are five leagues in the Arena: bronze, silver, gold, diamond and champion. Major leagues get the best rewards! When a week in the league begins, all players are placed in the league based on their final trophy count at the end of the previous week. If your trophy score is below your league limit at the end of the week, you will be transferred to a lower league. At the beginning of each week of the Arena League, your trophy score will be set to the limit for the division, so your score usually decreases when you move to a new league!

Why donít I get league trophies for random PvP battles? Starting with version 1.17 and further PvP battles, your scouts on ground maps will not cost or give you any league trophies in case of defeat or victory. The consecrated Oinkitagon itself is the place where you will fight for gold, fame and sweet, sweet trophies!

Angry Birds Evolution: Friends and Clans

How to add friends? You can add friends by sending players requests to add friends through their profile page.Then they will receive a friend request in their message section. If they accept the request, they will be added to your friends list.

You can send friend requests to players you see in the village, players you encounter in team battles, members of your clan from the list of clan members, or players at an event or in the arena leaderboards. By connecting the game to your Facebook profile, you can also see your Facebook friends playing Angry Birds Evolution on the Friends tab next to your friends list.

What are clans for? In a clan, you can compete with other clans in certain events for great rewards. Clans also unlock privileges that can help you in the game as they level up.

What are clan privileges? There are four clan privileges:

What is the use of donating gold to my clan? Donating gold to your clan gives the clan experience in terms of clan levels. Raising a clan level unlocks privileges and increases the maximum number of players allowed in a clan.

How do I join a clan or create a clan? You can join the clan or create it by clicking on the clanís house in the village.

The leader of my clan has not been active for a long time. Is there a way to make the leader a different person? If you are a member of a clan whose leader has remained inactive for more than thirty calendar days, please contact our support team to help you resolve the situation. Make sure to vote in advance within the clan, and be prepared to show screenshots that confirm your decision. These data will be needed when considering leadership transfer. Each case is sent for consideration. The decision is made on the basis of the evidence.

Angry Birds Evolution: Shopping and Payment Guide

What is included in the VIP subscription? The kit includes a one-time entry bonus in the form of a 1st gold ticket. In addition, you will receive the following daily rewards:

What will happen to the daily rewards if I do not enter the game? Missing rewards will be lost. Try to pick them up on time!

I already have a valid Evolution subscription. What will change for me? You can save the current subscription, then nothing will change. If you change your subscription to a new VIP membership, the old subscription will be canceled, and you will be compensated for the difference (this will happen automatically).

Please note that if you cancel the old subscription, but do not upgrade it to a new one, then you will not be able to return to the old subscription models in the future.

Why have I been charged more than the amount indicated on the iTunes app store? Sales tax may be applied to residents of some places - this is added to the amount of the purchase. The iTunes app store combines purchases made on different days into one payment.Therefore, it is possible that you made other purchases in the game or in other applications through the application store, and you billed a total bill for them. Check your iTunes purchase history to see if this issue resolves, and see the Apple Support page for more information.

Angry Birds Evolution: Bugs and Fitch Games

My game does not start! What can I do? If you verify that your device meets the minimum requirements of the game and exceeds them (for iOS devices: iOS 8 and above, at least 1 GB of RAM and for Android devices: Android 5.0.x and above, at least 2 GB of RAM (please Note that the game may not be compatible with specific devices, even if they meet the requirements for the Android version)) and rebooted the device to resolve any possible cache problems, contact the player support service. You will definitely be helped.

Having trouble launching the game on Android? Turn on permissions! Angry Birds Evolution needs access to the file system to complete the installation of the game. Since the game is quite large, it needs to download and install additional files to run. If you have problems launching AB Evolution, make sure that you provide all the Android permissions requested by the game. If you do not provide access to the game, it will not be able to download all the necessary files and will not be able to load.

If you refused this permission by clicking "Do not ask me again", you must manually enable the permission in the settings of your device in order to be able to play the game. You can do this by going to: Settings -> Applications -> Application Manager -> Angry Birds Evolution -> Permissions, click the button next to "Memory" so that it changes its color to blue.

Why do I get a message about access to the file system when the game starts, despite the permission? Some Android players see the message "Angry Birds Evolution needs access to the file system to work properly." If you gave the game all the necessary permissions, this may be due to the fact that the game is on an SD card. If possible, try moving the game to the phoneís internal storage.

My Facebook account has been untied from my profile. What to do?The Facebook social network recently made a login change. Because of this, your Facebook account might temporarily disconnect from the game. Check if your Facebook account is currently connected to the game. If not, enter the registration data again - and you will again have the opportunity to save your gaming successes to Facebook.

How can I report a player who violates the Code of Conduct? If you believe that a player is violating the Evolution Code of Conduct, contact the player support team with as much information as possible about the incident. It is also recommended that you attach screenshots demonstrating this problem in order to facilitate the investigation of your report.

Can I back up my playerís profile if I donít have a Facebook account? It is highly recommended that you connect your profile to your Facebook account. This is a guarantee that your inventory and profile information will be successfully synchronized between devices. If you use a local player profile in the game, you can take a screenshot of your player ID (first click on the playerís avatar in the upper left corner of the screen). If you need additional help from the support service to restore game progress, make sure that such a screenshot is at your fingertips.

I reinstalled the game and lost my game progress, can it be returned? Data from your gaming account is synchronized between devices and installed applications if you connect the game to your Facebook profile. If you are connected, you can continue the game from the place where you left off. To do this, simply log in to your Facebook account.

If you did not connect to Facebook, send a ticket to the support service, indicating your player name, profile level and clan name (if you are a member). To transfer game data, you will also need your new account ID. To find out, go to Settings / Profile and click on the avatar in the upper left corner.

Can I play on multiple devices?Sure you can! Just connect the game to Facebook and your game progress will sync with the cloud. After that, connect the game with the same Facebook account on any other device, and your game progress will be restored.