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Walkthrough Ark of War Galaxy Pirate Fleet: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

ARK OF WAR: GALAXY PIRATE FLEET - Android game with release date 03/27/2016 from Seven Pirates. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginnerís Guide
  2. Guild Guide
  3. Commander Guide
  4. Secrets of victory in battles
  5. Account Questions
  6. Walkthrough of the Galactic Campaign
  7. How to win the Galactic Battle?

Ark of War: Beginnerís Guide

How can I change the names of my characters or the names of cities? In order to change the names of characters, open the menu of individual information (where the name of the character) for editing. But be careful, changing character names and cities can cost you gold. If you upgrade the captainís bridge to the second level, you will receive a Rookie Booster. This booster contains an item that allows you to change the character name for free.

How can I change the game server? Until your command center reaches level 6, you can change the server.Follow these steps:

  1. Click the Options button (click on the "+" in the lower right corner of the main window);
  2. Click the Server button;
  3. Open the list of servers;
  4. Select the server you want to go to;
  5. You will need to restart the game.
After switching to a new server, your game progress on the new server will be reset to zero. Transfer previously received Items, Reputation Points, Gold, Resources, etc. to a new server is not possible. In the current version, after you have reached level 6 and above, there is no way to change the server.

Why move the ark? What is the use of this? Moving the Ark is of utmost importance. An experienced captain will pave the way through resource-rich areas, low-tax areas, through densely and sparsely populated areas and areas near capitals, which brings you all kinds of benefits. Feel free to use any features!

During the movement of the Ark, you can also send your troops and scouts, as well as help your allies.

How to get more resources? If you want to get more resources, there are several ways:

  1. Improve resource-extracting structures and often collect ready-made resources;
  2. Use items that upgrade the production of resources (improvement page);
  3. Complete missions;
  4. Attack other Arks and plunder their resources;
  5. Trade with other players in the central trading area.

Ways to get gold. There are currently several different ways to get free gold in the game. Daily rewards:rewards for login to the game every day include gold!

Reward for monthly entry into the game: in the panel for monthly rewards, prizes will be available in gold every few days, but do not forget: information about the rewards is updated every month, so each captain must remember when to enter the game to receive rewards.

Missions: On the Mission page, upon completion of the mission you will receive a gold reward.

In-game and special events: The most active participants will receive the most valuable prizes. Do not forget to check the current events in the game to compete for the chance of getting free gold.

What is a "resource rich zone"? Resource-rich zones are widely distributed on the map at the behest of natural forces at various points on the planet. In a resource-rich area, the construction of resource-mining structures is twice as fast. The production rate from Resource Zones is much higher. However, due to the instability of measurements, resource-rich zones change location every day.

What kind of troops are there and what are their differences? In the game, troops are divided into Infantry, Mechs and Aviation, and each of the three types of troops has its own shortcomings:

  1. Infantry: strong attack, high chance of evasion, weak against aircraft.
  2. Mechs: Balanced stats, weak against infantry.
  3. Aviation: strong defense, low chance of dodging, weak against bellows.

At the 21st level research lab, you can research advanced combat techniques to unlock advanced soldiers.Advanced soldiers have two types of attributes. The main attribute retains its original characteristic. An additional attribute can activate the Commanderís corresponding skills and Star Diamond abilities. Additional attributes only weaken other attributes, but themselves cannot be weakened. This allows different advanced soldiers to weaken each other.

What are the in-game events? There are many different events, such as: events for single players, for guilds and events related to world bosses. Upon completion of the event, your participation in it will determine the size of your reward.

In single player events, individual results will be saved (the event is limited in time). During guild events and battles with world bosses, information on the contribution of each participant will be stored on the server, so if you leave the guild before the end of the event, you will still receive your reward.

How can I remove a user from the blacklist? On the chat page you can see the Blacklist button. By clicking on it, a pop-up window will appear in which you can remove players from the emergency. After the player is removed from the black list, he can again begin to communicate with you and their messages will appear in your game.

What will I get for participating in the monthly login promotion? A lot of gifts have been prepared for each participant in the monthly entry to the game promotion! The promotion runs every 35 days and new prizes will come on the first day of each month. 8 times a month you have a chance to get your reward!

What does the VIP account system include? VIP players can enjoy many unique privileges in the game, such as accelerated training of troops, increased production of resources, reduction of necessary time for construction, etc. The higher your VIP level, the more bonuses are in store for you. You can use VIP points to increase your VIP level. Rewards for completing missions, random treasure chests or the Wheel of Fortune can earn you VIP points. You can also click on the Add VIP Points button to purchase them.

Becoming a VIP, you will receive various bonuses and privileges. You can use special items to get VIP status, for example, "30 Days of Privileges". Rewards for completing missions, random treasure chests or successful casino games can bring you similar items. Of course, you can also purchase them from the VIP status menu.

What is the Central Trading Zone? The Central Trading Zone is located in the center of the map. Players inside can freely exchange resources and equipment for commanders.

At the same time, a player can put up for sale one resource pack and one item of equipment. If the ark is outside the trading area, you can still trade, but you will have to pay tax and wait for the delivery of the goods.

What are defensive shields for? Using some special items (for example, "8 hours of protection") you activate the protection of the ark. When the shield is active, enemies cannot attack you in any way. If you attack an enemy or encounter an enemy guarding a resource point, the shield will cease to function. Any collision with the enemy (including scouts) will also lead to the termination of the defense.

How can I check attack messages? When the enemy attacks you, you will receive a warning, the higher the level of your Airborne armor, the more information you will receive. After the attack, you will receive a combat report.

How can I block another player? If you want to prevent other players from communicating with you, click on the playerís name and select Block. To open the black list, open the chat menu and click Black list. After adding opponents to the blacklist, enemies will not be able to see whether you are online or not. With the blacklist open, click X to the right of the playerís name to remove them from the blacklist. You can also prohibit players from sending you mail. When you click on the letter, a menu will open, and then click Block.

Who are World Bosses? The world bosses of the planet Tekkman are united into one primitive tribe. They are known for their cruelty and have mastered the skill of calling black holes. To lay one of them will have to try!Bosses appear only at the final stage in the boss events and accidentally appear on the map as soon as you restart the game. Captains must join the guild or form a guild to gain access to the battle with the world boss. All members of the guild, whose players have dealt a mortal blow to the world boss, will have the opportunity to win special prizes.

Similarly, players in a battle with the boss or his troops will get a chance to win cool rewards. You can find the reward in your inbox. After defeating the world boss, the "Upgraded Chest" will appear in the location. World bosses will remain on the map until all related events are over, after which they disappear. If the boss was killed before the end of the event, he will appear during the next event with increased power and the fight with him will be even hotter! The ghost fleet can move and restore health points. Take this challenge seriously!

Commonly used abbreviations. Keep in mind the abbreviations used in the game:

What is a Marketplace? The trading platform is a platform where players can exchange resources and equipment of commanders. All players are free to trade various resources in accordance with the individual exchange rate. Players can exchange commander equipment for spices.

How to improve soldiers to a new level? You can use resources to elevate soldiers to a higher level. Soldiers can only be improved without changing the type of troops.

What is science and technology used for? Science and technology are the key to the growth of the ark and are divided into Combat and Design studies. Combat research, first of all, is necessary to discover new types of soldiers and increase the strength of your troops. Design studies are needed to improve the ark bonuses.

What is equipment improvement? Using Melange can give a chance to improve equipment, all its attributes will be increased, and the maximum level of each unit of equipment will be determined by its rarity. If the improvement is not successful, the equipment will retain its previous level. Melange can be collected in the Mystic Mines and exchanged for equipment on the market in other ways.

How to play Mega Roulette? Use coins every 24 hours to win a prize! More coins - more prizes! You can play up to 5 times a day.

What are Daily Quests? Every day you will receive rewards for completing each daily quest. For each completed task you will receive Quest Points. Prizes received will increase depending on your Quest Points.

What is Terrain Combing? Combing is a quick way to find out about ongoing battles. When combing, your troops cannot attack the enemy, and players can directly collect trophies.

What does Elite Membership include? The more you buy, the greater your benefit! Buying any amount of gold will give you Elite Points. Accumulating these points will help you increase your Elite Membership! The higher your level, the more bonus gold you will receive when buying:

Every Monday at 00:00 (PST) accumulated Elite points last week will be reset. If the number of your elite points does not meet the requirements for your level before zeroing, your membership will be reduced by one level.

Upon receipt of elite points, neither a monthly nor a weekly card is taken into account. Also, you will not be able to get elite points by giving gold to the guild or its members.

What is auto recharge? Auto-replenishment takes effect after the player activates it on the page Ark Corps -> Garrison. Each time after a defensive battle, the system will automatically send any unoccupied soldiers as reinforcements to replace injured soldiers.

What is an auto garrison? An auto-garrison takes effect after a player activates it on the Ark Corps -> Garrison page. If the garrison is empty before the start of the battle for the capital, and there is a free commander and soldiers on the Ark, the system will automatically send the commander with the highest leadership and the most powerful soldiers to the garrison.

Auto-replenishment and auto-garrison are very important and can significantly increase the defense capabilities of your Ark. It is recommended that you always keep them active.

What is Safe Resources? Players get safe resources when using items. Safe resources cannot be stolen by other players. When using resources, safe resources are the last to be spent.

What is the Ark Shell System? As soon as the Bridge reaches Lv. 10 or higher, you can change the ark body.After changing the body of your ark, you will receive bonuses in battle and in production. The ark icon on the map will also be changed. The development of the ark body will require various resources and objects. You can also use spices to increase the level of the Shell, which will give more powerful bonuses. In addition, you can change the characteristics of your Ark in accordance with the requirements of the current situation. Now Commanders can choose a new design for their Ark! Different types of enclosures have different characteristics.

What is a fraction system? Captains can enter one of the three factions of the universe. Improving your faction reputation, you can unlock unique heroes, items and powerful combat effects. Each day, captains can receive a universal crystal in various ways. This item can be donated to the Factions page to increase your reputation. Having gained a certain number of reputation points, you go to a new level. There are 7 of them: hostility, distrust, indifference, neutral, friendship, respect and admiration.

When the reputation reaches the level of friendship, respect or admiration, the store is replenished with special goods, warp gates are opened by special commanders, and captains get effects for the battle. Upon reaching the level of friendship with the faction, the fourth tab of the page with the tasks opens their weekly tasks. Captains can receive up to 100 weekly quests. For each completed task, a reward is given - reputation points. After completing a certain number of tasks, you will receive additional prizes. Increasing your reputation in one of the fractions will reduce it in the other two.

What is a guild fortress protection system? Captains can station troops in the fortresses of their guilds and help guild members defend the fortress. When an enemy player approaches the area of ??the fortress of the ark of the members of your guild, all the troops in the fortress immediately defend it. At the end of the battle, the defeated troops will go back to their city, and the winners will remain in the fortress.

Who is the galactic oracle? When the Galaxy oracle opens the door, give the Oracle the necessary materials to receive a random gift and accumulate Fate points to receive a special gift.

What is an investment? By opening the cargo hold, you can unlock the "Investment" function.

  1. Choose how much Gold you want to invest, click "Invest" and confirm your investment.
  2. Investments are worth nothing, they can be canceled in the course of the project. After the cancellation of the investment, the invested Gold will return to you, but you will not receive interest. The same project cannot be canceled too often.
  3. Profit is formed as a percentage of the invested Gold. Projects can have different profitability, investment volumes and execution periods. You can invest in several projects at once and earn even more.

What will happen to the remaining materials after the event? All unused materials will be automatically recycled to Melange 10 minutes after the exchange closes. The volumes of spices for disposal are listed below:

What is a galactic carnival center? The Galactic Carnival Center is a place where you can watch all the important matches of the world. During the event, you can follow the matches. Cheering for your favorite team, you get a chance to win Deluxe Prizes!

  1. Fan Prizes: Use fan coupons to support your favorite team. Each coupon brings you 1 point for fan prizes;
  2. Additional prizes: If your team wins the match, you will receive additional prizes. Each coupon brings you an extra point for fan prizes. If you guess the result of the match: each coupon brings you 2 additional points for the prizes of the fans;
  3. Deluxe Prize: Each additional prize includes one lottery to receive a Deluxe Prize. At the end of each match, a lucky player will be selected to receive the Deluxe Prize. Players with more lottery coupons have a higher chance of winning. The higher the match support, the more Deluxe Prizes you can get!

What is the war of time and space? You must constantly call for reinforcements and integrate them into higher ranks in order to fight para-lopers on the other side of the catacombs of time and space. During the battle, a constant collection of meta-crystals and meta-energy is performed. Meta-energy can accelerate the healing of soldiers. Having tamed para-lopers, you can use them when training soldiers. If the meta-energy you have collected exceeds the capabilities of the para-lopers, you cannot collect more.

Meta crystals can be used to directly heal wounded soldiers. Tamed para-lopers can be used to turn crystals into space crystals, unlimited crystals, or hyperspace crystals. You can enter into battle up to 16 conventional and up to 6 elite units of aviation. Additional elite aviation will wait for orders, which can be viewed in the list. Victory over the echelon of enemies unlocks merchants who will offer you discounted goods. Complete victory will bring you rewards from all previous stages and will update the merchantsí goods.

Taming potion. You can tame para-lopers for 30 days. When para-lopers are tamed, meta-energy can be used to speed up the training of soldiers, and meta-crystals can be converted to other crystals.

What is a record competition? In a record competition, you can compete with captains from any planet.Record competition is divided into regular and senior units.

  1. Regular unit: The default field, only T1-T7 soldiers can be used, and the leadership of the commanders will be limited (300,000).
  2. Senior Unit: A T8-T12 soldier can be used, and commander leadership is unlimited. Unlocks on ur level bridge 21. Requires active entry into the senior unit. After entering the unit, the points will remain, but you will not be able to return to the regular unit and get a chance to receive more generous rewards.

These two units give different seasonal rewards. Rewards are awarded according to the unit and rank at the end of each season, and the level and points are reset. If less than 3 days remain before the end of the current season, captains cannot move from the standard division to the senior division.

What is the general mobilization of guilds? Every weekend on all servers, the general guild mobilization will be launched simultaneously. Each member of the guild will be able to complete tasks, receive materials, raise the guildís place in the overall standings and receive amazing rewards for this! During the general mobilization of the guild, you will receive individual points that can be used at a mysterious auction. You can use your points to bid for up to three items at a time. If you win the bid, get the item.

  1. To participate, you must be a member of the guild for at least 24 hours;
  2. Each day, the participant will be able to complete up to 30 tasks. During the first 10 tasks, the amount of materials received can be doubled;
  3. If you lose, your points will be converted to spices;
  4. After the event, all remaining points will be transferred to spices. Canceling a bet will deduct 1% points per bet.Participate in the auction when you have enough points.

As Galaxy Competition

Participation in Ace of the Galaxy will be available when your Ark Corps reaches level 6. A new button will appear on the map, with which you can go to the Asa Galaxy page.

1. The first page is "My team." Here captains can assemble their team of Galaxy Aces for the competition.One complete team consists of 3 commanders and troops. Commanders will fight in a certain order.

You can get bonuses only for equipment.

2. The second page is "Call". After choosing your team, 8 teams of opponents assembled by other captains will appear here. Clicking on them will challenge them. The call will cost 1 energy for each commander.You must use the team you gathered on the My Team page to challenge your opponents to battle. The battle rules are the same as the Allied battles.

Weapons are not damaged in these battles and the commanders will not be injured. After defeating your opponents, you will receive Asov Medals depending on the levels of the reward. Victory over 2, 4 and 8 opponents in a row will bring additional medals. After defeating all 8 teams, you will have access to 8 more for battles. After updating the teams, the series of victories will also be reset.

3. The third page is the "Shop". Many powerful items are sold here, and Aces Medals are used as money. After the determination of As the Galaxy, he will not be able to participate during the next week - the commanders also need rest. Players will also receive medals for each successful defense.

4. The fourth stage of the "Endless Challenge". During the Endless Challenge event, you will be able to challenge the greatest Galactic Aces Champions and receive generous prizes. The galactic champion aces have a powerful army, which must be defeated in 5 moves, otherwise you will be swallowed by a black hole. At the end of each battle, if you did not defeat the champion, his soldiers will recover, but the number of HPs will remain the same.

Ark of War: Guild Guide

What is a guild? A guild is an association of captains of arks into one army. Participants can send resources to each other, accelerate the construction of buildings and the training of soldiers, scientific and technological research and the manufacture of objects. The whole Guild flourishes due to the success of its members, gives access to the guild store and other bonuses.

What is the "capital"? The capital is a large-scale soaring city and regional center, which is responsible for the flow of daily operations and the economic survival of the region. The capital is the core of the region in every sense. Who occupies the capital - controls the area around and bathes in the glory, and also controls the flow of goods.

How to establish a guild? When upgrading your captainís bridge to level 5, you can establish your own guild. Open the Guilds page (if you are already a member of another Guild, you must first leave it) and select Create Guild at the bottom of the screen.

After the creation of the Guild, its name cannot be changed. Please be careful when choosing a name.

What are prestige points? Donating Guild resources and participating in battles for the capital gives you prestige points. For prestige points, you can buy various items in the Guildís store on the guild page.

If you leave the Guild, prestige points will be reset to 0. Therefore, before leaving the Guild, do not forget to use your prestige points.

What is the "Battles for the capital / for a miracle of the world"? Each area has a capital (one server can have many capitals), and guilds can attack and try to occupy them!

Also on each server there is one "Wonder of the World".

Guilds occupying the Capital / Wonder of the World will receive special items in their guild stores. In addition, every day they will receive taxes from other Guilds in their areas (attacking and defending Guilds). All members of the Guilds can allocate troops for battle. The winner of the battle for the Capital / Wonder of the World will defend in the next round of battle (in case of defeat, the attacker will also become the defender.) If the defending guild cannot be defeated before the time limit expires (you can see on the main window of the Capital), they win the victory and take Capital / Wonder of the World and shared trophies.

What is a Guild Fortress? Guild Fortress is a huge flagship that the Guild can unlock upon reaching level 1.After opening the Guild Fortress, the guild leader must choose a suitable place for its construction. Each Guild member must provide resources to help complete the construction. After the construction is completed, the Guilds will receive the following bonuses:

  1. Strengthening Guild Bonuses: in the area surrounding the Guild Fortress, all members of the Guild receive double reinforced bonuses.
  2. Movement: to perform various tasks, the Fortress, which is controlled by the guild leader, can move, consuming a certain amount of energy. The energy of the fortress will recover over time.
  3. Improvements: After the construction is completed, guild members can continue to allocate resources to improve the fortress. The higher its level, the more and stronger its bonuses.

What is a Guild Store? The Guild Store is a place where you can buy rare items. The Guild Store has all kinds of items, and the guild leader is responsible for restocking. Replenishment consumes guild resources.Subsequently, guild members can use prestige points in exchange for goods. For items not available, guild members can leave requests for the guild leader.

What is Guild Science and Technology? Guild technology improves bonuses for all members of the Guild.Guild members can allocate resources for scientific and technological research in the Guild. The higher the level of science and technology, the better the bonuses.

How can I allocate troops for the guild army? Captains can donate resources on the Improvements tab of the Guilds menu. Donating resources helps to increase the level of all the internal benefits of the guild. Bonuses increase strength for each member of the guild. Each captain can donate resources no more than 6 times a day and each time the amount of donation increases. The next day, the amount of the donation returns to its original level. By donating resources, the player receives reputation points. Reputation points can be used at a guild store, and captains can also exchange reputation points for powerful items.

What are Guild Awards? Guild awards are a way for leaders and deputy. guild leaders to share guild gold reserves with players of their choice. The leader and his deputy can click on the "+" sign on the guildís main page next to the "Guild Reserves" and select "Send rewards" in the pop-up window. He can split a random amount of gold into several different packages. After sending reward packages, guild members can receive them on the Guild Rewards page. The exact amount of gold in each award is random, and due to the limited number of packages whoever succeeds will receive the award!

What is a guild vault? After your guild completes the construction of the Fortress, you can transfer your resources to the storage where they will be guaranteed safe. However, upon reaching the maximum resource limit, you will not be able to use the repository for the next 24 hours. With an increase in the level of the Fortress, the level of the maximum transferred and stored resources will increase. You can revoke any number of resources from the repository at any time.

Imperial fortress. When the guild reaches level 5, the function of the imperial fortress will be unlocked. Guild mates join forces to defeat elite imperial troops and receive many rewards. After each battle, you will receive Spice reward, depending on what damage was done to the enemy Commanders. Extermination of the entire group will bring additional prizes.

After defeating the last imperial squad, you will receive rating prizes depending on the level of damage for each member of this squad. If you defeat an entire army within 24 hours, you can challenge higher-level troops. The highest level - 5. With the growth of the level you will receive more and more prizes. During this test, you will not incur losses among the soldiers, your commanders are also not in danger of any damage, so you can relax!

You can get bonuses only for equipment.

Ark of War: Commander Guide

What is a Commander? Interstellar prisons contain criminals from worlds across the galaxy. Some of them are vile villains, some are heroes persecuted by the Empire, while many others are imprisoned for other reasons.They can be useful for you if you decide to give them freedom. Commanders are the core of your troops, they determine the maximum number of troops that you can send to battle, as well as various bonuses. Do not forget to increase the level of your commanders and their skills, their leadership and equipment worn on them. Your commanders are your most valuable investment.

What is the Commander Level? Commanders gain experience during the battle and, after receiving enough, increase their level. Raising the levels of commanders will allow them to have increased leadership, energy and skills of a higher level. The maximum level of the commander depends on the level of the captainís bridge. Raising the level of the commander is very important to increase the combat power of your troops.

What are commander skills? Commanders can improve their skills. The maximum skill level depends on the level of the commander. Skills give commanders and troops various types of bonuses and are important for each army.

What is commander equipment for? A blacksmith ship can create a variety of equipment items that are used by commanders and give them and their troops numerous bonuses. Equipment is very important for every commander.

What is Commander Leadership? The size of your army is determined by the leadership of the commander.Commander leadership can be enhanced by reading magazines or leveling up. Such magazines are numbers from a series about the best management practices in the universe called The Art of Management.

How to get extra leadership? Leadership commander has two components. The first is their own leadership (depending on the level of the commander and their strength). There are also other ways to increase leadership.In the commanderís main menu, you can send them to study journals that give commanders additional leadership.

After reading the magazine, the commander receives 2 bonus leadership points. The more magazines the commander read, the less chance of a successful leadership increase, up to the moment when they cease to be of any use. By playing in the interstellar casino and exploring random regions, as well as completing various tasks and events, you can win chests containing magazines inside them.

What are the differences between the classes of commanders? Commanders vary in strength according to their rank, D, C, B, A, and S. S Rank is the highest available. No matter what the commanderís entry level is, they can all reach S rank. The rank of the commander affects their leadership, equipment and skills (the higher the rank of the commander, the better the skills available to him). If you have two or more identical commanders, they will leave you medals upon their dismissal. When the commander has accumulated enough medals, they can increase their rank.

Various states of commanders. Commanders may have the following conditions:

What is the Commander Arena? You can send your commander to the Temple to train in the arena. Heroes in the arena continue to gain experience, but there is a maximum limit to the experience gained.

How do I free a commander from prison? In the main interface, click on Warp Kratk of the Ark to open the commander hiring menu. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Hire one: hire a random AD rank commander. You can hire one commander for free every day.
  2. Hire Ten: Hire ten random AD rank commanders. At least one commander will be of rank B.
You cannot use several identical commanders at the same time! If you release your existing commander from prison, his cost will be automatically paid to you in medals (depending on the rarity of the commander). If the commander already has the highest rank, you will receive magazines (depending on the leadership of the commander). The number of medals and magazines depends on the initial level of the commander.

Commanders released from prison will go to your service and will be displayed in the upper left corner of the main page of the heroís page or heroís guide.

What is a "Free Event for Commanders"? During the event, you can use 1 powerful commander for free.Complete all the tasks of the event before the allotted time expires and you can get this commander to your service. After clicking on the Event button on the Ark page, the countdown to the end of the event will begin.During this time, you can freely access the associated commander. Every day you will receive several tasks, and these tasks must be completed with the participation of an event-related commander.

You will receive a massive gold reward after completing tasks every day. If you complete all the tasks before the event ends, you will receive this commander for free. If you did not manage to complete all the tasks before the time expires, the commander will be blocked and all his equipment will be removed. But donít worry! The next time you get this hero, his level, experience, leadership, technology, etc. will remain unchanged.

What is a commander leadership takeover? Commanders can absorb the additional leadership of other commanders, losing the latter in the process.

What will happen when the commander awakens? Materials are needed to awaken the S-class commander. Upon waking up, the commander improves the random attribute of the skill for 24 hours.

Ark of War: Secrets of victory in battles

The rules of battle. After the battle begins, your army and the enemy army will attack in order. The target of the attack will always be the units closest to the attacker. If the enemy no longer has troops nearby, your troops will attack the commander of the opposite side. If the commanderís life drops to 0, the enemy will be defeated.

Who is the first to attack during the battle? During battle, the order of attack is determined by the level of the commander. If the levels of the commanders of both sides are equal, the defending player attacks first. But the above rules do not apply to battles for the capital and Wonder of the World, as well as allied wars. In these three cases, the previous winner attacks the last (the war obeys the rules of attack in order).

How to make an unexpected attack? You can make a surprise attack in the Allied wars or battles for the capital. A surprise attack, regardless of the level of the commander, will allow some of your Guild members to attack first. If the members of your Guild were defeated during the allied war, then in the next battle, regardless of the level of the commander of the enemy, they will be the first to attack the enemy. If the members of your Guild were defeated during the battle for the capital, then in the next battle, regardless of the level of the commander of the enemy, they will be the first to attack the enemy. A surprise attack can be your winning trump, right? Feel free to use this trick to its full potential!

How to start an allied war? Allied war gives you the opportunity to team up with other members of the guild to help you attack a single target on the map. How to start an Allied war:

How can I protect myself during a fight? If someone attacks you, you can ask your guild members to send reinforcements.

Awards in the Allied War. By helping the allied commander, you will also participate in the division of trophies.

Ark of War: Account Questions

How to protect game progress? You can link your game account to your Facebook and Game Center / Google Play (Options menu). If you lose your account, you can use your Facebook or Game Center / Google Play to contact support, so that they can find your account and return you access to it.

Canít load saved game (iOS). If the game fails to load your save, try quitting the game:

If you still cannot log in, try uninstalling the game and reinstalling it. Before proceeding with the deletion, write down your game RID, name and city. Reinstall the application from the App Store and log in again to see if the problem is resolved. If, after performing the above steps, the problem still persists, contact support.

Canít load saved game (Android). If the game cannot load your save, try clearing the settings data and the gameís cache. Before proceeding to the next step, write down your game RID, name and city. Clear game data:

  1. On the main page of the Android device, click the menu and enter the settings page;
  2. Click on the application "Infinity - The Ark of War";
  3. Click Clear Data and Clear Cache.
  4. After clearing the data and cache, enter the game again.

If after clearing the game and cache data the problem persists, completely exit the game and turn off its background mode. Follow these steps:

  1. On the main page of the Android device, click the menu and open the settings page.
  2. Click on "Infinity - The Ark of War" and click on the Stop button.

If the problem is still not resolved, after following the above steps, try uninstalling the game and reinstalling it from Google Play.

  1. On the main page of the Android device, click the menu and open the settings page.
  2. Click on "Infinity - Ark of War" and click the Delete button.

Reinstall the application from Google Play and log in again to see if the problem is resolved. After reinstalling the game, if the problem is still not resolved, contact support.

Ark of War: Walkthrough of the Galactic Campaign

Campaign Information. Guild leaders and their deputies can enroll in the Campaign every Saturday and Sunday. After the registration period is over, the system will begin to select opponents. After selection, guild members will receive a letter with information about the time of the next battle. After the battle begins, all guild members can join it by clicking the Campaign icon on the main page. At the center of the map are two neutral reconnaissance outposts. Reconnaissance outposts can be won. Their owner will receive a review thanks to the intelligence outpost.

Points Rules

Battle rules

Time assistance on the battlefield can be requested only from members of the league who are in the same battle. When you exit the battle, your requests are canceled.

What is a space store? For killing each soldier during the Galactic campaign, you get one Fighting Spirit point. With the collected points of Fighting Spirit, you can buy any powerful gain in the Space Store. Each gain is valid for 30 minutes from the moment of activation, and the period of decline is 45 minutes. The decline period increases by 15 minutes with the destruction of each union fortress. At the end of all battles, Morale and Strength points are reset.

Ark of War: How to win the Galactic Battle?

What is a galactic battle? The galactic battle is a world event in which captains from any planet can compete with each other. Registration time: 4: 00-6: 00, 12: 00-14: 00, 20: 00-22: 00 Pacific Time. During the Galactic Battles, you can use the Unstable Warp Shlop special item to transfer your Ark to the battlefield, but note that wounded soldiers from the hospital will not be transferred.

On the galactic battlefield, you can attack other Ark from other planets. You cannot plunder their resources, but you can destroy their troops. For each killed unit you will receive Planetary points. Captains from the same planet who earn the most points together will be declared winners and will receive cool rewards. In addition, the galactic battlefield has the following rules:

  1. If your Ark was boarded 3 times, you will be forced to leave the battlefield.
  2. Your Ark can be up to 2 hours on the battlefield, but you can use Unstable Warp Shlop to extend your stay.
  3. The hospital does not have a capacity limit on the galactic battlefield.
  4. On a galactic battlefield, treating a soldier does not require resources or Shadow matter, but still takes time.
  5. During the battle, players cannot leave their guilds.

The choice of troops. You must select 3 commanders and corresponding soldiers to participate in the battle. The scale of the battle is limited, the loss of soldiers is removed. The commanderís leadership is limited to 360,000. Bonuses can only be obtained for equipment.

Battle selection. Depending on the strength of the selected troops and the history of the battles, the system will select the captains of the opponents corresponding to them in strength. Canceling entry to the battlefield after a successful selection will not fall into the history of battles, however, you will not be able to participate in the battle for a certain time.

Energy mechanism. Each sending troops to the battlefield requires the energy of the ark, it can be restored near the base or fortress.

The mechanism of competition. The base and fortress have an initial number of morale points, which decreases when the enemy ark is nearby, and increases when there is an allyís ark nearby. If the morale points are reduced to 0, the base and fortress will be destroyed or captured.

Tactical troops. Periodically, the fortress can send tactical troops to the enemy base, and approaching it, tactical troops will be able to provide allies with points and resources. The enemy ark can attack tactical forces, sending one squad at a time. Tactical troops cannot fight, and a few attacks are enough to destroy them. It is necessary to prevent the enemy from approaching the troops.

Type of battlefield. To win on the battlefield, you just need to score the required number of points first, but in different conditions you can do this in different ways. Pay attention to the clues on each battlefield.

Powerful bonuses. On the battlefield, you can purchase powerful bonuses for the resources of the group, or by finding them on the map. Using them correctly, you can change the course of the battle.

Medal of Honor. Honor medals are given at the end of each battle, depending on participation on the battlefield, and can be exchanged for valuable items in the honor shop. The higher the title, the more honor medals you can get from the battlefield every week. The award with medals of honor can be increased, there is a chance to get 5 times more medals. Bonus medals are not counted in the weekly limit.