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Walkthrough Angry Birds Match: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

ANGRY BIRDS MATCH - Android game with release date 08/29/2017 from the company Rovio. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Level Walkthrough
  2. Accelerator and Currency Guide
  3. Passage of Events and Quests
  4. Chicks Collection
  5. Connect to Facebook and save progress
  6. Beware! Bugs in the game.

Angry Birds Match: Level Walkthrough

How to remove blocks from precious stones? Blocks of gemstones explode when you damage them with matches or birds. Matching elements with the same color as the block of precious stones causes the block to explode immediately. In case you make a comparison with elements that do not have the same color as the block of precious stones, you will need three matches to make the block explode.

How to peel mushrooms? Mushrooms are trying to spread and fill the level. To prevent their growth, create matches right next to the mushrooms. Matches will cause damage to the entire cluster of mushrooms, and the damaged cluster will not grow. Removing all the mushrooms is not required to pass the levels. However, perhaps you should keep the top of the level clean of mushrooms so that new matching elements appear on the level to fill empty cells.

How to save ducks? To save the ducks, you need to bring them to the water. To do this, clear the path to the bottom row of the level, finding matches or using the birds. On levels with water tiles, you can also save ducks by bringing them to any of the water tiles.

How to clean glue? Items coated with clear glue can be cleaned with bird accelerators. Another way is to combine an object covered with glue on the board with objects without glue. Since the object covered with glue cannot be moved, for combination you will need to move those objects on which there is no glue. Light pink glue can be cleaned with bird boosters. At levels where there are boxes of TNT, pink glue can also be cleaned by blowing up such a box next to the item. To explode the TNT box, place it next to the item.

Angry Birds Match: Accelerator and Currency Guide

What can I do with gems and how to get them? Gemstones are a currency that can be used to buy keys for premium chests, to replenish lives, or to buy boosters or extra moves for levels. Gems can be purchased at the game store. You also have a chance to win gems from chests.

What can I do with coins and how to get them? Coins are used in the game to buy basic outfits for your "Hatchling" chick collection. You can also use coins to open the main chests after you have used your keys and stated that you have a free chest. When you complete the levels, you will receive coins as a reward for the level.

In addition to level rewards, you will receive extra coins as a bonus for outfits based on the costumes you already have. Each outfit will give a certain bonus in the form of coins. You can see how many coins you will receive as a bonus from owning outfits when viewing outfits in the "Collection" menu.

What are the various amplifiers and how to get them? The game has three powerful birds that will help you with the passage of levels: Red, Chuck and Bomb. You can create birds on levels by making selections:

You can gain an advantage from the start of the level by purchasing bird amplifiers for gems from the level selection screen. You can choose Chuck and Red, Bomb or all three. You can also buy a bomb from a level by dragging its image in the lower right corner of the screen.

Angry Birds Match: Passage of Events and Quests

What are the quests? There are currently three types of quests: Treasure, Forest Trail, and Big Dig.

What are leagues and how do they work?

Basic information. The leagues consist of 9 divisions, Vanilla is the lowest, and Legendary is the highest. To rise in the Leagues, you will need to get to the promotion zone. The competition becomes more fierce and the advancement zone decreases as you rise higher in the Leagues, but the rewards also get better!

Cycles in the league. The regular cycle in the League begins every Monday at midnight UTC and ends on Sunday of the same week at 23:59 UTC. During special campaigns, the cycles in the Leagues are different, but the duration is always visible in the game! You can follow the remaining time in the main menu or at the top of the leaderboard. Between each cycle, the positions of active players in each division are updated.

Participation. All players who have reached level 13 can participate. Starting a bird and passing any level of Angry Birds Match give you access to the League. After that, you also get a reward for participating! At each completed level, points are given for each launched bird.

Please note that the birds remaining on the playing field are automatically launched after the completion of level tasks, so they are also taken into account!

Score. Each bird you launch accumulates points for you. However, you also need to complete the level to get points. Do not worry about the birds remaining on the playing field when you have completed the level - you also get points for them!

Awards. A reward for participation is given on each cycle to each player who joins the Leagues. In addition, the best players in the leaderboards receive rewards at the end of the cycle.

Angry Birds Match: Chicks Collection

How to get chicks and where can I view my collection? To unlock the chicks, you just have to go through the levels in the game. You can see at what levels you can find chicks in the "Collection" menu, which opens when you press the button with the birds on the left side of the main screen of the game.

How do I get various chick outfits in my collection? When you unlock the chick, you can choose his outfit.Additional outfits can be purchased with coins or obtained from mysterious chests. To view clothing options for your chicks, select the chick from the Collection menu. The clothes available for this chick will be shown below.You will see both the outfits that you own and the outfits available for purchase. In "Basic outfits", which you do not already have, will be displayed in coin prices. Exclusive Outfits will show the number of outfit parts needed to get all the clothes, as well as how many parts you already have.

How to change the equipment that my chicks wear? To change the chicks outfit, open the Collection menu, select the chick, and then click on the outfit you want to dress him with.

What do the stars mean over the chicks? How to get three stars? In addition to basic outfits, exclusive outfits with stars are also available in the game - they are much more rare. The less common the equipment, the more stars it has. Exclusive gear can be obtained in the premium chest and in the royal chest.

Angry Birds Match: Connect to Facebook and save progress

Can I play on multiple devices? You can play on multiple devices and synchronize progress between them by connecting the game to Facebook. Just connect the game to Facebook on the device on which you have progress to back up, and then connect the game to Facebook on another device to synchronize the progress with it.

How can I support my progress? You can back up your move by connecting the game to your Facebook account. If you want to synchronize the saved progress on another device, simply connect the game to the same Facebook account as on the other device.

How to connect to Facebook and why should I do this? To connect to Facebook, click the Facebook connect button on the games main screen. You can also connect from the "Settings" menu, which opens with the gear button. If you want to disable the game, this can also be done in the "Settings" menu. When you connect to Facebook, your progress will be copied to the cloud so that you can synchronize your progress with another device or restore progress in case you need to uninstall and reinstall the game.

How to disconnect a game from "Facebook"? You can disconnect through the game settings menu; click the gear button on the games main screen, then click the "Disconnect" button in the settings. It is recommended that you leave the game connected in order to maintain progress in the cloud.

Can I invite friends to play? It is currently not possible to invite Facebook friends to the game. Connecting to Facebook is currently only used to back up your progress and sync between devices.

Angry Birds Match: Beware! Bugs in the game.

I can not open the gift of Matilda! An Internet connection is necessary for the video to play in your game, and then you can qualify for a gift from Matilda. If the gift does not display the video button when the countdown to the new gift is over, check your connection. Closing the game and restarting it, as well as some waiting time and checking the gift a little later can also help in case of a temporary connection problem.

I cannot open secret chests due to a connection error, what can I do? An internet connection is required to open secret chests. If a connection error occurs while trying to open the chest, follow these steps to find out if the problem has been resolved:

  1. Finish the game completely, make sure your device is connected, then restart the game.
  2. If you are using mobile data, try using a Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Wait a while and try again to see if the connection is working.

I have not received my purchase! In-app purchases usually appear immediately, but sometimes there may be a slight delay. In case the purchased gems did not appear in the game, completely close the game, and then start it again. This should help the gems to appear. If the purchase still does not appear, send a message to the support service via the "Contact us" button, and they will help you. Include a screenshot of the purchase receipt in the message.