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ARMOR AGE: TANK WARS - Android game with release date 02/20/2018 from HeroCraft Ltd. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

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  1. The best platoon and tactics of the game based on rapid-fire tanks
  2. The best platoon and game tactics based on tank destroyers
  3. The best platoon and tactics of the game based on the Skoda T25 tank
  4. Classification of tanks in the game
  5. Tier List of tanks of the game
  6. PvP secrets and tactics
  7. Guide on the Ultimate System
  8. Choosing the right units
  9. Elite Status Guide
  10. Why do we need an Officers Club and a monthly subscription?
  11. How to change the nickname in the game?
  12. Developer Responses to Player Questions

Armor Age: The best platoon and tactics of the game based on rapid-fire tanks

The composition of the platoon:


  1. Explore the area with the AMX 13 75;
  2. Choose a target and attack SU-152 (small groups of opponents are a priority);
  3. Step on the enemy with AMX 13 75, AMX 50, T57 Heavy, Panther II (Damaged tanks are in priority);
  4. During reloading, remove tanks (AMX 13 75, AMX 50, T57 Heavy) from enemy fire.

Armor Age: The best platoon and game tactics based on tank destroyers

The composition of the platoon:


  1. Perform reconnaissance on the ground using Chi-Ha;
  2. Choose a target and attack the enemy SU-152, Tortoise, Ho-Ri II (in the priority of the group of opponents);
  3. Get opponents with a low margin of safety with the help of the IS-2.

Armor Age: The best platoon and tactics of the game based on the Skoda T25 tank

The composition of the platoon:


  1. Perform reconnaissance on the ground using Chi-Ha;
  2. Choose a target for the Skoda T25;
  3. First destroy tanks with tags from Skoda and Chi-To;
  4. Take care of Crusader III.

Armor Age: Classification of tanks in the game

The developers of the game decided not to reinvent the wheel and follow the quite familiar classification of armored vehicles from the Second World War and the next several decades, which already managed to take root not only among people who are fond of military history, but also with a wide audience of gamers. All cars that can be found in the game are divided into light, medium and heavy tanks. Also, anti-tank self-propelled guns are allocated in a separate class, they are also tank destroyers, and for brevity - just PT.

Light tanks (LT). Perform the role of intelligence. They are distinguished by excellent speed and maneuverability, as well as a very good overview. Light tanks can rightly be called the eyes of a platoon. Of course, you have to pay for this with rather weak weapons and protection. In battle, light tanks, due to their poor survival, it is better to stay away from the enemy and only in rare cases provide fire support by entering enemy heavy and clumsy vehicles on board or stern. But to control the territory, capture key points or quickly collect supplies, they are indispensable.

Heavy tanks (TT). Slow and by the standards of the game almost blind, they still play a very important role in battle. Especially against a not very experienced adversary or AI. Due to the large amount of HP and thick armor, heavy tanks can withstand enormous incoming damage. Their place on the front line, they rush into the thick of the battle, where they take the blow and divert the attention of the enemy from other, less protected, but much more dangerous vehicles, for example, tank destroyers.

Anti-tank self-propelled guns (PT). Stand out from the rest with their huge firepower. Accuracy and range, as well as a large one-time damage make them effective against any enemy who could not get too close. All ATs in the game do not have a tower, the gun is installed in a non-rotating wheelhouse, because of which their maneuverability on the battlefield leaves much to be desired.

It happened historically - to place a powerful, and therefore, as a rule, a heavy, large in size and highly impacting gun in a rotating and sufficiently armored turret, but not to overload the chassis and make the cost of producing a machine cosmically huge - was always extremely difficult engineering challenge. Often the presence of a rotating tower had to sacrifice.

Another weak point in the game is a mediocre review. In order to reach its full potential, the AT should work in conjunction with light or medium tanks. Among other things, anti-tank can fire a canopy, which allows them to "throw" the projectile through small bumps in the relief, small buildings or allies, which allows them to always successfully stay on the "second line" of attack. Some large-caliber ATs have splash; with a certain amount of luck, they can destroy several tanks in one gulp.

Medium tanks (ST). Medium tanks do a good job of all the tasks a little. The strength of medium tanks in their versatility. Of course, in comparison with other vehicles, medium tanks lose in the effectiveness of specific tasks, but this is more than compensated for by the lack of pronounced shortcomings. Especially effective will be their use in a small group of 2-4 cars.

Division into classes is necessary first of all in order to more conveniently navigate in the variety of tanks. Not all tanks inside the class are the same, there are exceptions to the rules. Not all light tanks die from one sneeze, not every heavy tank is a clumsy "caterpillar bunker". The game has hybrids that can perform several roles simultaneously.

Ultimates. Truly unique features of the tanks in the game will be given by their special abilities - ultimates. Now there are only four ultimates in the game, one for each class, which are called upon to emphasize only the role of a particular class on the battlefield. For example, heavy tanks received field repairs, and light tanks received radio reconnaissance.

In the near future, each tank will have its own unique ability, on which the choice of the tank for platoon and the tactics of its application will primarily depend. The developers have already come up with and pre-balanced the ultimates for all the currently available tanks, but putting them into the game is a very time-consuming task. They will be added and tested gradually, in small batches.

Armor Age: Tier List of tanks of the game

Armor Age: PvP secrets and tactics

1. Cards. On PvP maps, there are always workarounds, tactical positions and shelters. When developing the levels, shooting parameters, radius of visibility and other characteristics of tanks were also taken into account, while the developers made a map on which it would be interesting to play tanks of any shooting range.

Let’s take a closer look at the popular PvP map. At the top of the level are several strategic points providing excellent visibility, and the open terrain is ideal for quick collisions. There is also a bonus box with airstrike. In the south is urban development, replete with a large number of shelters. In this area of the map, it’s convenient to hide the tanks, to lead them out of the fire and to perform secretive maneuvers, entering the enemy in the rear. At the bottom of the card is a repair kit.

2. Boxes with bonuses. Bonus boxes are a very powerful combat resource, do not ignore them. A repair kit can save you from an imminent defeat if the battle did not start at the beginning, and if you withdraw your tanks from an air strike, the enemy will spend time on maneuvers or take significant damage.

3. Types of squad members. The ability to choose your own unique playing style is another of the fundamental principles. Depending on the composition of the squad, you can try different strategies. Four main compositions are distinguished:

  1. A detachment formed of heavy tanks, focused on maximum survival, due to speed and maneuverability. Such a platoon will slowly but surely and without noticing obstacles go to its goal.
  2. Mobile unit - a unit consisting mainly of very mobile tanks. It sacrifices vitality, but is dangerous due to its maneuverability. The first to control bonuses, takes strategic positions and bypassing opponents strikes from the rear.
  3. A detachment focused on taking a comfortable position and inflicting catastrophically large damage with a PT. Other tanks in the platoon play a supporting role, conducting reconnaissance and protecting anti-tank vehicles.
  4. Balanced squad consisting of tanks of different classes. Such a detachment is able to adapt to any style of the enemy’s battle and is ready for almost anything, but requires very good control and quick reaction.

4. Special abilities. Each combat vehicle has its own ultimate (special ability). This will further diversify the gameplay and collect squads with combo abilities. A real expanse for an amateur to experiment and assemble the perfect squad.

5. The dynamism of the fighting. The developers do not like the idea of long battles in which one of the players artificially delays the match, endlessly running away and hiding from the enemy. To avoid this behavior, several additional conditions were built into the game. Firstly, you can win a PvP match not only by destroying all enemy tanks, but also by capturing and holding the base for some time. Secondly, in order to motivate players to join the battle, the maximum duration of a PvP match is limited in time and is three and a half minutes. It’s impossible to sit forever in a shelter!

Armor Age: Guide on the Ultimate System

Ultimates are special abilities that tanks acquire after reaching a certain level of crew leveling. Their main purpose is to give each tank its own unique features and add variety to the player’s tank fleet. Initially, the ults were activated by clicking on the button located next to the tank icon. In theory, the idea was cool, because the player himself could decide when and how to use the features of his tanks.

In practice, it turned out that to manage a detachment of tanks, while fully utilizing their abilities in battle, and to do it in a timely manner is a rather difficult and non-trivial task. Ultimate was supposed to be a convenient tool in the hands of the player, but instead distracted the player and burdened the gameplay. During the battle, a situation often developed when, spending time activating the ability, the player did not have time to give the order, putting his squad at a disadvantage, and without using the ult lost his advantage.

As a result, the developers decided to abandon the idea of activated abilities and change the mechanics towards a smoother gameplay. Ultimates began to be activated automatically, but under certain conditions. According to this principle, the ability of tanks to this day.

Until recently, tank ults were determined by their class. So, light tanks carried out radio reconnaissance, revealing the area around them using radar, heavy carried out field repairs, medium ones caused increased damage to the sides and rear of the enemy, and anti-tank guns accelerated reloading. Now each tank has its own ability, making it truly unique.

Some illustrative examples:

With such an abundance of abilities, the player can only make up a detachment of tanks, the combination of ultimates of which will provide the best synergy. Selecting a squad for your playing style is one of the key aspects of Armor Age. Of course, such a variety of abilities requires delicate balancing and rigorous testing. No one wants a specific set of tanks to dominate the battlefield, leaving other combat vehicles to gather dust in the hangar. Therefore, ultimate systems are improving further.

Unlock new tanks, but do not forget about the old ones. Perhaps tanks that you have never used or have long abandoned will show themselves in a new, better way. Experiment. Sometimes the craziest and boldest decisions can be right. Use different combinations of tanks in PvP battles and PvE battles. Remember, tank abilities are passive and activate when certain conditions are met. It is important not only to select the correct composition of tanks, but also to create conditions suitable for their use on the battlefield.

Armor Age: Choosing the right units

Select a combat unit on the map and select a combat unit on the platoon panel. Act on only one purpose. Just tap on the tank you need on the map or on the platoon panel.

Swipe. Allows you to select the entire platoon. Just swipe your finger across all the tanks in the panel on the right.

"Frame". An alternative way to select a group of tanks on a map. To do this, swipe two fingers diagonally from top to bottom.

"Arc". The "secret" way. It allows you to select several tanks, regardless of their sequence on the platoon panel. For example, a heavy tank and tank destroyer. To do this, select a tank on the right panel and without taking your finger from the screen draw an arc to the next tank.

"Double tap". It was added in update 1.6.247. By double-clicking on any tank, allows you to select the entire platoon.

Armor Age: Elite Status Guide

Elite status - a permanent bonus to the main characteristics of the tank.

Under what conditions can I get an elite status for a tank? To do this, you need:

  1. Buy and pump the tank to the maximum level.
  2. Perform a special task (tasks are different for each class).

Where can I see what task I need to complete to get an elite status for a tank? In the hangar menu, select any tank of the maximum level. When you click on a special icon, a window with the task text will appear. Here you can track the progress of its implementation.

In the main menu, click on the task menu icon. Scroll to the desired section.

What types of tasks are there in the game for elite status?

How to distinguish tanks from each other now?

Armor Age: Why do we need an Officers Club and a monthly subscription?

What is an "Officers Club"? "Officers Club" (hereinafter subscription) is a paid monthly in-game subscription that opens up some additional features. The regional price in the Russian Federation is from 1299 rubles for 30 days. The main tasks of the subscription: to help new players at the initial stage, to enable active players in PvP to fight more often, and also to support those players who want to concentrate on the gameplay.

What benefits does a player get when subscribing?

What is a Career?

Careers are rewards for upgrading your primary account. Rewards can only be collected with an activated subscription. Among the awards in the "Career": tank drawings, currency, amplifiers, medals and supplies. Rewards are also awarded for all previously obtained levels. For example, if a player has subscribed to level 50 account, he will receive all previously closed rewards.

Who should pay attention to the subscription?

  1. For new players , a subscription will help you buy and upgrade tanks at the start, accumulate currencies, amplifiers and medals, as well as get your first serious PvP rank faster.
  2. PvP lovers - thanks to the subscription, active PvP players will be able to fight more often, repair equipment at a lower price, and also gain access to unique avatars.
  3. "Shift workers" - for those who play rarely or in small sessions, a subscription will allow you to keep up with other players, receive additional rewards and play PvP, rather than "cook" in anticipation.

How to subscribe?

  1. Tap on the green icon with a cap;
  2. Check out the rules;
  3. Press the button "N RUB for 30 days".
When you delete a game, the subscription is not canceled. To unsubscribe, go to your account settings in Google Play \ Appstore.

Armor Age: How to change the nickname in the game?

On Android:

  1. Open the application "Play Games";
  2. At the top of the screen, click on the profile photo;
  3. Touch the "Change" icon;
  4. To change the profile photo, click on it;
  5. To change an alias, tap it;
  6. Go into the game and check your nickname. If the nickname has not changed, reinstall the game.

On iOS:

  1. Open Settings in iPhone, iPod touch or iPad;
  2. Click on the line Game Center;
  3. Launch Game Center;
  4. Enter your Apple ID password and click "Sign In";
  5. To change the nickname, tap the "Game Center Profile" line;
  6. Go into the game and check your nickname. If the nickname has not changed, reinstall the game.

Armor Age: Developer Responses to Player Questions

Will the crew pumping system be improved? Are tournaments planned to be redesigned? Yes and yes. So far, developers are in the process of discussing and choosing the basic concept.

Where does the idea of the game come from? In the early stages of development, developers were inspired by games such as WoT, StarCraft, Blitzkrieg, Commandos, Red Alert, and many others, as well as mobile butlers. Each has contributed.

Will there be balance fixes in PvP? Yes of course. In the last update, some changes were made to the algorithm for selecting opponents, but the situation did not change dramatically. The work is ongoing.

What nations should players expect in the near future? So far, developers are focused on nations that have already been added to the game. In one of the future updates, it is planned to add a new tank destroyer.

Will there be new modes? This year, developers plan to add new cards to existing modes.

Why does the game need a permanent internet connection? I just want to play Campaign! Rewards for completing tasks and completing missions (in PvP and PvE) are calculated on the game server.

Why does the game not support iPad 3? This is due to the fact that Armor Age was originally developed for devices with 64-bit architecture. And the iPad 3 has a 32-bit extension.

Will the function of selling drawings \ medals \ boosters, etc. be added? More recently, a drawing converter has been added to Armor Age, with the help of which players exchange blueprints of one rank for another. Selling items for currency is the next step in the development of the game.

Will there be legendary superheavy tanks like Maus, Type 100 OI, Is-7 in the game? New tanks are added on a live-queue basis. To date, the developer list has more than 30 tanks that are planned to be added to the game over the next few years. And for super-heavy tanks there was also a place there.

Why did the contents of the supplies for PvP become like what falls out of the daily supplies? This is not entirely true. Previously, one random item dropped out of supplies. Now, boxing contains up to 5 nishtyaks at a time. Because of this, there is a feeling that the same thing occurs in different types of supplies. Regarding PvP supplies: the content of PvP boxes directly depends on your rank in the corresponding table. The higher the position, the steeper the reward. Go ahead.

Will the platoon be enlarged? For example, up to 8 tanks. Once upon a time, during the beta test in Armor Age, the platoon consisted of 6 tanks. And that was hell. "Microcontrolled," but still hell. To play PvP with so many tanks and without a tactical break was a torment. After numerous tests, the platoon was reduced to an optimal 5 tanks. So, the answer is no, rather than yes.

Will there be modern technology in the game? In the future, tanks from the second half of the 20th century will be added.

Will tank models change outwardly during modernization (turret size, barrel length, etc.)? For technical reasons, unfortunately not. But it is planned to introduce customization of technology.

Will there be stealth mode in the game? No, this will not happen, but the tactical capabilities of the players will be expanded in the future.

Will there be a 2x2 PVP mode? Yes, but not now. So far, the priority is 1x1 PVP.

Will there be daily bonuses? More likely no than yes. Chests with a 4-hour reload time have already been implemented, and daily bonus chests and developers will continue to develop and improve the mechanism of daily quests with rewards.

Will there be a company with a story about World War II on behalf of different parties to the conflict? The plot campaign is not planned yet, but active work is underway on the second campaign for hight-level players and the "Invasion" mode.

Article author: Nadezhda D.